Can Sleep Paralysis kill you? Are you kidding me?

There are some not so educated questions many times on public forums, especially about sleep paralysis. Yes, SP again. I can’t help these questions but make another quick post to dissolve the myths. Or fears and beliefs, same deal. I already made a clear article about the whole Sleep Paralysis phenomenon.

The thing is that for first, people should learn the basic idea that everybody has sleep paralysis all the time whenever they sleep physically. They are unaware of this fact. Most of us may get glimpses of this natural event. Your physical body is a vehicle for consciousness and you are that consciousness, a non-physical entity. You can prove it if you really want to.

Share what I tell you and my site to let others know how unreal their fears are and that life is much more beyond our physical reality!

A natural condition which needs to happen, won’t kill anybody ever!

I think the biggest thing comes down from the fact that people expect to get full-blown sleep paralysis all the time because others who “suffer” from it can get it. I mean not being able to move. You will get the slight one, muscles will hurt, maybe you are heavy and similars. Don’t expect a full SP when you can’t even move an inch. That happens in a very deep sleep phase. You will get it if you scared yourself in the non-physical and returned back “too fast”.

People who get the full version will label themselves sufferers and won’t really find a real answer about all of these. I already talked out how the medical industry and science wash brains about this. Genetics, conditions, disorders, health risk. Come on, that is just ridiculous! We all get SP all the time. But you know what, if you found this article, you don’t need to search for your answers anymore, I can guarantee you. Just don’t believe all the lies or you will be tied down on toxic chemicals.

I personally answered an exact copy of this question on Quora and I won’t keep that account for too long but many times I tend to see good materials to share here and let websurfers get here.

So, no, it won’t kill you. How could it be? Well, actually you won’t read this if that happens lol. Just kidding.

Why my child has nightmares? Is that normal?

No matter how old we are, nightmares are starting to come after we are born. And have our first experiences in any physical reality where we are. Many parents are acting like they never had a nightmare when they were young. We all do have nightmares even at infant years. But why?

I guess some readers will be shocked knowing that nightmares are necessary for our personal development. What a parent normally experiences is, that their child is suddenly screaming (all the time) by the nights and asking for them to help or sleep with them. From the infant’s perspective, he/she is having unpleasant “dreams” which are our very first non-physical experiences. To note another natural thing, we have imaginary friends (many of us, not all of us) for the sake of this game. They are real.

And everything is equally real, our daily life too. If you already went through my articles, you may understand that our physical life is the “dream”. Let’s see how this works over time. I guess the problem comes when the actual parent forgets how he/she also had nightmares. We are helping each other to get used to a physical system again and again.

When we are very young, we need to get used to the actual physical reality

When we choose a life to live, we need to choose an actual timeline in an actual physical reality or Universe and an actual race to play in. I could continue but you may see the issue. We then need a physical body and a family to born into.

I remember clearly that when I was young, I had nightmares many times. I can’t recall them but I know that many times I was in parallel reality frame and my circumstances were very similar to the actual physical reality circumstances. At that time I didn’t know a thing about the non-physical world. Then I at some point grew up and faced all my fears. On my own. I was surely screaming many times over many nights and my father rushed in to check it. This is how it works. Our parents don’t know a useful thing in life and we need to work it out on our own.


So we are here, let’s assume we are already a few years old. Then we need to get used to the physical rulesets and interpretation. Our sight and how we interpret the electromagnetic noise, our hearing. Learning to walk, speak and others.

Human world, not so pleasant experiences

We will start to encounter with all the “human” things in our world. The nice, the happy and all the ugly and strange. Fear kicks in all the time because it is challenging our mind and beliefs. Fear is there because we are learning new things and we are interpreting stuff according to our uniqueness.

All the things and events which we get will be stored on a non-physical layer which is our memory (not a brain!) and we can relive them already via our sleep life.

When we fall asleep at that age, we don’t know much about anything because even if we came from “there”, our memories are suppressed about who we are. It is for simply to not ruin our own “life” game. We need this character to grow and learn with. We can’t function if we tend to remember our true self. Non-physical guides are also trying to stay away if they think that they may interfere with the infant’s development.

This is another life test again, seeing how we are learning on our own.

Even from the first years, we will have nightmares

Then we will experience our own fears. These are fear tests from and in the Wider Reality and these tests are helping us growing up. This and any other physical realities are parts of the Wider Reality. No, not in biological and aging sense btw. The most never will face their fears. What we call nightmares are personalized fear tests and running automatically as soon as you release your stuff in a thought responsive world. You fall asleep with the same mindset but the rules are way different there.


Our physical life is a facade of a serious learning and experiencing curve. We only notice a fraction of it because we tend to function as a robot, in an automatic sense. We are indoctrinated and it starts with our parents. They don’t really know a thing so they have no choice other than stay with the kid or open in and let the lights on.

No wonder, most of humanity has no idea about dreams, nightmares, who we are etc. There are religions, books and that’s all. Those are not giving any useful answers. We have nightmares because we need to face our fears and the lessons are instantly starting after we arrive here. This is a vast educational system. We teach each other even in the non-physical world. Physical Universes are stemming from there, we are end-results of consciousness. The forms and objective stuff.

These are all parts of our personal development

No matter what we do via our sleep life are parts of our main, multidimensional development. We need to face our fears via these nightmares even when we are much older. If we don’t, they will keep repeating or we will carry our fears back to the so-called Afterlife. You can read a lot about all of these already on my site.

You may know a bit about Astral Projection. It is the same, some of us can do it at a young age until parents are limiting us.

So what can a parent do in this case if the child has reoccurring nightmares and now you understand what is this all about? Well, you can even benefit from this by facing your fears. You need to wait in my opinion a few years until the child understands the importance of these.

You don’t have so much influence on the infant’s mindset because we are what we are, no matter what education we get from our parents. But if they understand this at a very young age, their life won’t be full of mental problems and they won’t be lost in life because they will start to understand their purpose and their origins. This is what our world should teach as a beginner’s guide to physical life.

Why proper Breathing in Meditation is very important for any issues?

There are many methods for meditation to let deepen the state when people are trying to get lost of present life problems, silencing the mind or just being in peace for a while. Proper breathing is one of the most important tool for attaining a deep state where our mind is silent or we are just in our own “head” without the outer world’s daily problems.

Why do we need to use deep breaths in certain cases? Btw why do we need to breathe deeply? Well, we don’t need to, this is just a technique to go deeper enough to silence your mind or move your energies. Altered states of your consciousness can be reached by this technique.

Breathing is like going deeper into yourself

Proper deep breathing in a slow manner will have the effect of becoming deeply relaxed because it starts with the physical brain device. Then it goes down to all body parts. You will exist in your head in the darkness and become a point of consciousness.

I’m warning you, don’t go too deep if you are not familiar with non-physical traveling, mentioned below. Move your body parts sometimes.

What happens is, if you start to breathe deeply as a habit or you are just experimenting with it, you will experience non-physical issues. Some people won’t, I know about it. But whenever somebody (most people) doesn’t know a thing about what is beyond the physical world and around the sleep state, it can be frightening for the first few or dozen times.

Deeply breathing will cause a certain brainwave change in your physical vehicle where you are still aware but your brain will start to shut down the body. It happens naturally whenever you fall asleep normally. You will still be aware and maybe get some meditational sensations too. Some practitioners in practicing Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience and others can experience those but they are just signposts.

So in a nutshell, you will go deeply into a self-hypnosis like a state where you can concentrate on your thoughts or ignore them. Mostly, meditation is about ignoring the external reality, stopping mind chat and learning to focus on one thing.


Meditation is about relaxation

This topic is not about meditation itself but deep breathing will be strongly related to it. You can do it not just on your back but on one foot too. So as you start to breathe deeply, relaxation will take over your body and it slowly shots down. If you are physically tired, it is fast with practice. It can lead you to the borderline of the sleep state.

You can get sleep paralysis also, but the thing is, you may go too deep and all sorts of kinds of stuff could happen. Ignore them and if you think you are too deep, just move your body parts and don’t panic. It is a natural process and you become aware of that. Just relax and breathe deeply.

It can move your energies, start to heal yourself, look into your problems

And indeed, you will have the chance to slow down, stop focusing so intensively towards the external world and pay attention to yourself, your thoughts. Meditation is about this too. Observe your thoughts and with deep breathing, you can track back your life problems and sources of anger, anxiety, fears etc.

You can move your energies with this “technique”, heal your organs, body parts over time and effort. You can feel the energy going through you from the non-physical source, you own energy supply, moving here and there.

People can cure their own cancer this way IF they tracked back their mental problems and stopped doing them!

You can also just slow down from daily life and stop loading big pressure on your shoulders. You will see how unreal those problems are.

Just look into your thoughts with closed eyes and observe them. Deep breathing will cause a peak relaxation which will close out the body focus and you can concentrate on one thing. It is hard for the most because we are living in information overload and brainwashing from everywhere. We can’t concentrate on one thing. Make this a daily habit, once every day for 10-20 minutes or more and see the benefits.

How to do proper Meditation

Meditation is a very useful tool for calming your mind, solving many mental problems, dealing with stress. You can rarely have Astral Projection, OBE, Phasing, anything around. I should note that meditating is just a tool for anything, not a requirement.

Basically, I’m sharing info here about meditation because there are people who are new to understanding their dreams. They have too many problems in ordinary life or just would like to learn first control their minds and travel into the non-physical world.

It all depends on each person, what to do. Before people begin to understand their dreamlife, it is essential to do this practice. Not because it is a must thing but it helps you calm down and concentrate.

The basics

So what is a meditation about? Well, it is about mostly one thing. Stop focusing so intensely in the physical world and life, and rather stop doing anything. Just relaxing and that is all. Most of the bad issues in life can be solved in this way.

You need to give in the effort. You need to look deep inside you and notice the root causes of your problems.

It has many health benefits. Starting with mental problems and I wish that everybody should learn it. Many problems will be solved with this practice alone. And don’t mix it up with spiritualism and religions.

When to do it

You can do it anytime. When you feel yourself a little bit tired or sleepy. Your chances will be much higher to reach much more deep states and projection too as sleep paralysis also.

It is the best to do it in the afternoon, maybe before bedtime: Sometimes you may mess up your sleep if you do it before sleep time. It is a personal decision and feeling on your part. Experiment with it.

How to do it

First, you will need basically a silent place without any disturbing sounds from the outside of the room. Not too cold and not too warm place. It varies on everybody – some people favor using music, binaural or sunshine. Just make sure, nobody disturbs you, even in a forest or park. The best is a dark and silent place.

So as you lay down on your back on your bed, sitting maybe, being on one foot (just kidding), the procedure is the same. You start to get some deep breaths with closed eyes and maintain a slow automatic breathing on which you won’t pay any attention after the first 1-2 minutes. Just start it.

The main purpose is to dive into a deep relaxation which will calm your mind and your body after that. If you have tense body parts, work on them first. But you don’t need to concentrate on your body, just relax.

You should maintain a quiet mind. It will be difficult but it will improve gradually.

So basically you are in deep relaxation. For hong long? For 15, 30, 60 minutes, as long as it is comfortable. If you go “too” deep, you can reach deeper altered states of your own consciousness and now the non-physical world can step in because you let it happen (if you let it). This can cause projection into different realities but chances will depend on each individual. Some people use this for that purpose, some have no results. Don’t worry and don’t fear anything.


Effects will be from a basic meditation like calmness, better concentration, being aware your surroundings, maybe faster regeneration in anything, eliminated stress, better digestion (stomach breathing), energy work and moving energies, solving anxiety and depression, etc.

It is important that you can experience sleep paralysis (from which people freak out because of lack of knowledge, again) if you are more tired or more successful going deeper. You can experience all the sensations which I mentioned in another post here.

The mindset should be a passive observational attitude where you are not letting out any thoughts from your control. Practice it and it it will help with your dreams also.

Edited on 16th of april in 2018.

How to Deal with Manipulative Parents once and for all

It is quite a common phenomenon in many families that children are kept in control for decades from their birth mostly. Also not let them do anything which is not fit into their parents’ distorted mentally ill self-image and expectations.

Manipulative parents can surely ruin a child’s potential good future with their stupid thinking and manipulation. It is causing the child to become depressed, have distorted self-image too and being a people pleaser eventually.

Not everybody manages to get break free and I can tell this from my own childhood experiences surely with still a highly manipulative father with big mental illness.

Why Your parents are like that?

Simply put manipulative parents, the manipulation itself comes from one thing. They are highly egoistic people, mentally ill surely and they have a highly distorted picture of life, self-image and an expectation that you will become as a big asshole as them. Maybe as miserable.

A mother or a father, doesn’t matter, even siblings. All the same, any relationships in human life. We need to deal with them from the heart and let them go. Most people are brutally idiots and attaching themselves to useless relationships. Well, many people like to be in misery.

They will keep trying to manipulate you as long as you let yourself be dragged down

Some people have no other choice as being a teenager or not having financial resource to get break free. But they just stay at home and let themselves drain down like hell. Many people are still in their late 20’s and 30’s and can’t move on. People born in the middle last century can’t understand this.

Many young are now transformed to have bad feelings if they dare to move on and some are just still unlucky to get their route way out. Shame, guilt, negativity, all programmed in them. This is not an easy world today.

They are like that from many reasons, maybe you thought that your dad or mother is a lovely somebody but deep down they are also lying to themselves and the actual reality is what is the end result looking at their behavior.

They hate themselves or they are so narcissists and egotists that they won’t let you go or let you live an own life. The worst when nobody respects your freedom, choices, life review, opinion, your agreement or anything from You. You just don’t count as a human being, right?

What is this if not big egoism and selfishness, a destructive, toxic person’s perception?

You can’t help low self-esteem, manipulative, egoist assholes. They can’t even help themselves. They will be physically ill too in cancer and many nasty kinds of stuff from this behavior. Because that big loads of negative energy need to go somewhere… You should leave them alone sooner than later.

manipulative parents

The importance of being born into a family like this

There is a non-physical or let’s call it spiritual side to being born into a family like that. For me, I survived and still trying to maintain my passiveness and happiness which can be hard as I’m getting older but I survived all the bad things in my early life.

I stayed as myself and it turned out that I’m not just not even alike to anybody in my life but that I may chose this family to pass the initial though tests of life and stay strong inside – this fuels me in my plans. Many people don’t even survive it. They will try another life I guess. Some people manage to get lost their family in their teens too, well it is much harder to do it suddenly.

So what is the importance here? To survive. Stay yourself, guard your best feelings and memories of your life and later you will benefit from them because you resisted to assholes (no matter who they are) and you could stay strong. You can still love your family members from a distance but they won’t disturb you as much now. A manipulative person, if he/she can’t control you, will suffer and hurt him/herself. The only thing you can do is don’t pay attention if you did what you could from your good heart because they will drag you down emotionally and make you feel shame.

The main issue is that you need to think from your heart, not from fear. You are just doing what feels right and you shouldn’t feel yourself badly if the other person is still in misery. Surprise: this is THEIR life and THEIR choices with the consequences. Nothing is written in stone. They will surely be helped after they left this world. That is not your job to do it, especially if you failed. Leave them alone, move on, your life is more important than pleasing a toxic person.

Getting out from misery

It may sound simple as said but it can be hard. I’m working on it too. First get a financial resource to build up savings to live by yourself. It can be by a job or with earning anything which you found and works. If you are a luckier somebody, an own business idea can help more quickly.

Plan well, don’t rush and don’t pay attention to the negative draining every time. It is hard, bad, it will wear down. Meditation will help, being in nature and enjoying it, listening to music, find a way to enjoy yourself your own way. Just do it more frequently and don’t pay attention if they are laughing at you.

Eventually, your hard work will pay you out and you are freer than ever. Believe in yourself and fuel your thoughts with your aim. Focus on it every day and not on bad things. It takes weeks, months, maybe a few years but it worths it and you create it. We can call it LOA, reality creation, any nonsense new fashion labels but your thoughts and beliefs will do it sooner or later. Use your happiness elevating tools and be strong. This is your life.

This article may help too here.

Edited on 6th of april in 2018.

How to Contact with a Dead Relative while you are asleep?

A “dead relative” is not so far in the endless Multiverse. Here I give people a relatively simple method because I’m seeing on forums daily now that many people who are uneducated in non-physical knowledge have no idea about this and not about even anything. No problem, everybody starts somewhere.

First, read what I share on my blog and you will gain a basic understanding. Nobody dies really and nobody lives really. This is a simulation game.

The method:

Before every sleeps -meaning before falling asleep every time – tell this to yourself: I will be aware after I fell asleep OR I will meet XY for a nice chat while I’m sleeping physically.

You can experiment with different sentences but say them in the present tense, giving the whole idea a big intent and momentum. Say them maybe 3-4 times and fall into sleep. This alone basically causes you to remember your intent.

It can take maybe a day or maybe a few weeks how well will these statements drink in your mind. The whole purpose of this practice is to become aware in the non-physical world when you are asleep physically (at first you will finally realize you were in countless worlds already at the whole time in your “physical life” and there is no death) and then try to talk with this person, call him/her to you. If nobody appears there are many reasons after maybe a long time too.


Btw this in itself is useless until you keep up a passive observational attitude and DO NOT accept anything for first which is said because it can be distorted by your own mind. Listen to the answers and write them down when you woke up. Later repeat these questions. Ask what only you and this person can know or ask rather what you and this person only CAN know about you! This way you will avoid false information. Experiment with it.

I strongly recommend you to start educating yourself from the articles you find here to gain a better understanding, what you are doing and where you are.

A dead relative is not always the person, who you think he/she is.

And I don’t judge people and say that no, don’t do it. Just try it and see that for yourself. If people need proof, this is just one way to see it. Don’t stop here, test it until it turns out is that entity a real person.

I hope I could help.

What is a Synchronicity and what it means for You?

We all encounter or notice even at least one type of synchronicity in our life after a while. Some people live with them almost daily like me (many times) and some are never even noticing anything like that.

These can be numbers, road signs, melodies from the radio, pictures, a cloud, a heard conversation from strangers on the street, numbers on phone screen. Just anything which you will surely notice and the non-physical world will send messages in this way. The system knows what will you surely notice. Maybe takes up to years to see the signs.

In short, you see them, you get answers in subjective form. Maybe you are simply resonating with your core non-physically.


What is the meaning of seeing those signs?

Well, it is very complicated and simple at the same time.

Complicated because I’m still researching this phenomenon personally and there are no two identical people at the same time who see the same sign at the same given time. It is like a car accident, maybe the other stranger saw a completely different event. Many people have personal experiences with one or more types of these occurrences. And still, in my opinion, it is all individual because of the meaning – as in “dreams” – are all up for the actual person to interpret.

It is simple at the same time because maybe you will understand what is it with observation. For example, you see mirror numbers like 12:21 or 13:31, which can be “balance” as a message or “keep on going”. Maybe not. The meaning depends on many personal factors. You can see the famous 1111 in many forms or 2222 and it is still meaningless until you track back what did you think about recently.

Progress signs

But the biggest chance for perfect number sequences is, you are in the best direction towards your goals.

11:22 may be about something progress and 1234 may be like you are going in the right direction in life step-by-step. These are all personal suggestions to show you how they may work out. If you can’t understand them even after many observations of your thoughts and seeing what happens, maybe these signs will improve to understandable ones.

Don’t hang up on these fake “angelic numbers” and anything similar from the psychic crap factory, that is not like that. I don’t say for religious people that don’t follow a notion like an “angel” shows you signs. Go with it, I accept it really and it can be cool until you don’t follow it blindly as a belief system. For those who would like to know why it is like that, I only can say that nobody knows for sure but what I learned so far is that personally for me, they are signposts of seeing if I take good direction, attitude, and emotions in life with balance.

In a nutshell, you are resonating with yourself (your NP counterpart). That is good, you feel good, you are happy mostly. Or maybe you get signs of a wish. It is complicated on this perception. Stay with the feelings always, they will lead you in life and stop dealing with bad life situations. We can’t avoid those, but feelings and intuition will help us.

Some main types of synchronicities:

Numbers: phone, plates, some places which just gets your attention

Dreams: reoccuring non-physical experiences

Outheard conversations from strangers

Signs everywhere like on the sky in clouds or in nature

A melody or song played out in the radio which captures your attention and speaks to you in some words or phrases

Perfect numbers, ascending, descending, a row like 1111, something “strange” or extraordinary

A life situation which occurs many times

Seeing somebody’s name somewhere multiple times

You meet people accidentally more once or more than once etc…

I was trying to make sense of what are those signs are about but it seems like many times we just can’t grasp the non-physical subjective messages with just human logic. Opinions and personal experiences through the non-physical forums are also very noisy.

Something is not working with logic or intellect at all. In life, people tend to forget entirely their own intuition as a compass through life and deny the bad feelings. When this occurs, these “accidents” are showing up more. Maybe they were there but you didn’t have the awareness to see them. For me, it is always in numbers on mobile phones, clocks, anything with them mostly, and otherwise in radio songs or favourite melodies. I also can hear out conversations from people in the city.

What to do

My advice is to follow them and make a diary as like a dream diary and let’s see what did you think about or what emotions did you have about certain things and what signs are showed up. It can help to track back, what is the message from the non-physical.

But many times it is confusing to know because many times there is a time delay in the physical linear timeframe.

And be aware of following any tiny signs religiously and avoiding living your life normally, that won’t help. Our life should work out in both sides in balance, living the daily life and keep contact with the other side. Because we are living in all worlds at the same time truly without noticing it. To sum it up, our mind is not even physical and we are operating through a reality frame, also our memories are not stored in this dimension.

For those people who haven’t got even the slightest idea of the non-physical world and now interested in it, a synchronicity is alone many times enough for newbies to read more about these occurences. A few people are interested in them and the most won’t ever.

I hope this helps.

Edited on 5th of april in 2018.

Sleep Paralysis and how to deal with it

Sleep paralysis is relatively common with certain people, not really an undocumented phenomenon. Some people like me never experienced it in their lives directly.

Some people are suddenly waking up in the middle of the night realizing that they can’t move an inch and terrified like hell. I will give you a quick explanation of this and how it is related to non-physical traveling while you are asleep. But how you can induce it intentionally too.

On the other hand, it IS a defensive system. When you fall asleep, your brain as a device automatically shuts down your muscles to not move an inch. This happens more if you are really tired physically. In other words, it is related to brainwave patterns on the physical side.

Why it is happening?

Okay, for first if you are not familiar with non-physical travel and experiences, please read posts related to those. OBE, Astral Projection, Phasing, Lucid Dreaming, Remote View, just any. They are all the same with varying awareness, have the same core. People fear them because of lack of knowledge.

So you are sleeping for example at night. When you are falling asleep, your consciousness (the real YOU) is changing mind channels and now you are in another dimension. Some people blackout for a while until they will be aware in the NP but the most are unconscious from habit.

Billions are never realizing it and calling these experiences as nonsense dreams or just dreams. When you are finished and you are pulled back to your physical body mostly automatically. Maybe your body wants something (peeing, thirsty, etc) you will be “awaken”.

By the nights…

We are waking up multiple times throughout the night normally and returning back to the non-physical to continue our journey. If people fear everything it shows us that the most don’t know even a thing which is there for anybody to see first hand from birth. We are existing at all levels of existence at the same time.

So some people are returning and reintegrating with their physical body without any issues. But if it is too fast and still didn’t regain full control over their physical brain and nervous system thus muscle groups, SP is there.

Don’t worry so much and don’t panic, that is relatively still normal. You are encountering maybe hostile shapes or shadows, maybe something bad energy thingy. Basically, You are still not fully in your primary dimension. You are many times maybe between the physical and a parallel dimension. You just don’t realize it that you encounter with your fears, whatever form it takes shape.

sleep paralysis

For first if you would like to wake up, there are two options to go

You can slowly try to move a finger, now your hand or feet. Then an arm or leg and piece by piece you are free. Just try to move your body parts piece by piece to kickstart the waking process.

Btw your lungs are heavy from this natural process. Try to use your stomach to breath as a habit. Deep meditation is about that partially.

Or you can induce an OBE, Astral Projection or Phasing, whatever we call it. Those who are new to this practice will try exactly like that consciously.

Meanwhile, sleep paralysis is only just an effect of the whole process and many practicioners are never even experiencing SP. For some, they can induce it with SP and being successful. So this is a good time to do it because you are still in the “inbetween” state. If it doesn’t work, don’t force it. A good advice here is that if you can’t wake up physically, try to stay calm and try to sleep back again intently. Something will work.

Those who try to suddenly get up in the middle of the night and run out for the toilet may move much slower and harder than daytime. The reason is the same as the body’s physiology is primed for sleep phase. Don’t ever force it, do it patiently. Muscle groups may move much slower and that is normal.

SP can cause RTZ or false awakening too, it is also normal, you managed to jump into the closest parallel reality.

Sleep paralysis explanation for religious and scared people

This phenomenon is well known in non-physical and mystical circles, also in religious ones. I have an advice, just STOP believing shit about that you are poccessed, abducted or a demon wants your butt. Or whatever your made up god’s book says (it IS manmade belief system).

It is a natural phenomenon which is maybe never experienced. What do we fear? What we don’t know. Religions are doing a good job of keeping people in darkness and keep disinformed. Just USE common sense after what I told you here.

Other terms are “lead blanket” and “sinking”. They are all the same. You don’t feel your body because it is partly shut down. It is maybe warm or cold, maybe senseless. Maybe you feel extreme pain because those muscle groups are inactive to STOP you from moving while your physical body is asleep. It is a natural process and projection practicers are aware of the changes.

Some people are experiencing pre-projection signposts like vibrations and movements. This is an autopilot thing. Your consciousness’s tiny fraction keeps your body alive and stays with your body. Meanwhile, your bigger part is exploring the non-physical and learning. Consciousness doesn’t die, nor lives, just experiencing.

How to have an SP intentionally

Pretty simple, I can give you some tips. First of all, why should you have one? Well some practitioners in trying to initiate Astral Projection or whatever, many times are experiencing this symptom out from the many. People want to experience symptoms because their wider part is testing them with fear barriers. Here is a post about the symptoms. Those won’t give you anything alone of course.

You can lie down on your back and imagine with sensations and maybe visually if you need it, that you are on the surface of a strong magnet or a neutron star. The huge gravity pulling is enough to let your body relax until you feel heavy that your muscles are sleeping and it hurts. It really hurts but could be fun. It also helps you to be more familiar with a natural phenomenon. Just don’t move. If you want to move, still you can. Maybe you will experience that some muscle groups are in huge hurt lol.

A second practice may be if you imagine that you are sinking through your bed. Maybe you can imagine that your whole room is a big elevator inside a bigger structure and you are going downwards endlessly. This way your mind will think you are going deeper in yourself. Both examples are for sensations and mental visualizations. All will cause your brainwaves to be altered.

I’m adding a third one here as a bonus. When you are physically tired and you feel it in your body as you crash down onto your back in your bed, you can induce SP pretty fast. But I repeat it, sleep paralysis is not some kind of Projection needed thing. It is only a signpost which is sometimes happening to people. Some can induce projection from it and many can’t.

Play with sleep paralysis and you will be more familiar with non-physical related symptoms too to kick your fears in the butt.

Edited on 5th of april in 2018.

Tragedies and Problems – Dealing and Benefiting from them

Tragedies and problems are finding us time to time and people basically have no idea what can somebody benefit from them? What is a benefit or advantage from a tragedy, right?

Regular people only seeing the personal loss or anything which is caused by some kind of bad event. Maybe a car accident, the death of a loved one, or just a really bad grade in school etc. But smaller tragedies can happen too. The lesson is to deal with them as best as we can.

What to do with tragedies?

Over my researches I found an interesting viewpoint about how to deal with personal tragedies and how can we benefit from those experiences. Also, I’ve learned them by myself in my life and had better insights from spiritual sources.

It seems very very simple from the subjective non-physical side, which includes a basic thing. Our personal spiritual development in this aspect. Of course, it is harder than said but it worths the try.


Keep balance always in your decisions. Also, remember that our life is only a facade of a bigger play theme and each individual are stepping in their own path with their choices. We are directing the movie and it is lasting for a lifetime here.

The only solution is: how do you deal with tragedies, problems, and many negative life experiences. That’s all, think positive and fetch the positive side.

Why should we deal with them?

Well, we are on a training ground where we are learning constantly and developing. I admit it seems like the most are not even developing anywhere as billions are sleepwalking and indoctrinated. But everybody does their job in physical life.


The problem solving here means that you let go of bad things in your life, let go of the negativity, bad people, and bad relationships. Let go and close down those episodes in your life.

This way you will only live in the famous present moment and don’t give away any energy towards a past which you can’t change. Also, stop worrying about the future which is probable and you will only cause trouble in your thinking. Worry doesn’t solve anything, right?

If somebody around you dies, for example, that is a bad and sad thing. Don’t let it smash you down. Life is going forward even if people tend to cling on a moment which causes them to degrade over years and decades for no reason. We need to let go of those bad events in our life, acknowledge them as they happened. Eventually, we can’t change them.


We can gain knowledge about anything. It is only a matter of perception on every side. You may ask: ok how a handicapped somebody could deal with or benefit from his/her position in a wheelchair for example. How can his/her mother/father/any relative who takes care of him/her benefit and grow from this situation?

The only thing here is the perception. How we deal with it, how we accept the situation and do our best. The handicapped person is in his/her little Universe and dealing with his/her bad situation as best as he/she can and when his/her life is finished for this physical lifetime, this knowledge will be added to the non-physical. It has the purpose to share this circumstance with others.

Those who were dealing with him/her, they will also grow from their perspective and learn some understanding. In a perfect health condition, it is not possible to deal with people with restrictions. But it may be for a reason. Look at the non-physical side: entities are constantly gaining knowledge from those who were brave enough to jump into a physical life and deal with the consequences of their choices.


A tragedy is only existing in a dualistic world like our physical one, here and now. We tend to get it very seriously. But on the other hand, we are gaining a deeper understanding of these events in our life, which we may not really aware right now.

It is like when spiritual people are spreading that there is no right or wrong. I agree on this but because everything is just experience,

Tragedies are always looking like that because our society has categories and attached meaning for just everything. We grew up surely knowing what is what but they are unnecessary limits. We are raised as robots.

Dealing with problems is like keeping balance, mentioned above. We tend to just make decisions on our feelings but that is the worst thing to do. 

Always take into consideration: why that event happened to You? How will you solve this problem or loss and get over to look ahead and stay yourself?

I hope I could help.

Edited on 9th of april in 2018.

Why do we lose our friends in our life?

Friends are very useful on both sides of a friendship and we are pleased to meet nice people over our decades here on Earth. Some people have best friends or many many pals but friends are only guides as those non-physical ones are in the NP. All relationships are for a certain purpose in life.

Many people can’t stay alone to enjoy themselves, or they have a huge ego, maybe a huge void in their “soul”. They have many pals but not true friends. No matter how we see this issue, friends are there for a certain purpose.

We are all doing this teaching-learning thing to each other. Same for love relationships and marriages. Once the task is over, the connection is over too. Even if it is painful. The problem comes when the most are emotionally attached to the other one and can’t let go.

Why do you have so many pals?

The answer will be a little bit harsh but because you can’t enjoy yourself alone and don’t want to, maybe. You didn’t accept yourself fully ever and can’t give so much love towards others AFTER yourself.

People like to defend themselves that they just enjoy being with friends but they are really just pals. Meaning that maybe you can count on them, their help at hard times. And being antisocial is not this one, only a label. Antisocial means, he/she can’t fit in the actual society. Forget this word.

It is also a normal thing. Once somebody learned how our world works and how people behave, being antisocial is a good thing. People who can’t let go others will label you like that. Or because you don’t want to follow the same nonsense rules just like the masses.


Friends and pals are two different categories in my opinion. We have maybe a few true friends in life but we could have dozens of pals, who are kept only for some issues. Playing with something together, going to chat sometimes, do things in crowds, places etc. Pals are, like you just can’t stay alone on your butt like people are running away from themselves.

I knew just many many people in my life and never understood this attitude until I realized what this is all about from a subjective perspective. You meet people, it is unavoidable here on this planet normally.

You make pals and friendships but they are rarely for a lifetime. And if it is, it serves a purpose to both parties. Pals are only for having some people in your bubble to feel comfortable. The most won’t ever admit that they are addicted to others.

Some people are just highly egoistic and they are shining their egos with the dozens of different pals, so-called “friends”. They can’t really realize that they are doing this because they just have a huge ego and trying to prove that they are right in just everything – even if they are not. No problem, we are all learning on our own from these, I don’t judge.

Some pals are highly egoistic, self-promoting people

These people are just shaking hands and saying hello to just everybody, which is sucks if you see this on first hand. I know and knew many of these too, it was interesting to notice these behaviors. But it is so fake and self-fooling. And I’m not labeling anybody, it is not my job here.


People who are trying to be pals with everybody and knowing the whole local city is I think not a good thing in the long run. Some may defend themselves that they “like” people. Sure, we can like each other.

Why do you have friends?

Friends are the best connections in life besides relationships with love. We certainly need them at some point or almost forever. We need help sometimes, we need to have some fun with somebody, we just need to talk to somebody who will hear our words and may help.

Well, my friendships were only okay on my side after the initial years in many cases, I never understood it in recent years. Some of them were lasting for 10-15 years, it was good and suddenly they just disappeared. Huge blocks (towards them) came out of nowhere and I just didn’t have any idea what happened to those people that they are acting differently. I outgrew them! That is the hard truth.

They didn’t change even a bit, doing the same BS over and over again in their life. They became the toxic part. If you try to force them, reestablishing a friendship, you will get hurt.

So friends are absolutely good, we are guiding each other through life until the connection doesn’t serve the original purpose anymore. That hurts surely but we should leave them alone and vice versa.

Don’t forget, we are experiencing here, this is just a seemingly “real” game. But many people are still attached to an “ex” or a friend. It is toxic. People can’t let go of the other one because the most are emotionally immature.

What causes to lose strong connections?

Well before I started to learn about multidimensional self-development (before that I did it from birth) in the non-physical and between the two worlds, I had no idea why it is necessary to lose good friends. I mean really really good ones. But it goes as a plan for your own safety behind the scenes.

Some of them have lasted for some weeks for me also but everybody experiences this phenomenon. Until later I learned that friends are only for a certain purpose. If you deeply don’t need them, chances are, you will be very much ok on your own, like me. I guess that is a deep “spiritual” achievement to reach. I was partly always this type and I like it. That’s the main core of me.

So friends and pals are acting here just like non-physical guides in the NP. They serve a purpose: learn and grow, plus support. This is given to both sides of course. When you experience an almost sudden block in your relationships, two choices are given. You try to talk that out or just leave that one alone. No other ways.

Don’t try to even force your relationship to heal itself by arguing, you will suffer. It is over since a while, you just didn’t notice it. You try to emotionally attach yourself.

What happened is, you just outgrew that relationship and you are away ahead spiritually/non-physically on your own way. That’s all. You are on another track. The vast majority is just stagnating or slowly moving upwards on their own ladder. That is not a problem until people drag down other people with life goals. If you are pulled back, you will suffer.

People appreciate materialism and lies. Well, most of the people are underdeveloped in emotions and compassion.

Love relationships

That is almost the same but with another strong aspect, love and rely on each other, making compromises/consensus between each other. Experiencing the deepest non-physical forces, maybe having kids as a bonus (or curse lol).

We should admit, not every love relationships are lasting until elderly age, just a very very few. In today’s world, it is all about safety, money, carrier and being afraid. True love is not experienced in the vast majority, it is just a fashion to many. Marriages also don’t contain true love, it is a fact. It’s all about the money and facade.

But if true love and your perfect partner is given, you may experience it for only a few years, some decades. It was meant only to experience it, enjoy it and don’t try to understand a deeper meaning! One of the best things in life, in my opinion, is to find somebody with whom you will be in the clouds seemingly forever.

If it lasts for decades or until death, it’s better for some but don’t ever try to follow her/him and suffer because the connection is seemingly gone – it is on another level. I mean, don’t torment yourself, it doesn’t worth it. Don’t believe me, see it for yourself.

Friends, like non-physical guides

Some are there for your help, some are there for giving you protection in heavy moments in life indirectly. They are there for a purpose and moving away on their tasks and interests further when they finished. We are doing the same in a nutshell. Very similar to physical life friendships. Or even to physical life.

But keep it in mind, we came alone here to this life simulation, we are going back to the non-physical with a pack of tricks (Robert A. Monroe). We need to let other’s go on their own way of course. It was fun and good when those lasted.

We guard those pretty memories forever and added to our experiences and inner being. Enjoy these connections until they are gone. Eventually, we return back to our true home and to our non-physical friends.

Edited on 24th of March in 2019.