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Insomnia – How to solve this problem?

Insomnia can be a real pain when we try to fall asleep and we can’t as we normally tend to. It can be caused by some sources and I’m no way an expert but trying to share what may work. In the distant past, I had it too but it seems to be easy to treat it once you identify the main cause. Mostly mind noise and worries are the root causes.

I can’t tell anybody what to do, how to deal with their life but I can give some tips which may help.

Medications, drugs

First of all, don’t use them to fall asleep. Sleeping is a natural thing, a habit which we tend to do almost every day. I know many people tend to use drugs and medicines. Most of them are bought as the doctor commands it. Unless you have pain and other complicated medical conditions, you normally don’t need any. If you have pain and physical conditions, there are still plenty of natural ways.

Same on bonus nutrients and mineral stuff, like amino acids and chemicals. You will mess up your brain’s chemistry for the long run if you don’t stop using them. Some people will use elements which we naturally make for our body inside our brain. Just don’t mess it up. Continuous using of these will have consequences. Daily meditation will cause greater positive effects on the other hand. Insomnia can be caused by these plus elements and substances which will mess up your brain. The brain is a mechanism which keeps the nervous system and your physical body functioning. You mess it up, you will suffer.

And btw doctors have no intention to keep you healthy, count this fact in.


Sleeping habits, time of the day

It can alter your sleeping patterns also whenever you mess up your natural bedtime and wake up routine. It could be from a new job in the morning or from the weather, napping in the afternoons or not falling asleep when you used to normally. Insomnia also can be caused by these chaotic sleeping habits.

Napping in the afternoon for half an hour or for an hour is ok. You can experiment with it. But count in that you won’t be so sleepy at night. I think it is much better if you have a physically stressful life, then it will definitely help. The natural human sleep comes when the daytime changes into night time and you will feel sleepy and tired. If you don’t fall asleep or you are messed up with your thoughts, worrying about daily kinds of stuff, you can reach the same goal.

Mind noise and mind chat in your head

As I stated previously, insomnia, in this case, can come from a noisy mind. You are just loaded with all sorts of thoughts, worries, tasks for the next day or emotional baggage. The best thing to do is stop talking to yourself and meditation is a great tool in this. You need to stop talking to yourself in your mind, worrying, thinking. You need to let a natural condition take over and you will fall asleep finally.

Btw you will instantly release all your thoughts and emotions in dreamland (non-physical world) and end up in nonsense scenarios where you are running away or experiencing nightmares too.

If it helps, you can stare into the blackness or stay in your head for half an hour or an hour with your closed eyelids and just try to stop your thoughts. Concentrate. If you are successful, you can now fall asleep.


In many cases, you can’t still fall asleep after this method also. Then just wake up and do something. Play a game on your phone or PC, read a book, do something which wears you off finally. Do whatever you can to occupy your focus and mind. This should work.

If you count or expect on these problems before your sleep, make a plan about eliminating the mind noise. For example, try to count down from 100 to 0. And just to mention, in MANY cases the mind noise from daily worries are causing sleep problems on which people will ask for medications from their doctor and still have no natural effect. Only poisoning yourself and messing up your brain’s behavior.

Sometimes it can happen also, that you try to fall asleep but the fight and flight process with your brain will cause it to force you to stay awake. Just think about it. If you don’t let yourself naturally dive into dreamland, insomnia takes over. Too much life problems mixing in your mind? Same route.

Structuring the Afterlife Regions, sort of

I think I should continue with an interesting topic, just like the Afterlife Regions. In non-physical communities and in people’s head, there is too much confusion about this issue. In humanity’s past, psychics and mediums were structuring the non-physical with planes and upper-lower structures. This is just an objectification about something which the early pioneers tried to explore and structure in their mind. It is useful indeed and was, but today, we have a better understanding of this.

If you find it more useful, look into the Focus Model and read about Focus 3. This is a group construct area, a vast place. And to state it, the most never even were humans yet. Don’t try to think in time durations, before-after terms because it is non-existent. We just try to grasp this idea as humans.

We are calling these places as Belief System Territories for a reason. You will see soon, why.

Astral World, Astral Planes – Really?

The “Astral” term is coming from this past era from hundreds or thousands of years ago when people had a way simpler mindset (maybe, who knows from lost materials) and they had no such concepts in their pockets which we have today. This went on until the 20th century. I can’t give you exact dates because, in my opinion, it is already irrelevant here.

So it is termed as Astral World, Astral Planes, Astral Projection, just as Afterlife, Belief System Territories etc. Well, we need to start somewhere. I don’t want to touch authors and others or discredit them so I won’t show names. But it is the same core term for the non-physical world.

The plane thing comes from a totally limited and objectified, mostly religious belief that there are 7 planes and subplanes etc. Also the same for energy bodies and mental and other bodies. I personally don’t believe in these. I hope what I try to tell here is clear. This plane thing is the same as for the scientists as “no, there are 11 dimensions” or “there are “21 dimensions” because the theory states THAT. This is the fact for some groups. For others, the plane thing. For other groups, the atmic and butthic and other planes. Seems to be very ridiculous but they are talking about the same thing.

Upper and Lower non-physical regions

Then there is another structuring which we also tend to use in non-physical groups (AP, OBE, phasing etc, practices and experiences). There are upper and lower regions or branches in the local non-physical world, at our local “Afterlife” system. Meanwhile, this structuring is only symbolic. You can’t really structure a relatively timeless and spaceless world with physical meanings because this is how people are interpreting it if they tend to do it.

Maybe Flatlanders will have a big problem with this. They are all over on our planet too.

To keep it short, upper means heavens and nice places, lower means the nasty places and where people are struggling and keep abusing themselves. This is now a strict fact. It exists, heavens and hells also BECAUSE people keep believing in them and dreamed them up with beliefs. Do you see my point here? Not belief itself is the problem. But that post-humans don’t realize that they are giving energy to these created worlds.

The Lower regions

It is a nasty place if not mundane. I know some people, also authors who were there and one of my friend who is projecting since his childhood and have 4 decades of experiences told and shared stories about being in these “badlands”. A wall full of screaming lost souls? Nasty.

You won’t ever touch these places if you don’t give energy towards them or you don’t believe in these. But still, you can get soul retrieval jobs to help out others. Well, as far as I know, if somebody has the capacity to help others out from these places, their guidance will grab the chance. Maybe you are rescuing another version of yourself with a great chance. Be proud if you did it successfully.

But I’m not spreading fear and never did. It is just a self-realization thing. If I were a religious leader, I would definitely say that you will burn in hell lol.  Don’t fear these places, fear needs to be faced. Our human life is partly about that too.

Maybe Flatlanders are also stuck in these “regions”. Those who realize their true, multidimensional nature. They are not open to much more. Same on Earth.


The Middle, Rehabilitation

To derive the “route” from the Focus Model, Focus 2 leads us here through the Transition Zone and some people can be stuck in the Void or 3D blackness. It can happen because they think they will cease to exist. But let’s continue.

As far as I know, there are many rehabilitation centers and places, schools to learn, where people can “heal” from their trauma of transitioning back if they need help. People died in cancer and all nasty and bad conditions, died in accidents can be found here. These hospitals and other nice grassy places, parks can be visited anytime while we are living physical life also with practice. These are only objective structures in a subjective world where we need these on a supply and demand basis.

Any places in the NP are serving the purpose of adjusting back to this world and plan out something other than what we lived up or experienced. No, not in a sequential manner, there is no time, remember that fact. Do you need some healing? Right, specialists will help you and you are free to go. Relatively. Some people will see them as angels, doctors, priests etc.

I wonder if the most humans would understand only this structured region and that nobody needs to fear death, what would happen in our world with this knowledge. But humans are in great fear. Not just from death but that they fear even the thought of “afterlife”. I guess this comes from the fact that people can’t let go their false self-identity, their religious beliefs which were implanted, thinking they are humans and hugging their accumulated material stuff. I guess human life is really addictive.

The Upper regions

This is the opposite, you will encounter post-humans and non-humans in a vast number who are still struggling to let go of their previous existence as a human but they are living the same lifestyle. They eat, sleep, work lol. This could be the neutral state. They don’t need to! You don’t have a body anymore, you have thoughts etc but because the most post-humans don’t want to change and because they are carrying the same mindset, they “can” choose to do the same. This is not a punishment, we are all doing this to ourselves. This is just a learning loop about ourselves.

Btw I was in many NP cities over my NP life and these people in these places will think I’m from “there”, a local. They can chase you if you kick up the rules or doing strange things. Many “dreamers” have no idea when they are messing with the locals and thinking this is just a “subconscious” game.

This Afterlife place is like that. You are free – even in the nasty places – to do and choose to live as you wish. Guidance won’t interfere, they can’t. This is our own learning path. Sometimes we need to do some jobs or learn, I guess this is decided by our other versions (guides).

If I missed the first part of the Upper regions topic, my bad, maybe sometimes I’m steering it up or missing some points. So the nicest places, cities, regions, anything is in the Upper region. But remember, the non-physical or Astral is endless. Only your imagination is the limit. People on the “highest” levels are the ones, who are “dead and proud of it”. Nice cities, places are there. They are training also themselves for another physical lifetime.

Now this is the real issue, these “people” are completely aware of that they are in the NP and they can still live a human life in cities but they can shred their post-existence off finally and move on to play with other things. Meanwhile, the other parts were not aware of anything. They are fully in their struggle or unchanged illusional mindset. We can call it a low and high vibrational structure.

The highest places are pure places and close to the level like Focus 4. I was there a few times but I’m still not sure about which level was that. Of course, there are no levels, we just structure it that way. There are pure light based places without observable forms. Or if there are forms, they are the “highest” in this sense.


Where you will end up? It is mostly up to your resonant beliefs and mindset. You can believe in all nonsense of satanic and bad places but if you are a good-hearted person, you will not get close to badlands. I guess this is clear enough. The Afterlife is a vast place which we created all together to help ourselves adjusting back. Like a middle place for using physical lives and resting.

Nobody needs to fear anything because even if they end up in the nasty regions, they can choose to stop what they are doing and ask for help! Then help will come soon. I repeat it, I’m not spreading fear, this is an observable fact, projectors can visit these places. Even dreamers with enough lucidity or without intention.

Beliefs are needed to live physical life but they need to be eliminated upon returning to the non-physical or Astral world. Physical life gives this chance to do it while we are intensively focusing on our daily life. These are already observable facts as projecting is a popular fashion these days and being more aware.

What is a Sleep Class in Dreamland?

Yes, sleep class in the non-physical world or so-called “dreamland”. It is rarely discussed and I guess not so many people know about this experience but I will share some insights about what I know about it. And indeed I was and maybe you were in countless ones.

Let’s see what is a sleep class and what do people or any physically living entity experiences it, like us.

Sleep Class is something like a waiting process

Whenever we fall asleep, almost always we get a blackout period. I tried to search on this, having chat with some friends about non-physical stuffs and also on my journeys. I guess this issue needs some personal answers for me later. But if you tend to blackout, your conscious awareness is relatively offline. I mean, you are unaware of what you are doing. Billions are not even aware without a sleep class also. Just they have no intent for this.

Your consciousness keeps experiencing in other realities, using other bodies or perception, using up parallel lives also. You can switch into them to try them. But to keep it short, as we fall asleep normally, there is some kind of repair or downloading process, which is a pure guess even for the best projectors. But sleep class is a sure thing.

Many many, countless humans (or others if not humans) are in some sort of classes. And if I say, class, imagine a normal school class with chairs and desks. You are there but chances are, you are unaware fully of your experiences. Maybe you catch one consciously at the end. Many people are learning at this point whatever they get. Many entities in the NP are teaching others. Why? Because they need it, those who are still learning about multidimensional life, their nature of this and about themselves. If I could say, almost the same as dream simulations.

If you are unaware of this process, it won’t mean you didn’t do anything there. Remember, you are multidimensional, you WERE aware but have no intent to remember. It is confusing, I know.

sleep class

Why are you unaware of this experience?

Well, with practice, you can still sit in some and realize you are “there”, other than your physical world. I can’t count how many times I experienced one and walked out. It can be just a simulation if not a real classroom, you will know it with practice. LD tools will help surely. Just don’t hurt others and insult them, not even if they are assholes. But at these places, people are normal.

The root cause is just a bad habit. We are conditioned by our infant ages that we will fall asleep because the next day awaits for us (more brainwashing, mmmm, love it). This goes on and on for years and decades, it will be a habit. Same for the most, who are unaware even that they are “dreaming”.

And I need to repeat, you don’t need to be aware if you don’t want to. Personal development is not for everybody in a conscious form. This is just one opportunity. If somebody is interested in these, he/she will dig into that. Common sense.

What about practiced projectors?

If somebody is a well-practiced projector, he/she can still project into a classroom. Don’t forget that time is non-existent in the Wider Reality, you will just go into one with some others. There are many personal stories on the web, where some people are sitting together in a classroom and learning about (for example) thoughts and what they are causing. Some teacher characters will be there waiting for you. A form is just a form.

Sometimes I tend to teach others in the same manner, not in a class but personally. Funny how our multidimensional life works, isn’t it? You share what you got. People, who are always aware of their NP life, will surely notice these things like me. And we are learning about these endlessly, it won’t end in one weekend or in a decade.

But what I tried to point out is that projectors don’t need to blackout if they can project directly into Focus 3 or Focus 2. It takes years, even a decade of practice for trial and error for the most. But it worths it. You have the advantage to pass the in-between process and keep your awareness online. But it is really hard to figure it out for yourself.

To sum this up, if you imagine how a sleep class looks like, people are relatively sleeping somewhere in the non-physical world, in buildings, facilities, at desks lol. You can even believe from your thoughts that you are sitting with familiar people. Funny, isn’t it?

Is a Lucid Dream even real? Everything is real!

Many many people tend to question the realness of Dreams, Lucid Dreams, Vivid Dreams, even Astral Projections, OBE’s, NDE’s, anything around. I just wonder why? You are there, you see the realness and whenever you return back to the physical world, you wash it off. I could say, well, I was in the same shoes a long time ago but not really.

From my early childhood, I was always a conscious non-physical experiencer in Lucid Dream format. With years of knowledge and learning about anything I could accumulate, I knew what it was about. Of course, what you can gather from various sources, most of them are useless.

I totally understand why people tend to think something is not real, even when it is much real than the physical world. Like a non-physical guide talking to you or staring into your face, it is as physical as it can be. So, it can be much real because the physical universe (this one for example) is just a training system from countless ones. An end result in which we use intensive focus on our primary “life”. But what the most learned in their life will limit them down very strongly. You deny it, it won’t reveal itself.

Dreams… wait a minute what seems to be the Dream or Lucid Dream?

So, to keep it short as an explanation, you are in the non-physical world where dreams are played out in different forms. Forget symbolism, it won’t answer a thing or rarely. Simulations as a training for you directly, living up some fears or previous days, being in existing physical and non-physical places etc. The variations are endless and you are spamming these experiences with your thoughts and emotions. It is instant, you won’t realize it without practice. You release a slight emotion, the scenery will change.

So our perspective is that if we are in a fully conscious experience (dream), it feels solid, physical, “real”, right? It IS real. I don’t know how many times I told this as a help to people, realizing their experiences. It is real and they will deny it upon waking up here. It doesn’t fit into their limited understanding.

You are there and your physical life is the dream. You just don’t use those memory sets because if you did, you would suddenly wake up. Your thoughts about the physical life will act as a magnet. They will suddenly pull your consciousness back to your body to keep it operating again with you as the master.

If you are awake “here”, then dreamworld is unreal. This is a wrong habit and people are living in denial. You need hundreds of experiences to convince yourself believing that it IS real and always was. Falling asleep equals waking up to your true nature “there”. The physical life is a facade, just a training ground for our consciousness but we tend to stuck with objectivity and the illusion.

Same as thinking as science does that we are the center of the Universe and everything is beyond and far in the distance and that everything comes from this physical Universe, right? Quite the opposite.

lucid dream

How this realness problem and denying dreams will cause confusion after physical “death”

No wonder how billions will still think they are human beings. They never trained themselves to be aware of their true nature in the non-physical world while living a human life, they will end up in confusion after their physical “death” and being totally lost and attached to human nature. This will end in living in various heavens and hells until they get bored and continue the same life, building cities and living the same way lol.

We have the opportunity to explore our true nature via dreams. The word “dream” is a misleading label and people are just starting to learn about them these decades. If not learning, then waiting as an immature child for somebody to explain them, like me or others.

I need to add that this awareness thing is NOT for everybody. Most can’t handle this. They just need a simple human life and go back.

Lucid Dream is just one label to explain the realness of being in another reality frame

It is called – I guess – lucid dream because people will feel it real and some people created a nice term for it. Of course, it is real. People will test the environment, do childish things like hurting the locals (if they are in existing places), use superpowers, flying, kicking, going through walls, messing up the environment etc. The most won’t realize what they are doing and don’t want to. Why I find this important? Because they will cause their own confusion and nightmares.

The realness will depend on your awareness level. If you are not well-trained with zero knowledge about where you are or what you are doing, your progress will just stagnate. You are never alone, it just feels that way. We are helping each other on all levels of existence in many forms.

The Wider Reality (from where we are jumping into physical universes) wants you to develop and grow up, face your fears, become aware of your true nature. Our true nature is NOT about being a physical human or any other lifeforms. We are multidimensional and some people slowly start to realize this fact. But the most won’t ever, not in a thousand other lifetimes.

You may find my other post useful about this multidimensional thing here, or browse the bookstore.


If you stay open or become open about what is real or possible, you will realize this soon and open up new doors for yourself. Btw I find it funny that dreaming itself is for everybody and people are just not really interested in a natural thing. Many people don’t even have conscious dreams, just nothingness. Maybe social conditioning and believing in a brain-consciousness model makes this out of the most. Or thinking that a “subconscious” concept rules you.

Btw many many people will just deny their experiences because they are nightmares, experiencing their own fears and they DON’T want to face them.

People having NDE, OBE, projection or any sorts of altered states still tend to question the realness. Some people can’t be helped but need just more of these to realize the realness. Well, we need many experiences surely to help us decide the realness.

Is Death even real? And what happens “after” it?

As I mentioned the Death process before as a manmade concept about how it works or what it is, I thought about touching this topic again to help understanding it. Death is just the same illusion as the birth process.

You are slowly turning your focus into a physical world, forgetting your true self to get used to a physical world once more in a chosen body. You need this process to get lost of your true nature and concentrate on your “life”. At death, that is the exit point, shredding down the physical focus to let go of the post-human existence and adjusting back to the non-physical world from where all physical universes are stemming. Let’s see some insights about death.

Death is the illusion about finishing your job here

We are doing this all the time, even while we are asleep. Most people are unconscious, some are trained like me to be aware of their non-physical life while the body sleeps. Whenever you finish your simulations or real adventures and experiences in parallel worlds, non-physical cities or just in your personal mind area (Focus 2), you are coming back here. The physical world is your primary focus state so it will pull you back symbolically as a magnet sooner or later.


So in this sense, it is partly real, partly not. It is real even as a physical process because it is part of an objective reality and the exit process. It can be painful or sudden. You can die million times until your last years each night in this same sense and wake up here in this universe. This is normal.

But in the past and from the beginning of humanity we tried to explain what is before and after, right? It is because we are not thinking outside of the linear timeframe and humanity tends to think from an Earth- and self-centric viewpoint. We tend to think (ok not me) that everything needs to stem from us or from this universe, which makes endless useless theories and anything around about our true nature, origins, what is “beyond” etc. But let’s talk about death. And never take my words as a personal threat.

It is a process, the closing of a “life” event. You can’t just stay in any Universe forever, it would be meaningless, we are not physical beings at all. We are doing this endlessly, using up Universes for learning and growing. We are together in a consensus reality.

Universes are BUILT by us on a higher level of existence for this purpose. To create life and experience it and anything around.

After death, there is life

Well, without death we couldn’t appreciate life, right? Dualism…

This is the scary part for most. If not religion, then the unknown will scare the crap out of people thinking about it and experiencing it. Many people are denying even Afterlife with huge fear. They don’t know a thing and theorizing is useless. So self-education with an open and passive mindset is the best but everybody needs to help themselves.

If we just keep that open mind enough wide instead of box thinking, we need to just eliminate the birth and death concept and see how otherworldly the whole picture is. You were never more alive or dead here than there. You can be even more alive in your dream life because you are partly “home”. Same true for paranormal stuff. Para-what? It will be the natural thing if you touch that world.

Our mindset will cause limitations. The heavy limitation is there from birth. Not so many people will stay themselves and find their way out of lies, that’s the fact in this world. I think the best mindset is in a child’s mind, who is relatively unlimited in the early years until parents will deform them and society with school. So after death, you are just more aware of yourself, again.


You switch into the endless non-physical world and remember your true self. Not really true for everybody. Countless “people” will continue their suffering and misery, this can be called like heaven and hell because they are real. They are real because humans created them. Remember that it is now a thought responsive world and each of us are gravitating towards our greatest beliefs. We have time to work on them. A “Heaven” can be even hellish because you will be stuck there, thinking you were right and it is the “end”.

The “after” and “before” is meaningless btw because there is no time in our original world. All lives are played out right now. You can meet another version of yourself via Astral Projection, OBE, Phasing, Dreams etc.

If you need to grab out one thing from this post is that you will stay the same “there” as here, until you decide to stop it and open up for endlessly more. You are not a human being there.

Here? It is just part of the game. It is addictive and the most will stay the same for a long time in physical terms. If you are open-minded, keep it this way with passivity and just be curious always. Question everything and test the results. Not like somebody who denies everything, just with common sense.

I want You to Smile! Be happy each day!

I know, I know, this post seems to be out of ordinary but what is not like that, reading my articles and thoughts? I thought this post will cheer up people on a bad day, sharing my thoughts.

You know dear Reader, life is short. You look back on your decades which were maybe some moments, thinking back. Some people will last for 80-90 years in pain and some will pass back to the non-physical world half the way. But do people really like their life? Do they really like themselves?

Life is short, make it happy!

Think about it each day and this is an inspirational message. Smile and make your days better. Use imagination, live your life as an infant or child each day. It is a hard, very hard challenge, even for me but I can still inspire others in this. Why not?

Smile each day my friend and live your life as you would like to and not like others want you to live it. Don’t be a people pleaser and don’t accept the system which dictates how you need to break down in working through your life without any use.


Stay yourself and live this reality like a child who just started it out. Let go of childhood abusements, bad events, and memories, things which were sad and cruel. Let go of adulthood for some time and enjoy yourself. Smile into the mirror, smile to yourself, smile at others and be kind. Use your heart! Use your imagination to create a better world around you. Don’t give attention to negative people, acknowledge it, let it go.

Life is short, we should enjoy our physical existence much better. This world sucks, let’s admit it. Cruel, full of misery, pain, fear, egoism and money chasing. Turn away from them even for 10 minutes a day and practice it.

Remember, your life is yours. The only thing which you will bring back to the non-physical world or “afterlife” is your lessons, your mental state, your beliefs, memories and what person you became. Think about it.

I hope this post will help some people whenever they will read it and I will inspire them. My site is all about helping people finding the order in the chaos and helping them find “the” answers about life. In my personal life, I like to cheer people up, even if my jokes are bad. So enjoy your life a little bit more each day, it doesn’t need to be bad or sad  : )

Communication in Dreamland – How it works?

Communication in the Dreamworld is not working the way what people imagine with human thinking. I thought this will be a great explanation about how we are communicating there. No matter how we get there into the non-physical world, where dreams are taking place. I need to repeat this statement many times to help people realize where they are and that everything is real. Sorry about that : )

We can go there via normal sleep, becoming fully conscious with practice. Or we can practice Astral Projection, Phasing, Remote Viewing, Out-of-Body Experience etc whatever fits your method and they are taking place there. But how do we communicate in the non-physical world? Not the way people tend to think as humans right now. It seems physical but because this is what we learned in our world as we need a “language” nation by nation.

How the NP works in this case?

So you have a full awareness like dream state, people call it Lucid Dream and you will interact with local entities or with anybody, maybe with just a belief construct like an angel or alien. It doesn’t matter. You don’t need to be fully aware because it needs years of practice to stay calm and grounded without releasing thoughts in a thought responsive world.

As you are “there” in another reality frame (other than your original physical one), you can speak, hear, see, touch, smell. You can copy all your original 5 senses. The paradox in this is that you are generating a body each time without knowing about it but it can be always different. It varies on expectations. You can be an alien, an animal, your original self, a globe of consciousness etc. No wonder how people are misinterpreting all sorts of encounters with aliens and animals lol. Expectations…

So speaking is non-existent there. Everybody, each entity with or without a form are using telepathy, that is the natural communication tool. They read your mind, you can also with practice. The translation to your language is instant and takes place naturally. Your own filter according to your expectations is doing it. I’m not talking about parallel lives and acting in them right now but they are working like the physical world obviously. Sometimes you just don’t know where you are.

For example, I’m Hungarian and for me, it is Hungarian. But I can still hear and talk in English because I have practice in it from decades. This is automatic, it is up to me and my reaction. Also, I’m well experienced in many types of “talking”. It can be funny. For newbies, it is horrible and frightening, they never got used to it.


Vocal Cords? Not really…

You tend to think you will use your vocal cords for communication. Wrong lol. You have no body, just the illusion of it. You are not using a cord to vibrate the air. The ground rules are non-existent according to physical universes. It is just not like that, it feels like that. The fact that it feels so real and physical proves that everything is real. More real many times with proper awareness because our physical focus is persistent and too intense.

There are two scenarios. You can still feel you are opening and closing your actual mouth, forming words, shouting. Sometimes you will fail with this soon. Other times you are not even speaking with anything, but it feels like you ARE speaking in your head.

Of course, you don’t have a head but you are chatting in your mind and others will “hear” it. I guess you got my point here. This is our original and natural world and circumstances. In physical worlds whenever we are “born” again with a body, we need to adjust to it and learn using a physical vehicle with our consciousness. There, we no longer need a body. Well, it will happen – this realization – at least after physical death, right?

Funny things can happen whenever people try to shout in great fear from stupid fear tests (nightmares) and they can’t say anything. They won’t have a mouth or voice. Most people never got used to this thing because they are unaware of their non-physical life via sleep. That is the normal thing in our world.

Information is a condense thing there

To communicate as a natural non-physical entity, no matter you have a vocal cord, a mouth to speak with or just your thoughts to shout them or talk to yourself as a commentary, it is telepathy. Your expectations will initially tell you that you are still acting physically. If you would see the real NP, it would be an endless empty space (not all of it) like the 3D void in Focus 2. Btw communication is not just about talking, it can be symbolic as many people tend to experience it. Symbols, impressions, colors, forms of many kinds, there are no limits. I’m just talking about the vocal cord thing.

If somebody communicates with you, they still need to adjust to your limited perception and limit down their information. If not, then you are limiting and filtering it down with your own thinking. This is automatic also. Many times information packages are given to us in a very condensed form and we will have the whole information in small steps, even in daily life. Just popping into our “head” as an answer to a problem or something which was there but you can now reach out for more.

In the end, it is telepathy and in our physical world, humanity is just starting to understand it, if not practicing or denying it. Some people CAN use it and it can be a very freaky thing, practicing it with somebody who is unaware of this and you can hear his/her thoughts. There is much more to life, huh?

Distance Healing, Remote Healing – How it works?

Distance healing or remote healing is a really interesting thing, defying physical distance and time. Both are illusions basically, parts of the physical life game but people are able to heal others and themselves with strong focused intent indeed. Some people will deny this phenomenon or abilities like Auric Sight or Out-of-Body Experience, Telekinesis but everything is possible whatever we heard from many sources. We are just blocking out the potential with our beliefs.

The key thing here is in my opinion, not the belief itself. It is just a tool for yourself to convince your ability, your power. I think the key in this according to my researches and experimentations is a strong, focused intent. It is the same principle for any goals in life and for non-physical traveling with your mind.

How distance healing or remote healing works?

Let’s take into account those countless diaries, stories, and miracle-like events whenever one individual or some people could heal somebody in the distance or help him/her in healing. Forget religious materials, there is no such thing as holy and miracle lol. Just a little understanding towards a big system. Healing can be instant also but it is a little bit complicated to explain here.

These stories will make skeptics and materialist, scientific thinking people question what is possible or maybe the most will deny this. I admit that it takes many experiences or pieces of evidence to make yourself convinced how stuff like distance healing is even possible. Some people will deny everything because it is generating fear in them or they just simply don’t believe in them. Not even when the pieces of evidence are shown in their faces.

We tend to think in distances, kilometers, miles, even light years. But because our subplane called physical Universe is just one “subset” from the non-physical world and because everything will manifest itself into a dense matter (physical matter) towards any physical systems, space and time are relatively meaningless in these cases. They are of course real to a degree and we have trouble with them. But this method works like any other phenomenon because you are using your non-physical mind (you as the observer) or people are using their mind, their mental power to affect other’s physical vehicle. Strong intent.

distance healing

The healing itself is not always taking place

This is a two-edged sword. You can affect other’s healing process if they started it or want to be healed. The negative side if the other person is abusing him/herself and doesn’t want to be healed deeply or be in perfect mental and physical health. Mental health is the starting point if somebody will abuse him/herself, the first filter towards the physical world is their own physical body. If they don’t stop it, the vehicle itself will have energy blocks and degenerations. Later, physical problems and surgeries. The medical industry will affect them and they are in a trap.

So the process is up on the other side too. If somebody is abusing their body and their mental health is getting worse… no matter how many people try to do it, it won’t do a thing. Maybe someday the actual person wakes up with ease and happiness until the self-abusing takes over again from habit. Same for cancer healing. People are doing it mostly with natural conditions to themselves it will come back. External circumstances CAN occur to kickstart it but this is another story.

The distance is meaningless

So it takes place instantly as soon as somebody is doing it. How? Closing your eyes and doing creative work. There are many ways, the most popular is Reiki healing but I don’t accept this idea, too religious and too many people are doing it that way – besides it is their thing. The distance itself is not an option because consciousness is everywhere and everything, even a lifeless rock is based on this fundamental rule.  Consciousness is basically effecting everything instantly but in our dimension it is slow. In the non-physical world or “Dreamland”, it is instant.

Time is the same issue. You close our eyes, visualizing any colored energy, what you are giving towards a visualized person and it is just an exercise. Your intent will do the thing and the creative work. Giving positive energy to others can deplete you but it is the best to do it in moderation.

The Wider Reality may help in this too. Some people will work with other entities, many won’t, just alone seemingly. But we are doing this in a cooperative way and good intentions are honored in other ways in life. Don’t ask for reward in return, do it from fun and kindness.


So, basically, these are the mechanics behind the scenes. Consciousness (you, me, anybody else as a pure energy being inhabiting a physical focus) affecting anybody and anything. Free will still play a key role in this because if – as I mentioned above – somebody wants to be in misery, you need to let them go and leave them alone. Everybody has their own path and most likes to suffer. Well, the biggest lessons and rewards, in the end, are coming from the biggest miseries after the physical life. Learning from mistakes.

And yes, you CAN heal yourself if you changed your thinking and found a positive outlook in life. The hardest thing is changing.

Looking for Supporters and Sharers on Daily-Spirit.com!

Dear Readers!

I’m aware that many people are reading my blog each day since it began and I tried to keep up with many articles. Some are about general life and physical issues, mental issues and the site is mostly about non-physical experiences and phenomenon. I’m writing this post because I need to make certain issues clear about my aim and the site itself. The original one.

Originally, I started this blog to share my personal and gathered knowledge and make some income from it. I won’t cover this intention, who would like to kill in long long months of work for nothing? In the beginning, I tried to keep up, flushing up big quantities (and qualities) of great posts. Later I tried to organize them as best as I can, making new and new groups. You know, Reader-friendly and not messy. Mistakes and edits later.

For monetization, I’m NOT a fan of social media (I know what it does to people) and I tried some other tools, finally I stopped the whole thing, set up the Donation menu which nobody touched besides some own friends. I was thinking as my mood went down to only a few posts per month for now about what to do, why should I continue?

How the most don’t want to learn on their own about themselves

I know these topics what I share are just starting to be popular these decades and people are just starting to learn about them. Groups are people in their teens, 20-30’s and even people in old age too. I know many, I talked with hundreds of them, using Reddit. Not the best place to do this (and I deleted myself avoiding that useless pressure about seeing how most don’t need solution), people are flushing up their cries and misery there without the intent to help even themselves. Not doing an inch of research on their own. I helped out over 500+ people passively or actively over the months and I tried to redirect many of them here. Well, I guess this is the number 1 case, why my traffic is doubled over the months.

I like it and I was happy but one thing never changed and which made me upset many times about my work. Btw, I saw the daily traffic, readers, that many people are consuming my site and that’s all. I was expecting a much better outcome if you know, what I mean here. I was thinking and tried out, helping with personal training about meditation, Astral Projection or OBE and others but people tend to just give up. Mental health? People won’t try to solve them (starting with nightmares).

Don’t f***ing give up, come on! Be one who wants to achieve more to life! Sorry bad language, baaad : ) People who are practicing all sorts of altered states are not achieving their goals overnight (rarely) but under years and decades. In this civilization, people will give up fast and try to grab their share also fast to fool others. I’m not doing this kind of thing. THIS IS ALL about our true nature and our role, why we came to physical life, what we are doing in a physical world, what is beyond. I think people can’t think outside their physical boundaries and are in fear. I answer almost all the most fundamental questions.

From time to time, people found me via comments and private messages via emails. And on Reddit under the posts with replies and personally with Direct Messages. I’ve met so many nice people virtually and helped them out, they were so grateful and some were making friendships for a little while with me (or me with them). Some assholes too, they were banned lol. But this work from friendliness and just helping others out is very tiring over time and maybe some people can understand my point.

Update: after my third account on Reddit, I finished there (again?), closed my account. What I found is that people enjoy having nightmares deep inside or having unanswered “psychic” problems, mental instability. They cry out for help, I gave it, they don’t give a damn. Yes, I know that Reddit is mostly for teens to vent.

My books on the Amazon market

I’ve written books also, four of them, the Bookstore is there to check it out. People were jumping on the free deals on Amazon Kindle KDP deals and downloaded 50-100 of each of them in those periods but that was all with some real sales. I could ask, then what do people want in their life? I guess the most tend to think in religious terms and tend to gravitate towards mystical, mediumistic, angelic nonsense because that IS THE POPULAR, not real knowledge what I and my fellow non-physical travelers are finding out by themselves.

With the respect that everybody is free to do and believe whatever they would like to, I didn’t feel that my work is valued so much. Like a stagnation. My role here and with this site is to lead people OUT from misinformation. And to help them realize how much more is out there which they don’t know. Many times I answer your deepest questions about life.

What do you think?

Btw Thanks for many Readers with their helping words and acts from the months and this post is not about anything negative, I needed to just write this out to help you understand my feelings towards my efforts. I’m aware that many people would like to learn what they can.

I hope this site will grow much bigger over time but in these weeks, I just don’t have any intention and mood to write more and what I mentioned above made me act on locking down most of the posts to make people realize their value.

You are free to contact me anytime or comment. I wish people would appreciate real help more in life. Confute me that my knowledge and the site aren’t worth the effort. If this post made people think a little bit and it improves, the site will become totally free. Well, I left it for free.

The site passed over 25000+ visitors, 96000+ pageviews and many personal contacts were received since the beginning (since the one year period). This won’t be shown in score sites and neither in Google.

The option to support me is there. It was there the whole time. Did I make a mistake to think people appreciate the shared knowledge here?

These are not my final words, don’t look at it as something world’s end.

Edited on 2nd of october in 2018.

Why proper Breathing in Meditation is very important for any issues?

There are many methods for meditation to let deepen the state when people are trying to get lost of present life problems, silencing the mind or just being in peace for a while. Proper breathing is one of the most important tool for attaining a deep state where our mind is silent or we are just in our own “head” without the outer world’s daily problems.

Why do we need to use deep breaths in certain cases? Btw why do we need to breathe deeply? Well, we don’t need to, this is just a technique to go deeper enough to silence your mind or move your energies. Altered states of your consciousness can be reached by this technique.

Breathing is like going deeper into yourself

Proper deep breathing in a slow manner will have the effect of becoming deeply relaxed because it starts with the physical brain device. Then it goes down to all body parts. You will exist in your head in the darkness and become a point of consciousness.

I’m warning you, don’t go too deep if you are not familiar with non-physical traveling, mentioned below. Move your body parts sometimes.

What happens is, if you start to breathe deeply as a habit or you are just experimenting with it, you will experience non-physical issues. Some people won’t, I know about it. But whenever somebody (most people) doesn’t know a thing about what is beyond the physical world and around the sleep state, it can be frightening for the first few or dozen times.

Deeply breathing will cause a certain brainwave change in your physical vehicle where you are still aware but your brain will start to shut down the body. It happens naturally whenever you fall asleep normally. You will still be aware and maybe get some meditational sensations too. Some practitioners in practicing Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience and others can experience those but they are just signposts.

So in a nutshell, you will go deeply into a self-hypnosis like a state where you can concentrate on your thoughts or ignore them. Mostly, meditation is about ignoring the external reality, stopping mind chat and learning to focus on one thing.


Meditation is about relaxation

This topic is not about meditation itself but deep breathing will be strongly related to it. You can do it not just on your back but on one foot too. So as you start to breathe deeply, relaxation will take over your body and it slowly shots down. If you are physically tired, it is fast with practice. It can lead you to the borderline of the sleep state.

You can get sleep paralysis also, but the thing is, you may go too deep and all sorts of kinds of stuff could happen. Ignore them and if you think you are too deep, just move your body parts and don’t panic. It is a natural process and you become aware of that. Just relax and breathe deeply.

It can move your energies, start to heal yourself, look into your problems

And indeed, you will have the chance to slow down, stop focusing so intensively towards the external world and pay attention to yourself, your thoughts. Meditation is about this too. Observe your thoughts and with deep breathing, you can track back your life problems and sources of anger, anxiety, fears etc.

You can move your energies with this “technique”, heal your organs, body parts over time and effort. You can feel the energy going through you from the non-physical source, you own energy supply, moving here and there.

People can cure their own cancer this way IF they tracked back their mental problems and stopped doing them!

You can also just slow down from daily life and stop loading big pressure on your shoulders. You will see how unreal those problems are.

Just look into your thoughts with closed eyes and observe them. Deep breathing will cause a peak relaxation which will close out the body focus and you can concentrate on one thing. It is hard for the most because we are living in information overload and brainwashing from everywhere. We can’t concentrate on one thing. Make this a daily habit, once every day for 10-20 minutes or more and see the benefits.