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What Fear Tests are in the non-physical world?

It is a common problem with those who have little or zero understanding of how the non-physical world works out in dreams. I think most people are still immune to the wider reality and in basic nature just try to live a mundane life. There is nothing wrong with it but those who want to know more will surely run in craploads of informations throughout the web, people, books, psychics and they will be surely confused or believe many stuffs which are unrealistic and false – and that is the true reality worldwide, confusion. Here I will give You a basic understanding of what is a fear test and what to do with it.

Fear tests while you are asleep but aware in the non-physical world

Fear tests are for your personal spiritual personal development, opening you up to a whole new world which was there the whole time since you born into this world but had no knowledge and I guess still don’t have real one, what is it and why do you have nightmares. The whole purpose of this or Astral Projection or any related abilities, experiences are to wake you up to who you are really instead a limited physical character which you just THINK you are.

They do occur to many people and have only this purpose: wake you up to your multidimensional nature. For many people it starts with this, happened to me too. The only difference between a few of us and billions on this planet as I would guess the numbers is that I/we face our fears every time and try to solve them because on my side I’m much more curious about the why’s and try to understand anything, that is one of my abilities which lead me to maximum awareness in the non-physical realities. Fear can happen later and I will surely deal with any.

You are constantly tested from the NP and these tests are surving your development. After you faced them and solved them, you will just begin your journey to an endless world. Nightmares are all about it but mostly about facing what you don’t want to solve. Maybe you are forcing yourself to face them, maybe your other parts of your non-physical being does it.

No matter what form it takes, it could be a family member, an ex-somebody, a creature, “shadow people” somebody in the Real Time Zone next to your bed. Many times it is YOU, your other aspects personified, whom you don’t want to face but you need to. Sometimes it is only somebody who would like to help you but in a thought responsive world like the non-physical, you will instantly feel this somebody harmful and negative because your ego defends you and you are sensing this person as a harmful entity.

I guess I covered the whole idea here. If you need personal help, assistance, a friendly chat, you can contact me in various ways privately.

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Starting a Mentorship in non-physical related issues for people

I was just lurking on different sites through the web, mostly on Reddit’s pyschic section and I’m on AstralPulse too since a while but there it is pure NP world with too much confusion for people. I was seeing many many people with questions in which I can help personally and would like to.

To tell the truth the articles that I wrote and will can’t always answer, especially personal related ones and as we dive in the non-physical world or start “the” development, there are always more questions then answers which I already learnt in my life. So as I’m good at my insights and helping people understand what I already know and they are just newbies or lost in the information overload from the web and books – most of them are distortions and making confusion – I made up my mind to try personal mentorship for those who are full of questions. Anybody who feels an urge to talk out what they don’t understand or need a hand to keep you on track in non-physical development, dreams, multidimensional nature, please feel free to contact me via the Contact Me form or write an email to dailyspiritinfo@gmail.com with Your name or nickname and with a detailed “first” story and let’s begin. I don’t bite  🙂

I hope I can help further with my insights and helpful nature.

Enjoy reading on the site and feel free to ask anything.

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Simple trick to avoid sudden blood sugar spikes

Here are some proven and working tricks I tried already many times, about how to avoid blood sugar spikes after ingesting sugary stuffs like: any kinds of raw sugar, sweet treats, chocolates, fizzy drinks, carbohydrates etc. Mostly solid forms.

Ok let’s say the problem is now there, you are maybe tired or in lethargy of elevated blood sugar levels.

This picture in itself will cause spikes lol, just joking 🙂

Trick 1: eat protein fast in any form. My tip is to boil 1-2 raw eggs. From the boiling point, count 8-9 minutes and it is done. Rinse the hot water with cold one, change it into cold completely, let it sit on the counter and eat the whites. You can eat the whole egg, I don’t like the yolk in that form lol. Protein will somehow normalize what is released in the system.

You can try it the other way if you know how you react and eat protein first because protein is released and digested much slower and eat sugary stuffs. Any other protein source can help like fried chicken breasts in the fridge or anything meat based. I don’t swear dairy based are similars in this case.

Nuts and seeds can also help, eating some because of the protein content.

Same works on any carbohydrates. It is the best to eat them with protein to not allow the sugar to spike.

Trick 2: baking soda powder – pinch some in a glass of water, steer it and drink it. Don’t drink to much water, you don’t want to mess up your digestion. Maybe it works.

Trick 3: drink mineral water throughout the day as a good habit. Now when you will grab sugary stuff, eat some and after some chews of chocolate bars, drink some sips of mineral water. Water in itself will dilute the sugary fat crap in your stomach.

Trick 4: green tea may help. Use hot water, use a filter of green tea and drink it slowly sip by sip. Let’s see what happens.

I guess some people think from unknown stupid reasons that salt may help, because it is “the opposite of sugar”. Well baking soda is salt indeed basically but don’t use regular salt. I guess vomitting is not a good idea instead of being well.

These solutions may help, I can’t garantee them but worths some try. Sometimes the solutions won’t work but you will see now from these examples what is the trick. You need something which slows down the release or a neutralizing agent.

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How to dose Vitamin C in powder form

Here, I share a good recipe about how to calculate your dosage for ONLY therapeutic usage on Vitamin C or in the synthetic name of L-Ascorbic acid. Before I begin to write down the formula, I need to tell some do and don’t section first. I later added a daily usage advice too.

I need to add my thought on the eating vs chemicals sides here. Don’t think for a second that a natural food grown in nature full of interacting compounds and a chemical made in laboratory will do the same to you. We need to eat healthy. For Vitamin C, there are citrus fruits and many other natural foods in nature (shops lol). Grow your own, I would like to try it later in my life.

Instruction before you begin using Vitamin C in any form and dosage

First, it is for your own responsibility only what happens. The effect can vary from person to person and some people may freak out from the aftereffects. You don’t need to run to a doctor, I will provide what I know here, down below.

  1. Use ONLY the form of L-Ascorbic acid powder, 100% pure. You can buy it on eBay with any minerals and aminos, from any shops around the globe. Ascorbic acid in pharmacies are crap. Search for powder and secondary for capsule which you can look into by opening them
  2. You need only a teaspoon, maybe a tablespoon and a glass, tap water or if you want to drink purer one you can use mineral water (I do) or destillated water from reliable sources.
  3. Ascorbic acid is the best if you swallow it with minerals OR amino acids and proteins.
  4. Diarrhea can occur, this means your bowel movement is pushed by the Vitamin C and grabs all toxins from your body (I don’t have proof but no other explanations on the web or from expert enthusiasts of the cause) – I had it too sometimes
  5. If you have diarrhea – more liquid bowel – don’t panic, what happens is you flush out the crap and you NEED to lower your dosage until you see improvement of the solidness of your stool, that’s all
  6. There are many studies (non-commercial and non-governmentals) that Vitamin C can/may heal H1N1, cancers, herpes, infections, collagen problems, fever, disorders, syndromes, heart problems, allergies, healing marks and wrinkles, immune system problems, many bad stuffs, but in my opinion it is up to your belief systems and mental condition, not a powder and trace elements – eat healthy first and change your mindset to a healthy balanced happy mental state
  7. Teeth may get stronger but later I will provide a teeth regeneration recipe
  8. For therapeatic usage the therapy itself should be stopped after a maximum of 1 week or around 10 days, but maybe around half a week, you don’t need so much for too long.
  9. On daily basis you can still swallow 2-3 grams of Vitamin C in this form with the mix and it is safe in the longer run

The dosage of Vitamin C

Ok here you go, you have the L-Ascorbic powder, pure one, you have glass in your hand with spoon, clear drinking water. You will now need one more thing: pure baking soda powder for oral usage (Arms & Hammer is the most trustable one on market in my opinion but there could be other brands). A guy whom I knew from Canada not first hand but did some chat years back, believes that this brand has no aluminium in it, I’m not so freaked out if it lol.

You can try to mix in these elements to elevate the potential:

  1. You need a little baking soda powder to make the mix alkaline, I think it is only a good cautious advice
  2. Magnesium-citrate powder (pure), Potassium-bicarbonate crystal, baking soda, any capsule form stuffs you may want to try too
  3. As I mentioned, amino acids, protein OR any other trace minerals can be used with the mix in powder form or capsule, swallowing it with the mix
  4. The taste depends on the mix, it is like a soda without sugar lol, you can get used to it fast
  5. Drink it all at once or in 2 sittings but don’t wait so much
  6. It will fizz, that is normal
  7. Always split up the dosage for 3-4-5x splits daily (for example 10 grams of C = 4×2,5 grams or 3×3 grams)

Getting your kilogram weight:
Your body weight in USA measurement / 2,2 (so if you are 150 pounds, that will be 68,2 kgs)

Get your weight in kilograms and multiply it by 350x (so this means you are around 70 kgs -> 70 x 350 = 24500) = the number you get is your daily maximum dosage in miligrams.

65 x 350 = 22750 = 22,7 grams of Vitamin C
80 x 350 = 28000 = 28 grams of Vitamin C

Divide the whole daily dosage by /4 or /5 if you can and be cautious because you may go to the toilet more. Lower the dosage if you experience diarrhea for more than what could be strange. Don’t overdo this, you can use lower dosages like 10-15 grams a day instead of 25-30 grams.

1 teaspoon (tsp) is around 5 grams
1 tablespoon (tbsp) is around 15 grams

Drop them into an empty and dry glass and after you’re done with the actual mix down below at the formula paragraph, fill it with pure water like mineral water from store. You can start it with a little water too to see the fizz and steer it first, it is normal – then fill it up and mix it eventually – with a spoon. Drink it in one sitting if possible. Fizz = reacting and converting.

Don’t forget to eat well daily and drink plenty of pure water.

Two formulas:

The actual recipe: 10 grams of L-Ascorbic acid, 1 tsp baking soda, 1/4 tsp potassium-bicarbonate, 1/4 tsp magnesium-citrate.

My modified “safer” one: 1/2 tsp of L-Ascorbic acid, 1/2-1/4 tsp baking soda, 1/4 tsp potassium-bicarbonate, 1/4 tsp magnesium-citrate. Daily usage for 4x times around normally without any therapy.

You CAN use the lesser formula for daily usage 2x times daily to keep up the levels and don’t think for a second please that this will transform you into an alien or be an omnipotent somebody. Don’t overdo it and you don’t need to swallow so much of them. Only for therapeutic usage. Maybe for avoiding sporting tiredness or brain fog.

You can use trace materials like Selenium, “Eye vitamins”, Amino acid capsules (like Taurine for heart, brain and eyes), B12 and some more.

I didn’t include a few original elements in the mix to avoid any problems for myself and for others here and now. This way I think it is safe, especially in much less dosages for longer time.

Some useful insights here:

Ascorbic ACID is NOT causing kindey stones… it is an ACID. If you are afraid, drink more pure water daily, 2-3 liters maximum (varies from person to person, I drink 1-1,5 liter and it is enough for colorless urine), pure mineral water is the best without fluoride and chlorine. Don1t eat sugar all day long and be cautious eating acidic foods of course.

All the powders are made in LABORATORIES. They are nowhere near to call them natural. It is said that L-Ascorbic acid is the closest to the nature’s real Vitamin C but forget it, use it with caution and never swallow powders and tablets, pills if you have no serious deficiency forecast.

Therapeutic usage means here on Vitamin C is that if you only have serious problems, you can try it but stop it after the maximum days. Chemicals – because they are – don’t do miracles, you are doing it with your mindset mentally in my opinion and after what people are trying and being successful or not.

Vitamin C in the human body has a serum level balance which can be reduced dramatically after stress, bad eating habits, other trace elements’ absense, many factors are present. Bigger problems in the human body are coming after years.

The eye lenses are containing multiple times of Vitamin C (around 6-7x times more) than any other parts in the body but I can’t support this “fact”. Maybe some trials with Vitamin C can improve it for some people. Try it.

Any “Vitamin C” called in shops, pharmacy are all crap. They are useless. The coating does more harm in my opinion.

May help aging but in my opinion it is up to your beliefs and genes (in lesser percentage).

Vitamin C level is very low for many people in this stressful life and society.

Keep at the minimum of 1 week break between 1-1 therapeutic trials.

It may reduce damage of the telomerase on cellular level.
I can’t reinforce what US Americans are experiencing from big companies and food but they may be more prone to physical problems from environmental and technological stuffs.

Don’t listen to doctors, institutes, webpages, they are lieing and disinform people. What works and tried, will work. If a doctor’s advice contains enough common sense to you, you can ask his/her advice.

And finally I repeat it many times and now again. It could be that nothing will do anything to your physical system until you believe it will. That is the magic part.

I hope this formula helps in some way.

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Status report from february of 2018.

I felt an urge to share my thoughts about the progression of my blog site because I see the feedbacks in many forms since content has been created. I didn’t plan to be a big name or brand or anything around, just felt the need to write down what others in the same route to chase some kind of personal truth in this chaotic world full of lies, could find useful. When I see those nice comments and posts around, it makes me think that my thoughts are not just released into nothingness.

It seems like people found useful and furthermore a huge thing what I share. My philosophy is that I try to be as honest and straight in my findings and knowledge as possible and if something is changed or not up to date anymore, I will make modifications and correct them. We all are going through our lives with lesser-bigger personal changes and experiences and nothing stays constant. So informations here on the site are not static and knowledge as personal experience is always changing.

I won’t promise anything for the future but as I see it daily many many people throughout the globe are reading my posts here and spending time. I’m aware of the tag spammers too so that is not an issue. Spammers will be not approved on any links and tries.

This blog site can’t be so great without the readers who are finding the knowledge here useful, therefore I’m happy to see those activities. I can only say that please enjoy reading and don’t take my words so literally always. We are living a human oriented life here and now, and we all can fail or develop further. Maybe I will – from time to time – share my thoughts here in a post later too.

People can find me for private chat on the AstralPulse too on the same nickname if it is needed and via email: dailyspiritinfo@gmail.com

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Why you should stop using Artificial Vitamins and Minerals

Buying a vitamin, mineral or any supplement is a big fashion these days and people are bombarded with commercials, webpages and even “doctors” are spreading that you need this and that and you will be healthy generally, or healthy again if you are ill or have so called deficiency symptoms. Really? What about a long forgotten fact that you can heal yourself on your own and it is a fact from thousands of years in human history.

Those chemicals and poisons are not meant to be in the human body

I know what conspiracy theorist are saying about this. There are many types. This one is about that you will be controlled and be a robot if you take in those craps always.Same on chemtrails – it depends on your beliefs and where you live. But wait a minute, the “health” and “medicine” industry is a multibillion dollar business and have nothing to do with health. What is said to you is you NEED to take those pills or in any form to keep yourself healthy, completely forgetting that everybody has the ability to heal from their problems. It is not known and suppressed with brainwashment.

Any illnesses or diseases are CAUSED by the actual person. It can be attained by believing in something which is not real, believing in group constructs in consensus reality as getting flu from others, beliefs have the key role in this. And because most people are believers basically, you will constantly keep repeating a thought, a feeling, anything which will cause your body to have energy blockages and get sick in the near future.

Bigger diseases are coming from the same root – people’s minds are doing this and the physical body is a buffer of thoughts, the first defense line towards the external illusional “physical” reality. And nobody can ask people to check their thoughts, humanity is – in my opinion – is still in some kind of infant stage, I mean the most are not getting enough awareness to check their thoughts and live in fear instead of happiness and love. We should head towards that world really but it is not happening, no matter those new agers are spreading.

So what happens in general, people are weakening their energy centers (called chakras) which are stemming from their non-physical self deeply from the non-physical multiverse thus it will cause degradations in the physical body. Then you will have symptoms which are also made up by those who “researched” the causes of diseases from a limited objective perception, looking for the causes in symptoms.

Too bad that consciousness is still searched for in the brain which is nothing to do with the mind or the person. Then you will – by yourself or by a doctor – get certain medications or vitamins and anything which may help and swallow it. You (they) can’t be wrong, right? Those symptoms are there on the internet, humanity’s biggest consensus crapload full of lies, misinformations, anything, because it can get the most in no time. Those who can’t heal themselves with their beliefs will be successful with drugs and pills. This is all about who you believe. Until you don’t experience this phenomenon first hand and consciously, it is nonsense, right? People who are doctors and selling you products are elements of an endless chain of “learn this and spread” that useless system.

Today we live in a world where the national health insurance will be soon worthless in any country. Younger people deny working for others (which is still a good sign because it is slavery in my opinion, but they don’t do anything further either) thus pensions will be also worthless or not enough in less than 1 or 2 decades in any country. There will be problems and industries will build on them, always grab people’s money.

So now you are flushing down chemicals because they are made in a laboratory by humans. And actually very few question those pills’ goodness. They are full of coatings and enchancers, colors, metallic compounds starting from titanium-dioxide and anything close just to name a few. We need to become a robot, right?

You can’t be even sure what is in that pill. People would be amazed what craps are dumped in those pills and powders. Same for vaccines and anything which is making profits for industries. You are fooled. They have shelf life, instruction when and how (with way more after effects than doing good), dosages. The problem comes down from the fact that the most don’t even eat normal foods which needs to be in the human body for survive, no, they eat crap. Each of us. But if we tend to eat vegetables, fruits, meats (light ones), nuts and seeds legumes, rice, saturated fatty acids thus mainly supplying ourselves with raw materials for body repair and normal functions of the brain and nervous system, we will be ok.

We need protein (eggs, chicken) to use our brain, our muscles, our nervous system. We need some sturated fatty acid like butter, coconut oil, olive oil (without any fashion), just a little sometimes to serve our body’s needs for it. We need carbohydrates to burn them as fuel, to use it as glycogen in muscles, to have energy. Three basic elements. We don’t need to overdo this and divide by X%’s as a religious somebody. We don’t need to find out nonsense diets and ratios. We need to eat normal food. FOOD. Not drugs, chemicals and colored crap. We can eat sugar, fast food, anything which I call luxury stuffs (a funny label in my opinion especially on sugar and chocolate) but with less quantity. This doesn’t mean that you should eat sugar all day long and eat normal food, it can do only harm for many people. Balance is needed in every parts of human life.

But people are too busy in this century to just eat well, no, they eat crap fast food, sugar, running to be a slave in a job, crap food is now an everyday eating habit thing. People also don’t spare time to think or make researches. Plus added, we are living in constant stress, lies, brainwashing, bombarded with commercials and media, people are labeling you, and others are telling us what is “healthy” and what is not. Don’t give a damn really, if you have a good diet in natural compounds, it is the best. New and new diets are born in the last decades, new products. These are all for one thing and NOT for HEALTH. To sell you something which will push money into the founder’s pockets. No matter it is a diet, a book, a medical crap, any industry. You can be healthy of course from normal food labeled XY and packaged nicely but in the long run there is nothing new under the same Sun.

General health and well being comes from You within, that is one of the biggest lessons is your life.

Vitamins and minerals are maybe useful if you have serious deficiency symptoms

True but I would be cautious. I should tell a little story here. I tested almost all the minerals and all vitamins, amino acids, eating in different diets years ago. I’m slim and tall, never had any serious health issues, just tried to find a good diet. It turned out after years that not just I don’t need to change my diet – even if it is poor because I’m lazy to cook – but not any of these materials are did any effect in my body. I’m just immune to these because I didn’t even believe deeply, that I have any problems AND they will do any effect on me. I’m rarely sick or ill.

But other people can achieve great results in hours from maybe Serrapeptase Enzyme or  flushing in crap Cod Liver Oil (with mercury, yes!) because the most are BELIEVING that they will work. Same is true for miracles as praying… that is the power of your beliefs and mind. Very few people learn in their life that their mindset and beliefs are forming the external world and that the physical world in any ways is an end result of human consciousness, bringing energy and transforming material from the non-physical world.

If you have serious symptoms of anything, it can help to get some L-Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) or some B12’s but it won’t help in the long run and it is now reported that many many people have serious health problems only from consuming these shits. Well consuming chemicals won’t help anybody, the human body is very elastic but not this much if people are ingesting these for years, decades. I may risk some causes of cancers from them. And to be clear here, swallowing powders and pills will overwhelm the physical body and it’s balance in these raw elements. If you take too much X, in the long run Y and Z will be depleted because these elements are existing in a group of interaction and balance. Same true for natural foods, growing in nature. You can’t just grab out a compound, copy it in a laboratory and label it as healthy and Vitamin X. It is not even food.

I find it always fascinating how the human mind (which is not in a brain, period) can “manifest” anything with enough beliefs or thoughts into existance. Meaning that I saw enough accounts and know enough people from my life also as examples that how people give a try to certain pills for a non-existent disease or illness which is maybe caused by their life situations or bad habits, thinking and they achieve miracles instantly or nothing at all. It could be that if we get a pill, label it with “Instant Relief” and they swallow it, could do the same thing. There is nothing wrong with beliefs btw, they help us every day. Maybe the problems are diminishing faster with beliefs. But the human nature use beliefs manifesting fear only.

Why is it that there are so many sick and ill people in hospitals, institutes and generally everywhere?

This civilisation does that. People are mentally ill in every way and everywhere. No big question of life, this is the hard truth. People are too naive or dumb to see that they are doing that to themselves and fueling further with useless medical care. Did You hear of instant healing? That’s it, people are tracing back their own problems from the roots, maybe their other non-physical parts are helping them. Help is there but willpower and accepting it is needed. It doesn’t work for everybody, it is true. The first step to stop using these chemicals – and spending the money which may be in a better place if we buy normal food in the store from it – is that we need to stop abusing ourselves, not believing what is represented and test our beliefs of getting better. You don’t need drugs and pills, only a healthy mental condition.

The bad news are, people want to suffer and it is a fact. I always knew people like that in my life starting with my family. They are just what they are. Nobody can force somebody to change their minds.

So what is the take on this post? You can stay healthy or become healthy again if you change your mindset. Eat well, exercise your physical body, live mindfully and in piece, happiness if you can achieve that. The first problem always in the human mind: thoughts, beliefs and unsolved childhood problems. Nobody need a “specialist” to solve these problems. People just don’t want to face their fears. Newsflash, we are humans to solve them!

In the long run, try to buy foods not filled with chemicals and growing own fruits and vegetables is a good way these decades to stay healthy too (I would like to try it later in my life too). Nobody can be sure that what we buy in stores as fruits and vegetables are not sprayed fully with crap. Even a banana is not yellow and rape, rather green and tastes like crap. And no, whole “food” and organic industry is not a solution. It is an INDUSTRY, meaning that you will buy something which is labeled and packaged with fancy words to not feel the trickery.

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What is a Synchronicity and what it means for You?

We all encounter or notice even at least one type of synchronicity  in our life after a while. Some people live with them almost daily like me (many times) and some are never even noticing anything like that. These can be numbers, road signs, melodies from the radio, pictures, a cloud, a heard conversation from strangers on the street, numbers on phone screen, just anything which you will surely notice and the non-physical (in my opinion your non-physical self counterparts or rather the system itself) will send messages on this way. The system knows what will you surely notice – maybe after years. In short, you see them, you get answers in subjective form or you are simply resonating with your core non-physically.

What is the meaning of seeing those signs?

Well it is very complicated and simple at the same time.

Complicated because I’m still researching this phenomenon personally and there are no two identical people at the same time who see the same sign at the same given time – it is like a car accident, maybe the other stranger saw a completely different event. Many people have personal experiences with one or more types of these occurences and still in my opinion it is all individual because the meaning – as in “dreams” – are all up for the actual person to interpret.

It is simple at the same time because maybe you will understand what is it with observation. For example you see mirror numbers like 12:21 or 13:31, which can be “balance” as message. Maybe it is not. The meaning depends on many personal factors. You can see the famous 1111 in many forms or 2222 and it is still meaningless until you track back what did you think about recently.

11:22 may be about something progress and 1234 may be like you are going in the right direction in life step-by-step. These are all personal suggestions to show you how they may work out. If you can’t understand them even after many observations of your thoughts and seeing what happens, maybe these signs will improve to understandable ones.

Don’t hang up on these fake “angelic numbers” and anything similars from psychic crap factory, that is not like that. I don’t say for religious people that don’t follow a notion like an “angel” shows you signs. Go with it, I accept it really and it can be cool until you don’t follow it blindly as a belief system. For those who would like to know why it is like that, I only can say that nobody knows for sure but what I learnt so far is that personally for me, they are signposts of seeing if I take good direction, attitude and emotions in life with balance. In a nutshell you are resonating with yourself (your NP counterpart). That is good, you feel good, you are happy mostly, or maybe you get signs of a wish. It is complicated on this perception. Stay with the feelings always, they will lead you in life and stop dealing with bad life situations. We can’t avoid those, but feelings and intuition will help us.

Some main types of synchronicities:

Numbers: phone, plates, some places which just gets your attention
Dreams: reoccuring non-physical experiences
Outheard conversations from strangers
Signs everywhere like on the sky in clouds or in nature
A melody or song played out in the radio which captures your attention and speaks to you in some words or phrases
Perfect numbers, ascending, descending, a row like 1111, something “strange” or extraordinary
A life situation which occurs many times
Seeing somebody’s name somewhere multiple times
You meet people accidentally more once or more than once etc…

I was trying to make sense of what are those signs are about but it seems like many times we just can’t grasp the non-physical subjective messages with just human logic. Opinions and personal experiences through the non-physical forums are also very noisy. Something is not working with logic or intellect at all. In life, people tend to forget entirely their own intuition as a compass through life and deny the bad feelings. When this occurs, these “accidents” are showing up more. Maybe they were there but you didn’t have the awareness to see them. For me, it is always in numbers on mobile phones, clocks, anything with them mostly, and otherwise in radio songs or favourite melodies. I also can hear out conversations from people in the city.

My advice is to follow them and make a diary as like a dream diary and let’s see what did you think about or what emotions did you have about certain things and what signs are showed up. It can help to track back, what is the message from the non-physical. But many times it is confusing to know because many times there is a time delay in the physical linear timeframe.
And be aware of following any tiny signs religiously and avoiding living your life normally, that won’t help. Our life should work out in both sides in balance, living the daily life and keep contact with the other side, because we are living in all worlds at the same time truly without noticing it. To sum it up, our mind is not even physical and we are operating through a reality frame, also our memories are not stored in this dimension.

For those people who haven’t got even the slightest idea of the non-physical world and now interested in it, a synchronicity is alone many times enough for newbies to read more about these occurences. A few people are interested in them and the most won’t ever.

I hope this helps.

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The significance of keeping a Dream Journal

I guess the notion of keeping a personal dream journal or diary these days is very popular. Maybe it is not and I’m wrong. But it is personal and in my opinion you should never share it with anybody, only with a mentor or with whom you trust the most and you can chat about your adventures from the non-physical with somebody, who understands it. Yes, dreams are taking place in the non-physical world and is a bad label for something much bigger.

If you are not interested in personal development and find material goods and physical life more important than anything, chances are, you are not ready for the bigger picture. I accept it and life goes on.

The significance of keeping a personal dream diary

If you would like to reach much bigger awareness through your non-physical life while you are asleep as usual, you should aim for an electronic or paper based diary to write down every little things you can for improve your dream recall – keep them close for reach out. We call it “dream” but it is really having more singnificance what it IS, after you trained yourself and had enough willpower to write down frequently what you experienced. Why? Because you will soon notice that what you are experiencing in the dreamworld is a life which you already had but society and brainwashment kept you stay away from your other self and wash it off like nonsense hallucinations and labels like “subconscious” noise or stuff. The biggest problem is that the most are falling asleep automatically as they tend to black out and not being aware of anything, maybe their mind’s projection of fears. Bad habits and no real knowledge… this is our society.

Nothing could be further from the actual “truth”. Dreams are about your development and other part in the non-physical world and while you are sleeping physically, your consciousness switches channels in the endless mind spectrum and you have many options what you can experience. The more you are aware and learning about yourself and the wider reality, the more advanced challanges and adventures you will have. I recommend you look into the basics in the Focus Model first on my site here and to read about non-physical related stuffs to gain better understanding what you are experiencing there.

When You start to gain more and more knowledge and experience about the non-physical world and non-physical related occurences and abilities, it is the first real step in my opinion to start a diary and when you wake up, try to write down immadiatelly what you experienced in full details in a chronological time order to don’t mess up the whole experience. Just start it and you will do it well later. Doing it does one thing for You initially: your shadow memory recall will improve soon and you will now realize that you had another life the whole time while you were living a pretty mundane earthly life. It can be good or bad but it is up to you to change it (the dream related one). Don’t deny any worlds, they are both important for your life and balance is needed.

The effects of recalling your memories

There are some but the best is that your average non-physical awareness skyrockets and you will realize that when you are in another reality, whether it is RTZ, Focus 2 or Focus 3, you will be fully aware at a certain threshold of how real, or how much more real the non-physical world is and that the physical world is only just a facade, an illusion.

There is no time, no space, they are relative and subjective. You can fly or walk, go through solid objects, travel without moving etc. Limits are only there if you think you have them (until a certain point, we are of course not allowed to mess up things). Everybody is constantly monitored and watched by their NP counterparts, guides, helpers and strangers who are helping you grow up now in deeper levels. They are mostly You in a non-physical sense but to understand this, read the Focus Model.

As soon as you will experience more real scenes and worlds – I mean realize how real it is according to the physical world – something will improve too. First and as projectors realized already, you are immortal, only you are using a body to focus your awareness where you are, meaning the physical world is just for primary tasks. Most people can’t understand this and don’t accept it, they are brainwashed or too underdeveloped. That is a fact and sad thing. The other one is that you will need many experiences because you will doubt your adventures everytime you wake up here. The more experiences accumulated, the more confident you will become of being aware the NP side. Sleeping is not just about recharging our physical body but for keeping contact with our core and true home.

The illusion of being “physical”

Now I’m only talking about existing multidimensionally, we are all doing it and being it. The problem is that billions are not even being aware. For the most, NP experiences are distorted to the highs according to religious belief systems, beliefs only or with emotions. So when you wake up here, the NP experience fades away soon without practice and you will DOUBT that it was real. Everything is real, don’t limit yourself. It will feel unreal and “dream” like because now your primary focus is switched back here. While you are in the non-physical, the physical world is dreamlike, see? It depends on your perception and experiences. In the NP your memories mostly surpressed by your other parts to stop interfering with your tasks there and be successful – training and developing as always. This game never ends.

So write down what you can. Now the practice begins really when you return back here and do not wake up so soon! Just don’t. Keep your eyes closed. First, think over the whole scene and in chronological order to recall back the shadow memory. If you could run it over in your mind, wake up slowly without thinking about anything physical related. It can distort the whole memory if you try to rush your mind with daytime thoughts as you used to. This alone – what I mentioned above – proves that memories are stored in Focus 2 in your mind, not in a physical device, called brain. See how fake everything are which you learnt in your life? Every memories are stored in a personal mind area which can be imagined as an endless timeless and spaceless dark void where thoughts are the raw materials. Places in the non-physical are not really places but they are partly or fully are YOU in a wider sense but I won’t try to confuse you here, sorry : )

This alone as switching back and forth these reality frames proves that we are multidimensional, timeless, endless, immortal and we are only using a pretty strong illusional focus here and now in physical life which grabs our attention to the highs. Most people won’t ever get break free of this illusion, meaning billions are not even ready for anything. Physical hard life and objective thinking, religions, media, trends, anything are keeping people’s mind in a box thinking prison and they are kept in dumbness. Only a few can survive in developing multidimensionally these decades in my opinion and I don’t see this will improve in the next century.

What is the purpose of elevating your awareness in the NP? You will soon see that your new life begins and now two parallel lives (no, not those in other worlds) will run side by side as now you will understand who you are, what are you doing here and what are those strange “dream” adventures are about. Some are test of your matureness as a spirit, some are mind noise and some are much more.

If you need some help with this or understanding your experiences, please feel free to contact Me and we can chat privately via email.

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Healing gum swelling with some methods

When our gum is swollen around the teeth line, it can be caused from many sources like a toothbrush injury, maybe an infection around the teeth, between teeth, a tooth infection etc. There are some methods to clear it away or try to heal it. Results can be varying, maybe some hours and your gum is healed and gum swelling is gone, maybe it takes a day. Don’t give up. We don’t need to run a doctor who furthermore gives you something orally which won’t even do anything with the actual source of problem.

Why the gum is swollen from any injury?

Well it is simple, the bacterias in your mouth found an area where they can make inflammation. What is the role of the gum line and why it reacts like that? Well something needs to fight with a potentially harmful part of your body to not let those bastards go any further.

The gum as a tissue is the only defense barrier between the outer world and your jaw-bones. The other defense barrier is your teeth. If there is an opened area towards the periosteum, you have big chance to get an infection. If the gum is highly infected, it can lead to teeth problems deeply in the bone-sturcture and teeth can be loosened. Let’s just say you lost a teeth, or you had root canal treatment with bad seeling or leftover – anything which can cause a potential infection. It is maybe enough if your dentist is pretty bad in business or made a mistake and your teeth are not filled up pretty well with restorative material. If your teeth are damaged, anything can happen.

I remember clearly when I lost my first tooth via childhood bad eating habits and after more than two decades, the problem reached the deep parts of it. It needed a root canal treatment and I was shocked. Well it has nothing to do with gum infection but it can happen. We could have many potential problems orally of course but it is not so usual.

So the periosteum is a pretty thin layer of cells, covering your bones and pretty strong at the same time, keeping your teeth in one place without any movement. A certain part of the tooth is held by the gum and the other is embedded into the bone structure – you can check it out on an X-ray.

So what happens when an injury is got just your gum line or something is drilled itself into the gumline just around the tooth’s neck? Something like an opening where bacterias can get through. No problem, it happens. Now the gum at that area is swollen, maybe more red, maybe just hurts. Don’t panic, get that food particle or spike out first. Maybe you hurt it by toothbrushing, don’t worry and floss between and/or around the teeth and leave it alone now. Oral care comes first, floss it, brush it with electric round headed toothbrush to avoid hurting the gumline!

What to do next after you cleaned your mouth in every way?

Ok there are some methods and not every can work out for you but it can happen. Did you hear “oil pulling” or salt water rinsing? They have a big fever around it but it really works because it kills the bacteria around that area and reduces it’s numbers. Now the next step after proper oral care daily twice (after lunch time or around, and before bedtime) is to grab some tools. I give you two methods to stop the problem and treat it well.

1. Oil pulling

It has a certain fever these years but for a reason, because it works if you use it for a certain task. Now buy coldly pressed coconut oil OR extra virgin olive oil in the store/shop nearby and you only need a spoon.

Coconut oil is solid under normal room tempreture so you can chew it initially. Olive oil is what it is. Both needs to be pure and unprocessed, avoiding any harmful crap in them and be aware that some brands of olive oils are also crap as sold worldwide like fish oil to fool people with vegetable junk. Furthermore if you use them, mainly they are the best for cooking and frying because they contain higher omegas which are less harmful when heated. So the purpose is, they are pure and multifunctional.

Ok here you go: grab 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil. You can chew a little bit on coconut oil until it melts in your mouth and mixes with saliva. and also you will get used to their taste after some occasions. Do not swallow them before and nor after. For around 15-20 minutes at the minimum, force any of it in your mouth between your teeth as like rinsing. Keep your mouth closed and rinse it for 15-20 minutes. Your mouth muscles may be hurt after a while and you may feel like you had a head workout, you will get used to it lol. If some leftover tries to escape with your saliva ok, you can spit the extras out.

You will gather later so much saliva with the oil that it will be hard to keep it in but try to maintain that amount of time as long as you can. You can do it further but doesn’t make much more good or bad. As you constantly and slowly rinsing with care and focus, try to force it between your teeth because that is the main target here.

As you finished DO NOT spit the whole mix into your sink! Just don’t! You will have plumbing problems soon. It is oil, meaning FAT… just don’t. Grab something in which you can gather it, like a plastic yoghurt container for example. Keep it there, you can spit the next ones in it too but it will have smell soon. After a while you should flush it out into your garden or wherever you can. Nature may find a way to break it down later. I didn’t find any better way throwing it away (maybe it will be solid enough to seel the top and trashcan it). Just empty it and you now can recycle the plastic itself too after cleaning it out. If you keep the whole thing under a lid, bacterias can do something with your mixed saliva under the hood lol.

Don’t overdo this, it become a whole religion these years, you need it only if you have problems orally. There is no use to do it every day for avoiding anything which will always occur because our mouth is working with bacteria groups always. You can’t kill them all, we need them. Only we just tend to eat more crap foods and sugary ones which will stick there and needs more care to stop damaging teeth sooner.

2. Using baking soda, sea salt or himalayan without any added chemicals

Actually I didn’t try with himalayan salt but you can use both white and especially pink one for the purpose. Sea salt and baking soda are all salts, try to avoid any added chemicals like iodine and fluoride in any. What I recommend is sea salt and baking soda. Don’t also swallow them after you finished.

Now you can use any amounts of them in a glass of warm water after proper oral care. Warm water has the purpose of two things: not hurting your teeth even if you have sensitive teeth/gumline AND it will penetrate any surface because salt brings any nutrients deeply into the cells by opening them and creating electrical charge.

Grab maybe 1 teaspoon or less (you can use more or less according to your like) and steer it in the warm glass of water. You can even use warm mineral water if you dislike tap water. Steer it and sip into your mouth which amount is enough comfortable to rinse with. Rinse it and force it between your teeth and gumline. Rinse with every sip as long as you can comfortably. Maybe one sip is 10-15 seconds, experiment with it. Do it, wash out your whole mouth and spit it out into the sink. Do it until you finished the whole solution. Or you can finish one half and use the other half later. It is up to You.

Results can take up to some hours, maybe you can see any improvement next day, or days. I tested both solutions (coconut oil, baking soda powder, salt water). Until you don’t have a serious condition, it will be soon over. Sometimes it looks bad but what happens here is that we are creating an alkaline environment where bacterias can’t feed on anything because there are no food particles, nor acidic environment anymore so they will reduce to the minimum eventually and the infected area will become normal too.

Please share you results if you managed to get rid of the problem! : )

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What are Animal Guides and Totems in Dreams?

Animal guides and spirit totems are misunderstood occurences when people are encountering other parts of their wider self while they are sleeping or rather consciously exploring the non-physical world. From where did you hear them? Yeah right, mystics again. Nothing new under the sun. Whole webpages, books (ebooks or paper), workshops are there for you to learn about them and what messages they are giving you or what the hack is guarding you as an angel but let’s get enough of this. It is not enough to just attach a meaning to an animal, it is objectified like hell.

They are parts of You in some ways

When you are encountering with animals – any kinds of – in dreamworld, you will experience positive or negative attitudes from them and some relationships towards you from them (both perceptions may be active). It is quite a complicated issue because it is true that only the “dreamer” can solve the meaning of his/her adventures while slept. It is confusing sometimes but have the same roots in basics.

If an animal can speak to you or showing you something, acting strangely, you could be sure that it was somebody who knows you or wants to show you something important. Non-physical communication mostly telepathic and symbolic and entities there are using these symbols according to how we know these animals in waking physical life according to what we learnt about them. It is only just one channel for communication and you can’t expect a helper to show up as a human, it is too limited. Also some people there maybe not even aware of the fact that they are using animal form. It can happen.

Many times when you encounter animals, the whole scenery is already planned and you are directing the “movie” according to your choices which leads you to the end result, like in physical waking life. It is not some kind of predestined something, it is built up for you externally to learn while you are experiencing it.

They can be only symbols

While many times you could encounter with yourself in different form and manner, on the other hand meeting with animals could be a metaphore for something. Internet sites like dream meaning translators can help understand the nature of an experience but could be too generalized and “dreams” could be understood by only by the dreamer. Don’t make false assumptions please that one or all sites are pointing out some issue you DO NOT have in life, while the metaphore meant a completely different thing in the actual context.

What happened to you in the recent days or weeks? Did you have a problem to solve or still occuring? Do you have life issues, bad mood? The list goes on. You can try various dream meaning sites for this purpose to see what a car or a black cat means but don’t jump into conclusions of that exact meaning because I can tell you surely that it is not as accurate. What you experienced could be completely otherworldly according to a mundane symbol guide. And to be straight, they are manmade, whatever we read and mystical oriented, meaning maybe false or misleading.

General view on this

To make sure that you’ve just met a part of you, maybe a non-physical helper in an image of an animal guide, or maybe just a symbol only, you need to take some options into consideration.

Many times you are in a simulation and you can’t stop it naturally… ok you can by waking up, ruining the whole message. Go with the flow and see how it plays out. These are for educate humans, us.

First if that character had any meaningful things for you, it was not just a mind noise. An animal form can talk to you, hug you, bite you, look at you curiously, tell you something telepathically or verbally, chase you… anything. It may be a strong message to translate.

If you dream about animals and strange animalistic or non-animal characters chasing you, eating you alive, killing you – you have serious problems in your mind and in negative state in your waking awareness. You are causing it to yourself with falling asleep and releasing all your thoughts and emotions. The vast majority do this always.

And be aware that what you “see” is not really what is really there. It could be a completely nice kind person maybe watching you but you are scared and manifest fear all over the place or have distorted image.

If those characters are helping you, being kind or you are the one doing that, vica-versa, it is ok. It could be a good sign in your life. These forms could be direct messages too from a higher non-physical perspective to tell you something. The non-physical is not always talking to you like a human, because our communication skills are so limited, it just primitive for NP entities and don’t use it always. The communication is mostly telepathic, imagery type, feelings and emotions, anything which is subjective and not objectified.

For those who are more advanced in NP life than average like me, these symbols could be maybe tools for you to help raise your awareness when you need it. You just see a symbol here and there where it is pretty strange and not fitted into the place for example.

The final conclusion is that don’t hang up on what other sites and mystical people are saying. They objectify anything and try to grab their share. You are the only one to translate what you experienced. Make a dream diary and write up what you saw. Maybe I can help you if you are lost and have a nice email chat. Dream diary helps you to improve your shadow memory recall from the NP and understand your multidimensional life more, don’t just wash off at waking up, be more aware of who you are.

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