What is time?

I guess many people tried to understand time, here in the physical world. After maybe a year of personal researching in both in the physical and non-physical worlds, I found out that time is not what people do generally understand well or how it works. Not even NP entities understand what it is.

I will try to make a basic explanation here. Maybe later, I will make them more clear in future posts. Time is not something what can be easily understood. And only those can comprehend even a little bit, who are living physical lives. Why? Because you need to live with it and it alters your limited perception.

Linear Time, Physical Time

Our time here in our world is called “linear time”, just our human term. In the non-physical world, time is non-existent without inhabiting any space. But time here is felt and experienced as we look at the watch and time is seemingly passing by. Seconds, minutes, hours molecular decaying and death etc.

Physical time seemingly running away and there is no medicine on it in general. Science stupidly tries to solve this problem because they are physical body fixated. Our civilization makes conclusions always from us and this physical reality.

The most still think from the same reason that everything is coming from this Universe and from our body and anything else is not normal or can’t be proven.

Maybe you noticed that when you enjoy a life situation or having a good chat, time is really slowing down or faster. You are living in the moment now!


Living in the Moment

Well, here we go, many people may know the feeling when you are just don’t give a damn to certain life problems or just enjoy yourself fully in a given moment or situation. we should live like that.

How we experience time is a big illusion, like time itself. It is a necessary element of the game, we are playing here on planet Earth while we are here to live our planned life initially. If not Earth, then any other civilization. Ok, most of the people are suffering and dying dumb, that is the truth, I admit. Not everybody has the capability to understand complex things.

When you are living in the moment, time slows down and you see that you just use up your time much efficiently. That is because you are maintaining a stronger relationship with the non-physical and with your NP counterpart, who is timeless. By doing it, you may experience synchronicities, which is very different for many kinds of people. Here is a post about synchronicities.

By living in the moment, you are resonating with your deep non-physical core, enjoying yourself. Some mystical misinformations are right about it. You can use up your true self’s attributes and don’t really care about the problems in the world and the brainwashing machine from various sources.

That is a good thing! Practice it more and you may see that you will experience many more good things in your life, which you may don’t even notice. It is a path to happiness.

Basically, Linear Time = Present Moment, Eternal Now!

How? Now, there are various sources, authors, even non-physical entities, who – over the centuries tried to give the message through individuals which turned out to be very true, that we are living in the NOW. It depends on our perception.

Your PAST is what you already experienced and made choices according to your beliefs, choices, self. Simply put, the path and events what you experienced. It is added to your growth and you are not the same human as you were at that moment back then.

Your FUTURE is always a probable outcome of events! There is no future of course because it has never happened, it is happening right now in your moment. All the potential futures are already there in the NP.

You can’t travel there in any way because it is how it works – it did not happen yet for you but there are endless realities from which at any given time you are jumping in according to your beliefs and choices. Future is something you choose and become that somebody for a certain amount of “time”. Sounds a far-fetched thing but we live with it automatically.

Time could be a simpler explanation when we try to understand it as a book with pages. As you go along your storyline which you create, the pages are filled with stories and you are going from one page to another as chains of events.

In the end, this is a fact. There is no time either in physical realities. There is our sense of this notion. we tend to give a dimension to time. We try to objectify time because we try to understand how events are passing by in a sequential manner. This physical reality works on the basis of events going one after another and this is why we try to give a name to it, time. But time in itself is about something about which we took a bad assumption. We objectify our life deeply.

Parallel Time, the non-physical vastness

Parallel time is well misunderstood throughout the centuries or even for millenniums. When somebody got the idea of parallel time, some people understood the basics of it and how it is related to linear time here.

But what happened is, mystical people who like to get earn from other’s fear and beliefs are grabbed some elements from it. Then distorted the whole idea and trying to sell it nowadays as past life regressions and talking about reincarnation. They don’t understand it, distort it and sell you lies.

That is a huge scam in itself. People are failing to realize that time is non-existent in the Wider Reality. Mystics try to get earn from their dumbness and spreading fear. But at the same time, there is some “truth” in it.

Non-physical time is not existing. Meaning that there is NO SPACE and NO TIME there. It is not needed, it is an illusion. Of course, this issue spread over time but people couldn’t explain how should we understand it. And because space is the same needed element, every reality and every version of you are filling the exact same place means that you are not really traveling anywhere! You can travel via conscious sleep life as you know it but it is your interpretation.

You are a point of consciousness and your mind creates the illusion that you are traveling somewhere. Or maybe it is more accurate than your brain interprets the illusion, on the learned mechanics after birth here that you are really going on your feet or rolling, flying.

Everything exists in the same place. What is the issue here is, your MIND is changing channels to experience different realities in different frequencies. Check the Focus Model series. Like you are pushing the channels on the remote control for watching TV.


Here I have a funny analogy for this to make it easier to understand. When you are driving a car, you are sitting in one place, and not going anywhere! The road itself goes under you, right? Now that’s it! : ) Perception.

Switching between active and passive observation

Whenever I was walking, riding a bike or later driving a car in my life, I felt that that’s not me who is moving. Rather the road comes under me. It can be frightening for others but I can experience both realities at the same time with this “technic” and it is easy. Like you are switching into subjective viewpoint for a few seconds and holding it.

No surprise that people can project their minds into the non-physical as they are driving a car. And it is dangerous really (I mean doing it while driving, not projecting). Parallel time in the NP means, that each lives you had and will have, are there already. Robert Monroe tried to grasp this issue too and many of us who are aware of their NP life.

In parallel time, you are constantly jumping in and out of different worlds and realities, when you are not “incarnated” here or in any physical like worlds yet. It is like a Sims game simulation. You are a bigger NP being – we are all! – and you create a certain character for your purposes to sell this probe to experience physical world life, with certain tasks and likes-dislikes.

You can imagine the physical time this way. Changing physical dimension to another one, which contains the next probable event in your probable future cloud. You don’t notice any changes of course.

When we are “dreaming” (a bad social conditioning word) we can experience parallel lives and “Afterlife” regions too. Well in dreams we usually are in a thought responsive world. Here the vast majority just release their daily emotions and thoughts and not really aware of what is happening. They create mostly an unpleasant experience and not taking them seriously when they wake up for work-life again, endlessly.

Time vs infant “spirits”

The hard truth that the vast majority is not even close to the adulthood, to let them roam around in the non-physical and do whatever they would like to. They are so-called Flatlanders. And one more thing, most of them are addicted to human life! We can’t measure an entity’s life because we don’t have age.

They forgot this long time ago, who they were deep inside and just don’t want to know really. They are not ready to break free. You start to be addicted to physical life (if not human) and you forget who you are.

Be patient with understanding time because it is a hard one. For me, it was around 2 years to understand (I mean the deepest parts) by getting answers and experiences in the non-physical. There are many entities who didn’t even get physical lives anywhere yet. NP “people” are just looking at You as a nonsense character with asking what is time. You are asking stuff about which they have no concept about. That is crazy and I usually learned to stop asking about it when I see their faces being frozen lol.

For understanding, more about the non-physical world read this post here.

Updated on 24th of January 2021.

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