Site News

Dear Readers!

The site is moved on to a private hosting company in my country instead of WordPress’, so I will make customisations here and there.

Update for January 17th: there will be a server change on hosting because there were many offline issues. I hope that will fix it at the hosting company.

If there is any problem with some menus or functions of widgets, please report me to fix any issues.

Enjoy Reading, Thank You!

Site News!

Dear Readers!

21-23th of April – there was a database problem on the hosting server, my apologizes. The site is now working fine.

31th of March – The ADVISORY program is started for You to solve your problems in life both physical and otherwordly ones. Check out the ADVISORY menu above.

3rd of April – Posts both older and newer ones will be updated and modified of any issues and making them more reader friendly.

19th of February – I started a mentorship option to people who need some kind of private help, they can write privately through the site’s email address and I would try my best to help understand anything in a friendly manner. Read here.

NAVIGATION: if you are interested in any topics or posts, click on the MAIN MENUS directly above or use the ARCHIVES and RECENT POSTS menus to the right navigation side.

WARNING! Those who try to SPAM and try to sell something on this site won’t be approved as commenters, same for comments which has nothing to do at certain topics. My purpose is to keep those who are interested in what I wrote and what they seek and not in what is irrelevant to this site. My content speaks on it’s own for returning and new readers.
Enjoy Your reading here!

Enjoy Reading, Thank You!