Avengers – Infinity War (2018) – How half of the Universe died off

Maybe I just got caught up on the idea of writing about this great movie of another Avengers sequel. I just saw the movie and I was a little bit confused about the whole storyline because it was clear to me that Thanos is a cruel titan before, who tries to get the infinite power. This article will be mostly about him.

Who didn’t see the movie yet, I would suggest to first watch it because I will tell here, what has happened. I only share my perception but everybody will see it. Of course, I’m no way near to a comic book master and these movies are for entertainments only.

Enjoy. I mean, the movie lol.

How the previous Avengers movies with all stand alone ones led us here

Quite interesting how the previous movies made up the actual act-line led us to this movie. I’m repeating I may be wrong here or there but it won’t change the actual facts.

All of the heroes with stand alone and group movies were representing great characters. Some are ridiculous (sorry lol) and some are awesome. My favorites are Tony Stark with his sarcastic jokes, power and determinism and Thor with his power, god-like nature and attitude also. Well, they don’t like each other so much but got big roles again. I like how the strings are running towards Tony always.

So the storyline is simple, Thanos is gathering the infinity stones. No matter what, he kills for his purpose. But only in this movie we see how he explains the unavoidable fate of his role in this big game. Who knows his story from comic books may know also, that he is the one who supposed to make the balance. It is out of hand. Vision already told the Avengers team that since these events started, more and more heroes and villains are appearing like a balancing act from the whole Universe. It needs to be this way if it is out of hand.

They had their fights but eventually, this event is unavoidable. Even Doctor Strange did his math while levitating on planet Titan (Thanos’ home planet) and saw many outcomes. We have almost no chance to win. So we need to fight but it seems to be useless. And some idiots are ruining it (oops Starlord). I guess many fans will be sad of their favorite characters’ deaths or vanishing.

I have a feeling that Tony survived because Strange knew that he will somehow find out a solution as a smart guy. Just a speculation but Tony can figure out things. Also, this is his tragedy that he can’t quit ever and have a normal life. Eventually, I wonder what’s about the Godkiller Armor, which is made only for him.


About the Infinity Stones

Those stones are remnants of previous universes, packed into these gems. Like a neutron star in dense matter. They were at different places in the Universe and we also know their stories from previous movies, like what is shown at the Collector.

Once, Celestials were there in big numbers and the Universe was like a battle zone. Also, there is a celestial head, known as Knowhere. Maybe my knowledge about this is not so shiny but they were killed all. I wonder how the One Above All is just observing these events as the Watchers. He only shows up once for Spiderman in a comic release.

But to keep it short Thanos is one from the few according to his race and advancement with the knowledge to gather these stones and still able stay alive. The gauntlet is only bringing them together and charging their power through their ruler. Well, it is obvious, we need a device to keep them in one place and use them according to their functions.

The tragedy is that all those deaths and battles are for this gauntlet and for the stones. Btw the gauntlet in Asgard was fake OR a copy. Or both. I remember, fans got the screenshot in the first Thor movie where ice giants are running away. Hela also said it is fake. Well, it was just a vault for Odin.

Why is it important to gather the stones?

If those stones are in one place and the master smacks his fingers, the game is over. Half of the Universe needs to be wiped out. That is the ultimate goal.

To go deeper into this issues, as far as I know, Thanos tries to impress Lady Death somehow. Funny how she is more on Deadpool also lol. Well, there are still some cosmic characters whom we don’t know. The Living Tribunal and Adam Warlock, my favorite one Captain Marvel still comes etc. This is just scene no.1.  eventually.

To gather them, it is for one purpose, which Thanos only truly understands. He has fate and the Universe needs balance. That is what is the main cause, not that Thanos is a cruel alien. He has the role in this MCU Multiverse. He tells that he once denied his fate.

The Avengers almost have no power against him, meanwhile, there are scenes where he seems to be defeated. Btw that is why he doesn’t wear any armor pieces other than his torso one. He doesn’t need it because the enemies are meaningless according to his powers. Even without the stones.

The balance

It is a repeating thing in the movie and in previous ones. There is a balance in a finite universe, where there are too many heroes, there will be as much or as powerful counterforces like villains and negs. We can see the cruel and evil but it is obvious that all are playing their part in a virtual game. If a new powerful hero shows up, somebody needs to get the balance on the other side.

If he doesn’t wipe out of the population anywhere he just goes (Gamora’s home planet), they would still struggle as a nation from being poor and without food supply. Thanos knows what is the price. Half of the heroes and I guess humanity and of course, every race’s half of the population diminishes after he got his job done. Balance is restored and he knows what price did he pay.

Actually, I searched back what was that vanishing thing at the end of the movie and it seems like it is the aftereffect of his smack of fingers. But those characters may be in another timeline.

Thanos and his fate

As stated above, he suffers really. He sacrificed his stepdaughter also. Very sad how key characters are vanishing and dying. I will be curious about the next movies.

I remember years back how I was amazed by the whole story from comic books about how Thanos has his path and what would happen. Well, a movie can’t give back our imagination fully and comics but they did their best I guess. It is interesting to see how somebody has the power of a whole Universe and he can do anything. Eventually, if he doesn’t do it, somebody else should. It is the same for Adam Warlock and the Living Tribunal also and there are some other timeline universes also.

But his cinematic evolution is interesting how he turns out to be just somebody who tries to do his job, seemingly being cruel. In the end, he is sad really. This whole story is. We can call him cruel or evil as a character but eventually, it is just perception.


Well, Thor managed to get another eye lol and now he has a new weapon. That dead neutron star was unreal, also that it didn’t kill him but come on, this is a movie. It is fun and awesome.

Thor amazes me with his powers all the time and at the end, he almost gets Thanos but no use. I just wonder if Thanos watches the sunset or sunrise, what will he do next time. Eventually, this story is just half the way still.

Actually, at the end of Thanos’ victory, he is phasing into the soul gem and talking with the young Gamora. I’m curious how she will come back. That place is orange as the soul stone itself. Maybe next time Antman and the Wasp will step in with Captain Marvel also.

I’m curious how the original timeline will be corrected or modified further if it continues in the next Avengers movie. One thing is sure, that this movie was just one quick act-line and it isn’t ended yet. Without the standalones, we couldn’t see him show up.

Enjoy the movie.

The Polar Express (2004) – Understanding the magic behind the story

Here is a great animated movie, called The Polar Express. I planned to write about my insights on this movie which I really like. In my opinion, no matter how old somebody is, many of us are guarding our childish part deep inside and this one is my favorite to enjoy Christmas on my own.

To tell the truth, I don’t like this part of the year because after my family members and such others in our lives are done with giving Christmas presents (you know… “the celebration of presents” and buying for the most), they are continuing to be assholes with you. Never mind, this post is meant to be a nice insight.

So why am I watching this movie each year at or around Christmas Eve? Well, it is magical and lately in the last years as I got insight into the non-physical life and world, I realized that this whole movie is completely a so called “Astral Projection”. It is an adventure about our main character’s mind about what is real and what could be real.

It is a shared adventure with many children who experience the same thing and living the magic up for a whole night. And as the narrator tells the story at the beginning and at the end, I feel the same. It is not about believing in Santa or the magic of Christmas on my part but keeping up my good spirit and enjoy this kind of magic! No matter what happens in life, stay  good and enjoy yourself – this is a journey.

Sorry, it will take a little bit longer to read through lol. Let’s begin.

The opening about debunking Santa and the presents from parents

Our main character is keeping solid beliefs about Santa Claus that he is fake and the North Pole both. What books and lexicons are telling him is the fact. Even those newspaper parts are telling the same. But wait a minute his young sister still believes in it because she is much younger. Also keeping up a naive childish attitude which is normal. Well, I wish I could be a naive child again but I guess I never lost that part of me.

Children are full of magic and play until it is suppressed by parents and society. That is a shame. But back to the adventure.

His parents think that it would be a tragedy that he doesn’t believe. Believe is the keyword throughout the movie.

Here I need to notice something. Is it not fair in any family to force our views on our children right? I don’t like this word really, knowing where it leads people but here we have it in a relatively positive way. So his bathrobe is torn in a pocket and he is just falling off to sleep after seeing and hearing his parents. So it IS an Astral Projection! The clock stops, he thinks he just shut his eyes for a moment. And stuff is unchanged around him, seemingly everything is intact.

The Polar Express arrives on a non-existent railway

Here the train goes, I love that entry of this scene, radiator beeps like a train lol.

We could see at the beginning that there is a street with some or at least one parking car outside with snow. Now there is a train on a track. Wow!
Curiousness takes over – that is the best attitude to explore the non-physical. And he tries to find out what’s that. Now the glassy ticketer guy shows up and makes this guy insights about if he doesn’t make up his mind, he will miss something big, without being too specific. Only with the destination.

Ok he finally joins and realizes that not even he is not alone, there are many kinds of children, gaining more confidence. Of course, there is always one who is too intellectual. The story goes on and they slowly ride in front of a shopping mall where our hero only notices the mechanical Santa, being fake and taking nods on it. Oh man… belief systems, right? But everyone could be shaken. Where we search for reinforcements, we will see it.

Train represents a Consciousness ride to the unknown here.

Tickets! Tickets, please!

We arrive at Billy’s, the little shy boy’s home. He makes up his mind pretty hard but joins as our hero does his job to stop the train. Why? Well, he just feels it is right. The story goes on, now we have magical tickets and those are causing many troubles throughout the movie.

Btw it is interesting to see when our hero’s ticket is disappearing as he is taking it away in his pocket at the end of the movie.

Those tickets are now having punched in holes to show some letters… Those letters at the end of the movie are forming words for each individual according to their strong or weak parts to work on.

If we don’t have a lost ticket or the searching, of course, we don’t have the troubles on the train. Hot cocoa comes along for not being “hungry”. Well, it is a joke because along the nice representation of a dancing comedy and singing, the children barely drink a lot lol. Well, some are crashing off in sugar rush yeah! The ticket is also missing and our hero tries his best to undo his fault. Oh that fricking bathrobe pocket, right?

Tickets are personal symbols

But my best guess is that tickets are representing a personal or individual trait which is, of course, cannot be assigned to other people. Why? That is you partly, right? They are only virtual representations of you. It is like a label, represented after your personality here.

Now the ticket from the little girl is missing and she is dragged towards the back of the train wagon’s end. Well, here are some strange things happening.

The guy upstairs, living freely

This guy on the top of the train is not really a ghost. He is partly an aspect of our hero’s self, a free somebody hanging around in various worlds and also a living belief system convincer/doubter. Who tries to question our hero’s thoughts about what is real. But funny that the girl is dragged upstairs visually with the ticketer man and he just follows them. So we are here at the guy, we needed to be there.

He finds interesting that our little one doesn’t believe in ghosts. It is in itself a funny thing because he is in the non-physical and can’t even wake himself up (this alone shows how real are every dimension is) – it is not allowed until the whole scene is played out – I guess the boy’s full soul essence grabbed him to show him, he should change his thinking drastically.

Not believing causing our hero more trouble. Like going backward on the train later and seeing Scrooge from the Christmas Carol, who is a non-believer and a stone-hearted man. He need see solid evidence and even frightening scenes in his “life”.

That toy cemetery represents those grown children who are not fitted into the magic of Christmas anymore. They grew up and being an adult, brainwashed and indoctrinated. I’m not saying that we need to keep the Christmas magic in us but that we deny anything which is not fitted into the close-minded, box thinking human world. Christmas and Santa is only one aspect of being shown what is wrong with our society. Not Christmas itself is the subject but widening our perspective about what is real or possible. Especially for a child with imagination.

Freezing, really

So here they are chatting in the cold. The next strangeness is the cold and snow. Do you think in physical life, you won’t freeze? But I’m not criticizing at all! So this guy is doing his job as a seemingly adult man, who only dreams about a girl.

He goes away and helps the boy to get to the girl, the lost one. Right, these scenes are pretty awesome of rollercoastering and helping hand is there for him.

The Polar Express

Rollercoaster on big heights and lows with moose

Right, those scenes are my favorite, I guess many people like them. So the first big problem and a good reinforcement come in from this direction. Moose. The Scottish long haired funny guy’s voice is just enough for them to move on. The story is going along and everybody does their part to play it, no matter what.

I won’t be surprised if this whole action is repeated in every year in this “Universe” with different kids each year. Too bad there is a glitch or mistake in the movie. We see 5 wagons behind the smokey and in the North Pole City, there is much more as it is running in but later on that.

Now, moose are showing us that indeed, this train goes towards North. Canada huh? Right, there is nothing extraordinary of this horde, it is natural. But it is strange that the track is “now” under ice as our ticketer guy says. I found it strange that it is frozen in ice, those who planned it down maybe centuries ago could maybe lay it a little bit higher, huh? Just some intelligent build, you know… and eventually it is a movie.

Here our team tries to work together and get out and get in line with the track before they reach the entrance to the elevation for the mountain’s top. Teamwork, right with some panic lol. By the way, noticed that the little girl in the driver’s seat is not really sure about herself AGAIN? The main hero reminds me partly many times when he is just making up his mind and acts, figuring out the facts later about which one is the break. A real intelligent one. One for beliefs, one for being a leader.

The mountaintop and the Aurora

Wow, it is interesting to see that a magical train climbs up to a mountaintop on a spiral road and goes towards a very high attitude bridge. The ticketer now speaks about a magical occurrence that “somebody or something” helped him a long time ago on the train. Just as our ghost guy helped our hero to pull them up on the ice – oops forgot it huh! Btw it would be a vomiting ride, going back on the same track lol!

Now the ticket is checked and we have a little song at the end of the last wagon. Well, I like it in Hungarian (my main language) and in English too. A real heart touching one for being together as children, being enough clean to not get hang up on arguments about anything as an adult.

Their Billy’s main problem is his present which he wants (a representation of his family and how they are lacking). Later he will learn that he needs to trust in the process. The girl is full of heart and singing together.  She needs some bravery to open up to her full potential.

The pretty Aurora which I love so much as a natural occurrence lights up and there we go the big Northern City of North Pole. Noticed the shape of the city from the airline? Very well designed.

The Polar Express

In the City and the trouble with the jingle bell

Right, The Polar Express, our too much-wagoned train (lol) arrives at this magical big city and we arrived “in time”. Noticed that time is not even existing? Non-physical world huh? Well, our intelligent one points it out a few times besides his egoistic attitude.

The young ones are getting into trouble again. Our ghost guy shows the breaks. Wait a minute how did he manage to appear on that exact wagon? After they got the ride into a parking lot deep under the city, there is a pause.

The young girl points out the direction and throughout the movie gains more confidence in her leadership. Billy gains more trust towards his friends. Our hero is still doubting.

Ok, here we go the streets and the stuck melody. Everybody is away of work (the elves) – the job is done and celebration comes after a big project. Our fellows are chatting about the direction. Finally, the girl gains the leadership again and she is so sure where is the jingle voice.

Funny that a jingling something captures her attention just enough to keep her curiosity up? Planned action on a bigger scale, huh?

The HQ and the ride in the tube

We are at the HQ and seeing some elves discussing a boy’s revenge of being bad lol. Santa doesn’t let anybody without presents. Presents are representing so many things: love, joy, surprise, spirit, good mood, friendship, being not left out etc.

Soon, we can see how massive this whole city is, even underground. Some decades or even hundreds of years may pass by? Being clear Santa and this whole issue is a supply and demand thing. As long as it started to be a needed thing to supply children with presents, the industry began. It is about children and their happiness btw.

We are at the covering/packaging place, well, Billy causes the next trouble of his present. A pretty strange occurrence again… he is the only one, right there who suddenly sees his present, wow. Coincidences, right? After a slide, we arrive at the big bag full of presents. Well, how the hack will Santa ride it, yeah?

A strange thing which I noticed that there is no story about the glassy smart one. I mean how the heck did he jump in the bag? I guess he was smart enough to get lost of the group and stealth in there somehow. Or this is a glitch in the whole scene because, in the physical Universe, you just can’t appear suddenly elsewhere, relative to your actual position some 50-100’s meters away.

On air and being on the square

Our elves know their job really, this is obviously not the first year and not the last. The big glowing star is restored and let’s run to the square. Our heroes are in an individual manner jumping down to the other’s and our ticketer guy notices that the smart one was missing.

He is not even arguing with the three main characters, did you notice it? Only positive words. Non-physical guide maybe…

Ringing bells. Ringing? Our hero doesn’t even hear that! Not even when “time” slows down and one from the row crushes in front of him. Ok ok, he now believes, tries it really. Wow, the bell is ringing! Here I tend to elevate the volume up to hear that nice spiritual chorus of showing Santa in the reflection : )

Surprise, surprise, he CAN see Santa and talk with him. Magical right? I like that glowing aura of Santa too. Now the next big thing is that he is selected for the first yearly gift after he points out the 4 main fellows personality.

What does he wish? I have only guesses, the bell and/or his new friends. Ok times up, we need to go home.

Santa rides

Mr. C. goes on high with those nice raindeers and the music begins, we are ready to go home. The interesting thing that the clock is alerting after we are done with Santa’s show. Btw that rainbow whip is pretty nice.

The tickets are now gaining full meaning and some of them are gaining more values than others. Finally, all of the children learned something for sure. Some of them are asking back the meaning and what is supposed to mean, but wait a minute our main hero boy is warned that he needs to keep that word only to himself? Wow.

Could it be that our ticketer glassy guy is an aspect of this boy? Surely. He sometimes speaks out little stories about his Christmases. Could it be that the ticketer is the boy’s “future self”?

Being Home and being safe

Everybody goes home now, the train stops at the first destinations surely and Billy is hugged warmly as he needed it. He has a harder time in the society with this family background, being poor. Our hero just speaks out a thought, thinking about is this only a dream?

YES and NO! Come on, you are living up a huge story being much more alive and being as real as the physical world and doubting yourself… Believe! : ) We know it was real.

Many people tend to question their dreams like that. They were real.

Our boy also needed to trust the process as Billy and also he learned to believe too. He lost it long ago and he now can share this and his story with his little sister. So long his girlfriend and now as he wakes up, the whole pocket damage scenario plays out again.

The final thought

Doubt? Was that only a dream? I Don’t think so. The little train model under the tree reminds us of the Polar Express and they got the missing bell. All right, He lost it right? That damn pocket.

But surprise, Santa tried to be sure that the year’s first present is delivered surely. The children both can hear the bell’s ringing but the parents are unable to hear it. Sad thing, it represents that the Christmas as a celebration is long time lost in spirit adults’ spirit. Don’t misunderstand me, it represents many things according to people around the world and this is a classic tree-presents-Santa-magic type but here we have a certain form all along the movie.

Our hero is now in narrative mode and this was a big memory as a movie.

He still hears the bell as being old and after even his sister stopped hearing it, it is still in our guy’s heart deep inside. Well, he learned that if he doesn’t need to gather enough evidence to see something is fake. He just tried it and it worked. What if he never tries it?

Wasn’t it magical? Watch it and live up the magic. Forget what other’s are thinking about you, enjoy yourself. This not really about beliefs but the magic!

Edited on 7th of april in 2018.

The reality of Doctor Strange (2016) movie

I guess so many people saw this Marvel movie, titled Doctor Strange in 2016. Maybe most of them are just being amazed by spiritual and mystical stuff in it.

Let’s see what is the actual real thing behind the scenes. Don’t ever forget that movies are fictional just like that characters in them. They are based on real things and most of the characters are made up of various aspects of human expectations.

Also, movies are controlled environments for washing human minds many times and forcing you “facts” which are false and limiting, making you believe in them. Just don’t forget this and to use common sense in your life.

Comic characters, as far as I know, are created for entertainment and because they are individually representing human expectations and powers. Some are representing magic, some are superhuman strength, also some are another aspects of human nature. Eventually, just have fun!

doctor strange

About movies first

Marvel and DC movies, just like any other fictional movies are giving us so much fun many times. But maybe people tend to think that reality is highly contained in them. Now this movie is representing so much mystical belief systems that I wonder how many people joined the new age beliefs since then.

Astral Projection is very real and achievable of course but the label is a misnomer for various reasons.

And don’t take my words too seriously. I highly enjoy these movies and having fun. I’m not really critical about these movies basically : )

Doctor Strange is one of the most powerful MCU heroes who have much more power with the infinity stone than regular heroes. It is for rule what he wants to, like time. I don’t have any insight into comic books, never read any really but it is just a movie with a fictional character. Of course, I know what is needed about him. The problem arises when people tend to accept that what is being represented is real.

Special effects vs. the non-physical world’s realness

It is just so cool to see what today’s CGI technic could represent, so no bad words on this really : ) Just some comments here.

The non-physical can be just like the physical, more real many times. It all depends on the individual’s experience and awareness. You are not really going anywhere, only your mind interprets movement which you learned as a byproduct, being human.

Human concepts are stored on our NP mind’s “drive” and we are interpreting the non-physical by our concepts. The NP can be much real than the physical. Also showing evidence that all other worlds are as real as our primary one, meaning that we are eternal and coming from the NP originally. The Sun is not revolving around Earth!

People who are advanced in the etheric or RTZ projections. They already experimented many times with seeing their body parts, some people saw blueish starlight thingy skin as their “energy body” but the movie representation is only symbolic so to speak. But it is very cool indeed. Well, here it is yellowish.

Materialistic Dr. Strange and his knowledge to keep himself limited

There is a saying, you just don’t get a brain after a university degree or diploma. People never understand this if you are saying it to materialistic and box minded people. Quite the opposite, they call you idiot and defend themselves like a child. They are defending their ego like hell and keeping themselves limited. No surprise how materialistic indoctrination does its job on the most. Here we have our doctor.

The “initial” Strange is represented as a highly egoistic materialistic man, who only believes in what he can see, count or being physical. He denies just everything else which doesn’t fit into his limited worldview. This alone represents human’s box-mind, the limited thinking which we just learn automatically from our dumb parents. They are also box-minded. It takes time and effort to get break free. He is not so different as we see it.

Stephen gets a serious injury and keeps talking with the same kinds of people like him, about what is possible and what is not. This is the natural human mind, what we believed in our life is what we became. But the big difference in him according to others is his willpower to never give up. He needs to go for his goal until the end of the world. Very smart.

Getting angry and trying to heal his hands

The biggest problem with finding a solution is right at the beginning. He realizes what is happening when he just doesn’t get help from anybody because they can’t think outside the medical box. Also tossing his girlfriend away in anger. Well, we can choose whatever we would like to do but life will kick in the butt of being angry towards others.

In the beginning, he is experiencing a slowed down healing process. Madness is already there, being broken mentally and financially.

Here, it is forcing, a well known human natural phenomenon. If healing was there but not enough fast or seemingly stopped, we tend to force it further. This whole situation needs a completely otherworldly mindset. To look deep inside and see what is the cause. Healing starts in the mind, with your intent.

Healing from your mind

This issue is true from a few ones from the movie. Your mind decides (the real you), what will happen, how your body regenerates.

If you don’t stop repeating the same blocking thoughts all over again, you will be ruined as long as you keep fueling the bad and not concentrating on the solution. It can be really hard to not get lost in a bad physical condition indeed.

Your intent behind your thoughts is modifying physical problems and outside problems also. It takes time, that is why most people will be impatient and giving it up. That is why if a weakly minded somebody does this, it won’t happen.

What the “Ancient One” teaches – forget what you know (it is useless)

If you want to heal an injury, it is up to your willpower, your mind and creating the probable outcome with beliefs. You don’t need to believe in medicine, science or anything else, just in your healing power! Basically, that is the message but it is partly wrong.

The wider reality will catch up to your actual physical perspective. Well, people can heal diseases if they found the root cause, of course, nothing new here. Their own will is the key but many want to just “die” unconsciously.

People also think from the indoctrination that the physical universe is the only one. Not really, there are just countless ones and the non-physical world is endless. This movie as I saw like to represent the non-physical as the hostile and peaceful world but it is not like that. Also, don’t get caught up on that everything is accurate in this movie. Some concepts are the opposite.

The Astral world as a misconception

Now Astral dimensions and every “Astral” like words are jokes in reality. It is representing an everlasting belief system about the non-physical from centuries. It is useless if people try to explore it. You don’t have an astral body, only your perception changes to another channel of existence. You can see first hand that you are immortal, only your viewpoint was too restricted.

And still… people try to cling to these old mystical belief systems and believe what others are saying. You are a non-physical entity, experiencing a chosen human type life, it is a game. You are the movie director partly.

As Strange is a character, we are all some kinds of characters as individuals.

So when the projection scene starts and he just shoots up to space it is a well known RTZ belief system that you fly up and experience space. Of course, the visuals are only representing how his own mind interprets shooting through various dimensions and worlds. Entering through wormholes like dimensional membranes. Your thoughts are becoming reality before you, instantly, this is the message here.

Creating a portal with his hands?

Strange’s limited mind is still there and it is represented not directly that it is very hard for somebody physically thinker to open up to the wider reality if he/she was brainwashed about what is actually possible in this world and not by those who control everything and keeping us dumb. That actual double ring is just an object in which the user projects its mind power.

Decades of indoctrination about what is real and possible does its job on the vast majority.

Give up the control, well it is very true if we try to grasp how the NP works. It is useful to try not to control conscious projection attempts too. Be passive and observe just everything without emotional reactions. But here we have the significance of beliefs.

Sitting and reading at your bed while “out of body”?

It is shown as a “Real Time Zone” projection but it has nothing to do with your body. Now when you are there it is a buffer zone, you are no longer observing the physical world, not even your body. You CAN see your body because you fear it’s death. That’s all, you are creating it like that idiotish astral cord. Furthermore, your expectations are creating overlays between other dimensions.

RTZ is this mirror dimension here. It is not really working like what is represented, it is pure CGI visual. For first-timers, it is the best advice to get as far as they can from their recent body’s position or they will be sucked back to the physical, ending the whole experience in no time. That is a well-experienced fact.

You are not entering into NP dimensions like a handshake, it is not working like that. You need a strong NP focus to detach your viewpoint from your physical body. Many times an empty mind with concentration. It becomes faster over time and practice. Some people are pros in this.

Reading is very difficult in the NP. If you try to concentrate on alphabet letters or words, sentences, it is just starting to be very messy soon. What you learned about language is only useful in the physical world. Communication is telepathic in the NP  and it is translated into your language automatically.

Movement in the non-physical

You can experience actual physical-like movement just as you may travel with your body. But you don’t have any, only a partly energetically created. We don’t move anywhere because everything is existing at the same spot (just an illusion).

Time and space is nothing there, only here as a ruleset. Movement is interpreted with the mind as any structures and visuals.

Time’s role

Time is only existing in physical dimensions. It is an illusion for the game as aging and being in life situations for “a certain amount of time”.

Too bad, the movie shows that events are coming from the physical world towards some kind of eternal bad being lol. It is the other way and maybe there are worlds where it is much worse than here. It is just a movie with eternal and non-eternal beings battling each other like Thor, Odin, or Earthly heroes. Maybe Thanos who will obviously demolish the Universe later. Oops, spoiler : )

Kick someone’s ass and “kill” him in the RTZ lol

Well meanwhile it is cool to see how the CGI technic now showing us very amazing things represented on the screen, it is just a joke that you just jump “out” of your “body” and see the physical world as you are now on another dimensional scale in parallel mode.

It is fun indeed to see a fight or an effect with a transparent appearance but it is a little bit dumb. You can’t kill anybody in a parallel non-physical reality. Even if you are close to the physical world in the buffer zone. Your body is asleep at that time.

Kicked out in the NP? Hurting somebody? Killing a spirit? Indeed you can punch into a wall or crash into something but you will only experience the impact without any “damage”. That is now rather funny. Entertainment.

Everything has consequences

A hidden message which is told many times by Mordo. We have choices and every path we chose have it’s own end result. It is about life but here it is obviously for some kind of battle gathering behind the scenes (Thanos?). Well, he is taking this business too seriously.

And finally where I just laughed, the closing post-credit scene in the last minutes. When J. Pangborn is working at his place, our now negative hero Mordo just steals his “chakra”. At this point, I burst in laughing from this CGI solution because the chakra nonsense is just a representation of a western belief system.

It’s his manipulated energy which keeps him physically well functioning.


Eventually, Mordo represents the realization of what is wrong with the balance of the physical world. Reminds me of Batman vs. Superman where Man of Steel realizes for some time that in that world, people can’t be good.

Finally, don’t take this post seriously! Enjoy the movie, I like it really too as magic also. I only represented what is real and what is not, according to how movie entertainment is showing stuff to the masses and makes too many reinforcements what is spread since centuries in human history.

Well, bad things happened when the Dragon Ball series came out in my country too and the government just stopped broadcasting it. Young children couldn’t make difference what is real according to that cartoon series which I also like and they just hurt themselves badly, some just jumped off some big heights ending in the hospital.

I hope you liked my analysis here.

Edited on 1st of may in 2018.