Do you have Alien abduction each night? It is an OBE!

Many people experienced this strange phenomenon and it grew into a religion too. People just want to experience this one somehow. Alien abduction is just as misunderstood as any other concepts. Nobody abducts people in normal cases. Well, I don’t know if there are real cases haha.

You will see how unreal those believer cases are. Because people can’t comprehend the real nature of the non-physical world and they simply make up theories about hostile aliens visiting them. Your beliefs are instantly creating these when you are half-asleep. Same for shadow people and nightmares.

Basically, people don’t know what they are experiencing. The main cause is the lack of knowledge about the basics. If one of these people could understand what is the non-physical and how your thoughts and emotions are working out when you are in another thought responsive dimension, people could already understand that they are scaring themselves only.

Dreams are non-physical experiences. You can become conscious even suddenly from your fears. People have a lot to learn and my site is for this purpose!

alien abduction

About Aliens, Extraterrestrials

Well, it is a big topic in itself and I can surely tell everybody that indeed there are countless other races in different dimensions and physical like Universes. They could develop vehicles on the principles of the NP to change realities according to their plans with their minds. They can appear and disappear on Earth instantly. That is surely known, nothing special about this. I guess. I don’t say that other, intelligent races are non-existent. Humanity tends to think like we are the center of this reality.

They are only switching channels between dimensions and living their lives like us on a different civilizational level. We are just on a different evolutionary AND vibratory level and that’s all. Many human-like ET races are completely aware of humanity.

Maybe there are “bad” and “good” races or types. That is only an objective viewpoint and all of us (them and humans) are coming from originally the same source non-physically. Consciousness experiences life in many forms. Don’t get caught up in the duality viewpoint. And you can see that there is a simple explanation for most cases.

alien abduction

What happens really, when you encounter this phenomenon?

Many authors like William Buhlman shared his truth about this experience, which people are just having through the nights. There is no such thing as abduction by strange little aliens. If those are occurring on the physical plane, well it is caused by other types of phenomena and it is rare. I try to stop the fear-based idea about what it is. Don’t fear this. You simply don’t know about OBEs.

What happens is, you are not aware that your physical body is asleep and you are maybe in the buffer dimension (RTZ or other dimensions and Focus states) as your mind is already in a thought responsive non-physical world. You are releasing thoughts, emotions, and expectations. Meaning you create your own fear scene and you will experience aliens surrounding you or doing something “bad”. This is how the real world works and our physical reality is a limited place to experience.

It could feel 100% real because IT IS! The NP is not so much different from the physical. The similarity only depends on your instant expectations. You encounter something which could be frightening for you and your protective awareness kicks in. As you are in fear of the unknown, the trouble is there.

You may experience a physical body too but it is not that. Maybe you experience the whole situation lying in your bed and levitating. It is a classical OBE process and you just have no idea about it. People who have no idea about the non-physical world where dreams are taking place will experience some kind of strangeness and that will be the fear source.

You may find useful another post about explaining dreams here.

People around You

If you have helpers or curious “people” around you in this parallel dimension, you may see or feel or hear them. But because you are trying to scare yourself without conscious control, you will experience these “people” as bad entities, maybe aliens. Your own fear will cause misinterpretation in a thought responsive environment. Let’s be straight, a normal person will scare him/herself instantly from the unknown.

Just stop scaring yourself, nothing can hurt you physically. The rulesets are different and you could experience an endless loop of fear if you are releasing your emotions and thoughts. Use love and think from kindness, the character will change also. If it won’t work, then learn to stay calm and passive.

What you learned in this life is stored in your non-physical mind’s “hard drive”. It is used to interpret what you are seeing with your mind. If you encounter something “alien” from you, you may see ET’s on the way you learned in your life. And because too many people are sharing the same BS like little greys or reptilians, you may encounter them. These believers are reinforcing each other’s unique fear-based experiences. They want to believe in them.

Meanwhile, the other side is watching you about when will you figure out that you are scaring yourself and it is an illusion.

This whole issue comes down from the endless media lies and misleading information on what we can find today in our world. Be curious and passive and observe what you got. Don’t think and stay calm, that will help you even when you suddenly realize that you are levitating over your bed or noticing pulling sensations.

Edited on 28th of March in 2019.

Where is Your Consciousness?

Consciousness does not occupy space nor time as people tend to imagine everything in physical terms. We are all from consciousness, our own one. Everybody has their own consciousness in the sense that you are NOT a body and never been IN a body or in a brain. Just to dissolve scientific nonsense. Those are physical tools for physical life and everybody created them for their own simulation.

Consciousness is not expanding but can gain more knowledge in a lower sense of developing. Experiencing in different physical worlds as a character can help in learning a lot more. Our knowledge, experiences and beliefs, emotions are carried away and added to our existing database. Nothing is lost ever.

Simply put, you are consciousness, the non-physical being who tries out a limited life to experience. We have a memory block to not ruin this game. But we are already existing in other forms and our current personality is tiny fraction from a whole being.

What does Consciousness do? I mean, you!

Consciousness is already occupying all focuses, I mean all realities. Check the Focus Model articles for more. It has probes, like me or you where it has interests. If you are existing in the physical dimensions and we say that we are existing in all levels at the same time, we are already existing in countless parallel realities, unlimited physical universes and in the non-physical also of course in different variations. So you can talk to other versions of yourself.

Our attention right now is in the physical world. When we are sleeping at night, we are elsewhere in another channel of our consciousness. We don’t stop experiencing so our consciousness continuum lives forever. When we die, our consciousness draws itself out from the physical perspective. It no longer needs that vehicle and finished it’s task there. The problem is that most post-humans are still addicted to their body and personality. Nobody told them it is just a tool for physical systems.

Our awareness is the one which changes on a big scale according to our mind’s programming. Awareness is something which is developing over your life if you are interested in doing it.


Consciousness vs. Awareness

Consciousness is yourself, an eternal entity without any physical attributes and objectivity. This is one thing from many which humanity can’t accept because it is too otherworldly according to our conditioning and brainwashing.

Your awareness is the one which fluctuates on a big scale. It is changing in the physical world and also in Dreamland. In the non-physical, you can train yourself to be more aware of your experiences. Dreams are experiences where you can much further into the unknown and grow.

Your awareness is seemingly at the maximum in physical waking life, mostly. But it is not really for the most. Well, mentally ill people could be in a bubble so it varies.

Dreams are non-physical experiences

When most people are “dreaming” they are not really aware of what is happening so their awareness is very low. Some of them are not really remembering anything after waking up. If we look closely at various labels like OBE, NDE, Lucid Dreaming, Phasing, regular dreams, they are all the same because the process is the SAME. What is not, the degrees of awareness and the approach getting there.

Well, physical indoctrination can’t let people think outside the box as I saw it mostly. You can help only yourself with this issue also.

If your awareness is as high as your physical primary focus, you won’t see any differences between the physical world and the NP. Only the rulesets are not the same. Every worlds are equally real and you can train your mindset.

With more practice, you can experience that the non-physical is much more “real” many times than this dumb physical world. It takes practice and usage of creative tools like imagination. Experiencing the realness is an achievement over non-physical development.

But where are you? It is complicated to explain. Maybe I can say you are aware only one life at the same time, mostly. You can be aware more than one but it can cause troubles. You can be aware other versions of yourself too but they are different “people” in other realities, not “past lives”.

Consciousness survives Death

Of course, we survive it. There’s no death or birth, it is part of the game. Yeah, sure, it happens but these are needed constructs. People just can’t suddenly pop up here in this given world and disappear, it would ruin the whole game and mess up the whole consensus reality.

You just simply switch back to another level, gaining back your whole awareness to experience further without any end. Your bigger scale of consciousness was suppressed the whole time. Now you understand what was your life about. The test is to not remember to let yourself learn more.

Look at consciousness as now being human as a spotlight from your bigger spectrum of self. You are concentrating on a slow restricted environment right now. Entities in the non-physical are doing more things on a wider scale and are relatively free to roam. The physical world and life are for harder tasks and restrictive experiences. You have limits and you can learn from your experiences.

Btw if you don’t believe you survive death, just watch closely the fact that many projectors validated that quadrillions of “people” are stuck in the Afterlife regions in Focus 3. And many of them were never human still! You are dying each time via falling asleep. It is part of the game.

I’ve met many people there and will experience different cities too. You will know the difference with practice later if you managed to be aware in the NP. One thing is sure, the physical life is addictive but you are not even human mainly.

Edited on 28th of March in 2019.

Law of Attraction is a lie

This post will be a little bit harsh and you may feel a little bit bad while you read through this Law of Attraction post but at the end, I will tell you how the “system” really works.

I needed to make some updates in this one, it seems like people read it and have no idea about what I try to say. I don’t question anybody’s intelligence but there are the explanations below and on my site. The issue with LOA believers is that they need a belief system or rather religion to feel special and believe in nice fairy tales. Our life can be a joyful one but I try to expose the myths and lies in this on my way.

Where LOA fails for the followers?

Now, this famous made-up label “law of attraction” is a pure BS! It is a non-sense fake thing, which is just spreading like wildfire. I feel sometimes that it is my duty too to inform people that those who are making videos about this and writing books, giving courses and making a new religion about this have two serious problems.

I welcome readers who don’t want this mess, who want to know where this fails. Who wants a complete solution in their life. Many are confused. I’m writing for them here.

The issue in itself is problematic. And just to mention, there are zillion variations over the whole internet, how to do it and none of them are actually really right. Why should they if nobody knows the mechanics? It is not a secret… So:

  1. They just don’t know what they are talking about when they talk about this thing. This label is made a long time ago on something which people just don’t know how it works – yes it is manifestation! Many authors are catching ideas from ancients sources, previous data and making up a new explanation.
  2. They are fooling you, lying and trying to get your money for something which everybody has their own natural ability to do it, but heard and read so much brainwashing over their life that they just don’t know what the heck is that!

The lie is that there is no such law

This “law” which is not existing other than in people’s mind is a belief system to make you believe you are smarter than you are. Also making you believe that some kind of “universe” does the job.

We don’t have these natural laws in our physical reality. People, even the founders have no idea. We are doing anything we are doing multidimensionally and not the way it is sold. This is business and you are hooked up.

The lie comes from a source which is based on scientific resources to fool intelligent people and lead them into this trap. This theory is simple and you can turn it into a non-existent law, right? Grab quantum mechanics and the big words like “vibrations” and “vortex” and other BS and push them down through gullible people’s throat. Does it work? YES! The problem is that only for a tiny majority.

I know many anti-LOA sources too and they are wrong too. We are doing it but our intent or desire will cause probable futuristic outcomes. And the non-physical side will do the rest but not the fairy tale way. If it doesn’t happen and our selfish desire won’t come, then we tend to be upset, lost, more emotional, etc. This is where the most will fail. They tried to follow a stupid theory, calling it “law”. We don’t attract anything… geez.

Giving labels to just everything which we DO NOT understand, because the most just don’t!

The label itself is fooling, you are just thinking it is some kind of Universal law. A law, seriously? You can’t deny it and if you don’t follow it, you won’t succeed. As you may notice, this whole thing is very similar to mainstream religions, they are based on fears.

Check your thoughts and you are responsible for everything! This is what is told you! Do you believe this? Did your life unfold for decades because you did it all with your thoughts? Are you responsible for everything? No! We live together as human beings and many of us chose our initial life circumstances from our birth. But NOT our whole life. These are possibilities and starting circumstances.

These people have no clue that we are living a multidimensional life and we are seeing a tiny fraction of it, here, right now. We are not in full control and we have a life to learn. So the problem is that these people who made these “laws” don’t even know anything beyond our limited world. They speak about laws and vibrations without knowing it first-hand. You can start it with your dreams or practicing Astral Projection. And soon, you can see that this was not so true.

People are parroting the same BS

Another problem comes from the groups. People who are following the same religion are always trying to find new ways to keep themselves in it and drag others into it. Because it is so good, you will get all your selfish needs in life out of nothing, right?

Oh, come’on… It is tiring enough that just everybody says this same BS and spreading worldwide instead of thinking about what it is. Even people who figured out how manifesting is probably working in reality, they still try to give this label a chance and saying it is a side-effect. I will tell you this.

Finding out how manifestation works needs years and decades of self-experiment in both worlds! You believe a belief system, you won’t get so much further in life. It is like the nonsense past life regression. You can blame an outside force about your problems. But this is not about you, causing all your problems. You see, people are blamed but also misled.

Many people already ruined their lives giving practice to this nonsense mindless wishing and hoping fashion. Those who tend to defend LOA will guard the fact that nobody fails. If they would have any idea. The internet is full of miserable people and our daily life too and many tried it. Very similar to somebody who is told how to drive a car without first-hand evidence that indeed, it works like that under their steering hand.

Attraction? You can attract things but not because you are in a certain vibration or in a match. I wonder if there is an intelligent person who also has common sense in this world? This attraction fashion is here since decades and a popular belief like karma.

Do you really know it?

So let’s be straight, are you a believer or a knower? Belief may help you, mostly if you only believe in yourself which I always tell people. Knowing makes you sure about what are you doing or how things work. You can’t skip the main steps or cheat. We need to make our necessary steps in life instead of wishing, hoping and visualizing.

Btw why it works for many people? They make them believe they will receive their egoistic desires. That’s all, beliefs. They never learn to create consciously. The other issue is that the Wider Reality delivers their stuff but just a few times to let them learn from the consequences.

Because let’s be straight, many people don’t know what will happen after they got their desires and what happens with them after it. Many don’t even know what they need in life. They parrot what the outside world does: cars, house, materialistic things which are only representing big voids in their soul.

Mainstream, big guys, books, “successful” people’s words, showing big numbers, fast results…

It is spreading like a virus and more and more people are gossiping about this, giving this fake knowledge towards others and just everybody is disappointed why just nothing works for them. Of course, it doesn’t work, you try to make yourself believe in it. But you still have common sense, fortunately. Common sense always fails when these beliefs are there, we start to avoid it.

What the Law of Attraction followers are doing basically, they will deny anything else which doesn’t fit into this highly distorted worldview. They close out negativity and stay in this illusion. The problem with this is that they are totally denying their life lessons and that we need to experience negativity too. We need to learn to control ourselves and this practice also avoids this important thing. So these belief systems are pulling people back on their own spiritual journey and physical life is the facade of it.

Some people will have extremely miraculous results and they really think it was from LOA. Believe me, I walked this path too and tested it for years. I tried to figure out the mechanics about this and from the beginning, it was obvious that this process is connected to the non-physical. Because we are coming from there. There is an interesting thing here, some people may get help from the NP to show other people how real it is but I guess it is not really obvious.

Do these popular people and followers really know it?

I saw the Secret when I was younger. Now, I can’t say how stupid it is. If you are new to this, you will caught fast. Even those people are telling BS in it.

Do you think that any of LOA people know a thing about their non-physical side or nature? Or how this works? Why does it fail? Why we can’t repeat the same result? Very similar to a candy man who tries to get you closer and you are captured.

I won’t write down names but the internet and communities are full of these people. Some are insane mentally, some are self-illusional and some are just nuts. I know many, their works and they just surely believe what they spread is true. That is insane. These public speakers are building up an illusionary lifestyle to also build up a cult. The promises are not fake, just the foundations.

The mechanics are based on logic and science, just people don’t realize how idiotish the whole explanation is. Another big life lesson is that in our society, people are lying for money. To lie better, you need to believe your lies and adjust it to customers.

When people find out that they finally understand how it works, they try to catch elements of the manifestation process (I did too). Followers just share texts, books, success stories, videos worldwide how they finally figured out what is causing the trouble. Yeah, and maybe they found out their own blocks, others are still unsuccessful and I think everybody deserves a better life than the actual bad one. Guessing won’t reveal it. And as you may noticed, I already gave the answer above.

law of attraction

What is the basic problem with all of this?

The whole idea is based on a selfish, false promise. You will get whatever you want. You just don’t give a damn on other human’s opinion, don’t give a f**k, yeah? They don’t exist, they will drag you down etc. I have a surprise here, it is human life and many people with this attitude will crush on their face of the actual real reality. The fail is vastly bigger with this attitude.

Never ever listen to or believe people fully! People are lying. Somebody never learns this over a lifetime ever. There are countless people, making a living from this. And because our whole population is made from believer type people, they have a lot to buy.  One side is clever to pull down people with money always. The other side is just too naive to stop believing others. Sorry, but the law of attraction followers are NOT smart. They only would like to feel that they are. Well, okay, some are and they struggle to see through this false belief.

I respect those who try to help truly from the heart with speaking out how they figured out for themselves, how it is in essence. But it is still just a guessing. Remember, the market is full of competition. People are fooled with money, there will be always some ways to sell people just anything. Somebody needs other’s money. Money is the god these days. Just create a solid foundation of false promises like religions and here you go, millions easily. And at the end of the day, founders can look into the mirror. It works for many, well, then it is real.

The beginnings

You can read a zillion books, watch hours of videos on the web, go to lectures, etc but you won’t get it because it is a label to a rarely known phenomenon. And the web is full of BS, it is hard to dig up real information. For real knowledge, search for non-physical communities. About Astral Projection without a central figure. Forums. Do-your-research!

This is the same as for example Lucid Dreaming. You are labeling your non-physical life when you are sleeping from social conditioning. People don’t know what they are doing really and after they understood what is it, they still try to believe in something which is clearly a lie. I guess humanity never will learns.

Maybe people will have enough finally when nothing seems to work out, not even supplying people who are doing nothing just writing books to share almost nothing new or useful. Same BS beliefs, parroted each time. And here I need to admit a thing. It can help really, people have more willpower to do something with this “tool” (LOA) to make their life better. But eventually, in the long run, they are fooling themselves, their life starts to be bad again. Not the fooling yourself part is the key here if you get the idea but that you still can’t replicate it.

It is two-fold. People are trying to help with or without fooling you and the other side is believing in another religion. There will be religions or rather belief systems like this because it is NEEDED, there is a huge demand. This world here and now is hard and people need protection and escape from misery. I totally agree with this but not in a fooling way. We can’t help it, there are enough people to follow these. Simply, the most of us are working like that.

The actual events beyond this

The bonus effect is this. From a non-physical perspective, if a collective gives power to the same concept, it becomes real! I’m talking about group constructs or in other words, belief systems. This is how the concepts are created in the NP and everybody can download them to their life. That is funny huh? Guess how many people know about this?

OBE’s are working the same way, no matter your consciousness was never in a body. You are forcing an old concept to your mind that you can actually observe yourself “leaving a body”. This in itself shows how powerful your mind is. You are doing the job, not a made up “law”. But you are NOT doing it alone. We are never alone. Just look into the non-physical guide topic and you will see. I try to avoid this to mention.

And btw the Multiverse is not vibration based, not even positiveness oriented. It is made by consciousness (you) and you are co-creating it. It is based on BELIEFS and your intent. But you need to do the work on your side. We are multidimensional and this physical Universe is a tiny fraction of this system.

So what IS it instead?

It is a process which you constantly creating as your probable future with your own mind – people call it subconscious but it is not like that. As I mentioned many times, your actual reality is changing by your long-held beliefs and intention. You can’t imagine it, you can’t create it. Law of attraction followers try to grasp this part but fail mainly. I’m not telling you this is about beliefs all the time. They ONLY block you out from other things in life because your perception is limited.

Your daily life is changing according to your beliefs, and choices. Reality changes where thought energy goes. In the non-physical, that is instant, in no time. Simple but still hard, because people (humans) are not checking their thoughts so you are sabotaging yourself. Everybody does this, me, you, battling with myself many times. And again, you are not doing everything on your own and your whole life and what you lived up are the evidence.

You should keep observing what are you thinking about certain things in your life, you will be amazed that you are blocking yourself out. You need to take the steps, the creative practice in LOA is just a tool to concentrate your life into the desired direction.

Not some kind of shit law and universe (which is a mass projection from consciousness) is creating but you are doing it by defining the main goal. Then you need to make the necessary steps and you will unfold your plan over time with your intent. Do you still think that LOA has anything to do with existing things? Sure, partially some elements are needed from it but not the way it is sold.

Edited on 30th of March in 2019.

The Focus Model from F1 to F4 – part 5 (FOCUS 4, the Higher Focus)

Focus 4 is a way different “place” but rather FOCUS of ATTENTION in just everything with the first three main ones. People who are getting lost their illusionary physical like image and Focus 3 focus, can once again switch their primary focus back here. This is the place of the misunderstood so-called “higher self” state. Residents in Focus 4 are called badly as “higher self” entities or looked as gods.

When people with religion are speaking about a god or gods, this is the place where we are gods. Formless residents here are us in a bigger sense. This reality is from where all subsystems are stemming “out” and we are whole here. We are interconnected and we made these Focus 3 and physical systems to learn something new. This is why the game goes on forever between Focus 3 (Afterlife) and other realities. Try out lives, return, do much more.

The Focus Model is all about that We are existing at all levels of existence at the same time. That is what people misunderstand and being confused with past life crap.

What is in Focus 4 really?

Here, everything is purely subjective and entities who are resident here could appear like a God-like figure. Well in a bigger scale, everybody is a God in their full essence. If you are here, you are no longer observing anything objectively. So no surprise that mainstream calls people like Higher Self who are having their primary focus and life here. We already occupy this focus level too. The only difference to energy beings that we have our primary focus elsewhere in a physical system.

What I try to describe with Focus levels is that we are already there in another form or construct. We are switching our focus here or there. This what is so complicated to a limited mind like ours to digest.

Here, objectivity ceases to exist and we somehow could manage to get here from Focus 1 while projecting (because there is no structure or anything known), we may see everybody as a God. Their energy signature emanates so strongly, that they need to lower it to not melt you. You need to meet them many times until you can handle that high energy radiation. It is not a god-thing, you just need to understand how the wider reality works.

We are not a race who can readily accept that the gods our world made up over a big timeline are us and not what the masses are indoctrinated is.

You see, the belief system type “God” is non-existent, you ARE that god. It is all about perspective and a completely different stage of existence. A religious person can’t understand this or accept this normally and maybe this is why I leave them alone.

higher self

Focus 4 is relatively an “umbrella focus” for everything

Here, in theory, we could see how parallel lives are working out at the same time, how this whole game looks like. Too bad, that those quadrillions of spirits in our local Focus 3 system are just a waste of potential. Not in the long run, don’t misinterpret this. But many seem to be infants. They stuck in emotional and belief loops, suffering and keeping up with their own illusions.

This happens all the time with people, finishing their physical life at any civilizations and forms and they keep on doing the same with the same mindset and emotional baggage. Because it creates their external reality instantly. Entering to F4 from F3 is a very similar “death” illusion. You shred down your objectivity.

Earth-type life is highly addictive and it seems, the most can’t get further than their own religion or beliefs. Maybe in a huge timescale to measure it physically. This is their block to break through. We all have some.

F4 makes an umbrella for all the other 3 states. Focus 3 stems from it, all of them. For example, the human F3 is containing all the probable and parallel F1 physical realities with the F2 buffer zones. It is endless and we can’t count them.

What is Focus 4 about?

We can think about it as a primary starting place for our Essence. You as a pure energy being is in boredom and try to experience just anything. We are experiencing physical lives, many many at the same time. Parallel realities are countless, I mean just endless ones.

We create characters – like probes – to experience those things which we can’t in a subjective reality. You are one probe and a complete personality. We created these physical realities like ours for a reason. We can now experience limits and constraints.

In objective physical life, there is dualism, the perception of what is it to be physical. What is it to be alone, to learn, to experience linear time frame and space. To learn to behave, create, manipulate energy, to change. Nothing is static and it serves no purpose in the NP.

Parallel and probable selves, F2 aspects:

We have other “selves” in other realities, all of them just as real as YOU. They are from your own Essence from F4! They are mistaken to think they are “past lives“… there’s no past. In parallel time? Come on…

We have countless alternative selves also, who are stemming from our own physical life according to our choices and from creating endless universes. This means that we are unconsciously creating copies from our daily life, characters who are like family members, friends, and known people. When you are in Focus 2 and have normal dreams, you are still meeting with them. They can be also your fears and imagined characters.

We have many aspects, who are simple and they are behaving very dumbly in Focus 2 and can mislead us. Being a negative entity or just anybody, they are for certain tasks and could be seen as guides too. Focus 2 in this case always fooling us. Many people just don’t have the intelligence to want to make a difference or understand what they are experiencing with them.

In rare cases, you can “dream” with others, physically alive. It can happen.

The blueprint for lives in all levels

In my best understanding, we can see our life as a concept and experience it in Focus 4. We can become just any concept, a day, a color, a word, a musical tone, just anything. This in itself can just change anybody overnight if they could reach this state. But it is very rare. It takes practice for years mostly to even get to F2 or F3. Some well-advanced practitioners could already experience this at will.

The blueprint here means that you can observe the actual plans for your current physical “life” as a concept. You can experience yourself too as a concept. What is it about if you still didn’t figure it out by yourself. This blueprint is constantly downloading itself to Focus 2 where we use our toolbox. This is our mind, we are observing the physical from here and it feels like we are in our head. Meaning all levels are interconnected and changing the outcome always as the future is about probable events and possibilities.

I’m not 100% sure that this theory as F.K. explored it by his own is really accurate. Let’s investigate it, that’s the only way.

Total self-disintegration, loss of ego

When you try to fully understand this Focus level, you can experience some kind of ego-death state where you just experience your total self. Your essence, potential, whatever we call it (forget the “Higher Self” concept, it is a huge misunderstanding). You realize who you are truly. This level is a bit tricky, so not so many people could investigate this place and I guess it is for a reason. I was there for once at least fully consciously also, which is rare for the most.

You may encounter an energy being and you just melt in its energy, losing your self. You may be in a huge fear because you first think you will cease to exist and afterward you realize, you were never that limited character at the first place. People here are just on another level of primary focus, nothing divine thing. There is no divine, only in human heads.

What we experience as holy and divine and all the nonsense are the effect of these entities’ energy signature. The communication is subjective and telepathic. It can be overwhelming. You can receive huge infomation packages which you will try to comprehend for a long time.

What is beyond Focus 4?

There were lots of speculations even on the side of F.K. that maybe there is a Focus 5 or not. Maybe a vastly different state. According to my newest findings, well, there is the whole interconnectedness and many more.

Robert A. Monroe also tried to travel further and he just almost killed his physical body. Because what is beyond Focus 4 is vastly different than our local system (F1-F4). The rules are not real for our world anymore, too many natural laws against your energy wires. He just took his physical body to risk because the energy link is stemming from Focus 4 to downwards.

Speculations going further and maybe nobody alive knows what is beyond. I would be interested to investigate further this interdimensional area maybe from Focus 3 after I left this world. But this in itself makes us think, maybe those Focus 4 people are only just high evolutionary Focuses as all of us have and beyond that is maybe another system.

If the Multiverse NP is truly endless, there could be just endless Focus states and interdimensional areas which are hidden from us and maybe those have many further places. Just speculation but it seems like if there was really no beginning then this is a complete mystery and a vast potential at the same time. Remember, this “place” is endless, you can’t see it all. Not even while you are physical.

So maybe there are endless other reality types beyond but maybe not. Only those can figure this out who try to leave Focus 4 partially. I guess who knew what could be beyond is already left this physical plane and being Focus 4 focus “people”. The famous “higher self” people. As you can remember, we are already there, we never left it. We are focusing our primary attention to here right now.

Where is “God” in the system?

So how did we begin? We didn’t. Consciousness just exists and existed always. Time is meaningless there and this is why we have speculations like that. Also, searching for gods but some egoistic entities can show themselves as a god. The god concept is existing in our “head” only. Maybe other seemingly “intelligent” civilizations are doing the same. Notice my irony.

Do you really count the elapsed time when you play a virtual reality game from the beginning till the end? Same here. Time is part of the game in F1 systems but it is meaningless in the larger picture.

Most people could hate me but there is no God if we understand how the Wider Reality is made by US all. It is an Earthly concept to create somebody who gives you understanding and being an omnipotent something INSTEAD you, blaming it. Doing the work and understand how is it really working. God is a concept, we created it, we give it power. We can prove it to ourselves personally with years and decades of effort.

We on a higher existence level as Focus 4 created everything. Universes, the local systems, concepts, just everything. Not some kind of imaginary big being. If you meet God in any focus states, you are fooling yourself and encountering with your own creation from your mind! It is a misinterpretation according to your expectations. That version of yourself may pose as a god, maybe it will tell you that you are talking to yourself.

NP people are just looking at you strangely when you are chasing God figures… they are non-existent. Same for prays it won’t save you. And some may pose as a god for you in Focus 3 too where you are free to do what you want to but you won’t get further with this.

You are God. Religions are just killing off people’s potential to develop further and stuck in a box. These belief systems are built on fairy tales and fear spreading because it is about fear and money. When you choose a religion, which is to make you comfortable with something you just don’t know, you are just limiting yourself down. The most are not there yet to stop that.

Please, read these articles carefully and a few times more to digest them. These are the foundations of your self-development and very valuable.

Here is the link to the summary of the Focus Model.

Edited on 28th of March in 2019.

Where is the non-physical world?

I was thinking about this subject because people may have this question mostly in their mind these days about the non-physical world. Thinking that heavens, hells, and other places are somewhere above or below or far away. Well, they are real if you resonate with them but this article is about our original homeland.

The non-physical world is an inch from you. It is right there but your perception as an entity living a limited physical life thinks from what you learned in this world that everything is “placed” in a certain distance and you need to travel to anywhere. Not really. But this misconception exists while people are traveling non-physically mostly in dreams. If not dreams, then Astral Projection, OBE and many more. Same world, different tools.

The non-physical world – as I stated in the Focus model – is right HERE. You just don’t see other dimensions (well some people are able and you can learn it), because you need to concentrate on your primary task and live your life here and now. But rather you are blocking out other “channels”.

And because the non-physical dimensions and parallel physical worlds in number are endless, you are only at one channel at a time seemingly. It is like switching a channel on your television remote controller. Your primary attention is here but you are multidimensional which the most can’t comprehend in our world.


Non-physical travel and experiences

When you are dreaming, you are on another channel of your consciousness spectrum. Well, thinking that you are controlling another “body” and experiencing. When you are dead, you switch back to Focus 3 and being in the Afterlife channel. When you experience parallel lives, you are still at the same point in space and switching on another channel. Everything already exists. The NP is where we are truly living and we are trying out physical lives FROM there. We just have no memories because those are suppressed for the game.

This is something which the most can’t accept or even comprehend. It challenges their beliefs, mindset, fears, anything. And until somebody doesn’t have hundreds of conscious experiences even from sleep life, it won’t be accepted.

That’s all, the trick here, is to realize you were never ever been IN a body, never traveled to anywhere. Not even while you have NDE or OBEs, projections etc. Your mind is interpreting the whole experience like you are moving in space and time because that is what we learned here. To function under these strict rules… So, our non-physical mind pulls out information to interpret what we expect there and make the experience comfortable to us. What makes sense for us. This is a learning system and we experience the Wider Reality from a very limited point of view.


Let’s say we have a spaceship to travel through in only our Universe or just in the local Solar System. There are countless other Universes and this one according to scientists is huge, which we see from cosmic radiation, billions of lightyears across. Surprise how many other civilizations are on other frequencies. We are not even sure if there is an “edge” to this reality.

As we go further and further, it takes more and more energy with a certain technology. We are manipulating matter through matter in our physical limited understanding. Why we are partly here is to learn to manipulate our own “vehicle” and our surrounding’s energy. We create from energy.

ET races (non-human) are jumping in and out through dimensions because they learned to manipulate frequencies with mind control. They are not really going so far and not coming from other planets. They are just developed on a higher technological level than this race.

In the non-physical, you are using your own mind to navigate through places and you manipulate the whole energy structure to move wherever you want to. But if you like the construct of flying, you can fly. If you like to go through walls, you can. If you think about a certain person, you can meet it. It depends on your beliefs and local rules. You have blocks if you can’t convince yourself.

If we would like to make a comparison to the TV channel analogy, our physical dimension is one millimeter on the scale if the scale is endless. You are not traveling anywhere, you are switching your primary focus of your attention to another Focus state. When you watch a movie, you are still on another channel because you are not really paying attention elsewhere.

So where is the non-physical world? Right here on a different reality level. It has no physical rules but our mindset gives them.

Edited on 27th of March in 2019.

The Focus Model from F1 to F4 – part 4 (FOCUS 3 – The Afterlife, Belief System Territories)

After we leave Focus 2, we can experience the entrance structures. The Afterlife begins here. This is the Transition Zone which is leading us to various facilities and buildings, maybe a city. These structures are for one purpose – welcoming those who just recently left their physical focus. In other words, they “died” again and they switch on to their non-physical perspective. Here comes the big thing.

The whole place is for various purposes, “people” like doctors, practitioners and specialists in their own post-field are helping others on various ways by healing them from recent life and shake back to our true home. You need to – for your own sake – shake off the previous life.

The Afterlife is not about becoming something otherworldly. It is about gaining back your true self. The whole purpose is for to shake off the physical life’s trauma. There are various places to heal people from big emotional shocks of experiencing death and that place. Also healing those who only need some adjusting and people who need to shake off beliefs etc.


Heavens, Hells, various repeating situations, all the same

Now the Afterlife is a trap for most, full of Belief System Territories. They are NEEDED because people can’t release their beliefs and problems. It is not a bad thing on the other hand because, on a certain consciousness level, many people tend to choose the path to shake off beliefs. They try to regain their true power, knowledge and realize that they are much more.

But after what experienced travelers reported back, billions and billions are just wasting themselves from a “higher self” perspective. The potential is lost, like a probe sent out and hardly returning back to their full image, instead of being addicted to physical life. Many billions are jumping into a physical world to continue being addicted. They can’t comprehend how the whole system is not about this alone.

People, there are experiencing various heavens and hells, any places, which all resonating with their beliefs to a certain degree. So why is this a problem? Well, you will surely get bored and you need to realize that this is an illusion but this is another story. How could a “heaven” be so bad? You will see it after you spent endless “time” there. Seeing the exact same stuff, seeing the manmade illusions.

What people can imagine as those places, they are already existing. If you believe that there is “Hell” but you don’t believe that you will get there, you won’t. A hell can be also a self-defeating emotional or belief loop which can’t be broken so easily.

Countless Focus 3 Cities, Worlds, Regions

I was already in countless cities there, which are “located” on the higher or outer edges in theory. But if we understand the phasing model, there is no space, you only travel “there” with your thoughts. Or rather switch to a different channel but visually they are may be interconnected seemingly from a certain observational point. I couldn’t prove myself that there are “outer” or “inner” places… they are there.

People are continuing living their lives there. Building houses, going to work etc. Which they only know and can’t help that notion – they are still addicted to human nature. You don’t need sleep for your non-existing body, you don’t need food, money to pay your bills, you do whatever you want to and meanwhile.

People are just doing what they were familiar with in Focus 1, completely forgetting that there is much more in the Wider Reality. You may spend thousands of physical-like years there and you didn’t even see a tiny little fraction from this place. Well, it is endless and this is just the human construct “place”.

In the “closest” regions, there are addictive people. Endless suffering, self-fooling everywhere. I try to avoid placing these “places” physically like on a map. And don’t misunderstand me but suffer could be many things according to the actual person.

Some people are reliving their painful death a million times, that is hell too. Helpers are everywhere to help, who are dedicated themselves to do it from free will. It is a job so to speak and they can’t help everybody, there are just too many people need for help. It is just for experiencing also for them, for us.

Going towards the “outer” or “higher” regions

The “outer” regions are for people who adjusted themselves finally to the non-physical and they are living a good life there. They are dead and proud. Maybe they are planning their next journey but in linear time means maybe 1000 or 1 million years are passing by for an “individual” while he just stops his/her acts and continues to live a meaningful life. No hurry there, because of no time there. Jumping in and out of physical lives and living in the NP has nothing to do with time. This is just an easy representation.

Afterlife or Focus 3 is just a tiny little part, only our local system’s place. Only the human world’s border. There are endless realities in the interdimensional states, races (ET’s) and they also have their own Afterlife there in the much Wider Reality… Nothing is like a closed box place. People are just can’t gain back their true potential (most of them) because there is much more!

The only limits are made by You! The question still interests me in my own life, “which” you?


Your beliefs will determine your initial life “there”

As I said above, what you believe will happen and you will be at a certain place which resonates the most with you. It is like a vibrational match by your thoughts and beliefs. Nothing is wrong with it, of course, eventually, after a long “time” we will go further. Learning doesn’t stop after we leave physical realities. A non-physical entity won’t stay in a static state forever.

The Afterlife, Focus 3 relatively “ends” here and comes the so-called (by Monroe) transdimensional area which connects worlds. Of course, there is no end, I mean physically speaking from an objective perception. But remember here and now, everything is relatively subjective. If you didn’t learn to behave and control your thoughts and emotions in the physical, you won’t disturb people in the other regions, who are more advanced.

You are simply not allowed to stand next to somebody who is master of its thoughts. You may be kicked out from that place instant, even doing it as having a physical focus. Certain pure subjective places are not for the underdeveloped.

But! You are relatively free to roam around after adjusting “back” to Focus 3. We all came from there and returning back. People just have no idea about it and guessing.

Focus 4 is a fully different perspective. That is the umbrella Focus level or channel. People call it Higher Self or Essence what exists there but there is no higher or lower self. It is pure mystical crap, not understanding the basics that YOU already occupy every level of focuses.

If you enter this focus stage, you cease to exist as an objective somebody. The total disintegration of the previous self and you gain back your true self. We are all starting here from pure energy. This is the death of the ego, which keeps you trapped in a character which is only a fragment of you.

Edited on 27th of March in 2019.

Who are You in the Wider Reality?

Who are You in the Wider Reality? You experience a facade from birth as your own body, identity and many more. This is our reality. It seems to be real and it is to a certain degree. We are focusing our primary attention into this world. But what about “beyond”?

The problem with our indoctrination and thinking we are our character

People tend to think that they are that character and identifying themselves with that given body eventually.

Surprise when they arrive at the “Afterlife”, they will stay the same mostly. And those few who realized that they are not even human or male/female can easily step forward. Where? To the Wider Reality and develop further because there are relatively no limits.

We can just imagine the limits but our thinking is highly restricted with our perception right now.

The social conditioning is very extended when it breaks down to conditioning types. It can come from our parents, the media, other people who also believe in the same false assumptions and parts of this system. Religions are the worst (some of them had the core element). Everybody is free to believe in something, don’t misunderstand me but it leads you nowhere.

So we are just constantly brainwashed from birth and most of us are just stuck forever in hard beliefs about who we are really. Just nothing comes close to the real fact. But the fact is, that the most don’t want to know a thing. This path of self-realization is not for everybody for a reason.

Everybody is a non-physical, timeless, ageless, genderless, pure energy being using a character in physical life

You are originally an energy being, who splits into individual units and experiencing life. The aim is learning to grow, playing, learning certain values, experiencing duality (many purposes). Also, there is the illusion of time and space, physicality and many more. There are many what we can learn in limited systems like this physical Universe.

The Wider Reality means that all physical Universes or realities are stemming out from this vast and endless system. There are no real limits according to our world. We are living in a constructed dimension, an end result of us.

So, you just don’t want to stay forever in the non-physical if you really want to gain something. You NEED to experience the physical dumb training ground, which could be hard. And the joke… It is said that most of the non-human entities were never even physical. I met with many on my earlier journeys too. They had no idea what is the physical linear time for example. I was amazed that I was the one, teaching them about physical things. They look human-like according to my interpretation.

We are planning a game for us to jump into a certain world in a given timeline. From initial circumstances with given surroundings and family, we just build up our new personality for the sake of the game. There is a learning curve and experiencing physical life, which is important to make value about what is it like to be non-physical. Interesting huh? The nature and reality of this game.

You are gaining a better, more valuable insight into what it feels to be physical and non-physical at the same time. But you need to first enter and try it out to know that. We can experience both while we are in physical life. I’m still not sure how NP people are experiencing looking into physical worlds but not the way we are thinking.


Your knowledge is a benefit for all in the NP after you finish a lifetime

What we learn, experience, achieve, how we played will be added. I agree with this that we will add that information package to benefit others in the non-physical. I like to help people here in the physical also (not always here lol).

Remember, you came from the NP and not the other way. That is why physical life is important. You will appreciate it when you realized the value of your experiences here. The whys, hows etc. Don’t wait till you die and realize what did you lose. To experience another reality frame, there are mind tools also.

If you’ve suffered through your life, you gain knowledge about how not to do it. Not everybody learns and if you could manage to know yourself better and have fun, you also gain knowledge. About how to do it right, plus realizing your true inner self. It takes effort and dedication. Actually, a very few people step onto this path.

Don’t underestimate what your life is all about. And don’t be self-judgemental if you couldn’t change your life on the way what you wanted to. Maybe you deeply didn’t need that change or you still lack the skill. You may never know while you are here… but never give up! Don’t look into predestination, it is not really existing in a religious sense.

You are not just ONE person, it only feels that way being here

Now, this issue is very mind-twisting and I needed some months to digest it while I was gathering evidence and tried to understand the basics. Robert A. Monroe told this issue in his later vids, which I could find on Youtube from 1994. before his death. Later other people could reinforce this theory as truth. Here you can find the 9 vids in numbers.

It could be that schizophrenic people are not so “mentally ill” if they experience other personalities. Even their own fears.

Now I don’t give so much value to channeled stuff but there is some truth behind the distorted stories. We need to seriously investigate them if we need the truth, belief is not truth! Monroe was misled by his own beliefs many times so don’t take his words seriously. He was a pioneer but he was wrong in many ways. Well, somebody should make mistakes of course.

The issue is this. Everybody is composed of different personalities. I will later try to discuss this further because it could be life-changing. But people with more personalities are very normal and everybody using them according to their life situations, emotions, and addictions. It is automatic using your selves. We are using our other, existing parallel selves and their personality because we are interconnected with our other versions.

How you are composed in reality

You are composed of various aspects of your whole being. This gives you an identity and YOU are deciding which ones do you want to use from birth. You may be sometimes happy, sometimes laughing at movies, sometimes mad at certain people. Other times you enjoy playing games and other times enjoy pop music. You are a teacher like and other times an investigator type.

That is all YOU, and just don’t realize ever that you are switching over certain personalities. You are made up of them, according to the given circumstances and situations. This is one reason why we can’t know the other person for sure ever.

That could be why we all maybe find bad persons relatively good deep inside and it is a mistake. I have this tendency too and getting lost that bad person is very hard in this case… Let go of them.


This whole personified unit thing which is You or Me is also an illusion for the sake of enjoying the physical game and experiencing loneliness as one unit. Detached from the big interconnected net of consciousnesses in Focus 3 and Focus 4, from where we came from.

You are like a flashlight focusing intensely on a target. You have the ability to explore yourself from this perspective.

It is for the game to know what is it like you are closed out from the network seemingly but you are still connected in the background! The separation is just a mental barrier.

So who you are? Only you may know. Look deep inside and observe your likes/dislikes, your characteristics, attitudes towards people and life situations, your talents, your life purpose which you feel is “that” purpose here and now. You can investigate through advanced and controlled non-physical travels, OBEs, “Lucid Dreams”. That is all you. The actual personal reality. These practices are opening up those gates.

But don’t make the false assumption that this character is you in a wider sense. Billions do that and don’t escape from themselves after death, being stuck in the Afterlife in Belief System Territories. You have the main core, sure. But your primary focus is here right now in your waking awareness. Consciousness does not occupy space, nor time!

Edited on 27th of March in 2019.

The Focus Model from F1 to F4 – part 3 (FOCUS 2, the VOID, 3D Blackness)

Going further in the Focus Model, here comes Focus 2 state of consciousness. Maybe we can label it as Dreamland or the so-called “subconscious”. I divided it up to make more clear the Real Time Zone also here. Don’t take the whole model so strictly, it is just a pointer for understanding the system.

This part is a little bit tricky and amazing at the same time. Because this mind “area” is for functioning in the physical world. Mystics and mainstream media call it the “subconscious” but I have serious doubts that this belief construct is real. If we use accurate labels it is The Void, 3D blackness and Dreamland. Those are still labels from mediums and mystics after misunderstanding the mechanics. Also, the Transition Zone back to Focus 3 is here.

To make it clear, most of humanity dreams “here” unconsciously and they are separated from real non-physical places and entities because they are on the training ground. They need to learn even basic things and they hardly do.

Focus 2 is the bridge between the physical and the Afterlife – partly

Okay, in reality, there is no AFTER life because we are just existing in every level already and that’s what the model is about. We just have a primary intensive focus here and now. After death, we switch our primary focus to the non-physical world. The only problem from this end is that we still carry our physical baggage with us without releasing it.

Focus 2 is a programmable mind area so to speak. Each of us has a unique one which is only individual and have no limits. Like in a Server terminal where you have individual memory storage.

We, on a larger scale constructed this “place” to use it for creating and creative work in the physical, Focus 1. It functions as a buffer zone in any meanings like our memories, the energy comes from here to the physical. We can say, it is a barrier between F1 and F3. It takes years and decades even for Astral Projectors to break through and see that there are no real limits. Just necessary ones which we need to tune into.

The Dreamland for the most

This state contains the famous 3D Blackness where instant thought becomes reality and it is also the so-called Void. The Void connects eventually this focus level with the entrance to the Focus 3, where “people” continue to live their lives after they did the exit as we know by “death”. So eventually it leads you to the “Transition Zone” and to Focus 3.

And mostly, the vast majority are dreaming “here” at this level of their mind. Not a place really but another channel of their existence. It has individual areas but other entities can interact with you. You can smoothly change realities also to Focus 3. That is why some people like me can walk in existing other worlds. You don’t just have a huge effect when you do it, everything is already there.

Practiced people could enter this mind state from meditation and can experience the endless 3D blackness, which is already a non-physical world so to speak. And they can create many many thought forms also with or without intention. Or just float in peaceful blackness.

When we “die” in Focus 1, we gather what we saved on this Focus level and bringing back to Focus 3. Because this is what we are all, what we thought, created, beliefs, likes and dislikes etc. This is very dangerous also… if you were a certain person here in F1, you won’t change suddenly when you returned there. Quadrillions are slaves of their own beliefs and emotions without control or want to change. This is how free will works, we are allowed to do whatever we want to.

Focus 2 is called “subconscious”

It made me struggle and still have doubts about the validity of an existing subconscious concept. It is told people since I guess thousands of years that you have that unconscious mind which is running in the background. And if you have life problems, you must blame that and change your thoughts. I’m not 100% sure that anybody is right about it. And believing what some stupid research says won’t reveal a thing. Our world tries to measure things objectively.

The fact that regressionist could talk with people’s subconscious in hypnosis, proves that you have serious belief constructs which could speak as an individual through you! Not the other way. So some of them could become a personified self-fulfilling character. I touched this topic later.

This SC stuff doesn’t deserve more because it is pure speculation from our world. We need to find it out how it works first hand.

Focus 2 mind state is our manifesting area of our consciousness continuum

Note that this is not proven by me and it isn’t a strict rule or law. But it can be true for many people. Again, this is something what others should convince themselves with effort.

When we live our life here, we are manifesting everything from an unknown “place”. Things and concepts are not appearing up suddenly from anywhere without any cause in the physical. They need to solidify from thought energy. They need linear time to come here and not the way how “LAW” of attraction goes.

You can experiment with a certain mix of beliefs, thoughts, emotions and visual input daily until you see some effects forming up in your daily life. In short, if you can’t imagine it, you can’t experience it. People don’t get this.

Every physical object, concept, structure, even belief constructs are stemming from the non-physical. In this case from Focus 2 mind state. Not the other way. That’s why the physical is an end result. The energy is building up, taking form until it is created on this side.

We can do it in Dreamland also but it takes effort and practice to do it consciously. Some people can do it.


We are mostly dreaming in Focus 2, it is the Dreamland

So basically you are still in your own mind, a different perspective in a different “dimension” and your physical body is on automatic sleep, on autopilot. You are not in your head and never been. This in itself proves that consciousness continues to exist elsewhere, it is eternal and pure energy. The whole Focus Model says we are already on many levels and we are focusing a tiny fraction from our total being into this world. We are already in countless systems in other forms.

I should mention the Void and the 3D blackness here but they are just part of this mind state, nothing interesting, parts of the structure. Labels for the same place. If you manage to project your mind into Focus 2, you can experience them.

Thoughts, Emotions, Beliefs (mostly beliefs) which can be a pain

Suprise, they are “stored” in F2. If you have those, they are very real and make you up as a person. You can change them if you want to. They will create your physical reality and experiences, many times. Some people experience some in maybe some minutes but many changed beliefs maybe having effect after weeks and months.

Actually, it is more accurate to state from me that your perception creates, not beliefs. A slight difference but it does that. You can use your perception of the same thing this way or that way. But the actual thing won’t change just because you are believing it a certain way. In our reality. This rule doesn’t apply for the NP.

I can’t prove it even to myself and both sides are killing each other with do you block yourself or not. If you repeat self-suggestions about a continuous life situation, you are keeping it solid on the other hand.

The future is probabilistic

Okay, the future is also manifested here. There is NO FUTURE. It is a concept which we made up to understand linear time in Focus 1. In the non-physical, there is no time also so entities there only see probabilities and experiencing constant eternal NOW. Selecting and planning physical world life is also selecting an actual starting point in that actual physical world’s timeline. You select timelines of a given reality and civilization. Well, if you don’t understand this, look at it as an ongoing simulation in a given timeline.

Even in Dreamland, while experiencing probable events in the near future is possible. But many times it can’t happen because it is just a probable outcome.

Future is made up purely of probabilities. Future IS a probability and you are creating it by your thoughts, choices. It is never set in stone. Understanding this you may understand manifesting too and that how people could hang up on the concept of “future is set in stone” BS.

It could be, manifestation is a new age thing again but we are always doing it throughout our life. And NOT the way it is stated in belief systems. After leaving Focus 2 or after our physical death here in F1, we change primary focus and “return” to the non-physical to Focus 3.

Update on 6th February 2018:

I wanted to make sure that I add this into the whole picture to not confuse anybody: the whole Focus Model is one thing but keep it in mind that this is a relatively mechanical representation of how the whole system works from any perspective. It gives a solid foundation and I stated this many times.

Those Focus States are mind attention channels. Focus 2 could be a little bit confusing after you see how it works, especially using it as we are living in the physical world. Instead of grabbing the working side, try to observe your beliefs and change them to get results.

Edited on 27th of March in 2019.

The Focus Model from F1 to F4 – part 2 (“Real Time Zone”)

Going further in the Focus Model, I need to discuss a very interesting aspect of our Wider Reality. Here comes in the “Real Time Zone”(RTZ) which is only a label and had a wide variety of explanations about what it is.

Here is my take on from various reliable sources, people and my own experiences observing what it is. Beliefs about it are meaningless against personal experiences.

The Real Time Zone or RTZ is widely discussed in various spiritual forums and those what are about non-physical experiences. Many people had experiences which they labeled as RTZ projection or just gaining enough awareness that they seemingly woke up physically. But the joke is, there is no such thing as Real Time Zone, it just appears to be that way. We needed a fancy label.

I mentioned before in this article that it has the connection to the False Awakening experience but not really. You are still in Focus 1 or the physical universe (ours) but you are in the extended version of it. Sorry for mixing this up, it takes time to gather my thoughts and it seems like I mixed it up.

real time zone

What is the Real Time Zone?

The Real Time Zone is simply an extension of the actual Physical World.

RTZ is the buffer zone closest to the physical, Focus 1.  If I take it one step closer, it is leading you to other Focus levels if you want to go one step further. When you are successful in achieving an OBE or an RTZ projection with your mind, you may see your body which is not really there. You may experience your room but many kinds of stuff are different. The door is on the wrong side or some objects are just at the wrong place where it supposed to be in F1. And it is brighter, maybe the sun is shining outside while there was night already. Some people experience greyish lighting outside or over their city.

As I mentioned above, the RTZ is an extension of our physical universe as we can’t normally view it with our senses. It is the extension in a non-physical manner. You can forget physical laws and roam, fly around, visit the Solar System etc. Most won’t ever pass their own main doors.

You can mess yourself up with your own thoughts and what others are creating close to the physical. It is like a bleed-through thing and if you experiment here, you can take effects on the physical world. You can confuse yourself according to your expectations and interpretations according to what you see. It is because you are now in a thought responsive world already.

So basically the Real Time Zone is just the closest layer. Your expectations are playing a big role here, according to your physical surroundings. Also other people’s mind and interaction. You are no longer in the physical world but people still think they are near their body. The two worlds are intertwined as well as the non-physical world with the physical.

You are using another reality level as your observational point of consciousness. You are within you at the same time, it is not outside of you. This what is hard to understand initially. No, NOT in your head.

How does it work in mechanics?

What you can experience is a simulation according to your expectations. If not, then a test made for you “externally”. It is based on the actual physical world. Pretty confusing and it is not easy for me to explain it and it seems I steered it up with the False Awakening.

Some people see their body, they expect to see it (fear to die or what has happened). Other religious and fear-based conceptions are to see the famous “silver cord”, which is like mystics didn’t have the fantasy. These are there because you expect to see them as negative entities. They are from your own fears mostly or from another test’s sake.

Your own thoughts in your non-physical mind causing all kinds of so-called “reality fluctuations”. Not just in your room, you could walk on your neighboring street and it could be 100% accurate according to your Focus 1 street. Fluctuations in all Focus States coming from your mind’s poor control behind the scenes and changing the surroundings. You are in a thought responsive world.

If you lose control over your mind, you can just walk into Focus 2 without realizing it, acting in nonsense scenarios (dreams) or you will just wake up normally.

You can talk to somebody who is asleep physically but if they have no awareness about the fact and untrained, they won’t remember. Same on pulling them “out” as the OBE fashion does. They will black out and end up in Focus 2 (dreamland).

Overlays and fluctuations

So what happens when you see fluctuations is, that you experience reality overlays. You may open your door and you just step into your Focus’ 2 mind state. Here all kinds of emotional releases, feelings, uncontrolled thoughts may cause you troubles. Just like I mentioned above.

You may have a friend entering from Focus 3 through a certain door which is a symbol for “door” to other worlds. You may experience overlay from Focus 4, where pure energy beings or light spheres are residing. Our main focus could be also there if we are not experiencing right now in Focus 1, the physical.

In my opinion and after my experiences, the mind is causing fluctuations and overlays, when we tend to think or release emotions in every way. We can just step on our entrance door and when it opens up, we can be in Focus 3 already. That is why entering other Focus levels are not like big magic or effect like in movies. It just happens without noticing the difference.

I had many experiences like this and was amazed by the mechanics. That’s why when people normally dream, just don’t realize that they are constantly jumping in and out of NP scenes according to their expectations.

But don’t forget that you can experience celestial bodies in space too in the Real Time Zone. But navigating is very difficult there, according to the accelerated speed from thoughts. After a while it starts to wear off, it is boring and you just can’t gain any knowledge by flying and similar. It is indeed magical and awesome but chances are, you will black out from the sense of speed initially.

I touched the OBE topic here but decided to delete it because it can be confusing. Out-of-body practitioners can go to the Real Time Zone indeed but it is misleading, thinking you have a body.


OBE is a belief construct and the Real Time Zone is a training ground. Just an extension of the physical reality. I didn’t want to touch the OBE experience in this article so I just mentioned it.

So the Real Time Zone is the closest buffer layer to our physical universe which is really mixed with partly the physical world’s elements and with various Focus states. OBE practitioners can enter this mind area if they are successful but it is a boring place according to an endless non-physical world. You can validate objects and their places, people etc but they can be influenced by your thoughts and expectations.

Phasing is using up the Focus Model here and just another label for traveling with your mind between realities. These realities are within you which is hard to grasp at first.

Edited on 27th of March in 2019.

Schizophrenic people – What schizophrenia is like?

Wow, this word – schizophrenic is language breaker really : ) Okay, so here is a quick look at those “schizophrenic” people, hearing voices and seeing people and stuff. Btw which are not in our local physical reality, in this dimension.

Scientists, doctors, and mainstream are calling them mentally ill and trying to quarantine them to isolated places, facilities, institutes to push medicine in them and keeping them away from “normal” people. These people instead of this method could use up a better help if somebody could understand their issue better. They have no serious problems, just can’t get used to this connection to the non-physical world.

I repeat it, these people have no real problems. Same for mental “disorders”. They can’t deal with other, multidimensional parts of themselves because they don’t know how it works. Or they can’t learn to stop focusing on voices from their mind or from existing entities. Or they don’t know what elements from their external reality is “physical”.

Please note that I won’t discuss people with hostile personalities and destructive behavior. This is a general or basic article.

What to do with this phenomenon?

So, there’s nothing serious in my opinion (ok it could be scary and disturbing). Just experiencing reality overlays, more than this one at the same time and they just don’t know what is it, why they are seeing and hearing things etc. It could be hell.

What happens is, if you are caught and a doctor or specialist seen you, chances are not good. You are already labeled, categorized and determined by scientific nonsense. People are just living this life for decades in these places and that is all for them. Slowly damaging their personality with useless drugs. Or just at home or wherever… you get the idea. It can happen to young people too, opening up their non-physical ESP abilities. It is real.

Once an old friend was in an institute like this type and met people on the main corridor and experienced screams and insane attitude. While he talked about his experiences with this and made fun of it, he was there for his girlfriend. She’s got a nervous breakdown from teaching kids and she was just carried away there to keep her on pills. Now she is perfectly normal, she managed with him to get back normal.

I said for the first time of her problem when it began to my pal, that she is inside herself deeply and needs to get back to normal earth life after she could solve her mental problem. I had the insight that it is the best way. This case was not about hearing stuff or others, just about the people there.


The actual world out there

The main thing is that normal people are also on the pressure to keep up in normal life too. So those people mostly couldn’t handle the hardness of life with this issue. Back on that issue both of us agreed on the fact that those people are intelligent and relatively normal. Just… society doesn’t accept them and label them. Because they are there and stuck, they just degrade down mentally further. They won’t get real help from somebody who is self-educated in any non-physical phenomenon.

What they are experiencing are reality overlays and it could be varied. And plus some mental abilities. You could see your “subconscious” fears in real time in various forms and characters as in dreams. Or you are experiencing real entities, uhm “people” from Focus 3 (Afterlife), who are communicating with you. You see them, hear them BUT don’t know what or who are they. Also, there are earth-bound post-humans on lower “planes” stuck. The explanation as you see is very simple but the most lack of this knowledge. It is right there, the most just don’t tune into these.

Many people, like them, are just mentally ill but can’t really control what they are experiencing. Their connection with the non-physical is other than “normal” boring people in physical life. Furthermore, they can hear persons who are only their own aspects of the wider self. Pretty scary if somebody doesn’t know anything. We are multidimensional and this is a tiny little fraction of the possibilities.

Some people hear a non-existing God thing, others are hearing “dead” relatives, and others are just thought forms. Now, in reality, you may hear some of your aspects from the same essence. Non-physical helpers from the NP or there could be some other cases but very similar. Same for seeing things or anything. All the senses.

What to do eventually?

If you are normal and hearing somebody and IT helps, then, in this case, trust the voice. If it is not helping, well you can close that out from your life, manifesting to stop disturbing you. Maybe in this rare case mystics could help.

I’m telling you that we are so used to our limited world and we are so indoctrinated that we can’t accept these as normal. These are paranormal and we can’t help this labeling. Paranormal to our world. These people have these life lessons to manage their thoughts, fears, emotions and accept these.

You can open up your extrasensory abilities too by intent and you still need to deal with these. In the non-physical world, this is normal. We are coming from there and returning back.

But this issue alone proves that there is much more beyond the physical world. Fear is always telling us, that we don’t know a thing about a certain issue.

Edited on 26th of March in 2019.