Is there any 4th dimension, 5D, 9D, 10D, 12D…? I don’t think so!

In our physical civilization, science tells us that time is the 4th dimension. Other sources (highly speculative mystical ones) are talking about this 4th dimension as some “place” from where other entities are telling stuff to certain people. Or just the 4th dimension is where we are heading to. It can be related to channeling or talking with others from the non-physical, it doesn’t matter. I would leave science alone because the time topic is also misunderstood.

In short, there are no plus dimensions, we are the ones who have limited thinking for physical life, which is necessary. We tend to think in dimensions because this is how our non-physical mind (no, our mind is not the brain) tend to categorize things out of our worldview.

There are many people these days who are rushing into these nonsense sources, forums, and books where others are telling them that there are other numerous dimensions that others will believe. Because these “facts” are founded well with mystical concepts and something which can be selled like big fairy tales. Many public speakers are clearly believing in these, that from a certain dimension, certain entities or races are speaking to them, to us.

In short, many people believe nonsense stuff because it is magical and bombs them out from the cruel daily life.

I will tell you how it can be a false mystical nonsense and that it can be real to some degree but it is only real to a believer. At least as a belief itself and not for real. A belief can be strong but it will not create so much.

The 4th Dimension is just our concept!

Trust me I was there way before I started to learn and understand anything non-physical related and I could prove or discard most of the stuff for myself. I was there when I needed to believe all this nonsense about Pleiadians and Arcturians and all that stuff and then, I needed to forget it all because these are fairytales. I mean I wanted to understand all of these but it doesn’t worth it. People are selling false hope and nonsense.

4th dimension

Simply put, people want to feel special enough to have a virtual conversation with other races. It is a sort of escapism. And some have it but they have it with their own “subconscious”. Yes, our mind is that powerful. In the non-physical world, you can meet with your beliefs in person! Not kidding.

I need to admit that indeed some entities may have a personal agenda, maybe groups but who cares? All of these pieces of information are misleading people totally and chasing them into false hopes and promises.  We are not heading towards a 4th or 5th dimension at all. These are false promises and metaphors. We are simply starting to be more aware. That perhaps the outside world is not that real or the only thing. The outside world is a projection of us, not an “only” thing. We are trying to conceptualize an end result of consciousness, which we have been creating for eternity.

Okay, it can be a good thing to feel safe, secure and special but everybody is special. Most people who want to play the role of a messenger, a hero or just to feel special are all the kids who grew up with a bad family background or tough childhood. They are maybe too unstable mentally. Also, people are in this group who didn’t get proper parental care. This is their life lesson.

There are no other dimensions, just the non-physical and physical systems!

This is a fact, I can assure you if you can use intelligence, critical thinking without accepting everything the first time you can dig deep into this. Start with this site and start with your dreams. You already had a whole multidimensional life in your whole life. Most people never pay attention to this aspect of their whole life. You can investigate all of your answers over years and decades! The tools are here and everywhere. Don’t accept what others are saying… this is business for these people or to lead a cult.

For me, I was always a “lucid dreamer” which means that I needed just a little effort to realise that I was in the non-physical the whole time each night. Furthermore, we never left the non-physical world from where we are focusing our narrow-banded primary attention to live physical lives. We are everywhere, we just didn’t notice it yet. I mean most people because they are just incapable of doing it. Most people don’t want to. And some of us can and want to. That’s okay.

The 4th dimension with all the other concepts are just a way to grasp the idea of our multidimensionality. Unfortunately, this whole cult is not going in this direction that much, rather into the alien topic. Like somebody would save us from our stupidity.

Actually, if you read the Focus Model articles, it will help in this. We created these physical Universes or realities, like this one where we are right now to experience limited stuff. This dimension “belief” is a good idea to understand this but from a very age-old and misleading, distorted mystical side from our human history. We are trying to understand time also in the same manner. But in the end, there are infinite number of physical realities which are stemming from the non-physical. We know this surely because many people like me experienced it first-hand. Me? While I’m sleeping.

Most people are unable to do it because they can’t even accept the fact that dreams are not real. And most people can’t let go of their daily life, believing it is the only one and only “real”.

4th dimension

The physical reality, this one or other ones are stemming from the non-physical world. It can’t be any other way! They are composing the Wider Reality. The physical worlds are end results of consciousness. We are consciousness using a strong physical focus. At least mystical sources somehow trying to guess this notion of our basic nature but not too well. All the stuff which we learn in life is the opposite, thinking we are our body, brain, we are in it and everything stems out from this physical reality. Quite the opposite.

Entities, other races in different densities like the 4th dimension or 5th, 6th, 9th, 12th, etc.

In the end, these beliefs about dimensions are coming from most people’s limited thinking, that there are places in the distance or in other worlds where other races are trying to communicate with us. Yes, they ARE doing it sometimes. But the main thing here is that there are no such dimensions. Just that some races are much more advanced than us. Every other argument is meaningless. I mean all of these people have no clue, just parroting each other.

Linear timeframe only exists in physical realities, like ours because it is interpreted by us and we are calling it time. Time is all about the fact that one event follows another one. Without it, we can’t experience limits, we can’t collect experiences that much. You have time to learn things while you feel you are running out of time!

On the other hand, if we are talking about other races, some can travel with crafts that can be controlled by their minds and they can manipulate physical matter. But never trust anybody until you visited these entities in the non-physical. Chances are, you won’t get access to these races or places until you didn’t learn your lessons. And this one is the first one, don’t believe what others told you. Most of humanity never learns this.

The tools are also on the site if you are not lazy.


Most of these sources about alien races are quite nonsense and were for decades, some were topics even for thousands of years. The main thing is that we can find out who we are, our places as a race, how our planet and humanity began, etc. Who cares who made this civilization hundreds of thousands of years ago? Go into the NP and find it out!

But beyond these, there are just people who are telling stories and truths (which are subjective and personal only) and they are misleading naive people. They deserve it in my opinion, including myself if I wouldn’t debunk the whole thing fast. 4th dimension? It is a concept, a metaphor about something which most people don’t comprehend. And we can.

The biggest preys in this are believers, religious people who tend to believe all the nonsense which fits their worldview. Because they are always feeling powerless. Instead of this, we should take personal researches and step onto the knowing side of things. Not in a materialistic way which scientists are doing and denying anything which can’t be measurable. Take your time and learn the art of focusing your attention towards the non-physical and over some years, you can find out a lot.

The tools are there, don’t believe all the nonsense about 4th dimension and other dimensions, magical creatures and other races who want to save humanity from itself. Yes, there are all the creatures and stuff which you can imagine in the non-physical! But go there and find it out by yourself!

Thanks for reading, please, share the site and support it, thank you!

Understanding the objective vs subjective from a non-physical perspective

One of my Reader mentioned this issue about understanding the objective vs subjective perception or issue and how it works and I admit that I didn’t write a complete article about this issue yet. Well, it was in a draft, being unwritten but it will help many people to understand how our real nature works.

I can tell a hundred times how we are not our body, the world is subjective and we interpret it in an objective way (objective vs subjective) and that we are multidimensional but many people will lack the proper understanding of this. About our multidimensional perception. It is not working the same way what others are guessing about this whole issue if you take Google researches and will find the first hits.

To tell the truth, most people lack the basic understanding or critical faculty about all of these. Maybe this is the case that many people read some articles and move on. They don’t even work for it.

The objective world is automatically interpreted by us (no matter in what form we are existing) and the subjective is the real source which contains the information. In short, even our physical reality is subjective. Let’s see which one is which and how do they work. The main problem is that we try to understand an endless source with our limits. Like I tend to describe it, pushing down an unlimited source through a sinkhole. This mostly happens in the non-physical. You get an information package and you can’t digest it.

As usual, an open mind is needed with curiosity to learn and you need to read through a few times to digest it.

Objective vs subjective, the main explanation

We are using a biological vehicle as our primary focus and our 5 senses are limiting down what we can perceive in this reality. Our body is configured to this certain range of “frequency”. Like light, colors, sounds, smells, etc. Other lifeforms will see more or less according to us, experience sounds on other frequencies or interpret other stuff on other means. Interpretation is the key, not beliefs. We can widen our broadband a little bit or open up for more (psychic, ESP abilities).

objective vs subjective

Objective means that we try to numerate things, describe things in simple terms. Like objects and structures around us. We give them colors because that is how the consensus reality works. We give attributes to things around us, give value, attach beliefs to certain things. So we are limiting ourselves down for the sake of this consensus reality game.

We try to objectify everything around us because this is how we build up or pull up a defensive barrier around us and our ego. To know things or measure things. Everything around us exists as an observable, 3D form but because we are constantly interpreting them with the body. We try to understand everything in a 3D way and the space-time illusion helps in this. Without it, we can’t structure so much and we can’t have experience in a limited world. So in a nutshell, this is objectivity. Something can be this or that.

If you get the main idea, normally, we don’t have all of these rules and body stuff. Meanwhile, our humanity starts their assumption FROM the body and our world. Like we are just some sort of anomaly from a biological thing.

Subjective is everything else, like a limitless world which is the non-physical. Everything is coming from there. Subjective means that “it depends on your perception” in my dictionary. You narrow down something into objective terms to let yourself understand it, walk it around and know it better.

Of course, there are many nonsenses and good explanations about these but our world and science lack the main element. Knowing about the non-physical world and that we are coming from there. They deny the whole thing (not all of them) because it doesn’t fit into their model. So we are looking into the wrong direction, towards an objectified Universe with telescopes and microscopes. We try to understand an interpreted form all the time. We try to search for the tiniest particles.

Sorry if I leave out some issues but I can’t gather all that I know under one article lol. And it is long.

Objective vs subjective in the physical reality

In this actual reality or physical Universe how we call it, we experience everything objectively. We categorize everything and this is why we have so many categories about everything. If something deviates from a basic norm, it will be labeled in other ways. How many times did you hear the sentence, “in reality…” and people don’t even know that this is just one. We are always comparing everything according to this game place.

It is very similar to projection practices. Some may call their experiences Lucid Dreams, most of our civilization will call them just dreams because they are untrained and unconscious. And others will call them Remote Viewing, Near Death Experience, Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience, etc. There are many terms but the same multiverse. No, not the scientific way.

In our physical reality, we need to objectify things to let us navigate through physical life while we try to find our way in this mess. It is like when you go out from your basement, explore a few stuff and go back to process it. We are limiting down the input which we receive. It doesn’t matter if for example a color labeled as “red” because some may interpret it as “orange” or “purple” from their infant ages. Even our sight can be 360-degree in the non-physical, so we have an animal vision.

There are many examples. Like living up our self-fulfilling truths and we are masters of that. The “truth” is a civilizational construct which builds up from the belief cores and constructs onto which we tend to subscribe. Frank K. summed this up pretty well on the AstralPulse. Then this will filter out each individual’s perception. A religious person will clearly believe in many stuff and prone to also believe what isn’t there in this reality. And still, each individual’s perception is unique. I could label this article as “perception” btw.

So in short, our objective reality is not really objective but our ground rules as a civilization are turning our place into a consensus reality. We subscribe up to the main rules, we store these beliefs about what is what and what is true in our mind’s surface in the non-physical world. We are not in the brain nor our memories. Then we are living our lives according to these objective terms which we believe are the only things to experience. Well, we came here to experience through these limits.

One of the flawed objective thinking is that science tries to search for consciousness – a formless entity experiencing physical life – in the brain and body. We try to measure and quantify things. We try to see atoms and quarks which are also on the edge of the real subjectivity. The physical rules are not so solid if you look at them that closely. Like the double-slit experiment.

And who knows what we can do if we liberate our minds. I could mention Telekinesis in this case and that it is completely real and possible. We just hear so much negative influence that we are blocked from believing that it can be done. I will learn it later in my life and it is completely real, others are just fooling people with fake stuff and denying the whole thing because it never fits into their limited worldview.

objective vs subjective

Objective vs subjective in the non-physical world, in our homeland

Okay, let’s look at the real deal. We are coming from the non-physical world, like creating these virtual characters to play a game. Very similar to the Sims simulation game. But while we are here with our primary focus, we have a huge advantage and we can explore the non-physical objectively. Yes, from here. We have the chance to explore this endless world with limits because normally we don’t have limits there.

We are a formless energy being with experiences and we tend to play these characters to learn and grow and know ourselves better. So with a physical body which filters out the information from the subjective world, we will limit down everything. It is solid and real. When we are asleep, we tend to think and act the same way just like a human being. It is because we are still in the character! Not because we are our body and reflection with the characteristics. Your dreams are your non-physical life.

No matter what approach do you use, dreaming, projection, phasing, etc. You can do it in many ways. We just have these categories right now because how we enter the non-physical world is different and also our awareness level about being there too. People just don’t believe a thing about this and labeling it paranormal. Not everybody is ready to become aware of who they are and what they are. Preconceived beliefs and what is told is real, they can’t allow this to happen. Fear is the other source of this with doubt. I think in human terms, some millions are only able to do this.

Look at some examples of objectifying ourselves. We tend to call animals like that cat or that dog, not even knowing that an actual entity uses the body. We are all doing it. Or in the non-physical, we want to give names to guides. But it is totally unnecessary, they don’t need it. We need it to objectify others. What we are doing in our physical life is not so beneficial there. Like language and talking with vocal cords, behaving like a human being. And the most are doing the same after their death. Nothing changed because you didn’t change.

How we filter out an endless, timeless, subjective non-physical world is up to our perception, our limits. If we think that everybody should have a form or human form, it will be like that many times. So, if we believe that those who help us are angels, then you will experience it through a belief filter. If you believe that you don’t see anything, it will be like that. Or that you can fly, you will.

The non-physical and our perception

We try to force our human, limited perception to understand a thought responsive world. Most of the physically playing entities are not so good at thought control and emotional control. These are the critical ones. For them, their life game is mostly about this which they slowly learn, if they ever will. Why? Because nobody wants to be next to you in the non-physical when you manifest all your fears and emotional stuff instantly around you.

But also, we can surely experience things as they are. We have just these stupid limits for some stuff. But human experience is valuable for the same reason. It is honorable to try out physical life and our options are endless.

objective vs subjective

Let’s see the main examples of subjective tools: mental imagery, imagination itself, feelings and emotions, telepathy, impressions, intuition, love, and there are many more. Simply put, what is not physical and we can’t measure them. I repeat it, the non-physical is endless and we are limited. It is right there where you are, on a different channel of reality.

We try to understand it like an ant wants to understand a million-year advanced civilization, observing it. Most people have no concepts in their mind about most of these or even understanding what is thought responsive or endless. Some of us are fortunate to understand these fast but most of us are unable to do it. Most of us are simply not there as a human race.

Why everything is rather subjective?

It is something which I tried to prove to myself that even our physical reality is also subjective, we are just limiting ourselves down. Not an easy thing to investigate and for the correct answers, you can only prove this to yourself, maybe over decades. I will have my long path too in finding out things but you can’t really find real answers in this reality, trying to always looking to the outside. Or trying to take researches where people are always guessing on ideas and theories. They lack the necessary non-physical side of all of these.

Almost everybody looks into the worst direction.

So you have your conscious non-physical life or you can project, let’s find out for yourself. In my opinion, our outside world is not so solid and strict. There are some basic rules which we can’t defy but it is not how it is. We are living in an interdimensional overlay which we call the physical world. If you have thousands of conscious non-physical experiences even in your sleep life, you can put the pieces together slowly.

For example, existing Focus 3 or Afterlife places are more real and more stable than this physical world. Check the Focus Model articles. I first learned about these and then validated it. There are no disasters, no need for a body to fuel it, no need for sleep, etc. But still, post-humans are doing the same human stuff there. We can’t let go of the whole illusional game thing.

These are all making it more real. Well, we are coming from there. What the big difference is that we need to learn to control our thought and emotional release and it will become as solid as nothing else. Then roam around or go to higher realms. This in itself is the biggest key to even Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming or to even life itself in these limited worlds like ours.

Do you really know the world around you? I hope at least some people understood the real deal here. Share the site, support my work if you can and enjoy learning here.

Reincarnation – Why is it NOT working like that?

Reincarnation is a very popular term which people tend to believe and also use in daily discussions. But actually, a very few people know that it is not how we live physical lives, not in a chronological order. The real world behind the scene is not human-like or limited. Actually, this term is in our world since the beginning of humanity or since mystics and psychics throughout thousands of years of human civilization made these up. Not intentionally but we simply just misunderstood how linear time works ONLY in physical realities. The easier thing to understand these if we create these simple explanations. But it doesn’t explain so much.

These terms are created without first-hand pieces of evidence. But how is it possible to find out anything real about them instead of just believing in these terms these days? I mean people have no idea about that dreams are their non-physical experiences in a subjective, thought responsive world without time and space. Most of humanity has no idea about having a multidimensional nature. Well, this way, it is hard to even tell people how it works. All the first-hand pieces of evidence could be found out personally with intent and plans in the non-physical. On other words, via conscious sleeping.

The main problem with this is that the most never even work their way out in their “dreams”. They don’t even know the basics about that limitless world. We carry out limits and mindset there.

Reincarnation is not what people believe it is, in general. Mostly religious people. Because it fits into their worldview and others told them that it works like that. I don’t think people believing what is told, is an intelligent thing. But we need to start somewhere and I don’t want to hurt anybody.


No problem at all with it btw but it is not a fact even if people only believe in something. I already wrote about this issue here but I will try my best to explain it again. Maybe more people will rush into this topic on my site to learn from it. Be very careful with these “facts” if you want to know how it works for real. I share what is real and you can do it too alone. We all have that capability. If not via Astral Projection, maybe with dreams. Many will just deny the whole thing, stuck to scientific views and that’s all to their self-realization.

Reincarnation flaw 1: we are NOT living these lives one after another in a chronological order!

For first, people should understand that time and space is only existing in physical realities or Universes like in ours. We are living in an end result of consciousness. Does ever anybody ask him/herself about from where we are coming from before we just appear in a womb here?

It is a must element which is needed for physical experiences. You select a body, a civilization, a timeline and enter into it. You enter to a body focus but not into a body. It just seems like it is. Everything is part of the physical life game. These are the rules. You need to believe that you are the character. And for billions, it is a successful thing. It is a life test alone if you figure it out by yourself!

Before you enter into a physical system, you accept these rules. You can’t just rush into this system for example as a non-physical entity in general and you say, ah, I try it for a little while. No, you just can’t. Robert Monroe talked about this already, if you need a popular somebody in this. You need to use a body to dumb down your perception. We are all doing it. He had even his confusion about how is it possible that his other versions are already him?

Our physical brain acts as a device on this end of the connection and filters out our mind and capabilities. The brain is in the middle of scientific truths. It structures our experiences with the time and space construct. So we grow up with all of these. Actually, a very few like me or you will question the whole thing. What a simple-minded somebody thinks is that this illusion is all that is to it. Some will reinforce this belief with scientific truths to avoid getting hurt in their ego.

These lives are not happening one after another. You already exist in all of these potential lives with another character, created for that purpose. People who are spreading these mystical misunderstandings and selling past life regressions are totally scamming people with these. No matter if this somebody is lost in life, emotionally vulnerable or have no idea about these.

Those, who don’t know anything about these will clearly believe that they are that character. Thus they will or were living that life. Not really. I already explained this whole thing in a previous post here about past lives. One thing is the potential winner in this, we can blame our problems with these lives. People who believe these deserve it. If they would learn more about it or take researches in Astral Projection topics, they would already know it better. Guess how many will do it? They are going to forums to ask and tell the same nonsense and reinforcing each others’ beliefs. People need groups to discuss these. No problem at all, others have their own, slow path and we are not in a rush.

Reincarnation flaw 2: we are NOT coming “back” from some punishment or to heal something!

This is another thing which is misleading people. I mean those who are spreading these beliefs. And most people are not looking after these beliefs if they are real. Same for the karma nonsense and fearing gods. Our society is good at this since the beginning of humanity. The main problem with our current society that people are not taking their time and effort to even research after a thing. They don’t know they can because they don’t even know what a dream is. They believe they do. The basic thing is coming from the foundations of our civilization which are full of flaws and beliefs.

These fear-spreading businesses are all over the place. Mostly intertwined with religious ideas. You will be punished or were punished and this is why you live this life in poor conditions. Maybe you have bad luck all the time or people hurt you, you have a disease, etc. Then the business comes, you are punished and this is why. Who believes this deserves it, as usual. You have your own life path to do or overcome struggles.


Or maybe you “need” to heal something or you had a “past life” which caused this life. I just hug my face by seeing these. People should reach out for deeper researches after non-physical stuff, facing their fears for first. It would be the best if more people are trying to understand their dreams because they are the launchpads for their multidimensional nature. Our tragedy is that people-DON’T-know about these. Maybe it will be forever and it is part of the life game. I mean this game designed to not allow the most to realize this. Maybe.

We don’t need to heal or suffer from or about anything. We make our character with the needed characteristics to live that life. The most, in my opinion, are just jumping into a life without proper planning with a proper timeline for a proper plan. This is what I see from this. Even Monroe talked about this, the most is coming “back” to physical lives from addiction. Physical systems are addictive, you are sucked in quickly if you do them.

People with all the diseases or genetic stuff are suffering not even knowing that maybe they chose to have these from their birth! We think it is a tragedy but from the non-physical perspective, we can grow from these difficulties and learn to deal with them. It is a totally different game view.

If you do it too many times, it will suck you in and you totally forget who you are in the Wider Reality. I can only guess that the most are just immature to realize their true nature. Some of us are helping them. Guides are doing the same there.

The same misunderstanding comes from this too. Time is non-existent “outside” of physical systems. But we can’t think outside of the box in general. Nobody taught people, we didn’t learn about these. And our world is religious in general. For a reason. We work with beliefs. We all have our own belief systems. Most of us can’t function without a central god-figure in this world.

Do people understand even a thing about TIME?

The time topic is strongly related to this. So after we talked out this reincarnation misunderstanding, let’s talk about time, again. I already talked about this in my very first post and expressing how little we know about it here.

One thing people will surely learn from my site that understanding our multidimensional nature and our non-physical life is not as easy. Even how guides are thinking is not so strict to understand. We have our own thinking in objective terms but it is not enough there. It takes effort, even to start with our dreams. Reincarnation is s dumbed down “truth” about what is actually happening. People can’t think outside of limits.


I will share something. We CAN choose from all the timelines when we try out a physical life and yes, this Earth life system has countless variations. You can even try many out via your sleep life too! I also had some short conversations with guides about alternate timelines too. It is natural to them but not for us.

Look at reincarnation if you still like the term just like “you do it all at the same time” thing. If you have life “A” around the early 1900s USA and one right now as “B”, you can play with it. “A” could clearly believe that you are his/her future version. You can believe the same in the opposite manner. But both of you are existing in another timeline and age of this planet and reality. There are countless of these. You may have billions of non-human lives too right now. Our numbering system is failing this to understand.

You can’t even imagine how many lives you can have right now. And they are independent “people”. Not just as a human being. You can be anything. Look at it as a game character in today’s terms. You are looking into another character and another one, switching them over and over. You focus your primary attention to them and you can try them out but they are doing it alone too. If you know my favorite, the Sims simulation games, it is very similar. You switch to one, give commands but in general, it will go on its own.


Time is a necessary element of physical systems to help us structure our experiences. Mostly under pressure and life events. That’s all to it. We are not actually suffering (only on this side), we are working under pressure to gain from life events.

Our physical vehicle is the must tool for it, otherwise, you don’t have that suit for consciousness (for us) to do it. Reincarnation is NOT happening that way, in a linear fashion. You can prove it too over years or decades of dedication.

I need to add a bonus here. Guides (those who are not in physical lives) can visit any timelines and versions of us. We are doing it all the time. Some of us. It is very true that everything exists now.

I used to mention a few times already that even non-physical entities have no idea about time. Simple ones. You need to live a physical life to understand it because you are experiencing its illusion and limits first-hand. You can’t know it otherwise. Highly developed entities will surely tell you how it works, if you work for it. What our society does, dumbing down the whole thing according to our worldview of this reality.

Each of your potential and parallel lives are already going on right now. You can meet some too, they can be your guides, being interested in your progress. Same goes for you too. You can be also a guide for others. Other versions of you will think the same, that you are a probability.

As can also meet with them and this proves that you are already them in a much wider sense. You are both created from the same core of your being. This is why you feel you are the other one or have that connection. But you are both individuals in lesser-bigger limits.

I hope I could explain this issue well too. Help me to keep this site alive, share it and support my work if you can! Thank you and enjoy learning here.

Why do you hear music in your head? It is non-physical communication!

This is an interesting issue about hearing an impression of music in your head which popped into my mind to share and explain it. I know for sure that everybody can experience it and it is a non-physical communication tool, just one from the many. What it means or what to do with it? Is it annoying?

The basic thing which you need to understand about this music in your head idea is that it is NOT in your head, it is a physical shell for the brain. You are your mind and you are already in the non-physical even at daytime, being awake. It is a communication thing when you hear that. Just to dissolve some misconceptions from our scientific worldview.

As usual on my site, I give you the answers for the big questions. You will test them out if you are deeply into this.

You are not so separate from the non-physical world but it seems to be

So, music in your head is about communication and I will share two basic examples about what it is about or what to do with it. But before that, let’s explain the basic idea. The thing is that we simply tend to block out any non-physical communication channels which don’t fit into our daily life. We just got used to it like falling asleep each night into the unconscious state.

music in your head

We are our minds which is not in a brain. The brain is a device which interprets the external world and keeps the body functioning while we are using our daily primary focus or focus of attention in this world. We have our tasks here but when we are asleep, we switch into the non-physical. Okay, this is a basic thing, it is all over this site, explained many times.

This basic idea which you may saw on my site in the Focus Model is that we are multidimensional and we are already existing in countless forms and characters in the non-physical too. So simply if you switch off your physical focus which you have each day, you simply switch to your non-physical focus.

We are simply unaware that the non-physical world is there around us. And we can still receive information or communication and we can send too. This is where you know, the “subconscious” nonsense fails a little bit because we are the ones who are unaware of our “bigger” part.

Our non-physical mind, guidance and many more from an infinite world. This physical reality or Universe is a tiny part of it and there are endless ones in numbers. Look at it as a huge infinite system where there are infinite numbers of worlds. We work with limits and our mind can’t interpret so much.

You hear these impressions because somebody wants to tell you something

Somebody really wants you to listen to your favorite song but as an impression. Impression means that you don’t hear or see things mostly, you will have the residue of that experience. It may repeats in the refrains, maybe a specific melody part or some sentences. It can repeat itself a hundred times, maybe for hours. You don’t realize it until you keep thinking about it for a while. And then… wait a minute, I can’t stop this.

The purpose, in this case, is that you should pay attention and catch the phrases. If you get it, my best method is to go to Youtube and search up for a lyrics version of that song. Well, I’m not English so maybe I don’t get some words if I don’t see them written down lol.

The message is there, you may didn’t pay attention. You may got other types of messages which are subjective but you didn’t “listen”. It can be that you need an answer from your guidance or you have a horrible life situation, you had a bad day, etc. And here is your solution or message. Maybe you will get the solution for something or anything around.

If you don’t get it, ask for clarifications many times until you get something new. Not verbally, in your mind. Don’t hesitate to ask but the job is only yours.

music in your head

You hear the music in your head because somebody is interested in you

This is the most interesting part and many NP travelers like me know about it. While in this “dimension”, we can hear an impression of a song or sound, in the non-physical (or in your dreams) you can hear full-blown songs and sounds like you heard them with your own ears. You can hear melodies which don’t even exist in our civilization. It is very different when you are conscious of your multidimensional life.

The thing is, that there could be one or just many entities who are watching over you. They may follow your life progress or you just met them in some experiences via sleep and they got their “head” on you. In these cases, there is no message but the impression itself. Some may repeat songs because they like them and they can’t talk to you in other terms.

Don’t forget, we are thinking in objective, human terms and the non-physical is not like that. But they can still find a medium or channel like these to talk to you. You will simply just miss the whole point of this if you try to cling on the words.

There could be one or more entities there who are simply interested in music or they are musical. They may would like to hear more from you because you hear your songs and they will too because you are broadcasting it.

In an infinite system without space and time, there could be just anybody and anything which you can’t even imagine. And I know these from first-hand experiences, as usual. Some may simply enjoy when you listen to any music or melody. You start to vibrate from it if you can feel the emotions from it in your whole being, aka being emphatic. This will cause that somebody or more entities may gravitate towards you and they will enjoy it with you.


In the end, this whole idea about the music in the head is very magical and opens up many doors if you are open to other ways of communications. Somebody may try to open up your eyes, to help or just to enjoy your company. Our society is just washing this off and no wonder, we learned to act this way. I didn’t know that this is how it is years back.

These impressions are weak for many of us. Maybe some people who are pretty good in creativity and music are more tuned for these. We simply wash these experiences off because they are weak. And we don’t know what to do with them. Or they are annoying. The non-physical side then can’t do much more for you just repeating the same thing, like dreams and nightmares until you pay attention.

The primary problem usually comes when regular people think they simply just have some mind noise in their “head”. As normal people tend to think. Most people don’t know anything about the non-physical or what is “real”. We tend to believe that everything is physical.

I hope this helped you. Remember to share the site and support it. Thank you for reading!

Can we really map out the non-physical world?

After I shared a lot about the non-physical world or Astral world, Afterlife, whatever term you prefer, I knew that the time will come to take a note on something important to understand. The non-physical world is a highly subjective “place” and it is not really that simple to roam around or map it out.

You may already saw the Focus Model articles and I need to admit that those are giving you a foundation only and they are not giving you a whole satellite map about what is in our original home. I tried to express this issue many times but it seems like I can’t really find the correct explanation to correct even myself.

This is not about following a strict model, this is about a foundation. You can do the rest and find it out for yourself and I support this method. I don’t share any beliefs or religions and I don’t support them. The foundation is only for the sake to start somewhere. I found it enough clear to use as a tool to build on. Today, for me, it is not what it was years ago. This is why we share a lot on forums but we have totally different experiences. We simply can’t say that there are X levels or reality frames because we can’t measure them. Right now you are still in the non-physical world being wide awake, you just don’t notice it. Do you see my point? We NEVER left the NP, we are focusing our primary attention here, right now


The non-physical world is highly subjective and infinite

The problem comes from our human-like thinking. We are in a limited reality, we have limits to think and to know about, we are not made to understand our original circumstances fully. We can get snippets and glimpses of it, even if we know since decades of conscious exploration. Some are doing this art since 40-50-60 years. It can be via Astral Projection or OBE techniques, via conscious normal sleep or whatever is natural to you. You don’t know it for sure until you are there directly. You need to test it, allow experiences to happen and learn a lot if you want this.

The translation is automatic into your objective terms. This means that we are automatically seeing and experiencing everything with our own, unique, personal filter. This is why one person can’t figure out another’s “dreams” or non-physical experiences. Or maybe one will meet an angel and the other one will meet an energy being. One person visits a famous Afterlife place, seeing it as a huge library and another one will see it as a big hall of holographic stuff.

What about our physical reality?

Do you know why our physical world, our civilization is mostly 99% accurate to everybody? Because we are all and still creating this consensus reality to keep it up. We grow up in the same world and we learn the same stuff to agree on as rules.

The highly subjective part is simply about the fact that we are all unique and we have our own filters to experience the same reality frame without our physical rulesets. We experience these same rulesets just like in our physical Universe, but because we got used to them and we automatically have expectations in the NP to experience the same mechanics. These expectations are changing when you change your thinking. This is the true non-physical world. You shred down these filters and expectations, you notice more and experience more.

Another example could be that we can map out our physical Universe in space but we can’t do the same in the non-physical. Some places are stable and solid and most are not. The true subjective non-physical is formless and you can’t observe it via objective filters. It takes many experiences to get used to it.

The endless Multiverse which is infinite

Infinite means no limits. It is way different than being here and trying to even comprehend the whole thing. Many people still can’t even imagine what is infinite. We can only learn the basics with our own filter. If every potential physical reality already exists with countless versions of you right now, roaming around in physical and non-physical systems, you can bet how “big” it is. The big itself is a physical concept. Everything exists right now at the same spot you are. A personal issue but I already know some other versions of myself, they have their own life.

The true thing is that most of the post-humans from our world are not getting further than those belief systems traps of various heavens and hells and all sorts of cities and places where we still continue to do the same. This is just being a Flatlander or stagnating. In other words, welcome to the Afterlife. No after here, just our emotional baggage to get lost.


These places are existing because we CAN’T let go of our physical life so fast. Not a punishment or anything around, that is nonsense. We are doing it. I think the importance of my site is partly about realizing this issue.

If our original home is endless and we have infinite options to roam around, this is the ultimate waste of time. But not all of us want to do more or know more. This is how free will works. So when we are speaking about subjective things, this means that we all (any other races in any other star systems, galaxies, physical Universes) come and return to the same non-physical place. And we are all experiencing the same world with different filters. But we are so limited in our thinking, understanding, and capacity to digest that we can only get snippets from it and we can only share it with ourselves.


The thing is that even our civilization is not ready to scratch the surface, only some people are. This is what I noticed from my own early childhood either.  We can’t know it all. But we are interconnected in every Focus levels of existence and we are already everywhere. Human or any other physical reality-oriented “intelligent” lifeforms are there to experience physical realities, do the main tasks and return back.

We have the chance in the end to experience ourselves and the Wider Reality or Multiverse with our own, unique lenses. So we never went anywhere, we use a primary focus to experience a reality.

We can use different terms for the same thing, we can believe in religions which are all manmade but the underlying truth won’t change at all. This is perception, we are creating all of these concepts, beliefs, etc. Consciousness (we in a basic state) tries to understand itself via various tools. The place is vast and we can do whatever we would like to.

Higher Self – Explaining the misunderstood concept

Since a long while, I planned to write about the Higher Self topic and I wanted to make it clear what it is. I think most of the visitors even reading this article are familiar with the mystical distortion about the higher self topic and also the angel topic dives up pretty fast with this. My intention with this again is only to make you clear what it is and I will dissolve the beliefs and lies about the whole thing.

Because in my opinion as you may went through many of my articles, it won’t have any use if people are parroting the same, hundreds of years old ideas about something which people clearly never understood. Very similar to the linear timeframe with non-existent past lives.

We only need to take one step back and observe our physical reality and how it works. It has rulesets which are ONLY existing here in this reality frame and not in the non-physical world from where we are coming to live physical lives. The very old mystical and mediumistic beliefs are deeply ingrained in our society and they are still shared because people have no first-hand experiences in these.

higher self

Most of the people don’t want to know about them. It is much easier to believe a belief and hold on to it. People will be special from it. You will notice that it turns out again, you are your own higher self. Surely, you can trust a higher self but you are in the end will trust yourself. This is not egotism or self-loving stuff, this is a real issue and you can prove it to yourself over time.

Be aware that these years or decades, the HS issue is there for the money-making reason. Just like past life nonsense, starseed stuff, and others. Some people try to sell lies and false hopes. Same for manifestation fairy tales. These people need these beliefs to get by in their life. But we don’t need all of these. I share real things which you can figure out too alone.

Do you really have a “higher self” in the non-physical world?

These lives are happening simultaneously. You are a created character for your main tasks. You may have 1 million other versions of your “higher self”. The higher self is a concept or theory which people can cling on because it is very similar to a god figure. I don’t want to judge anybody, I’m just explaining it. Even the god concept is only existing in the believers’ mind because they created it. This is our civilization’s habit.

The higher self is any other version of you in Focus 3 or in the Afterlife regions. You are one representation of you. The Focus 4 version of you may be the true higher self but it is still a subjective representation of the sum of all of you. I mean all versions of you. Meaning, you have many “higher selves” roaming around everywhere.

These versions are roaming in Focus 3 (the non-physical world) or maybe many are living physical lives. Right now. They can be a human, an alien-like figure, an angel, a guide, etc. Anything objective or subjective. This is the magic of the non-existent time and space thing there. It only exists in physical realities, as part of the life game. We need to agree on this ruleset to experience a limited perception.

So when you may refer to your higher self, you are referring to your non-physical self. A bigger version of you and you are connected to your NP self. The HS is an objective representation of your full version. Your NP self is teaching you, giving hints, trying to help in your plans but you have a job to do. It is very confusing to understand at first for many people, I know. What I share on this site is mostly something which you need to digest.

higher self

There is no higher or lower in consciousness

The false thing with the higher self is that there is no lower or higher in our multiversal system. You are you and other versions of you are them. When you meet any of your other versions or with a pure energy being, you may experience it as a god-like figure. This is happening because you experience its primary energy radiation and many believer type people can clearly believe in a god without knowing why it is like that. As I mentioned, most of humanity is simply got used to this habit.

So, complete other personalities. But you are coming from the same source and this source can be called also as a higher self. Mystics and mediums found this term to give a god-like figure to emotionally vulnerable people or to believers because you can pray to this non-physical entity. It will guard you and all the fairy tale, right? Well, you can. But you are simply contacting with your bigger version. It is not higher or anything around, we just have another, limited perspective about ourselves. They may be less advanced if I talk about guides. You can only figure this out.

This is the uniqueness of living a physical life. You have limits and you can now understand yourself from this perspective. Just one magical thing from our world. Your higher self is not higher really, it is way different in existence and you can’t really describe it by physical terms. And as you may know from my other articles, we are multidimensional.


This means that we are existing everywhere right now, where we have plans to accomplish. You exist right now in the non-physical too with countless other versions. Actually, you may simply never learned to tune into them.

This is why others who unintentionally tune into their other versions will think and believe that those were past lives. You simply just merged with another you. Those are different versions from the same source. You have common roots like a big family. Easy to understand huh? : )

You are simply your own higher self, there is no higher or lower in consciousness. So, you are consciousness, a pure, formless energy being, who are seeing opportunities and making plans and characters to try out physical lives. You are still not less from your own core. We simply just experience other versions of us in objective terms and we need to limit down our current version. In the purest non-physical levels, there are no observable forms and this leads you to Focus 4 where the confusion-magic begins.

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Edited on 27th of July in 2019.

Do animals have souls? Do you have a soul?

This topic is a very popular one (okay, what is not?) in our civilization about do animals have souls? I already wrote about animals and their simpler life in the physical world. This may help others to understand finally that creatures other than us are not their body or role. And that nobody has a soul, this is a mystical BS. Stay with me, I will explain these.

My intention with this post is to let people know, for those who are not so close to these facts that many people are totally wrong about animals, other lifeforms and their “intelligence”. And that many people are keeping pets from a huge void from their own inner self. They are very similar to us for a big reason. Many mentally ill people are abusing animals because they can’t bear with life or with other human beings.

Do animals have souls?

Yes and no. Let’s say, yes we all have. We simply chose a form and capabilities for our physical life game. I repeat this, we chose a FORM and capabilities. At this point, I may guess but it can be related to the actual entity’s developmental stage of what kind of character “it” uses. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we as human beings are advanced like gods according to animals. We have our own evolutionary, multidimensional development stage.

There are intelligent animals but we treat them like stupid beings because they are not capable of using language and construct technological stuff like we are. To another extraterrestrial civilization above us, we can be the primitive race. It depends on the actual viewpoint. And you can be sure that we are not alone, not even in this physical reality. We just have a huge, objective ego and it is distorted by religions and theories, thinking that we are alone. Yeah, look around you.

do animals have souls

So to get back to animals, they are using a body and actual capabilities according to their role, place in the food chain, etc. We are not in any food chain unless we are hunted down by each other stupidly or by a wild animal. Did you ever think about it? Our physical body is a result of a constructed experiment from 100.000s years ago which is on the Sumerian texts already. They simply just evolved naturally (their physical body) with natural evolution.

Our capabilities are tied to our physical vehicle’s limits and abilities. But that is not all to this story.

Are they developing with us?

There are countless animal groups, types which are catching up with us and living the same life as we tend to do. Like house cats, dogs, horses, other smaller-bigger animals. A normal human being won’t really think about what they are doing to or with an animal. They keep animals from the void of their being or from fashion. But the actual animal has the chance to break off their group consciousness dependency and learn to live a personal life with an advanced being like you. Did you ever think about this issue?

Animals have the chance or privilege to experience a more advanced life with us. We are giving this gift to them without knowing anything about it.

Pets, animals whom we are keeping beside us are learning with and from us. They can’t speak and don’t understand our language (because they don’t) but they are pulled up to a higher evolutionary path. They are reading our facial expressions, gestures and emotional behavior. Not our language. They don’t even need it.

There are many accounts about transitioned animals who were glad to live a life with a human being and they decided to try a human life. I hope, I really hope that animal abusers or people who don’t appreciate animals will be shocked. We are not so different.

We simply just follow the body-fixated idea in our whole life that we are our body image and we are in a body. And this is projected on them too. Even on plants and other life forms. The basic assumption is that they can’t think, interact or build civilizations as we do, thus everything other than us is primitive and unadvanced. We aren’t so advanced neither, we are killing each other from fear and stupid reasons.

So, do animals have a soul?

We should forget this soul nonsense. This comes from thousands of years of misunderstood concepts about who we are. Mystics and mediums got this idea about the “astral world” and souls leaving bodies and they didn’t get further in this. Nobody has a soul, we are using a physical vehicle for a physical life. Maybe you get my idea, at least from my site. We are non-physical beings without a form and we are creating these physical vehicles to allow us to enter physical Universes and try limited life.

An animal doesn’t need a physical body which we need for a human life. They are experiencing a much simpler way of living in a physical reality.

do animals have souls

This “soul” thing comes from a very old, false assumption that we have a soul in our body and it “leaves” upon death into the unknown. Okay, it is partly true but not the way it is told. This is why most of humanity still thinks that we leave a body or we are in a body.

Animals are just other forms of the same source as WE are

My intention with this post was two-fold. Let people realize that animals and other life forms are as real as we are, we just tend to hang up on the physical vehicle fixation. We won’t even think that a car’s driver is the engine neither. The other thing is that we should treat other life forms as we are treating each other. And our human race is not really treating each other so well. Okay, we tend to step on ants or bugs and scared from other lifeforms, it is a normal thing.

No wonder why many are abusing animals if they are doing it to each other. Animals, household pets can’t defend themselves really towards a seemingly advanced being so well. And they have the same insanity problems as we do if the pill rolls away. They don’t really have a chance if they are living with somebody who doesn’t even understand how life works and that if somebody totally underdeveloped in their “soul”.

It is a sad thing what we are doing to each other and to animals. We don’t respect life outside of us. Maybe this article will open up some eyes. Advanced animal groups can feel the same emotions, behave the same way as we do, they just can’t express these as we do. They have the same “diseases” too! Because we are doing these to ourselves on our own.


We should treat pets and wild animals with respect and how we would like to get the same care. Of course, we need to stay away from wild animals, they have their habitat to guard and live up for a reason. They won’t think over morality. There are group “souls” and they can only live in groups. When you have a pet like that (a dog or cat), they have the chance to live an individual life and develop multidimensionally.

They can start a path, becoming more aware of who they are and learn emotions. Simply put, we are pulling up them on their evolutionary path. We are trying to do this to each other too.

This is a reminder about that we are in this journey together. We came from the SAME non-physical place and returning back all the time. We won’t use up forms and capabilities if we don’t need them for a certain role, right?

Why Dead People don’t realize that they are transitioned?

I tried to touch and give the idea about the death process and what happens to dead people before in some articles. This post is a reminder, what happens to us with certain behavior, thinking and anything around. Mostly, I’m expanding this topic on the fact, that countless post-humans or “dead people” are not even aware of the fact, what happened to them. Anybody can experience this fact first-hand via conscious projections sleep.

The whole thing comes down from our misunderstanding about our life and that nobody taught us a useful thing. I don’t think it is my role to do it but some may learn from it. This article may help you to understand why you keep dreaming or rather have non-physical experiences with your transitioned loved ones and why they look still the same “person”.

And you will see that you stay the same in your mindset and you carry “back” your emotional baggage. We come from there but we can’t let go our physical identity and body-image.

What happens when you “die”? Do you really know?

Despite what religious sources do, you know or maybe you don’t know so much about, I will explain the process. There are a few articles already about this like the You are not physical or Is death even real?

So when you die, you simply switch your primary focus or attention back to the non-physical world. You simply stand up or float out and go through that white light dimensional portal. This is a natural thing, we do this all the time in physical realities to finish our game. It can be hard and painful, or easy and elevating. Depends on physical damage or emotional problems. Maybe non-physical guides (some may call them angels) are waiting for you to lead you “back”. Or maybe you block them out because you are the same.

dead people

If you are not familiar with the whole system multidimensionally and how it works, read the Focus Model articles and mostly the Focus 3 part. You go “there”. This model is a solid foundation on which you can build your experiences and not a belief system.

So simply put, you drop down your body focus. Maybe you don’t even realize because what you see and experience looks still physical and that is why the most are still in their self-illusions. Everything looks physical because you never explored the NP consciously via conscious dream life and/or you lack of thinking outside of the box. This is how you or others lived for decades, thinking our world is the only one, we came from somewhere and we may cease to exist. Our scientific indoctrination about our self-centered globe does that. Pretty dumb, isn’t it? And everybody experiences the whole spectrum of the game.

You just stand up or float towards the white light or whatever is your interpretation and you are there. You didn’t go anywhere because there is no time and space anymore. Actually, you are already there in Focus 3 or Afterlife. Everything exist there where you are. Your concepts of physical moving does the trick. You can move or you can think and be there. The physical rules are useless.

Why many may never realize that they are “dead”?

The fact is that many from the same reasons never realize that they are “dead”. As you may notice, nobody is dead. You will be much more alive if you are not full of emotional trauma. When our civilization names death, they name the physical body’s death and they don’t know about it. They cry over a physical vehicle. They pray for a pile of bones or dust because they can’t explain it to themselves in other means.

So why is that slow realization? Emotions are instantly creating your surroundings there because it is a thought responsive environment and now your physical thinking don’t serve anything useful. You had time to learn these rules while you were physically here and use up your dreams to become aware of your multidimensional nature. Now you are in trouble. Not everybody but if you are full of your emotional baggage or trauma, you won’t even notice anything. Maybe a scenery or place from which you can’t get out.

Do you think that in a thought responsive environment, somebody simple headed or addictive or somebody full with their misery can get out? They couldn’t do it physically either. Guides can’t help because these people don’t see them. The reason is their own emotional interplay. Countless post-humans are doing it. This is free will, you are allowed to ruin yourself. Same here in the physical Universe.

This is why Retrievals are there for even unconscious sleepers, physically “alive”. You may go to another version of you or maybe to somebody stranger and guides are giving you tasks to save somebody. It happens all the time. We are too few against that number of stuck “people”. You need to bomb out the actual person from their bubble, it is a creative work.

This is why if you can, you will go to these missions, even if you don’t know. It is a volunteer act because guides can’t do it all alone. These “stuck” dead people in their own emotional interplay don’t even notice if you walk in front of them. Just walk in a Focus 3 city and maybe you find one in a park where locals are passing by. You still keep your original form because you are also addicted to your body image. You don’t have a body but you still act as a human being (or whatever race you were in other systems).

dead people

The post-humans who still appear to be humans

Because, as I mentioned, post-humans are in their own emotional bubble. Emotions are creating those scenes, those are you. It is in you. This is how this educational system works. Some may relive their own death from burglary, being killed, some may be stuck in the copy of their home from the physical world and some may just shred down all of this fast. It depends on your personality. A simple person won’t notice these.

An addicted person keeps on doing the same but now without help if they don’t realize what they are doing. This is a normal thing and many of us can’t learn it the easy way. And thousands of years can pass by until they notice it. Well, there’s no time, this is just an example.

There are vast amounts of encounters with people from our world not knowing a thing but they encounter with their loved ones in a dimensional overlay. Mostly in Sleep Paralysis when you are half the way to the non-physical. It is here, you just don’t tune in with your mind. In SP, you are already in the NP partially.

So you meet your dead uncle, grandmother, wife, husband, child, etc. They are the same, maybe in their 20-30s because they are still stuck. They just don’t know it and mostly, they only know that something happened. If they know that they transitioned, then not much more about what comes next. But there can be also those, who know the whole thing and trying to comfort you. The real, non-addicted entities are formless energy beings who educate us. We are already them in another sense.

I already released an article about meeting with deceased loved ones, you can read more about this here.

Why stuck post-humans can’t get out this trap?

So, to close this post, you NO longer have a physical body which is the vehicle for consciousness (you) to experience physical realities. The body is needed as a medium to let your consciousness to experience life. You are not your body, it is a mechanism which reacts to your thoughts and emotions and sponges all of these up over “time”. In the non-physical, you don’t have a body, nor time. You are instantly living up the consequences of your mindset without a filter.

Look at an addictive personality and most of us are addicted. Addicted to human life. Your life purpose is NOT about what everybody is doing through decades. But it goes with lessons, elevating your awareness, working out your emotional issues etc. But we chose it and we had the opportunity to learn what we can about each other, ourselves and become more aware of what’s going on. While we are “physical” we have a very limited perception and capability of understanding our multidimensionality.

Sleep life is the same, you had time to explore yourself, the Wider Reality and work on your fears. You can guess how many from almost 7,7 billion are doing it. The most never get past the first stage of dreaming and how it works. Never. They can’t even comprehend all of this. You may see now what is the main problem in our civilization. This is why you can learn from this site (or from me) a lot and educate yourself.

Why the Non-physical world is so different from our Physical Universe?

I would like to share my thoughts about the differences between the non-physical and our physical system. I’ve already wrote about a similar insight here. Most people are not even capable to understand that there is endlessly more “beyond” our Universe. Simply, they just can’t imagine it, not even the thing that something can be endless. We tend to think as human beings right now and it will limit our understanding and perception.

This post is about seeing how we can’t really comprehend the whole system from a limited, physical perspective. Sure, many of us can, but not enough people globally lol. I need to note, this whole journey is for a few as we can see this in our world. Not everybody is interested in knowing more about their life, their nature and the why’s.

Physical Universes are limited systems

Most of humanity tend to think (billions) normally that this is the only world. I mean the physical reality. We are physical human beings, everything is outside of us. Well, we tend to rely on science or on any other religions. We clearly believe that everything is beyond and outside. That everything is physical and we need to measure anything else from this point of view.

We created these physical systems on Focus 4 level as “gods”. The goal is to live a limited life. To learn which we can’t in an environment which instantly react to underdeveloped “souls”. You don’t want to stay next to somebody, who didn’t learn to control it’s thoughts and emotional charge.

Before people think I tend to attack science, I need to note that I started out from science a long time ago. I don’t hate science, but I know what it does to people who cling to it like a magnet. I know how these people with “only” scientific view tend to think. You may debated already with some. I was there too long time ago and I still like science. I like space science, astrology and deep space exploration. I’m sure in another Universe I’m roaming in space between star systems.


But here is the point. Our physical Universe is based on some rules which are very hard to pass by with a physical mindset. We are even creating rules and theories about the nature of this reality. Actually, I don’t know where this post goes lol. So we experience time and space with limits but it is just an illusion. In the sense that they seem to be real and it is not about a stupid simulational theory. Yes, yes, they are real but only in this place to a certain degree.

Yeah, I got my own tail. So the point is, we learned (with a great chance) that we have these rules and we tend to think according to them. We learn a language to speak on them. We use vocal cords to speak. Reading sentences and alphabets, symbols etc. All of our concepts with which we are navigating in this system are almost useless to navigate in the non-physical. In it’s true nature. We are using these as automatic tools.

How we experience the NP is our own interpretation

It is like seeing the same color with somebody else. What we are seeing and experiencing is happening according to our own interpretation.

We think we have 5 main senses and sure we have because we expect to function with them. You are still filtering your experiences according to your usual concepts and habits.

Furthermore, we have our own unique perception. Where my story goes right now? I try to highlight the fact that the non-physical is not limited. We are, right now. We are filtering it out right now. What about the ground rules? This is the most important aspect of this reality.

The non-physical world is no way near like physical Universes!

This is my main point here. We are interpreting it through our NP journeys, through our development stages. From dreams, Lucid Dreams, through various practices like projection or phasing.

But the main idea is that we can’t know it all and we can’t see it in it’s pure form until we shred down our perception. We can visit even Focus 4 too in it’s pure, non-objective form too. This is up to us and how much physical concepts are we leaving behind.

The main problem with beginners that they don’t know the ground rules. I’m speaking about even normal dreamers with low awareness. Billions of people.

This is a thought responsive world. It will react instantly to your thoughts, beliefs, expectations and mostly to your emotional charge. These are creating those nonsense scenarios which people call “dreams”. Until you don’t notice these and can’t control them, these experiences can be much more real than the physical world. Yes, more real.

The life game is not about just being human

The WHOLE game is about this. Realizing what you are doing, elevating your self-awareness and working on your value of consciousness.

The physical reality is a limited system where we are intensely focusing with our non-physical mind to navigate here. We are locked with 5 senses into this system to function. The physical body is just a tool for consciousness. No wonder why most of humanity is getting caught up in the idea that this is just us, this is life.

The brain is just a device which translates the world around us and filters it out. Most of us are agreeing on things like concepts and group belief constructs. We have gravity, maybe “time”, we need to travel, eat food to fuel our body etc. There, we are traveling by our non-physical mind and doing anything we would like to.

What is the most important rule which a very few understands? This is a subjective, thought responsive world where you can easily live up your own self-fulling prophecy and beliefs. No wonder why we call it “training ground”. We live physical life to control ourselves and grow in the value of our consciousness. Mostly. We will stay the same after death if we don’t understand these rules.


Now you can totally forget about these physical ideas there. This is what causes the most confusion to anybody who touches their awareness level in the NP. Still, you will experience the non-physical subjective world according to your interpretation. According to how you live your human life, how you see it.

This is why it is “subjective”. There is no right or wrong or limited there, only you will think these are real stuffs. Most of humanity thinks and always will think and function in physical terms. This is why they may don’t realize that they are dead and being in the “Afterlife”. This is why people get all sorts of “paranormal” things. They think this is outside of us. AP, OBE, other nightmarish stuff, all are freaky because we tend to think as human beings.

You will think in the NP, everything is “outside” of you. Not really. You are already part of the Multiverse. You are already existing in other forms and with different versions of your essence everywhere.

It is called non-physical because the rules are no longer real physically. People will experience physical rules because they expect to see them that way. You don’t need to move or you don’t have time concept really. Your whole knowledge about living a human life is totally meaningless according to this place.

But! You can use up these expectations to test out a limitless environment with limited perspective. Now, this is the advantage. We have a great chance to experience our true homeland with this perspective and value it. I truly appreciate my non-physical life.

You may find the Multidimensional book very useful in this topic from the Bookstore or here.

Why can’t you wake yourself up from a Dream?

Dreams are very common experiences at least in our world, all of us have a dream each night. There are certain things and problems with this and I expanded my insight on these in my ebooks and on the blog too. Many people can’t recall their dream life, not even having one from bad habits and most of them have no understanding of this dream issue.

Of course, we all have “dreams” but most will wash them off. If people can’t recall any, they are simply unaware of their non-physical life from a bad habit. People don’t have any intention to do anything with them. Why should they? Most of the world’s population doesn’t know what they are. Science says this, other industries are saying that, come on…

Having a dream is one thing but when people’s zero knowledge about its nature comes into view, all sorts of mental and personal problems will dive into the surface. I will show an insight into why people can’t force themselves to wake up physically. Well, I wrote enough about other issues. I will only describe the main problem.

You just think that you can be in control all the time

Indeed, you can control your dreams which are non-physical experiences and you can act in simulations which are made for you to train your value of consciousness multidimensionally, or you are just living up some mind noise stuff with the same effect.

Lucid Dreaming practitioners who try to catch the control thing and test the actual environment or reality frame will do all sorts of things to realize what is real and where they are. The where of course unimportant because you will get development stages in your non-physical life. And you are watched for your goodness. You won’t be suddenly in existing non-physical places without proper training.


We can’t control these experiences all the time because we must not interfere many times with the whole scenery. It is many times a teaching thing for you, no matter how funny or cruel it is. You will develop further from it emotionally, by your reactions and thinking and this is what you are doing in your waking life. The two worlds are equally important because we are learning something all the time. This IS our evolution and not some kind of nonsense monkey thing lol.

So when you can’t suddenly wake yourself up in a bad situation or in the middle of a boring trip somewhere in a nice world, you will be freaked out. This is alone a so-called “fear test” or a nightmare on a popular label because you are in great fear. You fear you will be stuck there. Your body maybe hurts or you are lost and your protective awareness kicks in which you tend to automatically use in physical life.

Stupidly we will try anything to get out from this trap. Well, I’m not that type and we are not similar. Each individual have their own reactions. Most people will fear their comfort zone is unreachable.

If you lose control, just let it happen

I’m speaking from what I’ve learned in my life from outside sources, from others and mostly from personal first-hand experiences. If this happens, don’t panic. You should keep on going on the journey. And btw you may don’t realize what is your task there or you keep missing the message. You may don’t listen to the good word. This is a subjective world and you are interpreting it according to your physical objective thinking with your expectations. You may don’t see or do something which is needed.

You may unable to move physically or an energy stops you according to what you are doing, maybe something can’t get off you, you can’t open a door or you are just lost, thinking omg I will stay here forever. It can happen. It is about testing you, your reactions. Just let it happen and gain some good experiences from these. You may enjoy it next time or use up the time, look around you! Don’t be afraid about your own reactions, these are bad habits from our civilization.

Look around and notice the solidness of a wall, the nature around you, how real it is, how you still think you are in your own world. Maybe you notice sounds, smells, another “people” around you etc. Use up your non-existent time and observe what you have instead of panicking.

The worst is just you will finally wake up. You need to because your biological body will pull you back automatically. Just use up this opportunity and extract information from this situation. If this is new to you, wait for the next similar occasion and deal with it from this perspective. Don’t care about time, while you can spend 20 minutes with sleeping, there, you will spend maybe days.

False Awakening game

Some people will get “false awakenings” which are like this one. You can’t wake up physically and you keep entering realities with restricted memory sets in your mind. Well, you will think you are finally awake but something is always wrong around you. I tend to enjoy them and NEVER had a problem with this. I know most people are freaked out because they act like a fish in an endless water tank, like little children. They think omg, I need to go to work or do something else as a daily routine.

Well, we need to start out somewhere. Not everybody is ready for any non-physical stuff. And the joke is, these are our natural experiences originally, not being a human. Our life, these experiences are all forms or personal interpretations mostly and if not then test in a solid form. I mean in the NP. It depends on each person how these are happening.

I tend to slap my face when these experiences are used up by various sources, like movies and you hear: “it was just a dream”. Really? Define the word “dream” please.

You may share it here below. These are lessons for us to learn about the Wider Reality and ourselves. This is all about our training and physical life is the same in nature. We just experience a very intense facade which we can’t break through so easily.

These two posts about the realness of “dreams” and this dumb labeling here will help more. What is a Dream? Should I repeat it? Non-physical experience, your own personal development.

Please share these articles with your friends and share my ebooks, thank you!