Blurring realities while traveling

A quick post, but I guess many are interested in it.

People who are able to travel between different NP realities with practice may experienced an actual travel speed. When we tend to travel, our conscious awareness or concepts in our minds are using up an actual effect of speed sense from the physical life. Now actually we are changing places or realities maybe but what is experienced for especially me (and afterwards for many people) is an actual blurring effect, which is like you don’t feel movement, it is silence, you feel like you are breathing inside and eventually the effect in itself is a greyish screen in front of you, what your consciousness sees according to your interpretation. It may vary according to personal beliefs and prelearnt concepts in your mind.

I noticed this phenomenon when I changed realities on my own or with NP help, that it is like you are speeding like hell with a tremendous speed and you may feel movement too, but for me it is only visual many times. I guess because I’m rarely thinking about that I’m pyhsically moving with a “body”, understanding the basic non-physical principles already since a while. In the non-physical mostly we are for only just a certain amount of time may think we are using a body but it is still our projection from what we believe. No suprise why so many billions there are suffering from thinking they are that character or that body, that gender etc…

Of course we CAN fly and feel speed, acceleration in non-physical realities but when we encounter this phenomenon, it is interpreted by our minds that we are “moving” towards another “place” with a huge rush. It is still possible to see what is happening around us but when we tend to reach a certain understanding and development over the years, I guess it is melting down to this simple occurance too. But it doesn’t mean that this is the only phenomenon alone.

Phasing as a practice to travel to the NP is mostly about this phenomenon too. You are realising you are not traveling anywhere because there is no space and time “there”. The non-physical is truly endless and you can travel anywhere according to your desires.