Your Consciousness after Death

Death is a pretty fearful topic because the most are not even sure what happens after our lifetime ends. Consciousness needs a physical body to experience different reality frames and our physical world is just one of the countless ones. Beliefs and belief systems are all keeping people in darkness but the main problem is that the most have lower consciousness according to their acts, behavours and life experiences (their choices in their lives). But this topic is now meant to be about the exit phase of life from here. For keep is short here, don’t ever let the mainstream, people, books and what others are teaching to limit down how this world is working. Telekinesis, Aura sight, Projecting, anything “extrasensory” are as real as life here and now.

Death is only a mistunderstood label of stepping back to the original world

The non-physical world is a mystical place if we try to understand it from a limited objective thinking as the human thinking does that since thousands of years. We try to gather informations (ok not so many, zero effort to self-educate) but all religions are distorted because humans made them. Yes, all religions made by human nature and thinking. Some of them are containing solid facts with colored labels but all are containing a tiny fraction of the whole truth. Use the Internet, we are in the correct age to search for whatever we would like to but it is loaded with crap infos.

Why do people need religion from this perspective? Because they fear death like hell! They don’t know what is coming. Oh well we already have the tools since centuries to travel with various non-physical tools with different labels like “out of body experience(OBE) or Astral Projection, Dreams etc. but still, people don’t know and do NOT WANT TO know about them because media, main stream people, science, just everything keeps their attention at the wrong way. I know this once I was up to science but now I’m interested in it with caution. Maybe I’m lucky because belief systems (most of) are not sticky on me. But the main thing is the most will shake off anything which is non-physical related because they have zero knowledge about it. No research, no pain, it is much easier to live in darkness.

So when we experience birth here, we are just “growing up” – a phenomenon which is NEEDED for consciousness to not debunk the whole Earth life game and not do anything like suddenly  appearing in this reality and disappear into another world. We do it while we are visiting the non-physical from this side surely but we are using a physical body to experience a limited life perspective as an individuated unit for a certain amounts of time. Consciousness – as you and me – are operating from a different and endless world and the physical world is a pretty persistent and solid illusion.

So after birth our consciousness is slowly downloading into our limited framework of mind which we use through filters. The spirit can’t just appear fully because the fetus in his/her mother would instantly die or the little baby would just die in some kind of energy overload. Remember, this world is limited and You are much more than this character. Don’t limit yourself ever. Always try to seek out what you are capable of without harming others of course.

Life goes on for a while

We are living, growing up, learning useless stuffs throughout school (if people don’t agree on it, they still didn’t learn the biggest lessons in physical life and need research and personal development). The real life in my opinion never starts and never ends because we are endlessly expanding and experiencing.

With me, I always thought I will some day stop learning, researching, finding out how things work out, and I think it will never end – it is a big continuum – that is why I try to share what I know here for example. Consciousness needs a vehicle to experience given opportunities. It is like a toss you in a game and let’s see how it is going thing, nothing serious (not somebody locks you in, YOU are doing it in a wider sense). And I said this because many thinks their life really starts after their school graduation or something like around their 20s, 30s. Yeah, their material society thinking dictates it. Chasing the same crap all over again and never being happy but I agree that we need to get by in this world.

As we move on in the illusion of physical linear time, we are aging, losing friends, family members, loved ones but we are alone as coming here and going back. Being alone for a limited time, don’t worry, there are many entities (uhm, “people”) in the NP, who know You. The problem is, the most can’t shake off their humanity after departure. That is not a big problem, if you need help it will be there. Don’t be afraid to ask ever.

What happens after death?

Well it is relative what is “after”. You just continue exist in a much wider consciousness awareness, gaining back your true self, who is not a human, no body at all, no gender etc. You just gathered what you learnt here in this timeline, in this world and it is added to your knowledge. You can choose to move on to other places or experience whatever you would like to. It is not 100% known in the non-physical community still but we have many fragments from the whole picture, meaning how life planning works in details. Chances are the most are just jumping in with huge amazement to try Earth life as we all see what is happening around the globe in this world.

I strongly recommend to shake off any beliefs and only believe in yourself at the end. You are the only one, who is responsible for thoughts, emotions, acts, choices and you are also the only one, who will judge yourself not some kind of fake angels and gods. You. If you encounter them, they ARE You in a wider sense as parallel selves. This is the Wider Reality now, the game never stops. No time, no beginning, no end, only Consciousness  : )

And yes, You continue to exist, Consciousness never dies because it never born or died. We are all eternal non-physical beings.