The Wider Reality

The Wider Reality seems like a fancy word combination but it means that what the physical plane or the world in which billions are living in is nothing more than a well-planned illusion by each of us in a much bigger scale of perspective and which we call the non-physical world.

Here I will share my knowledge and understanding of this world, which is timeless, endless and also without space. We are coming from this World and not the other way around as many brainwashed indoctrinated people believe. One of today world’s biggest problems is that people tend to think that everything revolves around Earth symbolically and there is nothing else “beyond” this life. Furthermore, people are spreading fear between each other, which they learned from birth, from their parents, in school, in churches, from science, etc. There is nothing wrong believing in anything until people are suffering from their own delusions.

The Wider Reality explains the most important personal questions for each individual IF they make up their mind to make researches, explore the non-physical world with various tools, and see what is what. I can help with this issue here until a certain degree of course.

False knowledge and control gives widespread fear globally and shakes people’s life into an illusion that what is real (what other’s told them) and what is not. The worst fear of this is death – people are just unable to think multi-dimensionally and this causes to think self-centered, denying just anything which is outside our basic knowledge, which in my opinion is useless. I’m talking about what we are learning from birth. Grow up, be a robot as accepting anything which is told, be a slave of working for others and exit this life as a dismantled poor somebody, based on fears. Who needs this?

Don’t blame anybody for this, we all are creating these group constructs without or with realizing consciously. These belief structures are existing way beyond the physical world and people after death are still believing in what here they did. Everything is coming from THERE to HERE, not the opposite way.

Here You go, enjoy reading and don’t forget to share.