What Past Lives are in Reality? Here is the explanation!

The “past lives” topic is pretty confusing for people because the most are misled by liars.

Mediums and psychics are messing the whole reality of what past lives are or aren’t.

So to just first debunk this idiotism, a past life belief system is well known because over the centuries these people just fully misinterpreted what this phenomenon or experience is all about. People tend to think objectively, distort all informations because their limited thinking will filter it.

Well if I can defend them, it is from limited understanding but today it is from getting your money, selling fear. They don’t care mostly that they are dumb and have no idea that they are following a religion.

The physical time as an illusion

Basically the linear timeframe itself in this world is a big illusion and it only exists in physical worlds. It has the purpose for a physical life, using a physical vehicle for a certain timespan to learn and grow. To do your task which you ironically don’t remember. We need physical systems to experience what we can’t in a thought responsive world.

Dualism, emotions, physical vehicle, senses, slow environment, intense concentration on one subject etc.

The physical game

We have some decades to play out what we came here for and we are returning back to the non-physical world. We are doing this all the time, jumping into physical worlds to experience what we can’t in a subjective multiverse.

Linear timeframe says you that you have memories of your previous experiences and you will have new ones in the future. But those timeframes are only concepts. You are always in the present moment. People just tend to stuck in the past or present. We are brainwashed to keep us being as a sheep.

past lives

Fooling you pretty well and how?

So you have physical or mental problems. You go to a medium, psychic or have “reading”, whatever. And you will have the news that some of your pasts lives are the cause. You just feed on this BS and you will be healed partly (or being calm). Of course you are, you just heard you had this XY life in this Z era where you were this and that. Really?

The non-physical world has no time, not even space. It is only your perception and interpretation according to your human mind as a limit. All lives are existing right now. Simultaneously in endless phyical and non-physical worlds.

So when you hear that you had a past life, furthermore you got into trance and lived up that life, felt it, than you are brutally fooled. Why? Because you actually experienced a PARALLEL LIFE!

The phenomenon is real, even when you live it up but fully misinterpreted. They play on normal people’s zero knowledge about this.

What is a parallel life?

To keep it short, all of us have endless parallel selves and probable selves. They are not you or me but they are from the same own source of yours or mine. There is an eternal non-physical being, who sends probes into different systems to experience “life” with tasks. It is a dinamic simulation game.

In a simulation or MMORPG game, can you say that your character is YOU? Partly.

Because all lives are played out right now, you can think that you were that person. Meanwhile he/she is as real as you. But from his/her viewpoint, you are the past life or probability. You both are from the same source but you are both physical individuals.


So how people are being fooled intentionally or without intent? The whole phenomenon is poorly understood. These people have no intention to know more about this. They copy each other and try to earn money from “clients”.

Especially from vulnerable people, who are new to non-physicality. And everything is just over-objectified with a limited perception of what’s going on in the background.

Those past lives are not important in this case for you but they do exist right now. You have problems in life because your mental state is problematic or have bad life situations. We are in a cruel human world, shit happens. It is up to you to change inside.

Meeting with non-physical guides on the Astral Plane

The Astral plane is a mystical concept, it has no real meaning. I mention it here to associate it with the non-physical world. You are in the endless non-physical world and encountering all sorts of entities. You can travel accross Belief System Territory places or meet with any kinds of spirits.

Non-physical or spiritual guides are one of the biggest misconceptions as the label “Astral plane” also. They are real but their function is not to lick your butt all the time and being “attached” to you. They come and go as we tend to in our life with friends and people.

When you encounter guides or helpers

The thing is, whenever you realize you are in the non-physical world while being asleep or you project there from the physical world, you can encounter all sorts of entities. Some will help surely and make you understand certain issues.

astral plane

To help you navigate in an endless world, you can ask for a guide to help. Now it is not a personalized thing. What happens is, you need a certain help to get to place X or make up your mind to go to a place which you are curious, is it exists. Then you send out a telepathical signal with subjective tools. Use your imagination. Somebody may show up.

You just imagine in this case that a loving and kind somebody appears and grabs your hand, transports you there. This is the way mostly because verbal objectification won’t help. I can assure you personally about this, it is not really working many times. You speak and speak and nothing happens. We only “speak” in the physical world. There, you are your own mind and limitless.

So on the Astral plane or non-physical world, you can ask for help to help you navigate. If you are not interested in navigation, then you can still ask somebody for direction or about stuffs you would like to know.

Who will come for you to help?

Well, you will know it later. It could be a complete stranger, a somebody who’s task is guiding strangers or just another self from your inner being helping you if you need it. It will be obvious after many attempts.

The communication and happenings are instant there but they won’t show up right in front of your face mostly if you are not familiar with them. Rather they will reveal themselves gradually and with comfortable steps to help you and not scaring you. It is still a learning curve and both sides are benefiting from it. It is an endless vast “place”.

This is just one way navigating there. You ask it, you get it. And not with human terms. That is why verbal communication is pretty meaningless. And another mystical misconception gets in my mind here. Don’t try to think for a second that guides have no better things to do than watching you and following you all the time. This is what mediums and psychics are fooling people with. Everybody have their taks or “life”.

How Reality Overlays are working out

I guess nowadays the majority have no idea about how they (very often) experience all kinds of reality overlays in our physical world. Or rather mostly while they are asleep and being partly or fully aware in the non-physical world. Mostly while being asleep and being conscious to a certain degree in Dreamland.

Reality overlays in general an ESP experience when somebody here or there notices any kinds of phenomenons which is unnoticable for the most or somehow otherworldly.

Some examples:
– sensing and seeing entities around you in your daily life
– seeing energies or any visually interesting stuffs
– in the non-physical while you are dreaming, you don’t notice the scenery changes smoothly
– poor thought control in the NP and you are – without any signs – suddenly in another scene or world
– good thought control but still not the biggest awareness to notice the changes

Physical reality overlays and their mechanics:

People who are more tuned in non-physical energies “around” them, seeing entities, any phenomenon, hearing voices etc, they are all reaching out the source of that database, mostly without any intent. This is my best understanding explaining these phenomenons up to date.

People who experience more beyond the physical world are more tuned into these experiences. They are not blocking out what the most are according to their beliefs. Most of them are freaked out and have no basical knowledge about the noticed experiences. People call it paranormal but it is misleading.

The whole overlay thing comes from the basical understanding of the Focus model on my page, explaining it. Don’t get hung up on the strict explanation but it is s good pointer. Read about the model here.

reality overlay

Non-physical reality overlays:

Basically, we are in a thought responsive environment when the physical vehicle falls asleep. Our consciousness (the “you”) doesn’t cease to exist, only you tend to blackout from civilisational bad habit of falling asleep from early childhood. Projecting at will is about this notion, to stop blacking out your consciousness. It takes effort, dedication and strong intent.

When you are in any given reality while your body is asleep, now your thoughts are instantly creating. Meaning that if you can’t control your thoughts, you will jump in and out of places, release emotions in a strong loop etc. So you can for example be in a nice beach and you are just walking and next time instantly you are in a house without realizing the transition.

Experiencing consciously or unconsciously, this reality shift thing alone shows you that everything exist at the same place and everything already also do exist. Probable and parallel worlds and selves of you, Belief System Territories for post-humans, Dreamland, all are real and without boundaries. Not mentioning non-human worlds and races.

The significance of these reality overlay thig is that we are truly multidimensional in nature and we are already existing in any realities in which we have tasks or interests. We are not traveling anywhere, only our perception changes to any degrees.

Flatland – When entities fail to realize their multidimensional nature

I once mentioned Flatlanders and their role in realizing our multidimensional nature. Who are They and why are they called like that?

The physical world is 3 dimensional and if we look at the non-physical, it is not just 4 dimensional but endless as many projectors are already figured this out for themselves. It is like you try to compare a car to a huge cargoship. Objective perception vs the endless, timeless and limitless subjective. You can’t measure it.

We just can’t count 4 or 5 or 12 dimensions because that is meaningless and we as humans, tend to think (science is the leader in this) in objectivity and in categories all the time. NO surprise how science tries to catch smaller and smaller theoritical particles all the time and denying anything other than what is actually real.

Well we all have vast amounts of religions in this civilisation. Same for mystics and their followers – forget 4th and 9th and 12th dimensions, that is ridiculous. I also recommend reading the Focus Model posts here.

What is Flatland?

Even if it is a great movie on Youtube about understanding the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimension of life theoritically in a dimensional overlay, it helps people to understand how actually 3 dimensional creatures (for example most humans) can’t comprehend the 4th dimension or rather rhe non-physical world. Multidimensional nature is like that, comparing apple to a car.

Flatland is a plane full of entities (human or non-human) in the non-phyical actually too. At this “place” they failed to realize that their nature is much bigger and they have multidimensional nature. We can call them residents in Focus 3 or Afterlife. Not the whole place but some levels.

The name itself has the meaning, a vast plane where You don’t see further behind the physical illusion. I guess we could call it planet Earth too. And don’t misunderstand my words, it is not written in stone to get everybody realize this.

We came here and we return there again, there is nothing to lose. We eventually will learn this perception. Not there lol but to the non-physical world. Flatland is actually just a portion of the bigger system.

First I show You the movie, have a nice watch here:

If it is not played well, it is on Youtube.
Flatland: The Film (2007)
duration 1:39:55 (h:mm:ss)

The Movie and it’s messages:

So the main issue here is that a 3rd dimensional seemingly intelligent resident can’t really comprehend a higher dimensional entity and that is how the most on Earth tend to think. Even in the non-physical, many are thinking like that. We are brainwashed from birth, we deny anything other than the limited physical world. We keep religions to deny anything else, we fear everything which doesn’t fit into our objective thinking.

And we are not open to ESP phenomenons etc. Actually a little majority are open and actively exploring the non-physical world consciously. But I repeat it, it is not set in stone to do it. Not everybody fits into this bigger awareness life thing. It can be dangerous mentally or confusing as the movie states. Multidimensional nature is not for everybody and it will reveal itself eventually if you are ready.

Don’t overlook the movie, it is not talking about that the two worlds are interacting with each other as forcing their perception or anything like that. Quite the opposite. The non-physical helps grow up people who are ready. They already experienced being aware in dreams, who already got insight into ESP phenomenons.

We are entering physical life to learn, grow, experience, try out different things. It is not necessarily about being aware more.

multidimensional nature

The main problem in this world

What goes wrong is that many of us don’t listen to our inner self and instead of our heart, feelings and happiness tend to use rather our ego and think with fear. Nobody can help with it.

People force and try to control everything because that is what’s being taught. Many are greedy, chasing money and materialism from fear and agoism. Most of them are brutally afraid of losing. And that is what was teached to them.

And as far as I see and also understood this long time ago from my early childhood, humans are addicted to Earth type life (physical). We are all playing this simulational game in a consensus reality in any worldtypes. But actually the most plays it so many times that their other non-physical counterparts (guides, helpers, selves etc) have a hard time to liberate them.

There is much much more to the multidimensional life than stucking in a physical system for an endless loop. It is much harder to shake it off after so many repeats.

Robert Monroe also figured this out how human addiction works in this life game. This alone seems like it has nothing to do with being a Flatlander but actually it IS about it. Educating yourself that you are much more, having multidimensional nature basically.

New Agers tend to distort this to the highs with nice phrases and with love and light BS to keep you following their belief system but it is much more real and easy to understand. I guess there’s so much informations now out there that people tend to just close everything out and have no interest taking effort to find out the order in the chaos.

Edited on 5th of april in 2018.

Talking with people in parallel worlds

There is nothing new in experiencing parallel worlds and different realities for people being aware in their dreams. Maybe for those who are reading this issue the first time. Please I “beg” you don’t even listen to science and people who are calling parallel realities and similars just speculations. Don’t deny the world around you. Inside you. The physical world is just one from many.

There are countless other physical-like and non-physical realities in the endless Multiverse where all kinds of entities living physical or unrestricted lives in parallel mode. Meaning that you are not just one version of your total self right now and here. Your whole inner being is much bigger and more complex. People believe those “higher self” stuffs spreading accross the internet.

A short summary of your “total self”

We are existing as a timeless non-physical being who are splitting up it’s own self to individuated units. Like you, being here, from endless characters. We are Consciousness manifested into different reality frames and experiencing limited perception. It is about learning and growing. On some worlds we are very limited in thinking and understanding and on some, we are much aware of our true identity.

We can jump in into different realities through various non-physical tools and see for ourselves how endless the whole system is. If you need a better basic understanding, check out the Focus Model on the site.

We can experience other lives, which are our other versions from the same source (misunderstood as past lives). There is no past if there is no time. It is a restricted human thinking and it’s end result of theories. Stop limiting yourself by how religions and mystical teachings are trying to force limited perceptions since centuries.

So this total self who has many bad labels just playing a game of expanding it’s own consciousness, understanding itself from a different illusional viewpoint of individuation. Learning what it can’t in an unrestricted non-physical world. The Total Self or Higher Self is a bigger version of You and we are only probes to explore and expand. A larger version of you.

parallel worlds

People in Parallel Worlds and Your other versions of “Self”

You can surely talk with other “people” in various worlds. They are maybe your other versions or just completely different strangers who just don’t have even a clue about your concepts, ideas and norms.

Maybe you are in your other focus’ body and experiencing that other self’s world for some hours.

I’ve had many occasion talking with my other versions, firstly didn’t know some of them were me. Until I had deeper understanding and personal experiences.

Of course it doesn’t mean that everybody you encounter are you in a wider sense. They could be completely strangers or some “old” friends from elsewhere. Maybe some teachers figures who are watching you. But mostly if you are teleported to help some people or explore on your own. You can chat with “locals” in different Focus 3 cities or in other worlds.

Other parallel worlds just like here

It is a fact that in other worlds and realities just like here on Earth, people or residents will likely close you out or call for a cop or anything, if you are not acting like they are. There are local rules, you can’t just punch anybody or destroy, fly in the sky. It will freak others out really.

Maybe you will be instantly teleported out to another system because there are built-in mechanism for this multidimensionally. It is not about a dumb label of Astral Police. It is for behaving normally.

I have a serious feeling that other enitites from different realities are doing the same like us via sleep. Or through non-physical travelling tools with their minds. We or they are entering into a different focus, maybe into a parallel self’s focus (NO, not a body) and acting in their lives for a little amounts of time.

It could take up to days in linear time sense. While here maybe 20 minutes passed by or an hour.

Life in parallel worlds

They are simply living their life, not even being aware of other dimensions and many are unaware. I demonstrated it to myself without any built-in beliefs and it is real, not just speculative science. If somebody needs proof, it takes time and effort to gain bigger self-awareness, maybe start with becoming aware in dreams.

You can talk with your other versions, they may be physical or non-physical. It is like you can talk with angels, gods, demons, ET’s. With just anything which you could imagine ever and they are maybe all your versions stemming from your bigger self.  But maybe you are making it all up from strong beliefs that you actually think you are talking with them. The third explanation is that you ARE talking with these constructs but your human mind mixes up the datas received.

Remember to read the represented Focus Model on my site. You will realize sooner or later that if you can talk with other versions of you or talk with entities from different realities, they are real and parts of you also many times.

Edited on 7th of april in 2018.

Your Consciousness after Death

Death is a pretty fearful topic because the most are not even sure what happens after our lifetime ends. We are brainwashed burtally about this issue also. Consciousness needs a physical body to experience different reality frames and our physical world is just one of the countless ones.

Beliefs and belief systems are all keeping people in darkness but the main problem is that the most have lower consciousness according to their acts, behavours and life experiences. But this topic is now meant to be about the exit phase of life from here.

For keep is short here don’t ever let the mainstream, people, books and what others are teaching to limit down how this world is working. Telekinesis, Aura sight, Projecting, anything “extrasensory” are as real as life here and now.

Death is only a mistunderstood label of stepping back to the original world

The non-physical world is a mystical place if we try to understand it from a limited objective thinking as the human thinking does that since thousands of years. We try to gather informations (ok not so many, zero effort to self-educate) but all religions are distorted because humans made them. Yes, all religions made by human nature and thinking. Some of them are containing solid facts with colored labels but all are containing a tiny fraction of the whole truth.

Why do people need religion from this perspective? Because they fear death like hell! They don’t know what is coming, they have no real answers.

Oh well we already have the tools since centuries. I mean to travel with various non-physical tools with different labels like “out of body experience(OBE) or Astral Projection, Dreams etc.

But still, people don’t know and do NOT WANT TO know about them because media, main stream people, science, just everything keeps their attention at the wrong way. Well, no research, no pain, it is much easier to live in darkness.

So after birth our consciousness is slowly downloading into our limited framework of mind which we use through filters. The spirit can’t just appear fully because the fetus in his/her mother would instantly die or the little baby would just die in some kind of energy overload.

Remember, this world is limited and You are much more than this character. Don’t limit yourself ever. Always try to seek out what you are capable of without harming others of course.



But what happens to Your Consciousness after Death?

Well it is relative what is “after”. You just continue exist in a much wider consciousness awareness, gaining back your true self. You are not a human, have no body at all, no gender etc. The knowledge which you gathered here will be added to your being.

You can choose to move on to other places or experience whatever you would like to. It is not 100% known in the non-physical community still but we have many fragments from the whole picture. Meaning how life planning works in details. Chances are the most are just jumping in with huge amazement to try Earth life from addiction. We all see what is happening around the globe in this world in this fashion.

I strongly recommend to shake off any beliefs and only believe in yourself at the end. You are the only one, who is responsible for thoughts, emotions, acts, choices and you are also the only one, who will judge yourself not some kind of fake angels and gods. You. If you encounter them, they ARE You in a wider sense as parallel selves. This is the Wider Reality now, the game never stops. No time, no beginning, no end, only Consciousness  : )

And yes, You continue to exist, Consciousness never dies because it never born or died. We are all eternal non-physical beings.

Edited on 6th of april in 2018.

What is a consensus reality?

The label consensus reality is mostly used in spiritual and non-physical materials and on forums. But we can see it in other forms in human life. What is the meaning of this label and why it is important for Us? I will try to explain it’s usage and the meaning behind the words.

One thing is sure. Where masses are creating their own place and reality is what we call like that. Here on Earth we create just anything over “time” and it is very real. A consensus reality is like in what the crowd is believing in or creating. Giving their power like governments, societies, anything group construct like. Also it is true for buildings, cities, countries where we live.

In the non-physical (NP), these structures are all over the place because “people” are still doing it. Structures, belief systems, heavens and hells, huge cities. Just anything which more than one mind can create. They will exist after the locals may moved on because the given energy keeps the structure solid.

It means a bigger place for groups and plays out on other levels of existance too

In a consensus reality like planet Earth here and now or like the Afterlife (Focus 3 and Belief System Territories), we build houses, cities. We make materials, everyday stuffs, anything which are created by the actual habitants, mentioned above.

The funny issue is that what most people did here in this world will continue doing in the non-physical too. They don’t know anything other than their illusional material post-world and life. It is pretty sad. But amazing at the same time how creative we can be.

In Focus 3 there are Belief System Territories. Those places resonating with your beliefs and fears/likes. There are “upper” branches also where people are living their life as they are the category of “dead and proud”.

The second category knows it for sure that they are in a thought responsive, limitless world. On the other hand they try to live a seemingly physical life further because they like it really and maybe plan another physical life in another form. The lower one is the worst place. Of course there are zillion places there. One physical life also is not even enough to explore just a tiny fraction (if it is really endless).

consensus reality

Is the created consensus reality structure stays solid?

It is a nice question which maybe pop up in people’s mind… How solid is a given reality especially if for example all of the inhabitants decided to stop giving mind power to just leave? Well according to the non-physical mechanics, the whole place with structures will stay as it was. But will decay in energy after a long while and over huge timespan (with a physical viewpoint).

It also depends on how stable the given reality level is. Ok there is no time in the NP but still the given energy there is holding the place in one piece. If some post-humans later would venture there physically as projecting, there would be still those structures.

Meanwhile in the physical world if we stop believing everything we did, stop living on Earth or we just blown ourselves away, it would still exist somehow. I guess because “lower” intelligence life forms would still continue living here as a complex ecosystem and nature would take over the power.


Group constructs are very real and are all over around us. They are just as strong as many people are creating and solidifying it.

Edited on 7th of april in 2018.

The Real meaning of Reincarnation, a partly true conception

Reincarnation is a pretty confusing topic to a limited human mind. Indeed there are countless theories and fake assumptions from limited materialistic and objective thinking.

Mystics have this favourite notion to grab and sell “past life regressions” to people who are uneducated in this. Also they are in fear and vulnerable. It is a fake thing. Well being self-educated in the topic is not something which you can buy in shops.

I may be wrong in some aspects and everybody believes what he/she wants to at the end. But I will try to give a pure insight, to show the subjective truth.

Reincarnation, what’s that?

If we only observe what it means and according to what other people told us about this by mostly religions and mystical false assumptions, it is only boiling down to this: you are reborn again and again and again until you reach a certain “level” in anything. That is dumb. Life on both sides never ends. But I need to admit that we are surely developing always (maybe some people lol), that is maybe the only reality in this concept.

Many advanced NP travelers debunked this theory if not in 100% but almost fully, that this concept is a very very limited false assumption about how in a TIMELESS and ENDLESS Multiverse we use physical Universes to experience life from a limited and dualistic viewpoint to experience something which we can’t normally in the non-physical world.

We also call it “non-physical” because that is how we are thinking with a box mind. Almost everything which we learnt in life from our childhood is false or useless. Almost anything – you realize it after gaining more awareness towards your “sleep life”. I know William Buhlman also likes to voice this issue how our world and what we learnt is flawed but it is more like that.

If we try to think on the linear limited thinking, a simple human mind tries to grasp a linear timeframe concept as we tend to think here (ok not everybody fortunatelly) and we think that there is some kind of beginning or ending like birth and death or before and after etc. It is completely not like that. Think about a timeless world. If you don’t have time to experience, nor a body or a race from the starting point, what is the meaning of a before and after concept. It ONLY exists here as a reference, to categorize anything which we experience. You can do anything in the non-physical, eternity is Yours! Physical world if for restrictions and individuation!

Time is the same, we see time as a linear flow but it is rather jumping constantly between realities in and out without realizing it here and now, those are called probable realities and existing right here, all at the same time. There are many concepts about this one or maybe just a few but reincarnation is a highly limited misinterpreted understanding of a process which is very difficult to the most to wrap their minds around.

Why? Because religions, people, science, anything through the centuries told something which is enough ok to accept. Also people are kept in fear because of the “past life” concept, even today by mystics because it says you that you should pay back some kind of non-existent debt (karma lol) and/or you were this and that – totally ignoring and not knowing the parallel life fact – and that you were this person, now you should be hackish aware what you do etc. The list is very curved what is told to people for money and fear.

Don’t hang up on karma, it is a misleading concept, it is about your acts and consequences and dealing with them, accepting your responsibility. Just another fear machine to sell you.


Even if reincarnation is partly true, it is parallel life surely and a fact also

Ok it is a fact but for who? I admit that only those have access to real knowledge who did a deep dig enough in the material and the REAL facts, even mostly in first hand experiences, could be make sure that it is true. But you can experience parallel lives all the time if you wish for it intently by the nights or with various mind traveling methods: meditation, OBE, Phasing, Astral Projection, Lucid Dreams, anything, all the same.

Let me make it clear. If you’ve met somebody in the non-physical by any means and tools, who felt to be like you, furthermore you EXPERIENCED a past life being so real, having those memories and emotions, THAT WAS YOU in a wider sense. That character in THAT world and you as a character here and now in THIS world are NOT the same persons at all but you are both stemming from a bigger being which are the eternal you. This being is mislabeled so badly but I don’t mention it right now. This being is creating probes to experience physical life and yes YOU are doing it on another level of existence. You and that other version of you – the parallel self – are both coming from the same Essence but this Essence likes to play out every scenarios with every probable selves at the SAME time! Consciousness wants to explore, expand and develop from another viewpoint.

The Eternal Now in the vast Multiverse, the non-physical world

Yes, indeed, even here in the physical world we can live in the NOW as many sources and people are teaching it (many don’t have any idea why they are saying it without any real knowledge of the NP) but it takes effort. If we live in a messy life full of stress and tasks, we can’t just calm down and concentrate on being in the now. But I also realized that this now here what we experience linear timeframe (as our brains were washed out from birth), if we take a closer look how it is really working out, it is really just an illusion an as subjective as the non-physical. We only see that our body is aging, food is rotting, Sun revolves around Earth etc… we measure time by devices. It keeps the vast majority in a slave trap as going to work and almost everybody accepts this group construct.

In the other hand in the NP, time is meaningless, you may experience thousands of other lives at the same time. You see, this one physical life is not at all so serious, it IS a game. It is hard because this world is full of greed over money and fear and a few leads the masses… well people are the ones who give their power away but this place is a school for consciousness.

In other worlds, you may be an alien with different body, maybe a slimey lifeform, anything really. Some are living on planets, maybe under water, maybe in outer space, it is limitless, only imagination takes boundaries. They are all forms for consciousness to expand and explore it’s potential. Some civilizations are far more advanced than us – it is not hard to imagine it lol.

My take and big picture on Reincarnation vs. Parallel Lives in the same nutshell

It was really hard for me to think this over months after months, with first hand knowledge from the non-physical, talking with my parallel selves, other NP people in Focus 3 (Afterlife), pretty confusing topic IF you don’t drop the whole linear timeframe to the trashcan and think that all over again. The subjective thinking there is way different and not so restricted.
I met some people with whom I was flying in the air and through ceilings for example (I was the one who showed THEM how to do it but they ARE non-physical and not me, funny isn’t it?), so many of them didn’t even have any knowledge about time, they didn’t have the capability or experience to know what is THAT? Most of the so called “Afterlife” entities never were even physical.

If we imagine a simulation game like the popular and one of my favourites, The Sims games (mostly for example 2. and 3.) you may see that our lives are like that mostly. The player is the Essence (the full version of You) and the characters are doing the roleplay. Maybe we can use up any MMORPG games for this issue if it is easier. When those characters start, they start from a pre-given initial status, direct their life from birth with or without the help of the Essence and later on after death the knowledge is surely added to the fuller yourself. My take on this is that we are constantly jumping in and out these life games. Some are pretty hard and miserable and some are beautiful. Well it won’t take so much experience if you would always take the good side, right? That is for example why physical life is existing. You are experiencing a dualistic viewpoint.

What about memories BEFORE this life? I have still only partial infos but one thing is sure, our memories are directly repressed for the safety of not remembering who you are because many stuffs in your life is a test. How you solve your problems, how many times you choose love instead fear. But it would be really bad if you would remember much more, it won’t serve the purpose of this life at all.
You see, why people are afraid of life and death? They don’t know even a thing, religions yay we love them, right? They don’t do any good rather then keeping the most in false hopes and fear.

I hope I helped to understand this.

Better understanding of the simplified Focus Model of Consciousness

I was thinking about what I wrote about the Focus model was a little bit confusing for some people? So I will try to make it even simpler with an easier representation below.

How our local system works from Focus 4 towards the Focus 1 physical Universe where we live right now. It is simple and what varies is the variation in these attention levels. And of course the observer’s uniqueness.

About the whole Focus Model:

I didn’t invent this model, there was an experienced man, who just disappeared and what he explored over his NP years was amazing. This alone is not my idea but I think it is for all and a pointer.

The Focel Model is for who want to understand life and beyond. This is for share. I only experienced and investigated a portion of it but time will tell. Nothing is set in stone and it may vary in mechanics but seems very accurate in subjective terms without any beliefs and distortions. I only would like to share as usual, what I feel is accurate and useful.

It could be that one thing is a model but another thing is how individuals are experiencing these. Everybody have a unique perception.

So this is a “consciousness game” on a vast scale. But we needed a certain structure to make it possible to explore this state. It is better in human thinking to objectify a basical structure which Robert Monroe also tried to map out.

I hope understanding this model also will eliminate fear from people as a bonus. Don’t fear life and death. We are here only as a character and we are much more than this. Don’t listen to others and their fear machine what is what.

focus model

Focus Model is about Focus of Attention

The Focus model is not representing places. Afterlife or Belief System Territories, 3D Void etc… are NOT places. They are parts of your mind non-physically, furthermore they ARE you in a bigger picture. You have individual areas and consensus reality frames also where you exist already.

These levels of existance are for the purpose of the game. Where we focus our thoughts, we will be there partly or fully. It is same on watching TV, you outfocus your surroundings into the broadcast.

OBE, Astral Projection, Phasing, Remote Viewing, NDE, Lucid Dreams or Dreams are all the same in core. People are denying this of course because they seem to be different. What separates them is only your level of awareness how you are conscious in them.

It can achieved by training your mind. If the Wider Reality can teach you to grow non-physically, your NP experiences will improve and experience the true nature of Us. It takes time, effort, patience, dedication and certain development. Most of people are unable to do this and don’t want to, keep it in mind and keep it to yourself. They fear just anything and that is why human life is like that.

The Focus Levels in nutshell:

Focus 4:

A purely subjective reality level, where we do fully exist in essence and everything stems from there. This is an umbrella focus for all others.

Entities are pure energies (some people may see glowing energy spheres as those F4 entities), their primary focus is here. There are no objective forms (for example a human appearance) and no structures which are physical.

Communication is purely telepathic but it is the same in F3. The difference in this case from F3 is that F3 is partly objective according to the observer.

Life energy and every downloadable probable constructs are coming from Focus 4 as an umbrella focus for the whole system. Life energy goes through into F1 while the physical body construct is functioning.

Probable future goes into F2 to further personal use. But Focus 4 is being downloaded into Focus 2 as a plan for our life. It modifies itself as we are making decisions.

Focus 3:

A group construct place for the vast many – human, non-human. This mind level is enables us to exist as group construct, this way you have many many different parallel selves, aspects, who are YOU in Focus 4 sense.

If you can communicate with some versions of yourself, you are talking with a representation of your wider Focus 4 self. It is like they did the same with you and you are your F4 smaller self, ok? Some people call them interfaces like Tom Campbell. Well I think this man is too scientific in his thinking and calls people there programs.

Endless regions, belief system places, cities, human and non-human places are there. Many places are existing due to large demand as heavens and hells also. Not because they were there BUT because they are manmade from human histories. If a certain group construct gets enough thought energy, it will exist as long as it can.

Focus 2:

It contains the 3D blackness and Void. Also the Transition Zone is there which connects F1 with F3. These “regions” are for various use. Mostly for using for our minds while we live physical life, so you have a restricted vast personal toolbox, which you use in Focus 1 on Earth.

Meaning everything you feel, memorize, believe, experienced, all are stored here and using it. You just don’t know and it feels like it is in your physical head.

The Void leads us to Focus 3, this is constructed on higher level by US in Focus 4 perspective to make the transition back to F3 make easier after the illusion of physical death. You see these focuses are interconnected for a reason.

Focus 1:

It is your primary focus, here on Earth plane. We are using a portion of self to live a life from initial circumstances and see how it works out. Focus 3 has countless Focus 1’s for the same purpose, selecting a physical life to experience.

So basically if you have 100 systems, then there is 1x F4 then 100x Focus 3 and also 100x F2 and 100x F1.

Focus levels are “channels” where we are ALREADY existing multidimensionally.

How do we exist on endless levels? Try to catch the idea of Focus 4 as an umbrella focus: selves or characters as strands are extended from your essence this way connecting you and your other parts with your essense. A pretty simplified explanation.

If you can phase or project into another reality and act there, chances are you are already existing there.



F4: pure subjective, no form only energy, concepts, blueprint for anything stored and downloaded to F2.

F3: partly objective, partly subjective life for easier return from F1 and going into another F1 all over again for the game of life and also ALL belief systems you can imagine for the purpose to shake them all off to move on.
THERE IS NO TIME, to make it clear. Just an illusion in F1 = parallel lives are happening, not sequential life.

F2: funtcional toolbox to function properly in physical life which is mostly misunderstood as the brain is doing these… (the physical brain is a translating and filtering mechanism).

F1: physical life with added difficulties to experience which we can’t in the NP.

Experience it by yourself, learn to meditate, clear your mind, experience your inner self. Start with dreams!

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Edited on 5th of april in 2018.

The Death of what? The physical character!

Almost everybody thinks from their childhood that he/she is that certain body and personality. But we are NOT. We are choosing an actual life construct and using a physical body to experience. Now I can’t guess other people’s life instead of mine because only the actual person can find out with inner work, why are they here and right now and what is their life is all about.

It can be a long ride and meditating, astral traveling will help with it.

What Death is all about?

As we experience death and many many people already did and always will, what happens is we change Primary Focus (read the Focus model first). But the body construct is so magnetic for our consciousness that we tend to experience various pain cycles or maybe rather a painless transition. We can’t let go of a vehicle which we are so used to, that’s mine right?! Furthermore that is me. Not really.

So as the body dies, we just go through a wormhole. The common phenomenon is about a bright white light, a portal like thing. What people see is a personal human interpretation of a dimensional layer which leads the person to the entry zone of Focus 3 or so called Afterlife.

Oh crap how many idiotism did I read in the recent years. New Age dumbism is really does it’s job when young people are BELIEVING that we are enslaved and that wormhole or LIGHT will capture you to another slave job. Are they kidding (no, they seriously believe what they say)? They were the ones to choose this life – no responsibility at many. People are brainwashing their own mind.

What beliefs and expectations do for your post-human physical character?

According to your beliefs, expectations and what you store in your mind will now become a reality. In the Afterlife or Belief System Territories, you can’t just change anything but it is still a consensus reality but with subjective rulesets. Your thought now creates anything.

The physical “laws” won’t save you. You RETURNED back to a mostly thought and belief responsive place, where there is no space and time and the region is endless. Post-humans will now adjust back to that environment and get used to the non-physical world again.

99.99% of departed “people” on beliefs are unchanged. Many will appear in their 20-30’s youthness for those, who know them or visit them from the physical by nights and by conscious projections while “alive” in the physical world. That is because many (if not the most) are staying young deep inside. Also it can be misleading for physical people because it can’t be 100% sure that is that really a dead relative or just a memory.

That body is no longer needed but people are so uneducated about the most important things about life, evolution (non-physical) and understanding about anything ELSE, that they think they are still a physical body, a sex (male-female), a culture etc. This is what our world and a physical body fixated worldview does. IT seems like the Earth Life System is full of “young” souls.

Shaking off beliefs

To continue further this nonsense, people as they are adjusting back to shake off physicality, there are endless physical-like cities there and people are still living physical like life! I am constantly in different places and seeing it and it is brutally true. Well, nobody will force you to do it, you are doing it. I admit I would like to “live” in some places.

Countless people are suffering from their own misery, beliefs and thoughts. They never learnt to control what they think of. They never learnt that life is much more than a physical drama. Don’t misunderstand me, suffering and misery “there” is not always the bad one. It could be a certain “heaven” with a certain “god” maybe or a very nice place where you are just in boredom. Until it will become a boredom and reveals it’s illusion. It’s time to move on.

physical character

When people realize in their own speed that they are formless, timeless and eternal, they will continue to experience further. Consciousness seeks to experience and learn about itself. That is one big wise thing which I knew already from the many.

If we think about this character right now that it is me, it is you, chances are it will limit down pretty bad. Forget what religions are telling you about who you are and what will happen, be open, test it for yourself, educate yourself. Your truth will be only your own.

You are much more

Your being here and now only represents a little portion of your bigger version.

For example uncle “George” dies and the world is moving on further. Only his relatives are crushing down from a widely unknown process. It is the game. Those who are in a big fear of death will surely experience that it was unnecessary to be afraid of such an automatic process. And of course don’t try to speed it up! In my opinion suicidal people are escaping from their chosen life.

Consciousness moves on to another task or life. The non-physical world is right in front of you but on another energy or vibrational frequency.

Edited on 9th or april in 2018.