Third Eye – do I really need to open it or not?

The Third Eye or “3rd eye” chakra – whatever we call it – is one of the biggest widely spreaded myth of today’s society. In the distant past, it was only a mystical belief but today it is a newly packed belief system too. Mystical people, books, forums and various sources trying to spread that you need to “open” it and you have it, it has various ablities etc. It is partly true but vastly false and misleading. It is again all about the money and opening businesses, having the foundation on naive people who don’t know what is it. Look a little bit deeper inside what is it and what is it “used” for.

The Third Eye is a metaphore only

People try to open it, making pressure on it, do various cleansing methods, blame the government about their Pineal Gland of calcification, listening to binaurals, doing various methods to force it open, without knowing what they are doing really. Why? Because everybody else is doing it as a new fashion. Why should you avoid this big game, huh? If you would have a problem of a calcified pineal gland you couldn’t even sleep or exist alive lol. Common sense?

We DO have some kind of third eye but it is a symbol, a metaphore for our mind’s capabilites only and an antenna to the Wider Reality. We DO feel pressure between our eyebrows a little bit upper in the front cortex so to speak but it is only a place where we concentrate our thoughts. Some people are successful of activating something which many don’t like after they realized what they did to themselves. That area around the Pineal Gland will be now more active and you are activating or reactivating an ability which is a connection or antenna between the physical and non-physical world.

Simply put, you are concentrating your mind power over that area, maybe a little bit inside and now you can maybe Astral Project or see other dimensions, maybe see negative entities etc. It is not even pleasant for the most because you forced a process of which you were NOT EVEN READY to experience. So what people do after this? They will try to stop the whole process or try to close their mind out from a reality which they don’t know a thing.

Think for a second: if the most are not even closely ready to experience the Wider Reality and vastly underdeveloped in understanding their multidimensional self and nature, how should they understand this process if they force something which was not meant to be activated? It is pain in the ass how stupid cults are taking place and people are benefiting from people who are buying books, crystals, musics, services which are doing only harm in the long term.

Chakra points and abilities – just don’t get caught up on BS

These chakra points or spinning energy centers are real but not in the way as it is sold and represented. Some people can see them, see colors but they are only energy centers of your physical body which are interconnected with your higher part of your consciousness – and people are interpreting colors on their own understanding. We do have an energy link to the physical body to keep it alive from the non-physical but we don’t need to force any points in our body to burst. This is like the silver cord – people have no imagination of how this belief constructs could look like so it is already manifested as a downloadable gourp construct and you can see it BUT people only see it in the RTZ when they THINK their “body” may have problems… you see? Beliefs again. Do you understand how our reality works?

Activating your Pineal Gland? Oh crap, it is already “active” from your birth lol… Just don’t do any harm to your body according to spreaded idiotism.

These centers are only serving the purpose to give the energy flow throughout the body to keep the organs and anything connected to them function properly. If you have manifested problematic energy centers because of your thoughts built up energy blocks in the body, you are in trouble partly. You can concentrate on these primary energy centers to change the flow into normal or seek medical or any help from a third party to make physical adjustions which you may don’t know how can you achieve alone. But I would rather just lay down to relax my body (meditate) and concentrate my attention on the energy centers to move the energies through them thus keeping all centers properly functional. Actually I’m doing it everyday. Healing goes the same way.

Now, it is now widespreaded how those centers are responsible of various abilities, mostly psychic ones, non-physical related ones, defense system etc. Don’t get caught up on this belief system. Stop overstimulating them for NO reason and don’t hang on web tests and quizes, they are useless and have no real purpose other than entertainment (without realizing it and having a new belief). People will tend to jump in fear and really think that they have body problems. I have a guess that more and more people will follow this nonsense and lay down to visualize and breath and feel well meanwhile life goes away. Those New Ager people try to shape people like who are sitting all day home and visualize anything without doing now the minimal effort to do their life’s job.

Extrasensory (ESP) ablities are coming from the Source only

It is up to each individual which abilities they can accumulate or open up. It takes effort, intent, dedication and time to gain any ability. Whatever NP ability did you hear, they are real but takes the effort to use them. It is mostly up to your beliefs and thought energy that you believe for first they are real and probable and for second, they are achievable. For me, telekinesis is the best which I will maybe later gain as ability, not because it is fun but because I can show it maybe later for others that it IS REAL. Those who gain abilities pretty fast are all tests for them to see how adults are they for the Wider Reality.

Maybe some people will have sudden results and some are doing it the hard way. The Wider Reality is watching you and you may be scared or impatient, all lessons are for your growth. Your other fragments of total self will help you if it is really needed. Some people are instantly successful and stopping the whole thing, maybe having fear, others are investing a huge amounts of time, patience and effort. It varies on each individual.

Just STOP forcing opening a metaphore!

Do you want to achieve Astral Projection or OBE with this? Do you want just Remote Viewing or having fun, seeing colors? Just STOP it! You won’t achieve even a thing and if you are, it was for anothe reason. Projection is a natural process which we all need to let happen, like falling asleep. Don’t force it, leave it alone. Just stop forcing anything opening or overstimulating. You could cause a real physical problem because your energy flow and matrix may become unbalanced, damaged and you run to a doctor in the worst case who doesn’t even have a clue what is your problem, only symptoms are presented.

You don’t need to activate anything. Some people have better antenna than others. Some are more feeling related persons like empathy, some are more mentally visual types like clairvoyants. You can’t force a slow process to just kick in and you are in Fairyland suddenly. IT is called third eye because it is a metaphore according to it’s place on the forehead and the form of the gland. All chakras are at different places but only representing energy flow stations for the energy supply which we are using from the non-phyical world through and energy link which terminates after physical death.

If you want to achieve special abilities, take time and effort (dedication) for a long tine to make researches, join NP forums and learn on your own. It pays out and you can prove them to yourself. All are real but takes training to learn them.

HERE you can read about Crytals and Gemstones and why they are related to this problem as people selling You unnecessary things.

Any use of crystals and gemstones on chakras? The fake factory…

A new age type selling fever is spreading since a while, mostly on eBay and on private sites too – but I guess at many places – about crystals and gemstones and their various abilities on chakras and which color does what job on your chakra body. Healing crystals, cleansers, projection helpers, there are many types but those gems are not doing anything on their own, maybe in some industries as energy or frequency amplifiers.

There is nothing new under the Sun, people will try to catch ideas to make money by selling fake promises, and who buy those will believe in them and the belief itself will cause you the effects, not the crystals or gemstones. They are just energy amplifiers. I’ve bought some more than a year ago and they are pretty nice indeed but nothing more.

Believe in it and you are healed!

Well this isn’t new really. Your own belief systems, rather a new one in those gems will cause any effects, not the stones. This chakra fever spreads since many years through the web and people try to earn money from selling in vast quantities. China is a simple example, selling in big quantities like electronic gadgets and many more and keeping up a warehouse for this one too.
You start to read about chakras and this color is associated with that energy point in your body and you will believe that you need some of those to keep your “energy body” healthy. Well mystics made a good job fooling people. I was just amazed that they went further and there is another subcategory about how those stones are giving you defending ablities about the baaad non-physical (what???) and various healing and protecting effects. Yeah yeah, you believe, you get it. It is called manifestation.

So you are maybe buying Lapis Lazuli for third eye, an Emerald for heart center, maybe a Black Obsidian for various places and you feel yourself ok with that. You lay down and practice or just asking a friend with certain “abilities” to do the healing work. If you have luck a practicioner or a friend could do the job well.

Various effects

Now if you are enough lucky, you can feel various effects, if you are a strong believer, you certainly could feel something, maybe some energy points are moving your energy stronger, maybe you feel energy blocks dissolving. The problem here is that you are doing it mostly by yourself if nobody is giving you outside energy. It is a self-fooling thing, belief.
Everybody is capable of moving their energies in certain regions of your physical body, and able to pass enegy blockages. That is all, like everybody have certain ablities, you just need to believe you have those.

If you never played with your energy points and you feel various signs, maybe bad headaches, diarrhea, vibrations, numbness, chances are you had blocks here and there and you tried to dissolve them too fast. Just stop it and do it less frequently with less energy. It will fade away in time. Balance is required really. Don’t panic, you can make it, just concentrate on various bad points and move your energies in mind.

Energy body and chakras

There are many huge fake theories about those. First, energy body is real, but it is only your non-physical counterpart, which stores source energy and supplies you throughout your days with life. We can call it etheric body maybe.

Chakras are real also but there are no colors and frequencies and rotations on different points, that is all BS in my opinion. I had a time period trying these and learning about all of the chakra mistery and gemstones, frequencies and they are just working for who are so deeply religious and believing in something material that they really manifesting a non-physical result.

Here I have an example here. When I meditate and going in too deeply of relaxing (physically), my body starts to heat up brutally if I continue. It is the so called chakras opening up, drinking in source energy from the NP and nothing more other than being in a middle stage of physical and non-physical phase. I experience it when my physical body is asleep at night and while I’m in the NP living that life too, my physical body does the job and I’m in just sweat after that. Nothing spiritual, nothing saint thing, no hocus-pocus, it is your energy system filling it up with energy and maybe some blocks are healing.
Chakras are nothing more than a vastly overcomplicated belief system about your actual energy point in your body – minor and majors – supplying your functioning physical body with life energy to stay alive and representing various energy parts.

Understanding this “truth” you may now see that stones, crystals and various practices are unnecessary and your beliefs are in themselves are causing you every effect. Eventually you are doing the job mostly if not somebody outsider, who knows how to move your energies. Mystical people are trying to SELL their lies and misunderstandings about how the wider reality and your body work.

The body heat in other words is your energy counterpart (body), speading up it’s frequency to a degree when you are starting to be out of phase of the physical focus. Somebody experiences coldness, that is normal too.
But maybe this whole issue proves that you were never physical at the first place, it is an illusion. You are simply experiencing your rest of your being from another perspective.

Trying to open chakras? What about the “Third Eye”?

That is stupid, your chakras are fine if we can call your energy quarters like that. You don’t need to open anything, you will overstimulate some and have trouble in some bad cases. You need a healthy balance in moving your energies and feel your body as a whole. Live a balanced life, eat in balance, act in emotional balance.
The worst new age crap comes from that famous Third Eye opening idiotism. You don’t have to open anything, it is a SYMBOL! Nothing more. You have a mind’s eye of course but that is your thoughts, imagination and communicating with the non-physical as doing daydreaming. You don’t need to open anything, you just need to start using it, after decades of crap social conditioning and after your parents started to tell you just stop using your creative power and grow up! They should rather grow up to the wider reality but they won’t.
Your charkas are just fine, don’t overstimulate them, our you can cause imbalance symptoms for yourself from believing idiots.

To use your mind’s eye, the only thing you should practice is to use your imagination, which people simply don’t have from childhood. Of course you have but forgot to use. I hate it that I stopped using it too in my childhood.