Is life a Dream? You will be shocked!

We have many sources about the big question, that is our life a dream or is it even real? If not a question, then there are theories. What if I tell you from personal, first-hand knowledge that it is true? Would you believe me? Because you can prove it to yourself too if you want to. As many others which you find on this site.

Of course, basically, most people won’t really investigate it because it is much easier to just believe whatever is fit into their personal reality. But we all can experience it each moment, daytime or in our sleep life.

One thing what I share here and another thing is that I see many people reading the articles and they may don’t even get the basic ideas about non-physical stuff. And the beauty is that we can prove it to ourselves and practice anything around. And very few people will do it. The most will stop at the entrance and turn around, believe what they want to. That is okay, I think this is something which is there for only a handful of people. We don’t just suddenly walk a path of multidimensional self-realization.

But we can experience the basics. It is enough to get a full-blown non-physical experience via sleep, called “lucid dream”. You will seriously doubt what is real. Like your whole sense of “reality” turns around.

For first, let’s define the word “dream”

I’m not using up nonsense lexical stuff, just a simple explanation. When we are sleeping, we have dreams. Or not. It depends on your path and intent to even experience dreams. When you are fully aware in the non-physical world, it is no longer dreaming. Others will call it conscious sleeping. The thing is, that you realize your multidimensional nature.

To note it, I dropped the “dream” label soon after I realized my non-physical life. I was always a lucid dreamer and I didn’t need to learn so much to go furthermore. This is not true for the most. This whole know-the-non-physical thing kicks in for you for a reason. There are no accidents. Maybe guides are trying to get the chance and wake you up to your real nature. Yes, you wanted it. Yes, you are doing it to yourself from a different viewpoint.


So in this sense, our own physical, daily life is a dream too. You would be shocked with practice and proving it to yourself how much more real the non-physical could be. Well, we are coming from there to experience a limited life with a physical body which we normally don’t have. Our advantage of living a physical life is that we can experience our natural circumstances from this viewpoint. The most won’t ever do that or even realize what is going on in their sleep life. They would be shocked or in huge fear, confusion.

So to break it down what is a dream, you are dreaming right now, reading this. When you are in the non-physical or “Astral” world, your physical life is a dream too and fades away while you are paying attention to that world. This is just a label and defines an activity other than our daily life. Because our human race thinks like that in objective terms. We can’t help it so much.

Is our daily physical life a dream?

So going further in this issue, yes, our daily life is a dream too. We can call it a test, life simulation, game, etc. But we are heavily filtered by our 5 senses (normally) and this is why this physical reality compared to the non-physical with full awareness is really dream-like. When you are there, you no longer have a body BUT you are still interpreting everything automatically like you had 5 senses until you stop doing it. This is why it is still human-like many times.

We come here or into any physical Universes to do our job, learn, try things which we can’t normally in a limitless world without the space-time illusion. So our daily life is also a dream because we are consciousness. Consciousness makes these Universes and concentrates its primary attention into tiny pieces like You are Me, to try these systems out. We can call any of these experiences like a dream.

Our main source is in a purely subjective environment and we are there too right now. This is the so-called, falsely labeled Higher Self state. We simply don’t focus our primary attention there. Like TV channels.


This is our multidimensional nature, we are already existing in countless constructs and forms. We simply just got used to the idea that we are ourselves as a physical being. How can it be? Well, our body image, reflection, other people, everything outside of us. We don’t really learn a useful thing in life when the subject comes into deeper questions about life and our origins.

These are giving all the false assumptions about what is going on. Our race simply just falls into the trap of objectivity and indoctrination from our childhood. Maybe not just our human race but maybe countless civilizations are thinking the same way and worshipping gods and objectivity.

Why should the most even question their daily life if they were told to believe this or that? This is something which is not obvious for the most. Many don’t even remember their non-physical life or “dreams” which happen each night.

Then why should they even be aware of their daily life? They have the same attitude in the non-physical too. This is also true for Afterlife behavior. The dream-nature fades away if somebody starts to be more aware of their own true nature and what’s going on inside of them.

The solution to know it better is simple. You have the intention to be aware, you will be. That’s all. And then, you need the effort to take it into your daily routine. I think everything even in our daily life is the same.

Why do I always have Sleep Paralysis? It is a natural condition!

As I try to plan out my newer articles a little bit more reachable for people around the world, I thought I should expand on Sleep Paralysis (SP) a little bit more in general. I’m shocked how stupid medical sites, with parroting others, practices are trying to scare people and not even knowing a thing about this. This whole world is full of misunderstandings and guessings from a materialistic viewpoint. Our society is clearly in infant shoes.

And if you are very new to sleep paralysis or any sleep-related, non-physical issues, you will be amazed how unreal are all of those nonsense guessings and religious belief systems about sleeping. SP is a natural condition which needs to take place each time when we fall asleep. We just don’t notice it.

And I want to tell people that they are “suffering” from a 100% natural condition. Please, just don’t believe anything what religious sources and doctors are telling you because they have clearly no idea. Respect for the few. This is something which everybody has each night.

And please share these articles which I have on this site because these are already there in our world and talked out in private forums, full of Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming practitioners. Initiating a conscious SP is a good thing to experience! You can do it at will and you will see it. You don’t need to prevent it or go to a doctor.

I still recall all the stupid websites from google search because I was curious what the heck is there about this. But it is beyond comprehension. I mean people are relatively believing all of that nonsense if they try to search on this. “Neurodegenerative disease” and all the stupid stuff. It is NOT a medical condition! Btw the same issue is there about those nonsense “conditions” and “disorders” and I plan to write about many, later on. If I don’t lose my mood lol.

Sleep Paralysis is still a new and scary thing to the most

I just don’t understand this nonsense which medical industries are telling about SP. Or psychological sources. And I can’t stand when there are all the lies and people just don’t get the idea. Fear spreading is a huge business! One thing is that people never try to experiment with it and rather labeling themselves sleep paralysis sufferers. Because many are doing it and trying to make it their uniqueness. Some just want to be special from a natural thing which hurts them a lot. That’s them.

sleep paralysis

But the other stupid thing is when people like me try to tell others on public forums like Quora or Reddit that it is a normal thing.  I stopped doing it. There are all the answers and people don’t listen. If they are, they won’t do some research if anybody else asked the same.

I saw it many times, people are frightened about SP. We tend to fear what we don’t know. The problem comes in two cases and I will share it why. Then the given person is frightened like hell because he/she never had this non-existent “condition” before. I use quotes, referring to stupid textbooks and medical industry nonsense with all the guessings from a physical or biological perspective. My usage of words are serving the highlighting purpose and don’t take it as a personal thing.

What IS sleep paralysis in general?

You may don’t know and it doesn’t count but I know that I told hundreds or thousands of people so many times of how natural and necessary thing SP is that I became sick and tired repeating it. This is why sites like mine are unique and full of knowledge. Bear with me.

So here is your basic. Whenever you fall asleep each night, your brain as a device will take the physical body to autopilot mode. We are consciousness, a non-physical entity, using a brain device and nervous system to let us use this body. The most still think they are their body, science tries to catch consciousness in a brain which is a device on this end of the game. This is not the issue. We are not our body, it is made for our life-game to let us experience physical life. You need a vehicle.

Okay, so the brain starts to regulate your muscles and takes you into sleep mode. What you experience from all of this normally is that you start to breathe in sleep mode in whatever position and you blackout. Next time you are in the non-physical world where you have dreams. I won’t discuss if you are unaware of this fact or not, you can learn a lot from my other articles.

If you had a partial or full-blown SP, you may be experienced the muscle hardness first-hand. You can’t breathe, lungs are rock hard, you can’t move etc. This is because the muscles are shut down and for your safety to prevent you from moving. This is a safety mechanism which is needed when we switch our primary attention to the non-physical world. We keep experiencing. In normal cases, the body is in sleep paralysis.

Eventually, some people may sleepwalk or move in their bed, it is also normal. Just a basic mechanism. The brain’s role is to take your body to autopilot and keep it alive because you as the mind or observer is experiencing elsewhere. But the non-physical is right there in front of you, you just simply switch there.

sleep paralysis

You get SP when you fall asleep but you are aware partially of this process

After you finally get the whole idea, let’s see the two main cases of these experiences and you will see why. Everything comes down from what I share with you, any other unusual cases too.

So there is the first case, whenever you are physically tired or you do deep meditation. This means that you start to (with practice) elongate the process when you fall asleep. You start to be conscious of the fact that your body is starting to fall asleep. You can hear yourself snoring too! Then, you will be still awake as you are the mind, the user of your body. You are NOT in your body. This is where people are totally misled. You are using a primary focus in a physical system. Let’s read my Focus Model articles to understand your multidimensional nature. It is real, you can test it all.

Many many people are in today’s world are finding the practices of Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience, Lucid Dreaming and many more and you can practice them, encountering SP all the time. It is a stage of entering to the non-physical world consciously. When you fall asleep normally, you don’t want to be conscious. You would be scared about all the sensations and effects. So this is why the most never have those. You can have SP faster when you are physically tired. But you are still alert.

If you go enough deep, you can experience much more to physical life. You will need plenty of experiences to pass this SP stage. You may can’t breathe or move an inch, maybe all your muscles hurt. This need to be like that. So here is your first case. NORMAL. You can still move some body parts and get out.

You get SP when you scare yourself in Dreamland and you end up in SP

This is the second case and you don’t need more. The most don’t know that dreams are non-physical experiences. We are non-physical and multidimensional. AP, LD, OBE, others are all the same. Your awareness level determines all. So you lack the self-control in a thought responsive world and you simply “phase” back to your body focus. This is an automatic response. This is also a lesson and a learning curve. You still have a body to feel safe. After you finished your current lifetime, you won’t have a body to escape back to.

You start to be scared of an experience and you rush back to a body in deep sleep. It happens automatically. The brain didn’t have the time to notice this and wake the body up. Some sources will call this reintegration, mostly from the Out-of-Body practice.

sleep paralysis

Do you understand the main issue here? You need to grow up, manage your mindset and emotions. Your reactions in Dreamland are causing your sudden returns and ending up in SP if you were too deep in sleeping physically. That is the case why many people can’t move. Move a toe, a finger, all one by one and you are out. After this, I wonder how people “suffering” from this for decades, never made any research at the right places to understand these. I guess people don’t know where to look after their answers. I admit it, we need to dig very deeply in today’s world.

You can do it personally too but this is a life lesson

So if you get the idea, this is ALL about facing your fears. “Suffering” or experiencing SP is facing your fears too. Because you are scared about it. The other phenomena don’t fit here but I will mention at the end about entities and demons with shadow people. They are caused by you. You project out your fears into a 3D form.

No matter which one you will get, you are relatively scared of a natural condition which was there the whole time. If I can give an example, others are not getting SP but they are sweating. It is normal too, their energy is reflected back. We are recharging our body all the time with non-physical source energy. Just guess how many people know about this outside of conscious sleep. If they are ever conscious.

But to note one issue or opportunity here is this. You need to face your fears and it is a clear one. No matter if you tend to scare yourself in your dreams with the same daily mindset or you are scared from sleep paralysis. You need to understand these, learn from them, become familiar with them and your lessons are finished in these.

You can initiate sleep paralysis on your own by laying down on your back, not moving an inch and breathe deeply and slowly, like doing a sleep process.

There are all sorts of fear tests or nightmares all the time in your sleep life. You don’t face them, they will be there. We wanted these experiences before birth. You can learn a lot about these from this site.

Sleep paralysis for believers with preconceived religious beliefs and fears

This article starts to be very long so I will keep this short at the end.

Many believer type people tend to fuel their paralysis furthermore. Beliefs are playing a key role when you end up in sleep paralysis. You are still between the physical reality and the non-physical world. You experience it as you were in your bed. The non-physical is in front of you as a dimensional overlay. All the nonsense religious beliefs will appear in front of you in full 3D over time. Pulling, pushing you, levitating, vibrating. All parts of the same process.

And those figures? They won’t appear suddenly, it accumulates over time and creates all of those shadow people, demons, monsters and many more. YOU are doing it to yourself. This is another lesson what your mindset creates with your reactions. This is why so many many people are afraid at night, even without an SP.

The Wider Reality is like a vast, endless teaching system. Consciousness uses a form in physical Universes as we are doing it right now. Even our physical Universe is a subset or subpart of this system. And end-result. We are learning and we need to learn the ground rules. The most are only learning the physical rulesets and even not all of them. But this is another story. You can learn a lot about how to navigate in the non-physical or what to look for. Be my guest on my site and you can ask for personal training via the Workshop menu too as a service.

I hope now you solved a big problem and know them all. Keep on reading on the site to educate yourself and share it, support my work. I will be happy about them, also about finding your answers.

How to learn Lucid Dreaming? Are You really ready?

This post is made for people searching throughout the Internet to learn Lucid Dreaming. If you are new to this or you already know some bits about this, this is your place. I offer my personal help to teach you doing it as a service. I also give basic knowledge about what you can learn after you have a conscious sleep life.

You will need to be open and have the intent to work with yourself. Because this is your own personal development, your multidimensional nature and you are opening up doors to the unknown. Dreams are just the first stage what most of humanity never passes.

Even Lucid Dream practitioners never pass the initial tests about what to do, what are the limits and where to go. This is a fancy practice these days and just a few will realize what they are doing. Or where they are doing it. We all need a leading hand to learn more, otherwise, we will spend years and decades of trying to figure out if all the outside sources were right or gave us any useful information. People growing up in the last century still didn’t have Internet to figure all of these out and kept in secret. Only some pioneer books in shops with many religious beliefs and distortions.

Learning the basics about Lucid Dreaming is just the beginning

When I say, learning the basics, it is not what you find elsewhere. Except on private forums where well-experienced people talk these out from first-hand pieces of evidence. Do you really know what a dream or a Lucid Dream is? You may be totally surprised. It is not about those practices. But the most never go “further”.

What you find on my site about Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experiences, altered states, ESP phenomena, and many more is a big information overload if you don’t take it step-by-step. These experiences are happening in the same non-physical world but your approach is different and your awareness level. That’s it. These are paranormal, strange or scary because nobody talks about them like that. We lack the education about these from infant years.

lucid dreaming

A normal dream is mostly an unconscious experience. And there are stages to walk through like a baby crawling and then standing up. This is not about what others are playing with, messing up dream characters and places and doing whatever you want to but still, you can experiment with anything. This is a long path and this is all about your personal development.

What you win with all of these is you will develop on a much higher evolutionary level. Chances are, you are already on that according to people around you. You will figure it out. You will know what is needed to know before you need to leave this world and return back to the so-called Afterlife.

So, sure, maybe the fancy tricks and techniques are there. But do you really know what you are doing? You are opening up the metaphoric gates to an endless, subjective world. The possibilities are endless what you can experience. Your beliefs will determine your openness.

So what you can learn from me and from my site are the basics but you are walking a high-awareness path after a while and this will surely change your life, mindset, and thinking. You just thought you know life from a limited perspective. And you will get your answers.

This is how learning the Lucid Dreaming art goes with my help

I can give you personal assistance via the Workshop menu. Please read it carefully. Then you can reach out for me.

People who still need a handful guide can still purchase my Lucid Dreaming ebook from Payhip faster and can start the beginner steps. I’m there too, this is just your personal beginner’s guide.

If you are really interested in all of this, let me tell you why am I telling you all of these. People in our society are barely ready for all of these. They can’t really pass the first stage of normal dreaming, realizing their true, multidimensional nature and how to experience more. They don’t know what to do and have no concept or idea.

The basic knowledge is all about knowing the ground rules in a thought responsive world. You go there, release your emotional baggage and you will scare yourself or live up your own mindset in physically familiar sceneries. You experience what you see from your perspective. But there is much more to this!

What do repeating dreams mean?

Many people are new to even comprehend the true nature of dreams, have repeating dreams or messages. These messages can last for years and you can also live these up in very similar sets and scenarios. They don’t need to repeat themselves each night but your non-physical guidance tries to not disturb you so much if you don’t pay attention.

You can read about guides here.

Why do you keep having the same repeating dreams? Did you lose your mind or is this important? I see this issue all the time on public forums. People don’t even pay attention to replies. I never will understand this behavior that somebody has a constant problem and he/she doesn’t want to solve it. But here is the explanation below. You won’t find another solution anywhere, I can guarantee you. Dream interpretation sites are useless, they don’t understand what dreams are and NOT symbols only.

If something is repeating itself, don’t you think it is important?

Dreams are non-physical, subjective experiences. When you fall asleep, your non-physical guidance has the chance to train you, teach you about yourself. If you have repeating or very similar scenarios around you or you are doing the same things always, you simply keep missing the message or lesson. They can’t do so much about it but as common sense tells you, repeat the same message in different forms. Maybe with some time delay but they have no time there, only we have.

repeating dreams

This is how we also tend to think. If somebody doesn’t pay attention to you, you will repeat yourself or elevate your voice tone. You simply can’t get through the other person’s noise and it is the same in the non-physical or Dreamland (Astral or whatever you call it). You have lessons to learn and to grow so you are never sitting on your non-physical butt. You are consciousness who wants to learn.

We keep missing not just the message but to even listen to the message or what is it about because the most can’t comprehend what dreams are. Are they can be more real than your physical life. Via Lucid Dreaming, you can see it for yourself. The message starts to be more real and physical. You interpret it that way or your guidance is using human elements because you only understand those.

You don’t pay attention and don’t know what to do

Nobody can help those who don’t even understand what dreams are. This is like a chain reaction. You don’t think they are important, science and other industries are telling you nonsense things about them and you wash it off. Then the message repeats itself. Maybe after a while, a full-blown one comes when you will be frightened. This is like a “we told you so” issue. Our civilization thinks we are physical human beings in our true nature, we are our body and brain and everything is beyond us. Really?

Interpreting and understanding your dreams is a constant learning curve and I can help in training you after checking the Workshop menu but this is not just a one-day thing. Being serious and wanting to learn a lot is a must.

What is Conscious Sleeping?

This post is a quick one and you can learn a lot about conscious sleeping on my site. It is your non-physical life. This can be shocking, I know. You just think that you know a thing about life. Your daily life is a tiny fragment of your real life and a huge facade with human drama and rules. We have dreams because we are constantly learning and developing in our being. Even if you don’t know about it. Do you think that you are really a human being originally?

Keep it in mind always that if you are a conscious non-physical explorer, you still need to maintain a healthy balance between your two lives.

conscious sleeping

But what conscious sleeping really means? Simply put, you are now aware that you are living up the given sceneries and events partly and fully being aware in the non-physical world. We can call it Lucid Dreaming too. Check my articles and my ebook to learn more.

Most of the people are “unconscious” of the same fact. They fall asleep, blackout and have no idea what they are doing until waking up. This is the norm for the most. It is a habit in our world. You don’t know anything about dreams, you don’t have the intention to know about them, you are “unconscious” from the same reason. No wonder, nobody teaches this so publicly.

Because you can be conscious of the same life, experiencing your multidimensionality, now you are aware that you are asleep. Most of what comes next with this can be found on my site to learn from them. Have a nice read and welcome to the real world!

I can’t pass the vibrations when I try to Astral Project! What should I do?

You try to Astral Project for a while because this is what interests you as a big fun thing. I know this attitude and there are countless books, videos, and sites “teaching” you. I would say, they are rather indoctrinating you with what is totally unnecessary for this.

People think from various sources and from big names as idols that they need to do something in order to project to the non-physical. There are too many flaws, mystical lies, and distortions in this. Yes, you need to do minimal stuff to kickstart a natural process.

The main problem comes from the fact that you try to follow somebody or use techniques because they told you that you need one. You try to BE the other person. Guess how many people tried to replicate Monroe’s OBE technique, modulate vibrations or copy the rope technique and failed. The basic problem is mostly coming from not understanding a thing about all of this.

Will following others really pay you off? Well, you need something to start with, it is alright. But not this way. You need to first forget all the techniques. Astral Projection is a mystical fancy name to switch your awareness into the non-physical world. You project all the time when you have dreams. Did you even know that? You are “projecting” right now into your physical daily life too! Labels.

astral projection

What IS an Astral Projection? Do you really know?

I will keep it short because this article is meant to solve the vibrational stage’s problem. Astral Projection is just a technique or a label. Same as Out-of-Body Experience, Lucid Dreaming, Phasing, Remote Viewing etc. You try to switch your primary focus elsewhere, other than your physical surroundings. You do it via dreaming, just unconsciously. Check the Focus Model and all the main articles about it to learn the basics.

So what people try to do, they try to alter their mind to switch their attention to the non-physical. Your beliefs about what will happen can totally hinder your progress, like waiting for vibrations. Your fears can instantly kick in and you never faced them. You think this is a childish game. Because others have it, you expect it, right? Totally wrong! You may never have one. If you have it, then you lose focus and you are in fear to continue. I will discuss it below.

When people try to AP or OBE, what happens is really personal. You will experience all the stages by your own interpretation and maybe by your beliefs. The easiest way to project is to try Lucid Dreaming and you can do it from my ebook on Payhip. Please, share it and let others know about it. Also, check my Bookstore menu. But enough about this lol.

So the basic misunderstanding is there, among maybe millions of people. I don’t know the numbers. On some forums, some of us are just repeating the same over and over again because it is very hard to convince beginners without experiences. Dreams are also “Astral Projections”. Or OBEs. Also NDEs. Or any other like a little daydreaming.

People sip up all the mystical nonsense from everywhere and they try to leave a body too. Like with OBEs, they try to force leaving a body, same for the vibrations expectation. XY did it or wrote about it, you need to do the same because he/she told you, right? Wrong.

What to do with those famous Vibrations?

Okay, so once you understood what is an AP, let’s see how it works. I won’t write all down how and what to do, you need to practice it. Complain after some years without success! Nobody will do your job and forget crying out for guides.

When you try to AP, the most popular way is to do it via meditation. You lay down on your back and relax deeply, then all the strange stages are coming close to “exit”. Well, there is no exit, it is just a shift. You are wandering on your consciousness’ spectrum and trying to tune in. Phasing is the easiest method and I can teach it to serious people.

The stages what you can experience are fear tests. Yes, you fear them so you are slowing down the whole process. Look at it as your non-physical Essence gives you these tests as lessons to pass. We are working like that and we need to check each stage and become comfortable with them. Simply put, our protective awareness kicks in each time and vibrations are the hardest for the most.

Logic and fear kick in or you lose focus from being detached and you end up in vibrating. Then it fades away without anything. There are many scenarios but you make the biggest mistake doing what others saying like concentrating on it. You kill the whole process.

astral projection

What to do?

What the vibrations are? An energetic phenomenon, you are vibrating on a high frequency and it has nothing to do with your body. Some may call it the etheric body or energy body. Some call it the separation stage. It depends on your interpretation.

Stop expecting vibrations. Even the biggest projectors with decades of experiences had a few vibrational events in their life. Do you still think that you are not fooled? Or that you’ve learned something which hinders your progress?

Forget anything, even how an “Astral Projection” should be played out. Don’t expect a thing and don’t follow books and others’ experiences. The very first time something kicks in, you try to focus on your physical body which can be sometimes beneficial to project but many times ruining the whole process. Give yourself some weeks or months and try it. Ask me if you need training after reading the Workshop menu and agreeing on my thoughts. Serious people can reach anything.


So, just forget it. If it comes, bath in it and let it go. If it doesn’t come, do your job and concentrate on some mental imagery. The failure comes because the vibration starts and you start to concentrate on it. You need to forget it. It tries to say: ” keep on going, you are close”.

Don’t try to replicate what others are doing. Use it up as a guideline but with caution. How do you even know what will you experience in a thought responsive world? See?

Here’s your solution. Keep some rests for some days and never force it. Check the meditational sensations article made exactly about these sensations and fear tests.


Is a Lucid Dream even real? Everything is real!

Many many people tend to question the realness of Dreams, Lucid Dreams, Vivid Dreams, even Astral Projections, OBE’s, NDE’s, anything around. I just wonder why? You are there, you see the realness and whenever you return back to the physical world, you wash it off. I could say, well, I was in the same shoes a long time ago but not really.

From my early childhood, I was always a conscious non-physical experiencer in Lucid Dream format. With years of knowledge and learning about anything I could accumulate, I knew what it was about. Of course, what you can gather from various sources, most of them are useless.

I totally understand why people tend to think something is not real, even when it is much real than the physical world. Like a non-physical guide talking to you or staring into your face, it is as physical as it can be. So, it can be much real because the physical universe (this one for example) is just a training system from countless ones. An end result in which we use intensive focus on our primary “life”. But what the most learned in their life will limit them down very strongly. You deny it, it won’t reveal itself.

Dreams… wait a minute what seems to be the Dream or Lucid Dream?

So, to keep it short as an explanation, you are in the non-physical world where dreams are played out in different forms. Forget symbolism, it won’t answer a thing or rarely. Simulations as a training for you directly, living up some fears or previous days, being in existing physical and non-physical places etc. The variations are endless and you are spamming these experiences with your thoughts and emotions. It is instant, you won’t realize it without practice. You release a slight emotion, the scenery will change.

So our perspective is that if we are in a fully conscious experience (dream), it feels solid, physical, “real”, right? It IS real. I don’t know how many times I told this as a help to people, realizing their experiences. It is real and they will deny it upon waking up here. It doesn’t fit into their limited understanding.

You are there and your physical life is the dream. You just don’t use those memory sets because if you did, you would suddenly wake up. Your thoughts about the physical life will act as a magnet. They will suddenly pull your consciousness back to your body to keep it operating again with you as the master.

If you are awake “here”, then dreamworld is unreal. This is a wrong habit and people are living in denial. You need hundreds of experiences to convince yourself believing that it IS real and always was. Falling asleep equals waking up to your true nature “there”. The physical life is a facade, just a training ground for our consciousness but we tend to stuck with objectivity and the illusion.

Same as thinking as science does that we are the center of the Universe and everything is beyond and far in the distance and that everything comes from this physical Universe, right? Quite the opposite.

lucid dream

How this realness problem and denying dreams will cause confusion after physical “death”

No wonder how billions will still think they are human beings. They never trained themselves to be aware of their true nature in the non-physical world while living a human life, they will end up in confusion after their physical “death” and being totally lost and attached to human nature. This will end in living in various heavens and hells until they get bored and continue the same life, building cities and living the same way lol.

We have the opportunity to explore our true nature via dreams. The word “dream” is a misleading label and people are just starting to learn about them these decades. If not learning, then waiting as an immature child for somebody to explain them, like me or others.

I need to add that this awareness thing is NOT for everybody. Most can’t handle this. They just need a simple human life and go back.

Lucid Dream is just one label to explain the realness of being in another reality frame

It is called – I guess – lucid dream because people will feel it real and some people created a nice term for it. Of course, it is real. People will test the environment, do childish things like hurting the locals (if they are in existing places), use superpowers, flying, kicking, going through walls, messing up the environment etc. The most won’t realize what they are doing and don’t want to. Why I find this important? Because they will cause their own confusion and nightmares.

The realness will depend on your awareness level. If you are not well-trained with zero knowledge about where you are or what you are doing, your progress will just stagnate. You are never alone, it just feels that way. We are helping each other on all levels of existence in many forms.

The Wider Reality (from where we are jumping into physical universes) wants you to develop and grow up, face your fears, become aware of your true nature. Our true nature is NOT about being a physical human or any other lifeforms. We are multidimensional and some people slowly start to realize this fact. But the most won’t ever, not in a thousand other lifetimes.

You may find my other post useful about this multidimensional thing here, or browse the bookstore.


If you stay open or become open about what is real or possible, you will realize this soon and open up new doors for yourself. Btw I find it funny that dreaming itself is for everybody and people are just not really interested in a natural thing. Many people don’t even have conscious dreams, just nothingness. Maybe social conditioning and believing in a brain-consciousness model makes this out of the most. Or thinking that a “subconscious” concept rules you.

Btw many many people will just deny their experiences because they are nightmares, experiencing their own fears and they DON’T want to face them.

People having NDE, OBE, projection or any sorts of altered states still tend to question the realness. Some people can’t be helped but need just more of these to realize the realness. Well, we need many experiences surely to help us decide the realness.

How to deal with a frightening negative entity in Lucid Dreams

People can meet a negative entity or more than a few in dreams. Now, this issue is not new after my posts but it will be much easier to understand in a shorter post. Meeting with one or more in Lucid Dreams have a greater effect because you realize how real it is. Actually, all worlds are real, even when you encounter your mind’s noise.

A negative entity can be many things and it is dependent on your expectations mostly and on non-physical circumstances. It reveals itself in time, which one.

What is a negative entity or “neg”?

Firstly, I need to dissolve this idiotism that negative entities will harm you or are they real. Chances are, even if you believe in them, they won’t really show up. Indeed there are nasty entities on the “lower” non-physical regions but you won’t see them.

Simply put, it is unreal. Mostly you are scaring yourself with your uncontrolled thoughts. Many times people are encountering one or more after they have a noisy mind from daily stuff, falling asleep like that. Even a blanket on the head and rotating all night can cause it lol.

One more subcategory also is when you encounter with your own fears in a character. It can happen and you think it is real. Even if it is part of you, you can turn away and leave it alone. Don’t give it your energy.

We can call it a nightmare if we see one but the truth is that we are causing it. You are in a thought responsive place where your thought can soon create nasty circumstances. A skeleton chases you, a monster eats you, a horde of dark characters are watching you etc. Shadow people are the same idiotism. Even you can be in the Real Time Zone and see somebody watching you in your room.

Don’t accept these and run away, face them.

How does your interpretation work?

So this negative entity is mostly appearing like that because you are interpreting it that way with your mind. Your protective awareness kicks in and your ego takes over after your behavior from your physical life. We learn it.

I can’t count how many times projectors on non-physical sites told people that they are causing it to themselves. It is hard to think outside of the physical life box.

We are doing it in our physical life also. You see something blurry on the road at night and you are afraid, what is that??? After it came closer, your mind now created the perfect picture. You are safe now. It is protective awareness, we fear what we don’t know.

Same for a neg. You see it but you will fuel it with your expectations with fear. High degree of control is needed but humans don’t really learn it. They wash off dreams. Dreams are equal parts of our existence multidimensionally.

The physical life is a training ground. Your character is a facade right now.

If not You, then it is a fear test!

I wrote some posts about fear tests but if you are not doing it (the experiences), then, in this case, it is a fear test. The Wider Reality is testing your maturity by seeing, are you scaring yourself? Growing towards love is the cruel part because you won’t harm anybody and scare yourself.

You can’t do so much in this case but stop running away and face it. Face it even if it “kills” you and you wake up in sweat. Face it and it will transform into a loving being. It could be a good non-physical friend maybe. It is up to you. Go there and hug this somebody. If you can’t, then face it. Don’t be a chicken lol.

Als,o I need to mention that demolishing and kicking asses won’t do anything good. Not even destroying with TK powers. Be passive and don’t do anything harmful, it will only make it worse. If you got this passive behavior and being brave, these tests will stop after a while. It is part of your personal development and the physical life is just a tiny facade of it.

This issue is only useful for people, who want to be open and ready for more than physical life. More than an illusion. It is about finding out who you are and how endless the whole world behind this one physical world out of countless ones.

Remote Viewing – How it works basically

Here I will share some basic info about Remote Viewing. First of all, I won’t start the post like “is this real” because it is real as Astral Projection, OBE and Phasing as like dreams. Simply put, ALL these tools are for one purpose, for your consciousness to travel without a body to anywhere. It can be on many levels of your own existence or in consensus realities.

How Remote Viewing works?

Remote Viewing is like you have an exact target in your mind and you keep concentrating on it in a deep meditational state (being relaxed rather) and you are there. Not physically but your perception does the trick, your mind detached and now you see your target if you are good in this. It takes practice as any other tools to use.

People will always debate that is it real and it is a joke. Science and governmental circles are totally focusing on limited perspectives. In the USA, there were secret projects about this subject decades ago. RVing on the Moon and other celestials. Ingo Swann was one of the most famous ones doing it.

The problem with science and with governments that they are way behind the actual fact that today there are forums throughout the web where people are actually discussing RVing, experiences, and techniques in big numbers. It is as real as dreaming. But who never got in touch with non-physical realities consciously will deny it from fear or zero knowledge. That is the fact in this society. Also, people are mixing OBE and other labels with stuff they think is “paranormal” and mystical crap labels like “astral”.

remote v iewing

So the basic steps are: you select a target or with a blind experiment, get one without knowing what is there. Be it on Earth, on other planets, inner or outer solar system, in time etc. Doesn’t matter because what happens is the actual person is connecting with the non-physical database with his/her mind and reading out the information as being “there”. You are consciousness, using tools like your body.

Where it takes place?

When people think they travel “there” in physically felt experiences (if it feels somehow like OBE), it is only happening in the Real Time Zone, which is the closest buffer zone to our physical world. It means that it IS not another non-physical world being totally separate. You are in an extended world where you can look into stuff. To imagine, you need to know that the physical worlds are stemming from the non-physical structures.

I guess RVers in the past didn’t even know in what world were they traveling. They thought it is happening in the physical world. It is just a facade full of objectivity.

That IS still this physical world from the endless ones but being in the extended reality. Many people experienced the RTZ already but they are stuck. It is a training ground for non-physical development. Robert Monroe and many others are also tested that buffer “zone”.

You can do anything in the RTZ which you physically can’t in the physical layer. Fly, pinch people with your energy, go through walls, levitate, see what can’t be seen, meet entities sometimes.

How people are misled by fear spreading websites

I saw many websites in my researches that they are full of mystical and belief system BS. Dark entities and secret stuff, ok there could be a whole ancient civilization on the Moon. So? Investigate it. Like you travel there and you should defend yourself – from WHAT? Of course, I never did it personally but it is almost the same as any other mind tools. If you think you need a shield, you are afraid and need training. Remote Viewing is as safe as sleeping.

There could be entities anywhere, it is possible that the Moon is a base on the dark side. Doesn’t matter, they have their life and tasks too. Life is not about being afraid of what we don’t know. Make them known.

Mystical believers will spread fear by sharing and selling techniques about defending yourself from entities, aliens etc. Meanwhile, if you encounter them, you only need to be passive and just be observational. If something is hostile, you come back and that’s all. Maybe it can happen that an entity will attach to you but it could be your own fear. I’m not spreading fear, I’m saying that anything frightening is coming from the person’s own fears.

It could be indeed fearful to practice this if people have no idea about how the layers of non-physical existence are working out. Same for people opening up for ESP abilities and being scared like hell. I’ve talked to many on Reddit and calmed them down that they are ok and not schizophrenic.

Experiencing Dream Scene Changes without noticing them

What is a dream? Experiencing it nowadays turns out to be a gift or coincidence for many people. I always thought everybody experience dreams but not really. What causes that lack of experience is denying anything other than the physical world’s existence and lack of knowledge. Also being not really interested in what is beyond this world.

With practice and using your intent being aware in your dreams falls into the category of Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projecting. It is just a dumb label, you are aware that you are elsewhere other than the physical world. But I’m not saying anything new here. Who wants to find out how things are working out, they will do it.

How are unnoticed scenes intertwined?

So you are in a dream scene, running away from a monster or you are just being on a nice adventure. At one point in the scene, you are now elsewhere. You are running on a plain grassy field and the next time you are in a house. But how???

So you are in the non-physical world, many times in a simulation according to your expectations and you are experiencing reality overlays and fluctuations according to your poor thought control. Simply put, you can’t still control your thoughts and whatever you fear, believe or think will change your surroundings instantly.

So a dream basically is many times a continuous scene changing. When you are aware of dreaming, you will stop acting and do whatever you want to. But still, your beliefs are filtering your experience to a high degree with expectations. That is why people meet demons, monsters, angels, gods. Nonsense.


So a dream is basically a simulation but you can be in existing worlds, places

As stated above. You can be either in a simulated experience by your own mind noise, maybe by external help with training. But in fewer cases, people will be in existing places (non-physical or physical) and have no idea about it. It is ridiculous how many people were already in existing places and still questioning the validity or realness. But noo, it was a dream only…

Reality overlays in all cases can happen, also in false awakenings and be in the so-called Real Time Zone near the physical world. Because all realities are existing here and now at the exact same place, you are filtering them with your belief of traveling somewhere. So they can instantly change as you are – without any noticeable events – jumping between them.

Existing afterlife cities, human and non-human worlds are still there and being as real as the physical world (all of them). People just need to wake up to the fact that everything is real, also their limiting beliefs.

Learning to get more aware and get more control is up to anybody. Meditation helps to focus your thoughts and thought check also helps because you have the same awareness in a dream as here. That is why here you have deep fears, there you won’t escape them if you don’t face and accept them.