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Why young children get Myopic Eyesight in school?

Many young children and infants are developing poor myopic eyesight just at the beginning of elementary school. I think that maybe it is not dependent on the fact that we are in the 21th century. People had this issue in the past also, if not children. Parents don’t know what to do, they have no knowledge about how eyesight works. Then that poor child will have an eye check with glasses. It won’t help, only like an illusion.

I need to tell you that glasses of any kind will only make the condition much worse over time. Eyeglasses are straining the eye muscles, forcing them to push and pull for the correction on the glass’ curvature.

I will describe the real root cause of this condition and how it can be healed without any tools and dangerous surgeries. It starts in your mind!

Please be cautious throughout my site that the mind is YOU and it is NOT the brain. It is your consciousness using a physical body. The observer. So when your eyesight is bad, you are in strain, your brain is is strain. It needs to be solved as eliminating the root cause. No tools, no surgeries. They are for taking your MONEY. They are needed in rare cases.

The mind is under stress

This strain or stress is on the eyesight because it is a symbol also in the physical world. It represents your “vision” towards the external world. The external world partly or mostly exists within you. Eyes are physical devices which get the signal and transfer it to the back of the brain.

So what happens is, infants and children are developing a bad eyesight in school because they need to be good in just anything. Maths, physics, language skills, any parts of literature and skills. Which are also useless, mostly. They need to fit into this sick society and get that “standard” of level. Believe me, it will only cause blocks in life. We need to learn and pass the classes of course.


The process for the most with stress

So for example an actual children can’t make good grades. He/she is under huge stress and pressure. There is the people pleasing stress towards asshole teachers, towards parents who want good grades. Nobody respects that poor child in the sense that they don’t know and don’t want to know what is GOOD for him/her. Also nobody cares about that the child is under pressure, especially in these crazy decades, full of information overload.

Actually it is rare that a good parent is present and tries to get rid of the child’s real abilities and wants. But most will force their worldview on them to shape them like they are.

In this case imagine a great example. Math class. Not everybody likes it. You try to grasp the examples on the board. Trying to learn equations or anything. Over time, you are under so much stress that you try to close out the external world. You can’t be so good at some classes.

Relatively and symbolically, the child will turn inside. Where can he/she escape? Into the inner world. This combination causes the shortened vision distance of accuracy. Not some kind of made up fact about a family sight issue, that is pure BS. The external reality will be a strained bluring place wherever they try to look.

Parents and conditions

Then parents from lack of real understanding of how we are working on mind level, carrying that poor child to an eye checker. Whose job is to no matter what, write up a receipt about eyeglasses. Those tables of numbers and symbols in the check room are useless and you can’t measure an eyesight in the eyeball’s curves and cylinder numbers. Not even in a machine! The vision is acute, it varies greatly in every minute.

Eyes are under stress and the physical brain can’t interpret clearly what we are seeing. electromagnetic waves, you know. If I would guess, that business is pretty smart to get you at the first place.

It alone causes more stress when you sit in and try to read the board of less and less clear numbers and signs from a distance in a dim lit room. Did you know this? Now you know for sure. The whole industry is built on this fooling. I don’t say, optomerists are fooling people because I know at least one great woman in her carrier place. They just learnt what was taught and they do it as a robot, earning from it. Why should they just stop their job?

In the last centuries when somebody had eye problems, there were glasses of under-correction. The patient used them for some DAYS, maybe for some weeks and they were done. Today? It is also an industry. Very few people or practices are searching for the mind cause, just like in any diseases.

People try to treat everything objectively. They didn’t learn anything else.

How is it healed?

Now you know that huge stress and performance forcing is causing it in young ones. How to reverse it? Of course we need to know at the first place, that the eyeballs are normal btw. If there is no real physical damage or genetic deffect, then it is ok.

First, the child needs to learn to release strain and stress from his/her daily life. Parents have the biggest part because the child needs to know that nothing happens if he/she is bringing home middle grades. Nothing happens really. A bad parent won’t admit it, child abusing and forcing is similar here.

He/she will be self-sufficient in life because his/her inner values and abilities are important. NOT brainwashing schools and their useless literature. Of course it depends on the person and personality. Schools are built on the fact as making a diploma or degree, that people are made for slaves in this world. Learn, go to work and shut your mouth up. Don’t question the system.


Improving eyesight

Eye muscles are needed to be trained to release stress. Vision training is needed. The muscles are in strain and the child needs to do a few weeks of muslces training. After the muscles are fine and not in constant strain (which glasses are causing), then it is mind work. It is all about working out the muscles without any brutal force. Slowly and carefully.

If you are in the place of your child, you need to know that no tragedy can happen in school life from bad grades. Don’t give a damn of average grades. Life is not about carrier and the best grades. Intelligent people don’t need good grades in life. If they think they need to be perfectionists, they have a long way in real learning.

The child needs to learn how to release stress even daily. A little practice is needed to uses his/her sight in long distance and nearby as reading something. Don’t stare on Screens and Smartphones all day long.

The eyes can’t stare, the head and eyes need to move together. Eyes need to wander on the surroundings. Most stress comes from staring at ONE POINT. If we can’t see it clearly, we tend to force it. Same for PC monitors. The yes must not stare at one point for minutes or hours. Use your head also and try not to only stare with eyes. It takes time and effort. Splash your close eyelids with cool water also for rehydration, without kicking them.


In the end, normal clear vision will come back. It can come back even for a 80 year old somebody in one hour from decades of bad eyesight! It is mental stress or an unsolved life problem.

In dietary terms, try less sugar and more protein for the brain. Diet has it’s role also. Don’t try to overdose your child with useless vitamins and minerals for this purpose, just eat well and don’t dump down chemicals. These issues are the same for children and adults. Glasses are not needed for good eyesight with normal eyes. At old age, maybe reading glasses.

How the physical brain understands linear time

Linear time or timeframe is a well experienced fact here in our world. We are experiencing an illusion which has three components: past, present, future. But I will tell you why this is all a big illusion for the purpose of experience physical life.

You may find another post useful about time here.

How do we experience linear time?

To keep it short, we are living in the now all the “time” but unfortunately we were raised to think that there is future and past. We are dividing the experience of our perception as our physical brain tries it’s best to translate the objective reality. This is normal, we can’t escape it so well.

To compare it with the non-physical world (everything else other than here), there is no time there, not even space in a real manner.

We are living in an objective reality where our brain translates it’s kept signals into “reality” around us. It structures our experiences scene by scene. It uses the nervous system, muscles, the whole physical vehicle to do it. The physical body is a buffer towards the external illusion. You are the mind, the consciousness, the observer.

We are living in the now and all of us do experience events surely being our past. We just structure those in this way. Future is probable and it is more uncertain towards a greater timespan. So that’s it, I guess it is not so hard to understand.

What about the future? It is probable and it is all about probable scenarios for everybody. In a consensus reality like in this world, there are more probable outcomes on a big crowd scale of course. In the end, it doesn’t matter. Attaching to the past of future only causes trouble and illnesses because you can’t modify them!

How it plays out

Our mind uses our brain (non-physical vs physical device) to structure what we experience here. It is the same for the metaphore of a book with papers of pages. You filled a page, you just read another one. It goes one direction, until you finished your task here in this world and we all arrive back to the non-physical world to choose another task or purpose.

Of course you can review all your past experiences after being post-human. Memories are stored on an individual restricted non-physical storage level of yourself.

So why we are here in a linear timeframe? It is about restrictions and tests. What tests? You have decisions and likes/dislikes in your life and as time moves further, you have decisions to choose wisely. Eventually you may make a decision in something which you were the worst. This is a slow environment and in the non-physical on the other hand you don’t have timespan.

The purpose of this is above. You deal with your decisions and consequences. But it seems like billions don’t and don’t want to.

Of course we measure time by our calendar and lesser-bigger timescales but it doesn’t matter, even if the human lifespan is around 100 years of maximum. We can’t and won’t stay here or in any physical systems. What is important is how you dealt with your life and what did you learn.

What Past Lives are in Reality? Here is the explanation!

The “past lives” topic is pretty confusing for people because the most are misled by liars.

Mediums and psychics are messing the whole reality of what past lives are or aren’t.

So to just first debunk this idiotism, a past life belief system is well known because over the centuries these people just fully misinterpreted what this phenomenon or experience is all about. People tend to think objectively, distort all informations because their limited thinking will filter it.

Well if I can defend them, it is from limited understanding but today it is from getting your money, selling fear. They don’t care mostly that they are dumb and have no idea that they are following a religion.

The physical time as an illusion

Basically the linear timeframe itself in this world is a big illusion and it only exists in physical worlds. It has the purpose for a physical life, using a physical vehicle for a certain timespan to learn and grow. To do your task which you ironically don’t remember. We need physical systems to experience what we can’t in a thought responsive world.

Dualism, emotions, physical vehicle, senses, slow environment, intense concentration on one subject etc.

The physical game

We have some decades to play out what we came here for and we are returning back to the non-physical world. We are doing this all the time, jumping into physical worlds to experience what we can’t in a subjective multiverse.

Linear timeframe says you that you have memories of your previous experiences and you will have new ones in the future. But those timeframes are only concepts. You are always in the present moment. People just tend to stuck in the past or present. We are brainwashed to keep us being as a sheep.

past lives

Fooling you pretty well and how?

So you have physical or mental problems. You go to a medium, psychic or have “reading”, whatever. And you will have the news that some of your pasts lives are the cause. You just feed on this BS and you will be healed partly (or being calm). Of course you are, you just heard you had this XY life in this Z era where you were this and that. Really?

The non-physical world has no time, not even space. It is only your perception and interpretation according to your human mind as a limit. All lives are existing right now. Simultaneously in endless phyical and non-physical worlds.

So when you hear that you had a past life, furthermore you got into trance and lived up that life, felt it, than you are brutally fooled. Why? Because you actually experienced a PARALLEL LIFE!

The phenomenon is real, even when you live it up but fully misinterpreted. They play on normal people’s zero knowledge about this.

What is a parallel life?

To keep it short, all of us have endless parallel selves and probable selves. They are not you or me but they are from the same own source of yours or mine. There is an eternal non-physical being, who sends probes into different systems to experience “life” with tasks. It is a dinamic simulation game.

In a simulation or MMORPG game, can you say that your character is YOU? Partly.

Because all lives are played out right now, you can think that you were that person. Meanwhile he/she is as real as you. But from his/her viewpoint, you are the past life or probability. You both are from the same source but you are both physical individuals.


So how people are being fooled intentionally or without intent? The whole phenomenon is poorly understood. These people have no intention to know more about this. They copy each other and try to earn money from “clients”.

Especially from vulnerable people, who are new to non-physicality. And everything is just over-objectified with a limited perception of what’s going on in the background.

Those past lives are not important in this case for you but they do exist right now. You have problems in life because your mental state is problematic or have bad life situations. We are in a cruel human world, shit happens. It is up to you to change inside.

Meeting with non-physical guides on the Astral Plane

The Astral plane is a mystical concept, it has no real meaning. I mention it here to associate it with the non-physical world. You are in the endless non-physical world and encountering all sorts of entities. You can travel accross Belief System Territory places or meet with any kinds of spirits.

Non-physical or spiritual guides are one of the biggest misconceptions as the label “Astral plane” also. They are real but their function is not to lick your butt all the time and being “attached” to you. They come and go as we tend to in our life with friends and people.

When you encounter guides or helpers

The thing is, whenever you realize you are in the non-physical world while being asleep or you project there from the physical world, you can encounter all sorts of entities. Some will help surely and make you understand certain issues.

astral plane

To help you navigate in an endless world, you can ask for a guide to help. Now it is not a personalized thing. What happens is, you need a certain help to get to place X or make up your mind to go to a place which you are curious, is it exists. Then you send out a telepathical signal with subjective tools. Use your imagination. Somebody may show up.

You just imagine in this case that a loving and kind somebody appears and grabs your hand, transports you there. This is the way mostly because verbal objectification won’t help. I can assure you personally about this, it is not really working many times. You speak and speak and nothing happens. We only “speak” in the physical world. There, you are your own mind and limitless.

So on the Astral plane or non-physical world, you can ask for help to help you navigate. If you are not interested in navigation, then you can still ask somebody for direction or about stuffs you would like to know.

Who will come for you to help?

Well, you will know it later. It could be a complete stranger, a somebody who’s task is guiding strangers or just another self from your inner being helping you if you need it. It will be obvious after many attempts.

The communication and happenings are instant there but they won’t show up right in front of your face mostly if you are not familiar with them. Rather they will reveal themselves gradually and with comfortable steps to help you and not scaring you. It is still a learning curve and both sides are benefiting from it. It is an endless vast “place”.

This is just one way navigating there. You ask it, you get it. And not with human terms. That is why verbal communication is pretty meaningless. And another mystical misconception gets in my mind here. Don’t try to think for a second that guides have no better things to do than watching you and following you all the time. This is what mediums and psychics are fooling people with. Everybody have their taks or “life”.

Why Money is the God for the most?

Money is the most wanted thing in this world and it drives almost everything unfortunatelly. Our lives are mixed with the fact that we need to earn money to get by and don’t starve. Well there are alternative methods to earn instead of a slavery job.

Why money is the god for most people and why they don’t want to get lost of this tool. Because money is a tool, not an achievable thing to accumulate. It needs to be used up for a plan or purpose.

What is Money?

It is a tool, a measurable human-made tool to buy something. We invented it and it is for one purpose, to exchange goods for a certain kind of changer material. It had many faces in the history, lately mostly gold standard was the basic. Well this system transformed itself dramatically over the centuries and today’s system is just horrible.

But money by itself in every forms only just exists here in this physical world. So rich people won’t bring their fortune to the Afterlife, instead only their illusions. There are so much bad things being done only for money and wealth.

Money in itself is not a good thing but a bad necessity for live our life here and now. The most will work in jobs like a slave and others will find ways to sustain themselves independently which I always like. But we don’t need to think that money is bad, it will only block us from our goals!

If the vast majority would stop giving energy and trust towards any valuable materials like banknotes, the whole system would collapse surely and there would be a big chaos. But I don’t expand on this. It is enough trouble that billions are working for nothing for the big hands. We are controlled to a certain degree.


Why money is still the god?

I guess it always was in other cultures hundreds or thousands of years ago. It gives power to the big hands and it represents many things. But the problem is that in this world, people will stab each other for it, hurt each other. No matter what, morality and empathy is non-existent for many. People will grab any chance to grab other’s money for some shit products or just steal it.

The whole system of brainwashment built on the money and banking system. Simply put, if people won’t do anything to grab their share, it is a problem morally. We need it to a certain degree to pay our bills, buy food.

But I think one thing is that billions should change their mindset towards paying for anything and the other issue comes from the fact that we could grow own foods (which is now popular) and sustain ourselves. But still what people do? They see business opportunities in anything, which could be sold to people. I guess this will go on for hundreds of years until a Star Trek like world comes of non-existent money system.

In the end, the vast majority has low level of consciousness to realize what they are doing. Or not really.

But simply put, people in huge fear. They need money, no matter what. Easy or hard method, doesn’t matter. It is true for big hands also who are accumulating billions of dollars. It is not a bad thing but the method of earning it is.

Why people are stealing money from each other?

Again, one thing is to grab your share. Many people have NO own ideas and creativity thus they will copy other’s methods and grab their share. Morality is a luxery.

New Ager people are one example from the many. They will think out a product which surely people will buy. Also they will transform themselves to a degree that they will think and act like what they are selling. They sell something which resonates with masses. It doesn’t matter that it is built on lies. It gives false hopes until a certain degrees.

I don’t want to discuss the money, banknote and banking system because it is pain in the butt and I also have years of financial trading experiences. I know this world too surely but still we can grab opportunities.

In the end people lack of long term thinking of making their amounts safely and slowly. The most will grab their chances and will extract what they can from others without thinking about the consequences. That is planet Earth unfortunatelly. This world is still running on money. And no, Bitcoin is only another facade, people never learn.

All big financial crises are caused by the banking system and will happen all over again in every few decades at the maximum. I guess people are too weak to do anything, they are too brainwashed and bombarded constantly with useless informations.

But we can find our place in this chaos in the end. Grab what you are interested in as a business and do it slowly. One by one, build it up and sell useful products for people. They will appreciate it. That’s my take on money. If it is not a product, make researches to see what is interesting for you and there are many opportunities. Be creative!


How Reality Overlays are working out

I guess nowadays the majority have no idea about how they (very often) experience all kinds of reality overlays in our physical world. Or rather mostly while they are asleep and being partly or fully aware in the non-physical world. Mostly while being asleep and being conscious to a certain degree in Dreamland.

Reality overlays in general an ESP experience when somebody here or there notices any kinds of phenomenons which is unnoticable for the most or somehow otherworldly.

Some examples:
– sensing and seeing entities around you in your daily life
– seeing energies or any visually interesting stuffs
– in the non-physical while you are dreaming, you don’t notice the scenery changes smoothly
– poor thought control in the NP and you are – without any signs – suddenly in another scene or world
– good thought control but still not the biggest awareness to notice the changes

Physical reality overlays and their mechanics:

People who are more tuned in non-physical energies “around” them, seeing entities, any phenomenon, hearing voices etc, they are all reaching out the source of that database, mostly without any intent. This is my best understanding explaining these phenomenons up to date.

People who experience more beyond the physical world are more tuned into these experiences. They are not blocking out what the most are according to their beliefs. Most of them are freaked out and have no basical knowledge about the noticed experiences. People call it paranormal but it is misleading.

The whole overlay thing comes from the basical understanding of the Focus model on my page, explaining it. Don’t get hung up on the strict explanation but it is s good pointer. Read about the model here.

reality overlay

Non-physical reality overlays:

Basically, we are in a thought responsive environment when the physical vehicle falls asleep. Our consciousness (the “you”) doesn’t cease to exist, only you tend to blackout from civilisational bad habit of falling asleep from early childhood. Projecting at will is about this notion, to stop blacking out your consciousness. It takes effort, dedication and strong intent.

When you are in any given reality while your body is asleep, now your thoughts are instantly creating. Meaning that if you can’t control your thoughts, you will jump in and out of places, release emotions in a strong loop etc. So you can for example be in a nice beach and you are just walking and next time instantly you are in a house without realizing the transition.

Experiencing consciously or unconsciously, this reality shift thing alone shows you that everything exist at the same place and everything already also do exist. Probable and parallel worlds and selves of you, Belief System Territories for post-humans, Dreamland, all are real and without boundaries. Not mentioning non-human worlds and races.

The significance of these reality overlay thig is that we are truly multidimensional in nature and we are already existing in any realities in which we have tasks or interests. We are not traveling anywhere, only our perception changes to any degrees.

Remote Viewing – How it works basically

Here I will share some basic infos about Remote Viewing. First of all, I won’t start the post like “is this real” because it is real as Astral Projection, OBE and Phasing as like dreams. Simply put, ALL these tools are for one purpose, for your consciousness to travel without a body to anywhere. It can be on any levels of your own existance or in consensus realities.

How Remote Viewing works?

Remote Viewing is like you have an exact target in your mind and you keep concentrating on it in a deep meditational state (being relaxed rather) and you are there. Not physically but your perception does the trick, your mind detached and now you see your target if you are good in this. It takes practice as any other tools to use.

People will always debate on that is it real and it is a joke. Science and governmental circles are totally focusing on limited perspectives. In the USA, there were secret projects about this subject decades ago. RVing on the Moon and other celestials. Ingo Swann was one of the most famous ones doing it.

The problem with science and with governments that they are way behind the actual fact that today there are forums throughout the web where people are actually discussing RVing, experiences and techniques in big numbers. It is as real as dreaming. But who never got in touch with non-physical realities conscously will deny it from fear or zero knowledge. That is the fact in this society. Also people are mixing OBE and other labels with stuffs they think is “paranormal” and mystical crap labels like “astral”.

remote v iewing

So the basic steps are: you select a target or with a blind experiment, get one without knowing what is there. Be it on Earth, on other planets, inner or outer solar system, in time etc. Doesn’t matter because what happens is the actual person is connecting with the non-physical database with his/her mind and reading out the information as being “there”. You are consciousness, using tools like your body.

Where it takes place?

When people think they travel “there” in physically felt experiences (if it feels somehow like OBE), it is only happening in the Real Time Zone, which is the closest buffer zone to our physical world. It means that it IS not another non-physical world being totally separate. You are in extended world where you can look into stuffs. To imagine, you need to know that the physical worlds are stemming from the non-physical structures.

I guess RVers in the past didn’t even know in what world were they traveling. They thought it is happening in the physical world. It is just a facade full of objectivity.

That IS still this physical world from the endless ones but being in the extended reality. Many people experienced the RTZ already but they are stuck. It is a training ground for non-physical development. Robert Monroe and many others are also tested that buffer “zone”.

You can do anything in the RTZ which you physically can’t in the physical layer. Fly, pinch people with your energy, go through walls, levitate, see what can’t be seen, meet entities sometimes.

How people are misled by fear spreading websites

I saw many websites in my researches that they are full of mystical and belief system BS. Dark entities and secret stuffs, ok there could be a whole ancient civilization on the Moon. So? Investigate it. Like you travel there and you should defend yourself – from WHAT? Of course I never did it personally but it is almost the same as any other mind tools. If you think you need a shield, you are afraid and need training. Remote Viewing is as safe as sleeping.

There could be entities anywhere, it is possible that the Moon is a base on the dark side. Doesn’t matter, they have their life and tasks too. Life is not about being afraid what we don’t know. Make them known.

Mystical believers will spread fear by sharing and selling techniques about defending yourself of entities, aliens etc. Meanwhile if you encounter them, you only need to be passive and just be observational. If something is hostile, you come back and that’s all. Maybe it can happen that an entity will attach to you but it could be your own fear. I’m not spreading fear, I’m saying that anything frightening is coming from the person’s own fears.

It could be indeed fearful to practice this if people have no idea about how the layers of non-physical existance is working out. Same for people opening up for ESP abilities and being scared like hell. I’ve talked to many on Reddit and calmed them down that they are ok and not schizophrenic.

Status report at the end of march of 2018.

I was relatively absent of writing newer posts and there are many now in stock. I was curious about trying myself out on Reddit. I was also thinking about making changes for the readers to not get lost around the posts, also I will edit many older posts because they are a little bit too long or too condensed in format and sometimes messy as I’m developing further in this.

Let’s begin a newer status report here.

Lurking on Reddit subforums for more than a month

Over maybe more than a month, I tried myself out on various subreddits like firstly in LucidDreaming. I’ve got soon the first ban about mentioning real informations for people who needed help and deeper understanding of their dreams. Also my site (ok ok no self-promoting). The admin group tried to avoid mentioning anything other than dreams, totally misleading people and not even knowing that dreams are misleading as a label.

So I’ve asked (it is ridiculous, I just wanted to help where it is needed) the admins through a reply to unlock me posting there and accepted the ridiculous rules. It happened then later maybe 1 or 2 weeks passed by with helping on a daily basis. Then I tried to avoid mentioning anything about my blog site and anything which doesn’t fits there.

So no astral projection, no “esoteric BS”, no nonsense “paranormal” (not my words!), no non-physical. So people are asking for help and they won’t get real one! That’s the situation on Reddit. Guessing, generalizations, religious belief to resonate with… But I know that the most like to fool themselves.

As I was helping my “last” poster there in LD sub and dared mentioned again that I can’t write down any of above, I was banned instantly in less than half an hour. Ok I said that’s it. That guy was surprised lol.

I was chatting and replying many many people through PM’s or direct messages and the mods didn’t tolerate it. Many people were thankful and I banned an asshole of being rude to me and agressive which attitude I never deserved. But I don’t take it personally.

Later I tried myself in more reliable subs as Dreams, Psychic, SoulNexus. Actually a pretty nice somebody invited me to SN to see what can I do there. I also touched LawOfAttraction to try un-doctrinate people thinking as a mindless zombie as the LOA followers but gave up, I can’t beat a bad religious system, fooling people themselves endlessly. So the first 3 was there. Weeks passed by and I was flushed with questions under posts and via PM. The traffic towards me was so huge of answering people’s concerns and fears that I couldn’t even follow who was who. I apologized many people about that lol.

Don’t take my words wrong, in LOA sub, I respected other’s beliefs and only talked with those who were doubting the whole, also who were lost in life as on other subs and found solution for them. Well for most of them.

Around 75-100 people surely was keeping contact with me but most of them already gave up after they got their answers and all are free to believe what they would like to. I’m educating and helping, not indoctrinating. Actually, in life just a few people will be really open for more.

My experiences from Reddit at the finish

I’m still amazed in a vastly NEGATIVE way how people are not interested in long term solutions. Many people who were interested in my knowledge found me, we talked a lot, many were redirected to my blog site here and I’m seeing daily how many people are actually reading my content. That is a good thing.

I’m talking about people full of life problems, stress, nightmares, serious questions. They don’t need real answers. They give up. Well done.

Also a bunch of people already started the mentorship program and we were/are chatting in emails so don’t be afraid contacting me if you thought about it.

But the main characteristics of these subs and I guess, that the most are young people, very young, around elementary and high school. I’ve met many above around their 30’s and above which I liked. But I think I had anough of constant replying, people are only choosing the answers which will resonate with their beliefs. Maybe I have a straight mindset when I help and say real infos but you can’t judge anybody after some rows of serious sentences.

People are flushing up their nightmares in those subs. Dreams and PSI phenomenons mostly. Nobody can help somebody who never grew up and don’t want to, my job is done there, it was a good experiment. Who looked up my site, will find me here.

My Reddit account is now deleted and maybe I sometimes regret this decision but I would rather make my blog site more interesting later and my services if I will add more.

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Experiencing Dream Scene Changes without noticing them

What is a dream? Experiencing it nowadays turns out to be a gift or coincidence for many people. I always thought everybody experience dreams but not really. What causes that lack of experience is denying anything other than the physical world’s existence and lack of knowledge. Also being not really interested in what is beyond this world.

With practice and using your intent being aware in your dreams falls into the category of Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projecting. It is just a dumb label, you are aware that you are elsewhere other than the physical world. But I’m not saying anything new here. Who wants to find out how things are working out, they will do it.

How unnoticed scenes are intertwined?

So you are in a dream scene, running away from a monster or you are just being on a nice adventure. At one point in the scene you are now elsewhere. You are running on a plain grassy field and the next time you are in a house. But how???

So you are in the non-physical world, many times in a simulation according to your expectations and you are experiencing reality overlays and fluctuations according to your poor thought control. Simply put, you can’t still control your thoughts and whatever you fear, believe or think will change your surroundings instantly.

So a dream basically is many times a continuous scene changing. When you are aware of dreaming, you will stop acting and do whatever you want to. But still your beliefs are filtering your experience to a high degree with expectations. That is why people meet demons, monsters, angels, gods. Nonsense.


So a dream is basically a simulation but you can be at existing places

As stated above. You can be either in a simulated experience by your own mind noise, maybe by external help with training. But in fewer cases people will be in existing places (non-physical or physical) and have no idea about it. It is ridiculous how many people were already in existing places and still questioning the validity or realness. But noo, it was a dream only…

Reality overlays in all cases can happen, also in false awakenings and being in the so called Real Time Zone near the physical world. Because all realities are existing here and now at the exact same place, you are filtering them with your belief of traveling somewhere. So they can instantly change as you are – without any noticable events – jumping between them.

Existing afterlife cities, human and non-human worlds are still there and being as real as the physical world (all of them). People just need to wake up to the fact that everything is real, also their limiting beliefs.

Learning to get more aware and get more control is up to anybody. Meditation helps focusing your thoughts and thought check also helps because you have the same awareness in a dream as here. That is why here you have deep fears, there you won’t escape them if you don’t face and accept them.

How to do proper Meditation

Meditation is a very useful tool for calming your mind, solving many mental problems, dealing with stress. You can rarely have Astral Projection, OBE, Phasing, anything around. I should note that meditating is just a tool for anything, not a requirement.

Basically I’m sharing infos here about meditation because there are people who are new to understanding their dreams. They have too much problems in ordinary life or just would like to learn first control their minds and travel into the non-physical world.

It all depends on each person, what to do. Before people begin to understand their dreamlife, it is essential to do this practice. Not because it is a must thing but it helps you calm down and concentrate.

The basics

So what is meditation about? Well it is about mostly one thing. Stop focusing so intensely in the physical world and life, and rather stop doing anything. Just relaxing and that is all. Most of the bad issues in life can be solved in this way.

You need to give in the effort. You need to look deep inside you and notice the root causes of your problems.

It has many health benefits. Starting with mental problems and I wish that everybody should learn it. Many problems will be solved with this practice alone. And don’t mix it up with spiritualism and religions.

When to do it

You can do it anytime. When you feel yourself a little bit tired or sleepy. Your chances will be much higher to reach much more deep states and projection too as sleep paralysis also.

It is the best to do it in the afternoon, maybe before bedtime: Sometimes you may mess up your sleep if you do it before sleep time. It is a personal decision and feeling on your part. Experiment with it.

How to do it

First, you will need basically a silent place without any disturbing sounds from the outside of the room. Not too cold and not too warm place. It varies on everybody – some people favor using music, binaurals or sunshine. Just make sure, nobody disturbs you, even in a forest or park. The best is a dark and silent place.

So as you lay down on your back on your bed, sitting maybe, being on one feet (just kidding), the procedure is the same. You start to getting some deep breaths with closed eyes and maintain a slow automatic breathing on which you won’t pay any attention after the first 1-2 minutes. Just start it.

The main purpose is to dive into a deep relaxation which will calm your mind and your body after that. If you have tense body parts, work on them first. But you don’t need to concentrate on your body, just relax.

You should maintain a quiet mind. It will be difficult but it will improve gradually.

So basically you are in deep relaxation. For hong long? For 15, 30, 60 minutes, as long as it is comfortable. If you go “too” deep, you can reach deeper altered states of your own consciousness and now the non-physical world can step in because you let it happen (if you let it). This can cause projection into different realities but chances will depend on each individual. Some people use this for that purpose, some have no results. Don’t worry and don’t fear anything.


Effects will be from a basic meditation like: calmness, better concentration, being aware your surroundings, maybe faster regeneration in anything, eliminated stress, better digestion (stomach breathing), energy work and moving energies, solving anxiety and depression, etc.

It is important that you can experience sleep paralysis (from which people freak out because of lack of knowledge, again) if you are more tired or more successful going deeper. You can experience all the sensations which I mentioned in another post here.

The mindset should be a passive observational attitude where you are not letting out any thoughts from your control. Practice it and it it will help over your dreams also.

Edited on 16th of april in 2018.