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Edited on 14th of May in 2021.

Why do we cry? This is the role of crying!

I will share a quick post about an interesting and rather mundane topic about why do we cry. Crying in itself is just a regular human thing, also, you can notice this with animals because they are coming from the same place just like we do. Animals are not so different from us.

We are using a physical vehicle which is a vehicle for consciousness. Consciousness uses a form for physical life, otherwise, we can’t experience these limits. The physical body acts as a filter but it filters up our thoughts, emotions, and anything around. No wonder we have cancer and all the nasty stuff over time. We are causing it to our body unless we had exposure to deadly stuff.

Why do we cry?

Crying is an expression of your emotions which you are holding. You can hold it while you are debating with somebody, you can have some while watching a movie. Or you can hold emotions for years while cancer and/or energy blockages will formulate at certain concentrated parts of your body.

So the role of crying is to release your emotions. It is not that far from always having the urge to pee at night or daytime. You are expressing a physical body action naturally as an end result of your thinking and emotions. The body is a filter. At this point, your tear ducts are opening up and giving out some liquids. Just a natural thing.

Why do we cry

It is not that different when you are in love, feeling that interesting sensation in your chest or stomach. Your energy centers are being stimulated and this caused by your naturally generated emotions. The body, the outside layer is an expression of yourself in this lifetime. The body is a filter mechanism which will sort out and hold all of your thoughts, emotions (reinforced, repeated thoughts), and other mind-related stuff that you are doing each day.

It is not evident, thinking about all the bad diseases because you have TIME to stop them. It “kills” (you, your mind) over years and decades.

While you are in the physical reality, this body mechanism is keeping you safe until you act more on this or you don’t stop it. When we are naturally in the non-physical (because we are not physical at all) and when we are not living a physical life, you don’t have a body to filter yourself out.

This means that while you had time here to stop doing what you did, this same mindset with all the emotions which you tend to carry and express will instantly cause reality fluctuations and you will create your own personal nightmare (or fairytale) in full 3D. In short, nightmares and basically “dreams”. Non-physical experiences of your inner workings.

So this is why do we cry! It is just one expression of a certain emotion that has its own characteristic, to teach you how it can manifest a certain way. You have time to deal with it. We tend to just wash it off and never think about its mechanism.

Crying or any other emotions while you are asleep

Here, it is not evident but at night, everybody does this and has all the nasty and mindblowing stuff. Be careful what you are thinking, believing, feeling because it is only real if you think it is. Of course, everything is real but we HAVE these for a reason and the physical vehicle to learn from this whole mechanism.

Happiness is also causing some tears under your eyes! These emotions are there to test them and learn from them. And mostly control them. All the negative and positive emotions are there to express them, learn from them, and see the end results. Chances are, most people will never pay any attention to their roles because our civilization is based on emotional manipulation.

Why do we cry

Remember, the body is not you, it is an expression after your expectations about your physical life. Quite always the opposite of what is told. We are not in the body or brain at all. We are focusing our primary, automatic attention while the body has a lifetime. Because we chose to use it and experience a physical reality THROUGH it. It just feels like you are in your body.

So, the physical body is the vehicle for consciousness, for us without a form. Without it, you can’t experience physical realities like this one and without a body, you can’t learn about yourself, that you are causing your troubles! Mostly, we are reacting to outside circumstances and this is just one emotion, one life lesson of what your thoughts are causing to you.

I hope you liked my explanation, share and donate to the site, thank you!

Is there any 4th dimension, 5D, 9D, 10D, 12D…? I don’t think so!

In our physical civilization, science tells us that time is the 4th dimension. Other sources (highly speculative mystical ones) are talking about this 4th dimension as some “place” from where other entities are telling stuff to certain people. Or just the 4th dimension is where we are heading to. It can be related to channeling or talking with others from the non-physical, it doesn’t matter. I would leave science alone because the time topic is also misunderstood.

In short, there are no plus dimensions, we are the ones who have limited thinking for physical life, which is necessary. We tend to think in dimensions because this is how our non-physical mind (no, our mind is not the brain) tend to categorize things out of our worldview.

There are many people these days who are rushing into these nonsense sources, forums, and books where others are telling them that there are other numerous dimensions that others will believe. Because these “facts” are founded well with mystical concepts and something which can be selled like big fairy tales. Many public speakers are clearly believing in these, that from a certain dimension, certain entities or races are speaking to them, to us.

In short, many people believe nonsense stuff because it is magical and bombs them out from the cruel daily life.

I will tell you how it can be a false mystical nonsense and that it can be real to some degree but it is only real to a believer. At least as a belief itself and not for real. A belief can be strong but it will not create so much.

The 4th Dimension is just our concept!

Trust me I was there way before I started to learn and understand anything non-physical related and I could prove or discard most of the stuff for myself. I was there when I needed to believe all this nonsense about Pleiadians and Arcturians and all that stuff and then, I needed to forget it all because these are fairytales. I mean I wanted to understand all of these but it doesn’t worth it. People are selling false hope and nonsense.

4th dimension

Simply put, people want to feel special enough to have a virtual conversation with other races. It is a sort of escapism. And some have it but they have it with their own “subconscious”. Yes, our mind is that powerful. In the non-physical world, you can meet with your beliefs in person! Not kidding.

I need to admit that indeed some entities may have a personal agenda, maybe groups but who cares? All of these pieces of information are misleading people totally and chasing them into false hopes and promises.  We are not heading towards a 4th or 5th dimension at all. These are false promises and metaphors. We are simply starting to be more aware. That perhaps the outside world is not that real or the only thing. The outside world is a projection of us, not an “only” thing. We are trying to conceptualize an end result of consciousness, which we have been creating for eternity.

Okay, it can be a good thing to feel safe, secure and special but everybody is special. Most people who want to play the role of a messenger, a hero or just to feel special are all the kids who grew up with a bad family background or tough childhood. They are maybe too unstable mentally. Also, people are in this group who didn’t get proper parental care. This is their life lesson.

There are no other dimensions, just the non-physical and physical systems!

This is a fact, I can assure you if you can use intelligence, critical thinking without accepting everything the first time you can dig deep into this. Start with this site and start with your dreams. You already had a whole multidimensional life in your whole life. Most people never pay attention to this aspect of their whole life. You can investigate all of your answers over years and decades! The tools are here and everywhere. Don’t accept what others are saying… this is business for these people or to lead a cult.

For me, I was always a “lucid dreamer” which means that I needed just a little effort to realise that I was in the non-physical the whole time each night. Furthermore, we never left the non-physical world from where we are focusing our narrow-banded primary attention to live physical lives. We are everywhere, we just didn’t notice it yet. I mean most people because they are just incapable of doing it. Most people don’t want to. And some of us can and want to. That’s okay.

The 4th dimension with all the other concepts are just a way to grasp the idea of our multidimensionality. Unfortunately, this whole cult is not going in this direction that much, rather into the alien topic. Like somebody would save us from our stupidity.

Actually, if you read the Focus Model articles, it will help in this. We created these physical Universes or realities, like this one where we are right now to experience limited stuff. This dimension “belief” is a good idea to understand this but from a very age-old and misleading, distorted mystical side from our human history. We are trying to understand time also in the same manner. But in the end, there are infinite number of physical realities which are stemming from the non-physical. We know this surely because many people like me experienced it first-hand. Me? While I’m sleeping.

Most people are unable to do it because they can’t even accept the fact that dreams are not real. And most people can’t let go of their daily life, believing it is the only one and only “real”.

4th dimension

The physical reality, this one or other ones are stemming from the non-physical world. It can’t be any other way! They are composing the Wider Reality. The physical worlds are end results of consciousness. We are consciousness using a strong physical focus. At least mystical sources somehow trying to guess this notion of our basic nature but not too well. All the stuff which we learn in life is the opposite, thinking we are our body, brain, we are in it and everything stems out from this physical reality. Quite the opposite.

Entities, other races in different densities like the 4th dimension or 5th, 6th, 9th, 12th, etc.

In the end, these beliefs about dimensions are coming from most people’s limited thinking, that there are places in the distance or in other worlds where other races are trying to communicate with us. Yes, they ARE doing it sometimes. But the main thing here is that there are no such dimensions. Just that some races are much more advanced than us. Every other argument is meaningless. I mean all of these people have no clue, just parroting each other.

Linear timeframe only exists in physical realities, like ours because it is interpreted by us and we are calling it time. Time is all about the fact that one event follows another one. Without it, we can’t experience limits, we can’t collect experiences that much. You have time to learn things while you feel you are running out of time!

On the other hand, if we are talking about other races, some can travel with crafts that can be controlled by their minds and they can manipulate physical matter. But never trust anybody until you visited these entities in the non-physical. Chances are, you won’t get access to these races or places until you didn’t learn your lessons. And this one is the first one, don’t believe what others told you. Most of humanity never learns this.

The tools are also on the site if you are not lazy.


Most of these sources about alien races are quite nonsense and were for decades, some were topics even for thousands of years. The main thing is that we can find out who we are, our places as a race, how our planet and humanity began, etc. Who cares who made this civilization hundreds of thousands of years ago? Go into the NP and find it out!

But beyond these, there are just people who are telling stories and truths (which are subjective and personal only) and they are misleading naive people. They deserve it in my opinion, including myself if I wouldn’t debunk the whole thing fast. 4th dimension? It is a concept, a metaphor about something which most people don’t comprehend. And we can.

The biggest preys in this are believers, religious people who tend to believe all the nonsense which fits their worldview. Because they are always feeling powerless. Instead of this, we should take personal researches and step onto the knowing side of things. Not in a materialistic way which scientists are doing and denying anything which can’t be measurable. Take your time and learn the art of focusing your attention towards the non-physical and over some years, you can find out a lot.

The tools are there, don’t believe all the nonsense about 4th dimension and other dimensions, magical creatures and other races who want to save humanity from itself. Yes, there are all the creatures and stuff which you can imagine in the non-physical! But go there and find it out by yourself!

Thanks for reading, please, share the site and support it, thank you!

Out-of-Body Experience – The explanation behind a natural phenomenon

An Out-of-Body Experience is a popular thing these days which many people are hearing from somebody, some already had it at least once. Or you are just interested in it. It depends on each people how they encounter with it and it is a natural, normal phenomenon. Dreaming is the same. Physical daily life is also an “out” of body thing.

Nobody ever were or will be in a body or out of it because it is a physical matter construct and most of us don’t understand who we are basically. We are focusing ourselves through a brain and body to experience a physical reality basically. The brain is in the skull, it is just interpreting the external subjective reality and we are making it solid.

The mind is not physical, look at it as a concept of diving your face into the surface of water. You are interpreting the physical reality through the brain and have all the energetic connections through the body.

An Out-of-Body Experience is a real thing but also a belief construct, unfortunately. I will tell you why below, so keep on reading. When you have an OBE, you are actually having an Astral Projection or a Lucid Dream or it can be anything as a label. Different approaches. You simply switch your primary attention, your mind into the non-physical where it normally resides.

Out-of-Body Experience and humanity’s problem

Actually, the OBE phenomenon is totally out of ordinary for most people. Even for those, who try to get out of a body or practicing it. I will tell you why, it challenges all the beliefs and worldview you have which is not allowing anything outside the physical reality to take place. We are not physical at all but the body and physical reality are tools to experience limits and personalized life.

Well, you don’t need to practice a thing at all just forget all the nonsense out there. We need to focus our attention elsewhere. Many people are capitalizing on books, seminars, videos with a direct intent of having cash from others’ stupidity (or naivety). Or they are just so dumb, they don’t even know what they are sharing. The result is, most people believe that they are in a body and they need to get out.

Most people have fear from the Out-of-Body Experience phenomenon because they don’t know so much about anything outside the physical life and reality. Most people are so darn used to this life that they create an artificial bubble of “Earth life and that’s all” that they are unable to break free from their beliefs. You die and that was the end, right?

Out-of-Body Experience

This is why when somebody has this experience or tries to replicate it, will have great fear. Actually, the main problem comes from one thing. We think we are our body and in that body. That we are our brain, furthermore, the mind is the brain. I can’t prove to anybody that this is a pure nonsense but if you learn about these here, you can prove it to yourself.

For me, I was always a Lucid Dreamer and then I just needed to realize that it is the non-physical world. Then all the next steps came and fall into place what to do for more.

The mind is not the brain or it is not in a body

The mind is a non-physical “entity”, you are the mind who is focusing your primary attention here, into this reality each day. While you are physically awake. Sure, in a car, you don’t think at all that the engine is the driver. Still, it is unfortunate in my opinion that there are all the sources from which others can find this out on their own, and not so many people have the capability to filter out reliable, real pieces of information at all. Not even finding this site to learn. Most people are unable to even think critically and analytically on their own.

Because most people think they are their brain and body, their very first conscious experience in the non-physical world will be an Out-of-Body Experience. It feels like and looks like they use a body, a copy of their physical vehicle.

Why? Because most people cannot think otherwise. Because their main belief is all about being body-centered, the mind, your bigger non-physical part will generate an automatic copy of your body. It is your basic expectation about who you are. And because most people fear death and that they believe if all of our memories, anything around (as science says) is in the brain, once the brain and body die, it is over. You are literally erased. It is actually the opposite. You keep on existing and “living” each night. We live in countless other worlds simultaneously. Most people are just unaware of this and they never had the intention to do so.

An Out-of-Body Experience is actually all about opening up yourself

I tried to express all the details already in my OBE ebook which you can ask for or purchase but it seems like most people just don’t care. Like a fancy fairy tale. We buy crap, which resonates with our beliefs. Confirmation bias.

The very first thing is about always encountering your own fears. Because you need to, for your personal development. Your current life is also about it. Then you will have a sort of ego-death with all the long-held belief constructs. Because most people are building up their worldview from what they’ve learnt from childhood, from their parents, from their external world. Like we all do mostly. Most people are so deep in their own worldview and ego, that they will live their life like that, closing out the fact that they are not their physical body and life at all.

Then when this phenomenon kicks in even like a Lucid Dream if you like this category better, you will experience it first-hand, that you are existing elsewhere. I won’t discuss the same issues here the 100th time but it is pretty obvious that most people are unable to release this brain and body belief and they WILL experience an Out-of-Body Experience for this same reason. You expect it mostly from fear and beliefs and you will use a similar body even in the Real Time Zone while projecting. So, you are projecting right now into the physical reality too. You are focusing your mind, yourself into a physical world through a body and brain. Without them, you can’t bound yourself into physical systems at all for a short while.

Check out the Focus Model material and you may understand what is the problem here. Thank you for reading and please, support, share the site.

What causes Cancer? – We are creating it alone!

For a long while I didn’t write a word on the site but I found an old subject about what causes cancer recently. Of course, there are too many unwritten stuff in my pocket but it is time to add some more thoughts. Just to note Readers here, I already wrote about cancer and its cause on the site under this article.

This article should be called Cancer rebooted or I don’t know but I just try to share the real deal here and that we try to be irresponsible about thoughts, actions, and life all the time. Because we don’t understand that our body is a filter for our consciousness and we can hurt it a lot. Also, I need to note that we can’t help others so much because we need to work on ourselves alone. You can’t force another person to stop behaving a certain way or to stop suppress emotions, fear, and many more.

Leave suffering people alone if you can’t help or they don’t accept help. Seriously. Because you will hurt yourself. Never forget that the external world is just subjective and as real as you think it is. You have your own life and you deserve a better one. People who died from cancer have their own issues in the non-physical world or in that so-called Afterlife. We are using a body, a form only. Don’t worry about them.

So, how do we create cancer and all other diseases for ourselves? Because outside sources and the outside world alone, our food, circumstances are what we choose to be there or to consume. How? Let’s see below.

I need to note that in rare cases we may have life circumstances we can’t escape or anything around but most of the time we tend to choose them. And we are choosing not to stop or leave these issues. Because suffering and staying in a bad life situation don’t need any effort to make some changes. So, in short, we are abusing ourselves. We have poor life choices and this will cause trouble. Don’t believe me, you can validate it by yourself.

What causes Cancer? Cancer is a choice!

Cancer is indeed a choice. Like you don’t watch a TV show, the news or don’t listen to everybody else’s complaints all day long. Even non-physical guides are saying the same. What causes cancer? YOU, I mean we do! I mean we all do it for ourselves alone because we are consciousness. Consciousness doesn’t use a physical form outside of physical realities, we are non-physical basically with a multidimensional nature. You can prove this when you are asleep because you keep existing and keep having other lives. While your body sleeps you switch onto another focus of attention or “life” and continue existing. You don’t pay attention and wash it off, they will be just “dreams”.

what causes cancer

So in short, we have a physical body that is needed for physical interactions. Without it, we can’t interact with physical objects and can’t experience time, change, and experience many things. The brain is just a device that allows us to connect onto it (we are not a brain or inside in it) and the brain is changeable until a certain degree if we have physical problems. But the thing is that we are the ones who are controlling our own body and giving out all the instructions towards all of our body parts each day.

The body is a sponge-like mechanism which acts as a primary barrier towards the subjective external world which we still believe is physical and objective. Because we are making it objective. Otherwise, we can’t function in this world, so this is normal. The physical body will sponge up all of our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and commands each day. So watch out for all of your abusing thoughts. The outside world needs much more effort to change it but it is another story. This is why it is much easier to make changes inside our body than on other people with speaking or anything around.

But still, what causes cancer? Your repeated thoughts, emotions, beliefs, your secondary actions towards your body. Let’s take a very general example. You have emotional problems, you don’t like your job, your loved one. Then you will eat a lot of crap, carbs each evening after you rushed home and you “deserve” it to become happy from secondary brain chemical activity. Here you go, obesity, depression, and others. We hate ourselves? Same process over many years.

Please bear in mind that outside events are caused by you alone and not by others. It just appears to be always outside of you. Meanwhile, it is a big habit in our civilization to always blame others for everything. Just notice the process. You keep thinking about something, then one day it happens and you blame the outside world for it and you are irresponsible. This is a big life lesson.

These changes sometimes need a lot of effort and time to become a real thing. Even a broken leg. You somehow weakened the energetic field around a body part, then one day you were led to an accident inevitably where the end result took place. This is how it works. Sooner or later we are doing it. It is VERY rare that outside sources without our previous thoughts or without control, will do it. Don’t believe me, take your own resources, and notice how it works. We just think that everything is outside of us and we are preys in a big game without control. You have the power to change your life. But not others’.

About cancer and diseases in our current world

Somebody, suffering from cancer or from any other disease will have a certain mindset. Especially that he/she maybe wants to be healed or be okay but on the other hand, he/she continues to suffer, wants to punish thyself. I mean abuse him/herself alone. Yes, it just sucks, we all can fall into this pitfall. Most of the time we look for outside help because our outside world works on a supply-demand principle in this case. Because we DON’T know we can help ourselves, undo the damage or that our body is just acting upon our thoughts, we will look for external help or causes. This is why we are all together in this simulation, we help each other if we can.

what causes cancer

Why do more and more people have cancer and many other kinds of “diseases”? Because we are living in a fast-paced world, where technology makes more and more people addicted and work is more difficult. We need to learn a lot, change a lot, keep up with many stuff and we need to get rid of our daily life alone. It is too much for the most, they only have the capabilities to survive each day. But because we have plenty of food in developed countries, we will just eat until we fall off the chair and we are allowing brainwashing from TV. These are just tools for our consciousness.

What others are saying is what will become billions’ reality. They don’t ask, they just accept. Like that we are in a body or we are our reflection. Nobody can help this in my opinion. Some people will share what they have, like me and that’s all to it. Some may listen.

Cancer is an energetic manifestation of your inner being!

There are many metaphors (because they are), like chakras, energy, aura, block but they are the same for the same issue. You create these energetic blockages, I mean not you (maybe) but people and they will cause the cancer stuff and any other diseases. Of course, there is no disease, just in general, in the medical industry. The end result is which others will notice.

There is only the mindset, the cause. Once the energetic accumulation of thoughts, beliefs, expectations and many more being suppressed for a long while takes place as a critical mass, it will cause all the trouble. Most of the time in the brain itself. Yes, we can alter its chemistry and many more (without drugs). An MRI scan will only see the causes and after-effects of consciousness, doing its job, using the body. Medical treatments are only trying to give a final slap to a bad end result and not a solution. This is a business in our world. Nobody wants you to become healthy.

Do you need proof that I’m right? Look around you or in your own life. I observed, not just people from my own family tree with cancer, dying in it, or maybe in the neighborhood or in the outside world, everybody can see the cases. It takes some time and research to see that science and pharmacy don’t know a damn and that they want you to destroy your body. If somebody is healed, maybe from strong chemical treatment, cancer itself comes back. This is our materialistic world. We could know much more but science and other mediums are looking in the wrong direction.

Because you didn’t change your mindset, thinking and the body is just a filter for your consciousness. We can prove anything around in our conscious sleep life too. Read other posts on the site and educate yourself because it will help. Our life is not what we think it is.

And what about external accidents and circumstances?

The problem with this is that we tend to blame the outside world all the time. And we are perfect in blaming others too.

This alone means that we may have a very accidental and unlikely event in our life when something will cause cancer or any other body defect, like being at a nuclear reactor. BUT! We chose to be there, right? We somehow led ourselves to this place or event. Look at it as people who travel to a country where there are many earthquakes and floods each year.

We chose to be there, right? Or try to understand this that a bigger part of your hidden consciousness will lead you where your intent goes. Some may mistakingly call it “subconscious” mind. But most people are unconscious. The responsibility is ours.

So the takeaway is that indeed we do create our own problems and circumstances too but not in a sudden way. Gradually most of the time. Our own thinking, behavior, and many other factors are doing it in the long run. A sudden emotional charge can also cause problems but the key here is that you need to learn emotional passivity and learn to stop reacting to non-existent problems. Stop reacting to external events in an emotional way.

Change your mindset, solve your non-existent emotional problems and the world will also change. Some say it is in your head but it is not a physical place thing, you are using a biological machine for physical life. You are projecting out your non-physical self to the external world through a body that acts as a barrier. Take better care of that one. Because the same mindset stays with you after death.

I hope this will help many people, finding this site, and helping my work in return or just supporting the site. Read the articles on the site to know life better!

What is our physical body? What is its main purpose?

Do you know what is your physical body or what is the purpose of the physical body? This topic has been debated for thousands of years and there are many worldviews about it. Most of them are objective and self-centered. Meaning, that we still tend to believe that we are our body and outlook. No matter if we try to catch its deepest purpose from religions, mystical sources, or from science, most of these theories and “truths” are guessings. But we are thinking funnily that we are a physical vehicle for consciousness. We are consciousness, a formless entity.

This is a fact, not another religious or mystical nonsense. You can experience these facts too.

You may see at least from this article that we are simply denying our thoughts and the inner world we have. It is constantly being projected and reflected back from our body and outlook, physical condition, etc. What we eat and drink or ingest are the byproducts of our thinking patterns and nothing else. Nothing is an illness or disease, just an inner mental condition which you are not changing. Most people will keep abusing themselves and denying the fact that they are doing it. They will blame the outside world, food, government, and others.

Some conditions are hard to change and some are easy. The question is, do you want to be well or change? It needs the effort to take into your life! Let’s see what is the main purpose of the physical body or physical vehicle. And you can bet that it is not about evolution or being inside a body. Evolution in physical realities are just making these bodies more advanced for physical, civilized life. To let us do more advanced stuff other than what our animal kingdom friends are doing.

The physical body is a tool for consciousness

We have a physical body because we need to interact with physical objects. This is that simple. We are formless and we don’t need a body normally as we are non-physical entities or whatever you call it. We are normally not living in physical realities because these systems are made by us to let us experience with limits. Limits are needed to let ourselves being challenged. The body needs energy and nutrition to carry us anywhere after our commands. It is working in the space-time construct. You need energy and effort to move in this reality. In the non-physical, we don’t need it.

But without a physical vehicle, a suit, or whatever we should call it objectively, we can’t interact with the physical reality. Our reality or Universe has a certain ruleset like gravity, lightspeed, and others. And other systems are way different. To let us experience a certain reality, we need to born into that system, like an entrance that allows consciousness to explore it. You integrate or rather focus your primary attention from the point where the womb is there. When we are sleeping, we are focusing away from this reality and body. We are not in any body. This is automatic.

physical body

We were never in a body or inside a brain, we are using a body, being fully integrated to focus our primary attention through 5 physical senses normally and we can interact by this way. If you don’t know how the physical world feels like, looks like, you don’t know how it works and you can’t tell others in the non-physical about it. That’s that simple. We don’t notice this fact because we got caught up in our civilization’s drama, materialism, and pain.

While you, consciousness select a race, a society, a timeline to try it out, it doesn’t matter what form you are using, you need a physical body to explore that life. Look at it as a vehicle into which you focus your primary attention or for simple-minded people, you enter and exit upon falling asleep and at death. When you are asleep or in any other altered states of conscious awareness, you are focusing your primary attention elsewhere and maybe into a different body focus. Like parallel lives. Because all of your lives are already happening, so forget reincarnation. This is a fact which you can prove to yourself with dedication. You can’t even imagine what it means infinity when I mention an infinite number of physical realities.

The physical body is the vehicle for you

As you may found this site and started reading it, it turns out pretty fast that most of your beliefs about who you are and about the physical vehicle are mostly false or flawed. We just need to accept the fact that we live in a system where nobody learns a useful thing other than what is needed to fit into our slavery system. But we don’t need to follow others.

In this case, you don’t need to follow ideas and theories about guesses that you are your body or brain. Figure it out by yourself! This issue is a repeated thought on this site. To let people know how blinded we are when the topic is about “who we are”.

To summarize up this issue, the physical body is needed for physical life. No matter how you look like, some may have difficulties or challenges which we set up for sure but we don’t accept it. Somebody in a wheelchair may experience it as a curse and obese people either. But these are challenges and it is much harder to do something to change the body. But we can. We have challenges because we can change and experience from them.

The physical body is thought responsive and emotion responsive!

And here is the gem from this article. Don’t look at this as something which works in some days or a week. We need to give in tremendous effort most of the time to change our outlook (sports), to stop having bad eating habits (obesity), and to do something about it. We can change our body, just look at all of those workout people and fitness models. I’m lean and tall but I know that with much more protein and exercise I can be very muscular over some months or years. With effort and dedication.

Look at all the people with cancer. They did tremendous effort to abuse themselves. Some may release all the stress and emotional baggage in some weeks and they will be healed. The difficulty is in our mindset and feelings.

I already wrote about this issue in an older article about cancer and how we are doing it to ourselves. I would bet surely that most people won’t believe it because most people are living in denial. We just don’t accept our daily thoughts and that we are emotionally abusing our body. What is inside your mind and inner being is being projected always into your body first. Outside.

If it is accumulating (and it IS) over weeks, months and years, you can manifest all the nasty stuff like all the diseases and cancers. The body is a filter towards the outside world. You can influence your body much faster than the outside world. Because you can!

physical body

Diseases and cancers with all the other health conditions are NON-existent in the sense that if you stop abusing yourself with your thoughts and emotions, it can be reversed and you can be healed by yourself. Instead of whining and complaining, try it out. Remember, it requires effort and dedication.

Our body is an inner representation of our expectations about life in short. It is a SPONGE of beliefs and emotions. The more you send out your thoughts and you abuse yourself, the more it will react and change. It is a sponge or rather a filter of your inner activity. No, not from a brain, it is just a tool for you. The body will do whatever you are doing with it. We would diminish all the diseases and illnesses if we would accept this. But we are living in a big chaos of emotional turmoil because most people have low level of self-awareness.


So the takeover is to remember always that you are not your body but you are controlling it. And yes, you are making those changes over a long time before something nasty happens with it. Also, we are creating these diseases according to the local accumulation of our thoughts and suppressed emotions where it appears. Don’t blame the outside world. Unless a chemical disease or an accident happens we are doing it. All the bad eating habits and other stuff, we always have at least a slight choice. If somebody abuses you mentally and it causes this physically, don’t let yourself to be dragged down! Life is too short for this.

We should rather love our body and give the necessary love and nutrition to it because we need it for physical life. Surely we are abusing it at the first place because we live in a world with full of cruelty and pain but we can do something about it. We see this self-abusing behavior from TV, from others and everything is about materialism. You are the only person who can solve your mental issues because you can change for your own good.

I hope this helps, share the site, and if you can, please, support it!

How emotions are creating your dream, when you are dreaming?

Here is another example from my deep pocket about how your own emotions are creating ALL the dream sceneries around you when you are dreaming. I would bet that most people have no idea about how emotions are one of the main creators of how we have dreams.

We live in an age where still most people don’t know what dreams are and why are they happening. For first, I would advise every beginner to read my articles on the site because this is the main purpose why I made them.

You just thought that you know what a dream is but you were wrong the whole time. Dreams are objectified emotional interplays in the first stage. If you stopped doing an emotional release, you can move on to real things. This is what hundreds of people couldn’t digest when I shared it with 5 accounts and months of work on Reddit in the past. They don’t want to know it or couldn’t put it anywhere what I was talking about it.

This post is dedicated to my supporter, called Reece. Enjoy!

Some basics about how your emotions are primary creators when you are dreaming

I would say, they are rather primary modifiers. Yes, whenever you are in a scenery, you already made them automatically and at that time, you are in Focus 2. You started out in a raw non-physical place, your own personal place. To know about this, check the Focus Model guide. Each time you fall asleep, you release emotions. While they don’t do so much other than creating dramas, shouting, crying, love, and others in the physical reality frame, you are in trouble there. They are instant.

You fall asleep each time, each night or whenever you are sleeping regularly and you release all of your emotional baggage. You can already read a lot about this, especially in my post about what happens after death. So what happens is, you will automatically create a circumstance in which you will live up your mindset in a dream. Other times guides are doing it for you. To train you.

The end result or the process is very different for everybody and there are rarely two similar cases even for one person. But commonalities can happen. Like nightmares and figures.

When you are dreaming, you will modify each moment by releasing your emotions. It can be a slight reaction, it was emotion. You can release fear or love or anything around, no wonder all the nightmares. You did it by yourself or you just reacted to a test with your human thinking. Emotions are instantly modifying circumstances if you are already in them.

when you are dreaming

But I need to add the fact that it won’t happen for other cases. You can be transported to a stable Focus 3 place, to an existing “Afterlife” or non-physical place and you can s**t into your non-existent pants, nothing will change. That is the beauty of this. I can’t even count how many times I tested out these. The physical reality, ours, is just a tiny little nothing compared to what is there. Because we are from there and going back later.

The lesson in these or the trick is that if you learned this and you learned to manage your emotional release, learning emotional passivity, you have a much higher chance to NOTICE that Focus 3 is right there. You can just walk out through a door, walk away, or do it your own way. Post-humans who left their post-physical life can be in this same trap! You have a body to escape back to here.

My short story to show you how emotions are modifying stuff when you are dreaming!

It can be called Astral Projecting, having an Out-of-Body Experience (OBE), a Lucid Dream, a conscious dreaming, whatever. The same subjective world and the same mindset. A different approach and varying degree of awareness. The control is yours if you worked for it.

Intent, the aim of what you want does it. You learned emotional passivity, you’ve learned one of the hardest lessons of human or rather physical life! I’m not kidding, it took me 3 decades without knowing it and after I found this fact, I became it, practiced it.

So here you go. After I had maybe a thousand of conscious experiences over maybe 3 years, I’m not sure, it just kicked in. I needed that many experiences to validate what the pros are telling others. That emotions are creating scenes. I had an experience where I guess my guidance elevated my awareness step by step, as usual. As it was my intent (as usual), I was in an unknown city, acted out myself in some meaningless conversations. I was in an open building with a first floor, with some action. The story doesn’t matter.

What happened is, I reached the peak where my awareness level was that high. I just walked out to the nearby city road where a tram line was also there in the middle, parallel to the road. Some people were obviously waiting for the next tram to arrive, in front of me, maybe 15 meters ahead.

Then I realized what’s going on, wait a minute! I released a slight emotional charge of excitement, it equals one moment. Then instantly, some people fluctuated here and there and the physical setup around me changed a little bit. Now that is HOW the non-physical works. You don’t notice it perhaps in your entire lifetime and this is how billions don’t notice a thing. I’m telling it, who worked for it for years.

Okay, I need to admit that I had more of these before but this one was a highly obvious one. You think you know what dreams are when you are dreaming, right?

Reality fluctuations are normal there. If you can’t hold conscious control, a reality overlay takes place and you dive back into your own emotional interplay with your expectations.

Stop following gurus, spiritual teachers, and motivational speakers!

In the past, I shared my insight about people, who are fooling others for money and this article is also again about gurus, spiritual teachers, and motivational speakers. Just to name some categories. I just have time these days but somehow I tend to rush into many gurus and spiritual teachers on Youtube. That was not my original intention to watch these, people having discussions about how they were fooled and their money is lost. I mean these weeks, I find tons of these fake people. Also, it is not my job to debunk these liars personally and I think enough people are trying to do it and/or capitalize on them. At least in more channel-followers.

This article is about how it works. How gurus, spiritual teachers are fooling everybody and that it is a joke if somebody is a guru. It is about how spiritual teachers are a**holes who are lying about misunderstood non-physical concepts. It is about how many people are gullible because they didn’t learn that our civilization is predatory by nature and that everybody will try their best to grab their share. No matter how some live their lives in a fairy tale manner, it doesn’t change the current situation out there.

My goal here is to help as many people – who may find my site – as I can to tell them that not everything is gold what shines. For first why are these people out there, then how these methods work for them to steal from you. I was there once in an indirect scheme and never again. Saying that I’m a big researcher, tester, and highly intelligent. And was fooled. I will show how beliefs and others are fooling you again and why religious people are more prone to fall into this pit. Just a general description.

And don’t forget to read my articles because they are real which you can learn and test out by yourself. Enjoy being here and share the site with your friends, family members. And let it run furthermore with a bigger readership.

Spiritual teachers

Know our world a little bit better without beliefs. Just grow up!

Whatever I say to you, don’t ever take it personally. My words or how I write are for a reason, to point out obvious things. How I construct my articles (I don’t write that much anymore because of lack of sharing and real activity) is for the same reason, to debunk misleading stuff and show the real deal. But basically to share knowledge.

What you learn in school, from people while you grow up is just not enough to navigate in this predatory world. The sky is blue but the danger is always there. You are trained to be a good slave in the system, a part of this big machine. If you gather yourself and stand up for yourself, start a business without bad intentions or you start to earn money by yourself, my hat is down for you. I try the same and working on my part. Good intentions will bring good fortune. Money is not bad at all. The bad thing is that these people are out there and robbing others. I won’t name anybody because it will cause unnecessary trouble. Religious people are attaching bad to things to defend their worldview. Confirmation bias is a big thing in our world.

Let’s be straight, most people in our world are religious. We grow up in certain countries, with certain habits, belief systems. From a multidimensional or “the meaning of life” perspective, it is a challenge for the most because their perception is clouded. Drop the whole thing liberating your perception and the world is not what it was for you. I’m not judging, the main problem is the who are falling into these traps are people, who are prone to believe just anything and then close out stuff that doesn’t fit this worldview. As mentioned above.

I’m not a believer but I had my disgusting share in one of these scams, being fooled. Never again. I tried to maintain a belief in something which doesn’t even exist. Don’t mess this up with religions please, this is just a way to explain how it works.

The truth is that if you are a believer, you will be fooled and scammed instantly. If you are not, you can be scammed too. I’ve learned the word “scam” only in the past years but I know the English language since my early childhood. This world went nuts in the last 2 decades. I remember clearly that in the 90s, it was slower and calmer.

Do you know what is out there? Everybody copies each other and everybody wants their share. They rarely stop their activity, so what Y person will do is almost the same as what worked for X person. So name yourself, name the scheme, make a good resume about what you did. These people are smiling and believing what they are saying all day long. I don’t know how they are dealing with their consciousness in front of the mirror. They live a liar life and they are happy. Maybe not. But I can say, they did a good job. One way to become wealthy.

The main “truths”, “teachings” are the same, they never changed and never worked. Many are scissored from good old ancient stuff. For a few exceptional people, these teachings will work for various reasons. It can happen but you may never know why or how. The truth is that human nature is about fear and emotions and they will use it against you. Sooner or later, everybody knows about these. If you allow this to happen, you deserve it. I mean I deserved it too and learned from it.

In a nutshell, how these gurus and spiritual teachers are fooling you

There is a scheme. I will be short with this to just show you how simple it is. Because we are working with emotions basically. And beliefs are clouding everything for most people, the game needs to be set. Don’t you see around you? Everything is based on emotional attachment! From political views, beliefs, eating a food, having a car, a significant other, a drama show.

You never get a real solution, you never have a well-paying anything later. You are led into a cult where big numbers, fake results are shown, where you need to say YES to everything. Your emotions and beliefs are altered to the point where the job is done, you signed up for courses, team stuff, more packages. You are tired from it on purpose, you don’t have the chance to take researches because it is so logically built-up and there are no logic-holes. Bah, many are so money hungry that they allow themselves to be contradicted in many cases. A hole here in the truth, a hole there with the Q&A sessions. The guru-type will laugh into your face if you have problems with paying more and more. Forget the rent or that you have a kid to raise, right? Just pay for something which never will give results.

The game is always a well-built system, there are always solid proofs, testimonials… Let me ask you a thing. If somebody is a millionaire or a successful businessman, why he/she wants to SELL you a course, a product, an opportunity, a share of something? Why they are trying to suck you in that much? It is one-sided, you dump money into the pocket. With interest and agreement!

Spiritual teachers

When you realized what you have done, you also lost your job because they told you so. You are in bigger dept and thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars are spent for nothing and you never see it again. Then crying comes here and there. It CAN happen and we need to learn from it. It is disgusting and these people are never getting their reward besides money. They stay there for years and decades because there are always enough fools for the cult to follow. Or they disappear after a few years. You may never know their real name and that they live pleasantly on a remote island finally. Because LOA worked for them LOL.

Most of the stupid followers are happy that they dumped the money into the leader’s pocket. I’m sure if we would live in the jungle in a primitive civilization with the same mindset, almost all of us would be dead because of the lack of ability to survive.

There is no evil or horrible in this. This is one of the reasons why we live a human life. This is human nature. Some will learn from it and many will do the same, robbing others. Learn from it, have a good life experience, and move on. Poor thing that many people will be broke financially but life happens. Our world is about money. We can make it better.

I wish it would be about the other way. But wait for a second! If our lives would be about all the nice and fairy tale thingy, WHY are we in a physical life? We came here to experience the bad and the good in a dualistic reality. All the wise crap, advice, mentoring are useless as they are basically because most people are lazy to experience them first-hand. Or too primitive. I don’t know but don’t take it personally. We are lazy. I think this whole thing went wrong when the Internet and IT devices came in. I work at an electronics store and I hate the whole thing where we are (smartphones and watches). Saying as an IT guy.

And… there are NO SECRETS at all. Just experience. How can a secret remain a secret if it is almost freely given for the masses? Secret of what? This word is also an attention grabber. We live in a world of attention grabber things to sell fast. I’m bored always seeing the truth of this, the secret of that. It is just pathetic. It is full of this on Youtube, secret, truth, the only…

For more about who we are, what we are doing here, just check all the articles. Let”s move on.

What these gurus are and why it is a big joke?

Gurus are one of the big joke category. People who are calling themselves gurus are one of the most pathetic people. There are a few exceptions from the history of humanity but I doubt that there were so many true people. No, I won’t discuss religious figures. I don’t discuss religions because it hurts most people and they can’t stand it. They can’t think outside of it.

Many of these gurus are doing this big life teaching thing and knowing everything about everything on a daily basis. Sitting on events, grabbing mikes, and telling the big old truths about what to do. I wonder how some don’t laugh. Seriously, if somebody is living for the sake to let others tell him/her what to do, they are born to be just a simple person. Or dumb. But it doesn’t mean everybody is dumb : ) Most people are simple and we are different.

Gurus are calling themselves gurus to make an image about themselves to which others will attach themselves emotionally, to a wise person. They will drink their words. An intelligent, rather wise person will never call him/herself a guru. These people need your money and they live a high lifestyle. They also have suspicious events in their life or lifestyle to hide and deny the whole thing if it comes to the surface. They may seem to be wise and as an Indian wise man. Or robbing teachings. This is a big business these days and a trend too. Grab some good old Indian wiseness and old sayings and make a new cult. Spice it with LOA, spiritualism and here you go.

And those stupid hair and beardcuts, clothes, I wonder why people don’t laugh. They are selling out the same old beliefs. Or copying each other. And why the followers and newcomers won’t get it because they don’t know about those basic ideas and spiritual nonsense which these few are telling how it is. Most people never heard or learned a thing about these. Or what is the ultimate truth. Or open up your Third Eye because this happens. Just drink their blessings and words, right?

Spiritual teachers

Don’t ever follow cults, groups if you want a better life for yourself. You are the key, not these a**holes. You have the power to do something which is at your disposal and make your life better. Lazy people are also in trouble. Not just emotionally vulnerable people who are in trouble financially. It is not my job to write about these but I couldn’t stand this nonsense which is a big trend out there. Some may learn from it here.

These gurus or spiritual teachers are leading cults where you came to as an emotionally lost or vulnerable person and you don’t get anything tangible. Or you were just interested in something “good” or new. A life changer. You thought it can’t be worse, you are helped and you lose much more. Money which you worked for. If there are many people for the same reason, something is clearly wrong.

One of these is the Law of Attraction which is a very dangerous belief system, made by people who made money from others and made for gullible people. Using scientific terms to back up their claims and creating a situation where almost nobody can explain what they are believing in. Because they have no idea, just parroting what is free told. I repeat it, followers have no idea what they are believing. If it works, it worked because they took action for their goals.

It is very rare that it works. And those stupid “truths” are not real or misinterpreted totally. I came up with the LOA because too many people are believing it and they deserve it. I mean to stay blind in faith, deny everything out of the box, and not achieving real a thing in life while it runs away.

What spiritual teachers are and why it is a bigger joke?

Spirituality is a big, I mean a BIG BUSINESS. Many, many people should wake up but it is not an option in our civilization. The most will never learn from these mistakes. There are too many beliefs to dig up and use it against people who have clearly no experience in them.

Btw these topics are given in this article because it is much easier to save people from these cults and groups than liberating them from religions. Religious leaders are not really up to money but a belief system on which their followers are striving. Then money and power lol. Okay, enough of it.

As I mentioned, spirituality is not about truth or something which some will reveal. You can know all these truths by yourself because truth is multiversal, personal, and subjective. It is a big heck of a business. You try to liberate yourself, heal others, listen to stuff, and suck some gemstones. Okay, I have gemstones but because they are beautiful lol. Spirituality is mostly about having a comfortable belief system where you defend your ego against this unknown outside world. To stop fearing death because you still didn’t learn a thing about that you will never die, only your body.

Existing and newer leaders know that there are still vast amounts of people who may never heard about the LOA nonsense or about these truths and other stuff yet. A big open market. Spiritual teachers are not always wrong, I need to mention it. There are some misinterpreted or half-translated ideas that are real. I’m talking about intentions. Some may have so much faith in their own ideas and beliefs that they will totally believe what they are sharing. And some are sharing helping stuff, real and testable information and clearly helping others. But it is rare. I repeat, there are some people who know what they are talking about.

Spiritual teachers

Spiritual teachers are not at all teaching a useful thing. At least some will. Just comfortable ideas and something which may seem to improve your life but you switched up your previous beliefs into newer ones. The word “spiritual” means a big bunch of stuff which is there since a long while in our society, starting from the Chakra topic to meditation and being selective about a nice belief system. People want to feel and be treated “special” while life runs away and they didn’t do a useful thing.

I see I wrote a lot already and still not there.

What contrepreneur motivational speakers are doing to fool you

The getting rich quick method almost non-existent in the sense that it won’t work. It is very hard to resist to this promise, I know. You need to work for things and work for the actual knowledge before you attain the reward. The big players in any field of our civilization are never talking about quick stuff, mindset nonsense, and they don’t try to sell you stuff directly. Mostly. But quite the opposite. These people who are appearing in shows and on seminars are not entrepreneurs at all but at least are good at scamming others. The big my-name-is-this people who are selling the business.

They speak about a skill you need, a 10 step program which will help you out or offering great deals which will never work. You end up more broke than ever, dumping their pockets. These people learned the skill, how to manipulate others’ thinking and emotions with a logical scheme to get their money. And they are almost never caught at all. I wish I would name all on a huge list but some of them are so disgustingly egotists, that they will do anything at their disposal to silence people. And this site is to learn by yourself, to show the door.

So, you go to a seminar or a school where you may heard about the guy/lady before from a friend, from an online site, etc. The fastest way is from Youtube and/or from a close friend (MLM), dumbly. You can bet how many people will take their research to figure out the main fallacy. Selling promises, manipulating your emotional attachment is the basic tool. Big words, proofs being constructed, testimonials with fake people, and pictures. Hm, mostly the big numbers are winning because we need that stupid money. We didn’t learn to make it by ourselves. It is a skill too in any fields. Most people are falling into the big numbers trap because they think money solves everything. They didn’t even learn to treat money as a TOOL for life. Just check lottery winners. Money is a tool, not an end-product.

But in general, I already expanded on how this works. These people these days are doing this so disgustingly well, lying all the time that people just like it. Now, most people need a big mouth to be shocked at. By the time you realized you are in the pitfall, you lost money, maybe a lot. Only a few will sense problems and get out as soon as they can. Did the fast money worth it? Maybe dropping out the savings did the life lesson.

There is another scheme out there which is popular, the pyramid one. It is mostly appearing as a cold-call option, promising a good salary and a job-quitting opportunity which ends up so bad that people will be helpless. And you can’t do a thing, learn from it and move on in life. The founders are always finding out new ways and people to continue.

Not everybody is doing this to fool you!

As I mentioned above, not everybody is fooling you. Many real teachers will share real information. I’m now speaking about spiritual stuff or non-physical stuff. But their information will be clouded according to their worldview and belief systems also. This is why I stay away from personal stuff on the site. Do your own homework instead of believing what others are saying. You need to use logic, common sense, and reasoning.

The main reason why 99% want to follow a figure because they don’t do their job, research, invest energy and they are many times just plain simple and dumb. This is why we have governments. We allow them to rob us.

Did you get the main life lesson from all of the above? Make your own research. Do you think you get it (anything)? Dig deeper and deeper!

Do you know why we fall into these traps? Most schemes are well-founded on logic, coherence, and emotional manipulation. Once the belief is there and the emotional attachment is done, you are in danger. We can lie in this physical reality but because our physical body hides our true intentions. Meaning many can even learn to hide gesture signs too and their facial expression. Many will learn to truly believe what they are saying for the sake of success. It is not good or bad, just something which can happen and it is all experience. Life doesn’t end here. Don’t do the same of course, try to learn a skill about something you like in life and create good, useful, beautiful things from it. Those who are doing it are the best examples. To have more money or better income, find out something, a market hole, and work with it. Learn a skill instead of a useless diploma, it has no value in most cases but it had in the last century. Now everybody has it and working at the McDonalds. This system didn’t offer a better option.

Our creative side is non-physical and multidimensional. It creates your life, your imagination about what you want. Take action. Even if this doesn’t tell a thing for you yet, it is real and we also created this civilization too, piece by piece. Even if it is built on lies, greed, and money and it is chaotic but still in one piece. We don’t need to do the same, like these people or those, who are ruining it.

You don’t like what you are doing in your job? Are you in a bad situation? You can imagine some outcomes but we need to take action. These spiritual teachers and gurus are just thriving on those, who are in a bad situation with savings. Or being just naive and a follower. I don’t get it how these speakers can sleep well. So… imagine what you want and just work for it.

In the end, remember an important thing here. EVERYBODY, who stands up and speaks or teaches are trying to project out their own mindset, beliefs, and their worldview. It doesn’t mean in this case that you need to walk the same path. It worked for one, it won’t work for millions. Everybody. I tried to avoid this issue with this site, so there are minimal personal stuff about me because the knowledge base is not about me.

One more thing. You can own billions or have a big money-making company in the end but you didn’t save the world at all. And you don’t need to save the world. You can try at least. We don’t need to save anybody but we can show the way and tools to let others become the better version themselves. At least I try to do it automatically.

Thanks for reading, I hope this will help many people. Share the site and enjoy staying here.

Why Astral Projection, OBE, Lucid Dreaming have nothing to do with physical Telekinesis?

This is a general misunderstanding among people who want to learn any of them and they are washing together these practices with Telekinesis. For first, Telekinesis has nothing to do with anything “supernatural”, either Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience or others. Not even Dreams or Lucid Dreams. Telekinesis in our physical reality is one thing and a different thing doing it via the non-physical world. It seems to be that easy to understand but it is not. I will discuss this below.

The non-physical world is there where you are but you don’t focus your primary attention right now there into a different world. You are here right now, your attention too. This site explain this in many articles, people just should gather their energy to read them. Being able to digest and understand these is another story. In short, what you can do in your “dreams” won’t tell you that you can do it here. We have limits here for the sake of physical life and its purpose. But you can do it in both places. Here, it is just much harder.

Each time I see that beginners are trying to understand Telekinesis and try to gather information from public forums, on many sites others are suggesting to learn Astral Projection. The main problem here. Hence the mystical misleading label, as usual, it has nothing to do with it. Except for ONE thing, learning to concentrate more on one thing. At least this is the only thing.

Science thinks still today that it is supernatural with everything else, which comes under the same umbrella, like clairvoyance. So laughable, AP, OBE, other things are washed into the supernatural or paranormal category and calling them abilities. I mean besides the real abilities. Thus most people in our civilization already “know” that these are supernatural. I mean they don’t know so much at all, not even about what dreams are. I like science but the way they think and take their assumptions is crazy. This is how humanity works, we don’t get it, we will push it under the rug of “not real”.

Don’t take anything what I said personally. I try to share the real deal, not lies, beliefs, and misleading stuff. We are still living the dark ages with technology being available and most people are just choosing resonating beliefs. And I’m a dumb idiot sharing what I know, wearing off my eyes to educate who is interested in it. I mean, many times I feel like that.

What do I know about physical world-related Telekinesis?

From my own knowledge, I know that it is possible to do in a physical reality, like ours. You know, there are just countless ones in numbers and we created them to experience limits and development. To try out things. I’m still not quite sure about the whole process here despite the fact that I took intense researches even from others’ experiences. For years.

But to tell you, it is real and you can do it. Too many scientifically thinking people are denying the whole thing or people who are being indoctrinated so deeply about what is possible or what is real, that they will instantly deny it. Furthermore, laughing at it or at others. The other type is the religious type. Some will practice it and believe in all sorts of mystical forces, negativity, and creatures who are “helping” them. Or some will just deny it again because it is the root of all evil lol.


Maybe scientifically thinkers are closer into this with particle and dimensional stuff. Saying that I know too well our particle physics and finding it awesome. It doesn’t matter, everybody has their own approach.

As far as I saw that as an outsider, the most seem to be believers in this. Belief itself can fuel it or just emotions. Or both. But I’m the type who won’t believe or accept things that easily, despite the fact that everybody wants a piece of evidence. Pretty funny how these abilities are not working in public. Not because the person may be a liar but in my opinion, the whole external world will interfere with your little universe and your ability to do it. Just a possibility. In short, some are able to do it but maybe nobody will ever believe to them.

Just like my work or knowledge. Most people are not up to it or there to accept what they CAN know. I may encounter some people in my life all the time where I can share my knowledge but I will be on my own.

So in short, it is a real thing, knowing the nature of our multidimensional reality frame and structure. But it takes time to start to be able to do it. I’m not there yet and I will practice it later in my life if I can concentrate on it. And for many, they watch too many Hollywood movies and read comics, playing games too often. The sense of their reality is not so “normal”. But it is their way. Actually the wider reality is subjective.

What does it take to be able to do Telekinesis in the physical world?

In short, as I already stated before, you need a lot of concentration. Just like staying aware with Astral Projection. Or just trying out phasing and using mental imagery which is already about paying attention towards the non-physical world. I’m not pointing out beliefs and believing in it because your expectation is already doing the job in both worlds. In your dreams or non-physical life, almost instantly. If you have a belief block “there”, not so instantly.

Doing Telekinesis most of the time is about allowing it to happen. This confuses me until today after years trying to wrap my mind around it because I still didn’t practice it. For some, it will take some mental visualization and then allowing it to happen. This could happen because the non-physical world is right there where you are and physical structures are coming from there as a projection. Pretty interesting that the approach is not just only one way but could be on the same basis – you, consciousness.

And some can do it via beliefs and emotions. I’m not sure who is right in this. Then others need some months or a few years because they are developing their concentration skills too. Just like meditation where you are clearing your mind.

And finally, I can’t be ever sure about who is lying for fame and who isn’t lying. If you can learn one thing in human life, that is about not accepting what you are hearing or seeing from others because they can lie to you. From fear, fame, feeling special, to make money on gullible people, etc. Try it out for first and don’t give up. We are living in a predatory world that is based on fear, greed, and money. This is why.


Why being able to do Telekinesis in Dreams, Lucid Dreams and via others is NOT the same, than being able to do it in the physical reality?

And here you are. It is possible with effort. For the most with tremendous loads of work. You are not just fighting with yourself but convincing your mind that you can do it. By mind, meaning, you, the non-physical observer, who is using a body. There are no physical rules against it. I’m not sure about mind over matter but time will tell you. Just don’t believe everything you get from the outside world. But stay curious about things. Test it out.

Why it is NOT the same at all doing it in your dreams or in the non-physical world? I won’t use the Astral Plane mystical term because it is coming from a very popular belief which people are trying to chase. It is misleading with all the popular beliefs. You are not learning a thing from it.

The NP is thought responsive, especially when you are new to it. To conscious sleeping or dreaming. Not because it will change but your development level WILL with your experiences and understanding. You will be allowed to go to places where you can behave. You can play with Telekinesis, sacring the locals but with caution.

So many people are experiencing unconscious or conscious Telekinesis there, they are illusioned that they can do anything. And they can, only there. Here, we have the linear timeframe construct with many laws and other stuff which are not allowing us to do things instantly. But still, we can do stuff slowly.

Here, in physical life, we need tremendous effort in most cases. Telekinesis is one of them. Some can do it faster, I’m not sure about their recipe. But as I mentioned above, the two worlds are intertwined and are the same in their core but we can’t do that much here without effort and focus of attention. Look at our physical Universe and the non-physical which is endless without objective rules like a superimposed dimensional overlay.

Just too many young people and who are new to Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming and others, are trying this out there and assuming the thing that they can do it here too. You have no time delay there for this. So this is why it happens almost instantly.

But to go further into this, I see a general nonsense belief that not just science and other mediums are finding Astral Projection, Telekinesis with ALL the others are sort of supernatural and paranormal “ability” but they have no idea about the whole structure of our reality either. I mean there are these general misunderstandings and people are getting the worst assumptions about what is real or not. Or just misunderstanding the whole thing, so here you go, Astral Projection and Telekinesis.


The main idea of this article was to solve this belief that learning to AP will have the chance to learn Telekinesis. It won’t lol. It is just for a few cases, the two can be done pretty fast because the person learned to concentrate and allowing things to happen.

I could say that these are very similar according to each other but it could be that some people without having any insight are assuming this according to this general misunderstanding or lack of knowledge from first-hand, that AP and Telekinesis are related. Too many young people feeling special and being bored in life or being lost want this.

They are ONLY related in the sense that you need to concentrate and let it unfold. Only in this. Too much nonsense is in books, in Youtube videos and people don’t really care about the real deal because they want fame and money from this stuff. This is our world, the (mis)information is out there, it is just, the most is useless. And sites like mine have no fame like that because I don’t share wonderful beliefs or products which are not built on false promises. Learn another thing, people want to believe. But it won’t give the first-hand experience at all.

I hope I could help with my insight. It is real but you need to put in the work. Just like I did into this site. Support it if you can and enjoy reading here!

Out-of-Body Experience – the misleading belief of an OBE

As now I have more free time these weeks, I decided to write a little bit, now about the misleading topic of having an Out-of-Body Experience or OBE for short. An Out-of-Body Experience is a popular term and many people try to do it from fashion or from sheer curiosity. I can’t really write all about it because it would take many pages and many hours from my life which clearly doesn’t worth it. I mean nobody pays for this. So I will explain what is the main problem with the Out-of-Body Experience phenomenon in general.

As usual, I can mention communities and forums where people are trying to share and understand each others’ experience which clearly won’t help at all. Just an advice, never try to replicate the other person’s experiences. It won’t work most of the time. But most people are new to this concept and couldn’t even have one. And they may never have one at all.

You can read more about OBE here under my ebooks and you can get it for free. It is just an overall introduction with explanations for many. It is not a big hit like popular books from known people, I can’t help it. But many known authors are right about it with their own understanding.

The OBE concept is real, scientific thinkers are failing to understand it and many are just following it from fashion or sheer curiosity. And those who are spreading these “truths” about who we are and what is it are not giving a damn that most of these are religious and mystical conditioning. People need these beliefs in general and that is their route in this. I’m not judging but I don’t like that most of these are not explaining a useful thing. You know, just stupidly lay on your back, relax and freak out from everything.

Even those who are writing or speaking about these have little to no experience. Not everybody. If somebody has, they never realized that they lived up their own belief constructs in a thought-responsive world the whole time. Understanding the non-physical is NOT that easy and I’m speaking from thousands of conscious experiences, putting the pieces together – for myself.

Out-of-Body Experience

What is an Out-of-Body Experience or OBE?

From where is it coming from? Many people know Robert A. Monroe and his 3 books of work with The Monroe Institute. This term and the whole practice is thousands of years old and had other terms. We can call it Astral Projection, Dreaming and anything around. The same world for the destination, different approaches, and conscious awareness. You have your own, human-oriented thinking in this.

Monroe started with the good old Out-of-Body Experience practice because he just had the signposts like vibrations. He had many experiences like this and then after he figured out that he is not even in a body and he doesn’t need to roll out or whatever he did, he found out that we are using a focus of primary attention. So phasing came. It is a big hit on the AstralPulse.com and I teach it to some people who are ready to drop this belief.

Basically, an OBE is about relaxing so deeply that the separation starts on its own and you are aware of it with all the signposts above. We just can’t let it unfold. For many, these are also fear barriers. It says, will you continue? And then, he was exploring the Real Time Zone which is the extended physical reality. Of course, everything physical and objective comes from the non-physical. The RTZ is a boring place most of the time. Some may never start there, like me but I was and will there many times without my own intent.

This is why what Monroe’s “unconscious” followers are doing is replicating it and doing energy work. But nobody needs it. For some, the projection experience somehow doesn’t work in other ways. People try to roll out of a body. This is why the energy is automatically creating a body-double. Thomas Campbell likes to joke on this practice too. For me? I’m not that OBE type, rather Lucid Dreamer. I can gather my pieces of information via that approach. It is the natural way for me from my whole life. I just didn’t know about where I was until later.

The Out-of-Body Experience is a mental construct that can be learned over time or you already believed it in your entire life? How is it possible that you can have an OBE? You always thought that you are in a body or you are your body. And in this case, you can experience movement, traveling, because you tend to think via physical reality terms. This is why many who don’t even know a thing and have it will have it like that. Their worldview does that. Expectations are playing a main role in the non-physical.

Why most people can’t get out of their body when practicing the Out-of-Body Experience?

These days or in general, most people are very young, in their teens. Most of them are just finding these practices, like Astral Projection and they try to play with it, practice it because others told them that it is cool, fun and can do anything. Meanwhile, they will encounter their fears which IS necessary to learn and develop multidimensionally. We are here for that purpose too but at a much slower pace.

Most people have no capabilities understanding these above or on my site. They try it without a basic understanding. No wonder about all the fear. And they are bringing the same understanding and personality into their dreams too. Remember, these are just labels…

People are relatively trying to get out of a body. But why? In our world it is natural that in school, we are learning about how we are our brain, consciousness is somehow in it and we are our own body image, our outlook. The actual truth is quite the opposite but you can find out that from the site. Most of these people are materialists, big science believers and many are religious. There is nothing wrong with it but if people don’t let it go, they can’t experience so much. The sad thing that they don’t know that there is that relation in everything.

Even if somebody doesn’t believe it, he/she can still (and many can) experience an Out-of-Body Experience because deep down, they believe in that concept that they are inhabiting a body. OR they fear the death of their body. If somebody doesn’t believe it, he/she still can replicate the belief concept because it is a matter of time and intent. Look at it as you are downloading a method from a vast system for yourself without knowing about it. And one day it comes. Frightening vibrations, sounds, visuals in your “head” (mind), and movements. Fear tests.

Vibration chasing is a very popular thing among these beginners. It is just a signpost and some may never get it. I don’t get it either at all, just warmness. Just don’t… this is a natural process. Even if you get an OBE, chances are, you will need to just let it happen.

Out-of-Body Experience and beginners without knowing a thing

And many people had at least one or few Out-of-Body Experiences or Astral Projections when they were very young. But they now know what it was. At least they believe what it was. But on closed and open forums? These issues are there, I mean hundreds of these daily. Nobody takes research and these people like me are investing energy to explain these for nothing. I’m not kidding, I have enough, many times about dealing with the same topics all over again. I mean when I have these periods to go there and help out some. And it goes on and on like everybody is talking to a virtual wall.

And many of these people are teens. I think I expanded on this enough already on the site. They just think they’ve learned what they can about it. Meanwhile, I’m not kidding, most of it is BS, useless and mystical conditioning. Like there is all the useful stuff on the web and in books (because there are some) but common sense is missing with logic. And there are some who will switch into ego-defending debates childishly. That is not my part in this, I’m just sharing what is real and can be known. Because I can and it helps.

To keep it short, the Out-of-Body Experience or OBE, Astral Projection, Dreaming, Lucid Dreaming, and many others are leading you into the same subjective world where human logic fails and objectivity slaps back with all the beliefs, expectations and emotional charge. If somebody successfully has an OBE, they will fuel this furthermore with their beliefs because this is what the non-physical reflects back to them. But there is much more to this! This is a big school and we have things to learn. Now, this part is totally missing from most people’s understanding.

I hope you found this article very useful, stay on the site, educate yourself, and support me. Enjoy!

Edited on the 2nd of May in 2020.

This is how you can have Lucid Dreams quickly!

I’m sure many people will find this article about how to have Lucid Dreams fast. I know for sure that most people don’t want to learn or know a thing about it and are lazy to skip the steps. Furthermore, most people lack the necessary understanding of Lucid Dreams and anything around them. I can’t help it but tell everybody to look around on the site and learn on your own.

The answers are already there but this post is about having the results much faster. I mean other than reading and watching all the unnecessary stuff on the Internet, from books and from videos. You don’t need a technique, a ritual, nonsense energy work, and others. You don’t need to chant or mess up yourself with WILD, FILD, and others because those are for Astral Projection or OBEs.

I will explain the simple approach for Lucid Dreams. Most people never had one and they want to experience it. They want it because others want it these days. Maybe from escapism or because others told it is cool. Most people (younger people) are playing with it from fun and they don’t understand the whole thing. I won’t comment on it. And some will have it from their early childhood. Just like being able to project at will.

I don’t share nonsense false stuff, beliefs, mystical stuff, only the hard truths and mechanics of our multidimensional nature.

This is how to have Lucid Dreams

I told many people and will tell again, that you need to work for it. Intent is the driving force and you are consciousness, using it. So… the thing is that each time you want to fall asleep, you need to keep up your intent. Telling you this from thousands of conscious experiences, visiting existing places and doing many more.

To have your Lucid Dreams, you have a job to do. You need to use an intent, a goal to do it. For nothing, expect nothing. Forget whatever you’ve learned so far. Seriously.

The actual situation in our world is that most people still have no idea what a dream is and where it takes place. They want to play there and that’s all to it. I’m too little to tell everybody and I hope others will find the site one day. But I’m afraid the most are unable to digest even the basic things.

So, I’m doing a favor for free. Here you go. If you don’t get it in a day or a week, don’t give up.

What to do for Lucid Dreams?

Each time before falling asleep, clear your mind out from each thought which are roaming there. Take your time, this is not a child play if you are doing it right. No more “dream characters” and others which still many younger people believe because others told them that Lucid Dreams are like that. Forget it.

You try to be conscious in the non-physical world without knowing a useful thing about it. We are coming from there and there are countless entities. They are helpful, you came from there too and will return back.

After you cleared out your mind, concentrate on one thing, what you want. It is a process, you need to let it unfold. The easiest way is to fall asleep.

Tell yourself a few times that you will be aware after you fell asleep. Tell yourself that you will be at existing, non-physical places. Then with these thoughts, just FALL asleep. That’s all, here you go the big weapon. This is what most people can’t figure out.

I wonder how it doesn’t fall off for thousands of people. Common sense is missing these days but don’t take it personally. Look around on the site, learn from it and support it if you can. That would be awesome. Report back if you have any questions. Enjoy and you’re welcome.