The WORKSHOP menu serves the purpose of helping You out in whatever I’m capable of or have insights from and about life here and beyond in the Wider Reality. You can call me a mentor or a friend, I just like to solve problems and did for many people for free until now.

You ask me privately for help first and it has a certain fee. For this help in exchange, I will charge you but I will also in return feel your problem my priority and I will help you as best as I can to solve it. If I can’t help you out with your Personal Workshop, I will let you know. The chances are big if you read my articles and ebooks and you are interested in these or “spirituality”, we can do it.

The payment is done via the Donation menu and you can also Support me privately whenever you feel that way. I will be happy.

The Workshop fee is paid once via Donation and it is 10 USD right now for each workshop or process – this is the new price!

For personal reference, I helped out hundreds of people on Reddit privately in early 2018. and lastly, on Quora publicly. I would advise a first personal chat and let me know you on a basic level, then I can do my job. I don’t force myself on you or my ego, it is not like that. You need help, I have knowledge in exchange to share and if it works, we are both happy, right?

Before I encounter complaining people, this is a service. End of story. I don’t help who don’t want to even change a bit. Judging me won’t solve problems in life and the style I write don’t tell me a bit about me also. In this case, I don’t work with anybody for a reason.

Here are the subjects I can help you with:

  1. Dreams and Nightmares, night terrors, sleep paralysis events, frightening and repeated life situations, reoccurring events and solving them on a longer term.
  2. Fears based problems in your life or with fear itself, solving these problems.
  3. Learning about and understanding Dreams, Lucid Dreams, Vivid Dreams, Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experiences, Phasing, other altered states, leading you into this world and keeping you on track
  4. Personal training in any of these for a longer term.
  5. Non-physical development, realizing your true self, realizing your dream life, becoming aware of your true self, sharing knowledge if I can.
  6. Understanding life in our physical world, solving life situations, understanding life tests, and the Wider Reality, the Multiverse, parallel lives, etc.
  7. Changing your life with manifestation methods and with some tools which I can give you privately.
  8. Or just advice about anything around what I share and talk about on my blog, about life and beyond, about my ebooks etc.
  9. Mental problems, diseases, and illnesses, cancer, their root cause for you or loved ones and friends, how to solve them, what are causing them.
  10. Learning self-control, emotional control, thought control, detaching from the external world to find your way.
  11. Becoming a more advanced person for your Afterlife, avoiding pitfalls or traps in an endless non-physical environment – because you will stay the same if you don’t change in thinking.
  12. Learning Astral Projection or having OBE, Phasing, with my suggestions and with big patience.
  13. Meeting with spirit or non-physical guides in Dreamland and contacting with “dead” relatives – it is not so easy and not what you’ve read on other sites and in books full of misleading stuff!
  14. Become more “spiritual” or rather more tune with your true nature and non-physical self, not in a new age sense as a religion but for real.
  15. Find your way out from bad life situations, non-existent karma.

Some thoughts on the Workshop menu

Try me, try to change yourself if you need personal help, to change your life, change your thinking, get personal development help and many more. Try it and see if it helps.

Use the Contact Me menu for this purpose with your Nickname or Real Name and tell me your story. I already did this service for free until now for people who suddenly wrote on me because I inspired them to the highs and I was surprised. I like it btw when it happens. Give it a shot. I can help you if you let me know the issue and I have knowledge about it either.

People who are not willing to learn, even on their own or trying to criticize other’s help won’t really go further from the first step. I just let people know about this attitude. I can’t help these kinds of people, but with a great chance, you are not like that.

Please, share the site with your friends. And imagine yourself in my position, I helped hundreds of people out freely, with energy drain and never asked for anything in return. This is a serious thing, I hope people want to change and learn because NOBODY wants to solve their own problem, even those neither who are crying out for help. So much crap is out there and people are confused with false beliefs.

Edited on 8th of January in 2019.