What causes Cancer? – We are creating it alone!

For a long while I didn’t write a word on the site but I found an old subject about what causes cancer recently. Of course, there are too many unwritten stuff in my pocket but it is time to add some more thoughts. Just to note Readers here, I already wrote about cancer and its cause on the site under this article.

This article should be called Cancer rebooted or I don’t know but I just try to share the real deal here and that we try to be irresponsible about thoughts, actions, and life all the time. Because we don’t understand that our body is a filter for our consciousness and we can hurt it a lot. Also, I need to note that we can’t help others so much because we need to work on ourselves alone. You can’t force another person to stop behaving a certain way or to stop suppress emotions, fear, and many more.

Leave suffering people alone if you can’t help or they don’t accept help. Seriously. Because you will hurt yourself. Never forget that the external world is just subjective and as real as you think it is. You have your own life and you deserve a better one. People who died from cancer have their own issues in the non-physical world or in that so-called Afterlife. We are using a body, a form only. Don’t worry about them.

So, how do we create cancer and all other diseases for ourselves? Because outside sources and the outside world alone, our food, circumstances are what we choose to be there or to consume. How? Let’s see below.

I need to note that in rare cases we may have life circumstances we can’t escape or anything around but most of the time we tend to choose them. And we are choosing not to stop or leave these issues. Because suffering and staying in a bad life situation don’t need any effort to make some changes. So, in short, we are abusing ourselves. We have poor life choices and this will cause trouble. Don’t believe me, you can validate it by yourself.

What causes Cancer? Cancer is a choice!

Cancer is indeed a choice. Like you don’t watch a TV show, the news or don’t listen to everybody else’s complaints all day long. Even non-physical guides are saying the same. What causes cancer? YOU, I mean we do! I mean we all do it for ourselves alone because we are consciousness. Consciousness doesn’t use a physical form outside of physical realities, we are non-physical basically with a multidimensional nature. You can prove this when you are asleep because you keep existing and keep having other lives. While your body sleeps you switch onto another focus of attention or “life” and continue existing. You don’t pay attention and wash it off, they will be just “dreams”.

what causes cancer

So in short, we have a physical body that is needed for physical interactions. Without it, we can’t interact with physical objects and can’t experience time, change, and experience many things. The brain is just a device that allows us to connect onto it (we are not a brain or inside in it) and the brain is changeable until a certain degree if we have physical problems. But the thing is that we are the ones who are controlling our own body and giving out all the instructions towards all of our body parts each day.

The body is a sponge-like mechanism which acts as a primary barrier towards the subjective external world which we still believe is physical and objective. Because we are making it objective. Otherwise, we can’t function in this world, so this is normal. The physical body will sponge up all of our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and commands each day. So watch out for all of your abusing thoughts. The outside world needs much more effort to change it but it is another story. This is why it is much easier to make changes inside our body than on other people with speaking or anything around.

But still, what causes cancer? Your repeated thoughts, emotions, beliefs, your secondary actions towards your body. Let’s take a very general example. You have emotional problems, you don’t like your job, your loved one. Then you will eat a lot of crap, carbs each evening after you rushed home and you “deserve” it to become happy from secondary brain chemical activity. Here you go, obesity, depression, and others. We hate ourselves? Same process over many years.

Please bear in mind that outside events are caused by you alone and not by others. It just appears to be always outside of you. Meanwhile, it is a big habit in our civilization to always blame others for everything. Just notice the process. You keep thinking about something, then one day it happens and you blame the outside world for it and you are irresponsible. This is a big life lesson.

These changes sometimes need a lot of effort and time to become a real thing. Even a broken leg. You somehow weakened the energetic field around a body part, then one day you were led to an accident inevitably where the end result took place. This is how it works. Sooner or later we are doing it. It is VERY rare that outside sources without our previous thoughts or without control, will do it. Don’t believe me, take your own resources, and notice how it works. We just think that everything is outside of us and we are preys in a big game without control. You have the power to change your life. But not others’.

About cancer and diseases in our current world

Somebody, suffering from cancer or from any other disease will have a certain mindset. Especially that he/she maybe wants to be healed or be okay but on the other hand, he/she continues to suffer, wants to punish thyself. I mean abuse him/herself alone. Yes, it just sucks, we all can fall into this pitfall. Most of the time we look for outside help because our outside world works on a supply-demand principle in this case. Because we DON’T know we can help ourselves, undo the damage or that our body is just acting upon our thoughts, we will look for external help or causes. This is why we are all together in this simulation, we help each other if we can.

what causes cancer

Why do more and more people have cancer and many other kinds of “diseases”? Because we are living in a fast-paced world, where technology makes more and more people addicted and work is more difficult. We need to learn a lot, change a lot, keep up with many stuff and we need to get rid of our daily life alone. It is too much for the most, they only have the capabilities to survive each day. But because we have plenty of food in developed countries, we will just eat until we fall off the chair and we are allowing brainwashing from TV. These are just tools for our consciousness.

What others are saying is what will become billions’ reality. They don’t ask, they just accept. Like that we are in a body or we are our reflection. Nobody can help this in my opinion. Some people will share what they have, like me and that’s all to it. Some may listen.

Cancer is an energetic manifestation of your inner being!

There are many metaphors (because they are), like chakras, energy, aura, block but they are the same for the same issue. You create these energetic blockages, I mean not you (maybe) but people and they will cause the cancer stuff and any other diseases. Of course, there is no disease, just in general, in the medical industry. The end result is which others will notice.

There is only the mindset, the cause. Once the energetic accumulation of thoughts, beliefs, expectations and many more being suppressed for a long while takes place as a critical mass, it will cause all the trouble. Most of the time in the brain itself. Yes, we can alter its chemistry and many more (without drugs). An MRI scan will only see the causes and after-effects of consciousness, doing its job, using the body. Medical treatments are only trying to give a final slap to a bad end result and not a solution. This is a business in our world. Nobody wants you to become healthy.

Do you need proof that I’m right? Look around you or in your own life. I observed, not just people from my own family tree with cancer, dying in it, or maybe in the neighborhood or in the outside world, everybody can see the cases. It takes some time and research to see that science and pharmacy don’t know a damn and that they want you to destroy your body. If somebody is healed, maybe from strong chemical treatment, cancer itself comes back. This is our materialistic world. We could know much more but science and other mediums are looking in the wrong direction.

Because you didn’t change your mindset, thinking and the body is just a filter for your consciousness. We can prove anything around in our conscious sleep life too. Read other posts on the site and educate yourself because it will help. Our life is not what we think it is.

And what about external accidents and circumstances?

The problem with this is that we tend to blame the outside world all the time. And we are perfect in blaming others too.

This alone means that we may have a very accidental and unlikely event in our life when something will cause cancer or any other body defect, like being at a nuclear reactor. BUT! We chose to be there, right? We somehow led ourselves to this place or event. Look at it as people who travel to a country where there are many earthquakes and floods each year.

We chose to be there, right? Or try to understand this that a bigger part of your hidden consciousness will lead you where your intent goes. Some may mistakingly call it “subconscious” mind. But most people are unconscious. The responsibility is ours.

So the takeaway is that indeed we do create our own problems and circumstances too but not in a sudden way. Gradually most of the time. Our own thinking, behavior, and many other factors are doing it in the long run. A sudden emotional charge can also cause problems but the key here is that you need to learn emotional passivity and learn to stop reacting to non-existent problems. Stop reacting to external events in an emotional way.

Change your mindset, solve your non-existent emotional problems and the world will also change. Some say it is in your head but it is not a physical place thing, you are using a biological machine for physical life. You are projecting out your non-physical self to the external world through a body that acts as a barrier. Take better care of that one. Because the same mindset stays with you after death.

I hope this will help many people, finding this site, and helping my work in return or just supporting the site. Read the articles on the site to know life better!

How to hydrate yourself properly – Drink more clean mineral water!

This article is just about a general issue, hydrating yourself properly, mostly around summer with mineral water. There are many scientific suggestions, medical ones about how to drink more or hydrate ourselves properly through the summer. Or in general. It is hot outside, we need to build back all the minerals which we tend to sweat out automatically.

Actually, a very few people know that there is a simple indicator which will tell you exactly if you are properly hydrated or not. Guess, what it is? Your urine’s color. I won’t speak so much here and this whole issue about drinking enough clear water is a simple thing to handle. Of course, I know that it is very hard for elder people to maintain because they tend to feel less urge to drink water. For kids, it is not a big issue.

Which “water” to choose?

From personal experiences, I can suggest what works for me. But in general, it will be the same solution for everybody else. This is not a BS talk or selling you anything because I don’t want to and I can’t haha. Simple solution, you know.

mineral water

What you need is clear water with all the necessary minerals just like: calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium. You need all of these and it can be that those amounts are not enough. My Vitamin C solution can help with building back all the good stuff.

What you DO NOT need are: fluoride, chlorine, and anything around which are harmful normally. Same for toothpaste. Just don’t select a clear mineral or spring water which contains these. Some natural sources will contain these but I wouldn’t buy them.

You don’t need to rotate your mineral water brands. Just don’t get caught up with this myth. Your body will use the minerals up faster in summer. They won’t really accumulate even normally if you live a normal life.

Tap water is not so good in the long run. If you live in the USA, fluoride is in the tap water as far as I know. There are many countries where tap water is really bad. I wouldn’t drink it. I don’t even drink our own tap water which stinks from iron and chlorine. You won’t have any harm from normal mineral water. You don’t even need fizzy ones with all the bubbles. Who knows what it does in the long run with all the carbonated bubbles? If you need fizzy or bubbly stuff, drink some soft drinks sometimes.

How much do you need? This is the indicator!

You need the amount which you experimented out. Just try it for yourself. For me, maybe it is around 2 liters a day or less. Maybe a 1,5-liter bottle is too much and I’m a fit person. NOT 3-4-5 liters geez! Of course, it depends on your lifestyle. A sporting somebody may need more with more minerals in it. A normal person won’t need so much.

Do you know from what indicator do you know if you are being properly hydrated? Your urine’s color. It needs to be almost colorless. NOT white, colorless. It becomes colorless after having all the clear water in your system and you won’t even see it yellowish. That is the goal for you.

mineral water

Drinking sugary stuff or artificially sweetened stuff, eating salty and spicy foods will all dehydrate you. Keep it in mind. More clear water needs to be there in your system to flush out all the toxins and waster products.

There could be a thing with this and don’t worry. At night, you are not digesting like daytime and you don’t drink. You can still sip some from near your bed each night but you will pee more. That is normal. Peeing more is normal, you can do it even 5-6 times a day or more! Don’t worry. And don’t worry if you are having yellowish one each morning. Start to drink when you feel the need for it and it will become colorless again, flushing out all the stuff from your bladder. It is about dilution.

Don’t overdo it, we don’t need to drink all day long. Use common sense. You may feel the urge to drink but you are perfectly hydrated. It happens to me mostly around the evenings. Your stomach will wobble from fluids lol.

I hope it helped. Share the site and thank you for supporting it and keeping alive!

Why do I have back pain? Here is your potential solution!

I would guess with this article that many people who will find this one will be interested in alternative solutions for back pain after they didn’t find a useful cure. Many people will potentially take pills and go to a doctor which is not needed in most cases in my opinion. The other group will try to do something physical, like some workout, yoga, jogging and other stuff like going to a chiropractor. There are some ways to do something.

But in many cases, they are useless in the long run. In the short run, you will be free of pain and other effect and then… it comes back. And it hurts or you can’t live a normal life, go to sleep, etc. But why?

IN some cases your back muscles are simply weak like hell. Do something and do some workouts, use dumbbells or a gym. Do something and you will bear with daily physical movements. But in many other cases, you simply caused it. You will see how and keep an open mind.

back pain

The thing is, you are doing it to yourself mentally! That’s the key. Surprising how most people don’t want to face their own mental and emotional issues which are causing these physical problems. Let’s see in this case, how it works. As usual, I want to open up people’s eyes and help them with my thoughts.

The real thing is that you are keeping up a body posture which is a perfect fit to your own mindset, emotional baggage and anything you think or feel each day. You may saw people being elevated from “emotional pain” when they were done by a chiropractor. It is the other way around but it seems like the opposite. Mindset and emotions first, body next.

Back pain and spine issues – you are carrying too much weight on yourself!

Why do we do this to our body? Look at your physical vehicle as the primary barrier towards the external and subjective physical reality. Because it is. Your own interpretation and expectations are doing many things in your life. This is what most of us never learn or notice as human beings.

When you start to feel the pressure in your life and you can’t hold that pressure or weight on your shoulders anymore, this will happen. You can still feel it on your shoulders too! But how is this possible? Your own body is full of metaphors, no wonder about chakras or the third eye. Your spine or back are the supports of your life. And surprised you have the evidence that you can’t do it anymore like that.

As I said, your body is not just a filter or primary barrier which sponges up everything you think or hold like emotions and your mindset but it will accumulate it. Just like becoming fat (emotional issues) or any other. We have space and time illusion which means that over time, your body will accumulate all the stuff you thought, felt and your own mindset too. We simply don’t believe this because we never learned a useful thing in school. It is all about fitting into a slavery system without thinking.

back pain

Not just back pain but many other physical issues are caused by us!

You can bet that any other illnesses, physical injuries, and diseases are created by us. Cancer, Alzheimer, any other are end-results of our thinking. Accumulating emotions at certain parts of our body, closing out the external world or being in anger… It is not happening fast but it is a manifestation of our free will and thinking.

If not external chemicals and other nasty stuff are the cause. In most cases, we are. Our bigger, non-physical part then searches for opportunities in our current timeline to manifest our thinking. That’s it. Did you even know about this?

If I take an example here, you have a job which you hate or you don’t feel your way out. Maybe too much task to handle or too many things to keep in mind? Too much responsibility? You may experience too much pressure and you are accumulating it in your body. Your thoughts, emotions need to go somewhere! Right? It stays there.

You will keep your body posture like somebody bowing all day long, maybe turning your spine left or right all the time, etc. You will make a potential back or any pain issue in your body. This is one of the biggest life lessons which we should learn in my opinion from many. We simply don’t know that this is the way, how it goes. And then you need surgery if you still didn’t stop that mindset.

Let’s be straight, actually, the medical industry and doctors won’t help you, they want you to stay on toxic chemicals. There are some other people who are very enthusiastic and they want to help you. Even mentally. Very rare and actually only a few people believe in this part. We simply don’t learn the real mechanics of our reality and our true nature. You can learn a lot from my site. We don’t need to know everything but some parts can help our life to live much better and easier.

Face your issues and the pain will be gone!

Before you think I blame others, I’m not. This is all about accepting the responsibilities over your thoughts, emotions, what you are doing to yourself. I’m very cautious about how I feel or think many times and I’m doing it in the non-physical world too each night. If I don’t forget to do it lol.

back pain

You should love yourself even when others will hurt you or if you just can’t handle your tasks. Switch to another one, because there are many opportunities. Don’t follow the route of the most, where you just break down like hell after some years or decades.

The solution

To solve this problem, you need to take a daily routine, like meditation or take walks in nature where you can be yourself. Think about your daily thoughts, emotions, suppressed anger, any other stuff. They are surely degrading your physical body. It is there and you don’t even want to notice them. They need to go somewhere and the first barrier is your body. The physical world outside of you and our body image are parts of the same game of illusion.

And it can only do what commands you are giving to it. Life shouldn’t be about suffering. You have options to do or accept. That is my opinion, this situation can happen to anybody else. We can do something about it, right? You don’t need to believe me, catch your emotions and thoughts and change them. Many times you need to change your place in that situation too to help it. Family issues, job, any other are like that.

Once you can manage to handle your new thoughts and realize that you were too serious about something which only exists in your mind, you can move on and you will be surprised how your body follows you. You are the only captain in your ship. Don’t let external life, work or others tell you how to feel or live. Don’t let others control you. You can do it in other ways. We shouldn’t be people pleasers, that is the worst thing to do.

I hope I could help. Please share the site and support it if you can. Have a nice read on the site!

The best and natural relief for headaches!

Here, I can share you a quick fix or relief for headaches which is not artificial. Okay, not in a medical sense. This is my only personal solution which I need and I mostly get headaches from weather changes. I’m sure that it will help others too because the solution in itself is natural and you can buy it in any food shops and supermarkets.

Are you ready? It is filtered green tea! An easy thing to buy, you only need a box of it. You can try the product as dried leaves too. I don’t know why but I don’t react to painkillers and it turned out for me that they have no use at all. I don’t even believe in them. Furthermore, I don’t even recommend using medical crap to anybody. We shouldn’t swallow anything manmade from this industry.

I’m still surprised after many years that a simple green tea filter can solve an annoying problem what other stuff can’t. And believe me, that you don’t need to go to a doctor. Not just in this case but if you know the stuff from my site, you will get my point. We are brainwashed to believe that we need the medical industry. We are their money makers. So let’s see the real thing below.

relief for headaches

How can a natural relief for headaches, like green tea help you?

So this solution – if you do some searches on the web – is simply reducing inflammation which is happening when you are feeling pressure changes in the weather. You may have blood vessel dilation and shrinking. Well, we all have. Pretty interesting that it gets the slim and tall type of people. You simply have inflammation issues and some of us will feel it at the back of our neck, head or in the whole head alone. You can feel it in other body parts too and you can try the solution also for them.

Falling asleep is not an easy thing to do and until the first few sleep cycles, it won’t stop. So the solution is, stop swallowing anything artificial from pharmacies and do this. The pain itself is coming from the inflammation and it won’t go away just like that. You need something into the liver which will start a free radical-like cleaning fast.

Inflammation is not just about pain in the upper regions or wherever you feel it. It can take other effects, like visible red blood vessels through the skin, red eyes, any other swollen parts in your body.

Think about that, if you swallow toxic pills with all the side effects on Earth, it won’t help at all. The liver needs to eliminate them too! You have a natural toxic waste cleaning system and you need to help it a lot. L-Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and some sulfur-based (onions) stuff can help a lot in this job too. Mostly at night. Pills and drugs are destroying your physical body and you need it for a long while with optimal functioning.

I don’t think so that in the long past, people used drugs and pills with dangerous side-effects when they lived relatively closer to nature. Just common sense.

How to make it

Make some hot water (when you start to see bubbles, turn it off) for around 2 cups for one filter of green tea. If it has various caffeine amounts, you are free to experiment with it. If the hot water is ready, get one filter of green tea and put it in. You can experiment with how long you are soaking it in the hot water. Maybe for 5-10 minutes and you are free to be yourself again.

If you drink too much of it, you can get some diarrhea from the caffeine. Be careful.

relief for headaches

Pour it in a cup or mug and drink it slowly, sip by sip. It is hot and give yourself some time. If you are lucky, the neck and headache are instantly gone in 5 minutes. Sometimes in 10 minutes or takes up to half an hour. It takes time. Then you can sleep well. If it helps, keep it near your bed and sip it slowly even through the night. It doesn’t matter if you believe in it or not, it will work.

Some benefits

Green tea alone can give you natural blood pressure levels and if you have a terrible stomach upset, it will surely help, drinking it slowly. Never drink it fast and in one sitting!

The green tea in itself is not something which we can drink all day long, eat wisely and use it only when it is needed. Some people don’t have common sense and they drink tea until they get into the hospital from stupidness. The warning is below.

My warning for drinking more green tea!

Be careful. This remedy is natural but also very dangerous. Not at once but there are stupid people who will think that if they drink it all day long, they will be invincible and superhumans. Just don’t. You are overloading your liver. The liver itself is a natural toxic waste eliminator and works all day long in your whole life. If you digest this stuff all the time, you will overload it and will cause serious damage to your organ! Don’t be silly.

Why? Because if a strong stuff makes contact with a toxic waste eliminator organ, it won’t do so much good at all in the long run. As I repeat, some people don’t have common sense at all and they will think that if something is doing so much “good”, more good will be much better. Like digesting more vitamin pills (toxic waste).

Drink it only when you have some digestion or pain problems and it can help. I hope it helps you a lot.

If you like what I share, please share the site too with your friends and support it if you can. I’m sure that you will find other interesting things to read about on this site. Thank You for reading!

Distance Healing Reloaded – How to do it?

I already wrote an informative article about the distance healing topic and now I would like to share, how to do it. I think I don’t need to explain that it is possible because it surely is. We just don’t have enough experience in it.

Distance healing is a little bit popular these days, mostly in spiritual practices or beliefs. Well, it is real and you can do it for your friends, family members or any loved ones. You can do it without any tools in your mind with closed eyes but the same is true for using gemstones, being obsessed with chakras and with many more. Tools for your intent.

There is only one rule from me, which you should take into account. You can’t act against the other’s free will if he/she doesn’t want to really get well. Then don’t do it. They may swear they want to heal or get well but behind the scene, they want to suffer or abuse themselves. Accept that.

Everybody has their own decisions to live with. We can’t know for sure if the other person is trying to learn something from his/her illness or disease because we are creating it. If you see the resistance, stop doing it. You see, many many people are abusing themselves because for them, this is their only way to learn from something. They can’t even explain why they are doing it. Leave them alone.

Please note that your intent and creative power will bridge you with the non-physical and you will do it by yourself. With more practice and results, you are more confident. Very same for Telekinesis which people still doubt.

distance healing

How to do Distance Healing on others?

It is pretty simple unless you try to practice with it. It is hard if you never found a useful source without religious distortions how to do it. Keep it in mind that when I talk about religious beliefs and distortions, I try to keep people away from unnecessary beliefs to rely on because you can do it without them. You don’t really need them to get along in your life. You just don’t know so much which can help you. I’m sure what I share will help!

Your task is simple. Imagine the actual person as a white figure. No details, no physical attributes, just maybe an outline and full of white light. It is a pure thing in the non-physical and we are in it right now, so there is no real separation. There is no distance neither, it is a physical construct. When you use your creative tools, you are connecting yourself with the non-physical. Maybe with guides. You can ask yours or the actual person’s for help. They may stay away but just do your job.

Imagine the regions on his/her body where the illness or disease is concentrated. Those regions are blockages and use the red or any other different color to paint them in your mind. Then imagine in any ways you want to that the damaged regions are purifying with also white light which you send there. Maybe a white vortex comes from the distance and turns red of black regions into white light. That is your job. Repeat it as long as it is comfortable. Don’t give up after some attempts. Our reality is slow.

Yes, it is easy to do but we need to do it many times to take a final effect

With repeated effort over time (days, weeks, months), you can see results. You can do it in your own body too. We are simply just unfamiliar with this whole NP thing. You would be surprised about what is actually possible.

You may never notice but maybe non-physical entities also will help you after your pure intent. Well, you want to help another being, you will be rewarded. Some people being able to experience reality overlays can even notice NP entities helping in it. They will call them angels but that is a belief construct and you can learn more about these on this site.

Share your results if you are successful and let me know. Share this site and support it if you would like to. Enjoy!

How to stop aging? You can influence it to a certain degree!

Natural aging is part of our human nature and every living organism is going through it. But how can we influence it naturally? I’m the type who just don’t give a damn of aging and I look very young. It could be from beliefs or I’m that type as my body represents this attitude.

The main issue is that it doesn’t matter if you are a 30+ year old or a 70+ year old. To just mention, I have a friend who is over 70 and didn’t age so much in the last 20 years because he just doesn’t believe in it.

I need to add that it is a two-fold thing. You keep your body image in your mind healthy and young and another thing is that it happens because you are simply that type of non-physical entity. Ah, and forget genetics and other belief stuff! Those can be influenced but we can indeed have some family-line similarities. Just play with what I share.

Aging doesn’t need to be the way how elderly people and middle-aged people are aging. We simply accept a civilizational indoctrination very soon in childhood that we need to age and “that much” around our 40-50-60s+. Our beliefs are heavily influencing our physical vehicle and it’s capabilities and condition!


Aging has it’s place but you can influence it

Older people in their 60-80’s tend to think like they are still young deep inside or they feel themselves as kids from their teens. Some people are mentally ill around their last decades and we tend to call them second age children (sort of). But you will hold the same body image after death which you are holding right now. This is why many will appear at their peak 20-30s.

But look at them, their physical body is aged as hell. Some people worked over their life until their 60’s to look like they are around their 80’s. Aging is a group construct belief in general in our world. It is determining after we heard so much useless beliefs in our lives that as we reach pension, we are just relatively dead.

And I need to repeat that aging is a natural thing and is needed to exit the physical life game. But it doesn’t suppose to happen that way how people are aging. I guess you get my point.

It can happen much slower and you can influence it, I’m sure. Even after what I know how our Wider Reality, multidimensional life, and our own life work.

The end of our working life

Our life is over after decades of work in a slavery job and people tend to think that they are no longer useful for society. They will relatively fuel their aging furthermore, doing everything to feel aged and old. A normal thing for regular people. This is what we have been told that you need to feel like that. It requires constant mind work to influence this.

And it is only a matter of time when you are starting to be addicted to pills and drugs from the medical industry which never wants your best. They don’t heal anything. They force you to believe that you have no other options or you will get in medical troubles.

But in my opinion after pension as an age group, you DON’T need to feel yourself like your life is over. You are free relatively, you have time to do whatever you would like to now. Gather your power and start a new life. Sure I’m not that old yet, not even near but this insight can help.

Life is NOT about being a slave and getting used to it. Well, we live in a chaotic world where everybody lies and tries to grab their share.

What is the difference in believing of aging and not allowing it to take part so effectively?

Just look at those countless people who try to tell you how they keep their youth intact even in their 50-60s and they look young. Another thing is when they lie and had surgeries lol. But many of them are dwelling their beliefs about their body image from diets for example. Their diet is the tool for their body image. Some may don’t need it. Or having a sporting life.

So, one thing is that people feel themselves young and like a little child who just played with Lego or climbed on a tree or went to school/college. The other thing is that we DON’T believe that we need to be aged at a certain age. A huge difference.


We don’t need to find a cure for aging (that is BS). And we don’t need to take drugs and chemicals, use fancy methods to stay young, crunch on pills, vitamins, and minerals. Those alone are causing more trouble than being useful.

So many overused people at the doctors who just don’t know even a thing about in what world they are living in. Not just the older generation. They were told what to think, what to do, what to believe and their parents and their children are doing the same with the next generation. This indoctrination about becoming part of the system is always there.

What has been told by media, books, speakers, “specialists” and leaders, etc., has nothing to do with the actual possibilities which we can achieve in life. We are kept in a cage full of misinfomations and limiting beliefs. You can influence aging. You just don’t know anything about this and you lack self-replicated evidence. Because nobody can influence you, believing this, until you start experimenting with it.

Beliefs are keeping you stuck

Changing your beliefs will solve all problems relatively. Releasing your emotions which you hold and becoming more open to these ideas will also help in walking this path. Don’t hold up your baggage because you will carry it back to the non-physical world. Your life is a game.

The problem is that we tend to fight with our beliefs which are making up our thinking and perception. We tend to rather keep them and be in fear of not believing to anybody, even if it was useful. The first step is to understand the reality in what we are living in.

I encourage you to read anything on my site, piece by piece. It is only a pointer towards how we are living in an illusion, full of limitiations. We are limiting ourselves but we can’t deny the fact that one day, we return back to Afterlife. Because we are not our body.

We have it, we can influence its behavior and condition but we are not our body. It is a tool to let you experience physical realities, our limitation. Appreciate your life because you chose it to make it happen as a big chain of experiences.

How much sleep do I need? Forget what science told you!

People rush to public forums and search up on sites about how many hours of sleep do they need. This endless questioning happens all the time. If you check forums like Reddit or Quora (just to name the main ones), people like to only vent without learning a thing and almost never checking back if those same questions are already answered.

If somebody would pay me to answer these, I would be brain-dead from answering the same questions all the time. Just imagine, people like me are giving answers which you can prove to yourself and the same questions are always coming like nobody answered them before. I guess some may try to catch belief-resonating replies and that’s all the lesson.

I mean why should people like me answer the same questions, again and again, a thousand times if nobody listens? So I will save time if people find my article from direct search and answer this. I can’t help if the most like to drop up questions on public sites and they don’t even read back the answer. Or with the stupid, scientific guessings. One thing is a guess and another thing is how much sleep your body needs! People just lack common sense. Your body gives you the obvious signs and you listen to an outside source made on measurements over groups.


How much sleep do you need personally?

Maybe you were indoctrinated from countless scientific “researches” that you need 8 hours of sleep. Like a standard. I know your position, I was up to science a lot when I was younger and I still enjoy some of it, like Astronomy. But let’s be straight, there are countless people who are living different lifestyles, depending on their body usage and mental activity. We are not the same also in body type.

Are you active with your mind, are you a sportsman/woman, a site worker or a big walker?

You DO NOT need 8 hours. Some may well-function with 6 hours too for many years. You can adapt and also notice that you are well-rested after 5-6 hours. Maybe it is 7 hours. Or sometimes you sleep for 4 hours and you are highly alerted. It means that just don’t sleep more. Do you listen to scientific BS or to your body? Right?

If you overuse your mind, you don’t need as much or you can’t sleep as much. Your body will be overslept while your brain can’t function. If you overuse your body, then you can still sleep for half a day but don’t do it. Or you are going to school and you need 12 hours of sleep at the weekend. Do it for one day then sleep normal hours. Your body needs a post-rest period because you couldn’t do it throughout the week.

Is too much or too little sleep enough?

There is a fine line between too little and too much sleep. Try both. Both are tiring for your brain device which regulates your body. You are not your brain, it keeps your biological vehicle functioning without problems in optimal cases. Too little and you are a zombie, too much and you are too tired from oversleeping. Try it, experiment with it and stop paying attention to scientific nonsense.

If you don’t give enough sleep for your brain and body, it can’t regenerate or reboot itself. If you tend to oversleep from bad habit or depression, you can’t break out from this. Many times it happens from depression and lack of motivation to start your day. It is up to you. Just a little push, which turns into a habit and you are out even after some struggling days.


So how many hours do you need personally?

It is not the same for you than me. So I won’t give my example but I would say that the best hour span is around 6-7 hours. Rather 7. Try it for some weeks until your body gets used to it and see what effects you have. You may have more energy and better concentration because you are out of over-sleeping zombie mode.

For elder people? It is said as a legend that they don’t need as much. Well, they just can’t sleep in my opinion and they are rushing all over the place in the morning because they are bored and in a hurry. Maybe a life habit.

If you are a body-builder or sportsman/woman, try a little bit more sleep with common sense because the muscles need a rest period.

If you are tired around the afternoon, you CAN have a half hour rest between 1pm and 4pm to let your brain reboot or rest a little bit. It happens, you just lose energy.

Try 6-7 hours in normal cases and test it if it works.

Distance Healing, Remote Healing – How it works?

Distance healing or remote healing is a really interesting thing, defying physical distance and time. Both are illusions basically, parts of the physical life game but people are able to heal others and themselves with strong focused intent indeed. Some people will deny this phenomenon or abilities like Auric Sight or Out-of-Body Experience, Telekinesis but everything is possible whatever we heard from many sources. We are just blocking out the potential with our beliefs.

The key thing here is in my opinion, not the belief itself. It is just a tool for yourself to convince your ability, your power. I think the key in this according to my researches and experimentations is a strong, focused intent. It is the same principle for any goals in life and for non-physical traveling with your mind.

How distance healing or remote healing works?

Let’s take into account those countless diaries, stories, and miracle-like events whenever one individual or some people could heal somebody in the distance or help him/her in healing. Forget religious materials, there is no such thing as holy and miracle lol. Just a little understanding towards a big system. Healing can be instant also but it is a little bit complicated to explain here.

These stories will make skeptics and materialist, scientific thinking people question what is possible or maybe the most will deny this. I admit that it takes many experiences or pieces of evidence to make yourself convinced how stuff like distance healing is even possible. Some people will deny everything because it is generating fear in them or they just simply don’t believe in them. Not even when the pieces of evidence are shown in their faces.

We tend to think in distances, kilometers, miles, even light years. But because our subplane called physical Universe is just one “subset” from the non-physical world and because everything will manifest itself into a dense matter (physical matter) towards any physical systems, space and time are relatively meaningless in these cases. They are of course real to a degree and we have trouble with them. But this method works like any other phenomenon because you are using your non-physical mind (you as the observer) or people are using their mind, their mental power to affect other’s physical vehicle. Strong intent.

distance healing

The healing itself is not always taking place

This is a two-edged sword. You can affect other’s healing process if they started it or want to be healed. The negative side if the other person is abusing him/herself and doesn’t want to be healed deeply or be in perfect mental and physical health. Mental health is the starting point if somebody will abuse him/herself, the first filter towards the physical world is their own physical body. If they don’t stop it, the vehicle itself will have energy blocks and degenerations. Later, physical problems and surgeries. The medical industry will affect them and they are in a trap.

So the process is up on the other side too. If somebody is abusing their body and their mental health is getting worse… no matter how many people try to do it, it won’t do a thing. Maybe someday the actual person wakes up with ease and happiness until the self-abusing takes over again from habit. Same for cancer healing. People are doing it mostly with natural conditions to themselves it will come back. External circumstances CAN occur to kickstart it but this is another story.

The distance is meaningless

So it takes place instantly as soon as somebody is doing it. How? Closing your eyes and doing creative work. There are many ways, the most popular is Reiki healing but I don’t accept this idea, too religious and too many people are doing it that way – besides it is their thing. The distance itself is not an option because consciousness is everywhere and everything, even a lifeless rock is based on this fundamental rule.  Consciousness is basically effecting everything instantly but in our dimension it is slow. In the non-physical world or “Dreamland”, it is instant.

Time is the same issue. You close our eyes, visualizing any colored energy, what you are giving towards a visualized person and it is just an exercise. Your intent will do the thing and the creative work. Giving positive energy to others can deplete you but it is the best to do it in moderation.

The Wider Reality may help in this too. Some people will work with other entities, many won’t, just alone seemingly. But we are doing this in a cooperative way and good intentions are honored in other ways in life. Don’t ask for reward in return, do it from fun and kindness.


So, basically, these are the mechanics behind the scenes. Consciousness (you, me, anybody else as a pure energy being inhabiting a physical focus) affecting anybody and anything. Free will still play a key role in this because if – as I mentioned above – somebody wants to be in misery, you need to let them go and leave them alone. Everybody has their own path and most likes to suffer. Well, the biggest lessons and rewards, in the end, are coming from the biggest miseries after the physical life. Learning from mistakes.

And yes, you CAN heal yourself if you changed your thinking and found a positive outlook in life. The hardest thing is changing.

Protein intake after Workout – but How and When?

In muscle building or just maintaining our muscle mass through our decades, it is critical that we need to monitor our protein intake in various forms. We need the muscle gain and not to lose muscle mass even in a slow metabolism state. There will be no scientific and useless talk from me, only fast useful facts.

Protein intake is only one factor which is critical especially after a workout and in the mornings as how I learned it over around a decade ago. Now I’m not an Arnold and not planning to be that muscular besides I have the structure and genes for it.

This topic is about how to use protein to gain muscle. And I recommend not overdoing this alone too, we need balance in life.

Don’t listen to sites, big names, books, and commercials, they are industries trying to sell you crap. We don’t need them.

Consuming Protein

The most critical thing in muscle building is that you need to eat or drink something full of protein after a workout with some sugar as carbs. There is a “time gate” about 30 minutes after you finished. Meaning, you should sip your shake as soon as you can or eat your prepared meal fast but comfortably. No rush, only it is better sooner than later. This way the muscles will have the actual building block to not suffer from serious damage, exhaustion and still have the raw material to build back the damaged tissues.

If some people may don’t know how you gain muscle: you damage the muscle tissues in the workouts, straining them with pushing and pulling. This way the fibers of your muscle groups will regenerate over time if they got the necessary building blocks to change themselves into a bigger and stronger structure. If you understand this easy principle of muscular nature, that is just enough.

Muscles are not building up and getting bigger overnight and it is critical to supply yourself with it every day. Now, in my opinion, we should stop listening to anybody, especially to those who are eating 4-5 times a day and eating up huge amounts in costs.

That is needless and ridiculous, also you need huge wagons of money for it and your teeth will rot all day long. We don’t need to measure anything on kitchen scales like a rocket scientist and don’t need to buy powders full of amino acids with numbers on them.

How much?

One whole egg boiled or fried contains 10-14 grams of protein /100g.
Chicken breast fillet, what you fry, contains around 22-25 grams of protein /100g. They are the best and safest in my opinion.
If you prefer shakes, use milk with some fruits like 1-2 medium bananas and 1-2 raw eggs (from a salmonella-free farm).

Frequency is around 3-5 times a day in eating, bodybuilders are saying that. In my opinion, it is useless to eat all day long. Try to eat as much protein as possible in the main three meals. This alone means that if your intake is 100g for a day, it means you should divide it up for 3 pieces for good digestion.

When to eat, protein intake time:

1. after a workout in less than 30 minutes or 45 minutes. Experiment with it.
2. in the morning, at the minimum of the next morning after workout day – you need mostly protein in the morning, not sugar – your brain and muscles are depleted overnight (even normally too!)
3. try to divide your daily intake with 2 or 3 meals and I mean your daily meals normally as you normally eat anything.

protein intake

Intake measurement

It is said in many sites how much do you need to scale in to gain muscle. I think it is useless mostly. You can measure 1,5 grams or 2 grams/body kilograms of protein powder but the whole thing only comes down to the actual supplement of your muscles. Don’t cheat on any other “supplements”. Artificial stuff is not doing miracles and toxic in the long run. Meaning vitamins, minerals and any other trace elements which are marketed to sell you. Just don’t…

I don’t suggest you use any powder from the markets until you make your own from dried eggs.

So how much do you need to eat? Just experiment with it. In my opinion for a 70kg’s of body weight, for example, I should eat around 100g-s a day. Try around between 1x and 1,5x multiplier according to your weight in kgs.

Be aware that too much protein alone or with carbs will cause you tiredness. Maybe not but you will know if you ate too much, that is why it is needed to divide into dosages like anything else to supply your system throughout the actual day.

Eating protein won’t do miracles in itself, here is why:

Your beliefs and body image which you hold in your mind does the most job, not a workout. Athletes can imagine their whole scene in their minds before doing it and it can improve their condition pretty miraculously. You are relatively changing your mindset and beliefs about yourself.

You hold a certain body image from childhood. We need to be slimmer or we need to be more full. Don’t give a damn to other’s expectations, don’t be a people pleaser, it does only harm. This is your life. If you are weak work for it. If there are weak muscle groups in your body, you can do something to change it.

So until you can’t imagine that you are looking much muscular or much leaner than you are right now, it won’t work ever – or will veeery slowly. Let’s say you did your workout the best way without any BS movements, they are accurate, you have enough protein in your gut to supply your muscles. But still nothing.

That is why. Mental exercise. What if I would say maybe half of the workout is useless if you learn to stimulate your muscle groups with your thoughts, huh? Sleep is another important factor, try to sleep enough.

The solution:

Eat protein with carbohydrates ALWAYS. Eat eggs, chicken breasts, a little fish, which are the best sources and consume carbohydrates like rice, potatoes, vegetables too. Vegetables are needed for minerals, vitamins, fiber and mixing up the raw materials. Carbohydrates will supply your muscles with glycogen and they will store more energy over time which will be felt like your muscles are much bigger and fuller.

You can eat also anything like legumes, nuts, and seeds, sugary stuff too. Sugary stuff are better after a workout to not let you down like hell. Drink plenty of minerals or clean water too especially in a hot climate daily and after a workout because of increased metabolism and sweating.

Gaining more muscle is not about restrictions, only learning to use up the raw materials in a logical order for the actual purpose. Use oils like olive oil, coconut oil for cooking and frying. Eat butter. This is all about a balanced diet.

Percentages of measurements in the main 3 elements (protein, carbs, fat) are I think useless, eat simply more protein at the right time. And don’t eat much before the workout, especially in sports like jogging, you don’t want to vomit lol.

Edited on 13th of May in 2018.

Simple trick to avoid sudden Blood Sugar spikes

This post is about how to avoid blood sugar spikes after ingesting sugary stuff like any kinds of raw sugar, sweet treats, chocolates, fizzy drinks, carbohydrates etc. Mostly solid forms. I have tried them but maybe there is much more methods to deal with it.

Ok let’s say the problem is now there, you are maybe tired or in the lethargy of elevated blood sugar levels. Chances are in most cases, it happened on empty stomach.

blood sugar

This picture in itself will cause spikes lol, just joking 🙂

Please be aware, I’m not telling you, eat sugar. I’m sharing my results and it is about avoiding big problems with some thoughts.

The methods:

Trick 1: eat protein fast in any form. My tip is to boil 1-2 raw eggs. Rinse the hot water with cold one, change it into cold completely. Let it sit on the counter and eat the whites. You can eat the whole egg, I don’t like the yolk in that form lol. Protein will somehow normalize what is released into the system. It has the effect of slowing down digestion.

You can try it the other way if you know how you react and eat protein first. Protein is released and digested much slower and eat sugary stuff. Any other protein source can help like fried chicken breasts in the fridge or anything meat based. I don’t swear dairy based are similar in this case.

Bonus: nuts and seeds can also help, eating some because of the protein content.

Same works on any carbohydrates. It is the best to eat them with protein to not allow the sugar to spike.

Trick 2: baking soda powder – pinch some in a glass of water, steer it and drink it. Don’t drink to much water, you don’t want to mess up your digestion. Maybe it works. Especially with big stomach upsets.

Trick 3: drink mineral water throughout the day as a good habit. Now when you will grab sugary stuff, eat some and after some chews of chocolate bars, drink some sips of mineral water. Water in itself will dilute the sugary fat crap in your stomach. Again, be aware of drinking too much, you need to digest the crap.

Trick 4: green tea may help. Use hot water and a filter of green tea and drink it slowly sip by sip. Let’s see what happens. It can improve inflammations and stomach issues mostly.

I guess some people think of unknown stupid reasons that salt may help because it is “the opposite of sugar”. Well, baking soda is salt indeed basically but don’t use regular salt. I guess vomiting is not a good idea instead of being well. You need to stabilize your blood sugar levels.

These solutions may help, I can’t guarantee them but worths some try. Sometimes the solutions won’t work but you will see now from these examples what is the trick. You need something which slows down the release or a neutralizing agent. And next time don’t eat so much of them or on empty stomach.

Edited on 21st of november in 2018.