Donators list

I wanted to make a list for the Donators, who helped this site so far. This list starts from the first Donation up to this date – 16th of June in 2019 when the site restarted symbolically. The site went for 2 years without any support. I will use only a family name or surname and not amounts from obvious reasons. If you see your name here, you can ask me with a Contact Me private message or via the direct email address about anything. Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, OBEs, mental stuff, anything which you touched even on the site. You can now use Bitcoin too to Donate and let me know about it!

The first serious Supporter who saved the site from shutting down and I show this action for a reason here (meaning that somebody finally did something right before closing the site):

Thanks for all that you people care about my work and about the site itself! Enjoy it. Please, be aware that Donations are keeping up the site to go furthermore. Donations are giving me hope and mood, I’m serious. Most visitors are just coming and going without extended researches and don’t care about it. And You? Do you just read a few articles and move on without even realizing what I told you?

Donators can ask for a private copy from my ebooks in PDF format. Feel free to drop me a message if you need any of them in the return of your help. Or maybe do you need some private help or some learning? Do the same! I won’t mention people who are donating anonymously.

1. Alex (Azores)
2. Yalu (USA)
3. Thomas (Sweden)
4. Elder (USA)
5. Jay
6. Reece (USA)

If there will be more supporters, there will be more names here! Thank you!

Updated on 31st of May in 2020.