This is how you can have Lucid Dreams quickly!

I’m sure many people will find this article about how to have Lucid Dreams fast. I know for sure that most people don’t want to learn or know a thing about it and are lazy to skip the steps. Furthermore, most people lack the necessary understanding of Lucid Dreams and anything around them. I can’t help it but tell everybody to look around on the site and learn on your own.

The answers are already there but this post is about having the results much faster. I mean other than reading and watching all the unnecessary stuff on the Internet, from books and from videos. You don’t need a technique, a ritual, nonsense energy work, and others. You don’t need to chant or mess up yourself with WILD, FILD, and others because those are for Astral Projection or OBEs.

I will explain the simple approach for Lucid Dreams. Most people never had one and they want to experience it. They want it because others want it these days. Maybe from escapism or because others told it is cool. Most people (younger people) are playing with it from fun and they don’t understand the whole thing. I won’t comment on it. And some will have it from their early childhood. Just like being able to project at will.

I don’t share nonsense false stuff, beliefs, mystical stuff, only the hard truths and mechanics of our multidimensional nature.

This is how to have Lucid Dreams

I told many people and will tell again, that you need to work for it. Intent is the driving force and you are consciousness, using it. So… the thing is that each time you want to fall asleep, you need to keep up your intent. Telling you this from thousands of conscious experiences, visiting existing places and doing many more.

To have your Lucid Dreams, you have a job to do. You need to use an intent, a goal to do it. For nothing, expect nothing. Forget whatever you’ve learned so far. Seriously.

The actual situation in our world is that most people still have no idea what a dream is and where it takes place. They want to play there and that’s all to it. I’m too little to tell everybody and I hope others will find the site one day. But I’m afraid the most are unable to digest even the basic things.

So, I’m doing a favor for free. Here you go. If you don’t get it in a day or a week, don’t give up.

What to do for Lucid Dreams?

Each time before falling asleep, clear your mind out from each thought which are roaming there. Take your time, this is not a child play if you are doing it right. No more “dream characters” and others which still many younger people believe because others told them that Lucid Dreams are like that. Forget it.

You try to be conscious in the non-physical world without knowing a useful thing about it. We are coming from there and there are countless entities. They are helpful, you came from there too and will return back.

After you cleared out your mind, concentrate on one thing, what you want. It is a process, you need to let it unfold. The easiest way is to fall asleep.

Tell yourself a few times that you will be aware after you fell asleep. Tell yourself that you will be at existing, non-physical places. Then with these thoughts, just FALL asleep. That’s all, here you go the big weapon. This is what most people can’t figure out.

I wonder how it doesn’t fall off for thousands of people. Common sense is missing these days but don’t take it personally. Look around on the site, learn from it and support it if you can. That would be awesome. Report back if you have any questions. Enjoy and you’re welcome.

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