For Beginners

It took me more than 2 years to decide about this menu. I know for sure that most people can’t find many articles on their own, no matter that there is a search field to the left or that there is the Post Archive menu. This is a little help for readers to start somewhere. Most people are totally new to dreams and trying to understand them. Okay, let’s start it!

Before you start to read the site, you will need to either use the search field or the Post Archive menu where every article is there, newest ones to the top, oldest ones to the bottom. Because I can’t really help out every request and can’t write out everything on how to navigate on the main page in the News sticky, here is the order below. I can’t help people who can’t even understand simple sentences. Most people who are chasing these subjects are doing it from fashion, they are very young (respect to some) and they are doing it from escapism.

Before judging me or my work, please think about how much effort I put into this site. It is real, you can test it. My style and how I speak through the rows is not a personal thing, just a point-on discussion about how most people are misled in this world. I don’t like it at all and we can know many things from the right sources. There are people who have first-hand evidence. You can have it too. The site is built for the sake of helping others out from not knowing a thing and helping them exploring their multidimensional nature and origins.

What to read and where

  1. Start to read anything related to dreams, Sleep Paralysis, brain and mind differences and what is a Lucid Dream. It is easy, you need to only type these into the search bar, click on the upside menus or use the Post Archive.
  2. Start to read all the Focus Model articles from the first till the last one multiple times. If you don’t understand it, you will later. It is needed to wrap your mind around who you are and what you are doing even in this physical life.
  3. You need to understand that all of what I already shared is real and you can prove it to yourself and NOT to others. If you don’t understand what I share, you still need to adjust to this new world.
  4. If you desperately need my ebooks, I will send them for you via email for free. I don’t gain millions from it at all. Only if I would be a big hit, who lies to the masses.
  5. My work is not really appreciated most of the time, only a few will gather their brave and write to me personally because they understand the whole thing or they WANT to understand it and experience it.
  6. My work also doesn’t pay me out, so all of my efforts are being converted into Donations if you can support my work. Actually a very few did it in the past and I appreciate it. I’m serious, most people take a hit n’ run read and they don’t get the main idea (statistically seeing and as they are talking to me).

And finally, every Reader needs to understand that I made this site for educational purposes, to share about how much more our human race doesn’t know and that people like me are sharing the same stuff on public forums or on private places too. People just don’t listen, our society is still catching up and most people will be never “there” to wrap their minds and concepts around these subjects. It is just that most people tend to choose to believe all the mystical stuff because they fear to change and be open-minded about the real deal. So this site avoids all the misleading stuff and BS talk to help people understand the whole thing.

I wish for this site to stay online and that people should find it who can learn from it and from me. I took so much work into it that I just stopped writing a thing for many months. The site is well-optimized for SEO but I can’t keep up with search engines, I can’t and won’t make shows like Youtubers or big names. This means you stop writing even daily, others won’t find you so fast on the Internet.

This site is NOT about me, don’t even try to get it as a personal thing. The style I tend to write is not because of me but because I try to make many issues clear and point-on.

The site is protected from content-stealing and bots. To see all the functions, use the PC version without the “amp” mobile postfix. I get many bots roaming on the site unfortunately and I don’t have energy and time to weed them out.

Enjoy reading here and remember that I did it alone by myself, to help you, I hope you will appreciate it some way. The Donation menu is still there, there were a few people to save the site in the past. I repeat it, use the PC full version of the site because I couldn’t totally configure in the mobile version and it doesn’t worth my tries.

Edited on the 8th of March in 2020.