What is a Soul Retrieval in the non-physical world?

Soul retrieval is a common term, used by people in non-physical communities, where Astral Projection, OBE, dreams are talked out as common experiences. These occurences are part of your personal development. Well that “door” is now open for you.

It is a “job” in the non-physical world mostly via dreams and intentionally through projections. People being aware or unaware, are doing it very frequently via sleep life. So it is not something you get all the time or being coordinated to do so, but still an option to help. Your guidance group will decide it mostly according to my understanding. I had many in my life and sometimes I have some.

Even if you act like a fish out of the endless tank, you can test your abilities.

What is the purpose of a rescue mission? Why is it called “soul retrieval”?

To explain this, you need to know that dreams and any kinds of phenomenons like OBE, AP, LD and others are taking “place” in the non-physical world. They can be simulations for your personal education by non-physical assistance, simple mind noise scenarios. Still, you can visit existing Belief System Territories in the so called Afterlife.

BST regions are part of our local non-physical system. They serve the purpose of shredding off all physical life related beliefs, constraints, emotional loops, getting used to the real world, your true home. This is just part of the system, part of the life game. But we need it (most of us) to do other things, other than being addicted to human life.

I’ve wrote about the BST regions before and I know that many people can’t put this “place” to anywhere in their concepts but they have the purpose to attract post-humans and other non-human entities towards places which are in strong resonation with their personality and beliefs. Simply put, these “regions” are resonating places on a supply and demand basis for your beliefs and personality which you mistakingly accumulated in your previous life.

soul retrieval

What to do there?

The main purpose doing this kind of job is to help out stuck spirits or souls (whatever the term), entites out from their misery and endless emotional loops. And there are countless places and instances, whatever you can imagine. From children in a kindergarten with bombed down body parts, to murderers or anybody in their own emotional loop.

You are doing it to yourself, that is what exploring the non-physical world consciously teaching about. That is free will. The deep downside.

These loops and bubbles are played out for a long timespan but only you can relate to physical time like hundreds or thousands of years. Of course there is no time really, only in physical systems, like ours. We are in no hurry to anywhere.

So you are basically going there with assistance mostly and just help them out with your best tools. You may need to find out the best method because these post-humans and other entities won’t stop their misery just so easily. You need to figure it out how to bomb them out from their illusion. They are in an invisible bubble and not getting lost their acts. Many don’t even know they are “dead” physically.

The helping process is up to you and to your best abilities. You will get always the job which you can handle and nothing more. If you fail, you can try your best in another case.

Whom you are rescuing and to where?

Interesting question. You are mostly rescuing your own other versions, according to my knowledge and what others have experienced. In other cases you just tend to be a guide in this case and help out strangers. You can help in lower hellish places or just in simple emotional loops. Your imagination can tell you how many cases are there. And too few helpers.

After many people found this out, like Robert A. Monroe, there were this misunderstanding that you are collecting your parts and you will be reunited with them as a whole. Not really, you are you and will shred down this physical character. You are not uniting with anybody, this is not the case, just a belief.

After you succeeded with your help and used up your tools, the actual person is realising his/her position and just disappears. In many cases it turned out that their helpers transported the actual person away to a better place to heal and shred the post-human existance. This is why we can’t be sure who is that person. You in another sense (an aspect) or a different stranger. But I guess later you can search for anybody by thinking about that person. Nobody is ever lost.

The rescuing act  has another side. You are developing and learning from it via doing it, just as who is being rescued and liberated from his/her misery. Everybody learns from these, even guides who are watching your progress. This is all important for self-development.

Do you get any rescuing mission?

Getting a soul retrieval over night without realising the act, can frequently happen. You may interpret it like escaping with friends, rescuing somebody with any kinds of sceneries. You may get a group rescuing quest or a problem solving quest.

So you can guess that maybe you got one. With many cases, you will be sure what is what. If you felt or saw that you were maybe successful, you can be proud.

This is just one way of helping others, who need it. The non-physical world, even the local system is a vast place, there are just too many post-humans in their own misunderstandings, misery, emotional loops and belief constructs. Pretty interesting that billions will only experience this fact after they left this world. And at that point, they will spend useless timespans of adjusting back to our home world.

Parallel Lives or Alternative Lives? – See the difference!

Firstly when I’m speaking about parallel lives or alternative lives, people tend to think in past life terms. I’m repeating myself all the time that past lives are not what mystics and religious sources are telling. It is a limited misconception from the early ages when people had less understanding in a less complex world about what is what.

Time is not even existent in the non-physical world from where we are coming from. It is not even existing here, we just categorize our life in events and timespans to make it easier to deal with.

Look at a simple analogy: PC monitor screen with windows. Are they existing on another and another machine, those opened windows behind each other? No, they are at the same place, you just focus on one at once basically in front of you.

I will try to explain the two concepts and how they are existing here, right now as we are living this life as a character. And first I will explain how past lives are fooling people as a belief construct.

Basically about Past Life scams

I need to admit that many talented people like psychics and mediums, hypnotists are not telling you lies about non-existent past lives on purpose or directly. They just don’t know that it IS misunderstood and not true. Still they will treat you and grab your money for nothing. Many will fool you or make you suffer even more from this misunderstanding, growing fear in you. They sell FEAR and you return for more.

These people will dig deep and grab out a “past life” to show the actual person how he/she suffers from it, having nonsense karma and what to do. People are gullible and without any basical understanding, they can be fooled. Own researching can help.

People still can get into trans or deep altered states, like dreams and experience one. Basically thinking, that is the proof. It is not, just the actual person is merging with that parallel focus or self for the sake of being “there” and experiencing that life. Thinking his/her memory is mine and I was him/her. Not really, you are getting the actual focus’ memory access and his/her life for a short while. You know it, feel it, experience it.

That is our multidimensional nature partly. Being anywhere at the same “time” on another perspective. We try to grasp these mechanics on human thinking terms. That’s it! Now let’s see the basics.

Parallel Lives

All are existing at the same time as this one of yours. The only barrier is that they are played out in the endless and timeless multiverse or wider reality with yours. This means that from your whole being, small portions as characters just like you here, are living their own lives in other physical and non-physical universes and worlds. YOU are doing it on another level.

Those sources are distorting the whole thing and people are believing in past lives because many lies and industries are built on that “fact” already. These lives are happening right now. But you are not them, they are real persons like you, here. It is a sort of yes and no. You are them and they are you, but only in basical essence. Your source is the same as theirs.

You can imagine it as a big ball of light, reaching out into other worlds with energetic links and smaller balls are using human or any kinds of forms to explore. And here I told you how we do exist, we are not human or any forms basically.

parallel lives

Alternative Lives

Almost the same principle is true here, but they are not just completely different individuals. These are a little bit complicated according to my understanding and I experienced both already. I mean both could be complicated to grasp at the first time for newbies.

You are here right now, walking a certain path. Ok that is easy. So there are countless worlds, where you are living almost the same life but with smaller or vastly otherwordly differences. I try to point out the difference between the two categories but I think eventually many times, there is no real difference in the basic nature. We tend to categorize things.

These lives may be like you are a doctor here, living on a certain street and you have a house with a car. Just an example. “There”, you are still a doctor but have a flat and a bike. These differences may get your attention via sleeps but it takes practice to know for sure, are you in an alternative reality or not.

Another example. You survived your childhood from abusive parents and you are a good person, mentally stable, living your 20’s with ease. There, you have the memories of freshly coming out of an institue because they made you crazy and you couldn’t handle it (and they are primitive assholes). Still you but that character is just another version from your source. It is all about gathering experiences.

How to know which one is which?

So the best option is to have your basical training being aware in your dreamlife because you are already in the non-physical world. There guides are taking you here and there according to your needs or their plans. Chances are people don’t ever realize this, thinking they are doing it.

If you experience a completely different world, maybe still human, maybe not, then it is a parallel life. Solid, not fluctuating really if you have control over your thoughts and emotions. We need to learn self-control.

You can talk with your friends there, local “people”, do your daily stuffs. Chances are you don’t even realize that this life which you are doing there for hours or days is not really yours. You just emerged with that “focus” and his/her perception to try it. But with practice, you may know it later. How many worlds? Infinite in numbers.

The whole issue needs a solid foundation which is learnt by dream life. Firstly, you realize that dreams are not dreams at this stage. Then your personal development is the must. Not so many people will reach this stage. Intent and plans will play a key role.

Experiencing these lives are just tip of the iceberg, an endless one. If somebody experiences these without any intent or plans, then it was shown for the reason to grow up to your multidimensional nature. People will still think it is a past or future life. I can’t help with this mindset.

In the end, we can call both like parallel lives because they are. Probable ones, alternative ones. These are just human categories to try to grasp the bigger picture.

The UFO phenomenon – explaining from the non-physical perspective

Many people may see UFO’s on the sky at daytime or at night but have no idea that what papers, researches, videos, scientific explanations and more are stating about them with belief distortions about the whole phenomenon is not what people think it is. Surely there are some visitation from distant systems, I can agree on that.

But just look at the facts. They appear from nowhere and disappear suddenly. I won’t dig into secret US government and military projects to avoid confusion about technology debates. Guessing is not real information.

What I’m saying is based on my knowledge and general understanding of how multidimensional life works. Many non-physical dedicated explorers may say the same thing.

I won’t touch the endless theory row of what is experienced on NASA materials in the Solar System to avoid confusion. Believers can spot anything anywhere.

From WHERE are they coming here?

Here is the issue. A UFO mostly comes from a different plane of existance. Their world is like ours, they may be or may not be humanoids, maybe they are androids with remote controlling on board. The thing is they come from another reality plane, which exists here right now. We just don’t know it. We can use the channel analogy here with an endless scale.

This is where normal people are confused and it is much easier to cling on the idea of coming from “somewhere”, from a “distant” galaxy or star cluster. Still, there could be surely intelligent spieces out there and they may visit here.


They just figured out how to make machines to change “frequency” of any realities and come and go as they wish to observe stuffs. They disappear suddenly because they change back to their “home” frequency. This alone makes people be in great fear. The unknown. We just seeing great velocity with a tremendous speed and… it is gone. What we observe physically is one thing.

Humanity just denies everything from fear or if something is not in their belief systems. And there are countless sources of brainwashing about this also where we can just look after the topic. But who cares, right? It is just a normal thing today, those UFO topics and mentally problematic people will follow them or rather reinforce them.

Crop circles, any signs

The best explanation is that those are multidimensional messages with shapes and forms. Subjective messages for humanity to realize that we are not alone in any way. Then what humans are doing? It isn’t fit into their beliefs, to their “god’s” perspective. No they are manmade or we need to fear it again. Then people tend to fake it even with today’s CGI tech.

We tend to objectify things around us, this is normal. Crop circles too, trying to categorize it, those symbols.

Those shapes and geometric stuffs are multidimensional language but we are not on the level of understanding (so deeply) it so clearly. After this there are countless theories and useless debates about what they are also. Message about we are not alone. That’s all.

We are all coming from the same source. It is just a form, seeing an ET. And btw believers have greater chanse to see an UFO. Beliefs are very powerful in many cases.

Fearing ET’s

What do people fear? The unknown. Surely life plays out the same basic way for other humanoid or non-humanoid races, but after there are so many frightening sources, movies, fake facts, no wonder. We are lost in these, what is what.

This article will explain the fake abduction belief here. I don’t say surely that maybe, just maybe rarely some similar may happen… not all ET’s are friendly. Comeon, are all humans are friendly and kind hearted? Surely not.

For a visitor race we are the ET’s. Different races are not thinking and acting like a human from here. They won’t try to get your butt or destroy Earth, like in movies. We are coming from the same source non-physically as I’m repeating it. It is just a form, their appearance, their look, body type etc. It is like comparing a dog or a cat to a human. Consciousness occupies any forms.

I think that is all what we need to know. Other debates, theories, lectures are meaningless.

How do you get special psychic abilities – Here is my perception on them!

Many people try to get a new ESP ability these days according to the huge loads of books, websites, fake psychic “facts” and videos throughout the world like a fashion. Who are interested or open for them are bombarded by these resources.

Be aware that the most of what you see, hear and read on the web is a scam or lie. If not, then a distorted unfounded thing about how it works.

Indeed some people were born with certain “psychic abilities” and many don’t have any other than gut feeling or empathic feelings. There are many labels on various phenomenon groups and we are calling these “abilities” as Extrasensory Perception (ESP) in a group label.


The reality is that nobody has special abilities, only just have the mindset or intent to reach a certain datastream. I mean that we as a human civilization try to categorize even the unknown. Abilities are like bigger awareness of the larger reality around us. Inside us.

Tom Campbell could tell many stuffs about it but I will make it simple. This stuff has nothing to do with a “Third Eye” or chakras. That is a myth, a belief that you have one, it is a metaphore. What actually these abilities are, some people learnt to listen to these connections and being more aware.

Some people use sight, some are hearing. That is not physical really and that is why it is called ESP or extrasensory perception. We defy them by how otherwordly they are according to the five senses physically.

psychic abilities

Now if the third eye is non-existent, then how?

Many people, especially youngs are playing with this third eye nonsense, opening something which is ALREADY opened. Think about it. If an energy center is closed, you would be seriously dead, right? Open WHAT? A metaphor? Read about this here.

To get the main thing here is, those who were born with special abilities (as said: talented, gifted, etc…) are not so special than normal people. They have the ability to reach certain information streams from the non-physical world.

Some people can astral project from their early years of being a child and some can’t. Some people can do this or that because they are not living in stress and can concentrate. If your intent is pointing towards gaining Auric Sight, you will get sooner or later. Intent plays the key role. You desire it really, you may have it. In this sense, we can call it a gift.

Freaking out as many about these known or unknown abilities, being a curse

One thing is that you want to experience this extra physical perception and another thing is that you have the strong desire to attain it. It is not a childplay like playing in Lucid Dreams and encountering your own fears.

Psychic abilities have consequences. Maybe clairvoyance or auric sight, maybe telekinesis will be yours but it will freak you out later. Some people force a third eye nonsense pressuring and meditating and will change their mind’s capability to receive blocked broadcasts from the non-physical and will be freaked out like hell.

It amazes me how so many people suddenly have these and don’t know what to do with them. Mostly they have no idea of the non-physical world. Not even after decades of dreams. The human system itself keeps them think they are in their brain and dreams are nonsense hallucinations.

What to do?

Simply put. If you would like to get any psychic abilities, make a strong intention towards it and keep it in your mind. It will come.

I would guess if somebody needs any, they should already make big searches on how the non-physical world works, like on my site here. Not because it is a fearful “place” but because the basics are always missing with the vast majority.

First learn the basics, gain knowledge with your meditations, dream journals, anything and it will be revealed. If you don’t understand how the non-physical world works, it won’t be a pleasant thing. Same for people trying to have astral projection or out-of-body experiences. It can be fun but it is all about personal development.

What is the Meaning of Existing as a Human Individual?

Since mankind looked up the sky and observed the stars, tried to get rid of it’s origin. Where did it come from and what is a human individual? Being human in itself is nothing more than being another member of an extraterrestrial race somewhere in a different star system or universe. We fear them from not knowing them. There are countless ones, physical and non-physical with different and way other wordly rulesets.

But what to do with experiencing a human construct, a body and self-image? Looking into the mirror and recognizing yourself? Do you think that you are that character? Do you think that humans are less or more than that? What is a human individual?

Many questions but the underlying spiritual or non-physical answer is much more simple. It seems complex but not really. I think it is hard to digest because we as humans learnt from childhood that we need to think the other way. We think that there is the physical world and life and nothing more. Even religious people think that after death there is something but just guessing, what.

The truth is, there is no before or after, this is just an actual play zone in a wider system. We jump in and out of these “dreams”.

The false human self-image

Most of humans tend to think that after a while being a child and growing up, they are that person, that body. Of course because billions have lack of real connection to their deep non-physical core, they don’t know anything about this. It is all about a connection which is there 24/7 in the background but they don’t know about it. Everybody has their own core connection energetically and mentally.

People think that for example they can’t change their body image, a projection about their inner expectation of who they are. That is why, that most people can’t change their appearance with weight loss diets and sports. Eventually many people just don’t do a thing and being lazy with the worst diet. On the other hand only doing sport and eating healthier is just a tiny little part of the job.

Look up on top sporting people and body builders. They are addicted to their own image. Not all but many have the desire uselessly to prove that they can make it. For themselves or pleasing others. It is their job.

The human image of you, when you look into the mirror or watching yourself on a video, a picture is just a character.  Think about an MMORPG game on PC or consoles. You create a character but you won’t think from a higher sense that you are that 3D form.

We are much more, a multidimensional being. Using different systems to learn and grow. That image of you, seeing yourself is actually the best representation of you, here right now for your tasks in this actual physical life from countless ones. All lives are played out right now so you have other versions, who are parallel selves. The past life concept is a misleading mystical fooling machine.

human individual

Different perceptions, different yourselves

You tend to observe yourself in the mirror. We all do. Even on those pictures and vids. But we are not really the same at any given time. On a picture it is just way more different to see yourself like in a mirror. Expectations and reactions. We can’t behave as naturally in front of people or a camera as at a mirror.

In the non-physical world, we have aspects of self right now from this life. We can be anything beyond. A warrior, a loving wife, a little child in adulthood, they can be all real and appearing in front of you in full 3D, acting dumbly. They are all you. You imagine you could be a superman, you are already. Your perception play a key role in identifying yourself with them. We use our aspects all the time. Anger, love, hatred, playfulness, they all are expressed through us. That is why there are people acting differently according to themselves.

A human individual is composed of different personalities and that is why some people are labeled as mentally ill. They realize that they are much more than just one actual individual. We are all changing towards our goals. We can even speak with our other parts. But these people can hear them and see them also or not knowing who they are individually.

Meanwhile here we are individualized constructs of self. In the non-physical, we can be group constructs. To imagine that, imagine that you are composed from 100 different persons and still you are a composition of them, being “one”. You appear as 100 different individuals, still if you sum them up, you are them. At this point people can’t difest this. Human life makes people box-minded, closing out anything else.

Existing as a human individual, a person is just an image in this physical world

Being a human individual right now is just for your tasks. To learn and grow, be more towards love. Human life is not really about material goods, dramas and fear but fear plays the key part. These are tests, all events in human life. Do you choose on less fear based decisions? Do you prefer well being and being happy? Are you hurting others? Do you feel compassion and empathy towards others? Do you punch back?

Actually the most think, they are that person right now and after transition back to the non-physical world, they stay that person for a while. They just don’t know anything else. They don’t have anything else other than thinking they are Mark or Anna. They can’t release this perception so soon.

This alone causes in a thought responsive environment to stay a body imaged person in your 20-30’s of youth there until you just got bored of that self-fooling. Same true for being in various heavens and hells. We set up a form to function in this one world from countless ones and we tend to be addictive.

We are complex beings but other life forms have other tasks and life. It all depends on our purposes and lessons, also on our development stage. A simple being won’t play a human role, rather being a plant or an ant.

human individual

So what is the meaning of existing here?

Actually many of us on the non-physical path tend to search for these answers, some of us for decades until our end of time here. Eventually, we can’t know more than a humanly restricted mind (a configuration of this you here) can dissolve. From an infinite world, we can’t extract everything and many informations are hidden from us for a reason.

A human body is a configuration of your “self”, an expression of your core, being here of certain tasks. When you finished, you can stop using that image and do whatever is the next task. But because people still don’t know a thing about death and what is after “life”, they tend to grab their “self” and keep it. It is a trap. It is like you play a game character and you will keep thinking, you are him/her/it.

To search for a deeper meaning, only you can find out why are you here. Look back on your struggles, plans and likes/dislikes in life. What was it all about? It takes for a while to know it. There are as many explanations of the why, as many humans are here in my opinion.


The ultimate explanation would be, that we are here to express love. To express creativity in life, to enjoy life. Don’t give a damn to cruel things and negativity but feel out them and their cause. Do your best.

Some of us are here to track back who we are multidimensionally. We do it in our whole life. And not everybody is ready or interested about it. The vast majority just lives their life. If you are not expressing those above, then maybe you try to learn about yourself from a physical perspective.

To realize what we are. Our consciousness needs to experience and meanwhile “it” expresses itself in this human body with it’s behavior and acts as a game. Don’t take life too seriously. We should enjoy it and appreciate it more because who knows when will it end.

How Chakras may be real to a certain degree

It is a fashion these years to force “open” chakras and follow western type beliefs about this issue. People certainly miss common sense when they follow these rules and beliefs about which chakra center relates to what abilities. The most common is the Third Eye chakra on which I already wrote my opinion here.

The main problem is that this is just a fraud thing. Ok, mostly. If somebody tries to sell you a book, digital product or a class, chances are you have been fooled already. But what about people who truly initiate something with overstimulating these energy points? Here sceptics are tend to be more curious about, now what is real then?

It is real and it is not lol. It depends on perception.

Our physical body and the energetic link from the non-physical world

We have a physical body but the vast majority think they are IN a body. Well it feels like it, we got used to it, see it from inside but not really. Even a mirror image is misleading, people tend to think they are that person.

It turns out to be more real when people are fooling themselves with Out-of-body experiences and they get the evidence that they were in a body. Meanwhile they fooled themselves with a belief construct. Other methods are showing people how unreal to think that we are in a body. We only use the body as a perception here and anywhere else.

Still there is an energetic link which is running through any parts of our body, supplying life force to keep that body alive as we are still in the physical world until a certain age. If we are done, the energetic link is cut off and we change back our primary focus to a wider spectrum of awareness into the non-physical world. If I get the Focus Model here, the returning place is Focus 3.

The Afterlife is tricky because the most are victims of their own beliefs. Post-humans tend to stay the same as before, until they realize that they are not human.

So what about those chakra centers?

Still, people will question now is it real or not when we are talking about chakras. It is real to a certain degree. Look at this way, it is a fraud thing but meanwhile it is real. For example you can ignite on or overstimulate certain ones with meditation.

Simply put, you are closing out the physical world to a certain degree and concentrate your thoughts onto that body point. Some will cause buzzing, vibrations, warmth, floating, expanding sensations etc. Your attention will do the job with intent behind it. Same on healing.

People tend to think from mystical distortions that they have closed chakras and they need to force open it like a third eye. Just don’t. It will cause trouble. Not always physically but non-physically. If we try to put it another way, chakras are metaphors of different “abilities” (not ESP ones) of our personality or body. Whatever we call it, for example Astral Projection rarely happens with chakra stimulating. If it does, it was from other reasons or from the person’s beliefs maybe.

There are hundred ways of working with them but it has no purpose on anything. If somebody wants a special ability, it takes time to be open for it, not through overstimulating an energy center. If it happens, then your intent did that. We need balance in energy as in physical health.

Energy flow and blockages

We have this energetic connection which keeps the physical body alive. It still does it’s job with the brain on autopilot when we are sleeping and our consciousness is in other realms. Even if billions are not even aware of this fact. And I can support this with personal non-physical experiences.

If somebody has energy blockages, he/she did it to him/herself directly or unconsciously by his/her mind, thinking. Then all sorts of physical body damages, blockages and illnesses forming over time. The physical body is a buffer after our thoughts towards the external reality. Most of the people don’t know it and don’t care about it. This is human nature, arrogance and fear.

To make the energy flow freely again, mindset changing is needed and healthy lifestyle. You need to decide to be healthy again or suffer furthermore. Well eventually the consequences are always there sooner or later.


So to sum this up, the chakra nonsense is real to a certain degree but they are symbols, metaphors only. If you can find them and stimulate them, then it still doesn’t mean they were real in that fashion of sense.

Some people can even see them, spinning like seeing auras with colors. These are personal interpretations. It is still not 100% sure for me, do we get them by strong intent or by non-physical assistance but everybody is free to experiment with them.

One thing is sure, people who suddenly get these abilities are always scared out from lack of knowledge. I mean extrasensory abilities. Some may get them by uncontrolled intent, running in the background like “how cool would it be if I had…”. Be careful with your thoughts.

How to deal with a frightening negative entity in Lucid Dreams

People can meet a negative entity or more than a few in dreams. Now this issue is not new after my posts but it will be much easier to understand in a shorter post. Meeting with one or more in Lucid Dreams have a greater effect because you realize how real it is. Actually all worlds are real, even when you encounter your mind’s noise.

A negative entity can be many things and it is dependent on your expectations mostly and on non-physical circumstances. It reveals itself in time, which one.

What is a negative entity or “neg”?

Firstly, I need to dissolve this idiotism that negative entites will harm you or are they real. Chances are, even if you believe in them, they won’t really show up. Indeed there are nasty entities on the “lower” non-physical regions but you won’t see them.

Simply put, it is unreal. Mostly you are scaring yourself with your uncontrolled thoughts. Many times people are encountering one or more after they have a noisy mind from daily stuffs, falling asleep like that. Even a blanket on the head and rotating all night can cause it lol.

One more subcategory also is when you encounter with your own fears in a character. It can happen and you think it is real. Even if it is part of you, you can turn away and leave it alone. Don’t give it your energy.

We can call it a nightmare if we see one but the truth is that we are causing it. You are in a thought responsive place where your thought can soon create nasty circumstances. A skeleton chases you, a monster eats you, a horde of dark characters are watching you etc. Shadow people are the same idiotism. Even you can be in the Real Time Zone and see somebody watching you in your room.

Don’t accept these and run away, face them.

How your interpretation works?

So this negative entity is mostly appearing like that because you are interpreting it that way with your mind. Your protective awareness kicks in and your ego takes over after your behavior from your physical life. We learn it.

I can’t count how many times projectors on non-physical sites told people that they are causing it to themselves. It is hard to think out of the physical life box.

We are doing it in our physical life also. You see something blurry on the road at night and you are afraid, what is that??? After it came closer, your mind now created the perfect picture. You are safe now. It is protective awareness, we fear what we don’t know.

Same for a neg. You see it but you will fuel it with your expectations with fear. High degree of control is needed but humans don’t really learn it. They wash off dreams. Dreams are equal parts of our existance multidimensionally.

The physical life is a training ground. Your character is a facade right now.

If not You, than it is a fear test!

I wrote some posts about fear tests but if you are not doing it (the experiences), then in this case it is a fear test. The Wider Reality is testing your maturity by seeing, are you scaring yourself? Growing towards love is the cruel part because you won’t harm anybody and scare yourself.

You can’t do so much in this case but stop running away and face it. Face it even if it “kills” you and you wake up in sweat. Face it and it will transform into a loving being. It could be a good non-physical friend maybe. It is up to you. Go there and hug this somebody. If you can’t, then face it. Don’t be a chicken lol.

Also I need to mention that demolishing and kicking asses won’t do anything good. Not even destroying with TK powers. Be passive and don’t do anything harmful, it will only make it worse. If you got this passive behavior and being brave, these tests will stop after a while. It is part of your personal development and the physical life is just a tiny facade of it.

This issue is only useful for people, who want to be open and ready for more than physical life. More than an illusion. It is about finding out who you are and how endless the whole world behind this one physical world out of countless ones.

Avengers – Infinity War (2018) – How half of the Universe died off

Maybe I just got caught up on the idea of writing about this great movie of another Avengers sequel. I just saw the movie and I was a little bit confused about the whole storyline because it was clear to me that Thanos is a cruel titan before, who tries to get the infinite power. This article will be mostly about him.

Who didn’t see the movie yet, I would suggest to first watch it because I will tell here, what has happened. I only share my perception but everybody will see it. Of course I’m no way near to a comic book master and these movies are for entertainments only.

Enjoy. I mean, the movie lol.

How the previous Avengers movies with all stand alones led us here

Quite interesting how the previous movies made up the actual act-line led us to this movie. I’m repeating I may be wrong here or there but it won’t change the actual facts.

All of the heroes with stand alone and group movies were representing great characters. Some are ridiculous (sorry lol) and some are awesome. My favourites are Tony Stark with his sarcastic jokes, power and determinism and Thor with his power, god-like nature and attitude also. Well they don’t like each other so much but got big roles again. I like how the strings are running towards Tony always.

So the storyline is simple, Thanos is gathering the infinite stones. No matter what, he kills for his purpose. But only in this movie we see how he explains his unavoidable fate of his role in this big game. Who knows his story from comic books may know also, that he is the one who supposed to make balance. It is out of hand. Vision already told the Avengers team that since these events started, more and more heroes and villains are appearing like a balanced act from the whole Universe. It needs to be this way if it is out of hand.

They had their fights but eventually this event is unavoidable. Even Doctor Strange did his math while levitating on planet Titan (Thanos’ home planet) and saw many outcomes. We have almost no chance to win. So we need to fight but it seems to be useless. And some idiots are ruining it (oops Starlord). I guess many fans will be sad of their favourite characters’ deaths or vanishing.

I have a feeling that Tony survived because Strange knew that he will somehow find out a solution as a smart guy. Just a speculation but Tony can figure out things. Also this is his tragedy that he can’t quit ever and have a normal life. Eventually I wonder what’s about the Godkiller Armor, which is made only for him.


About the Infinity Stones

Those stones are remnants of previous universes, packed into these gems. Like a neutron star in dense matter. They were at different places in the Universe and we also know their stories from previous movies, like what is shown at the Collector.

Once, Celestials were there in big numbers and the Universe was like a battlezone. Also there is a celestial head, known as Knowhere. Maybe my knowledge about this is not so shiny but they were killed all. I wonder how the One Above All is just observing these events as the Watchers. He only shows up once for Spiderman in a comic release.

But to keep it short Thanos is one from the few according to his race and advancement with knowledge to gather these stones and still able stay alive. The gauntlet is only bringing them together and charging their power through their ruler. Well it is obvious, we need a device to keep them at one place and use them according to their functions.

The tragedy is that all those deaths and battles are for this gauntlet and for the stones. Btw the gauntlet in Asgard was fake OR a copy. Or both. I remember, fans got the screenshot in the first Thor movie where ice giants are running away. Hela also said it is fake. Well it was just a vault for Odin.

Why is it important to gather the stones?

If those stones are in one place and the master smacks his fingers, game is over. Half of the Universe needs to be wiped out. That is the ultimate goal.

To go deeper in this issues as far as I know, Thanos tries to impress Lady Death somehow. Funny how she is more on Deadpool also lol. Well there are still some cosmic characters whom we don’t know. The Living Tribunal and Adam Warlock, my favourite one Captain Marvel still comes etc. This is just scene one eventually.

To gather them, it is for one purpose, which Thanos only truly understands. He has fate and the Universe needs balance. That is what is the main cause, not that Thanos is a cruel alien. He has the role in this MCU Multiverse. He tells that he once denied his fate.

The Avengers are almost have no power against him, meanwhile there are scenes where he seems to be defeated. Btw that is why he doesn’t wear any armor pieces other than his torso one. He doesn’t need it because the enemies are meaningless according to his powers. Even without the stones.

The balance

It is a repeating thing in the movie and in previous ones. There is a balance in a finite universe, where there are too many heroes, there will be as much or as powerful counterforces like villains and negs. We can see them cruel and evil but it is obvious that all are playing their part in a virtual game. If  a new powerful hero shows up, somebody needs to get the balance on the other side.

If he doesn’t wipe out of the population anywhere he just goes (Gamora’s home planet), they would still struggle as a nation from being poor and without food supply. Thanos knows what is the price. Half of the heroes and I guess humanity and of course every race’s half of the population diminishes after he got his job done. Balance is restored and he knows what price did he pay.

Actually I searched back what was that vanishing thing at the end of the movie and it seems like it is the aftereffect of his smack of fingers. But those characters may be in another timeline.

Thanos and his fate

As stated above, he suffers really. He sacrificed his stepdaughter also. Very sad how key characters are vanishing and dieing. I will be curious on the next movies.

I remember years back how I was amazed about the whole story from comic books about how Thanos has his path and what would happen. Well a movie can’t give back our imagination fully and comics but they did their best I guess. It is interesting to see how somebody has the power of a whole Universe and he can do anything. Eventually if he doesn’t do it, somebody else should. It is the same for Adam Warlock and the Living Tribunal also and there are some other timeline universes also.

But his cinematic evolution is interesting how he turns out to be just somebody who tries to do his job, seemingly being cruel. In the end, he is sad really. This whole story is. We can call him cruel or evil as a character but eventually it is just perception.

End game

Well Thor managed to get another eye lol and now he has a new weapon. Well that died neutron star was unreal, also that it didn’t kill him but comeon, this is a movie. It is fun and awesome.

Thor amazes me with his powers all the time and at the end, he almost gets Thanos but no use. I just wonder if Thanos watches the sunset or sunrise, what will he do next time. Eventually this story is just half the way still.

Actually at the end of Thanos’ victory, he is phasing into the soul gem and talking with the young Gamora. I’m curious how she will come back. That place is orange as the soul stone itself. Maybe next time Antman and the Wasp will step in with Captain Marvel also.

I’m curious how the original timeline will be corrected or modified further if it continues in the next Avengers movie. One thing is sure, that this movie was just one quick act-line and it isn’t ended yet. Without the standalones, we couldn’t see him show up.

Enjoy the movie.

What causes the Poltergeist phenomenon?

This post will be relatively short about explaining the poltergeist phenomenon.

These events do occur but very few people know what is causing them. No, mostly not ghosts but somebody with uncontrolled behavior. The non-physical world is on a different reality level, right here. Not upwards or down or in the distance elsewhere. All worlds are connected as we are.

What is psychokinesis?

I could roam around this term but it has many subcategories like telekinesis or pyrokinesis. Nice terms to keep it cool. Psychokinesis is a nice collective term about what the non-physical mind through our physical body and brain device can cause to the external surroundings. It is real as the Sun on the sky. People will deny it because it doesn’t fits into “normal” mundane life.

I’ve read a story a year ago somewhere about a girl. She had so sudden pyrokinesis occurences that she caused fires at random places. I guess these events may make people think about what is actually REAL.

Some people have abilities, some haven’t seemingly. This means that we all have some abilities to a certain degree but some people can control them, some can close them out from childhood and some can’t control them at will. Most people don’t have them because they block them out. Many of us just never used them and/or blocked them out from childhood. Not the abilities themselves but our potential.

Our mind is capable of very interesting things if we learn to use it the proper way. It takes effort.


I guess if people hear this term, they will freak out of imagining bad ghosts roaming around wardrobes or tables and pushing them. The truth is and what I found out is that these psychokinetic movements are caused by the actual person, who is there. It is mostly true for children, who have strong emotional disturbances from various reasons. Great fear for example or emotional bursts.

Also what I found is that puberty is related to this. The transformation of the young child to a young adult so to speak. Fighting with the world.

Emotions are commands towards the non-physical

Emotions with added commands towards the non-physical world can do many interesting and horrible stuffs. Emotions can cause movements on physical objects which would not move in normal cicrumstances. Not some kind of spirits are doing that but you.

Emotions are subjective messages in a telepathic way. If you pack intention behind your messages, it can deliver interesting results into your life.

People who practice telekinesis and anything around do try to achieve these movements by years of practice but a very few found out that emotional charges are causing more end results.

Control your emotions, that’s the trick.

Why there is almost no Empathy and Compassion in most people?

People who are more self-aware than average, may experienced in their life that humans are lacking in empathy, compassion and many other important values. It is true for emotions, showing and receiving love and other values which make us non-physically developed. Not human but our deep self.

Human evolution doesn’t matter in this sense and it is just part of the physical game, how the physical vehicle looks like. Our true evolution and development is mirrored in these subjective values. If you choose love and kindness rather than negativity and selfishness, than you are on the right path. You become more resonant with your own non-physical source and we all have it.

Seeing regular people in our daily life

Whenever we are walking on a street, struggling with family members, being at work, we will see regular people. They are unable to express these values. Empathy in this civilization is less and less recommended value for individuals as the world itself is more complex and brainwashing.

People are rushing to work or rushing home, have no time for healthy eating, no emotions to express for others. We are bombarded with negativity and people are shouting at each other, punching each other, violence is everywhere. We are under high pressure.

No wonder how most people are losing themselves. It mostly starts with childhood and most of us are closing out any emotions and staying positive. It happens, this is human life. It can be tough.

People are arrogant and they will let you die on the street if it happens. Nobody tries to stand out not even for him/herself. Only a few rare will do it actually and the masses will point their fingers at them. This is today’s world.


Why people are like that?

I guess I don’t say anything new here. The most are just not ready for this. There are more important things for them like money and material wellness. Also being selfish and trying to get by on other’s losses.

Simply put, the value for this society is to try to get by no matter what. You need to close out your heart towards anybody and anything. It won’t cause anything good in the long run and people are denying themselves. Where will this lead them? Cancer and diseases.

You hurt somebody else? It is a mirror image and it is like you hurt yourself. This is not some kind of BS karmic thing but we are coming from the same kind of source originally.

The vast majority suffers from all kinds of mental illnesses because they don’t want to be themselves. Also they do the opposite of being open and kind. Suppressing emotions and anything which may open them up for others to harm them. It is your own choice.

Why empathy and compassion is so important?

Why using muscles are important? Because if you don’t use it, you lose it. The capability is there but you need to learn using them. Same for extrasensory abilities.

Feeling compassion towards an injured or suffering animal? You are on the right track in your evolution. It is important to have these abilities. I guess we can say that empathy and compassion is very similar if not the same.

I have empathy and any other positive values. I guarantee you, it is rare, people being able to use them and express them. If you can feel other’s emotions and struggle or maybe a melody from the radio, an actor from the screen, you have them. Same for other life forms. Some people are very sensitive to tune in with these abilities.

It is ridiculous but some people can’t even express laughter. But the most truly can’t open up their heart. This world is anything but openness in real values.

What to do?

First, don’t ever deny if you have any kinds of abilities like these. Listen to your feelings, open your heart. Ok people are assholes, so? Don’t get it so seriously. Then turn towards animals and practice with them. Tune into your feelings and see where it goes. ESP abilities can open up this way also.

Don’t be afraid of expressing your deep self. You need to show these abilities to others to help them grow up. These values are the most important things in human life with love, not objective things and power.

If you are afraid of expressing them, you can still keep them to yourself or to somebody whom you love.

Somebody needs to teach these to the most. Be yourself and stay happy.