What is our physical body? What is its main purpose?

Do you know what is your physical body or what is the purpose of the physical body? This topic has been debated for thousands of years and there are many worldviews about it. Most of them are objective and self-centered. Meaning, that we still tend to believe that we are our body and outlook. No matter if we try to catch its deepest purpose from religions, mystical sources, or from science, most of these theories and “truths” are guessings. But we are thinking funnily that we are a physical vehicle for consciousness. We are consciousness, a formless entity.

This is a fact, not another religious or mystical nonsense. You can experience these facts too.

You may see at least from this article that we are simply denying our thoughts and the inner world we have. It is constantly being projected and reflected back from our body and outlook, physical condition, etc. What we eat and drink or ingest are the byproducts of our thinking patterns and nothing else. Nothing is an illness or disease, just an inner mental condition which you are not changing. Most people will keep abusing themselves and denying the fact that they are doing it. They will blame the outside world, food, government, and others.

Some conditions are hard to change and some are easy. The question is, do you want to be well or change? It needs the effort to take into your life! Let’s see what is the main purpose of the physical body or physical vehicle. And you can bet that it is not about evolution or being inside a body. Evolution in physical realities are just making these bodies more advanced for physical, civilized life. To let us do more advanced stuff other than what our animal kingdom friends are doing.

The physical body is a tool for consciousness

We have a physical body because we need to interact with physical objects. This is that simple. We are formless and we don’t need a body normally as we are non-physical entities or whatever you call it. We are normally not living in physical realities because these systems are made by us to let us experience with limits. Limits are needed to let ourselves being challenged. The body needs energy and nutrition to carry us anywhere after our commands. It is working in the space-time construct. You need energy and effort to move in this reality. In the non-physical, we don’t need it.

But without a physical vehicle, a suit, or whatever we should call it objectively, we can’t interact with the physical reality. Our reality or Universe has a certain ruleset like gravity, lightspeed, and others. And other systems are way different. To let us experience a certain reality, we need to born into that system, like an entrance that allows consciousness to explore it. You integrate or rather focus your primary attention from the point where the womb is there. When we are sleeping, we are focusing away from this reality and body. We are not in any body. This is automatic.

physical body

We were never in a body or inside a brain, we are using a body, being fully integrated to focus our primary attention through 5 physical senses normally and we can interact by this way. If you don’t know how the physical world feels like, looks like, you don’t know how it works and you can’t tell others in the non-physical about it. That’s that simple. We don’t notice this fact because we got caught up in our civilization’s drama, materialism, and pain.

While you, consciousness select a race, a society, a timeline to try it out, it doesn’t matter what form you are using, you need a physical body to explore that life. Look at it as a vehicle into which you focus your primary attention or for simple-minded people, you enter and exit upon falling asleep and at death. When you are asleep or in any other altered states of conscious awareness, you are focusing your primary attention elsewhere and maybe into a different body focus. Like parallel lives. Because all of your lives are already happening, so forget reincarnation. This is a fact which you can prove to yourself with dedication. You can’t even imagine what it means infinity when I mention an infinite number of physical realities.

The physical body is the vehicle for you

As you may found this site and started reading it, it turns out pretty fast that most of your beliefs about who you are and about the physical vehicle are mostly false or flawed. We just need to accept the fact that we live in a system where nobody learns a useful thing other than what is needed to fit into our slavery system. But we don’t need to follow others.

In this case, you don’t need to follow ideas and theories about guesses that you are your body or brain. Figure it out by yourself! This issue is a repeated thought on this site. To let people know how blinded we are when the topic is about “who we are”.

To summarize up this issue, the physical body is needed for physical life. No matter how you look like, some may have difficulties or challenges which we set up for sure but we don’t accept it. Somebody in a wheelchair may experience it as a curse and obese people either. But these are challenges and it is much harder to do something to change the body. But we can. We have challenges because we can change and experience from them.

The physical body is thought responsive and emotion responsive!

And here is the gem from this article. Don’t look at this as something which works in some days or a week. We need to give in tremendous effort most of the time to change our outlook (sports), to stop having bad eating habits (obesity), and to do something about it. We can change our body, just look at all of those workout people and fitness models. I’m lean and tall but I know that with much more protein and exercise I can be very muscular over some months or years. With effort and dedication.

Look at all the people with cancer. They did tremendous effort to abuse themselves. Some may release all the stress and emotional baggage in some weeks and they will be healed. The difficulty is in our mindset and feelings.

I already wrote about this issue in an older article about cancer and how we are doing it to ourselves. I would bet surely that most people won’t believe it because most people are living in denial. We just don’t accept our daily thoughts and that we are emotionally abusing our body. What is inside your mind and inner being is being projected always into your body first. Outside.

If it is accumulating (and it IS) over weeks, months and years, you can manifest all the nasty stuff like all the diseases and cancers. The body is a filter towards the outside world. You can influence your body much faster than the outside world. Because you can!

physical body

Diseases and cancers with all the other health conditions are NON-existent in the sense that if you stop abusing yourself with your thoughts and emotions, it can be reversed and you can be healed by yourself. Instead of whining and complaining, try it out. Remember, it requires effort and dedication.

Our body is an inner representation of our expectations about life in short. It is a SPONGE of beliefs and emotions. The more you send out your thoughts and you abuse yourself, the more it will react and change. It is a sponge or rather a filter of your inner activity. No, not from a brain, it is just a tool for you. The body will do whatever you are doing with it. We would diminish all the diseases and illnesses if we would accept this. But we are living in a big chaos of emotional turmoil because most people have low level of self-awareness.


So the takeover is to remember always that you are not your body but you are controlling it. And yes, you are making those changes over a long time before something nasty happens with it. Also, we are creating these diseases according to the local accumulation of our thoughts and suppressed emotions where it appears. Don’t blame the outside world. Unless a chemical disease or an accident happens we are doing it. All the bad eating habits and other stuff, we always have at least a slight choice. If somebody abuses you mentally and it causes this physically, don’t let yourself to be dragged down! Life is too short for this.

We should rather love our body and give the necessary love and nutrition to it because we need it for physical life. Surely we are abusing it at the first place because we live in a world with full of cruelty and pain but we can do something about it. We see this self-abusing behavior from TV, from others and everything is about materialism. You are the only person who can solve your mental issues because you can change for your own good.

I hope this helps, share the site, and if you can, please, support it!

What happens to people after death who commit suicide?

People who commit self-violence or suicide will have their own consequences after death or transition. There are no nice things in this and I will explain how it goes from what I know so far about this topic. As usual, there is no place for guessing but still, I can’t tell you for 100% sure that this is the way for everybody (I mean how they end up in the NP). At least this site built for the sake to explain these too to everybody without BS talk, beliefs and others.

I knew also somebody from my family who died in cancer and talked to me about how hard it was to get lost from that emotional loop. Even if this person wouldn’t talk about it, I already knew how it goes from my personal experiences, being a conscious sleeper.

Suicide is not a good thing and it is very easy to fall into this emotional trap in our world situation. It is just enough when somebody can’t let go of problems in daily life. Maybe it is about an emotional pain which we can’t stop from a relationship. Maybe it is caused by financial problems, that we can’t get by no matter what we try to do. It is very easy to start it and fuel it furthermore. In the non-physical world where we are dreaming, it is instant. Here, we have “time” to stop it. It is one of the biggest lessons from living a physical life.

Let’s see how it goes, at least what happens potentially to these people on the other side. Actually, the Afterlife places are real but we are coming from there and returning back so it is not accurate to talk about before or after because there is no time in the non-physical world.


Before you try to grab some words out of the context (because I’m sure, self-defensive people can find this article too), you need to understand that this is not blaming about anybody or anything, we are doing this to ourselves. I could actually explain this phenomenon in some sentences but I do care about people who want to learn from this.

Suicide or self-violation is a very common thing in our world because we take life too seriously

If our life wouldn’t be serious we wouldn’t take it seriously also and we wouldn’t learn a thing. We come to physical lives to learn and grow in our basic nature. And of course, we try out things in our best interest.

Let’s talk about emotions and how we are ruining our own life. I will write a whole article about the emotional loop problem later about the physical world life and how it works in the non-physical world. Especially when we realize in our dreams that we are still alive and wide awake in a thought responsive world. At least most readers will find a lot about these on the site already being discussed. Billions don’t know so much about all of these because they don’t care, they don’t find reliable sources and they are unable to digest it or comprehend it.

Suicide is something which directly comes from an emotional loop and we are doing this to ourselves as I mentioned. But how it works? This article is not about discussing the emotional loop issue but maybe in another article.

Basically, the life situation in which people end up and which will cause them the thought train to commit suicide or self-violence is already a very strong emotional situation. We run on emotions and most of humanity doesn’t even realize it. We will run into things which will reinforce our worldview about how cruel and bad the world is, finding all the excuses to end this for ourselves. I guess most of us were already in some kind of depression already at once. It is very easy to concentrate on the negativity. I was there too many times but not this deeply.

It is just enough to lose somebody in our life to whom we were emotionally attached to. Many people are experiencing it. Even losing an ex and clinging to him/her like an emotionally infant child. Because we are, I mean most people are. We can’t let go the other one because we never grew up to enjoy our own company alone. If we learn to love and enjoy ourselves, we can spread the same to others. It is a big difference when we compare this with being introverted or “antisocial”. Maybe antisocial people know this better, they don’t want to being drained.

It is not just about the other person or relationships but about our own life and perception. Actually, the primary source is you. The outside world is a big test ground about how you deal with it. What most people notice from it is the game itself. The game is not good or bad from a multidimensional perspective but the main cause we try it out.


It is enough to start the emotional loop and the downward spiral starts

When you are in an emotional situation, it is the same when you are doing it in your Lucid Dreams in the non-physical world. In short, while we have time to stop this in the physical reality, we don’t have in the NP. Simply put, you will create a never-ending loop of emotional pain and chaos until you can’t handle it anymore. We have this great opportunity to explore the non-physical world and learn about ourselves with these tools right now.

We live in a world where the internet and other mediums are giving us these resources from people who experienced these. And we are truly in a global awakening period where more and more people realize about these and start to search for their answers. But most of them are doing it the stupid way. They will find the closest, resonating beliefs and stay there. Same for finding the first Google search results, calling this as “research”.

So, this is a very good reason why we live a physical life. These people who commit suicide or self-violence are not losers or weak people, they just never learned about these. Their personality has these weak spots. Or this was their biggest life lesson. The decision is always ours to keep torturing ourselves or asking for help. Well, help won’t really come as a useful thing when we talk about medications and hospitals.

When the emotional loop kicks in, it builds up automatically. The actual person can’t find ways to good things, they will reinforce their negative feelings because they can’t simply concentrate on the good. We can call this like confirmation bias and we all tend to do it to a lesser-bigger degree. We will find excuses to do it and make it worse. Many of these people want this from an unknown reason, it is easier to continue with it. Or maybe many are doing it to let others know about their situation. Most people always try to look towards the outside world, forgetting that it is not them.

Younger generations are just attaching themselves to these bad situations until they make it worse. Older people are doing it from a bad habit and from very long-lasting events, like a marriage or anything around. The most may think and believe that they live once and who cares, after death, it will be over finally. Not really. But we are doing this to ourselves. This is the life lesson, the most can’t handle emotions and they think the outside world is doing it to them, playing a victim mode. It is quite the opposite and this is not about blaming. We don’t accept the consequences, childishly.

Why this is a huge life lesson and why transitioned people will have a very hard time to stop their emotional bubble?

So these people who will actually end up in death, doing it by themselves somehow still can have one or more Near Death Experience (NDE) before transitioning. Maybe their guides will meet them in the non-physical in a form which resonates with the person’s beliefs, religion (angels) and then it will be told that you must come back to do your job. We came here for a reason.

It is not about forcing you or anything, we wanted a life experience. They only do their job on the original side. If we would suddenly know our life purpose and look through the whole game, what purpose would have this physical reality, right?


Some will learn from this, become scared of torturing themselves and change. Others will repeat the same, they don’t care, they THINK they can escape this cruel world. Wait a minute! We came into this cruel world because we can learn and grow from these challenges.

Who would learn from a civilization where everything is nice and good and there is no conflict? Of course, we don’t know about this, right? What we learn from birth is not enough for anything when we try to understand ourselves.

And here you go, the biggest misunderstanding what people believe. And you can test it in your dreams, Lucid Dreams, via Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience, etc. But people want to escape. This is one more reason why we live this life, we need to grow up.

You keep existing and you are in trouble!

The game just continues after committing suicide or self-violence. Really. We are all torturing ourselves because we don’t understand the base rules of that given reality and we have free will to do it.

These people believe that if they do it, the pain and emotional turmoil are finally over, they are free. No. Not at all. I’m not spreading fear, I’m explaining how it goes and giving the insight. These people will drop their physical body focus (thinking we are in a body or brain mistakingly) and we won’t have a body at all now. With a great chance, nothing changed with death, you are maybe in the same room or building, still using a body which is there because you expect to have one. Many of these people are still in their own emotional interplay at a familiar place.

In the non-physical at Afterlife regions, we can shred down our pre-existence and drop the body image and character. It was NEEDED for that life, like a character in a Sims simulation game. If we wouldn’t have a physical body to control, we couldn’t even touch physical objects in a physical Universe. What we do automatically is identifying ourselves with that body, look and character with the attributes. Well, it is needed to avoid ruining your own life and the main goal about which you came with others.

Here, you are in a thought responsive world which you can try out via your sleep with the approaches above and what I’m always talking about on the site of how it works. We are multidimensional basically. We focus our primary attention into a body, starting from a womb and we can experience physical life WITH it. But we are not that body. It is a tool.


Afterlife places are real and we are coming from there

Despite the fact that some religions are believing in it, it is real. Of course, it is more complex than a man-made religion. When you die like this, you will end up in a familiar place which you knew in your pre-existence. This means that if you are able to meet a friend of yours, being dead from the suicidal act and you are practiced projector or Lucid Dreamer, you can visit them. These places are there with countless other places in Focus 3 if you read the article series on the site. It is like a supply and demand thing, like a physical life detox.

Guides will take care of them (theirs, we all have ours) and they will try to make them clear with the circumstances alone that they finished their life but in a way which still hurts them. We don’t have a body there, still we are looking like the same. I can’t say for sure that we are all ending up like that if we die from self-violence but it goes like this with a great chance, knowing how this multiversal educational system works. Some may go to healing centers where they will be helped to get lost that life. Just like people dying from an emotional loop again, having cancer. It is not always caused by outside stuff, medicines, nuclear stuff.

Everybody is in their own emotional bubble (literally) in this case. They don’t react to outside influence or notice you if you are next to your friend or family member. They are simply in a never-ending emotional and thought loop, like a bubble where they can’t see further than their nose. Actually, most of humanity does that here too. We are not so different there, our basic nature stays the same. What will we carry back? Our mindset and emotional baggage.

What people are doing after dying from suicide or self-violence is, they are escaping from their own emotional loop and mindset and they think they can end this in one sitting. Even if somebody denied the whole Afterlife thing, they will be very “alive” there. We deny it because most people still don’t know that it is there and we are not our body or humanity as a race. We experience separation and being alone but actually the opposite is true.


Nobody punishes these people for anything, we are doing it to ourselves. If we realize what we did, we will maybe plan out a different physical life and try it for the same reason. Not in a reincarnational order because it doesn’t exist, we live our lives right now, all of them. We have time here to stop doing it and learn from it. It has consequences. No, nobody ends up in hell or places like that. It is their own “hell” if we play with the words.

Guides will help these people to stop doing this by giving hints, trying to influence these entities’ thinking (because we are not humans at all, just our body) and they will try to bomb them out from this bubble. But we need to work for it and realize this. In Earthly time, it may take up to thousands or millions of years but this is just a representation of the situation.

Maybe guides will transport others there who are able to help and they can bomb them out. Then the person is ready to move on. It seems to be cruel and sad but it is just experience. Nobody punishes anybody.

In the end, the main fallacy and misunderstanding come down from one thing, we think we can escape our own mindset and emotional situation. We need to learn emotional passivity. And we need to learn that life is hard for the reason to learn from something and gain a better understanding of ourselves, our blocks and to become better towards love and kindness. This world is bad, cruel and hard but we should rather concentrate on the good things, helping each other and remember that we stay the same. We should improve ourselves rather concentrating on killing each other and ruining others’ lives.

I hope this article will help many people and they will share it. Many of our life problems are coming from the same fact, we don’t know from reliable sources what happens to us after death and we don’t know even about dreams and that we are immortal, using a body for the game. This site was built from this main reason. We can know about most of the things. Living in denial and religious beliefs won’t save anybody at all but it is up to each individual.

Now you know what to do with a great chance. Emotions are doing it all with our mindset.

You can actually meet with these people if you knew somebody from your life and learned from their mistake. It takes effort and willingness to learn more to life and about yourself. Start with Lucid Dreaming or Astral Projection.

Share the site with your friends and support me if you can. Thank you and enjoy reading on the site. Educate yourself here.

Shadow Person near your bed – Is it real and how to deal with it?

I tend to write sometimes about shadow people or about this shadow person topic (it is the same) and to help people realize what a nightmare or false awakening is. Here, I don’t discuss the false awakening, that’s another topic. I know that some people don’t want to accept the fact that they are experiencing a reality overlay and they think, that character is external from them and it is really there. Well, it is and it is not.

One thing is to defend a belief or fear and another thing is to understand how it works. If some people don’t try to understand how it works, I think they deserve to suffer from this same thing. Really. We need to work for our goals unfortunately, otherwise, why are we in physical life? If you want to help yourself, this site and my help will do it. Be open. Be brave.

There are certain people who have their night terrors near their bed or in their room, house, etc. It doesn’t matter where. It is happening in the non-physical world but they think they are awake. Even if they are physically awake and it is still there, it is because your focus on that character is still strong. I repeat it, you can be totally awake in your bed but you can still experience it as it is maybe as solid as a real person!

You are creating it and reinforcing your beliefs, expectations. This is a very common phenomenon and a basic misunderstanding about the whole thing. I can’t help those who don’t listen to the good word because their scientific or religious indoctrination just doesn’t allow them to be open. You need to be open to the solution. Test it out, it can’t hurt you. Otherwise, when will you face your fears if not now?

Shadow person, shadow people, night terrors, abductions, fear-based stuff are all the same in their basic nature!

We tend to make up these categories in our society because we experience these differently but they are the same in their basic nature. You are scaring yourself and thinking it is external to you. You think like that because this is how you experienced your physical life until now and you can’t think via other means. That’s okay but changing your thinking can help a lot. Do it for yourself.

The non-physical world where dreams are taking place – no matter if you are unconscious or fully aware – is a subjective, thought responsive world. If you have fears like this one, it will be reinforced many times until the character itself stays solid and haunts you. This whole system is made up to train us and others. We need to face our fears or it is like a waste of time living a physical life in this sense. This physical reality is a tiny part of this system, so it doesn’t matter where you are wide awake!

It can be that others will have these shadow persons for the first time, they see it in a simulation or in the Real Time Zone. About RTZ, check the Focus Model. The place doesn’t matter.

Maybe in their physical room when they wake up. I repeat it. It is because you are still holding the previous connection IN your mind with the non-physical or Dreamland. It is not somewhere else, the non-physical is there where you are. It is not in your head, you are the mind, the observer. You are just opening up these doors to the unknown for yourself.

The physical realities, Universes like ours are a tiny fraction of the Multiverse which stems OUT from the non-physical world and we are coming from there to live limited lives. This means that we have “time” to learn from these and manage our fears. We have time to explore the non-physical, our true nature, etc.

shadow person

How to stop this shadow person problem?

As I already share this issue at the Shadow People topic, you can only solve this problem if you learn emotional passivity in your daily life. Because you are the same in the non-physical world. You are carrying back the same personality and behavior back to the Afterlife places after you are done here. It is pretty problematic to see how our society doesn’t know a thing about it.

If you managed to practice becoming emotionally passive to many life situations, you need to learn that you are creating your own fears. You can make yourself even remember before each time you fall asleep that you will stay passive and don’t react to anything. Just be an observer!

If you stop giving fuel to even this experience, you will be good at it. Try to face it. Go there, stare into its eyes or hug the entity. Maybe it will disappear on its own. Maybe it was a guide of yours the whole time and you distorted its appearance all along! Or just turn around and walk out. Don’t give a damn but note that it is from you. Its power is just as real as you expect to be that way.


Why is this phenomenon so common in our world? Because we tend to interpret the same thing almost the same way just like others. Alike people will do it a similar way. If you have religious beliefs about non-existent demons, it will be like that. It seems to be real and it is maybe there but because you expect to be that way and reinforcing it. Remember that this is an educational system. Your daily life is a tiny fraction of it with full of noise. Most people on our planet have no idea why are they human beings.

Be brave, curious and the results will be much better. You will have much more and better experiences. Maybe full-blown non-physical experiences in other worlds, in Afterlife regions, who knows. Your guidance tries to wake you up to the fact, that you are causing your own nightmares.

This whole experience is just as real as you tend to think it is real. If you are still fueling it with religious ideas and beliefs, you are in trouble for a while. It may disappear but you will need to deal with it again. Same for regular nightmares. Just try to think about what if you drop these preconceived beliefs and you just stay open? These are your fear tests in your multidimensional life.

Check other articles on the site, the selection is plenty! I hope I could help you to understand this. Share the site and support me if you can in my work here. Enjoy reading here!

ADHD – Why you have it and why it is relatively unreal!

Many people “suffer” these days from ADHD or from attention deficit and the medical industry will categorize them like that. It is for the sake of making money out of their useless treatments and sell toxic chemicals. Some other people will get their job from treating them personally without telling a useful thing about this. And as usual, common sense is non-existent in our society. I will explain why you never had any condition and that everybody has this nonsense ADHD. Just take one step back and read it.

The truth is that we can’t keep our attention on one target at one time in our daily life. We are bombarded with technological stuff, news, fear-spreading, games to play, antisocial media sites, false pieces of information, etc. We can’t pay attention to only one thing at the same time for too long. This is an attention deficit. Some may try to help it with meditation and it surely helps. You are FULL of civilizational stuff each day and you can’t concentrate. It starts at school where you can’t race with other “normal” people. And you are normal too with your own limits!

So in short, there are NO real disorders or conditions, these industries are making them up with scientific “evidence” and with group results to fund these nonsense, money-making problems. If somebody falls into these as a prey, it is not easy to get out. Most people need to believe in these because they believe in science and don’t do a slight research at all. But mostly, we don’t know in general what we are, what our mind is capable of. There is too much information-overload out there with mostly distorted “truths”.


Before defensive people would like to read this, just think before you say a thing. I share my help and solutions for people here. ADHD is as real if you believe it is or you have that “condition”. It is so simple to solve this problem but it takes effort to do so. Stay with me.

How these nonsense mental condition categories are existing in our world, like ADHD?

We live in a world where if some people are out of the normal statistics or social behavior with their mental faculties starting from birth or elementary school, for example, they will be labeled and categorized. These mental conditions are non-existent basically and were created to control you with toxic pills and treatments which you don’t need.

I used to speak with some ADHD people on public forums in the past and they soon told me that they can’t concentrate on one thing. Here you go, ADHD. We tend to even discuss these nonsense conditions on non-physical forums where people know for sure that people just want to believe what is told. You can’t face somebody with the fact that they have no problems if they don’t want to change their thinking. “Hm, maybe he is right, I just can’t pay attention to one thing…”

These made-up conditions are very popular among US citizens for example. Therapists will take advantage of these people and give them treatments which may help, or may not.

Our whole current system is designed to spot out these people with difficulties and group them up to institutions and treatments because they are our of the sheeple normality.

Btw in our current society, most people don’t have so much attention time for things. This is why for example, videos on Youtube are short in length, people can’t pay attention. Or articles on the Internet, people can’t read them as a whole. Maybe kids in school, they can’t concentrate so much on one thing, it is boring.

People with brain deformations, having ADHD maybe from birth

This is a quick group to discuss. I know that there are some people who are dealing with this from their infant ages or from birth. You can point out the brain areas where maybe there is that connection on an MRI. But wait a minute. If you roam on my site and read what you can, you will soon understand that the brain is a device which holds the necessary connections on THIS side of our multidimensional life. You do some modification via your repeated thoughts, it will change after that. You are not your brain!


So when – even from birth – you have a deformation or anything around, the brain can rewire itself according to your willpower and you will function normally. There are countless stories about this with children, even from my niece with left-hand coordination problems. People just don’t know about it what is possible or what is the limit. You need the willpower to achieve your goals, even physical ones which you can heal. Of course, lost body parts won’t grow back. Use common sense.

A girl on the internet was famous about losing control from a missing brain part in her hands. What she did? She used her intent and she can move her hand again. The brain is a device which you as consciousness controls all the time. I’m sharing you these issues to notice how unreal these conditions are. Like religions – people will believe that you can’t do a thing, you are ill and you are caught. That’s so simple.

Many will defend their disease or disability because they have nothing special in their life and they don’t want to change. They need this disability to suffer. Good luck to them. Really. You can’t help the most. People need to realize on their own how limited their thinking is. And there are countless stories about people, healing from diseases. They are real. We create diseases for ourselves and we can reverse them too.

Why some people born with ADHD?

I could mention any of these nonsense diseases and disability categories but the truth is simple. We are coming into physical lives with a probable body setup and for our lessons. If you get a disease or condition almost from the start of your life, it was for a reason. You chose it to deal with it as best as you can. You may reprogram your mind and you can heal yourself over some years.

It is up to us and this is not a mystical BS, we can do it. And it is real, even for infants with cancer because they have emotional issues non-physically.


It takes tremendous willpower, effort, persistence, and mostly intent. Your intent will be the driving force and it affects your body all the time. We just don’t notice it. For ADHD, you will simply learn to concentrate on one thing for as long as you can. Then you are “healed”. You just need to convince yourself that you are okay. But the job is yours. We all have attention deficit in this world!

We have information-overload everywhere. Even if your brain device which allows you, consciousness, to control your body through the brain is damaged somehow, you can repair it with your thoughts. Just trust yourself. This is one primary reason why you live a physical life if you don’t have other big challenges. You don’t take the effort to solve these problems in your life, why are you here?

How to solve this ADHD nonsense and become “disability” free

As I mentioned, there are no real disabilities, even if you born with any. Or you are in a wheelchair but you can’t grow back a lost leg surely. We are making these difficulties up for a reason for ourselves. You have these limits for a reason, you chose them. You have time to deal with them. Even if you have a child in a wheelchair, it is a two-fold game. Seemingly horrible but it is much simpler. One will help from love and one will try to deal with the problem.

The best thing is to find a way each day to pay all of your attention to that target. A song which you hear, a distant sound, a candle flame to stare into gently. Mostly, learning to meditate will help a lot. You need to stop focusing into this world and stop your mind’s chat. Stop thinking. And you will see how it really helps to eliminate this problem. Your mind is everywhere, I can bet on it.

You will understand that we are simply just bombarded with so much stuff that we are unable to focus our attention. And it starts from elementary school where you need to match yourself with others. Or to a teacher who also doesn’t know a thing about life other than what is told to him/her.

Here is your solution. It may take up to months and years and you will make it. Ask one question from yourself. Do I really have to believe what is told about this before, or do I want to change this?! It takes effort. Your intent does the job if it is strong enough. Like everything in life. Find a target, concentrate on it as long as you can. Longer and longer each time.

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Why I can’t fall asleep? Here is your solution!

While I will continue on the site again, here is an interesting and general problem about the good old question, “why I can’t fall asleep?” There are still many unwritten topics in my pocket, I hope this one also helps for many visitors.

Falling asleep is easy when you are not messing it up with your thoughts and the residue from your daily physical life. If not food or any other annoying things are doing this, normally, your own thoughts are rushing in your mind. In the non-physical layer of your being, where your memories are also stored. The problem is that with following your thoughts or mind chat, you are attaching yourself still to this physical reality. In a nutshell. You can’t let go of it like you normally do.

Science in our world just saying stupidly that you are in your head which is ridiculous after you may know that we are not our body. It is just a mechanism which allows consciousness (you or me in an energy form) to live a life in a physical world, like this one. The brain reacts to your thoughts, feelings, etc. So this is why you will alter anything you do and the brain itself will mirror it physically back. But let’s talk about falling asleep. I like science but there is too much flaw in our world.

can't fall asleep

You don’t need medications, drugs, and any mind-altering stuff to make it worse in the long run!

Please, keep it in mind that I don’t tell you what to do, I give you suggestions and solutions which will surely work. One of the main reasons why this site is highly valuable, I don’t tell lies and gossips. Your job is to test it.

So the thing is, the medical industry is only built on the fact that they need patients to suck their money out as long as they live. These people also believe what they are saying and what they learnt from the universities. All the BS. They don’t want you to get well at all and they will create all sorts of mind-altering stuff which will alter your brain’s chemistry.

If you don’t use any of these, you will be faster in getting used to the simple method. If you are addicted to pills, you will need to be more patient getting used to normal habits.

So if you can’t fall asleep at all normally, you are full of mind-noise, as I like to call it. Thoughts everywhere which you automatically download from your mind. It is a non-physical layer which you don’t see. Forget the brain and brainwaves with all the scientific nonsense.

This is the real issue here and I can bet that people visiting here won’t really find explanations like mine elsewhere. Or it will be rare. What science see on and in our body are changes on THIS side, in the physical reality.

The only thing you need to do – Stop thinking!

You will need to first stop thinking. You need to focus your primary attention on something else. This is how our multidimensional reality and nature works. Where you focus the most, that will be your world or reality. You may already heard about this. So if you are in the position of not being able to fall asleep, the chance is, you can’t stop thinking.

Normally, if you stop it each day before falling asleep, the physical vehicle will be bored and it shuts down itself. You may never noticed it and Astral Projection or Phasing with other methods are pointing out this habit. You simply blackout for a while and you are in the non-physical or in “Dreamland” as our society calls it. The hard thing is, it is hard to stop thinking. It takes practice but worths it.

can't fall asleep

So here is what you need to do. Wake up for 15-30 minutes or for an hour again, depending on your tiredness. Start to do something engaging. Read a book, play a game on your PC or phone, do something which will capture your attention to the degree that you don’t pay attention to your thought trains. Just like that. You never needed any drugs at all. You were fooled. It can happen to everybody.

Too much food and fluids can still cause the same, don’t eat so much or drink so much in the last 1-2 hours before bedtime. Eat lighter foods. Do some workout or exercise too. Then try again.

My best method is music on my back from headphones. Make a tracklist from your favorite songs and lay down at bedtime but on your back for example. Just dive into the nice songs and don’t think about anything at all. It can last for 1-2 hours maybe, but you are ready to sleep. That’s all. Go to sleep.

And finally

If you have worries, you need to know in general, that they are depending only on your perception and you don’t need to control everything in your life, let them go. Most of our worries are unfounded or stupidly over-valued.

I hope that these will help a lot for many people. Don’t forget to share the site and articles with your friends and support the site!

Why I always have nightmares? Is that normal?

Many people roam over forums and trying to wrap their minds around why are they always have nightmares. Some are completely the opposite, they find that it can’t be normal if they never have. Well, it makes me smile. What won’t make me, is that people never search for given answers about nightmares. Or about anything. Because there are all the answers, people just don’t give a damn about it. Like me, shall I give all the answers for free, right and people don’t even comprehend what I say?

So to put joking aside, let’s see these two in a nutshell. Why do people always have nightmares and why others won’t. I have a feeling that everybody has them, the other group just don’t remember. Or they are not recognizing a fear test.

Same true for dreams, we all have non-physical experiences, the most just don’t remember and don’t want to remember or be aware of them. They can’t put them anywhere what they are. So what the most don’t understand, they will wash it off. They can only deal with physical life.

Before anybody would start to think that nightmares are some sort of starting point, they are end results of your mindstate and emotional projection. You can’t deny this because you are in an instant, thought responsive environment.

Why you always have nightmares? Is that normal?

Yes, it is normal. Well, to a certain degree. Nobody wants to experience fear tests all the time from their non-physical self or alone. If you know the drill and saw other articles from me, you know what I’m talking about. You have tests to overcome for a good reason.

always have nightmares

So, if you tend to avoid facing your fears, they will repeat. If not one after another, maybe years can come without them, then bam, you are facing them again. I’m not kidding, there could be a decade of gap for many people and they come again.

The non-physical world is not working on the scale of time as we are. Time is non-existent but your value of thinking is the same with a good chance. You need to work on your fears to become better in self-control. This is needed to be “more advanced” and learn from your emotional state. You are causing all your nightmares. Your emotional control is the key and our civilization is running on it. Everything comes down from emotions, everything. This is another big life lesson. Almost nobody wants to control theirs, they are addicted to emotions.

If they are coming all the time, you tend to run away or deny them. The NP logic is simple in this sense. You don’t pay attention, they will repeat the same “message” in various forms and sceneries. You just need to implement the idea before falling asleep to stop running away. Let it happen. Be passive. Manage your emotions. These are steps towards your personal development.

What to do if you have no nightmares? Should you be worried?

It is very unlikely that somebody never has any because we are running on emotions and we all have hidden fears. You simply just never remember or you tend to think that those experiences are unfrightening. Your mindset simply doesn’t recognize these events as threats. But they are still there. It is not necessarily about being in great fear. It is enough to do something which you shouldn’t and the emotional imprint stays with you each day.

I think people simply deny the whole thing. But if somebody truly doesn’t have any nightmares, it is a good thing of a huge life test and being successful facing those fears. If there is any. So it could be with a bigger chance, you tend to face all of them automatically. For me, I do it automatically too so I don’t normally fear a thing at all. This carries you to bigger experiences and opens up new doors. These are all dependent on the actual person.

And just to add some notes on the constant nightmare thing here. It has nothing to do with biological body stuff, medicines, and drugs, these are just distorting something which is you, part of you. You are your own mindset in this case and nothing saves you, only your mindset and thinking. It is inside you (in your mind) what you have as nightmares or any other experiences.

Past Life Regression – why is it a total nonsense?

The past life regression topic is very misleading and I think it is time to write about it and explain the fallacy. I know that I can’t change others’ thinking but I can explain the whole thing. And I don’t like to see it in our world that people are fooled by these nonsense readings and regressions or therapies because the person doesn’t know a thing about them. Because you never knew a thing about this, relying on an “expert” who also doesn’t know a thing other than what is told them to learn and do. Nobody knows anything lol.

So, even the so-called practitioner hasn’t got the slightest idea. The joke is, they think they are. They aim for some “subconscious” stuff because this is what is taught to them. Mystics and mediums are more advanced, checking auras, talking to belief systems, guides, ESP abilities (titled “gifted”, yeah…). But you can’t be sure. If you choose this path, be skeptical.

I don’t aim for all the psychics, mediums and practitioners. Not all are blind to the real thing. And I can’t and don’t want to change you, you can only change and learn about these for the sake of your own health.

This past life topic is endlessly flowing up to public forums because people don’t take even a minimal effort to read about similar cases. And most of the answers are just ridiculously bad and mostly guesses. People have no idea… really. Many are just gullible and naive. It takes effort to investigate it on your own.

How are you being fooled?

The most common practice comes from stupid psychic readings and from therapists. Please take this seriously because I try to save you from believing this and getting caught up, paying out these people without any real “healing”.

People are mostly emotionally disturbed or lost in life whenever they rush into these things. And the other side takes advantage of this. I don’t say that they lie to you or fooling you with direct intent. If not most of the time. I’m saying, they don’t know about it. They parrot the same idea from where they learned about it. Psychics and mediums are sharing the same old ideas between each other.

I write this article about the past life topic because I hate seeing how others are trapped by this nonsense. Good-hearted and emotionally damaged people who try to figure out their life problems on their own simple way and they are in a trap. I just hate seeing it but we can learn from this.

past life

Past lives are non-existent! You have Parallel lives!

For centuries or even for thousands of years in our civilization (or in previous ones since 100.000s years from the Sumerian era), people tried to grasp the reincarnation phenomenon from OUR linear timeframed perspective. And it is totally misleading because the time-space illusion only exists as a necessary distortion in physical Universes. We need to agree and accept it “before” we live a physical life.

All of your potential lives are happening right now and NOT in a chronological order. Non-physical guides can even visit all timelines. See, how limited our perception is? It takes time to digest this.

So, mystics and mediums taught this and learned from each other over a long time period and they say the same BS today. Don’t grab my words out of context, there are some very knowledgable people in this business and they know what they are saying but it is rare.

Why? Because they lack even first-hand experiences from the non-physical world. They see and experience distorted, self-interpreted datastreams in our world. They see guides around you, naming them etc. I wouldn’t buy into it. You can check it by yourself too via your conscious sleep life.

Reincarnation flaw, again!

So the whole misunderstanding builds on reincarnation and you have past lives. You have problems and you can now blame a non-existent “past” life. Lives are NOT played out one after another.

All your lives are existing right now. Even if you could experience one via hypnosis, what happened is, you merged with another version of you. You tried out his/her first-person focus and felt his/her feelings. That’s the trick and flaw!

Furthermore, what is real, you can actually have dislikes and aversions towards certain things in life which other versions of you do as a mistake. But you only have their imprint and connection. So you were not them ever, you are connected. You all come from the same Source.

It is a business to keep you fooled and earn money from You!

To summarize it fast, you are not your past lives. Those are independent individuals and you are you. You are another version of them from their perspective! This multidimensional aspect of us takes time to digest and you will find what you need to learn on my site or you can ask me to learn privately. Use the Workshop menu and maybe I can solve these emotional problems too to make you free. Just try it but the work is yours.

So these people are (I don’t know for sure) doing these services or businesses whole-heartedly to help you. Actually if not directly and if they don’t know about it but they are lying to you. Don’t ask me about the percentage, how many are doing it consciously. We live in an era where you can be fooled easily for money.

This is a business. You pay for it, you are relieved (maybe) and you keep coming back for a “therapy” or more. I guess we can get this under the dream therapy category. You will never find out the real causes of your problems. That maybe, you are causing your own problems with suppressing your emotions and thoughts. Because that is the case. A lazy person without self-awareness won’t look deep inside!

past life

Why should You care?

So instead of facing all of your baggage in your mind’s unfaced areas, you can now blame an outside source for your problems. But the solution is much more simple and I already could help in pointing these out to solve many dozens of cases for private askings.

You are not helped but you are keeping the same problems in yourself. And you keep suppressing and denying them. If you are successful with these readings or therapies, then you will fall back because you still don’t know the real answer. It is all within you. You just don’t face it. Most of humanity does that.

Believer types are making it worse, guarding themselves with added self-illusions. Well, I just point this out, we all have our own unique ways to learn from our mistakes. Those who are gullible and can easily believe anything are good preys.

What to do?

For first, stop believing anything about this and start educating yourself. Even on my site. You will soon realize if you are open-minded that what is told you are complete nonsense which plays on others’ emotions and wallets. You need to look into yourself and solve these problems because these people can’t. Even if you think the problem is solved.

Same true for the medical industry, dumping toxic waste in you instead of pointing out your problems which you keep manifesting in your body.

You can encounter the same problems even in your sleep life instantly. So cut off these connections and “therapies” and start to do your homework. If you read my articles, you will gain a deep understanding and I know for complete beginners, this is too much for first.

If you still want somebody to guide you, I can give suggestions and try to solve some problems together but only if you are open, willing to learn and ready to change. The Workshop menu is made for this purpose too. And you can be at any age, this world is full of flaws and lies and you can fall into these traps fast. Question it all.

Insomnia – How to solve this problem?

Insomnia can be a real pain when we try to fall asleep and we can’t as we normally tend to. It can be caused by some sources and I’m no way an expert but trying to share what may work. In the distant past, I had it too but it seems to be easy to treat it once you identify the main cause. Mostly mind noise and worries are the root causes.

I can’t tell anybody what to do, how to deal with their life but I can give some tips which may help.

Medications, drugs

First of all, don’t use them to fall asleep. Sleeping is a natural thing, a habit which we tend to do almost every day. I know many people tend to use drugs and medicines. Most of them are bought as the doctor commands it. Unless you have pain and other complicated medical conditions, you normally don’t need any. If you have pain and physical conditions, there are still plenty of natural ways.

Same on bonus nutrients and mineral stuff, like amino acids and chemicals. You will mess up your brain’s chemistry for the long run if you don’t stop using them. Some people will use elements which we naturally make for our body inside our brain. Just don’t mess it up. Continuous using of these will have consequences. Daily meditation will cause greater positive effects on the other hand. Insomnia can be caused by these plus elements and substances which will mess up your brain. The brain is a mechanism which keeps the nervous system and your physical body functioning. You mess it up, you will suffer.

And btw doctors have no intention to keep you healthy, count this fact in.


Sleeping habits, time of the day

It can alter your sleeping patterns also whenever you mess up your natural bedtime and wake up routine. It could be from a new job in the morning or from the weather, napping in the afternoons or not falling asleep when you used to normally. Insomnia also can be caused by these chaotic sleeping habits.

Napping in the afternoon for half an hour or for an hour is ok. You can experiment with it. But count in that you won’t be so sleepy at night. I think it is much better if you have a physically stressful life, then it will definitely help. The natural human sleep comes when the daytime changes into night time and you will feel sleepy and tired. If you don’t fall asleep or you are messed up with your thoughts, worrying about daily kinds of stuff, you can reach the same goal.

Mind noise and mind chat in your head

As I stated previously, insomnia, in this case, can come from a noisy mind. You are just loaded with all sorts of thoughts, worries, tasks for the next day or emotional baggage. The best thing to do is stop talking to yourself and meditation is a great tool in this. You need to stop talking to yourself in your mind, worrying, thinking. You need to let a natural condition take over and you will fall asleep finally.

Btw you will instantly release all your thoughts and emotions in dreamland (non-physical world) and end up in nonsense scenarios where you are running away or experiencing nightmares too.

If it helps, you can stare into the blackness or stay in your head for half an hour or an hour with your closed eyelids and just try to stop your thoughts. Concentrate. If you are successful, you can now fall asleep.


In many cases, you can’t still fall asleep after this method also. Then just wake up and do something. Play a game on your phone or PC, read a book, do something which wears you off finally. Do whatever you can to occupy your focus and mind. This should work.

If you count or expect on these problems before your sleep, make a plan about eliminating the mind noise. For example, try to count down from 100 to 0. And just to mention, in MANY cases the mind noise from daily worries are causing sleep problems on which people will ask for medications from their doctor and still have no natural effect. Only poisoning yourself and messing up your brain’s behavior.

Sometimes it can happen also, that you try to fall asleep but the fight and flight process with your brain will cause it to force you to stay awake. Just think about it. If you don’t let yourself naturally dive into dreamland, insomnia takes over. Too much life problems mixing in your mind? Same route.

Why young children get Myopic Eyesight in school?

Many young children and infants are developing poor myopic eyesight just at the beginning of elementary school. I think that maybe it is not dependent on the fact that we are in the 21st century. People had this issue in the past also, if not children. Parents don’t know what to do, they have no knowledge about how eyesight works. Then that poor child will have an eye check with glasses. It won’t help, only like an illusion.

I need to tell you that glasses of any kind will only make the condition much worse over time. Eyeglasses are straining the eye muscles, forcing them to push and pull for the correction on the glass’ curvature.

I will describe the real root cause of this condition and how it can be healed without any tools and dangerous surgeries. It starts in your mind!

Please be cautious throughout my site that the mind is YOU and it is NOT the brain. It is your consciousness using a physical body. The observer. So when your eyesight is bad, you are in strain, your brain is in strain. It needs to be solved as eliminating the root cause. No tools, no surgeries. They are for taking your MONEY. They are needed in rare cases.

The mind is under stress

This strain or stress is on the eyesight because it is a symbol also in the physical world. It represents your “vision” towards the external world. The external world partly or mostly exists within you. Eyes are physical devices which get the signal and transfer it to the back of the brain.

So what happens is, infants and children are developing a bad eyesight in school because they need to be good at just anything. Maths, physics, language skills, any parts of literature and skills. Which are also useless, mostly. They need to fit into this sick society and get that “standard” of the level. Believe me, it will only cause blocks in life. We need to learn and pass the classes of course.


The process for the most with stress

So, for example, an actual child can’t make good grades. He/she is under huge stress and pressure. There are the people pleasing stress towards asshole teachers, towards parents who want good grades. Nobody respects that poor child in the sense that they don’t know and don’t want to know what is GOOD for him/her. Also, nobody cares that the child is under pressure, especially in these crazy decades, full of information overload.

Actually, it is rare that a good parent is present and tries to get rid of the child’s real abilities and wants. But most will force their worldview on them to shape them like they are.

In this case, imagine a great example. Math class. Not everybody likes it. You try to grasp the examples on the board. Trying to learn equations or anything. Over time, you are under so much stress that you try to close out the external world. You can’t be so good at some classes.

Relatively and symbolically, the child will turn inside. Where can he/she escape? Into the inner world. This combination causes the shortened vision distance of accuracy. The external reality will be a strained blurring place wherever they try to look.

Parents and conditions

Then parents from lack of real understanding of how we are working on mind level, carrying that poor child to an eye checker. Whose job is to no matter what, write up a receipt about eyeglasses. Those tables of numbers and symbols in the checkroom are useless and you can’t measure an eyesight in the eyeball’s curves and cylinder numbers. Not even in a machine! The vision is acute, it varies greatly in every minute.

Eyes are under stress and the physical brain can’t interpret clearly what we are seeing. electromagnetic waves, you know. If I would guess, that business is pretty smart to get you in the first place.

It alone causes more stress when you sit in and try to read the board of less and less clear numbers and signs from a distance in a dim lit room. Did you know this? Now you know for sure. The whole industry is built on this fooling. I don’t say, optomerists are fooling people because I know at least one great woman in her carrier place. They just learned what was taught and they do it as a robot, earning from it. Why should they just stop their job?

In the last centuries when somebody had eye problems, there were glasses of under-correction. The patient used them for some DAYS, maybe for some weeks and they were done. Today? It is also an industry. Very few people or practices are searching for the mind cause, just like in any diseases.

People try to treat everything objectively. They didn’t learn anything else.

How is it healed?

Now you know that huge stress and performance forcing is causing it in young ones. How to reverse it? Of course, we need to know at the first place, that the eyeballs are normal btw. If there is no real physical damage or genetic defects, then it is ok.

First, the child needs to learn to release strain and stress from his/her daily life. Parents have the biggest part because the child needs to know that nothing happens if he/she is bringing home middle grades. Nothing happens really. A bad parent won’t admit it, child abusing and forcing is similar here.

He/she will be self-sufficient in life because his/her inner values and abilities are important. NOT brainwashing schools and their useless literature. Of course, it depends on the person and personality. Schools are built on the fact as making a diploma or degree, that people are made for slaves in this world. Learn, go to work and shut your mouth up. Don’t question the system.


Improving eyesight

Eye muscles are needed to be trained to release stress. Vision training is needed. The muscles are in strain and the child needs to do a few weeks of muscles training. After the muscles are fine and not in constant strain (which glasses are causing), then it is mind work. It is all about working out the muscles without any brutal force. Slowly and carefully.

If you are in the place of your child, you need to know that no tragedy can happen in school life from bad grades. Don’t give a damn of average grades. Life is not about the carrier and the best grades. Intelligent people don’t need good grades in life. If they think they need to be perfectionists, they have a long way in real learning.

The child needs to learn how to release stress even daily. A little practice is needed to uses his/her sight in long distance and nearby as reading something. Don’t stare at Screens and Smartphones all day long.

The eyes can’t stare, the head and eyes need to move together. Eyes need to wander on the surroundings. Most stress comes from staring at ONE POINT. If we can’t see it clearly, we tend to force it. Same for PC monitors. The yes must not stare at one point for minutes or hours. Use your head also and try not to only stare with eyes. It takes time and effort. Splash your closed eyelids with cool water also for rehydration, without kicking them.


In the end, normal clear vision will come back. It can come back even for a 80-year-old somebody in one hour from decades of bad eyesight! It is mental stress or an unsolved life problem.

In dietary terms, try less sugar and more protein for the brain. Diet has it’s role also. Don’t try to overdose your child with useless vitamins and minerals for this purpose, just eat well and don’t dump down chemicals. These issues are the same for children and adults. Glasses are not needed for good eyesight with normal eyes. At old age, maybe reading glasses.

Schizophrenic people – What schizophrenia is like?

Schizophrenic people have their hard part in life and it is not so hard to understand if you know how it works. Okay, so here is a quick look at this schizophrenic people issue, hearing voices and seeing people and similar stuff. Btw which are not in our local physical reality, in this dimension but you can still tune into them because your brain is “that” device.

Scientists, doctors, and mainstream are calling them mentally ill and trying to quarantine them into isolated places, facilities, institutes. Just to push medicine into them and keeping them away from “normal” people. These people instead of this method could use up a better help if somebody could understand their issue better. They have no serious problems, just can’t get used to this connection to the non-physical world. What they do btw is making it worse, I mean the sufferers themselves.

I repeat it, these people have no real problems. Same for mental “disorders”. They can’t deal with other, multidimensional parts of themselves because they don’t know how it works. Or they can’t learn to stop focusing on voices from their minds or from existing entities. Our mind is non-physical and most people still washing it over with the brain which is just an organ that WE are controlling as non-physical entities. Or they don’t know what elements from their external reality is “physical”.

Please note that I won’t discuss people with hostile personalities and destructive behavior. This is a general or basic article. Some may finally get their solution from my site and the most will deny the whole thing from fear and childish nature. Or maybe from hard, scientific thinking and parroting those ideas. I can’t help it. Just be open that the world is maybe not working like how it was told you.

What to do with this phenomenon, are schizophrenic people insane?

So, there’s nothing serious in my opinion (ok it could be scary and disturbing). Just experiencing reality overlays, more than this one at the same time and they just don’t know what is it, why they are seeing and hearing things, etc. It could be a real hell. But we are making it worse by our reactions and beliefs.

What happens is, if you are caught and a doctor or specialist seen you, chances are not good. You are already labeled, categorized and determined by scientific nonsense. People are just living this life for decades in these places and that is all for them. Slowly damaging their personality with useless drugs. Or just at home or wherever… you get the idea. It can happen to young people too, opening up their non-physical ESP abilities. It is real.

schizophrenic people

The big problem is that what I know or what people having thousands of conscious non-physical experiences have in their sleeping life, they can’t prove this to anybody because most people are not even ready for anything. We can only prove this and extract information from there by ourselves.

The actual world out there

The main thing is that normal people are also on the pressure to keep up in normal life too. So those people mostly couldn’t handle the hardness of life with this issue. Back on that issue both of us agreed on the fact that those people are intelligent and relatively normal. Just… society doesn’t accept them and label them. Because they are there and stuck, they just degrade down mentally further. They won’t get real help from somebody who is self-educated in any non-physical phenomenon.

What they are experiencing are reality overlays and it could be varied. And plus some mental abilities. You could see your “subconscious” fears in real-time in various forms and characters, the same for dreams. Or you are experiencing real entities, uhm “people” from Focus 3 (Afterlife), who are communicating with you. You see them, hear them BUT don’t know what or who are they. Also, there are earth-bound post-humans on lower “planes” stuck. The explanation as you see is very simple but the most lack of this knowledge. It is right there, the most just don’t tune into these.

Many people, like them, are just mentally ill but can’t really control what they are experiencing. Their connection with the non-physical is other than “normal” boring people in physical life. Furthermore, they can hear persons who are only their own aspects of the wider self. Pretty scary if somebody doesn’t know anything. We are multidimensional and this is a tiny little fraction of the possibilities.

Some people hear a non-existing God thing, others are hearing “dead” relatives, and others are just thought-forms. Now, in reality, you may hear some of your aspects from the same essence. This seems to be too much for simple people. Non-physical helpers from the NP or there could be some other cases but very similar. Same for seeing things or anything. All the senses.

Our physical body is a tuning device and it is not you at all!

What we do from birth, most people think we are just appearing out of nowhere as babies and we are biological. Thinking, we are our bodies. The body is a tuning device for physical realities. Without it, you can’t even interact with physical objects, manipulate its energy and experience even this world fully. The most won’t really notice anything out of “ordinary”.

If I put this into a similar form, this is how it goes. Some people (or maybe many, who knows) are unable to differentiate which reality frame do they see or hear. It seems to be real even if you see another person or something because this is how you got used to the physical reality. And everything is real. But there are countless other physical realities and each of them is coming from the non-physical world, like we do all the time. This is an educational system.

If you suffer from this “condition” which is not really like that, you simply have a harder time to tune into only one reality. You may get this for a reason to work with your concentration, like ADHD people. We all have our challenges. You may hear or see things that are actually there for everybody because you simply tuned into other channels of our multidimensional world. By “accident” or via non-physical influence, who knows. Science has no idea about these and it is unmeasurable.

The medical industry then blocks these people’s ability with beta-blockers because it is not normal to experience such things in our society. If you are “abnormal” in social norms and standards, you are in trouble. Many will become insane and mad, mentally problematic because they can’t really adjust to this thing at all. Let’s say it out, billions are not ready for anything, not even for normal daily life. People just want to survive and get by.

Schizophrenic people are totally fine, they just can’t put this whole multidimensional nature of us anywhere. They have no concepts other than what school told them. 99% of them can’t and don’t want to. It could be that they are forced by their bigger “self” from the non-physical to face this issue via this way. That they are not physical at all. But a simple mind can’t comprehend any of these.

What to do eventually?

If you are normal and hearing somebody and IT helps, then, in this case, trust the voice. Of course, it is not a real voice but what you interpret as a voice from the non-physical. If it is not helping, well you can close that out from your life, manifesting to stop disturbing you. Maybe in this rare case mystics could help. If it won’t work, then you will know that you need to invest your energy into this or learn to accept it. Listen to your dreams because some guides may try to teach you.

People who hear voices and ending up in institutes are weak people. There is no nice thing in this. They are treated like insane people and their life will be ruined. Maybe they need to get through this life experience. This is their life and some may get better at this. Many will still remain totally intelligent and normal. Some are screaming and making it worse, not knowing a thing that we are doing this to ourselves!

We are so deeply into our limited world and we are so indoctrinated that we can’t accept these as normal. These are paranormal and we can’t help this labeling. Paranormal to our world and by science. These people have these life lessons to manage their thoughts, fears, emotions and accept these. If it is not about these clearly, then to work with it and experience much more to our true nature.

You can open up your extrasensory abilities too by intent and you still need to deal with these. In the non-physical world, this is normal. We are coming from there and returning back upon death. Our civilization just doesn’t know a thing about it and is in great fear from religious nonsense.

But this issue alone proves that there is much more beyond the physical world. Fear is always telling us, that we don’t know a thing about a certain issue. Learn more about it, test it out, nothing can hurt you unless you give your power away. This is what the most are doing.

Edited on the 4th of October in 2019.