How emotions are creating your dream, when you are dreaming?

Here is another example from my deep pocket about how your own emotions are creating ALL the dream sceneries around you when you are dreaming. I would bet that most people have no idea about how emotions are one of the main creators of how we have dreams.

We live in an age where still most people don’t know what dreams are and why are they happening. For first, I would advise every beginner to read my articles on the site because this is the main purpose why I made them.

You just thought that you know what a dream is but you were wrong the whole time. Dreams are objectified emotional interplays in the first stage. If you stopped doing an emotional release, you can move on to real things. This is what hundreds of people couldn’t digest when I shared it with 5 accounts and months of work on Reddit in the past. They don’t want to know it or couldn’t put it anywhere what I was talking about it.

This post is dedicated to my supporter, called Reece. Enjoy!

Some basics about how your emotions are primary creators when you are dreaming

I would say, they are rather primary modifiers. Yes, whenever you are in a scenery, you already made them automatically and at that time, you are in Focus 2. You started out in a raw non-physical place, your own personal place. To know about this, check the Focus Model guide. Each time you fall asleep, you release emotions. While they don’t do so much other than creating dramas, shouting, crying, love, and others in the physical reality frame, you are in trouble there. They are instant.

You fall asleep each time, each night or whenever you are sleeping regularly and you release all of your emotional baggage. You can already read a lot about this, especially in my post about what happens after death. So what happens is, you will automatically create a circumstance in which you will live up your mindset in a dream. Other times guides are doing it for you. To train you.

The end result or the process is very different for everybody and there are rarely two similar cases even for one person. But commonalities can happen. Like nightmares and figures.

When you are dreaming, you will modify each moment by releasing your emotions. It can be a slight reaction, it was emotion. You can release fear or love or anything around, no wonder all the nightmares. You did it by yourself or you just reacted to a test with your human thinking. Emotions are instantly modifying circumstances if you are already in them.

when you are dreaming

But I need to add the fact that it won’t happen for other cases. You can be transported to a stable Focus 3 place, to an existing “Afterlife” or non-physical place and you can s**t into your non-existent pants, nothing will change. That is the beauty of this. I can’t even count how many times I tested out these. The physical reality, ours, is just a tiny little nothing compared to what is there. Because we are from there and going back later.

The lesson in these or the trick is that if you learned this and you learned to manage your emotional release, learning emotional passivity, you have a much higher chance to NOTICE that Focus 3 is right there. You can just walk out through a door, walk away, or do it your own way. Post-humans who left their post-physical life can be in this same trap! You have a body to escape back to here.

My short story to show you how emotions are modifying stuff when you are dreaming!

It can be called Astral Projecting, having an Out-of-Body Experience (OBE), a Lucid Dream, a conscious dreaming, whatever. The same subjective world and the same mindset. A different approach and varying degree of awareness. The control is yours if you worked for it.

Intent, the aim of what you want does it. You learned emotional passivity, you’ve learned one of the hardest lessons of human or rather physical life! I’m not kidding, it took me 3 decades without knowing it and after I found this fact, I became it, practiced it.

So here you go. After I had maybe a thousand of conscious experiences over maybe 3 years, I’m not sure, it just kicked in. I needed that many experiences to validate what the pros are telling others. That emotions are creating scenes. I had an experience where I guess my guidance elevated my awareness step by step, as usual. As it was my intent (as usual), I was in an unknown city, acted out myself in some meaningless conversations. I was in an open building with a first floor, with some action. The story doesn’t matter.

What happened is, I reached the peak where my awareness level was that high. I just walked out to the nearby city road where a tram line was also there in the middle, parallel to the road. Some people were obviously waiting for the next tram to arrive, in front of me, maybe 15 meters ahead.

Then I realized what’s going on, wait a minute! I released a slight emotional charge of excitement, it equals one moment. Then instantly, some people fluctuated here and there and the physical setup around me changed a little bit. Now that is HOW the non-physical works. You don’t notice it perhaps in your entire lifetime and this is how billions don’t notice a thing. I’m telling it, who worked for it for years.

Okay, I need to admit that I had more of these before but this one was a highly obvious one. You think you know what dreams are when you are dreaming, right?

Reality fluctuations are normal there. If you can’t hold conscious control, a reality overlay takes place and you dive back into your own emotional interplay with your expectations.

Can you push your hands into the wall in Lucid Dreams?

Here is another example of how Lucid Dreams or being fully aware in the non-physical world goes when you try to do not so physical stuff. This experience happened with me a few years ago and it was a test to notice one of my blocks. It is not really about beliefs, maybe a little bit.

Why I share this one too is to let people realize that our physical reality or Universe is a limited system and we are existing in other “dimensions” too. We are just unaware of this and we are multidimensional basically.

The more you try to become aware in your “lucid dreams”, the more you will experience these. And of course, my Readers will see personal examples to give more confidence to them.

The rules in Lucid Dreams and where you are

We are simply just trying out a limited perspective. And the most are getting caught up in this illusion, taking the worst assumptions about what or who we are.

The issue here was simple, I wanted to test out if I can push my hands through a wall of a 10 story high condo building’s entrance. Is it possible? How does it work? Well, I’m sure that many people try to convince themselves through my experiences that everything is real what I share.

This is another example of how many people will give labels to these non-physical experiences. Just like Dreams, Lucid Dreams, Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience and many more. The story is below and it is short. You can do it too but you need to work for it.

lucid dreams

How to push your hand into a solid structure in the non-physical world or in Lucid Dreams?

Actually, if the “My Stories” menu wouldn’t exist on the site, this one would directly go under the Astral Projection category. You can use any labels for the same experience, it is just about your awareness level and approach.

You can be fully conscious there in Lucid Dreams. More aware than being in the physical world because our reality is heavily filtered by 5 senses and some rules. There, your own sense of interpretation, the way you tend to think will cause the blocks.

The memory sets are given to you from guides to stop thinking about the physical body and life. Because the instant you did, with a great chance you are waking up. You have tasks to do and lessons to learn about yourself.

You don’t have a body or senses there, your expectation is doing it. But still, you are walking and taking action with a body as you got used to it. It is a thought responsive world which won’t interfere with your beliefs or expectations, just makes them more solid.

This is why many believe that they have an “astral body”. Or they have senses.

Just forget the scenery and walk out to try out real things!

So I’ve got a scenery from where I walked out. This is needed if you want to experience existing places. You must walk out from the actual place where you are. Maybe I was still in a simulation, maybe in a Focus 3 city. For me, it is unimportant in this case but it was a real city with a great chance. The thing is that I had the chance to gain full awareness and test something.

There was nothing new in this for me. It could be flying or jumping hundreds of meters. I just wanted to try it and I realized, I need more force to have results than before.

There was this tall, building there on the main road. I was walking there to try to push my hand through the glassy entrance structure with a row of steel mailboxes. Normal city road, grassy area, and pathways, trees, etc. It didn’t work. What is my method for solving this? I pushed my hand harder and harder until the structure itself let me go through. Concentrate!

This reinforced the thing in me that I need more intent. It is not necessarily about beliefs but we can take it into consideration too. Actually, it is about how bad you want it sometimes.

Two other examples of the push test and how you will fail in the non-physical

I remember right now two interesting cases of my experiences where I just couldn’t do the same. One was in an NP school where I failed to push it into the wall on a hallway.

For first, I realized, I’m in a school’s room and the lecture was just starting. Then I walked out to a big hallway where I was alone. You need to make sure nobody will see you. Then I just punched into the wall to test it. In our physical reality in normal cases, your hand would hurt for days, being damaged. You still feel the effect without visual changes there.

lucid dreams

You can still punch and punch like a Terminator until you demolish the whole wall structure if it would be physical and still you feel the impact, it hurts maybe and your hand is intact.

Another one was in a simulated version of my hometown, where I was trapped in a hallway again and I couldn’t break out a window to go outside. The story is long, I was lost in a maze of local festival tents which is not happening in the physical world normally.

Sometimes you will get these tests for a reason. I guess guides tend to test us to see if we can overcome these obstacles. I had it countless times for a reason and it depends on each person what they get.

In the end, it didn’t work. It can become as physical as our physical reality but still, you can defy the rules. It is not the physical Universe, your body is on autopilot there and sleeps. You are in another reality where physical rules are no longer needed anymore. You keep existing. But you still carry your stuff there, same true for dead people.

Sometimes you will fail… then try it next time. I’m a professional in going through walls in Focus 3 places. Sometimes I can fail and it won’t work. We give this realness or physical attribute to the non-physical automatically because we expect to be that way. We didn’t learn so much to this in our physical life. This is the training ground to get break free of these limits and understand ourselves better.

What was this all about?

So the main lesson here is simple. You need to convince yourself sometimes that you can do it in a Lucid Dream or Astral Projection. You are already away from the physical Universe and you are free to roam while your body is sleeping. I guess billions would have a hard time to convince themselves that dreams are not just dreams. They can’t even comprehend our basic nature. But their awareness level is so low that they can’t get break free.

Some may clearly believe that they are roaming in the physical world all the time. Because they are so limited in their thinking that they will just reinforce their expectations. Very true for people seeing shadowy figures.

So, I pushed my hand through with force because I wanted to see if the rules at this place are closing out this ability or not. It seems like we just need to take more intent to do what we want to.

I need to warn you that if locals are seeing what you are doing, you can be booted or kicked out. This is the first rule in existing Afterlife places, don’t do anything which will make locals frightened. Because the terrible or fun fact is, that they DON’T know that they can do it. They still live their life, thinking that they are physical and they have the same limits.


Many, many beginners (mostly young people) play with this, punching people and messing up environments because some stupid, irresponsible people are sharing these “character summoning” BS on the web and many more. I still can’t believe that these are out there. Beginners are not really learning so much useful to this and they want fun. We can have fun, sure.

Do you think that death is real? We just drop the physical body and physical world focus and we will still act like the same. Most of us. Nobody showed most people that there is endlessly more to our multidimensional nature. Or that we have it, we are it.

So these entities who are no longer humans, will build cities and live the same, mundane life. If you do something out of ordinary there, you will be kicked out or some will chase you.

I hope my stories will help people realize the value of what I share. The way I represent things is many times happening for a reason, to shock people that they don’t know so much and they can look behind the scenes.

The first time I had my full-blown conscious Astral Projection

Here is the story of my very first experience in the non-physical world which I categorized as Astral Projection. Very first in the sense of fully aware, walking and observing style, not the “first one”. These categories are meaningless after a while, trust me.

At that time I still didn’t know the differences or similarities between one non-physical experience and another one and what is what. I guess my guidance initiated this experience to just show me the “wow” part of all of this. Here, I need to note that all my experiences are happening via sleep, this is not the strict Astral Projection which people try to force and make it happen. I wouldn’t chase that practice so strictly.

So why I titled it as Astral Projection? Well, because it was very real, it was like you are physically awake. I won’t keep these stories long, at least I will try it lol. How I achieved is simply by falling asleep with my intent but at that time, years back, I played it a little bit differently. You don’t need anything, plant an intent and wait for it to happen later. Just fall asleep normally. This is what I share.

The realness of your experiences is up to you. If your awareness is high, close to your daily life or above, you will see the difference. And yes, it can be much higher because you are no longer defined by physical laws. Actually, Focus 3 places are more real. I can’t prove it to anybody, they need to do the homework. We are not physical beings but I can’t convince others if they don’t take the effort.

Astral Projection in an exact copy of my family house

Okay, I know many people are very interested in my experiences, so this one will help to see, I’m not kidding with my site and knowledge. I can call this full-blown Lucid Dream, an Out-of-Body Experience, I don’t follow those, all my experiences are phasings. I will later talk about what is phasing and it is strongly related to the whole Focus Model and our multidimensional nature. You simply switch “there”.

You don’t need any of these practices to be there. But there is too much nonsense on the Internet, in books and vids, and what people are sharing you need to do.

astral projection

So what happened is, I just gained full awareness (maybe much bigger than the physical one) in the copy of my family house. At that time in the physical, it was night time, no rising sun. I knew that I was sleeping in my bed originally. Now I will debunk the whole body in bed, OBE and mirror image nonsense in one sitting. It could be the Real Time Zone or a simulation, it doesn’t matter. At this time I was way ahead of just knowing about the non-physical or LDs.

I was at the door of my room, it was daytime, nobody is in my bed, the blanket is partly away and I was just walking a little bit around. Everything was the same according to the physical world setup. There is the bathroom nearby, so I visited it too and I didn’t have a mirror image nearby. I’m not kidding and it didn’t surprise me. It was funny.

I need to note that I’m not always seeing myself in the mirror or not always seeing my current physical body and face with the current age. The fun comes when in a different place you see yourself as a parallel self but that is another story. This is when people don’t get the main idea that the person who looks back is another version of them living its own life “elsewhere”. NOT a past life or whatever BS people call it.

It was amazing and interesting, no guides there in physical form

So after I checked what I could, my mind wasn’t wandering anywhere and I was fully “awake”. I checked something else. I need to note that you are fully awake and aware with the proper degree of self-control, everything is real, even if it is a simulation made for you at that time. We are simply existing everywhere and this is why we are multidimensional. The physical body in this one Universe or reality is just a tool to navigate in physical life but we have the opportunity to look behind the scenes.

If you have a body to walk with and try things, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in a body (again) or you have a body. It is an automatic expectation, a tool for consciousness. Sure it is real, it is there, you act with it but because you expect to have one.

My eyesight was clear (it is tired many times from sitting too much in front of a screen lol). So I asked for guides, that was my next thought, to talk to somebody. Nothing came, full stable environment, I doubted this that somebody comes. I need to note that later in the next years I was walking in the copy of my house countless times. Sometimes somebody comes, most of the times, nobody for a reason.

Then I noticed something, lamp switches don’t work many times! That is a good reality check. It doesn’t do a thing. I noticed that I switched on one and one thing happened, a little light spark appeared where the light source should appear in a light bulb. I talked to it and it followed me a little bit. Yes, a guide. At that time I didn’t know that guides are not thinking via physical terms.

My guides are not always using a physical body at all. This is because most of them are simply don’t need it for communication. And I need to admit that a very few things are surprising me, this one neither, just a good thing to see.

Then a test came

As I was gazing the place and standing on the floor, an embroidered pillow was levitating in front of me suddenly in the air and I was reading it. This style is popular in the Hungarian distant culture of our past, I’m not into it.

Reading something in the non-physical wasn’t so easy and at that time it was clear that it will fluctuate and you can’t read that directly. Language and writing are physical constructs in physical civilizations and it was just flowing away. You concentrate on it, it becomes less clear what is it there. You try to read out the alphabets and the sentence from them, it doesn’t work always. I mean it can sometimes. The more you look away and look back, the more it starts to be nonsense. Same for clocks and screens.

Do you know why? Because we only use these constructs in our physical life. The non-physical and guides can’t replicate the exact same mechanics all the time. It is because somebody needs to be physical to know it or understand it.


So here you go, a little story again. It is as real as you are there reading this but in the non-physical, your non-existent senses are clearer and it is more real. The realness defined by your average awareness level. I didn’t need to learn so much about these, I was a Lucid Dreamer in my whole life.

Most people who are still new to this are limited down by what they’ve learned in life. They can’t even define what is real or what is not. I guess most people, mostly Millenials are too distracted by Antisocial Media and what is out there. Too much misinformation is out there.

Call it Astral Projection, it is the same. You don’t have a real body but a created one for each experience. You don’t have a brain to interpret things, you are the mind. Senses are non-existent because you have them in physical Universes to interpret the outer world but you still have the expectation to do the same way there. In short, you are still thinking like human beings in a thought responsive world.

A good reality check example in a Lucid Dream

I need to admit that many times when I give these labels for the articles, I need to make them SEO friendly and this is true for the Lucid Dream category too. I can’t reach out to more people if I don’t do it because people are searching on these terms. Most of them, especially beginners who just try to grasp the idea and rush into false stuff.

Well, my efforts are slowly paying out with more visitors, this is why I ask for shares and support. Despite the fact that how much effort I took into this site and wrote a lot.

I have a quick example of my automatic reality checks. I don’t need them ever. I’m not doing them, my guides are helping. A significant difference. People believe that they need reality checks to experience a Lucid Dream and follow what others told them to do. Not even knowing where are they at that time.

There are lots of articles on my site about this issue already. Take your time. You are in a real world, we are coming from there to experience limits. The physical reality is a dumb, limited system and the most are lost in it with indoctrination.

At the beginning as a newbie, you will try them and slowly, you will just leave them out from your NP life. The whole game is not going the way, how our limited human mind thinks.

Reality checks in a Lucid Dream, it is not working like that! You are tested for a reason

So I had a situation out from countless ones even in this category of experiences that I noticed something strange, which elevated my awareness instantly. It is a reaction test by category which people in Astral Projection communities are talking about. I mean advanced people, not guessers. Of course, this happened because I fell asleep with one of my main intents to be aware. They will help if they can.

lucid dream

The part that you are being tested, doesn’t fall off and won’t become obvious until you get them thousands of times. Not for me, I’m a quick learner, I mean for the most. So this is what happened after a big chain of events where I was still running with the story. I was in my family house, standing at the door of my room. The bathroom is nearby and a family member was there. Wide awake with full awareness in the non-physical.

Some words about meeting with people whom we know. We don’t meet real, physically alive people most of the time, if not ever, just with aspects of ourselves. These are simulations for you, to learn about yourself.

Aspects are created instantly in our memory (Focus 2) as we live a certain physical life. So one family member was used up, being a little bit younger. I noticed this person, smiling at me. Guides can do it btw, using any desired form to help you. No wonder about the animal totem nonsense.

Then another version appeared and walked down slowly on the stairs in front of me. Then another one was in the bathroom, washing hands. I’m the type who just laughs at this, how “they” are thinking and helping me. So 3 person, the same one. This was just funny. It is quite a big journey most of the time, if not always btw.

What happened?

So I was laughing so hard, I entered an emotional loop. You are doing it very easily because it is a thought responsive world. But I like to laugh like hell, even if my body double hurts at that time there lol. How you experience it can be much harder and real. Everything is real, you just lack the experience.

The reality check or reaction test was that I saw the same person 3 times at the same place. You see something strange, you elevate your awareness almost instantly. It doesn’t all the time.

So here you go, this is a real reality check, you just need to notice it. Full awareness, the fun is there. I phased out and woke up because I stopped moving and concentrating my awareness there but I didn’t care. Maybe next time, I will go for my main goal, right?

The main purpose from your guides is that you may have a good day. You won’t find straight logic in their thinking ever. Maybe you understand the purpose of ONE scenery after days, weeks or a year. Things and events are not happening in a chronological order if you need to translate something.

Teaching kids about Sleep Paralysis in a non-physical school

To just start with something educational again in the new category, this experience popped into my mind about when I was educating many kids (or rather young people, if you play with it) about Sleep Paralysis and how it works. The place was a non-physical school in Focus 3. Check out the Focus Model series for more info.

So the thing is, that I guess my guidance dropped me there to do it. How you experience this, you just get a memory set which indicates you at a certain place to talk about what you know and can share. Your knowledge which you learn as a human being or human construct can be very, if not vastly useful to “people” who are not physically “incarnated”.

You have the advantage of physical knowledge right now. Do you think it will be lost after your death? Quite the opposite. Our physical world is a training ground for a limited life.

Not just Sleep Paralysis but you can share what you have!

About me, well, I don’t hesitate to tell how it works. Not just Sleep Paralysis. You are not the same person there IF you started to work on yourself. Like two different personalities but the same person. This world is much more strict and hostile, you can’t really express yourself freely. We live in a control system with a vast competition. But…

You CAN help to make understand what others don’t know about it, about anything. The life there is not as strict in physical terms and this story with I guess all the later ones will make people understand that this site alone is not just a BS talk. It is real, we are multidimensional. You CAN experience it. Otherwise, why would I take so much effort into this site?

sleep paralysis

Maybe after reading these stories, people get the main idea about why my site is priceless and people can find their place and role in this multiversal game. Regular people (billions) are just seeing an illusional surface of it full of lies, brainwashing and seeing the signs of greed and power.

Don’t escape it, we came here to learn under pressure. Many will fail, it is part of the game. But let’s talk about the topic because I don’t want to spread fear and misery.

Sleep Paralysis for non-physical kids, students

Don’t try to measure or point out my words, “people” there or “young” are metaphors or objective terms. Post-humans can still live a very physical-like life because they don’t know other ways to do it after death. Okay, I think I don’t need to explain this furthermore, use the site for this.

If I would use one example, kids who have sudden death in an accident will stay kids for a “while” in a kindergarten where guides will help them shred down this block.

Sleep Paralysis is very new and frightening for people in our society. You can’t imagine how stupid questions about SP are diving up each day on public forums and how people have no idea about it. I just can’t stop hugging my face.

There are some articles already on my site, explaining the whole thing. People are just stupidly lazy to do researches. Or pretty simple to never get their answers. It is normal.

The school

So how it happened is, I was put down into a school in one of my conscious experience. You are doing this and that, then you are transported when you are ready mentally. Imagine a huge hallway on a given level, marble-like or stone-like, curved stairway behind me. It curves itself upwards to my left to the next level. I was sitting there.

The whole situation initiates itself. I got the memory to do my task and I was talking to around 40-50 youngsters about Sleep Paralysis. I can’t recall all the details and please note that I had thousands of conscious experiences over the years.

Some started to drop me questions and I was answering all the questions one by one. How it works, why we have it, why is it so scary, what process is it, etc. Many were amazed about the whole process, they didn’t know, listening carefully. I wonder how because it is always there.

Of course, you don’t remember your physical life and that you are asleep at that time or you would instantly kill the whole experience. The thought about a body acts as a command which people can’t comprehend even in Lucid Dreaming communities. So you program yourself to forget about it or you get memory sets from guides. Or both.

You don’t see your guides, they give these memories to do your job. Seeing is a physical habit, I mean vision. This is one thing which people don’t or never will understand in our society. Nor Lucid Dreamers.

Real places in the non-physical or Focus 3

Call it how you prefer personally, it can be Belief System Territories but people or entities are living their life just like we do. They are still Flatlanders because they don’t know more to life other than what they “previously” experienced as a human construct. I will try to keep these stories or experiences short and informative.

So, to get back to the main issue. I was there, done that, not the first time. You have something which you can share, the chance is big that you will do it. Not because somebody forces you, you are doing it on your own. Even if guides are carrying you anywhere, some of them are YOU in a multidimensional manner or perspective.

If you are like me, you try to share what you have and help others in understanding what they don’t know. You can do it or you move on to other things.

sleep paralysis

And I was glad and happy that I could share my stuff with them. It was around an hour of talk, I was sitting on the first 4-5 steps on the stone stairway and youngsters all around me, in front of me on the corridor or hallway. It is actually an achievement when you do this stuff. I’m doing this automatically, same for retrievals.

It is not happening each night but you always get new opportunities if something comes. You just need to let decide your NP side, what comes and be open. They are giving these tasks for you to develop and let also others to learn.

Who we are, what we are doing

This is the real purpose of living together, even on our planet, letting others to grow up and think from the heart. Growing up as their being, not physically. There are many teachers, schools, and buildings for this purpose in Focus 3 but everybody does what interests them. Even Robert Monroe does this as a kid or young somebody as I heard about him.

Don’t get caught up on metaphors and objective terms, who is young, what is a non-physical school. Just go with the experience if you have one. Do your best if you have a task. This is the main case, you have a task, they want to see how well you handle it.

Is Sleep Paralysis really a scary thing? Well, one thing that I teach non-physical entities about what I’ve learned as a “human being” construct and added to my knowledge. But another thing is that people just don’t take the effort to do researches or experience it by themselves, other than going to Google and Youtube and finding the first results where people are telling all the same, parroted BS, mystical stuff and spreading fear.

And people think they are intelligent after this behavior.

I’m opening up eyes, on the other hand, with many alike people around the world. We are luckily living in an age where we can do it. At least we can still do it lol. I’m just sharing it because I can. We like to share what we have. This has the value, not a car or a golden luxury stuff or a phone. Physical objects are parts of the game, they have no value, we are giving them value because we can sell them. Bah, enough of this lol.


I’m talking about a school and kids here. Don’t take it literally. If you had the same experience, you may talk to little humanoid aliens on a space ship. Maybe you teach others how to swim. I was already on these missions too, on space stations, marvelous. What if they weren’t just kids and I was interpreting something in my own way? Well, I don’t care, the real thing is what you are doing and are you doing it from your heart?

Forms after forms, it doesn’t matter. This is true for all of your conscious experiences. Who cares if you saw and experienced something a certain way, it is just experience and your unique one. It is a big journey and this life is a drop from this. Most people can’t even comprehend in our world that there is the non-physical and their physical daily perception and world are not the only one.

And non-physical places are there. You can deny it, it is still there. All the heavens and hells too. These cities are like you just can’t measure how many are there or how big they are. Our life is not enough to explore it all. You don’t have a map because it needs space and time which is non-existent.

Maybe an eternity either when we have a primary focus there. The realness and believing that you are really doing it takes effort, many experiences and dropping limiting beliefs. I was “Lucid Dreamer” in my whole life, I think I had a much easier job to do with myself in this. And you?