Non-physical traveling – Blurring realities and the effects

This topic is about the non-physical traveling phenomenon. Whenever you are conscious of changing non-physical realities, you are traveling into existing or made-up realities by your mind. Both are real but some are really existing. You can do it in Lucid Dreams too, these labels are all the same, like Astral Projection or OBE. We are non-physical in our basic nature.

When you travel from reality “A” to reality “B”, your senses can function as just like what you’ve learned as a concept, being human. Fastness can equal greyish vision, representing tremendous speed. It can be maybe auditory also. Maybe the sense of wind. For me, it is only my visual screen. I don’t hear anything, it is just happening without a magical effect.

Other times guides can transport you elsewhere, your vision goes out and you only have touch sensing.

In the physical world, you need to actually grab a vehicle and travel with it and with your energies. In the non-physical world, you don’t need even a body. You use your mind for navigating. You are your mind, the observer, just like here, reading this. You surely experience a body because you got used to being “in” a body. I mean this is how you experience physical life.

I edited this post, the title again with some added thoughts and polishing.

Non-physical traveling with your mind

People who are able to travel between different non-physical realities with practice consciously and from will may already be experienced in an actual travel speed effect. When we tend to travel, our conscious awareness or concepts in our minds are using up an actual effect of speed-sense from our physical life. We have concepts which we automatically use up to interpret a non-physical event. You can still change it.

Sometimes you see blackness, sometimes greyness, it is up to your interpretation. There, you will travel with or without any movement. Again, it is up to your interpretation. Still, you can experience speed or movement. This is why there are many categories even for conscious projection attempts. LD, OBE, AP, phasing, RV, and others.

Now, actually we are changing places or realities maybe but what is experienced for especially me is an actual blurring effect, which is like you don’t feel movement, it is silent. It is me, maybe you but it depends on the actual person.

You feel like you are breathing inside in a spacesuit and eventually, the effect in itself is a greyish screen in front of you. It is what your consciousness sees according to your interpretation. It is not one effect for all, there can be many types for you.

Being human is limiting us but we can use the learned concepts to interpret non-human experiences. I mean non-physical ones. “Conscious dreams”.

The phenomenon

I noticed this phenomenon when I changed realities on my own or with NP help. It is like you are speeding like hell with tremendous speed and you may feel movement too (I guess rarely). It alone proves that everything exists where you are, in that spot. You step into another world instantly. Other times, with a normal woosh travel effect.

Of course, we CAN fly and feel the speed. Also, there is a sense of acceleration in non-physical realities but when we encounter this phenomenon, it is interpreted by our minds. We are “moving” towards another “place” with a huge rush. That is what we know as mechanics being physical. Mostly, non-physical guides or helpers are transporting us without seeing it. You may only feel a hand grabbing you gently.

It is still possible to see what is happening around us. I guess with years of practice and work for beginners, it will be much smoother like this. But it doesn’t mean that this is the only phenomenon alone. We are all unique in what we can experience. And as I mentioned, you can experience any sensations.


Phasing as a practice is mostly about traveling without any movement. You are realizing you are not traveling anywhere because there is no space and time “there”. The non-physical is truly endless and you can travel anywhere according to your desires. This requires to shred down the belief that you are your body and things are working like in our limited world. Not the belief itself will do a thing but your perception and open-mindedness.

The problem comes when this effect kicks in and you don’t know where you end up. Or you may have poor control over your thoughts. It causes blur while you may be jumped in and out of 10 realities without knowing it. You can also drop “phase” and end up in your bed, sucking your teeth about not being good enough keeping yourself in the NP.

Edited on 8th of April in 2019.

Why infants don’t understand death

Death is an illusion such as birth but infants have no idea about them. It seems real because from another viewpoint we see people come and go in this fashion. But how do you tell a young child or infant that your family member has just died?

This is a concept just like any others which we learn from our parents. This society from birth learns it as we grow up to be pretty brainwashed with the material world. Birth and death as concepts are just meaningless like linear time. We need them only to allow ourselves to enter physical realities and live a limited life with a chosen body. That body gets older and mature and you grow up.

How we begin as an infant

When I was very young around 7 years old, I experienced another human being’s death. I didn’t see it directly because I was in school but at the funeral. I didn’t feel anything, didn’t know even a thing what just happened. Young children don’t have this concept in their mind yet. Not because of me but in general. I was just thinking what the heck is happening around me. But I had the understanding also that it is not the end. The concept of death for an infant is meaningless.

We are coming here just like there was nothing seemingly before our birth. But the case is, our bigger non-physical being’s memories are just repressed to a certain degree to function properly in a given physical density. It won’t do any good if you remember all your parallel lives at once. We can’t just pop up in a given physical world and just do whatever we would like to. This whole game is part of our multidimensional training.

Humanity has this stupid idea that we are here once out of nowhere, we are our brain and that’s all. All the logic isn’t there, starting with the first question: what was with me “before” I came here?


So the main thing is that you are very young, maybe just a few years old, maybe a little bit older and you have no idea what others are talking about. Crying over corpses, visiting graves, making ceremonies which seems meaningless really. Many who grow up to young adults are mentally ill from these events and they can’t digest them. Same for abuses.

Here comes in one of the biggest misconceptions from humans. Meanwhile, we live down decades here, looking back it was just moments long. Because we are living in the now, really. From a non-physical viewpoint, we are jumping in and out of simulations, worlds. Well, if all of humanity would be aware (which they won’t) that they are not even a physical character, the game would be over.

The habits of saying goodbye to dead people

A funeral is a very important thing from the society. You may be a religious somebody, maybe your family is like that. The main thing is people just don’t have a clue what happens with a “dead” relative, loved one and this way this ceremony always have a bigger issue. Religion takes over with its fear-spreading and says all the nonsense BS about death, heaven and hell, and about others. I wonder if priests are believing what they are saying.

Every aspect of this process contains unnecessary elements like above with burying and cremation. They are needed to take the “dead person” to a better place. Symbolical ways. Very few older religions understood like the community of Tibetans that death is not the end. These ceremonies are coming from 1000s of years from the past. All the belief systems are still with us with god or gods, the afterlife, guessings, etc.

But this whole issue is like you are talking to a dead physical vehicle. Whenever you are going to the cemetery. I admit some earth-bound spirits could be around but not the way like movies are representing it. People are talking to even somebody who just passed on his/her deathbed.


This person’s spirit may be still around somewhere but we all just go through a dimensional membrane and return to the NP to do whatever we want to. But people are just trying to force back this person or arguing over his/her corpse of fortunes and will. Of course, there are no spirits, we are entities using a physical vehicle. The human form is just one from countless ones. It is like we were cats or dogs and we think that cat and dog “spirits” are roaming around.

When somebody dies, they, at that moment draw (mostly, some may be stuck) their consciousness “back” to the non-physical world. Adapting back and going through a process which makes them familiar with the NP world again. Many won’t even notice they passed on.


According to the Focus Model, it is F3. They are not that body, we are not this body, we are all characters from a bigger viewpoint. Using a projection vehicle in a given path. I guess children/infants like me deep inside had a feeling from the start before the indoctrination that this is a little bit meaningless. Meaningful only for those who have just no idea where that relative has gone and they can’t just not believe in something – almost everybody does this on this planet. I mean, they can’t find answers to know it for sure. Most people need to put this idea somewhere to digest it.

They think relatives are up or down but meanwhile, everybody goes back to the next (previous) level of existence. It is Afterlife which is now a free place and each person goes to the place which is resonating with their personality. Indeed heavens, hells may be real for those and for many billions actually there, until you don’t believe in them. We spend some “time” there and shred down our pre-existence.

The conclusion in the Afterlife

And as maybe some people may learn through their life, not knowing something IS believing. This attitude won’t save you from your responsibility about who you became. But this post is about children experiencing death from an outer perspective.

An infant is relatively free and creative with endless imagination which is later repressed from the family and it is a huge mistake because that is one element – our imagination – which would be one of the most useful abilities later in our life. NOT what we learned in school, brainwashed by the media and our parents, by our society. What we are fed is useless for many of us. Okay, for the most, they go to work and live a regular life which is “normal” in this world.

Birth and death, right and wrong, just any concepts are holding us in meaningless and unnecessary illusions and blocks us from our true potential. We are living in a dualistic Universe. Both elements are needed to experience even one element out of both. We are born with an entry point and we die as an exit point. Dualism is needed to experience both sides and death is needed to not ruin this whole game of just living for eternity here as a limited character.

Science still tries to get a solution to a longer lifespan without understanding what physical life is all about.

Edited on 30th of April in 2019.

Backdrop People, Backfill People – What’s wrong with humans on this planet?

This topic is really mind blowing indeed and as many, I encountered with this issue in Dolores Cannon’s work, in her videos through the web about a year ago. I found it fascinating when she and G.S.N. told people about this issue. Mainly this is just one element to better understand the masses, humanity as the most. Backdrop people and backfill people MAY be real. Just maybe.

I updated this article again because I see daily how many many people are attracted to this topic and I want to help them understand all around. You know, giving insight as usual.

First of all, I need to discuss some aspects of this issue, which leads people to false assumptions. To just make it clear. That is, not “thinking” when we just accept an idea and use it on everything which fits in and repeat it like a parrot.

I had an update on this post, pretty interesting how most readers are favoring this article a lot. I don’t know why or some keywords are meaning other things to them. Maybe they admire Dolores’ work and I expand on it a little bit deeper. Stay with me.

Firstly, about the so-called “subconscious” mind

I researched this phenomenon and just all the times it turned out to be messy. We tend to talk this issue out on some forums between each other and some well-advanced non-physical travelers could dive deeper into this issue. I could talk about the mechanics of our mislabeled “subconscious” but check the Focus Model and Focus 2 for first. I use quotes always because people don’t know how it works. They just think from the false assumption-like Freudian model.

Almost ALL people, who are channeling “somebody” are channeling his/her own mind (mostly)! They are channeling belief constructs and constructs from their own “inner” mind. These belief construct can become complete characters.

Yes, people who prone to be strong believers can fall into this trap. This is their vulnerability. This is their learning path even in this aspect of our multidimensionality.

Channeling, the source is not coming mostly from real entities! Why?

Some people are capable of doing it because they are strong believers, also too naive and that is almost always dangerous. Mentally. There are countless accounts about people these days doing it. They don’t question it. Where will this fit into Dolores’ work? You will see below.

So mostly, it turned out that people are talking with their non-physical parts and these materials are always sounding very faithful, nice or maybe rude and arrogant. Around 4 out of 5 sources will be very similar and 1 will say you an opposite statement from a given subject like 4 times Atlantis WAS there… and the 5th one says it is a human utopistic idea and WILL BE! Just an example. Don’t get caught up on this detail.

Don’t ever trust just anybody, firstly. If we compare the physical world with the non-physical, one thing is sure. Here almost everybody can hide their true face, you can’t know them as a real somebody. In the non-physical, not really. I am not talking about an entity or entity group, lying to you. No! You are talking to your deep core beliefs. This is one thing what a conscious NP explorer learns as a basic. Not because there is any danger but because we need to grow up. What we experience as physical life is a facade and we rarely learn these consciously.

Exploring in the NP requires intelligence and passive observation. And to tell the truth, most humans are just incapable of this task. I’m telling this because real answers are there and there is no ego distortion in translation so much as here. You instantly can get information from the Wider Reality. The trick is to get your way there and repeat it.

What I try to point out that if you are familiar with the non-physical’s mechanics, it is a thought responsive environment. If you directly ask somebody about something, you must not accept a thing, test it. Ask back multiple times, investigate it, make your conclusion.

How this all relates to Cannon’s work and the topic? Well, if you accept channelings and received pieces of information from people with mind distortion in trance, do you see the fallacy?

Self-fulfilling truths from an unreliable source

But what Dolores Cannon did and many others are the following. She spoke with the given subject’s constructs and beliefs. In the worst case, she spoke with her own NP self through her clients and she just didn’t realize it. You see, even an intelligent somebody can fall into this trap. If they sound the same, she is talking to herself. Easy thing. We can do this all the time in our dreams. Like usual daytime characters from our life our beliefs like angels.

But people are naive, even seemingly intelligent ones may think that they can trust a non-human source. Even a man-made source is unreliable. Do you trust what a human being tell you or write down? We don’t even trust each other because we can lie.

While here we can lie all the time, in the non-physical world, you are just distorting the received information. I mean instantly, like a filter.

That is why it is dangerous to teach about what she listened back from her tapes and written books, also misleading. She was intelligent but had no idea how unreal it is, what those entities or subconscious sources told her. She is already transitioned back to the Afterlife but I guess she is in her own belief traps and thinking what she is now experiencing is real. I guess she could be one of the great examples of how public speakers are living in their own illusional self-fulfilling prophecies. Maybe I’m wrong somewhere but the “truth” is here.

You will agree if you become a conscious non-physical explorer and I would like to wish you to become one.

backdrop people

Channeled materials are always too good to be true and containing too much of the given person’s beliefs, answers are not direct

This is a fact. The material is almost always dependent on the actual person’s belief distortions. Also the actual willingness to be open and not twist the whole telepathic package. The telepathic communication may happen to real entities but the person will distort it. You try to push an endlessly complex package down into a small hole. This is how the NP works. You can receive a huge information package and you will blown away, like pushing down an endless datastream on a narrow pipe.

If the person spoke to a real entity or group, the end result is not always the same as what is being spoken. People try to understand a vastly subjective viewpoint with objectivity. A telepathic information package can’t be translated objectively. You will simplify it down automatically, your human thinking. We do this automatically because we are programmed in this civilization like that. It takes the effort to break this habit.

Channeled materials never make sense in the long run (only for believers, following it strictly). Even if two given materials are coming from two different persons, they always sound the same way. Also, there are various entity groups on the other side with own agendas and understandings about what is happening on the planet and there are as many theories about ET’s, Earth shifts etc. as many groups. Who believes that? Yeah I know, who wants to believe in them to be special. There could be something eye-opening in this century but humanity likes to over-dramatize it.

A whole industry is built on writing and selling useless books on this topic or any products like seminars and workshops. The material gives false hopes for people and won’t help in anything in the long run. My site does, I believe it. It is like those “predestined” catastrophes year after year.

The source of information may be true but beings who try to give us accurate information can only rely on the concepts and communication channels which is available in the actual person’s mind. They have a hard time to speak to us. Simply put, an endless subjective world tries to tell you something in their own terms and you filter it down heavily. As I mentioned, the data package and the narrow pipe.

Backdrop People, Backfill People – who are they?

After understanding the basics, let’s begin. I needed to mention the channeling practice. Some may be mad at me but bear with the solid facts.

These people are just too empty as humans. I won’t say the same as people are discussing in big forums and making assumptions about the worst things like they don’t have soul etc. Nobody has a soul or spirit, we are using a primary focus but let’s move on, away from mystical concepts.

They ARE here but as I always felt about humans, something is never right.  They are filling up the gap around you. Like when you feel that you are somehow different than just most of the people who you met over the decades in your physical life. Something is always wrong. If I try to measure the unmeasurable, maybe 1 out of 10000 or 100000 humans are actually somehow advanced in many aspects to see the difference. They are seemingly empty, hollow, being just a hologram. But they are still playing their roles here on a vast scale.

Note that once I talked this out with a friend with 50+ years of conscious NP exploration background and he told me that most of the non-advanced entities are recycled back to learn simpler tasks as a normal thing. We may were in the same situation once.

A basic explanation could be that they are projections from different reality frames. We are doing the same while dreaming in existing places. I observed it on my own. It could be right but I won’t say that billions are not real. It is just a theory, so play with it. Look at this as you are maybe way ahead of others in the value of your consciousness which you carried here to live a physical life. You maybe teach them passively. You are alone with it.

They are not soulless or completely empty but they are here for a little while. This multidimensional game plays out like that. We are our movie’s directors and main actors but some roles are for them to fill up the gap. To make this clear, while you are in a crowded mall or shop, they are there, once you leave the “scene”, they are non-existent.

NPC’s or Non-Player Characters like in games

So realness is not an issue here, if you see them, interacting with them, they are real. They may be just not a complete spirit like you. It is like a terrain generation in a game. Wherever you place your perception, that place will be instantly generated. Same could be true for backdrop people.

You go to crowded places and see those random people seemingly playing their own roles at that moment. But we have no tools to just figure out this. As soon as you start to make a conversation with them, they will be part of your movie, right? In crowds, empaths may spot out those who are hollow seemingly. You just feel it that something is not right with certain people. Same for sucking out your energy in big places like it happens with me. You are just consciously avoiding the masses for a reason.

Also, we can call them NPC’s like in MMORPG games. They have a basic task and they don’t do so much furthermore.

How many people experienced situations where a complete stranger just popped out of nowhere, gave helping hand and just disappeared? I guess you got my point. People call them angels and ET’s but it is much more simple. See my point? We are multidimensional basically. We ARE doing this all the time even in our conscious or not so conscious sleep life.

Can you tell who are those NPC’s?

I guess we won’t be so sure really, it is just a feeling, an experience when you talk to regular people and after maybe even some months or years you are still not sure about how real that person is. Same goes for non-physical exploration, talking with guides or other entities. I guess this whole game is designed by this way to not cheat and demolish the whole consensus reality of illusion in our physical system (or in any other).

These backdrop people may have the basic purpose to keep up this reality frame stable or in balance. Even if the main players are out. We need to make sure that the game is stable if we want to experience it as a human being. Or we can talk about any other non-human civilizations.

I had many friends and pals, people in my life and almost just with everybody I felt this. They are somehow hollow or not “ready” for anything. As I constantly grew in understanding, they just got lost in my life and that’s all. In my previous post about friends and losing them, it seems very true that they served a purpose. Or me to them.

Multidimensionally, we are doing the same to each other as the human race acts. They are indeed real but as long as we are existing as humans right now, we are all a limited character and in this way, the backdrop people are also real. Of course, until limited tasks and purposes. From their perspective, we are teaching them maybe. They have no idea about anything in this sense. You may encounter them in your workplace too.

Look at this like they are dreaming. Well, our physical life is a stable dream and you can prove it to yourself firstly via Lucid Dreaming.

In densely populated areas and countries…

If you go to vastly populated countries, you may spot out the advanced souls. But the game is maybe more real there because the same kinds are pulling in each other into misery and poorness. Maybe this theory finally solves the question that what is wrong with people? And because this world seems so real, we can’t be sure of 100% who is like you or me. If we were in the non-physical, we can spot out anybody instantly from telepathy and energies. But here, it is covered with illusion. You see a body and it’s controller which humanity thinks are both the same. We are not our body.

To add some thoughts as I understand this, the most are not planning out anything for physical life and they just want to experience it. Maybe they are new to physical or human life. This cause the most to born into poverty and highly populated countries. Seriously.

One thing is sure here also. People in less evolved countries for example in Asia are there for a reason. Everybody is at a certain place for a reason. No, not from a nonsense karmic BS.

It is not some kind of predestined myth but it could be for a reason why certain types of humans are here or there. The most have a lower level of consciousness and they are on a certain evolutionary stage non-physically. We all need to start somewhere. If you are way ahead of them, you may had your own lessons already in other lifetimes which they just start out to learn. Earth is a school. And look at this as you are existing right now in all of your potential lives, not sequentially.


The issue here is that there is a given bunch of characters and let’s see how they play out their role or tasks. Who plays? Your bigger non-physical self and you are a portion of that. The actual physical character or human is just a portion of you, projected out for it’s tasks in this life. You only see your reflection. You are a representation of it for the given tasks.

I need to add that these NPC people may be elements from the system to keep up the balanced game in physical worlds. If they are done, they may be recycled back to the non-physical system. It is not a bad thing, entities are always being generated in many ways. We ARE the same in nature. You are a group of entities from your essence. Yes, there is NO multiple personality disorder nonsense.

The game always needs “people” for certain roles. If some pass away or change, others will do the same. The balance is needed here in this world also. Eventually, we can teach many things to each other and we can pull up others to a higher level of evolution. I’m doing it passively. Why we are so many in this century? Too many entities would like to play here. Look at this chaotic world. The entity wants the game, birth comes next from given parents.

We can teach people how to become love, be empathic and compassionate towards others. That is the real thing to learn. It doesn’t matter if those who need development are NPC’s or backdrop people. We teach each other to learn and grow up. We find our multidimensional nature sooner or later to be the path.

Edited on 12nd of March in 2019.
2nd edit

When it is frequently said in movies – it was “just” a dream! Really?

I admit that many times I read about people being concerned with dreams, just makes me mad. It is maybe my fault that I have the understanding about them and the most don’t have. I just try to share what is available without mystical BS and we can test it. People are flushing up questions about dreams on public sites and they need an explanation of something which they don’t know even a thing.

The most annoying thing is maybe that there are many sources where people can learn what dreams really are but most sources are just pure BS. Or they simply give it up because it takes effort to test out or it won’t fit into the person’s tiny little worldview. I can’t help with it either because these are the two main problems.

We usually hear back words and repeated sentences in movies like: “it’s just in your head” or “it was just a dream”, maybe “it is not real”. Dreams are as real as you being here and thinking the physical world is real. It is just operating on different reality’s rulesets. Our society or civilization still scratches the surface about this and the most don’t want to know. Most people are just simple and they want to live a simple life.

They would be scared, their beliefs would be challenged or they can’t accept the realness of them or to digest the facts. I think it is very sad. An average person can’t really accept more to dreams other than what he/she was told to believe about them. The most simply just don’t want to know it and live their life. That is okay for me but those who want to know it are misled.

What is Real? Was that dream real?

Everything is real! Why mainstream tries to eat us this crap? Okay, I’m not speaking about outside forces as an evil propaganda, I don’t care about it. The realness is becoming your evidence once you made up your mind and become aware in your dreams. It takes effort and maybe some cooperation with your non-physical counterpart.

One thing is that they are trying to control people just everywhere in every aspect of human society. The other part comes down from that the vast majority just simply don’t know what dreams are. Because they don’t.

Dreams have this label for a long while and the general population thinks about them as non-sense hallucinations. Like you are just dwelling in some kind of “subconscious” crap and you need to just forget it. Just do your everyday mundane life, again and again, not realizing that this physical world is a tiny little fraction of an endless Multiverse. There are science and religion or more denial and that’s all to our world.


It was not “just” a dream! It is your non-physical life

You are reliving your previous daily stuff in personal or orchestrated simulations. Your physical body is asleep on autopilot, you are facing with fear tests many times. People call them nightmares. Your non-physical self “there” is always training you as your personal development to stay in contact with your NP wider self all the time. This is why we are dreaming. The physical daily life is a big illusion. It is only for one purpose, for the original game for which we came and exit.

Don’t stick with this contradictory statement even for a second from the movie world. Those are for partly entertainment and partly to keep people controlled. The third part is always there in hidden sentences, symbols, and many tools. Most movies are representing the actual century’s or era’s social world, what is popular, what is well known in the actual society. And of course, our misconceptions being sold as entertainment.

Many movies are like that. For example, today’s ET and sci-fi topic movies. They were way different like 20-30 years ago or more and was pretty otherworldly what directors and actors represented about the future, tech, and extraterrestrial world. But hidden false messages are always there, and mostly not really hidden. Actors and actresses are just speaking out those little sentences in which people just chew regularly and those statements are already accepted as truth. Not their fault, the industry does it, they have no choice if they need an income.

A regular person won’t question anything or do some research. Dreams are there as parts of regular people’s sleep schedule and they wash it off. The turning point only comes when guidance tries to wake them up with well-remembered events.


If you deny dreams as real or part of you, you deny yourself in the first place. We are all living many lives at the same time. This is one thing from many, which our society can’t comprehend. It seems too far-fetched, paranormal or otherworldly. A normal human being can’t imagine that our world is a tiny fraction of an endless system.

You are just not aware of the degree of how the NP world is affecting you. Some people have a deeper connection and ESP abilities. We just tend to shake off everything from birth and social conditioning which is outside of our tiny little self-revolving world here and now.

If personal non-physical development is important for you, the tools are out there in various sources, even on my blog site here.

Edited on 30th of April in 2019.

Meeting with people from Parallel Lives

This post is about personal experiences and observations but I thought people may be curious about how it works when we tend to meet others (not necessarily with humans) in other parallel realities. It feels like it is Earth but this Universe is just one from the countless ones.

There is a new article of the fallacy of past lives already on my site, it may help too in better understanding in all of these.

Parallel lives?

Parallel selves. parallel lives are very real and it shows that time in itself is meaningless! Why? Because they are already existing in other worlds. It takes time to digest all of these and this is why the most tend to give up, learning about this. It is not for everybody.

I have encountered many different humans and non-humans already, it is amazing. On the other hand, it shows me how limited humans are in every reality like Earth here. Because you can bet that we are not alone, not even in this Universe.

Reading the Focus Model on my site may help you in further understanding of our multidimensional nature. Earth and this timeline with this civilization is just one version. Same true for countless civilizations and lifeforms on an endless spectrum. We can’t see all at once but we can make our conclusions.

parallel lives

How do you experience other lives, parallel lives?

You are somehow experiencing an NP scene chain since a while. It is called a dream. You may think you are in your own town or in a known city like your home city and as your own awareness is going higher and higher, you will notice that some objects, streets, buildings are not the same. They may be at the wrong place or buildings are there where there is something else. You are conscious, the environment seems to be physical.

Maybe you are not in a familiar environment but eventually, the reality fluctuations will lead you to familiar places. The issue here is that you have memories of living there. It is given you for a reason, to do your task.

You just feel that it is not okay, as a starter at the beginning. That something is wrong around you. I will be short on this, you simply walk and do anything which you may as your basic behavior in your physical life. You are maybe hanging out with some “friends” and don’t even realize that they are total strangers. But there, you have THAT parallel self’s memories and act on them partly!

It is part of the game thinking it is your original place

You are there for some hours or days in physical terms, using his/her body’s focus. Using other’s focus alone proves that you are never in a body. Simply put, where you can experience another life with another perception, you are already existing there with another self as a probe. You are both real according to each other.

I’m talking about merging with another version of your “self” and experiencing his/her life from your perspective.

It is just a step in your non-physical development. If you open up for more, you may experience a parallel life in a parallel focus which is very very similar to your actual one here. But sometimes they are so different that you are actually realizing it after when you woke up here. You start to question it but the truth is that that was another version of you. Simply put, you saw yourself from another perspective or experienced another version of your non-physical being.

But never think that you are that character! You are not. You both have the same primary essence. That is the real difference. You are coming from the same self, from the same big core. There is that false “higher self” label for this but there is no higher or lower. Just different reality levels and constructs.

What I experienced about people (humans) in other physical worlds

Well, I won’t say any positive here and it is sad. I knew that humanity is very underdeveloped in self-awareness, emotions and controlling their own mind. I guess being human is like like-minded entities are resonating with becoming human (again). Some of us are on the route of becoming aware of who we are.

You just travel through existing physical worlds and from their viewpoint you will be looked insane or nuts and they just see you as that physical person THERE. People have no idea according to my observations that there are other countless physical parallel realities like theirs or ours. On the other hand, non-physical people tend to don’t know even linear time because they didn’t experience physical life yet. Your possibilities are unlimited where you can investigate this.

I just can’t count how many realities I experienced already by simply intending it with my method but it varies. It doesn’t always work but it is my problem. Yes, in my sleep life. Mainly if we are on the other side by sleeping, the power is not ours. We are transported to anywhere for various reasons (not always).

And to add this thought, entities who are being residents in the non-physical, can’t always understand in what physical perspective somebody thinks. They have no clue and you are bombarding them with questions as you appear to them as an advanced being. I mean seriously, you look like a god-like figure with knowledge.


So in the end, the same goes on in any human-related worlds. Almost the same. Many have lesser degrees of self-awareness and some are above. That is just part of the game. We help others to grow up and I guess the same went with us in other lives too.

Everything is REAL what you experience, no matter it is physical world type or non-physical. Physical realities are stemming from the same non-physical source.

How real those people are? You now know the answer. Of course, we can meet so much nice and kind people, it is bad to say goodbye many times and maybe we can meet again. Time is not a barrier, only in physical life.

Edited on 30th of April in 2019.

The reality of Doctor Strange (2016) movie

I guess so many people saw this Marvel movie, titled Doctor Strange in 2016. Maybe most of them are just being amazed by spiritual and mystical stuff in it.

Let’s see what is the actual real thing behind the scenes. Don’t ever forget that movies are fictional just like those characters in them. They are based on real things and most of the characters are made up of various aspects of human expectations. Real in the sense of representing human desires of power.

Also, movies are controlled environments for washing human minds many times and forcing you “facts” which are false and limiting, making you believe in them. Just don’t forget this and to use common sense in your life. The creators with this movie tried to grasp new ideas like Astral Projection and multidimensionality but sadly they built the whole thing on mystical stuff and didn’t know that it is not really working like that. I saw the “how its made” stuff and they clearly didn’t make their research so deeply.

Comic characters, as far as I know, are created for entertainment and because they are individually representing human expectations and powers. Some are representing magic, some are superhuman strength, also some are another aspects of human nature. Eventually, just have fun and don’t get my words so seriously. I try to debunk the mystical nonsense eventually.

doctor strange

About movies for first

Marvel and DC movies, just like any other fictional movies are giving us so much fun many times. But maybe people tend to think that the wider reality is highly contained in them. Now, this movie is representing so much mystical belief systems that I wonder how many people joined the new age beliefs since then.

Astral Projection is very real and achievable of course but the label is a misnomer for various reasons. There are no spirits and all the stuff in that sense how it is represented like mirror dimension. I’m playing with these terms but I think the movie won’t get away with all of those if we need to know what is actually possible.

And don’t take my words too seriously. I highly enjoy these movies and having fun. I’m not really critical about these movies basically : )

Doctor Strange is one of the most powerful MCU heroes who have much more power with the infinity stone than regular heroes. It is for rule what he wants to, like time. I don’t have any insight into comic books, never read any really but it is just a movie with a fictional character. Of course, I know what is needed about him. The problem arises when people tend to accept that what is being represented is real.

For example, you are NOT reading a book about projecting and next time you sit near your bed in the NP or do it while standing. Just… not at all.

Special effects vs. the non-physical world’s realness

It is just so cool to see what today’s CGI technique could represent, so no bad words on this really : ) Just some comments here.

The non-physical can be just like the physical, more real many times. It all depends on the individual’s experience and awareness. You are not really going anywhere, only your mind interprets movement which you learned as a byproduct, being human.

What the creators tried to guess is the Real Time Zone and it is not working like that. Maybe if they could have first-hand experiences or ask somebody who does it…

Human concepts are stored on our NP mind’s “drive” and we are interpreting the non-physical by our concepts. The NP can be much real than the physical. Also showing evidence that all other worlds are as real as our primary one, meaning that we are eternal and coming from the NP originally. The Sun is not revolving around Earth! So no wonder how our self-centeredness is in this movie too.

People who are advanced in the etheric or RTZ projections. They already experimented many times with seeing their body parts, some people saw blueish starlight thingy skin as their “energy body” but the movie representation is only symbolic so to speak. But it is very cool indeed. Well, here, it is yellowish.

The false thing comes from the so-called Out-of-Body Experience and it is a belief construct which you believe and you will experience it that way, leaving a body.

Materialistic Dr. Strange and his knowledge to keep himself limited

There is a saying, you just don’t get a brain after a university degree or diploma. People never understand this if you are saying it to materialistic and box-minded people. Quite the opposite, they call you an idiot and defend themselves like a child. They are defending their ego like hell and keeping themselves limited. No surprise how materialistic indoctrination does its job on the most. Here, we have our doctor for this role. He built up his carrier to never fail.

The “initial” Strange is represented as a highly egoistic materialistic man, who only believes in what he can see, count or being physical. He denies just everything else which doesn’t fit into his limited worldview. We are like that until something proves the opposite. This alone represents humanity’s box-mind, the limited thinking which we just learn automatically from our dumb parents. They are also box-minded. It takes time and effort to get break free. He is not so different as we see it.

Stephen gets a serious injury and keeps talking with the same kinds of people like him, about what is possible and what is not. This is the natural human mind, what we believed in our life is what we became. But the big difference in him according to others is his willpower to never give up. He needs to go for his goal until the end of the world. Very smart. We need to implement this attitude for the same sense.

doctor strange

Getting angry and trying to heal his hands

The biggest problem with finding a solution is right at the beginning. He realizes what is happening when he just doesn’t get help from anybody because they can’t think outside the medical box. Also tossing his girlfriend away in anger. Well, we can choose whatever we would like to do but life will kick in the butt of being angry towards others.

In the beginning, he is experiencing a slowed down healing process. Madness is already there, being broken mentally and financially. The emotional state alone cause his problems.

Here it is: forcing, a well known human natural phenomenon. If healing was there but not enough fast or seemingly stopped, we tend to force it furthermore. This whole situation needs a completely otherworldly mindset. To look deep inside and see what is the cause. Healing starts in the mind, with your intent. Of course, it is well-said but not so deeply answered why.

Healing from your mind

This issue is true from a few ones from the movie. Your mind decides (the real you), what will happen, how your body regenerates. The body is a biological mechanism which reacts to your thoughts. They try to tell him.

If you don’t stop repeating the same blocking thoughts all over again, you will be ruined as long as you keep fueling the bad and not concentrating on the solution. It can be really hard to not get lost in a bad physical condition indeed. So you know, these ideas are there in the movie.

Your intent behind your thoughts is modifying physical problems and outside problems also. It takes time, that is why most people will be impatient and giving it up. That is why if a weakly minded somebody does this, it won’t happen.

What the “Ancient One” teaches – forget what you know (it is useless)

If you want to heal an injury, it is up to your willpower, your mind and creating the probable outcome with beliefs. You don’t need to believe in medicine, science or anything else, just in your healing power! Basically, that is the message but it is partly wrong. But this is very hard to accept that you are doing the job and not your body alone. Because you grew up with science and indoctrination.

The wider reality will catch up to your actual physical perspective. Well, people can heal diseases if they found the root cause, of course, nothing new here. Their own will is the key but many want to just “die” unconsciously.

People also think from the indoctrination that the physical Universe is the only one. Not really, there are just countless ones and the non-physical world is endless. This movie as I saw like to represent the non-physical as the hostile and peaceful world but it is not like that. Also, don’t get caught up on that everything is accurate in this movie. Some concepts are the opposite. They just tried to catch the idea of the many worlds stuff and countless dimensions.

But the biggest mystical nonsense is pushing out an “astral” body from the physical one. It is really misleading and causing more people to believe this nonsense. We are using a physical focus for physical life and our concentration is with the body but not “in” it.

The Astral world as a misconception

Now, Astral dimensions and every “Astral” like words are jokes basically. It is representing an everlasting belief system about the non-physical from centuries. It is useless if people try to explore it. You don’t have an astral body, only your perception changes to another channel of existence. You can see first-hand that you are immortal, only your viewpoint was too restricted. Many people try to prove it to themselves via OBEs.

And still… people try to cling to these old mystical belief systems and believe what others are saying. You are a non-physical entity, experiencing a chosen human-type of life, it is a game. You are the movie director partly.

As Strange is a character, we are all some kinds of characters as individuals. We walk our own path and there is a chance to wake up to much more.

So when the projection scene starts and he just shoots up to space it is a well known RTZ belief system that you fly up and experience space. And you can experience it. Of course, the visuals are only representing how his own mind interprets shooting through various dimensions and worlds. Entering through wormholes like dimensional membranes. Your thoughts are becoming reality before you, instantly, this is the message here.

And no, it doesn’t happen with just some push at the famous “third eye” which is a metaphor only.

Creating a portal with his hands?

Strange’s limited mind is still there and it is represented not directly that it is very hard for somebody physically thinker to open up to the Wider Reality if he/she was brainwashed about what is actually possible in this world and not by those who control everything and keeping us dumb. That actual double ring is just an object in which the user projects its mind power.

Decades of indoctrination about what is real and possible does its job on the vast majority. Nobody forces us to stay like that. Our personality and mindset won’t allow more.

Give up the control, well it is very true if we try to grasp how the NP works. It is useful to try not to control conscious projection attempts too. Be passive and observe just everything without emotional reactions. But here we have the significance of beliefs. Projection is shown as a very simple act but it is not.

Sitting and reading at your bed while “out of body”?

It is shown as a “Real Time Zone” projection but it has nothing to do with your body. Now when you are there it is a buffer zone, you are no longer observing the physical world, not even your body. You CAN see your body because you fear it’s death. That’s all, you are creating it like that idiotish astral cord. Furthermore, your expectations are creating overlays between other dimensions. You see this is way more otherworldly and complex than a movie.

RTZ is that mirror dimension here. It is not really working like what is represented, it is pure CGI visual. For first-timers, it is the best advice to get as far as they can from their recent body’s position or they will be sucked back to the physical, ending the whole experience in no time. That is a well-experienced fact. But you just don’t walk into this dimension with a big master lol.

You need a strong NP focus to detach your viewpoint from your physical body. Many times an empty mind with concentration. It becomes faster over time and practice. Some people are pros in this and it takes even a decade to learn it.

Reading is very difficult in the NP. If you try to concentrate on alphabetic letters or words, sentences, it is just starting to be very messy soon. What you learned about language is only useful in the physical world. Communication is telepathic in the NP  and it is translated into your language automatically. You can still think you have a body and use the 5 senses.

Movement in the non-physical

You can experience actual physical-like movement just as you may travel with your body. But you don’t have any, only a partly energetically created. We don’t move anywhere because everything is existing at the same spot (just an illusion). Movement is our own, learned illusion.

Time and space is nothing there, only here as a ruleset. Movement is interpreted by the mind just like any other structures and visuals. You are the mind, you are automatically doing it.

Time’s role

Time is only existing in physical dimensions. It is an illusion for the game as aging and being in life situations for “a certain amount of time”.

Too bad, the movie shows that events are coming from the physical world towards some kind of eternal bad being lol. It is the other way and maybe there are worlds where it is much worse than here. It is just a movie with eternal and non-eternal beings battling each other like Thor, Odin, or Earthly heroes. Maybe Thanos who will obviously demolish the Universe later. Oops, spoiler : ) But our physical Universe, Earth and physical bodies, structures are end results of consciousness. We play this game for a reason.

Kick someone’s ass and “kill” him in the RTZ lol

Well meanwhile it is cool to see how the CGI technique now showing us very amazing things represented on the screen, it is just a joke that you just jump “out” of your “body” and see the physical world as you are now on another dimensional scale in parallel mode.

It is fun indeed to see a fight or an effect with a transparent appearance but it is a little bit dumb. The creators just tried to catch this idea so they had no other tool for this. You can’t kill anybody in a parallel non-physical reality, none of you are alive or dead. Even if you are close to the physical world in the buffer zone. Your body is asleep at that time.

Kicked out in the NP? Hurting somebody? Killing a spirit? Indeed you can punch into a wall or crash into something but you will only experience the impact without any “damage”. That is now rather funny. Entertainment.

Everything has consequences

A hidden message which is told many times by Mordo. We have choices and every path we chose have it’s own end result. It is about life but here it is obviously for some kind of battle gathering behind the scenes (Thanos?). Well, he is taking this business too seriously. We shouldn’t fear to choose, otherwise why we are physical right now?

And finally where I just laughed, the closing post-credit scene in the last minutes. When J. Pangborn is working at his place, our now negative hero Mordo just steals his “chakra”. At this point, I burst in laughing from this CGI solution because the chakra nonsense is just a representation of a western belief system.

It’s his manipulated energy which keeps him physically well functioning. A metaphor.


Eventually, Mordo represents the realization of what is wrong with the balance of the physical world. Reminds me of Batman vs. Superman where Man of Steel realizes for some time that in that world, people can’t be good.

Finally, don’t take this post seriously! Enjoy the movie, I like it really too as magic also. I only represented what is real and what is not, according to how movie entertainment is showing stuff to the masses and makes too many reinforcements what is there since centuries in human history.

The creators – as I mentioned – tried to use up ideas from where they could with creativity but they clearly didn’t even know that all of these are false or misleading. We live in a world where regular people still don’t know how it works and we can all do projection and other stuff alone. So they just didn’t even ask somebody how it works. It is hard to do if they already deny the whole thing. Not their fault.

Well, bad things happened when the Dragon Ball series came out in my country too and the government just stopped broadcasting it. Young children couldn’t make difference between what is real according to that cartoon series which I also like and they just hurt themselves badly, some just jumped off some big heights ending in the hospital.

I think it is important to correct all the mystical nonsense to help people understand how real it is beyond the physical world and that there is endlessly more to this. Our Universe is a subset or tiny fraction of the non-physical world from where we are coming from and returning back. We still live in an age where all of these are hidden because very few people are practicing all of these.

I hope you liked my analysis here.

Edited on 30th of April in 2019.

What are non-physical guides or spiritual guides?

Non-physical guides or spiritual guides are a huge topic in these recent decades. You may already heard this term as “spirit guide”, it is the same. People may hear about this topic by what are they doing between worlds and in especially in the non-physical world. So much misleading stuff is on the web and mystics are just copying themselves over and over again. Just every people say the same and don’t care that it is only partly true and guides or helpers are just not what they are.

One mistake is that they are using the word “spirit” a lot. We are spirits too. They are simply not focusing their primary attention into physical realities but we are. We don’t have a spirit, we are using a physical vehicle. This nonsense comes from the body-fixated idea that we are “in” something.

Humans don’t care, they like to fool themselves from weakness with them and guides may appear as angels, animals, regular or ET people and much more, according to our expectations. They are all forms in the end. Many are dependent on your beliefs like seeing an angel. You can encounter with just anybody in your conscious sleep life.

Now let’s see who they are and what are they doing. My observations are in line with what the most experienced older NP explorers could find out about them too. Don’t try to expect what is told you by mystics and psychics, they are selling you false hopes. Actually, a little truth is there.


Who are these non-physical guides?

For first, words like “guide”, “helper” are just labels. We need to label them to categorize them. Their job is mainly to guide and help you in life. They don’t care about names. Only we tend to categorize everything in a box to understand how things work out. Look at them as advanced beings and you are one too if you feel that way.

They don’t mind if we give them names like Jack or Anna. For them, it is just for our benefit to make the contact easier. Sometimes they choose names like my guides and tell me first which was a surprise and later that they are from the same source as me. They are called parallel selves (no past lives, forget about it). We are already them on a different reality level. We look ourselves from a different, limited angle.

So who are they? Well, WHO knows you better than yourself? You, your original wider essence knows you only. Your primary essence which is very badly termed as “higher self” is what I am talking about here. You are yourself, in other forms and constructs. No “god” there, sorry, we are that god, one by one.

You have, who knows how many other selves roaming in endless worlds. Some of them are with you watching you, helping you. Their time which is spent on you is just nothing from their perspective. You just jumped in this world for experiencing or do your task for a split second. There is time only in physical Universes as a limit.

Real people like real guides are resident in Focus 3 (Afterlife, Transition Area) and beyond, around. They are like you if you are “dead” and have a desire to help. In our world, we are guides to each other like family, friends, strangers.

Types of guides or helpers:

What I found out after 2 years of exploring is that there are some main types of guides:

Your own other parallel selves

They are very similar to you in the main characteristics. Telepathically they know everything about your daily life if they take a look into your mind there. They can be a few or more, being with you without knowing about it. They see you in a completely different manner and not objectively as we are.

This is why communication is mostly subjective. They can’t think like a limited character as we do.

Teachers and watchers

They are in a hierarchical way maintaining your tasks and tossing you in different ways in life. In the NP when you are asleep, it is another world with different tasks. You are being fear tested and trained according to your capabilities. They let you in your mind noise or give you tasks. It is hard to notice these hidden signs in a thought responsive environment.

Strangers and other entities passing by

You can encounter other strangers surely, who are just passing by. Maybe you just ran into them at a given reality and they can help also. Maybe you can help them. It can start great friendships also. Not always a fairy tale, you can roam into rude “people”.

Your own aspects from Focus 2

They are from your so-called subconscious (own personal restricted mind area). These characters can represent different attitudes but have no real personality, you created them unconsciously, They can act as a probe to do certain tasks but they are not as real as you. I mean they have no real identity and consciousness. This is true about all the people you already met in your physical life, they are not really real but you are making them real.

The difference is evident when you experience F2 and F3 and talking to “people”. In NP life (dreams) you can meet them but they are seemingly stupid or just too simple. You may feel that they always lack something which makes up a complete entity. They are constructs like beliefs. You try to talk to them intelligently, they will look like a stupid robot.

Physical world helpers here and now

They are friends, family, love connections, every known people in your life, who you know. Non-physical guides are not really different from this issue. It is just anybody who may help you in a certain way or just with a told sentence on a street which resonates with you.

Everybody is just busy to do their life. If a friendship or any connection has blocks and seemingly over, DO NOT force to make it better! It is over for a reason, maybe both party is done. What most of humanity does, they are addicted to emotional connections. They never learned to stop that and this is a very first step to go further in the non-physical.

non-physical guides

Guides or helpers won’t force anything on you ever in the NP. But in physical life, we tend to force everything. The game here is way different in this case, full of egoistic, fear monger people. It feels real until you “die” and notice how unreal all of those emotional dramas were.

Well, the best teacher won’t give you the answers for just no work, some of us need to work for it mentally. If you don’t do the job, it can be hard. It depends on the person’s development here and now and it doesn’t mean that the most are somewhere at a low level. No, everybody is on their own level, nothing overcomplicated. We don’t need to judge “underdeveloped” people. Okay, we tend to do it but all have our learning curve.

We are teaching each other from different perspectives and it is needed for both sides to learn. It is the same in the non-physical world. Teaching, learning, inner development, becoming love.

You are NOT alone ever

We are seemingly in separation to experience an outsider’s perspective here. I admit it is very hard many times, feeling alone. But the two worlds are in contact and stuff are coming from there, not from here. The physical is an end-result in every way as your physical body and focus. Many entities, uhm “people” are helping you in unknown ways. It is very interesting but there is so much crap through the web that can make you very confused about what is what.

We barely notice anything outside of our perception here. Some of us can and many need to learn to listen to these datastreams.

From a guide’s perspective, if we were them, we can guide others if we choose to. Everybody chooses what he/she wants to do furthermore. We can go on retrievals by nights to help out stuck “spirits” too. Post-humans or others. Most of us have no idea of doing it. You can help people out from their misery which they continue after physical “death”.

But the main issue here is that we are watched and tossed in the right direction according to our aims. Not a forced thing, we want it. We are all doing it consciously or unconsciously in every level. we are not alone, it just seems to be that way. Learning about communicating via subjective tools may improve this surely.

Edited on 8th of April in 2019.

Jogging helps you stay young, healthy and happier

Some people like to jog or run outside or maybe being in a gym, others just hate it. Well everybody has their own method to shake up their body but jogging alone is a natural solution. It keeps your blood flow stable, your muscles in tone and your brain fresh. Also, jogging can make you happier if you like to enjoy the world outside. Other benefits are better bowel movements, sweating toxins out and enjoying nature.

I like jogging outside if I’m not in a lazy mood and the weather is good. Once an old friend showed me, how it is so enjoyable and cool to train my body and keep my mood up daily only with this sport or hobby. When you are jogging near a lake or some places with trees, animals in nature, nice sunshine, it is cool enough to observe the world while you are shaking your body. And our physical vehicle needs movement.

Why we need to stay in motion

Our physical body needs to move on its own and running a little bit in every few days. It can be done for 20-30 minutes daily. You don’t need to overdo it and take it too seriously but it could help with various physical problems. The muscle system in itself needs movement each day. It is like sleeping all day, the body needs movement. You can do it being over 70+ too.

It helps if you have back problems, muscle spasms, maybe blood flow problem or just living a physically passive lifestyle. You may benefit from jogging if you are able to do it. The main issue here is that the process kickstarts the system to start clearing out toxins. It also carries blood flow where it is needed and didn’t get because of the lack of movement (job, passive lifestyle, sitting) and the brain’s functions will improve too.

The added benefit is a faster bowel movement for helping your stool. It is a natural toxin flusher like sunshine or a good “gym” outside. Loners and pairs both could try it and enjoy it. Well, chatting while you are spitting out your lungs is not a good idea but still fun : )


Will jogging change my physical image?

Running alone won’t make you slimmer but can help kickstart the process also. I saw so many people, thinking that jogging will cause some kind of weight loss. They are constantly running on the same route, the same daytime and they are still that body typed person as were before. Jogging is a tool to stay fit.

Your mind and your eating habits will do the job, with a changed lifestyle. Change your mindset and don’t ever overdo it. You can’t imagine the changes, it won’t happen really. The physical image only changes, when you make an effort with the imagination of the end result. Like bodybuilding.

A big mistake usually in this sport is that people jog on concrete and solid hard surfaces. You may kill your joints, spine and as you step on your feet. Your various body parts are just crashing up and down if you don’t have a proper technic to avoid aches and pain. You may find a path which is softer like mulch or something which is the opposite than hard surfaces. Your joints will be very grateful in the long “run”. Do it comfortably and don’t race with yourself or you will spit out your lungs lol.

Find a method or your own speed to run a few kilometers daily and try to maintain that distance always. There is no problem when you can’t reach the end, only half a way. Well, it happens mostly when we try to jog again after a long time of pause and we are out of practice. If the recommended distance for yourself is too much, run half the way and rest for the other half. Just walk, rest your muscles and lungs and enjoy nature. Do it sometimes, not each day.

Remember, this is not a serious business, you should enjoy it. It is partly about forgetting the civilizational crap maybe only for half an hour. And eventually, we need to move. Our physical body will be grateful with our energy levels.

Edited on 28th of March in 2019.

What is your physical body? Are you in your brain?

So many misconceptions are out in our society about who we are, what is our physical body and where is our mind. I knew this approach too well from my younger years when I was up to science. We need to start somewhere, right? The problem is that science is too blind to see beyond the illusion of objectivity and measuring physical objects.

Science tries to see tiny little particles which are reacting to observation (consciousness). No surprise, how medical approach also tries to only “heal” the body, make surgeries which are pointless in the long-run. Actually, a very few are ready to do researches beyond the physical world and note issues from our mind or inner being. Because we are treated on the after-effects, like diseases, cancers, illnesses, and disorders.

These are non-existent outside of scientific researches. But people are categorized by stupid labels. The thing is, that your consciousness does everything, not a physical vehicle. You are integrating with it as a vehicle for you because you are non-physical basically. This happens all the time when you are asleep.

Well, when I understood this mechanic, it was very funny how just everybody tends to think only in physical world terms and concepts. We think from indoctrination that we and our body are the centers of this Universe and everything comes out from these. These are all end-results of consciousness in a limited reality. There are countless ones.

Non-physical Mind vs. Physical Brain

We are using a primary focus state, a waking consciousness, when we are “awake”. We are usually aware mostly at daytime and living our lives for a while. But how should we imagine this concept or the mechanics? Now if you didn’t read the Focus Model yet, I would recommend it.

Also, here is another post about the mind and the brain.

Everybody is using their own non-physical mind, a restricted focus from their inner non-physical being who is timeless, spaceless, genderless, raceless and eternal in the non-physical. Your physical brain is used up as a developing and translating device, which controls the physical body.

The body is a vehicle for you which allows you to function in a limited reality like ours. We don’t need a body normally and we are not a race or gender.

How the physical body works together with our non-physical mind?

You are controlling the whole body from the point of view which is residing just behind the physical eyes, seemingly. But of course we are not seeing with our eyes, our sight is created by the back of our brain. Our brain is in darkness, an organ which is closed out from the external world in a safe place.

What we are experiencing by the 5 physical senses are only electromagnetic effects, which we project out to experience consensus-reality based human world here and now. It is automatic, the body is made to interpret these.

Mostly just everybody experience the same things but with various degrees of differences. It is sooo real, isn’t? We observe an external reality but mostly it comes from within. Our interpretation defines it.

The brain runs the system, which keeps every part of our body functioning. Starting from the cells up to organs, nervous system and much more. But direct commands are coming from us. If you can’t control something in your body, you just need more effort with your mind. If you believe that you lose control over your body, you will lose it. That is that simple and what normal people can’t understand.

The mind cannot be located objectively, because that is your tool to operate in a physical world. If you are dreaming you are still IN your own mind as a mind noise. Passing this barrier and you can be anywhere else, at real places. This is an objective representation of yourself.

Sleep life

When we fall asleep, the physical body is in shut down mode and the physical brain device is regulating it’s behavior. It is restricted to move, brainwaves are changed and it keeps the body on autopilot. This is sleep paralysis and people don’t get the idea about what it is.

A tiny fraction of your consciousness stays with it and keeps it functioning until you return back and reintegrate. If it is too fast, it can cause sleep paralysis. The body is in this case in a deep trance and for the purpose of not hurt yourself if you are moving while dreaming. But we always have SP, just a slight one.

I guess the why is simple here. Many people are afraid of their body’s safety so they are more close to the physical world then others. This way they tend to shout or scream or crash down off their bed lol.

So what is it basically?

The physical body is partly selected by you, there is a big chance for it. The other part comes down from family genetics. And it is not really necessary to know your physical family in person before you are born. Maybe I’m wrong here but for many “spirits”, it is not an issue because they want to deal with a random circumstance. If you have body challanges maybe from birth, it is for a reason! We make these initial challenges for ourselves! Then we tend to blame others and outside influences.

To explain it further, humans are body fixated and suffering from over-objectification. We all are, this is part of our life. But You are NOT your physical body! It is a dumb belief. We believe this because we have reflection and we only see our physical body all the time from different perspectives. So the naive idea comes from this that we are a body. If you would even know that you are not, most couldn’t do their physical life.

Why people are trapped after death? Because they still think they are that body, that person… You can use any other kinds of bodies, even animals. Thinking that you are that person, stops you from developing further on the scale of limitless possibilities when you return back after death. Funny but most of the humans are holding a self-image around their golden age of 20-30’s years oldness, being post-humans. Some may stay in their childish years or in their elder years. We are holding these inner images automatically.

physical body

Body vs. self-image

If your self-image – how you look at yourself and how you should look like – is a certain one and you keep thinking about being that body, you will stay that one. It is so simple. Because you are stemming out like a hologram from your inner expectations, you can’t change it until you changed your thinking. This is a common problem with people trying to physically change. You see, what we learn as human beings are not we should, if we want to walk the path of self-realization.

You want a muscular body? Do a workout, do sports but no matter what you do if you are still observing your outer layer as an opposite one according to your wish. Mind work and beliefs. If you can’t imagine it, you won’t achieve it. The outer work is just one tool and you need to keep up another body image.

Here comes all types of diseases, muscular or obese type bodies, just everything physical body stuffs. Don’t believe it? Look back on your life and see how true your self-image is. Observe your every-moment-beliefs. Look at others who could shape their body into a different type. Changing our body, healing illnesses and diseases take time but mostly inner thinking and willpower.

The brain device itself runs these commands like a CPU in a PC engine and gives these tasks from your mind towards the body. All the changes in the body are coming from you mostly. Other times outside influences are doing some stuff but it is still related to your thoughts.


So eventually, I guess I explained it how we are not a physical body or brain. They have functions which consciousness uses for existing in a physical dimension. The physical body has an actual rimespan and if we are finished here in any ways, we draw out our consciousness and returning back to our home, the non-physical world. The only problem comes for billions when they are identifying themselves with a physical character.

Edited on 29th of March in 2019.

How to raise your good vibrations with various tools!

Are you in a bad mood or having bad days for a while and need some good vibrations? Or maybe you were always in a negative loop, wondering how to get out to feel better? Are you in the lack of this good vibrations stuff? The tools are here. Some from the many. You can try some to see if any helps.

Good mood elevating methods are everywhere but you need to know what is natural for you. If your average vibration is too low, your physical body suffers from potential negative thinking deep inside on an ongoing basis. This means in short that you tend to focus on the negative side and you didn’t learn to check your thoughts. If you keep doing it, you are generating emotions which will keep you there. This is how it works and how every physical manifestation is starting in the body. We are doing it.

Nothing complicated, everything is vibrating in the Universe starting from atoms. But don’t get hung up on vibration crap laws. This is about your actual mood. The vibration word here is a metaphor for your mood.

Music, the frequency raiser, and natural healer

If you enjoy some kind of music, like pop, rock, classical or others then you can just plug in your headphones or your speaker and enjoy it. Take time for yourself daily a few times to get rid of negative thoughts and behavior. You don’t need to suppress them, you need to focus your attention elsewhere! We are doing it all the time.

Music in itself is a natural healer and making good vibrations. If you try to experiment with various volume strengths, you may dive into the songs/tracks and melt in the feeling. It is very useful if you are very emphatic and feels the singer’s feelings and the melody’s effects like me and you may start to vibrate slightly.

Empathic people have a harder time in this world and also they have quicker changes I guess, like with me. Sound experiments can tune your brain device.

good vibration

Music can help in healing from illnesses or mental stress also. What it does is, when you are flowing with your most beautiful tracks, your body’s frequency starts to tune up to higher levels and this way more NP abilities are opening up (maybe), especially self-healing. Your actual vibrational level is higher. You don’t need to aim for extrasensory stuff, just for the feeling.

In the end, you get a good mood, “good vibrations”, no stress, happiness from the repeated effect. Just try it and keep it up mostly if you can. Meditating with music can do miracles in the long run. Do it once or twice a day for 20-30 minutes. Just one tool which has a beneficial effect on you mentally. Because everything starts mentally within you. It is a non-physical process.

Maybe laughing is your favorite

Laughing is diminishing stress naturally and keeping you in the joy of life. Many times, it is a forced reaction to deal with stress, we can do it automatically too.

My best method is to make friends laugh and known people do the same. Or maybe strangers can be affected to burst in laughter too. Maybe I didn’t say a good joke or just told some funny thing, maybe only a gesture. My perspective is not for myself to laugh but both parties from a natural ability so to speak. Good vibrations, again.  I enjoy doing this to others if the effect is positive! It can help if you managed to laugh at yourself too. Laugh at yourself, on your dumb things 🙂

Don’t give a damn to people and don’t take life so seriously, enjoy it at the moment, learn to laugh it off. If you change a little bit, you can see the outside world from another perspective. We need to practice it and remind ourselves that we need to enjoy life.

good vibrations

Play a game!

If you like PC games or any other non-electronic solutions, try to imagine right now, what kind of game was your favorite when you felt yourself in joy. That is the one which you need. You can play any kinds of games. Not the kill-all stuff, just something which causes the same positive emotions to unfold.

Don’t feel guilty about playing regarding your age. Who cares? Do it and see the effect. This is your life.

Make a trip to a favorite place or just enjoy a chat with a friend

Maybe you have places to visit when you have time for them – time for yourself. Nice places may make good times also, just like friends will do. They are both for detaching from the crap we experience almost daily and just stopping to pay any attention, appreciate them! These escape places are not always big huge ones, they can be nearby simple walkways or parks also.

Friends are coming and going in our life. If it is a useful friendship on both sides, it can make miracles when we (and they) need some help. Friends, good family members, and loved ones are there to help each other to get rid of bad events too and guide themselves. Well, not every family is actually supporting or containing positive members.

But still, friends of any kinds can help us if they are able to and have a good intention.

Eat some sweet, chocolate or whatever you enjoy

Here, I’m just mentioning sweets and chocolates which are proven to release endorphin and you may feel a little bit of happiness, only from eating a chocolate bar alone. It could help a lot. Don’t feel guilty eating it in moderation, the effect here is beneficial! Just don’t buy a basket of sweets and flush it off in your system lol.

The goal is to treat yourself kindly and it is an activity to enjoy yourself.

Enjoy nature

Again, if you are that type who can enjoy nature outside, just go for a ride on your bike, take a jog nearby, walk for an hour and listen to nature. Look around you, how the sunshine reflects on water or dances in colors, look around if you are at places of trees with nice vibrant colors, any plants nearby. It’s wonderful, isn’t it? Now you are not concentrating on the daily crap around you.

If you can spot animals in nature around you, watch them, approach them. Detach from negativism and notice what we have. The daily sunshine in itself can change us in many ways, starting with absorbing Vitamin D and healing rays. Also, maybe you are that type who enjoys nightly walks/jogging. Silence in itself in suburban areas can make a good effect too. Or just lay down on your bed and enjoy the silence. You can connect with your non-physical self via silence.

Good vibrations and mood elevation for higher frequencies

Well, this one comes from various methods like above. Those are just tools, but for the purpose to avoid getting into a negative spiral in your life. If you lost your actual plan to do something in your life, get and find one. It just doesn’t need to be a big aim and our time here and now is seemingly endless when we live in the now but also it seems like running away many times.

The whole issue here is that your actual vibrating rate – the non-physical one – is pretty low and you need to raise it by doing something or changing your thinking throughout your day. It affects your body which is an objective vehicle for you.

Many people who are mentally ill or have various physical diseases. These are mostly caused by their own repeated negative thoughts and destroying their physical body, which is the vehicle to experience their life here and now. We are not our body.

Don’t try to understand ever why people hurt themselves, just don’t! You don’t want to let you dragged down! I know for sure it could be very struggling to shake ourselves back to the positive side after some negative life events and situations, but nobody will do it for us.

Life is a game. Ok not for all but we can enjoy it if we really would like to. Find your positive side and enjoy it fully. Don’t pay any attention to the negative ones or rather manage them as best as you can. We need to experience both sides but we can avoid the negative side.

Edited on 30th of March in 2019.