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How Spirituality differs pretty much from Non-physicality

It is very clear nowadays that the majority will everytime steer or mix up the notion of non-physical knowledge with spirituality. Spirituality has meanings for many people, mostly religious people. Meditating all day, pushing our head into the sand of only focusing on the good and thinking we are above the average.

But the real journey begins when somebody will deny all indoctrination in him/herself and will have the intent to learn much more, what is hidden from the mainstream and it was there all the time in the facade of “dreams”.

I was – on a daily basis – constantly replying under posts in some Reddit subforums for weeks to try myself and see people’s reactions. Many will see this article and nod with their head because I helped many of them. Basically, I can’t beat the “missing knowledge” people and don’t want to. I agree in 100% when I say that this is not for everybody.

People would like to live a simple mundane life, there is nothing wrong with it. But when a tiny majority will encounter with their dreams searching for deeper understanding, seeing and knowing about real “psychic” phenomenons (or ESP abilities), it opens up the gate.

What am I talking about here? Questions are constantly just flushing over the subreddits and there is no real human on planet Earth, who can help everybody. We can’t. That is free will, human life, all are learning. I would be crazy if I continue, everyday, even if I don’t have so much freetime doing it.

Simply, people will be information hungry like I was at the beginning and they will dive into the vast ocean of misinformations and lies over the Internet. Confusion overload… People try to sell you something (product, service, lie, personal truths), try to make you believe in nonsense things, STATE you theories which they truly believe are right and there is no other way around etc. Some will argue with you that you are wrong even if they are vastly wrong. It is a hopeless dead end street eventually and only a few will find their way out with their answers. After a while even non-physical related forums will wear of for a few.

Those communities are really nice things but when everybody shouts his/her truth, theories, you are lost. You will get your head from post to post or being in confusion, now what?

So when I tried my best there, I could describe these to many people there and what I noticed didn’t even surprise me. Those same questions are just flushing up endlessly, like I didn’t do anything. This is not about Reddit alone, I saw too much already in life elsewhere about humanity. It is about that there are too few people who know anything from experiences without belief distortions. People are full of questions also. Here I think I’m just wasting my time typing these rows but I guess some readers will see my point and appreciate it.

Spirituality is NOT directly equals with non-physical knowledge

And it is true, I know it. I knew spiritual people, they are way on the other end of “knowledge” many times. They will believe and accept what is just enough to believe or rather what is comfortable enough. And that’s all, the path ends here, nice meditations and feel good life.

That is not knowledge, that is box-minded thinking and is limiting. But I would guess intelligent people (who CAN use intelligence) will see through.

My knowledge is mine only and personal of course but I can share a tiny portion of it also. I’m doing it and maybe it will wear off and close this blog later. I have no plans on this yet. But my perception is:

1. Who don’t want to know more, will stay at their share of spirituality, copying the same BS what others and new agers are also copying from others like a parrot.
2. If somebody wants to know more, they will make EFFORT to learn more from any given sources like my blog site. It takes dedication as like in Astral Projection and mind control.

And this is a little bit sad. The human world is what it is like that today because people are like that. Governments, countries, communities are formed the same way, giving power to any or they are representing a certain mass group behavior. The most are so dumbed down with control, the biggest problems are boiling down to work and human dramas.

In the other hand non-physical knowledge is based on solid and serious self-tests, experimentations what many of them are doing alone or with assistance. It is always starting with dreams because they are happening in the non-physical. Maybe in Focus 2 (your private mind area), maybe in Focus 3 (group and consensus reality “places”), maybe both as an overlay of realities, maybe on other channels. I recommend You run through the Focus model posts first. If you rather do the latest as real research, it will be real knowledge and you will learn anything you always wanted to or find out.

Simply put and the end of the story: spirituality is full of nice misconceptions and comfortable theories, partly religious man-made truth, meanwhile non-physical knowledge is just a completely different world. As I see it with my own understanding and perception, it couldn’t be the same ever. It is like science and religion. Both groups are blindly trying to find their gods but both have only a tiny little fraction of truthness in their pockets and don’t want to open up. The joke here is that many non-physical travelers are also religious and they take the same category as being a spiritualist somebody. In my opinion spiritualism will make people more mindless and insane then before.

Making people comfortable with flawed beliefs and misconceptions won’t give them real answers in life and I don’t promote here that anybody should dive into the NP. No, only it is for those who can manage their fears (the biggest part) and want to know more about anything. But be aware that on this route there will be always more questions than answers.

And btw I’m still acting on Reddit until I will have enough once and for all but until then I will help people out from misconceptions and lack of knowledge if I can.

Why the Vast Majority don’t Remember Dreams or don’t even have Dreams?

I find it fascinating something which is natural to me and many people are finding out that they have vivid or lucid dreams after years and decades, meanwhile most people living in this society in this physical world don’t have even dreams or don’t remember any. And have no idea of what are they other than silly books and people telling them nonsense things.

Why is this and what to do with it, if you want to do anything more with the whole experience actually? If you don’t want to experience any non-physicality at all or any psychic phenomenon, you don’t want to improve your experiences while being asleep, stop reading this please. It is all about your inner being’s non-physical development.

Having no Dreams at all is caused by lack of Awareness and bad civilizational habit of self-programming

Simply put, what children from any era learnt from their parents and these parents from theirs? Dreams are nonsense “subconscious” mindnoises, hallucinations, anything which is “not normal”. It is out of the barriers of society, a dumb reality in which the most live and work in a squirrel wheel until they – each night – fall into unconsciousness to sleep somehow. Billions are living this life for decades until they pass away back to our source. That’s ok.

People in non-physical communities and groups have hard time – the knowledgeable ones – like me (I’m only just trying myself educating others IF they NEED my help and won’t do it forever) to try to explain this to people who didn’t learn anything about non-physicality yet. People fall asleep, blacking out and wake up next morning, roughly. This is a bad habit, we can call it society’s programming. I repeat it once, I have no intention to force it on anybody, this is by choice – do you want to know more or not.

So because people are not even slightly educated about the wider reality which lies beyond the physical world, of course people are finding their best fit meanings in dream explaining sites and religions, also getting into fear loop. I don’t mind of course, I’m talking about people who need answers about these questions about human life, they WHY’s. I don’t debate with religious people also, they have harder time to get lost of this huge indoctrination, whatever it is. It is their choice. It is their life.

So here you go, a bad habit. How people achieve OBE (out-of-body experience), Astral Projection, Phasing Remot Viewing, anything around (all the same) is overprogramming this bad habit from decades and open up a whole new world which was there the whole time. People are freaked out even if they open this door up on their own by any “accident” by meditations, partly asleep states, binaurals, any altered states by any tools from fun and from today’s fashions which is harmful.

And still they don’t know what they are doing. Furthermore books, websites and people whom these beginners are asking, are talking crap and belief systems are implanted again. That won’t do so much good. There is just too much flaw and lies everywhere but we can’t help it, it is human nature by fear and greed.

Having some Vivid or even Lucid Dreams sometimes is just the beginning

Well actually I had always many “lucid dreams” until decades later – since a few years – I’ve learnt that they are much more. Some young children (their NP connection is still untouched) can Astral Project being just a few years old or maybe below their teens and as soon as they tell these experiences to their dumb parents (sorry, that is the case), they will be argued to stop this or ELSE… Or it is just labeled bad attitude. Children can’t fight about their truth and they have no choice to just stop talking to their friends from another reality.

Many young ones at this point will block it out: any non-physical related phenomenons, even a natural ability to travel with their minds into the vast multiverse. That is a shame – I mean how people are treating something which they have no knowledge and block it out even from others from fear. But no, we need to fit into a crap society built on lies and beliefs.

Some young children are more proficient and they will block out this ability somehow by choice as their non-physical helpers and teachers telling them that it won’t do any good in the long run because they need to grow up and fit into this world to function properly in this society. They, We are humans in this world, we are here for a reason. I agree with this statement, it can cause mental illness in any ways. But the hardest part comes decades later when a certain person wants to know more about dreams, projecting, being ready to know more and runs in just craploads of misinformations.

Meanwhile the whole world is built on lies, fear, selling useless products like religious books full of belief systems and people have harder time finding their way in the chaos. Well I try to help in this a little bit here and there. Brainwashment, let’s say it.

NOT everybody is ready for knowing more. The most are ok experiencing a human life alone.  And if it happens for an invidiual, he/she will surely get here or anywhere to dive into the information overload. In this post I only tried to explain the causes. It is not written in stone to be more aware, eventually it is a never ending game of physical and non-physical life and we are returning back there surely – we came from there without gender, nationality, form or anything.

To increase your general or peak awareness levels in “dreams” you will like this post here.

How to Deal with Manipulative Parents once and for all

It is quite a common phenomenon in many families that children are kept in control for decades from their birth mostly, to not let them do anything which is not fit into their parents’ distorted mentally ill self-image and expectations. Manipulative parents can surely ruin a child’s potential good future with their stupid thinking and manipulation, causing the child to become depressed, have distorted self-image too and being a people pleaser eventually. Not everybody manage to get break free and I can tell this from my own childhood experiences surely with still a highly manipulative father with big mental illness.

Why Your parents are like that?

Simply put, manipulative parents, the manipulation itself comes from one thing: they are highly egoistic people, mentally ill surely and they have a highly distorted picture of life and an expectation that you will become as a big asshole as them. A mother or a father, doesn’t matter, even siblings. All the same, any relationships in human life. We need to deal with them from heart and let them go.

They will keep trying manipulate you as long as you let it. Some people have no other choice as being a teenager or not having financial resource to get break free but they just stay at home and let themselves drain down like hell. Many people are still in their late 20’s and 30’s and can’t move on – people born from the middle last century can’t understand this. Many are now transformed to have bad feelings if they dare to move on and some are just still unlucky to get their route way out. Shame, guilt, negativity, all programmed in them.

They are like that from many reasons, maybe you thought that your dad or mother is a lovely somebody but deep down they are also lieing to themselves and the actual reality is what is the end result looking at their behavior. They hate themselves or they are so narcissists and egoists that they won’t let you go or let you live an own life. The worst when nobody respects your freedom, choices, life review, opinion, your agreement or anything from You. You just don’t count as a human being, right? What is this if not big egoism and selfishness, a destructive, toxic person’s perception?

You can’t help low self-esteem, manipulative, egoist assholes. They can’t even help themselves. They will be phyiscally ill too in cancer and many nasty stuffs from this behavior because that big loads of negative energy needs to go somewhere…

The importance of being born in a family like this

There is a non-physical or let’s call it spiritual side to being born in a family like that. For me, I survived and still trying to maintain my passiveness and happiness which can be hard as I’m getting older but I survived all the bad things in my early life. I stayed as myself and it turned out that I’m not just not even alike to anybody in my life but that I may chose this family to pass the initial though tests of life and stay strong inside – this fuels me in my plans. Many people don’t even survive it. They will try another life I guess. Some people manage to get lost their family in their teens too, well it is much harder to do it suddenly.

So what is the importance here. Survive. Stay yourself, guard your best feelings and memories of your life and later you will benefit from them because you resisted to assholes (no matter who they are) and you could stay strong. You can still love your family members from a distance but they won’t disturb you as much now. A manipulative person, if he/she can’t control you, will suffer and hurt him/herself. The only thing you can do is don’t pay attention if you did what you could from your good heart because they will drag you down emotionally and make you feel shame.

The main issue is that you need to think from your heart, not from fear. You are just doing what feels right and you shouldn’t feel yourself bad if the other person is still in misery. Surprise: this is THEIR life and THEIR choices with the consequences. Nothing is written in stone. They will surely be helped after they left this world. That is not your job to do it, especially if you failed. Leave them alone, move on, your life is more important than pleasing a toxic person.

Manipulative parents won’t give up and they will drag you down to their primitive level. Resistance is one thing but try to maintain a passive distance to not fuel it further. Believe me it helps and their ego will calm down. Lie to them if they want to hear it – a narcissist person needs it to feed their distorted self and be the winner above all.

Getting out from misery

It may sound simple as said but it can be hard. I’m working on it too. First get a financial resource to build up savings to live by yourself. It can be by a job or with earning anything which you found and works. If you are a luckier somebody, an own business idea can help more quickly.

Plan well, don’t rush and don’t pay attention to the negative draining every time. It is hard, bad, it will wear down. Meditation will help, being in nature and enjoying it, listening to music, find a way to enjoy yourself your own way. Just do it more frequently and don’t pay attention if they are laughing at you.

Eventually your hard work will pay you out and you are more free than ever. Believe in yourself and fuel your thoughts with your aim. Focus on it every day and not on bad things. It takes weeks, months, maybe a few years but it worths it and you create it. We can call it LOA, reality creation, any nonsense new fashion labels but your thoughts and beliefs will do it sooner or later. Use your happiness elevating tools and be strong. This is your life.

This article may help too here.

Starseed Origins – An interesting but misleading topic

This post will be relatively quick and easy to understand. The Starseed topic is very popular these days and everybody has the right to believe what is resonating with anybody. But there is a misleading effect behind this topic alone which makes people think, they are so special that they are above anybody as feeling this “starseed connection” to a bigger group, connected to extraterrestrials some way. Love and light, huh?

What is this Starseed nonsense about?

I’ve already released a post about this topic and here I won’t say anything new, just from another perspective.

The whole issue here is that the starseed subject is widely spreaded through the net, in books, from public speakers and from other types of sources/people. It is not showing anything new because people in the past did believe in this issue also. Simply put, many people feel that they don’t belong to this world and try to escape, wait for the rescue team to catch them up and “save Earth” etc… Nothing new in my opinion. We don’t belong to anywhere, this is just a game in a physical world, called “life”.

But these sources are only causing one thing: people will believe in this as a religion and act like special people, not lowering their vibrations to “normal” or mundane people. Whenever somebody resonates with a theory or an idea, he/she will subscribe to that idea and if more people are following it, it will be now a religion.

Those tests on the web are nothing more other than just generalized nonsense quiz crap. These webpages are copying each other on the same schema where no matter what you do or vote, you will be somebody who originates from the Pleiadians or Arcturians, Sirians, whatever. You are so special that you are bursting out in tears that you found your origins. Why not? You see for your own eyes according to a manmade script that those “traits” and behavours are explaining your life well. Not really. Common sense at this stage will be dispensed.

I have news, everybody is special individually and we are not originating from a physical place but from the non-physical as eternal beings. Ok, it could be that some spirits do have a “first” place but it is not like that in a timeless world. There are no two similar spirits surely and we all have our own lonely routes to get to this life and we will surely move further in the endless Multiverse. There are physical and there are non-physical places just like human and non-human worlds too. The facade is otherwordly like an ET’s physical appearance but the origins are the same from your own NP source.

So what is the problem with this, feeling that you are much more? Nothing, really, it is a good thing – I saw these too and felt good. The problem comes from people’s misconceptions what others are spreading that you are so special and a member of an ET race, that you are just BEING here and don’t give a damn on people. Or you are so special that you NEED to do this and that.

The other issue comes on your “duties” about heal people or being a member of an Earth liberating group etc. Lightworker… light what? We are all doing it on some ways like healing people, radiating energy, being nice, being unselfish if we can etc. Some people have more connection to the source than others. I think it all depends on your inner being and your access to some data streams, nothing special. Some people will use their abilities for good and help, and some won’t. These people are called psychics, mediums, talented people – but they are not really so special, they just think they are and many (not all) will use this for personal gain, fooling people.

It also messes up the misled reincarnational model (which is inaccurate) with these people’s minds pretty well, thinking they were at a given star system, a given race “before”. There’s no before or after, all lives are played out at the same time, only here we experience linear timeframe as our pyhsical brain mechanism decodes and structures life events in a chronological order and in “time”. Sure we know and experience time but it is part of this illusional training ground here and in every reality.

So to simply put again, the whole starseed concept is a nice thing, I kept researching it and I understand it pretty well, also the original intent behind it. But it won’t do any good for people. We are here to live our lives, not waiting for some kind of new age belief system – like ET’s saving Earth – to fulfill itself in time. It alone will and already causing fear about “aliens” and doesn’t do any good. Furthermore, the followers will get caught up on the false assumptions. Humanity can’t be saved from itself. Why Earth is so fucked up? Because of the low level of consciousness of the most. Each individual need to work on their own issues, development and life problems. Fear and greed are simply the leaders here. But people always blame forces outside them like conspiracies.

I’ve seen so many bloggers and youtubers spreading their nice ideas and acting like a saint with big smiles and wonderful feelings – well I just freaked out how mentally ill these people are. It is not my duty to judge anybody but seeing some faces, I think the problem is there in the heads. The main problem is that people are misled. But if somebody feels that it helps getting through tough life situations sometimes, then it is a good thing for a limited time. Personal issues are always needed to be worked out from the inside.

One thing is to believe in something like a concept and a way more real thing is to know from your own nightly travels, extracting your answers with various non-physical traveling tools that maybe, just maybe this is all just a theory. Find out by yourself. Learn to use your intent to reach big awareness in dreams before falling asleep or learn to project on any way. That is the only way in my opinion and keep a passive observational attitude in your life in both worlds. Be curious.

How to increase Your Awareness in Lucid Dreams

First of all, I won’t judge anybody about lucid dreaming and their purposes, what they would like to do. If you need more awareness, fine. If you would like to play and control them, fine. But I must warn people as always that it won’t be a playground after the real non-physical development begins because this is the doorway to it. People may think I’m sometimes too radical, well do they know me? I’m helping for free. I know people don’t need it, I care only for those who want to achieve something.

My wish is to give you the tools to find out how real any other realities are and that you can be more aware with practice. Use it well and have fun. When you reach a certain point in your development – because you chose this path – there will be more questions than answers always.

People will be and are disappointed easily, don’t understand how they won’t control a simulation etc. The whole learning path is about baby steps for the most. Be patient and I will show you the way here to be more aware. At the beginning what you can control and what you can’t will depend on many situations and tests.

This is called the Wider Reality and You are exploring it with unseen assistance. People just don’t realize it and notice it. Now I think this is enough explanation for this post. For more informations, you will find anything on the site surely if you need it.

Dreams vs. Lucid Dreaming

Now the two types of non-physical phenomena are differing each other in only one thing. Your awareness level. If you are not aware, chances are you won’t be even aware of anything while it is happening or being on autopilot. Most people crash into their beds and not even dreaming, only need a night sleep to do work the next day again. That is a civilisational habit.

What will happen, you will not just dream up a scenario with each physical sleep cycle but you will realize you are actually dreaming in another reality. After realizing this, these stupid labels will be meaningless. People call it lucid dreaming because they gave it a label. We could call it a “dumb astral projection” this way lol.

So now you will know that you are there. At this point people will do what others are doing. Punch people, demolish what they can, fly, run away from fear tests and freak out. After they woke up, will question everything because they didn’t get used to it yet and their shadow memory recall is bad.  Here I repeat this, I don’t judge you, the web and books are full of crap informations and won’t educate anybody on real things, just on some kind of fashion.

Practice it and be patient. It will improve over weeks or months, years – depends on each person and their speed. This is your life, Your game. Lucid dreaming is just a gate to a much bigger world.

How to increase Your Awareness

  1. Start a dream journal or diary. Use a physical notepad with a pen or use your PC, use a Smartphone with notepad app or a tablet, whatever you have.
  2. Observe your thoughts each day and look at your behavour. Check your thoughts to avoid emotional bursts like anger or anything. This will cause you to stabilize your stay and experiences in the non-physical. In the NP one tiny little emotional release will be just enough to ruin your experience in a thought responsive world.
  3. Learn to maintain a passive observational attitude in your daily life with a mild curiosity, this will sink into your mind in the NP too.
  4. Everytime you return back to the physical, don’t do anything, don’t think, immadiatelly try to think over your whole scenery chain of experiences in a chronological order in some minutes.
  5. And finally write down your experiences. Later they will gain significance. That is the trick. This alone will carry you into the Wider Reality and grow up as somebody who understands almost anything about how the Multiverse, life, yourself and many other stuffs are working out in any levels of existance. Your aims are there, be patient and you will gain knowledge.
  6. Meditation may help but it has one purpose – no matter what other’s are saying – calming you down, stopping focusing in this world and stop thinking to prevent your mind’s thought rush. Some people can project in this state directly, it is hard to learn, I’m doing it also since years.

Lucid dreaming after this point will be much more. The most important realization will be already yours, if you are not religious, you have a much easier time because you won’t be attached to any belief systems and will have much easier task returning with knowledge to the non-physical world, after your life is over here.

You will already know who you are, what your life was about and you won’t be in misery and unconscious state there, in which zillions are. I would grab this chance and doing it every day. Sometimes it is overwhelming, boring but not always. This path is not for the weaks. Have a nice “play”.

I’m offering help actually in this stage of non-physical development privately but I won’t do it forever 🙂

Flatland – When entities fail to realize their multidimensional nature

I once mentioned Flatlanders and their role in realizing our multidimensional nature. Who are They and why are they called like that? The physical world is 3 dimensional and if we look at the non-physical, it is not just 4 dimensional in my opinion but endless as many projectors are already figured this out for themselves. It is like you try to compare a car to a huge cargoship – objective vs the endless, timeless and limitless subjective.

We just can’t count 4 or 5 or 12 dimensions because that is meaningless and we as humans tend to think (science is the leader in this) in objectivity and in categories all the time. NO surprise how science tries to catch smaller and smaller now theoritical particles all the time and denying anything other than what is actually real. Well we all have vast amounts of religions in this civilisation. Same for mystics and their followers – forget 4th and 9th and 12th dimensions, that is ridiculous, it is countless and I also recommend reading the Focus Model posts here.

What is Flatland?

Even if it is a great movie on Youtube about understanding the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimension of life theoritically in a dimensional overlay, it helps people to understand how actually 3 dimensional creatures (for example most humans) can’t comprehend the 4th dimension or rather rhe non-physical world.

Flatland is a plane full of entities (human or non-human) in the non-phyical actually too where they failed to realize that their nature is much bigger and they are multidimensional. We can call them residents in Focus 3 or Afterlife. Not the whole place but some levels.

The name itself has the meaning, a plane where You don’t see further behind the physical illusion. I guess we could call it planet Earth too. And don’t misunderstand my words, it is not written in stone to get everybody realize this because we came here and we return there again, there is nothing to lose. We eventually will learn this perception.

First I show You the movie, have a nice watch here:

If it is not played well, it is on Youtube.
Flatland: The Film (2007)
duration 1:39:55 (h:mm:ss)

So the main issue here is that a third dimensional seemingly intelligent resident can’t really comprehend a higher dimensional entity and that is how the most on Earth think – even in the non-physical. We are brainwashed from birth, we deny anything other than the limited physical world, we keep religions to deny anything else, we fear everything which doesn’t fit into our objective thinking, we are not open to ESP phenomenons etc. Actually a little majority are open and actively exploring the non-physical world consciously. But I repeat it, it is not set in stone to do it, not everybody fits into this bigger awareness life thing. It can be dangerous mentally or confusing as the movie states. Multidimensional nature is not for everybody.

Don’t overlook the movie, it is not talking about that the two worlds are interacting with each other as forcing their perception or anything like that, quite the opposite. The non-physical helps grow up people who are ready, who already experienced being aware in dreams, who already got insight into ESP phenomenons. We are entering physical life to learn, grow, experience, try out different things.

What goes wrong is that many of us don’t listen to our inner self and instead of our heart, feelings and happiness tend to use rather our ego and think with fear. Nobody can help with it. People force and try to control everything because that is what’s being taught. Many are greedy, chasing money and materialism from fear.

And as far as I see and also understood this long time ago from my early childhood, humans are addicted to Earth type life (physical). We are all playing this simulational game in a consensus reality in both worldtypes but actually the most plays it so many times that their other non-physical counterparts (guides, helpers, selves etc) have a hard time to liberate them because there is much much more to the multidimensional life than stucking in a physical system for an endless loop.

Robert Monroe also figured this out how human addiction works in this life game. This alone seems like it has nothing to do with being a Flatlander but actually it IS about it. Educating yourself that you are much more, having multidimensional nature basically. New Agers tend to distort this to the highs with nice phrases and with love and light BS to keep you following their belief system but it is much more real and easy to understand. I guess there’s so much informations now out there that people tend to just close everything out and have no interest taking effort to find out the order in the chaos.

Meditational bodily sensations and their meanings

Here are the mostly known signposts of deep meditations and for pre-projection symptoms. I keep up the right to modify them or add more later.

I must warn people that SIGNPOSTS are NOT recommended and NOT needed for any types of non-physical projections, they are only signposts for your mind and also many times FEAR TESTS. When you enter the non-physical, it is not a childplay anymore for many people and the whole system is for personal growth.
Many people think from crap books, videos and from main speakers that these are needed for projecting and many many people get bored, confused and disappointed angrily that they just don’t achieve anything. Let’s be straight, what the majority find on the net and wherever they can are useless and full of mystical beliefs, also fear based and confusing.

Energy work is not necessarily needed for projecting but some people believe in them and they may help with your energies – they may also cause these symptoms alone.

Symptoms and signposts of deep phase:

Heaviness: partial or full sleep paralysis, you are physically partly or fully now asleep and managed to train your mind to stay with you as being conscious. It has nothing to do with the brain after this point which is keeping your body alive when you are asleep or projecting, meaning that you are as consciousness elsewhere in the Multiverse. A tiny part of your consciousness is staying with your physical body and keeps it functioning.

Warmth or heat, hotness: it will happen if you relax into your body, chakra heat will be generated but let’s call it rather energy body heat. Relatively this one is my main symptom and it is nothing more than it – your energy body close to your physical one is vibrating rapidly but it alone won’t cause any projection always. It can be warm or brutally hot as for me and may radiate everywhere under your blanket – some people experience this as returning from the non-physical and can’t figure out for decades why they are always hot and sweating as they were asleep.

Buzzing in head: it is mainly a sign of your mind detaching from your physical body and focus of this world, experiencing a partly auditory vibration.

Banging noises around you: singposts again, which are non-physical and you are close to the RTZ, also you are experiencing more to the mind.

Vibration: it can be pretty low as not really felt and brutally strong like you are laying on a spinning drier or washing machine. It is only a signpost telling you that you may project soon if you let your relaxation go deeper.

Floating at some body parts: some parts of your physical body are more relaxed than others. Others are saying that some energy centers are overstimulated. If you are fully relaxed, maybe you can enter into the Real Time Zone with floating up or down.

Sinking downwards: it is a feeling when you are mainly in sleep paralysis and what you feel is non-physical again, you are feeling like levitating, diving into your bed etc. Some people call it vibration too like head pressure, just felt and experienced in another way.

Flashing lights, colors and images: mental pictures and subjective signposts of being close to the non-physical world. It can experienced as purple or white colors (or anything around). Images are mental images which are getting stronger and some people can step mentally into the scenery and find themselves in the non-physical world.

Rapid heartbeat: it has nothing to do with physical heart because what happens, your “heart chakra” or rather a big energy point now pumps up your energy body. Many people could project with experiencing this and freaked out from it, thinking they will die. Meanwhile your physical heart is slow and normal.

Tingling: energy flow at certain areas, just a sign post for deeper relaxation. Some people may experience this on a body point or like a web of tingle.

Pain areas: usually energy blockages but on the other hand deeply relaxed areas in sleep paralysis

Coldness: it happens to some people when they are projecting.

Senseless body partially or completely: your focus is so intense that you are no longer focusing on anything related physical. It can cause Astral Projection, Phasing or OBE.

Itching head, top: energy block or energy surge, concentrated at the top of the head.

Body part is moving by itself: here I should suggest that your physical brain checks that are you asleep really or not.

Tingling here and there, disturbing: again, the physical brain checks that you are asleep. If you scratch it, the process will be postponed.

REM eye movement: if you are still awake with your mind, this alone shows you that you are not seeing completely with your eyes because they need to fall asleep by the brain and be unmoved, defocused. They are simply doing their job. Eyes are not necessarily needed for “see” in the NP.

If you have a signpost which is not mentioned above, feel free to comment below.

How Lucid Dreamers have no idea about experiencing the non-physical world on Reddit subforums

Well these days I’m lurking on Reddit and seeing day and day out that there are strictly distinct categories as Dreams, Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projections, Psychic phenomenons etc but people don’t know that they are all the same (under the same umbrella of reality) and that the subcategories are segragated so badly that you just can’t say anything other than the limited topic itself. I also got a ban recently and now I’m unlocked because I dared to share real knowledge for people who are new to this but apologized for that – lol.

Don’t misunderstand me, I just like to share what I know and figured out over the years but I can’t stand that I see somebody needs real explanation and actually the answers are not given. I’m not arguing or debating with anybody at all, I like to see that people are much more aware personally and starting their own journey to a wonderful world from where we originally coming from. I was also built in self research.

I’m sharing what is actually real and experienced, well researched and observed. Diving into confusion for your own sake is not so good. I won’t judge people and don’t tell them what to do, only offer understanding.

Dreams, Lucid Dreams, Projections, OBE, Phasing, even PSI phenomenons… are all the same

Now the problem… there is that people are new to lucid dreaming (LD) or anything around like Astral Projection or OBE and have no idea of what they are messing with. People think this is a fun game to do reality checks and tossing people in the actual reality or simulation, think that they are talking to the subconscious which is BS alone. The fun eventually wears down and the real journey begins soon.

Are you talking with a seemingly real somebody? This person is real in another dimension if it was not a belief construct and chances are, not really. Nothing happens for no reason at all. Humans only think that they are doing anything and have control over anything. I’m saying, you are guided unseen behind the scenes and helped along your life. Everybody is in their own way.

I already tried to tell people there that they are just opening up to a new world, now I just can’t say so much, only privately because the subforums are moderated heavily if I try to say something which is other than the topic itself and it is bad to see. I could be silent but why should I?

I will be straight and simple and You can find anything on my site here about them.

They are ALL THE SAME. You are elevating your awareness in the non-physical world by doing technics, reality checks, FILD, WILD, anything and what happens is, you will soon realize that you are exploring a given non-physical dimension. These dimensions or realities are varying according to your training. But there’s no useful education about this and the internet and books are full of crap, misinformation and brainwashing with fear generating. Also many commenters are only replying from their beliefs which are not based on solid personal first hand evidences.

What about nightmares? People are running away from their fears, they are test for your maturity.

Lucid Dreamers are opening up to non-physical guides and non-physical influences because now they are partly aware their multidimensional nature which was in fog for maybe decades from birth. You have nothing to fear of but what is represented and said points towards lots of fear, misunderstandings and religious BS concepts. I’m here to help people out and also help them in non-physical development because after somebody got interested in this, chances are this is their path and want to open up more. If somebody is in fear, they need to first face them and grow up because these are the real TESTS about your self and personal growth.

PSI phenomenons are not way different because what happens is people with certain “abilities” are gained access to more datastreams than the physical world’s 5 senses and they can see auras, reality overlays as seeing spirits and many more. It is not magic or evil or godly, just something which people don’t understand.

What about non-physical development?

Do you want to know how life began? Where did you come from? Who are you? What are your answers of the biggest misteries? Do you feel there’s much more to life than with what people’s mind were brainwashed?

Feel free to contact me if you need help in this and I’m offering this people on Reddit all the time. This is a beautiful personal journey for You, don’t mess up this with useless infos which won’t help.

Some insights to solve reoccuring Nightmares

Almost everybody experience nightmares in “dreams” where we encounter something bad, a dark figure, bad energies, a monster eating us alive, something which is called nightmare or rather fear test. All nightmares and bad experiences in dreams are fear tests. First I will explain what are dreams quickly because I wrote about this issue a few times and then what to do.

Dreams, Lucid Dreams, Astral Projections, OBE, Phasing etc all are the same but with different perception tools and awareness levels

Meaning that many many people still have no idea about what dreams about. We attached labels to dreams, vivid dreams and lucid dreams in this civilisation because humans need to categorize everything to understand them more, to act like we know something better, meanwhile it is a guessing and fear is not solved.

So what happens is, if you have Lucid Dream, you will encounter your fears or other fear tests from the non-physical world. They are for one purpose, face them, solve them, accept them. If you won’t they will return in various forms and you will stuck in non-physical development like the most people on Earth. Physical life is a tiny facade of your whole being. I’ve recently had a conversation with some people and they still have no idea about this. Funny but all informations are out there but I’m giving the solution of having the order in the chaos, that is why I’m telling these.

So those phenomenons are all about non-physical life and development. Many people don’t want to know more, I accept it. It is not for everybody. Not every spirit are mature in nature (lol). Many people start to play with AP, OBE, Phasing, LD’s and encounter their fear barriers and run away or scared out like hell for days. These are tests for your development and not some nonsense esoterical crap (I wonder who uses this word yet).

The only difference between these types of non-physical exploring tools is the awareness level which you have and how you percieve yourself and the world around you. A fear test in a normal dream couldn’t be as bad as in an LD or in the other ones. AP’ers, OBE’ers, Phasers are already solved their fears (mostly) and they can travel to the nastiest hellish places too because they are needed for soul rescue. Zillions need rescuing help and volunteers. Nobody forces you, it is a volunteer job.

So you are really not traveling anywhere, your consciousness is switching channels to visit countless realities where you are existing already as another character. Read the Focus Model posts please to understand this more deeply.

Nightmares are also where seeing people stucked in these places and being in an infinite energy loop full of self-illusions and actually countless post-humans are doing it. I’m not spreading fear, I’m telling the real reality what’s going on. And religion plays a big part in this on the opposite side in the various heavens. And to be straight this is how we all think in a lesser-bigger degree – being in our own world, illusions, beliefs and there is nothing wrong with it because we chose it.

So how to solve Fear Tests?

I could say it is easy with practice but we all have our path to solve them, face them, be brave. Actually I see that many people can’t solve it so here is my advice.

  • Use love and hug that actual entity if you can.
  • Remember that NOTHING can hurt you, forget possession (that is a belief system, a strong one, manifested), you only feel that way.
  • Don’t run away! It is horrible, you feel the neg energy, go there push that character. Using force is not the best but if it doesn’t stop, it can work sometimes.
  • Stop and observe that character. It can turn out that you are seeing a shadow somebody or a dark hooded entity BECAUSE you interpret him/her that way! Don’t get fooled.
  • Use your energies to elevate your vibration in the non-physical – imagination plays a big role in the NP because you are now in a thought responsive world
  • Turn the other way and go elsewhere if you encounter actually real negs
  • Practice always a passive observational attitude towards anything in your physical life and it will drink into your mind to do the same in the NP.

The main issue here is that you need to first figure out who is that character. FORM is NOT important! Anybody can be anything. The rulesets are way different and subjective. If you see for example that a figure which only stands in front of you and watches can be fearful because you already categorized this person according to it’s looking but maybe it is a lovely somebody, helping you.

Remember this statement if you think the non-physical is other than the physical. You are the SAME person there as here, that is why how the most people are a certain somebody in the physical and will be there too. “Dead” people will be the same after death and trapped in the Belief System Territories or Focus 3 (see the Focus Model) if not close to physical dimensions. People won’t really change and don’t face their fears. For changing first they need to stop frightening themselves which they didn’t want in their post-physical life and then they can continue the real journey.

This whole system is designed as there are countless heavens, hells, worlds which humanity ever could imagine and it is just our local system for post-humans. This is just the facade, the limits. Solve your fears and your non-physical development will be kickstarted.

I hope this will help many people to debunk their fears and be more free. I can also help on a daily basis in practicing privately.

False Awakening – When you experience it but it is new to You

False awakening (FA) is a label what is given by the non-physical community, attached to a phenomenon which happens when you are asleep physically and your consciousness is still in another dimension. I will try my best to explain it clearly what is it and how to deal with it.

Let’s see some cases when we are calling a non-physical phenomenon like false awakening.

You can also meet entities in them but chances are if they don’t show up, it is for a reason to not interfere with your development.

You just THINK that You are awake in a familiar place

You are in your room, somehow you think you woke up and start to act like in your daily waking physical life. Your mind is only surpressed enough for a certain degree by your non-physical counterparts as a test to keep you not realizing that you are still elsewhere other than your room. It looks almost 100% the same but it is not. It is a simulation for your mind to let you know that everything other than the physical world are all REAL and could be as solid as you can imagine.

Chances are it takes a while as you slowly figure out after testing the environment that maybe light switches or phones are not working at all.

Mostly, you will encounter familiar places like your room or house in this fashion because it is planned for You, OR your beliefs are still working on the fact that you think you are in your room. The only difference comes when you look at your digital clock on a phone, on your PC something is not quite right, a person steps into your room, gravity is not working like that, a door is not at the right place or opens up to a different world, you grab something and your hand goes through or just that you see your body in your bed while you are not even in the physical world with your mind, colors are different or your sight is foggy etc…

There are many signs like you crush your hand into a wall without damaging it but feeling the impact – same for clapping your hands. But when you change your belief and you know for sure you can go through the walls, it will happen maybe not suddenly but it will.

Why are you at a familiar place? Because that is what makes you comfortable. You can create the exact same copy with your mind or you are transported there.

Continuous False Awakenings

Another type of false awakening comes when you are constantly jumping in and out – maybe 10x times a row -your world and it just doesn’t stops. It happens to me, it happens to many well developed people who are capable of non-physical exploration on their own. It can be fun or very disturbing. You think you started your day, hours or half a day passed by and something just debunks the whole simulation lol.

I tend to laugh and realize very soon that I’m in another “parallel” dimension because I trained myself pretty well to see the strange signs. Meanwhile it could be so similar that many times I just don’t realize. In the end I tend to laugh because I know that it was well designed for my sake and development and know that my NP friends are wacthing me. Furthermore you can live up a whole day too while you still don’t realize that you are still not awake really.

This is Consciousness Continuum. We never cease to exist, only not being aware for a while and later we are elsewhere. You are not dead and never lived really, this is a virtual game. Look at on my posts about the Focus Model to gain better understanding of the multidimensional nature.

I just can’t count many times I was fooled by myself or by the “system” that I tried to grab a pen or my phone to write down the whole experience from habit and didn’t realize wtf I’m still “asleep” physically. And surely you know it. When you gain full awareness it is now a matter of “time” according to your sense to phase back to your body and first person percepton.

Why are We experiencing them?

Don’t wait for complex explanation. It shows you that you are existing in countless realities, only your consciousness switched onto another channel and you are experiencing further. As I suggested above to understand this, learn from what I share, especially read the Focus Model. The problem with the most is that people are not interested even in their dreams and they won’t pass the first barrier of trying to understanding even the basics. People are highly uneducated in the most important things.

Many experiences of this type are taking place in the Training Ground or as know as the Real Time Zone. It is a close or the closest dimension to our actual physical one. But most people will do childplay and fly above their house/city and go through walls. That is why most people (proven) won’t pass even the first barrier of development even when they managed to have OBE, phasing or projection. Many will be burst in fear because they don’t know what they are experiencing.

I would advice you just enjoy this kind of experience. Walk in that reality, observe things, see how real it is because I should tell you that other realities according to the phyical world are more real than you think. The non-physical is the physical world on steroids. We are coming from the non-physical world originally and the physical world is pretty limited environment with consensus reality rules between human beings.

False Awakenings are just one stop in your non-physical or spiritual development. Enjoy them and test them. You have NOTHING to be afraid of, this is the real world behind the scenes!