Why you should stop using Artificial Vitamins and Minerals

Buying a vitamin, mineral or any supplement is a big fashion these days and people are bombarded with commercials, webpages and even “doctors” are spreading that you need this and that and you will be healthy generally, or healthy again if you are ill or have so called deficiency symptoms. Really? What about a long forgotten fact that you can heal yourself on your own and it is a fact from thousands of years in human history.

Those chemicals and poisons are not meant to be in the human body

I know what conspiracy theorist are saying about this. There are many types. This one is about that you will be controlled and be a robot if you take in those craps always.Same on chemtrails – it depends on your beliefs and where you live. But wait a minute, the “health” and “medicine” industry is a multibillion dollar business and have nothing to do with health. What is said to you is you NEED to take those pills or in any form to keep yourself healthy, completely forgetting that everybody has the ability to heal from their problems. It is not known and suppressed with brainwashment.

Any illnesses or diseases are CAUSED by the actual person. It can be attained by believing in something which is not real, believing in group constructs in consensus reality as getting flu from others, beliefs have the key role in this. And because most people are believers basically, you will constantly keep repeating a thought, a feeling, anything which will cause your body to have energy blockages and get sick in the near future.

Bigger diseases are coming from the same root – people’s minds are doing this and the physical body is a buffer of thoughts, the first defense line towards the external illusional “physical” reality. And nobody can ask people to check their thoughts, humanity is – in my opinion – is still in some kind of infant stage, I mean the most are not getting enough awareness to check their thoughts and live in fear instead of happiness and love. We should head towards that world really but it is not happening, no matter those new agers are spreading.

So what happens in general, people are weakening their energy centers (called chakras) which are stemming from their non-physical self deeply from the non-physical multiverse thus it will cause degradations in the physical body. Then you will have symptoms which are also made up by those who “researched” the causes of diseases from a limited objective perception, looking for the causes in symptoms.

Too bad that consciousness is still searched for in the brain which is nothing to do with the mind or the person. Then you will – by yourself or by a doctor – get certain medications or vitamins and anything which may help and swallow it. You (they) can’t be wrong, right? Those symptoms are there on the internet, humanity’s biggest consensus crapload full of lies, misinformations, anything, because it can get the most in no time. Those who can’t heal themselves with their beliefs will be successful with drugs and pills. This is all about who you believe. Until you don’t experience this phenomenon first hand and consciously, it is nonsense, right? People who are doctors and selling you products are elements of an endless chain of “learn this and spread” that useless system.

Today we live in a world where the national health insurance will be soon worthless in any country. Younger people deny working for others (which is still a good sign because it is slavery in my opinion, but they don’t do anything further either) thus pensions will be also worthless or not enough in less than 1 or 2 decades in any country. There will be problems and industries will build on them, always grab people’s money.

So now you are flushing down chemicals because they are made in a laboratory by humans. And actually very few question those pills’ goodness. They are full of coatings and enchancers, colors, metallic compounds starting from titanium-dioxide and anything close just to name a few. We need to become a robot, right?

You can’t be even sure what is in that pill. People would be amazed what craps are dumped in those pills and powders. Same for vaccines and anything which is making profits for industries. You are fooled. They have shelf life, instruction when and how (with way more after effects than doing good), dosages. The problem comes down from the fact that the most don’t even eat normal foods which needs to be in the human body for survive, no, they eat crap. Each of us. But if we tend to eat vegetables, fruits, meats (light ones), nuts and seeds legumes, rice, saturated fatty acids thus mainly supplying ourselves with raw materials for body repair and normal functions of the brain and nervous system, we will be ok.

We need protein (eggs, chicken) to use our brain, our muscles, our nervous system. We need some sturated fatty acid like butter, coconut oil, olive oil (without any fashion), just a little sometimes to serve our body’s needs for it. We need carbohydrates to burn them as fuel, to use it as glycogen in muscles, to have energy. Three basic elements. We don’t need to overdo this and divide by X%’s as a religious somebody. We don’t need to find out nonsense diets and ratios. We need to eat normal food. FOOD. Not drugs, chemicals and colored crap. We can eat sugar, fast food, anything which I call luxury stuffs (a funny label in my opinion especially on sugar and chocolate) but with less quantity. This doesn’t mean that you should eat sugar all day long and eat normal food, it can do only harm for many people. Balance is needed in every parts of human life.

But people are too busy in this century to just eat well, no, they eat crap fast food, sugar, running to be a slave in a job, crap food is now an everyday eating habit thing. People also don’t spare time to think or make researches. Plus added, we are living in constant stress, lies, brainwashing, bombarded with commercials and media, people are labeling you, and others are telling us what is “healthy” and what is not. Don’t give a damn really, if you have a good diet in natural compounds, it is the best. New and new diets are born in the last decades, new products. These are all for one thing and NOT for HEALTH. To sell you something which will push money into the founder’s pockets. No matter it is a diet, a book, a medical crap, any industry. You can be healthy of course from normal food labeled XY and packaged nicely but in the long run there is nothing new under the same Sun.

General health and well being comes from You within, that is one of the biggest lessons is your life.

Vitamins and minerals are maybe useful if you have serious deficiency symptoms

True but I would be cautious. I should tell a little story here. I tested almost all the minerals and all vitamins, amino acids, eating in different diets years ago. I’m slim and tall, never had any serious health issues, just tried to find a good diet. It turned out after years that not just I don’t need to change my diet – even if it is poor because I’m lazy to cook – but not any of these materials are did any effect in my body. I’m just immune to these because I didn’t even believe deeply, that I have any problems AND they will do any effect on me. I’m rarely sick or ill.

But other people can achieve great results in hours from maybe Serrapeptase Enzyme or  flushing in crap Cod Liver Oil (with mercury, yes!) because the most are BELIEVING that they will work. Same is true for miracles as praying… that is the power of your beliefs and mind. Very few people learn in their life that their mindset and beliefs are forming the external world and that the physical world in any ways is an end result of human consciousness, bringing energy and transforming material from the non-physical world.

If you have serious symptoms of anything, it can help to get some L-Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) or some B12’s but it won’t help in the long run and it is now reported that many many people have serious health problems only from consuming these shits. Well consuming chemicals won’t help anybody, the human body is very elastic but not this much if people are ingesting these for years, decades. I may risk some causes of cancers from them. And to be clear here, swallowing powders and pills will overwhelm the physical body and it’s balance in these raw elements. If you take too much X, in the long run Y and Z will be depleted because these elements are existing in a group of interaction and balance. Same true for natural foods, growing in nature. You can’t just grab out a compound, copy it in a laboratory and label it as healthy and Vitamin X. It is not even food.

I find it always fascinating how the human mind (which is not in a brain, period) can “manifest” anything with enough beliefs or thoughts into existance. Meaning that I saw enough accounts and know enough people from my life also as examples that how people give a try to certain pills for a non-existent disease or illness which is maybe caused by their life situations or bad habits, thinking and they achieve miracles instantly or nothing at all. It could be that if we get a pill, label it with “Instant Relief” and they swallow it, could do the same thing. There is nothing wrong with beliefs btw, they help us every day. Maybe the problems are diminishing faster with beliefs. But the human nature use beliefs manifesting fear only.

Why is it that there are so many sick and ill people in hospitals, institutes and generally everywhere?

This civilisation does that. People are mentally ill in every way and everywhere. No big question of life, this is the hard truth. People are too naive or dumb to see that they are doing that to themselves and fueling further with useless medical care. Did You hear of instant healing? That’s it, people are tracing back their own problems from the roots, maybe their other non-physical parts are helping them. Help is there but willpower and accepting it is needed. It doesn’t work for everybody, it is true. The first step to stop using these chemicals – and spending the money which may be in a better place if we buy normal food in the store from it – is that we need to stop abusing ourselves, not believing what is represented and test our beliefs of getting better. You don’t need drugs and pills, only a healthy mental condition.

The bad news are, people want to suffer and it is a fact. I always knew people like that in my life starting with my family. They are just what they are. Nobody can force somebody to change their minds.

So what is the take on this post? You can stay healthy or become healthy again if you change your mindset. Eat well, exercise your physical body, live mindfully and in piece, happiness if you can achieve that. The first problem always in the human mind: thoughts, beliefs and unsolved childhood problems. Nobody need a “specialist” to solve these problems. People just don’t want to face their fears. Newsflash, we are humans to solve them!

In the long run, try to buy foods not filled with chemicals and growing own fruits and vegetables is a good way these decades to stay healthy too (I would like to try it later in my life too). Nobody can be sure that what we buy in stores as fruits and vegetables are not sprayed fully with crap. Even a banana is not yellow and rape, rather green and tastes like crap. And no, whole “food” and organic industry is not a solution. It is an INDUSTRY, meaning that you will buy something which is labeled and packaged with fancy words to not feel the trickery.

What causes Cancer – without belief system scams

Cancer is a pretty confusing topic because people suffering from any variations of it are only listening to so called doctors, practicioners and scientist without having any knowledge about how it is only related to people’s thoughts and mental-emotional condition. Oh yeah, it could be insane, because this world is not opened to the idea. Cancer as a phenomenon is two-fold and I will try to explain my best according to what I know about this and it may takes time for some people to understand it well but it is actually pretty simple and is strongly related to non-physicality. We are coming from the NP, solid material and anything exists from there and the physical world with anything is an end result of consciousness.

Yes, you heard me, the vast majority is doing it to themselves. Cancer is a definition or rather label of what happens in your body – cell groups are overgrowing or behaving unnaturally, destroying the neighboring tissues. I can’t write it down better because it would be a little bit confusing for myself also to translate it from my language. To keep it short, people have various cancer types in various body parts or regions. But how the hack is it there and why do more and more people have it these days? And to make it short on speculations, humanity didn’t suffer in most of these today’s “diseases” (oh a label again) decades or even a century ago. This whole phenomenon is related to this world full of stress and chemicals, brainwashing and giving your any pills to make yourself feel “healthy”.

Option 1: people are doing it to themselves without accepting the consequences of their thought and emotions

How? Do you know the words as chakras or energy flow, energy body? To make it clear and short, our life energy is coming from the non-physical world, with an energy link which is attached to the physical body and unseen, it is stemming from the bigger part of us to function in this dimension while we are experiencing restricted individual life here. Your physical body contains energy centers and lesser energy lines and your thoughts are manipulating your energy grid. Some “psychics” and machines can detect energy leakages in the aura too, to just show you how true it is but I don’t go deeper anymore in this because this topic is full of spreaded confusion and misconceptions in human literature.

So take an example how energy matrix works. Forget vibrations, frequencies from new age crap and LOA. Everybody has a unique energy matrix. With your thoughts you can make distorted regions in the physical body – remember the physical body is a projection but seems real and solid – and this way with repeated thoughts it will be distorted more and more until consciousness (another part of You) made changes in the physical matrix. Now if you are not stopping unchecked thoughts towards your body the physical vehicles will have weakened parts over time (you don’t see it normally). Maybe you try to weaken your leg and consciousness will find a probable outcome in the future where you will have for example a skiing accident and break your leg. That is how it works. People have no idea what they are doing with their thoughts. Did you hear “thought energy”?

The whole process can speed up with released emotions to either side thus accelerating the process. You can heal yourself or damage too. Some people managed to heal themselves on their own, it takes effort and wanting to live further. Maybe some people need a new life purpose because we shouldn’t waste our time here on just slowly dieing.

Concentrated energy with repetition accumulates in the body and because many people are keeping it inside as emotional shocks, fear, anger, anything negative (other than love) will cause big energy blockages which will turn into “cancer” over time. In the non-physical world you are instantly manifesting out your thoughts and emotions but HERE your physical body is a BUFFER, which holds up what you think and feel!

It is not happening over some days or weeks but years and decades. Not FOOD what is causing it but can accelerate it if you ingest chemicals like drugs, medicines and vitamins-minerals (you don’t need those and later I will write a post about them and why). You heard me, you are fueling the problem further because those idiots are giving you poisons without treating you from the very first reason: your thoughts. Some more “enlightened” practicioners nowadays are approaching the man causes too,but it is not enough. And forget karma and past life crapload, those are not what people are telling it.

So here you go, unchecked thoughts are causing this but rather that people hurt themselves. Now one thing is damaging your body from a manifested accident with repeated thoughts and keeping emotions inside causing cancer. I noticed in my life that many people who died in cancer or had cancer, maybe were close to canceric conditions did the same. They did this to themselves and not even thinking about it ever. Maybe their life was too bad, sad, maybe they had a bad family or marriage or they were just too weak to handle their life. One thing I never understood, people are living irresponsibly and they are seeking medical help in which they will die much sooner. Ah, of course! They don’t know even a thing about how our reality works out from both sides. I didn’t even born with this knowledge, it is enough only to see others and take the pieces together with big investigations.

Option 2: people are having and dieing from cancer because it is time to go “back” from a higher reason – it is the end of this game

Now the other “half” is made up with this option. I don’t have any idea which option is causing the most deaths but I can say that maybe both. Objective and materialistic thinking causing anybody to look outside of themselves to seek any solutions. We have doctors who are not healing almost anybody rather than writing up chemicals and fueling the problems further without finding the real cause. We have scientists who are looking for consciousness in a brain and trying to find life outside of anything. We have religions which are only keeping people in fear, anger, misconceptions and not giving any answers to the biggest questions of existence.

Rather there is non-physical exploration which is only from a stretch of a hand these days. We are lucky to have internet or books, or those who are already exploring the non-physical world seeking for bigger and personal answers of life but I admit the most of the informations which can be found are distorted and very bad. There’s all the knowledge, meanwhile society looks the worst direction to understand something which they can’t from a physical perspective. There is the knowledge from anything which you need to know personally about yourself. Learn to meditate and ask yourself whatever you would like to. I strongly recommend to read the Focus Model.

So the second option is this in a nutshell: you are much more and a timeless genderless formless subjective entity. You are here only just a portion of your bigger version (misleading label “higher self”), nothing relatively new about this. The whole Earth Life System game (or any other dimensional one) is containing an entry point (birth) and exit pont (death) which allows us to jump in and out of physical lives. If we just happen to exist here and disappear, it would ruin the whole game, right? Illusion after illusion and we tend to take it seriously. So your total self needs a mechanism like cancer or any disease to help you out.

Meanwhile it could be very very long time in linear time frame and with so much suffer that you don’t know why a non-existent god hurts you. It is for the same reason as any life lessons: how do you deal with that condition. With love and kindness or hate and anger. It is the same as for those who was born with body degenerations or anything related, they have harder time and need to learn this way or rather experience it. So back to the subject, cancers and any lethal “diseases” are for one purpose: sooner or later we return back to the non-physical. The delay in my opinion is multifolded, maybe it helps the loved ones to get used to it. But I have a strong guess here that many times it is STILL for that actual sufferer’s sake to learn or realize (or not) that they are causing it to themselves. I know people who are doing it, older, younger – there is no help for those.

People are continuing with this attitude after death in the non-physical world or Afterlife. They end up places called the Belief System Territories (BST). Why is this name? Just think for a second. You will end up in a region which resonates with your mental position. You are now NOT physical but it doesn’t ends here, if you don’t stop it. It is all about taking responsibility about thoughts and actions and LEARNING from the effects. Mostly. But NP entities and friends will help stop it if we need help. Some people are not really learning these because they already dealt with them many lives ago.

Think for a second why are you in a limited timeframe, opposite of a timeless world where you don’t need a “body”

Decisions and aftereffects. Many people are avoiding any responsibilities at all cost. I do understand this, the most have no idea that the physical world is not just the only one. They wash off anything which is not fitted into the box thinking and what they learnt from birth as the only thing. For the most it is a looong path to learn. I admit that it seems like billions are living here and now only from some purposes as having kids or being in a certain country, trying out to be a man or woman, drinking a lot or having sex forever (addiction after addiction). That is right. But there are those who wants to seek out the “truth”. Well it is personal of course and you now know how to start with it.

A linear timeframe is for a certain purpose: you are placed in it, being tested without realising it, having repeated actions and choices to choose wisely over time and grow up personally.  And not everybody is on the same level as the next person to you. We are all unique and doing our own journey.

Today’s world is just flushing out people with mental problems so no wonder in this rushing world full of self-made stress is causing so much trouble. Fear, greed, money love, hatred and anger, pushing people into suffering… It is up to us how we deal with them.

Third Eye – do I really need to open it or not?

The Third Eye or “3rd eye” chakra – whatever we call it – is one of the biggest widely spreaded myth of today’s society. In the distant past, it was only a mystical belief but today it is a newly packed belief system too. Mystical people, books, forums and various sources trying to spread that you need to “open” it and you have it, it has various ablities etc. It is partly true but vastly false and misleading. It is again all about the money and opening businesses, having the foundation on naive people who don’t know what is it. Look a little bit deeper inside what is it and what is it “used” for.

The Third Eye is a metaphore only

People try to open it, making pressure on it, do various cleansing methods, blame the government about their Pineal Gland of calcification, listening to binaurals, doing various methods to force it open, without knowing what they are doing really. Why? Because everybody else is doing it as a new fashion. Why should you avoid this big game, huh? If you would have a problem of a calcified pineal gland you couldn’t even sleep or exist alive lol. Common sense?

We DO have some kind of third eye but it is a symbol, a metaphore for our mind’s capabilites only and an antenna to the Wider Reality. We DO feel pressure between our eyebrows a little bit upper in the front cortex so to speak but it is only a place where we concentrate our thoughts. Some people are successful of activating something which many don’t like after they realized what they did to themselves. That area around the Pineal Gland will be now more active and you are activating or reactivating an ability which is a connection or antenna between the physical and non-physical world.

Simply put, you are concentrating your mind power over that area, maybe a little bit inside and now you can maybe Astral Project or see other dimensions, maybe see negative entities etc. It is not even pleasant for the most because you forced a process of which you were NOT EVEN READY to experience. So what people do after this? They will try to stop the whole process or try to close their mind out from a reality which they don’t know a thing.

Think for a second: if the most are not even closely ready to experience the Wider Reality and vastly underdeveloped in understanding their multidimensional self and nature, how should they understand this process if they force something which was not meant to be activated? It is pain in the ass how stupid cults are taking place and people are benefiting from people who are buying books, crystals, musics, services which are doing only harm in the long term.

Chakra points and abilities – just don’t get caught up on BS

These chakra points or spinning energy centers are real but not in the way as it is sold and represented. Some people can see them, see colors but they are only energy centers of your physical body which are interconnected with your higher part of your consciousness – and people are interpreting colors on their own understanding. We do have an energy link to the physical body to keep it alive from the non-physical but we don’t need to force any points in our body to burst. This is like the silver cord – people have no imagination of how this belief constructs could look like so it is already manifested as a downloadable gourp construct and you can see it BUT people only see it in the RTZ when they THINK their “body” may have problems… you see? Beliefs again. Do you understand how our reality works?

Activating your Pineal Gland? Oh crap, it is already “active” from your birth lol… Just don’t do any harm to your body according to spreaded idiotism.

These centers are only serving the purpose to give the energy flow throughout the body to keep the organs and anything connected to them function properly. If you have manifested problematic energy centers because of your thoughts built up energy blocks in the body, you are in trouble partly. You can concentrate on these primary energy centers to change the flow into normal or seek medical or any help from a third party to make physical adjustions which you may don’t know how can you achieve alone. But I would rather just lay down to relax my body (meditate) and concentrate my attention on the energy centers to move the energies through them thus keeping all centers properly functional. Actually I’m doing it everyday. Healing goes the same way.

Now, it is now widespreaded how those centers are responsible of various abilities, mostly psychic ones, non-physical related ones, defense system etc. Don’t get caught up on this belief system. Stop overstimulating them for NO reason and don’t hang on web tests and quizes, they are useless and have no real purpose other than entertainment (without realizing it and having a new belief). People will tend to jump in fear and really think that they have body problems. I have a guess that more and more people will follow this nonsense and lay down to visualize and breath and feel well meanwhile life goes away. Those New Ager people try to shape people like who are sitting all day home and visualize anything without doing now the minimal effort to do their life’s job.

Extrasensory (ESP) ablities are coming from the Source only

It is up to each individual which abilities they can accumulate or open up. It takes effort, intent, dedication and time to gain any ability. Whatever NP ability did you hear, they are real but takes the effort to use them. It is mostly up to your beliefs and thought energy that you believe for first they are real and probable and for second, they are achievable. For me, telekinesis is the best which I will maybe later gain as ability, not because it is fun but because I can show it maybe later for others that it IS REAL. Those who gain abilities pretty fast are all tests for them to see how adults are they for the Wider Reality.

Maybe some people will have sudden results and some are doing it the hard way. The Wider Reality is watching you and you may be scared or impatient, all lessons are for your growth. Your other fragments of total self will help you if it is really needed. Some people are instantly successful and stopping the whole thing, maybe having fear, others are investing a huge amounts of time, patience and effort. It varies on each individual.

Just STOP forcing opening a metaphore!

Do you want to achieve Astral Projection or OBE with this? Do you want just Remote Viewing or having fun, seeing colors? Just STOP it! You won’t achieve even a thing and if you are, it was for anothe reason. Projection is a natural process which we all need to let happen, like falling asleep. Don’t force it, leave it alone. Just stop forcing anything opening or overstimulating. You could cause a real physical problem because your energy flow and matrix may become unbalanced, damaged and you run to a doctor in the worst case who doesn’t even have a clue what is your problem, only symptoms are presented.

You don’t need to activate anything. Some people have better antenna than others. Some are more feeling related persons like empathy, some are more mentally visual types like clairvoyants. You can’t force a slow process to just kick in and you are in Fairyland suddenly. IT is called third eye because it is a metaphore according to it’s place on the forehead and the form of the gland. All chakras are at different places but only representing energy flow stations for the energy supply which we are using from the non-phyical world through and energy link which terminates after physical death.

If you want to achieve special abilities, take time and effort (dedication) for a long tine to make researches, join NP forums and learn on your own. It pays out and you can prove them to yourself. All are real but takes training to learn them.

HERE you can read about Crytals and Gemstones and why they are related to this problem as people selling You unnecessary things.