Stop following gurus, spiritual teachers, and motivational speakers!

In the past, I shared my insight about people, who are fooling others for money and this article is also again about gurus, spiritual teachers, and motivational speakers. Just to name some categories. I just have time these days but somehow I tend to rush into many gurus and spiritual teachers on Youtube. That was not my original intention to watch these, people having discussions about how they were fooled and their money is lost. I mean these weeks, I find tons of these fake people. Also, it is not my job to debunk these liars personally and I think enough people are trying to do it and/or capitalize on them. At least in more channel-followers.

This article is about how it works. How gurus, spiritual teachers are fooling everybody and that it is a joke if somebody is a guru. It is about how spiritual teachers are a**holes who are lying about misunderstood non-physical concepts. It is about how many people are gullible because they didn’t learn that our civilization is predatory by nature and that everybody will try their best to grab their share. No matter how some live their lives in a fairy tale manner, it doesn’t change the current situation out there.

My goal here is to help as many people – who may find my site – as I can to tell them that not everything is gold what shines. For first why are these people out there, then how these methods work for them to steal from you. I was there once in an indirect scheme and never again. Saying that I’m a big researcher, tester, and highly intelligent. And was fooled. I will show how beliefs and others are fooling you again and why religious people are more prone to fall into this pit. Just a general description.

And don’t forget to read my articles because they are real which you can learn and test out by yourself. Enjoy being here and share the site with your friends, family members. And let it run furthermore with a bigger readership.

Spiritual teachers

Know our world a little bit better without beliefs. Just grow up!

Whatever I say to you, don’t ever take it personally. My words or how I write are for a reason, to point out obvious things. How I construct my articles (I don’t write that much anymore because of lack of sharing and real activity) is for the same reason, to debunk misleading stuff and show the real deal. But basically to share knowledge.

What you learn in school, from people while you grow up is just not enough to navigate in this predatory world. The sky is blue but the danger is always there. You are trained to be a good slave in the system, a part of this big machine. If you gather yourself and stand up for yourself, start a business without bad intentions or you start to earn money by yourself, my hat is down for you. I try the same and working on my part. Good intentions will bring good fortune. Money is not bad at all. The bad thing is that these people are out there and robbing others. I won’t name anybody because it will cause unnecessary trouble. Religious people are attaching bad to things to defend their worldview. Confirmation bias is a big thing in our world.

Let’s be straight, most people in our world are religious. We grow up in certain countries, with certain habits, belief systems. From a multidimensional or “the meaning of life” perspective, it is a challenge for the most because their perception is clouded. Drop the whole thing liberating your perception and the world is not what it was for you. I’m not judging, the main problem is the who are falling into these traps are people, who are prone to believe just anything and then close out stuff that doesn’t fit this worldview. As mentioned above.

I’m not a believer but I had my disgusting share in one of these scams, being fooled. Never again. I tried to maintain a belief in something which doesn’t even exist. Don’t mess this up with religions please, this is just a way to explain how it works.

The truth is that if you are a believer, you will be fooled and scammed instantly. If you are not, you can be scammed too. I’ve learned the word “scam” only in the past years but I know the English language since my early childhood. This world went nuts in the last 2 decades. I remember clearly that in the 90s, it was slower and calmer.

Do you know what is out there? Everybody copies each other and everybody wants their share. They rarely stop their activity, so what Y person will do is almost the same as what worked for X person. So name yourself, name the scheme, make a good resume about what you did. These people are smiling and believing what they are saying all day long. I don’t know how they are dealing with their consciousness in front of the mirror. They live a liar life and they are happy. Maybe not. But I can say, they did a good job. One way to become wealthy.

The main “truths”, “teachings” are the same, they never changed and never worked. Many are scissored from good old ancient stuff. For a few exceptional people, these teachings will work for various reasons. It can happen but you may never know why or how. The truth is that human nature is about fear and emotions and they will use it against you. Sooner or later, everybody knows about these. If you allow this to happen, you deserve it. I mean I deserved it too and learned from it.

In a nutshell, how these gurus and spiritual teachers are fooling you

There is a scheme. I will be short with this to just show you how simple it is. Because we are working with emotions basically. And beliefs are clouding everything for most people, the game needs to be set. Don’t you see around you? Everything is based on emotional attachment! From political views, beliefs, eating a food, having a car, a significant other, a drama show.

You never get a real solution, you never have a well-paying anything later. You are led into a cult where big numbers, fake results are shown, where you need to say YES to everything. Your emotions and beliefs are altered to the point where the job is done, you signed up for courses, team stuff, more packages. You are tired from it on purpose, you don’t have the chance to take researches because it is so logically built-up and there are no logic-holes. Bah, many are so money hungry that they allow themselves to be contradicted in many cases. A hole here in the truth, a hole there with the Q&A sessions. The guru-type will laugh into your face if you have problems with paying more and more. Forget the rent or that you have a kid to raise, right? Just pay for something which never will give results.

The game is always a well-built system, there are always solid proofs, testimonials… Let me ask you a thing. If somebody is a millionaire or a successful businessman, why he/she wants to SELL you a course, a product, an opportunity, a share of something? Why they are trying to suck you in that much? It is one-sided, you dump money into the pocket. With interest and agreement!

Spiritual teachers

When you realized what you have done, you also lost your job because they told you so. You are in bigger dept and thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars are spent for nothing and you never see it again. Then crying comes here and there. It CAN happen and we need to learn from it. It is disgusting and these people are never getting their reward besides money. They stay there for years and decades because there are always enough fools for the cult to follow. Or they disappear after a few years. You may never know their real name and that they live pleasantly on a remote island finally. Because LOA worked for them LOL.

Most of the stupid followers are happy that they dumped the money into the leader’s pocket. I’m sure if we would live in the jungle in a primitive civilization with the same mindset, almost all of us would be dead because of the lack of ability to survive.

There is no evil or horrible in this. This is one of the reasons why we live a human life. This is human nature. Some will learn from it and many will do the same, robbing others. Learn from it, have a good life experience, and move on. Poor thing that many people will be broke financially but life happens. Our world is about money. We can make it better.

I wish it would be about the other way. But wait for a second! If our lives would be about all the nice and fairy tale thingy, WHY are we in a physical life? We came here to experience the bad and the good in a dualistic reality. All the wise crap, advice, mentoring are useless as they are basically because most people are lazy to experience them first-hand. Or too primitive. I don’t know but don’t take it personally. We are lazy. I think this whole thing went wrong when the Internet and IT devices came in. I work at an electronics store and I hate the whole thing where we are (smartphones and watches). Saying as an IT guy.

And… there are NO SECRETS at all. Just experience. How can a secret remain a secret if it is almost freely given for the masses? Secret of what? This word is also an attention grabber. We live in a world of attention grabber things to sell fast. I’m bored always seeing the truth of this, the secret of that. It is just pathetic. It is full of this on Youtube, secret, truth, the only…

For more about who we are, what we are doing here, just check all the articles. Let”s move on.

What these gurus are and why it is a big joke?

Gurus are one of the big joke category. People who are calling themselves gurus are one of the most pathetic people. There are a few exceptions from the history of humanity but I doubt that there were so many true people. No, I won’t discuss religious figures. I don’t discuss religions because it hurts most people and they can’t stand it. They can’t think outside of it.

Many of these gurus are doing this big life teaching thing and knowing everything about everything on a daily basis. Sitting on events, grabbing mikes, and telling the big old truths about what to do. I wonder how some don’t laugh. Seriously, if somebody is living for the sake to let others tell him/her what to do, they are born to be just a simple person. Or dumb. But it doesn’t mean everybody is dumb : ) Most people are simple and we are different.

Gurus are calling themselves gurus to make an image about themselves to which others will attach themselves emotionally, to a wise person. They will drink their words. An intelligent, rather wise person will never call him/herself a guru. These people need your money and they live a high lifestyle. They also have suspicious events in their life or lifestyle to hide and deny the whole thing if it comes to the surface. They may seem to be wise and as an Indian wise man. Or robbing teachings. This is a big business these days and a trend too. Grab some good old Indian wiseness and old sayings and make a new cult. Spice it with LOA, spiritualism and here you go.

And those stupid hair and beardcuts, clothes, I wonder why people don’t laugh. They are selling out the same old beliefs. Or copying each other. And why the followers and newcomers won’t get it because they don’t know about those basic ideas and spiritual nonsense which these few are telling how it is. Most people never heard or learned a thing about these. Or what is the ultimate truth. Or open up your Third Eye because this happens. Just drink their blessings and words, right?

Spiritual teachers

Don’t ever follow cults, groups if you want a better life for yourself. You are the key, not these a**holes. You have the power to do something which is at your disposal and make your life better. Lazy people are also in trouble. Not just emotionally vulnerable people who are in trouble financially. It is not my job to write about these but I couldn’t stand this nonsense which is a big trend out there. Some may learn from it here.

These gurus or spiritual teachers are leading cults where you came to as an emotionally lost or vulnerable person and you don’t get anything tangible. Or you were just interested in something “good” or new. A life changer. You thought it can’t be worse, you are helped and you lose much more. Money which you worked for. If there are many people for the same reason, something is clearly wrong.

One of these is the Law of Attraction which is a very dangerous belief system, made by people who made money from others and made for gullible people. Using scientific terms to back up their claims and creating a situation where almost nobody can explain what they are believing in. Because they have no idea, just parroting what is free told. I repeat it, followers have no idea what they are believing. If it works, it worked because they took action for their goals.

It is very rare that it works. And those stupid “truths” are not real or misinterpreted totally. I came up with the LOA because too many people are believing it and they deserve it. I mean to stay blind in faith, deny everything out of the box, and not achieving real a thing in life while it runs away.

What spiritual teachers are and why it is a bigger joke?

Spirituality is a big, I mean a BIG BUSINESS. Many, many people should wake up but it is not an option in our civilization. The most will never learn from these mistakes. There are too many beliefs to dig up and use it against people who have clearly no experience in them.

Btw these topics are given in this article because it is much easier to save people from these cults and groups than liberating them from religions. Religious leaders are not really up to money but a belief system on which their followers are striving. Then money and power lol. Okay, enough of it.

As I mentioned, spirituality is not about truth or something which some will reveal. You can know all these truths by yourself because truth is multiversal, personal, and subjective. It is a big heck of a business. You try to liberate yourself, heal others, listen to stuff, and suck some gemstones. Okay, I have gemstones but because they are beautiful lol. Spirituality is mostly about having a comfortable belief system where you defend your ego against this unknown outside world. To stop fearing death because you still didn’t learn a thing about that you will never die, only your body.

Existing and newer leaders know that there are still vast amounts of people who may never heard about the LOA nonsense or about these truths and other stuff yet. A big open market. Spiritual teachers are not always wrong, I need to mention it. There are some misinterpreted or half-translated ideas that are real. I’m talking about intentions. Some may have so much faith in their own ideas and beliefs that they will totally believe what they are sharing. And some are sharing helping stuff, real and testable information and clearly helping others. But it is rare. I repeat, there are some people who know what they are talking about.

Spiritual teachers

Spiritual teachers are not at all teaching a useful thing. At least some will. Just comfortable ideas and something which may seem to improve your life but you switched up your previous beliefs into newer ones. The word “spiritual” means a big bunch of stuff which is there since a long while in our society, starting from the Chakra topic to meditation and being selective about a nice belief system. People want to feel and be treated “special” while life runs away and they didn’t do a useful thing.

I see I wrote a lot already and still not there.

What contrepreneur motivational speakers are doing to fool you

The getting rich quick method almost non-existent in the sense that it won’t work. It is very hard to resist to this promise, I know. You need to work for things and work for the actual knowledge before you attain the reward. The big players in any field of our civilization are never talking about quick stuff, mindset nonsense, and they don’t try to sell you stuff directly. Mostly. But quite the opposite. These people who are appearing in shows and on seminars are not entrepreneurs at all but at least are good at scamming others. The big my-name-is-this people who are selling the business.

They speak about a skill you need, a 10 step program which will help you out or offering great deals which will never work. You end up more broke than ever, dumping their pockets. These people learned the skill, how to manipulate others’ thinking and emotions with a logical scheme to get their money. And they are almost never caught at all. I wish I would name all on a huge list but some of them are so disgustingly egotists, that they will do anything at their disposal to silence people. And this site is to learn by yourself, to show the door.

So, you go to a seminar or a school where you may heard about the guy/lady before from a friend, from an online site, etc. The fastest way is from Youtube and/or from a close friend (MLM), dumbly. You can bet how many people will take their research to figure out the main fallacy. Selling promises, manipulating your emotional attachment is the basic tool. Big words, proofs being constructed, testimonials with fake people, and pictures. Hm, mostly the big numbers are winning because we need that stupid money. We didn’t learn to make it by ourselves. It is a skill too in any fields. Most people are falling into the big numbers trap because they think money solves everything. They didn’t even learn to treat money as a TOOL for life. Just check lottery winners. Money is a tool, not an end-product.

But in general, I already expanded on how this works. These people these days are doing this so disgustingly well, lying all the time that people just like it. Now, most people need a big mouth to be shocked at. By the time you realized you are in the pitfall, you lost money, maybe a lot. Only a few will sense problems and get out as soon as they can. Did the fast money worth it? Maybe dropping out the savings did the life lesson.

There is another scheme out there which is popular, the pyramid one. It is mostly appearing as a cold-call option, promising a good salary and a job-quitting opportunity which ends up so bad that people will be helpless. And you can’t do a thing, learn from it and move on in life. The founders are always finding out new ways and people to continue.

Not everybody is doing this to fool you!

As I mentioned above, not everybody is fooling you. Many real teachers will share real information. I’m now speaking about spiritual stuff or non-physical stuff. But their information will be clouded according to their worldview and belief systems also. This is why I stay away from personal stuff on the site. Do your own homework instead of believing what others are saying. You need to use logic, common sense, and reasoning.

The main reason why 99% want to follow a figure because they don’t do their job, research, invest energy and they are many times just plain simple and dumb. This is why we have governments. We allow them to rob us.

Did you get the main life lesson from all of the above? Make your own research. Do you think you get it (anything)? Dig deeper and deeper!

Do you know why we fall into these traps? Most schemes are well-founded on logic, coherence, and emotional manipulation. Once the belief is there and the emotional attachment is done, you are in danger. We can lie in this physical reality but because our physical body hides our true intentions. Meaning many can even learn to hide gesture signs too and their facial expression. Many will learn to truly believe what they are saying for the sake of success. It is not good or bad, just something which can happen and it is all experience. Life doesn’t end here. Don’t do the same of course, try to learn a skill about something you like in life and create good, useful, beautiful things from it. Those who are doing it are the best examples. To have more money or better income, find out something, a market hole, and work with it. Learn a skill instead of a useless diploma, it has no value in most cases but it had in the last century. Now everybody has it and working at the McDonalds. This system didn’t offer a better option.

Our creative side is non-physical and multidimensional. It creates your life, your imagination about what you want. Take action. Even if this doesn’t tell a thing for you yet, it is real and we also created this civilization too, piece by piece. Even if it is built on lies, greed, and money and it is chaotic but still in one piece. We don’t need to do the same, like these people or those, who are ruining it.

You don’t like what you are doing in your job? Are you in a bad situation? You can imagine some outcomes but we need to take action. These spiritual teachers and gurus are just thriving on those, who are in a bad situation with savings. Or being just naive and a follower. I don’t get it how these speakers can sleep well. So… imagine what you want and just work for it.

In the end, remember an important thing here. EVERYBODY, who stands up and speaks or teaches are trying to project out their own mindset, beliefs, and their worldview. It doesn’t mean in this case that you need to walk the same path. It worked for one, it won’t work for millions. Everybody. I tried to avoid this issue with this site, so there are minimal personal stuff about me because the knowledge base is not about me.

One more thing. You can own billions or have a big money-making company in the end but you didn’t save the world at all. And you don’t need to save the world. You can try at least. We don’t need to save anybody but we can show the way and tools to let others become the better version themselves. At least I try to do it automatically.

Thanks for reading, I hope this will help many people. Share the site and enjoy staying here.

How to use your intuition the proper way?

This article is about how to use your intuition the proper way and I will expand on the idea why our civilization doesn’t get the whole idea about it. I mean, there are all the guesses that what it is and people will transform these theories into rock-solid truths about what intuition is and how it works. There are all the books and videos, websites, where people are always telling the same idea because they heard it from others too. A few will speak from personal experiences only.

I don’t think so that guesses and beliefs are helping those, who want real answers. Sure, most people will just search up about how to use your intuition and accept the first ideas because they want to improve their daily life. I would do the same in their case. But people are lazy and they don’t see further than our daily life. Our society labels everything like mystical, paranormal, weird or anything around if it doesn’t fit into scientific “explanations”. We can’t measure most of the things beyond our limited world. The physical Universe or reality is a tiny fraction of this.

But let’s see, why our civilization doesn’t get the main idea about that our intuition is our non-physical self or guidance talking to us all the time and why we need it in life if we don’t want to take unnecessary problems. Sure, everything is experience, no doubt about it. And what I’m talking about is real and everybody can test them. But if you take the worst route all the time, using logic, you will feel like life is hurting you all the time and you can’t live a normal or happy life. This is why we have free will and we are allowed to ruin ourselves. We simply don’t allow better things to happen to us.


If you stay with me, I will explain how our life is just the illusional surface and how to listen to your intuition and how to play with it. You can also ask for inner help in your life but you will get the main idea if you read through. If you are in a bad situation in life, it is very similar to this issue and you can navigate through your good or bad feelings. No logic, just feelings.

My logic actually says that most people will deny the whole thing and it wears me off or this is a pointless job to do but intuition or my feelings are saying, that I need to share this to help others navigate through their life. Maybe you see the difference.

How to use your intuition (or gut feeling) and it has nothing to do with the physical world or your logical thinking

Okay, maybe partly because your intuition will scream at you if you have a certain life situation. If not screaming but will somehow let you know through your body and feelings, that you should stop doing something. Maybe you will go into trouble or danger.

It can happen when you are driving and you shouldn’t drive down on a certain road. You are walking on the street and you feel, you need to go in a certain direction. You are at a job interview and you have all the bad feelings which you ignore because you shouldn’t even apply for that role. Or you may get the feeling that this person is the right for you. We mess this all up with logic and human experience all the time. I have difficulty too with listening to it many times. I’m talking about building from what we experienced and accepted so far, and we think it will lead us through life like that.

Look at this as somebody tries to tell you through your body or stomach, heart or anything around, that you should stop something. You will only have gut feelings or emotions. Maybe your body is shaking, you feel discomfort, dizziness, anything “bad”. This happens because you should stop doing something. You can’t explain why because your mundane human experience and memories are saying the opposite. You think and others told you, it is you, your fears. Our civilization is just can’t look further than our ears.

The intensity of the feeling or anything around is higher if you still don’t listen or it is very important to stop doing something or do something. Logical thinking is for survival in our world and also for learning purposes. We are just overusing it, I guess. So if somebody can’t turn your head around, will repeat something or make it stronger. Like reoccurring dreams where you don’t listen to your guidance in the non-physical world.

People who need real answers are being misled all the time

There are all the scientific nonsense and people’s guesses which they suddenly turn into self-fulfilling truths about intuition and how it is related to your collected memories and experiences from patterns through life. Or it is related to your fears, ego, emotions, anything around.

This is totally messing up people who are trying to even understand the surface of this. Others will have the advantage and sell books about this or make videos, misleading people, pointing out scientific or psychological stuff. If it helps, it is okay but you can’t replicate the same thing to help yourself.


Mystical, esoteric stuff is also there, people are misled and are gullible. Most of them are emotionally vulnerable. There are all these things out there to build from if somebody makes a business from it. And to tell the truth, science and our current world deny the non-physical because they can’t measure it. Funny how we deny ourselves, our real nature of being a formless entity who tries to measure itself in a body where it wasn’t ever. No wonder how people believing in having a body will have an Out-of-Body Experience.

Your intuition is like somebody tries to tell you to choose another path or giving you a positive/negative sign about a decision

Sure, the decision is ours, nobody can interfere with it. Like applying for a job. You thought this role will be the best for you, then you suddenly feel all the discomfort. It is in your stomach (gut feeling), your head maybe hurts, your body shakes, you are nervous, etc. You will be sure about these when you ruined your life with a bad decision. Somebody told you so, right? And now you stuck in a horrible situation. It can be even a relationship.

For example, it comes with two common examples.

Driving on the road. The place is unimportant, you suddenly feel that you need to stop or go into another direction. If you did, you may know why. Maybe you avoided an accident, maybe the car went bad or anything could happen. Some may hear a telepathic voice or see a plate sign, hear out a perfect conversation from the radio and they avoided a terrible accident. No thinking, do it as an insight.

The other common one is applying for a job and people are so scared… I hate this too in life if I need it. So you may feel the initial bad feelings, way before even applying for one and sending in the CV. I’m talking about people in general, there are countless examples. You may get to the interview, you try to do your best, people are nice but your gut feeling or intuition screams like hell, you are nervous.

Somebody tries to speak to you but our mindset doesn’t understand the subjective non-physical messages. Mental imagery, feelings, body issues, voices in the mind, etc.

Then when you are in, weeks or months later you hate the whole thing, you are tortured, colleagues are assholes, the job is horrible. It told you so! It can also speak to you with anything it has when you didn’t have a problem but tries to let you know that you need to leave that job and do other things. I had this too twice and I didn’t listen.


These are very common and there are many other examples. I hope at least some people will help themselves with these examples. And please, don’t mess your life up with preconceived beliefs, following scientific thinking and others. It won’t help. Most people don’t see further than their head and we are wired like this from our birth.

Btw I didn’t imagine that this article will be that long. When I’m writing, most of the time it flows without planning lol.

Don’t mess your intuition up with your logical thinking! But then, how to use your intuition?

I could mention many aspects of it and I’m sure many websites already messed up people with parroted stuff and misinterpreted “truths”. When somebody parrots the “truth” word, it is about their beliefs. So, I know what I’m talking about, I don’t think they do. Some of them from personal, first-hand experiences. That is okay in this case. I just don’t like to see how others are unintentionally lying to others and people just want to live a better life. I can’t interfere with it but give a real solution. People want to believe the closest idea to their mindset!

Whenever it speaks to you, you will need to stop thinking and listen to it. Indeed, meditation will help to silence yourself. There is nothing new with this, maybe just in my explanation. Stop thinking, listen to your feelings, how you are feeling about that decision right now.

How did you feel in that situation? It can speak through your gut feeling, or your body feels bad and disoriented, maybe you hear telepathic voices to stop something. If you don’t think just listen, you will know it with practice. Of course, we have decisions and they are all just experiences, both good or bad.

Logical thinking will guess your real gut feeling, you will second guess it and the total opposite result will come. We are masters of this self-sabotaging practice. We are doing this all the time because we got used to this stupid thing, I hate it too. You can play with this gut feeling thing too. Imagine a choice which you may do and ask for the feeling which you would feel at that point. Ask yourself, how would you feel in a certain life situation if you made that decision. Think about the consequences!

If you are not sure, stop thinking about it, walk away, go outside into nature or do something engaging which will get you off from the subject. Then try it again without overthinking. Practice will do it. You may just try to imagine things into a single decision.

Remember one thing. Intuition is NOT physical. We are NOT physical, only our body and this Universe. We are objectifying everything and we are interpreting an outside world through five senses, we accumulated behaviors and thinking from birth in this civilization. There is much more behind the scenes but we are interpreting everything with limits, with a biological body and brain. So you can’t explain feelings and others with human logic. It is not in the brain or even in your body, it is just an after-effect of consciousness.

This is a “muscle” which” we ignore to use. Step away and return to that issue later. Listen to what you feel. Bad means don’t do it, look for other things. Good means, hm I’m okay, let’s try it. Not just a job or a relationship but anything else. These are just the main, regular, daily examples. And it can come in other, subjective ways.

Play with your intuition!

You don’t need to live a life where you suffer all the time. Most people are doing it because they FORCE everything, they try to do what others are doing, they are suffering from people-pleasing, etc. We have our own decisions. But we are not alone and the separation between the non-physical world from where we are coming from is not actually real. We simply just need to go through life tests and live in this illusional world. It is rock solid and real but it is another story. We chose to come here.

Somebody tries to always help you and you will not even notice it. We actually think all of our thoughts are ours. Okay, I don’t want to expand on this but if you are familiar with angels or guides (they are the same), somebody is always there. Ask for clarification for example. Ask for a strong sign if you are not sure. Then you can get synchronicities in numbers, car plates, billboards, a conversation with a perfect sense and many more. Give yourself time, it needs time on our side to unfold. Maybe you get a real non-physical one which you need to translate which our civilization call dreams.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help, another opportunity, anything around. It is up to us but the joke is that we don’t know in general, if we have help or we are not alone. This is the cancer of our civilization, we think we are our body, brain, we are in it, we are our character and the whole physical Universe revolves around us and there is nothing more out there beyond this. And of course we are our circumstances, our beliefs if we have and some sort of god punishes us. I don’t want to expand on this because this is why our civilization is still like that. Sort of. People who are in it making it like that.


But here you go, your tools. Listen to it, ask for validation and remember that the communication is subjective. The signs will be objective for you IF you listen. But most of the time it is like feelings, mental images, a voice in your mind (not in the head, you are not in a head), maybe there are many other ways. It depends on your willingness to listen.

What also kills the whole thing and you will ruin all is: rushing. Trying to do everything by yourself, rushing all the time, trying to do it fast or use human logic. Be patient. Maybe you have these life lessons for a reason. I’m rushing type too and I can’t help it sometimes.

Update: maybe it can happen and we tend to misinterpret our gut feeling with nervousness about something. If it is a role or relationship, anything around, it can be your own fear. Practice tells it which one. Do you have beliefs about something which is maybe not like that?


What we do is, we will simply wash off our non-physical guidance or NP self all the time. We don’t know that it is there or real. We stupidly think as egocentric beings in a limited world, that we are doing everything alone and we suddenly just appeared in a womb out of nothing and we disappear. If you check my articles, your world may turn upside down fast. Be open for it.

Don’t think, rather listen to your intuition. It is you in a wider sense, your multidimensional “other” part, tries to help you through life. It helps you even if you don’t care. If you don’t listen, you can hurt yourself for a while. The most are doing it from habit. Somebody wants a good life for you. Maybe this is one of the primary causes why we suffer, we don’t listen. And we don’t know that we should.

The inner voice is a metaphorical stuff, it is not mostly a “voice”. But your inner communication via subjective tools. Some may hear guides in urgent cases. You just think it is still you and you are making it up. You would be surprised.

Non-physical guidance is there all the time, we don’t notice it and don’t know about it. You don’t need to believe a word, just test it and see if it works. I know that humanity is not ready for our multidimensional side but we can still learn from this on the surface. A normal human being is unable to even detect a slight thing when somebody tries to help from the non-physical. We are having our dreaming there too. Check the site and educate yourself if you like anything around. I try my best in explaining things, as usual.

If you like this article and found it useful, share it with your friends and I’m glad if I receive financial support too. Enjoy reading here.

Why dream interpretation and sites don’t work for you?

It is a common thing with beginners (almost everybody?) that they rush onto sites, public forums to get the idea about dream interpretation. People would like to understand some of their dreams, their non-physical experiences. The biggest stumbling block with this is that people, in general, have no idea about what dreams are.

The first problem comes when people get into the first block, the nature of dreams. They are afraid to get deeper into this. Right, some dreams are understood then it is over. Actually, not so many people want to know it better.

I’m sure, if you want to learn, there are all the tools even on my site to start with the basics. I try to expand on the main idea about why it is relatively useless to cling to dream interpretation sites and myths about symbolism. I will try to make it clear to let even beginners to understand the main two issues.

Why dream interpretation doesn’t work for you and why sites are not always useful?

Let’s be clear, dream interpretation is up to the individual. You can’t rush to a site and translate a non-physical experience with symbolism because it is just a tiny fraction of the surface. I’m sure, if you roamed on this site and saw what you can read even about “dreams”, you will get my point. You have subjective experiences which you automatically translate into objective terms because this is familiar to you as living a human life right now.

Using symbolism is so limited like you try to understand a personal computer by clicking here and there without knowing what you are doing.

dream interpretation

You fall asleep and at some point in “time” (which doesn’t exist there) start to be aware even a little bit about what you are doing. Your own emotional interplay and thinking are causing all the sceneries mostly around you, it is not outside of you. This is how it works, emotions are creating all of those. Nightmares are the best example, you are scaring yourself.

What the most try to grasp is just some objective representations of a whole scenery. Believe me, it doesn’t work like that. Maybe sometimes. If your guidance tries to tell you something, they can only use up objective tools, which you get as scenes one by one. Your job is to translate it according to your emotional state. Guess how many people will do that! Almost nobody.

These sites are only useful with symbolism if those are getting you closer to the whole picture about the message or emotional interplay. You think emotions are generated inside these scenes and are staying with you for days or weeks. But NO, completely the opposite. You created those instantly in a thought responsive world and you then made them stronger. It takes years or decades of conscious experiences to even notice how instantly your emotional release is creating everything around you. That you were fighting with your own monsters for years and you created them without knowing the ground rules!

Symbolism is not giving you so many answers

Symbolism is another dead-end street. You can’t translate a whole non-physical experience to objective terms, it won’t answer the whole thing. And it takes years and thousands of experiences to learn to differentiate between mind-noise stuff and noticing experiencing real Focus 3 places. So you can live up your own baggage or just stop doing it by doing anything else. Normal dreams are the gateway to endlessly more.

Symbolism is a very limited understanding of our non-physical experiences. Because people are simply not even ready to know them better. But we need to start somewhere. This is an educational system on a Multiversal scale. You want more, work for it.

The most? I would bet, they are always in their own emotional interplay and this is why our civilization is not getting further in this. Our society works on emotions and nothing more! They don’t know they can or what is “beyond” this primary step. Same for Afterlife, the most are now experiencing their emotional interplay and mindset first-hand in an ever-lasting loop of sceneries. While you had time to stop this and run back to a body, now you can’t. Guides’ help come handy after all of these.


Your guidance or non-physical self can send you messages with symbolism because you don’t listen to other tools so well. If it is repeating itself, you don’t pay attention. But it is just a tool to know yourself better and not an “only” tool.

All of these sites and books are fooling people into thinking that the world beyond physical realities are working on the human thinking basics. Because we are just one race and we have our certain perception. There is endlessly more to this game.

You have your own thinking, mindset and you grew up with these. You will see the world basically as a beginner the same way in the non-physical as you are doing it here. This is an automatic thing and symbols are parts of this game. And this is why two different people won’t see a non-physical experience the same way, it is not appearing in front of you the same way.

Try to use these symbolic translations BUT only to help you to realize your experiences and what are they all about. Some symbols are there to get the whole picture but everything else is a big learning curve.

Can Sleep Paralysis kill you? Are you kidding me?

There are some not so educated questions many times on public forums, especially about sleep paralysis. Yes, SP again. I can’t help these questions but make another quick post to dissolve the myths. Or fears and beliefs, same deal. I already made a clear article about the whole Sleep Paralysis phenomenon.

The thing is that for first, people should learn the basic idea that everybody has sleep paralysis all the time whenever they sleep physically. They are unaware of this fact. Most of us may get glimpses of this natural event. Your physical body is a vehicle for consciousness and you are that consciousness, a non-physical entity. You can prove it if you really want to.

Share what I tell you and my site to let others know how unreal their fears are and that life is much more beyond our physical reality!

A natural condition which needs to happen, won’t kill anybody ever!

I think the biggest thing comes down from the fact that people expect to get full-blown sleep paralysis all the time because others who “suffer” from it can get it. I mean not being able to move. You will get the slight one, muscles will hurt, maybe you are heavy and similars. Don’t expect a full SP when you can’t even move an inch. That happens in a very deep sleep phase. You will get it if you scared yourself in the non-physical and returned back “too fast”.

People who get the full version will label themselves sufferers and won’t really find a real answer about all of these. I already talked out how the medical industry and science wash brains about this. Genetics, conditions, disorders, health risk. Come on, that is just ridiculous! We all get SP all the time. But you know what, if you found this article, you don’t need to search for your answers anymore, I can guarantee you. Just don’t believe all the lies or you will be tied down on toxic chemicals.

I personally answered an exact copy of this question on Quora and I won’t keep that account for too long but many times I tend to see good materials to share here and let websurfers get here.

So, no, it won’t kill you. How could it be? Well, actually you won’t read this if that happens lol. Just kidding.

Why my child has nightmares? Is that normal?

No matter how old we are, nightmares are starting to come after we are born. And have our first experiences in any physical reality where we are. Many parents are acting like they never had a nightmare when they were young. We all do have nightmares even at infant years. But why?

I guess some readers will be shocked knowing that nightmares are necessary for our personal development. What a parent normally experiences is, that their child is suddenly screaming (all the time) by the nights and asking for them to help or sleep with them. From the infant’s perspective, he/she is having unpleasant “dreams” which are our very first non-physical experiences. To note another natural thing, we have imaginary friends (many of us, not all of us) for the sake of this game. They are real.

And everything is equally real, our daily life too. If you already went through my articles, you may understand that our physical life is the “dream”. Let’s see how this works over time. I guess the problem comes when the actual parent forgets how he/she also had nightmares. We are helping each other to get used to a physical system again and again.

When we are very young, we need to get used to the actual physical reality

When we choose a life to live, we need to choose an actual timeline in an actual physical reality or Universe and an actual race to play in. I could continue but you may see the issue. We then need a physical body and a family to born into.

I remember clearly that when I was young, I had nightmares many times. I can’t recall them but I know that many times I was in parallel reality frame and my circumstances were very similar to the actual physical reality circumstances. At that time I didn’t know a thing about the non-physical world. Then I at some point grew up and faced all my fears. On my own. I was surely screaming many times over many nights and my father rushed in to check it. This is how it works. Our parents don’t know a useful thing in life and we need to work it out on our own.


So we are here, let’s assume we are already a few years old. Then we need to get used to the physical rulesets and interpretation. Our sight and how we interpret the electromagnetic noise, our hearing. Learning to walk, speak and others.

Human world, not so pleasant experiences

We will start to encounter with all the “human” things in our world. The nice, the happy and all the ugly and strange. Fear kicks in all the time because it is challenging our mind and beliefs. Fear is there because we are learning new things and we are interpreting stuff according to our uniqueness.

All the things and events which we get will be stored on a non-physical layer which is our memory (not a brain!) and we can relive them already via our sleep life.

When we fall asleep at that age, we don’t know much about anything because even if we came from “there”, our memories are suppressed about who we are. It is for simply to not ruin our own “life” game. We need this character to grow and learn with. We can’t function if we tend to remember our true self. Non-physical guides are also trying to stay away if they think that they may interfere with the infant’s development.

This is another life test again, seeing how we are learning on our own.

Even from the first years, we will have nightmares

Then we will experience our own fears. These are fear tests from and in the Wider Reality and these tests are helping us growing up. This and any other physical realities are parts of the Wider Reality. No, not in biological and aging sense btw. The most never will face their fears. What we call nightmares are personalized fear tests and running automatically as soon as you release your stuff in a thought responsive world. You fall asleep with the same mindset but the rules are way different there.


Our physical life is a facade of a serious learning and experiencing curve. We only notice a fraction of it because we tend to function as a robot, in an automatic sense. We are indoctrinated and it starts with our parents. They don’t really know a thing so they have no choice other than stay with the kid or open in and let the lights on.

No wonder, most of humanity has no idea about dreams, nightmares, who we are etc. There are religions, books and that’s all. Those are not giving any useful answers. We have nightmares because we need to face our fears and the lessons are instantly starting after we arrive here. This is a vast educational system. We teach each other even in the non-physical world. Physical Universes are stemming from there, we are end-results of consciousness. The forms and objective stuff.

These are all parts of our personal development

No matter what we do via our sleep life are parts of our main, multidimensional development. We need to face our fears via these nightmares even when we are much older. If we don’t, they will keep repeating or we will carry our fears back to the so-called Afterlife. You can read a lot about all of these already on my site.

You may know a bit about Astral Projection. It is the same, some of us can do it at a young age until parents are limiting us.

So what can a parent do in this case if the child has reoccurring nightmares and now you understand what is this all about? Well, you can even benefit from this by facing your fears. You need to wait in my opinion a few years until the child understands the importance of these.

You don’t have so much influence on the infant’s mindset because we are what we are, no matter what education we get from our parents. But if they understand this at a very young age, their life won’t be full of mental problems and they won’t be lost in life because they will start to understand their purpose and their origins. This is what our world should teach as a beginner’s guide to physical life.

Why proper Breathing in Meditation is very important for any issues?

There are many methods for meditation to let deepen the state when people are trying to get lost of present life problems, silencing the mind or just being in peace for a while. Proper breathing is one of the most important tool for attaining a deep state where our mind is silent or we are just in our own “head” without the outer world’s daily problems.

Why do we need to use deep breaths in certain cases? Btw why do we need to breathe deeply? Well, we don’t need to, this is just a technique to go deeper enough to silence your mind or move your energies. Altered states of your consciousness can be reached by this technique.

Breathing is like going deeper into yourself

Proper deep breathing in a slow manner will have the effect of becoming deeply relaxed because it starts with the physical brain device. Then it goes down to all body parts. You will exist in your head in the darkness and become a point of consciousness.

I’m warning you, don’t go too deep if you are not familiar with non-physical traveling, mentioned below. Move your body parts sometimes.

What happens is, if you start to breathe deeply as a habit or you are just experimenting with it, you will experience non-physical issues. Some people won’t, I know about it. But whenever somebody (most people) doesn’t know a thing about what is beyond the physical world and around the sleep state, it can be frightening for the first few or dozen times.

Deeply breathing will cause a certain brainwave change in your physical vehicle where you are still aware but your brain will start to shut down the body. It happens naturally whenever you fall asleep normally. You will still be aware and maybe get some meditational sensations too. Some practitioners in practicing Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience and others can experience those but they are just signposts.

So in a nutshell, you will go deeply into a self-hypnosis like a state where you can concentrate on your thoughts or ignore them. Mostly, meditation is about ignoring the external reality, stopping mind chat and learning to focus on one thing.


Meditation is about relaxation

This topic is not about meditation itself but deep breathing will be strongly related to it. You can do it not just on your back but on one foot too. So as you start to breathe deeply, relaxation will take over your body and it slowly shots down. If you are physically tired, it is fast with practice. It can lead you to the borderline of the sleep state.

You can get sleep paralysis also, but the thing is, you may go too deep and all sorts of kinds of stuff could happen. Ignore them and if you think you are too deep, just move your body parts and don’t panic. It is a natural process and you become aware of that. Just relax and breathe deeply.

It can move your energies, start to heal yourself, look into your problems

And indeed, you will have the chance to slow down, stop focusing so intensively towards the external world and pay attention to yourself, your thoughts. Meditation is about this too. Observe your thoughts and with deep breathing, you can track back your life problems and sources of anger, anxiety, fears etc.

You can move your energies with this “technique”, heal your organs, body parts over time and effort. You can feel the energy going through you from the non-physical source, you own energy supply, moving here and there.

People can cure their own cancer this way IF they tracked back their mental problems and stopped doing them!

You can also just slow down from daily life and stop loading big pressure on your shoulders. You will see how unreal those problems are.

Just look into your thoughts with closed eyes and observe them. Deep breathing will cause a peak relaxation which will close out the body focus and you can concentrate on one thing. It is hard for the most because we are living in information overload and brainwashing from everywhere. We can’t concentrate on one thing. Make this a daily habit, once every day for 10-20 minutes or more and see the benefits.

How to do proper Meditation

Meditation is a very useful tool for calming your mind, solving many mental problems, dealing with stress. You can rarely have Astral Projection, OBE, Phasing, anything around. I should note that meditating is just a tool for anything, not a requirement.

Basically, I’m sharing info here about meditation because there are people who are new to understanding their dreams. They have too many problems in ordinary life or just would like to learn first control their minds and travel into the non-physical world.

It all depends on each person, what to do. Before people begin to understand their dreamlife, it is essential to do this practice. Not because it is a must thing but it helps you calm down and concentrate.

The basics

So what is a meditation about? Well, it is about mostly one thing. Stop focusing so intensely in the physical world and life, and rather stop doing anything. Just relaxing and that is all. Most of the bad issues in life can be solved in this way.

You need to give in the effort. You need to look deep inside you and notice the root causes of your problems.

It has many health benefits. Starting with mental problems and I wish that everybody should learn it. Many problems will be solved with this practice alone. And don’t mix it up with spiritualism and religions.

When to do it

You can do it anytime. When you feel yourself a little bit tired or sleepy. Your chances will be much higher to reach much more deep states and projection too as sleep paralysis also.

It is the best to do it in the afternoon, maybe before bedtime: Sometimes you may mess up your sleep if you do it before sleep time. It is a personal decision and feeling on your part. Experiment with it.

How to do it

First, you will need basically a silent place without any disturbing sounds from the outside of the room. Not too cold and not too warm place. It varies on everybody – some people favor using music, binaural or sunshine. Just make sure, nobody disturbs you, even in a forest or park. The best is a dark and silent place.

So as you lay down on your back on your bed, sitting maybe, being on one foot (just kidding), the procedure is the same. You start to get some deep breaths with closed eyes and maintain a slow automatic breathing on which you won’t pay any attention after the first 1-2 minutes. Just start it.

The main purpose is to dive into a deep relaxation which will calm your mind and your body after that. If you have tense body parts, work on them first. But you don’t need to concentrate on your body, just relax.

You should maintain a quiet mind. It will be difficult but it will improve gradually.

So basically you are in deep relaxation. For hong long? For 15, 30, 60 minutes, as long as it is comfortable. If you go “too” deep, you can reach deeper altered states of your own consciousness and now the non-physical world can step in because you let it happen (if you let it). This can cause projection into different realities but chances will depend on each individual. Some people use this for that purpose, some have no results. Don’t worry and don’t fear anything.


Effects will be from a basic meditation like calmness, better concentration, being aware your surroundings, maybe faster regeneration in anything, eliminated stress, better digestion (stomach breathing), energy work and moving energies, solving anxiety and depression, etc.

It is important that you can experience sleep paralysis (from which people freak out because of lack of knowledge, again) if you are more tired or more successful going deeper. You can experience all the sensations which I mentioned in another post here.

The mindset should be a passive observational attitude where you are not letting out any thoughts from your control. Practice it and it it will help with your dreams also.

Edited on 16th of april in 2018.

How to Deal with Manipulative Parents once and for all

It is quite a common phenomenon in many families that children are kept in control for decades from their birth mostly. Also not let them do anything which is not fit into their parents’ distorted mentally ill self-image and expectations.

Manipulative parents can surely ruin a child’s potential good future with their stupid thinking and manipulation. It is causing the child to become depressed, have distorted self-image too and being a people pleaser eventually.

Not everybody manages to get break free and I can tell this from my own childhood experiences surely with still a highly manipulative father with big mental illness.

Why Your parents are like that?

Simply put manipulative parents, the manipulation itself comes from one thing. They are highly egoistic people, mentally ill surely and they have a highly distorted picture of life, self-image and an expectation that you will become as a big asshole as them. Maybe as miserable.

A mother or a father, doesn’t matter, even siblings. All the same, any relationships in human life. We need to deal with them from the heart and let them go. Most people are brutally idiots and attaching themselves to useless relationships. Well, many people like to be in misery.

They will keep trying to manipulate you as long as you let yourself be dragged down

Some people have no other choice as being a teenager or not having financial resource to get break free. But they just stay at home and let themselves drain down like hell. Many people are still in their late 20’s and 30’s and can’t move on. People born in the middle last century can’t understand this.

Many young are now transformed to have bad feelings if they dare to move on and some are just still unlucky to get their route way out. Shame, guilt, negativity, all programmed in them. This is not an easy world today.

They are like that from many reasons, maybe you thought that your dad or mother is a lovely somebody but deep down they are also lying to themselves and the actual reality is what is the end result looking at their behavior.

They hate themselves or they are so narcissists and egotists that they won’t let you go or let you live an own life. The worst when nobody respects your freedom, choices, life review, opinion, your agreement or anything from You. You just don’t count as a human being, right?

What is this if not big egoism and selfishness, a destructive, toxic person’s perception?

You can’t help low self-esteem, manipulative, egoist assholes. They can’t even help themselves. They will be physically ill too in cancer and many nasty kinds of stuff from this behavior. Because that big loads of negative energy need to go somewhere… You should leave them alone sooner than later.

manipulative parents

The importance of being born into a family like this

There is a non-physical or let’s call it spiritual side to being born into a family like that. For me, I survived and still trying to maintain my passiveness and happiness which can be hard as I’m getting older but I survived all the bad things in my early life.

I stayed as myself and it turned out that I’m not just not even alike to anybody in my life but that I may chose this family to pass the initial though tests of life and stay strong inside – this fuels me in my plans. Many people don’t even survive it. They will try another life I guess. Some people manage to get lost their family in their teens too, well it is much harder to do it suddenly.

So what is the importance here? To survive. Stay yourself, guard your best feelings and memories of your life and later you will benefit from them because you resisted to assholes (no matter who they are) and you could stay strong. You can still love your family members from a distance but they won’t disturb you as much now. A manipulative person, if he/she can’t control you, will suffer and hurt him/herself. The only thing you can do is don’t pay attention if you did what you could from your good heart because they will drag you down emotionally and make you feel shame.

The main issue is that you need to think from your heart, not from fear. You are just doing what feels right and you shouldn’t feel yourself badly if the other person is still in misery. Surprise: this is THEIR life and THEIR choices with the consequences. Nothing is written in stone. They will surely be helped after they left this world. That is not your job to do it, especially if you failed. Leave them alone, move on, your life is more important than pleasing a toxic person.

Getting out from misery

It may sound simple as said but it can be hard. I’m working on it too. First get a financial resource to build up savings to live by yourself. It can be by a job or with earning anything which you found and works. If you are a luckier somebody, an own business idea can help more quickly.

Plan well, don’t rush and don’t pay attention to the negative draining every time. It is hard, bad, it will wear down. Meditation will help, being in nature and enjoying it, listening to music, find a way to enjoy yourself your own way. Just do it more frequently and don’t pay attention if they are laughing at you.

Eventually, your hard work will pay you out and you are freer than ever. Believe in yourself and fuel your thoughts with your aim. Focus on it every day and not on bad things. It takes weeks, months, maybe a few years but it worths it and you create it. We can call it LOA, reality creation, any nonsense new fashion labels but your thoughts and beliefs will do it sooner or later. Use your happiness elevating tools and be strong. This is your life.

This article may help too here.

Edited on 6th of april in 2018.

How to contact deceased loved ones while you are asleep?

This quick article is about how to contact deceased loved ones while you are asleep normally. This post was a little bit old and I modified it. A “dead relative” is not so far in the endless Multiverse. I mean, NOBODY is ever dying, we simply just leave the physical vehicle behind. Seems to be a simple issue but we are overcomplicating it from lack of knowledge.

Here I give a relatively simple method because I’m seeing on forums daily now that many people who are uneducated in non-physical knowledge have no idea about this and not about even anything. No problem, everybody starts somewhere. But most of our population is so beyond this that they still need to learn it from somewhere. If not from my site. The issue about how to do the “contact deceased loved ones” thing is simple but not so simple at the same time.

One thing is crucial not just here but in life. Don’t be naive! Educate yourself. So many people are caught up in scams, lies, false beliefs, religions, etc. It is up to each individual if they learn from it.

If you know the non-physical – how to contact deceased loved ones?

When you have thousands of conscious experiences behind you, it is easy to understand. But until then, it is guessing. All the mystical, mediumistic and religious stuff is useless. I’m not kidding. You may know our human civilization. We tend to lie and mislead people, mostly from fear or for money. You can’t be sure ever. Despite the fact of how many people are being fooled by readings and mediumistic BS.

You can’t guess this, like trying to trade the financial markets. Or guess if you are pregnant or not. It can’t be both. You need to dig deep into this if you are serious and you are not a weak believer who accepts the first answer. Most people never grow up and too naive to this, so this is not for everybody.

contact deceased loved ones

How you test this out is a personal thing. If you roam on my site, you may get this later. So for first, read what I share on my blog and you will gain a basic understanding. Nobody dies really and nobody lives really. This is a simulation game. We use a body as a focus of our attention to let us function in this world. All the memory loss and going through time are necessary.

What humanity does, on the other hand, is pretty stupid, I can’t find any better word for this. We are thinking we are our body and we are in it. This can’t be weeded out.

I updated this article and changed some issues, like the title for SEO friendliness. I can’t help it, I need to do something to let more people, to find this one too.

The method is simple but you need to repeat the results

Before every sleeps -meaning before falling asleep every time – tell this to yourself: I will be aware after I fell asleep OR I will meet XY for a nice chat while I’m sleeping physically. Call this as a self-suggestion. You need to pack your intent into a thought form or into anything around. Then if you are lucky, one day you will have results. Don’t question it, note it down!

You can experiment with different sentences but say them in the present tense, giving the whole idea a big intent and momentum. Say them maybe 3-4 times and fall into sleep. This alone basically causes you to remember your intent as I told you. You can’t be sure every who is playing the actual character! This is why you need to test it multiple times. You are meeting with a post-human form. Do you get this? You will, I’m sure.

Test it again and again and again until you are confident that nobody else could be that person. Even if you are 100% sure, nobody lies to you if you get words out of this. It is simply about dropping physical rules. We are coming from there but this issue is not so easy in the end.

Do you think that the contact deceased loved ones story is so easy? Most people look for easy stuff, where they don’t need to work for anything and they deserve their failures or beliefs in my opinion. Even a guide can btw use up a deceased loved one’s outlook. I’m not kidding. But. This means that somebody tries to comfort you or help you. It doesn’t matter who.

Actually, it can take maybe a day or maybe a few weeks how well will these statements drink in your mind. It can happen even on the first night if you did it well. The whole purpose of this practice is to become aware in the non-physical world when you are asleep physically. At least, you will finally realize you were in countless worlds already at the whole time in your “physical life”. And there is no death. Then try to talk with this person, call him/her to you.

If nobody appears there are many reasons after maybe a long time too. If nobody shows up ever, it is the clear sign that you should avoid trying this out because you have other things to learn and do in your non-physical life.


Don’t miss the first steps. You need to learn emotional control and thought control for first and learn to stay passive. That is the base of being there. You can’t miss that or you will do just what millions or billions are doing, nothing in progress. Even those who are young and playing with lucid dreaming. They don’t get out of their own emotional interplay.

Btw this in itself is useless until you keep up a passive observational attitude and DO NOT accept anything for first which is said. Because it can be distorted by your own mind. Listen to the answers and write them down when you woke up. Later repeat these questions. Ask what only you and this person can know or ask rather what you and this person only CAN know about you! This way you will avoid false information. Experiment with it.

I strongly recommend you to start educating yourself from the articles you find here to gain a better understanding, what you are doing and where you are. A dead relative is not always the person, who you think he/she is. As I stated, it can be “anybody”. You will know it, just trust yourself. Post-humans are not always acting the exact same way they did physically. If they mislead you, it could be for a reason to learn from it. Anything can happen. I experimented with this too.

And I don’t judge people and say that no, don’t do it. Just try it and see that for yourself. If people need proof, this is just one way to see it. Don’t stop here, test it until it turns out is that entity a real person. Don’t be a naive person who gets the bait the first time, like everybody else.

I hope I could help. Please share the site, the articles and support me if you can. Enjoy reading here!

Edited on 22nd of September in 2019.

What is a Synchronicity and what it means for You?

We all encounter or notice even at least one type of synchronicity in our life after a while. Some people live with them almost daily like me (many times) and some are never even noticing anything like that.

These can be numbers, road signs, melodies from the radio, pictures, a cloud, a heard conversation from strangers on the street, numbers on phone screen. Just anything which you will surely notice and the non-physical world will send messages in this way. The system knows what will you surely notice. Maybe takes up to years to see the signs.

In short, you see them, you get answers in subjective form. Maybe you are simply resonating with your core non-physically.


What is the meaning of seeing those signs?

Well, it is very complicated and simple at the same time.

Complicated because I’m still researching this phenomenon personally and there are no two identical people at the same time who see the same sign at the same given time. It is like a car accident, maybe the other stranger saw a completely different event. Many people have personal experiences with one or more types of these occurrences. And still, in my opinion, it is all individual because of the meaning – as in “dreams” – are all up for the actual person to interpret.

It is simple at the same time because maybe you will understand what is it with observation. For example, you see mirror numbers like 12:21 or 13:31, which can be “balance” as a message or “keep on going”. Maybe not. The meaning depends on many personal factors. You can see the famous 1111 in many forms or 2222 and it is still meaningless until you track back what did you think about recently.

Progress signs

But the biggest chance for perfect number sequences is, you are in the best direction towards your goals.

11:22 may be about something progress and 1234 may be like you are going in the right direction in life step-by-step. These are all personal suggestions to show you how they may work out. If you can’t understand them even after many observations of your thoughts and seeing what happens, maybe these signs will improve to understandable ones.

Don’t hang up on these fake “angelic numbers” and anything similar from the psychic crap factory, that is not like that. I don’t say for religious people that don’t follow a notion like an “angel” shows you signs. Go with it, I accept it really and it can be cool until you don’t follow it blindly as a belief system. For those who would like to know why it is like that, I only can say that nobody knows for sure but what I learned so far is that personally for me, they are signposts of seeing if I take good direction, attitude, and emotions in life with balance.

In a nutshell, you are resonating with yourself (your NP counterpart). That is good, you feel good, you are happy mostly. Or maybe you get signs of a wish. It is complicated on this perception. Stay with the feelings always, they will lead you in life and stop dealing with bad life situations. We can’t avoid those, but feelings and intuition will help us.

Some main types of synchronicities:

Numbers: phone, plates, some places which just gets your attention

Dreams: reoccuring non-physical experiences

Outheard conversations from strangers

Signs everywhere like on the sky in clouds or in nature

A melody or song played out in the radio which captures your attention and speaks to you in some words or phrases

Perfect numbers, ascending, descending, a row like 1111, something “strange” or extraordinary

A life situation which occurs many times

Seeing somebody’s name somewhere multiple times

You meet people accidentally more once or more than once etc…

I was trying to make sense of what are those signs are about but it seems like many times we just can’t grasp the non-physical subjective messages with just human logic. Opinions and personal experiences through the non-physical forums are also very noisy.

Something is not working with logic or intellect at all. In life, people tend to forget entirely their own intuition as a compass through life and deny the bad feelings. When this occurs, these “accidents” are showing up more. Maybe they were there but you didn’t have the awareness to see them. For me, it is always in numbers on mobile phones, clocks, anything with them mostly, and otherwise in radio songs or favourite melodies. I also can hear out conversations from people in the city.

What to do

My advice is to follow them and make a diary as like a dream diary and let’s see what did you think about or what emotions did you have about certain things and what signs are showed up. It can help to track back, what is the message from the non-physical.

But many times it is confusing to know because many times there is a time delay in the physical linear timeframe.

And be aware of following any tiny signs religiously and avoiding living your life normally, that won’t help. Our life should work out in both sides in balance, living the daily life and keep contact with the other side. Because we are living in all worlds at the same time truly without noticing it. To sum it up, our mind is not even physical and we are operating through a reality frame, also our memories are not stored in this dimension.

For those people who haven’t got even the slightest idea of the non-physical world and now interested in it, a synchronicity is alone many times enough for newbies to read more about these occurences. A few people are interested in them and the most won’t ever.

I hope this helps.

Edited on 5th of april in 2018.