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Dear Readers!

See my replies on Quora.

The Lucid Dreaming ebook is now soon out on Draft2Digital too.

I would suggest beginners to start reading the Focus Model articles to gain a framework about the knowledge, represented on this site. Please be aware that the articles are just tiny information packages about what I know. Be patient with digesting what is shared.

I refurbished the main service WORKSHOP menu. To keep this short, check the menu if you need this kind of help and don’t be afraid to do it.

The site leads you into an extended world of multidimensional life. I save time for those who want to learn with what I share here, these are existing issues and pieces of information with mostly first-hand experiences which I could test for myself and validate. I’m fully aware that many people are not even there to comprehend any sentences I wrote and this is not some esoteric and spiritual BS which rips off anybody. You will learn a lot.
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Sorry for grammar mistakes, I can’t really read through all the posts but I tend to see some errors.

Edited on 14th of February in 2019.