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This is the fundraising campaign to let me write my Vision Training ebook! There is no real title or anything, it is in a raw form with notes. The ebook will be a PDF ebook for everybody and Donators will get their free download via email. Don’t look over it, I will contain everything what I can and will write a proper one. The goal is there for my efforts to write it.

Please. note that the amount goal is an indication for me and not a  must thing. I’m sure if people find this goal a big thing or they want it, it will happen.

Vision training for a better daily life

This idea about this kind of ebook was there for a very long time in my pocket but never thought it would worth it to put it out to the market. Simply put I’m not a big somebody and others will just push me down instantly with their well-established stuff. I know how we think as a society, we will choose what others tried out. We follow the sheeple.

So, I was thinking a lot how should I promote it but the best way is to show it to my Readers directly, my intent and goal. Regular fundraising on other sites would have no sense about this. What I offer is a well-written, informative, packed ebook from which people can learn real things and if they take the effort and self-work, they will see naturally better. I can’t force it on others, my purpose is to share it and make people happy with it, just like with the site.

You will need to work for it each day in your whole life but you will know how to do it! You will know how your eyesight works and your limits too. You will have a big advantage. I think it worths it for your whole life. Because we can do it and optometrists have no idea about it. Or they are lying, I don’t know about the latter. What glasses and others will do to your eyes will just make it worse and you are not using your own eyes behind the scenes, you are seeing through a created illusion while the eyes are not used properly.

Ask yourself this: if you roam around on my site and you can learn even explore the non-physical world, is it real? Is this whole stuff real what I teach and share? Of course, it is. Close-minded people have a harder time with it. Same true for people who can’t let go of science and materialism.

You can know this better IF we had many private conversations. My intent is always genuine and I like to help. Of course, everybody should understand it better, that my work has its price. This means that if somebody has the chance to help me financially, it is the best. Others can enjoy it for free all the time.

The general problem about eyesight and BS talks in our current world

Not just on public forums but I encountered this general problem from many people over the years that indeed the general population doesn’t know what they don’t need glasses, contact lenses and surgery to see better with their own eyes. I’m talking about the vast majority who have healthy eyes physically. One Reader suggested this to me that I should make one recently and it seems to be a good idea, he had a poor vision in a significant part of his life and I gave the tips to start with something already.

Despite the fact that my ebooks are not running wild on downloads, I’m a little bit hesitant. The reason is that I’m not a big name on the board or a public somebody who leads a religion. And not because they are useless. Otherwise, why should I write them to everybody else? Many of my ebooks were sent for free to loyal Readers privately because they needed it and loved it.

Also, the fact is that there are already some vision training books, some are packed with nonsense and scientific stuff, I know many, even older ones but I had my own way of gaining back my normal sight because I was wearing glasses too, being shortsighted in my college years and before. I just had enough, did my research, my lessons and worked for it.

So one thing is that there are books out there about it but if you know my site and the ebooks, you will know also that I’m not kidding and it would be a well-packed story about me, about our vision, how our non-physical mind works without scientific nonsense, parroted zillion times and it would lead people to practice the training itself. We are just not using our “eye-setup” properly and we don’t know that this whole thing is possible.

You don’t need so much tool for it but you need to work for it. If somebody is serious, the work is needed to do. Same for Lucid Dreaming or understanding your multidimensional life. So I still have the doubt about how many people will actually download it from Amazon KDP (I have no other choice to show it potentially to more people, than here on the site) and this is why I need to see if it worths my effort.

Well, don’t misunderstand me, it worths it because many people can potentially live a better life, throwing away glasses and others. Hm, let’s see if the goal will be met. Who knows when. The ebook and my notes are already in the works but it is not a one-day job for me. Maybe people get my thoughts about a Donation goal.

Do you want to see better or do you know others with the same problem? Let me know if you would like to contribute to this.

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