My Stories

The “My Stories” section is a new one and I made up my mind to sometimes write about my personal experiences here to show people how real it is to walk and act in the non-physical world. You can do this consciously in simulations, made by your guides where if you work them out and elevate your awareness, you can be free. Or you can walk in existing non-physical or “Afterlife” places where you can observe the environment, try some tricks and test places or chat with locals. Just a few things from the many which you can try out.

The simulations are NOT in your head or brain or whatever Millenials and older people without trying to think outside the indoctrination box believe, it is in the non-physical, at a different place when you are asleep. They are simulations as a label because you are trained and shown tasks and lessons all the time but we experience them in a thought responsive environments and via human-like objectified sceneries. Many people can’t digest this in our world and human nature tells that we are so egotists that we control and do everything. We are not.

I’m only doing this partially personal thing for the purpose to help people realize that what I share is real, you can test it and you can have your own experiences. I need to make it clear that the site is not built for me or it is not really about me. I know that many want to follow a show or other’s private life but forget it. My goal is not to be famous, just to share real things and educate people about how our Wider Reality works and how little we know about life and the real world around us. Actually, the real world is not about the physical Universe, there is much more to it other than what we mundanely experience daytime. Most people in our world grows up and thinks that there is this world around us and everything comes out from our perception and everything is beyond and in the distance. Many can’t change their perception and clings to science and other religions.

Most people lack critical thinking, common sense, proper usage of intelligence and emotional passivity.

And I need to admit that many times it just wears me off and I’m uncomfortable to even write on the site or share personal things. So I don’t know if I will do it frequently. And I don’t want to lie anybody about anything, so it is real. I gave in tons of work already to my site and for others personally.

I can’t help people who are still believing that this is unreal, physical, weird or confusing because most are beginners without the proper amount of personal experiences, they can’t drop their beliefs and expectations and also people who defend scientific views can’t also experience more or open up for the real things because they are blind from their own religion. The younger generation has a very hard time letting go of all the BS which they believe is real or helps them in life. Many are scientific-based in their worldview and tries to debate to defend their ego, to avoid being hurt. This is not their place.