Health, Vitamins, Minerals

This topic is all about general health mostly about the physical body and how big companies, big hands, and popular brands are causing huge indoctrinations in the general population by spreading what you need to do in order to gain fake health benefits and what you should do in order to stay healthy. The problem is that it is so well planned and generally accepted what is what in this world, that people rarely question anything. It started decades ago and there were not so many ill and diseased people in the World as now – maybe you sometimes wondered why.

I was thinking about making another menu about vitamins and minerals but I think that there won’t be so much to talk about because I won’t spread lies about how this mineral or vitamin effects this or that, or how much do you need from certain stuff for keeping yourself “healthy” because health generally comes from your mental attitude. I had my own route realizing that it is only a big money making machine for those who are selling chemicals, labeled up as health improving crap.

On the other hand, some topics will be about how to stay healthy and use your mental abilities and maybe beliefs to stay away from brainwashing. Any diseases are NOT coming from deficiency symptoms which are “well known” but from the fact that people are doing them to their body with their mind. It is time to accept responsibility for your thoughts! Now more and more researches are coming over to show people that the whole vitamin and mineral industry are just a big scam, which is only improving physical degenerations the worst way over time. People won’t be healthy of flushing down pills and tablets every day, thinking that they will be healthy, quite the opposite.