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This site needs Donations from Readers, who are visiting this site for a long while and there are many new each day. Help me to keep it alive and you can read whatever interests you later and learning a lot on your own or with my help. You can ask your questions privately. Please, share what you can read here with your friends and share it with others.

I will make these Donation goals evident to see the activity and seriousness. The first goal was successfully achieved pretty fast for June. I’m shocked and also happy at the same time – this didn’t happen for 2 years.

You are free to enter amounts above 5 USD at the minimum. This is the new beginning for this site. You can use the Donation menu too above and in the slider to the right on the main page on PCs and other devices if you don’t see it on your smartphone. I will raise the goal to monthly periods and for higher numbers if I see progress later. You can read all of my thoughts about supporting my site in some posts already being in the Post Archive. I’m sure, serious people will find them. Sorry for test problems or any errors, I hope it works fine.

This option is now the only option which will allow the site to run furthermore for You, in the near future. Thank You for your help! Donators list is here.

You are free to drop me a private email message as usual. If there is any error with this Donation menu, use the older one above from the menu, where you can do it easier.

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