Out-of-Body Experience – The explanation behind a natural phenomenon

An Out-of-Body Experience is a popular thing these days which many people are hearing from somebody, some already had it at least once. Or you are just interested in it. It depends on each people how they encounter with it and it is a natural, normal phenomenon. Dreaming is the same. Physical daily life is also an “out” of body thing.

Nobody ever were or will be in a body or out of it because it is a physical matter construct and most of us don’t understand who we are basically. We are focusing ourselves through a brain and body to experience a physical reality basically. The brain is in the skull, it is just interpreting the external subjective reality and we are making it solid.

The mind is not physical, look at it as a concept of diving your face into the surface of water. You are interpreting the physical reality through the brain and have all the energetic connections through the body.

An Out-of-Body Experience is a real thing but also a belief construct, unfortunately. I will tell you why below, so keep on reading. When you have an OBE, you are actually having an Astral Projection or a Lucid Dream or it can be anything as a label. Different approaches. You simply switch your primary attention, your mind into the non-physical where it normally resides.

Out-of-Body Experience and humanity’s problem

Actually, the OBE phenomenon is totally out of ordinary for most people. Even for those, who try to get out of a body or practicing it. I will tell you why, it challenges all the beliefs and worldview you have which is not allowing anything outside the physical reality to take place. We are not physical at all but the body and physical reality are tools to experience limits and personalized life.

Well, you don’t need to practice a thing at all just forget all the nonsense out there. We need to focus our attention elsewhere. Many people are capitalizing on books, seminars, videos with a direct intent of having cash from others’ stupidity (or naivety). Or they are just so dumb, they don’t even know what they are sharing. The result is, most people believe that they are in a body and they need to get out.

Most people have fear from the Out-of-Body Experience phenomenon because they don’t know so much about anything outside the physical life and reality. Most people are so darn used to this life that they create an artificial bubble of “Earth life and that’s all” that they are unable to break free from their beliefs. You die and that was the end, right?

Out-of-Body Experience

This is why when somebody has this experience or tries to replicate it, will have great fear. Actually, the main problem comes from one thing. We think we are our body and in that body. That we are our brain, furthermore, the mind is the brain. I can’t prove to anybody that this is a pure nonsense but if you learn about these here, you can prove it to yourself.

For me, I was always a Lucid Dreamer and then I just needed to realize that it is the non-physical world. Then all the next steps came and fall into place what to do for more.

The mind is not the brain or it is not in a body

The mind is a non-physical “entity”, you are the mind who is focusing your primary attention here, into this reality each day. While you are physically awake. Sure, in a car, you don’t think at all that the engine is the driver. Still, it is unfortunate in my opinion that there are all the sources from which others can find this out on their own, and not so many people have the capability to filter out reliable, real pieces of information at all. Not even finding this site to learn. Most people are unable to even think critically and analytically on their own.

Because most people think they are their brain and body, their very first conscious experience in the non-physical world will be an Out-of-Body Experience. It feels like and looks like they use a body, a copy of their physical vehicle.

Why? Because most people cannot think otherwise. Because their main belief is all about being body-centered, the mind, your bigger non-physical part will generate an automatic copy of your body. It is your basic expectation about who you are. And because most people fear death and that they believe if all of our memories, anything around (as science says) is in the brain, once the brain and body die, it is over. You are literally erased. It is actually the opposite. You keep on existing and “living” each night. We live in countless other worlds simultaneously. Most people are just unaware of this and they never had the intention to do so.

An Out-of-Body Experience is actually all about opening up yourself

I tried to express all the details already in my OBE ebook which you can ask for or purchase but it seems like most people just don’t care. Like a fancy fairy tale. We buy crap, which resonates with our beliefs. Confirmation bias.

The very first thing is about always encountering your own fears. Because you need to, for your personal development. Your current life is also about it. Then you will have a sort of ego-death with all the long-held belief constructs. Because most people are building up their worldview from what they’ve learnt from childhood, from their parents, from their external world. Like we all do mostly. Most people are so deep in their own worldview and ego, that they will live their life like that, closing out the fact that they are not their physical body and life at all.

Then when this phenomenon kicks in even like a Lucid Dream if you like this category better, you will experience it first-hand, that you are existing elsewhere. I won’t discuss the same issues here the 100th time but it is pretty obvious that most people are unable to release this brain and body belief and they WILL experience an Out-of-Body Experience for this same reason. You expect it mostly from fear and beliefs and you will use a similar body even in the Real Time Zone while projecting. So, you are projecting right now into the physical reality too. You are focusing your mind, yourself into a physical world through a body and brain. Without them, you can’t bound yourself into physical systems at all for a short while.

Check out the Focus Model material and you may understand what is the problem here. Thank you for reading and please, support, share the site.

Out-of-Body Experience – the misleading belief of an OBE

As now I have more free time these weeks, I decided to write a little bit, now about the misleading topic of having an Out-of-Body Experience or OBE for short. An Out-of-Body Experience is a popular term and many people try to do it from fashion or from sheer curiosity. I can’t really write all about it because it would take many pages and many hours from my life which clearly doesn’t worth it. I mean nobody pays for this. So I will explain what is the main problem with the Out-of-Body Experience phenomenon in general.

As usual, I can mention communities and forums where people are trying to share and understand each others’ experience which clearly won’t help at all. Just an advice, never try to replicate the other person’s experiences. It won’t work most of the time. But most people are new to this concept and couldn’t even have one. And they may never have one at all.

You can read more about OBE here under my ebooks and you can get it for free. It is just an overall introduction with explanations for many. It is not a big hit like popular books from known people, I can’t help it. But many known authors are right about it with their own understanding.

The OBE concept is real, scientific thinkers are failing to understand it and many are just following it from fashion or sheer curiosity. And those who are spreading these “truths” about who we are and what is it are not giving a damn that most of these are religious and mystical conditioning. People need these beliefs in general and that is their route in this. I’m not judging but I don’t like that most of these are not explaining a useful thing. You know, just stupidly lay on your back, relax and freak out from everything.

Even those who are writing or speaking about these have little to no experience. Not everybody. If somebody has, they never realized that they lived up their own belief constructs in a thought-responsive world the whole time. Understanding the non-physical is NOT that easy and I’m speaking from thousands of conscious experiences, putting the pieces together – for myself.

Out-of-Body Experience

What is an Out-of-Body Experience or OBE?

From where is it coming from? Many people know Robert A. Monroe and his 3 books of work with The Monroe Institute. This term and the whole practice is thousands of years old and had other terms. We can call it Astral Projection, Dreaming and anything around. The same world for the destination, different approaches, and conscious awareness. You have your own, human-oriented thinking in this.

Monroe started with the good old Out-of-Body Experience practice because he just had the signposts like vibrations. He had many experiences like this and then after he figured out that he is not even in a body and he doesn’t need to roll out or whatever he did, he found out that we are using a focus of primary attention. So phasing came. It is a big hit on the AstralPulse.com and I teach it to some people who are ready to drop this belief.

Basically, an OBE is about relaxing so deeply that the separation starts on its own and you are aware of it with all the signposts above. We just can’t let it unfold. For many, these are also fear barriers. It says, will you continue? And then, he was exploring the Real Time Zone which is the extended physical reality. Of course, everything physical and objective comes from the non-physical. The RTZ is a boring place most of the time. Some may never start there, like me but I was and will there many times without my own intent.

This is why what Monroe’s “unconscious” followers are doing is replicating it and doing energy work. But nobody needs it. For some, the projection experience somehow doesn’t work in other ways. People try to roll out of a body. This is why the energy is automatically creating a body-double. Thomas Campbell likes to joke on this practice too. For me? I’m not that OBE type, rather Lucid Dreamer. I can gather my pieces of information via that approach. It is the natural way for me from my whole life. I just didn’t know about where I was until later.

The Out-of-Body Experience is a mental construct that can be learned over time or you already believed it in your entire life? How is it possible that you can have an OBE? You always thought that you are in a body or you are your body. And in this case, you can experience movement, traveling, because you tend to think via physical reality terms. This is why many who don’t even know a thing and have it will have it like that. Their worldview does that. Expectations are playing a main role in the non-physical.

Why most people can’t get out of their body when practicing the Out-of-Body Experience?

These days or in general, most people are very young, in their teens. Most of them are just finding these practices, like Astral Projection and they try to play with it, practice it because others told them that it is cool, fun and can do anything. Meanwhile, they will encounter their fears which IS necessary to learn and develop multidimensionally. We are here for that purpose too but at a much slower pace.

Most people have no capabilities understanding these above or on my site. They try it without a basic understanding. No wonder about all the fear. And they are bringing the same understanding and personality into their dreams too. Remember, these are just labels…

People are relatively trying to get out of a body. But why? In our world it is natural that in school, we are learning about how we are our brain, consciousness is somehow in it and we are our own body image, our outlook. The actual truth is quite the opposite but you can find out that from the site. Most of these people are materialists, big science believers and many are religious. There is nothing wrong with it but if people don’t let it go, they can’t experience so much. The sad thing that they don’t know that there is that relation in everything.

Even if somebody doesn’t believe it, he/she can still (and many can) experience an Out-of-Body Experience because deep down, they believe in that concept that they are inhabiting a body. OR they fear the death of their body. If somebody doesn’t believe it, he/she still can replicate the belief concept because it is a matter of time and intent. Look at it as you are downloading a method from a vast system for yourself without knowing about it. And one day it comes. Frightening vibrations, sounds, visuals in your “head” (mind), and movements. Fear tests.

Vibration chasing is a very popular thing among these beginners. It is just a signpost and some may never get it. I don’t get it either at all, just warmness. Just don’t… this is a natural process. Even if you get an OBE, chances are, you will need to just let it happen.

Out-of-Body Experience and beginners without knowing a thing

And many people had at least one or few Out-of-Body Experiences or Astral Projections when they were very young. But they now know what it was. At least they believe what it was. But on closed and open forums? These issues are there, I mean hundreds of these daily. Nobody takes research and these people like me are investing energy to explain these for nothing. I’m not kidding, I have enough, many times about dealing with the same topics all over again. I mean when I have these periods to go there and help out some. And it goes on and on like everybody is talking to a virtual wall.

And many of these people are teens. I think I expanded on this enough already on the site. They just think they’ve learned what they can about it. Meanwhile, I’m not kidding, most of it is BS, useless and mystical conditioning. Like there is all the useful stuff on the web and in books (because there are some) but common sense is missing with logic. And there are some who will switch into ego-defending debates childishly. That is not my part in this, I’m just sharing what is real and can be known. Because I can and it helps.

To keep it short, the Out-of-Body Experience or OBE, Astral Projection, Dreaming, Lucid Dreaming, and many others are leading you into the same subjective world where human logic fails and objectivity slaps back with all the beliefs, expectations and emotional charge. If somebody successfully has an OBE, they will fuel this furthermore with their beliefs because this is what the non-physical reflects back to them. But there is much more to this! This is a big school and we have things to learn. Now, this part is totally missing from most people’s understanding.

I hope you found this article very useful, stay on the site, educate yourself, and support me. Enjoy!

Edited on the 2nd of May in 2020.

This is how you can have Lucid Dreams quickly!

I’m sure many people will find this article about how to have Lucid Dreams fast. I know for sure that most people don’t want to learn or know a thing about it and are lazy to skip the steps. Furthermore, most people lack the necessary understanding of Lucid Dreams and anything around them. I can’t help it but tell everybody to look around on the site and learn on your own.

The answers are already there but this post is about having the results much faster. I mean other than reading and watching all the unnecessary stuff on the Internet, from books and from videos. You don’t need a technique, a ritual, nonsense energy work, and others. You don’t need to chant or mess up yourself with WILD, FILD, and others because those are for Astral Projection or OBEs.

I will explain the simple approach for Lucid Dreams. Most people never had one and they want to experience it. They want it because others want it these days. Maybe from escapism or because others told it is cool. Most people (younger people) are playing with it from fun and they don’t understand the whole thing. I won’t comment on it. And some will have it from their early childhood. Just like being able to project at will.

I don’t share nonsense false stuff, beliefs, mystical stuff, only the hard truths and mechanics of our multidimensional nature.

This is how to have Lucid Dreams

I told many people and will tell again, that you need to work for it. Intent is the driving force and you are consciousness, using it. So… the thing is that each time you want to fall asleep, you need to keep up your intent. Telling you this from thousands of conscious experiences, visiting existing places and doing many more.

To have your Lucid Dreams, you have a job to do. You need to use an intent, a goal to do it. For nothing, expect nothing. Forget whatever you’ve learned so far. Seriously.

The actual situation in our world is that most people still have no idea what a dream is and where it takes place. They want to play there and that’s all to it. I’m too little to tell everybody and I hope others will find the site one day. But I’m afraid the most are unable to digest even the basic things.

So, I’m doing a favor for free. Here you go. If you don’t get it in a day or a week, don’t give up.

What to do for Lucid Dreams?

Each time before falling asleep, clear your mind out from each thought which are roaming there. Take your time, this is not a child play if you are doing it right. No more “dream characters” and others which still many younger people believe because others told them that Lucid Dreams are like that. Forget it.

You try to be conscious in the non-physical world without knowing a useful thing about it. We are coming from there and there are countless entities. They are helpful, you came from there too and will return back.

After you cleared out your mind, concentrate on one thing, what you want. It is a process, you need to let it unfold. The easiest way is to fall asleep.

Tell yourself a few times that you will be aware after you fell asleep. Tell yourself that you will be at existing, non-physical places. Then with these thoughts, just FALL asleep. That’s all, here you go the big weapon. This is what most people can’t figure out.

I wonder how it doesn’t fall off for thousands of people. Common sense is missing these days but don’t take it personally. Look around on the site, learn from it and support it if you can. That would be awesome. Report back if you have any questions. Enjoy and you’re welcome.

Why Reality Checks don’t work for you for Lucid Dreaming?

It is time to talk about reality checks and why most people who are new to Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection or OBEs are trying to test out some tricks in their dreams. The main issue is that most people who are finding the topic about reality checks are messing up their non-physical experiences, explorations and basic understanding with something else. Which is childish. But we need to start somewhere.

It won’t sound so nice, most people who try out reality checks are children who think that Lucid Dreams are just their imagination and that they can do whatever they want to in their experiences. They think that those are just dreams and they are the only ones there. There is endlessly more to this because most people will find all the nonsense “beginner’s guide” to all of these.

I don’t want to scare away anybody here on my site and for the same reason, I won’t really share what people are trying to do when they try to do reality checks. Okay, maybe some will be on the sample list. And before anybody would take this personally, I’m talking about everybody and trying to give the full insight into what is really happening there.

Most people are immature to all of this. They have no capacity to understand it or they didn’t work with their fears for first. You can’t miss the steps.

reality checks

We are not alone and we are learning. Sure thing. But most people will read all the BS on the internet and from books and believing what others are saying. They deserve to fail with their reality checks all the time. Seriously, most people deserve their nightmares because they didn’t learn what they are doing or what they are experiencing. They didn’t do their researches. Look at my site, there are all the answers and you can test it out personally.

Reality checks are one thing, Lucid Dreaming is another thing

Yes, most people don’t get the basic idea about what is going on in their “dreams”. Okay, non-physical experiences in other words. Some will call them Astral Projections or Out-of-Body Experience because they are all the same thing. Most people don’t get it, not even after hundreds or thousands of nice or bad experiences. Maybe not in a whole physical life as the most.

We, human beings (I mean our physical outlook and our thinking) tend to think that we can control everything. We can’t even control our own life, right?! Why should we think that we can control our experiences in the non-physical? Ah, gotcha. So much BS on the internet and people are parroting each other’s nonsense. We are living a new age of egotism to the max and self-centered self-showing something.

So, most people don’t even understand what a dream is. It is a subjective, non-physical experience in our multidimensional life. It starts to be real, solid and conscious if you walk this path. You simply focus your attention more on this life and the more you will become advanced and conscious of your real nature. If you don’t pay attention like billions, you won’t get so much in return. Guides will still try to open up your mind so some interesting events can take place without your intent.

With reality checks, you can become more aware and play with your tricks but it won’t last forever. Sooner or later, somebody will train you and show you things which you need to face or experience. You see, we can’t really control everything and you are watched. We are doing this for the purpose of the physical life because we are learning something all the time.

Reality checks are just one tool for a conscious sleeping life

Indeed, this site is all about our multidimensional nature, knowing about the non-physical world from where we are coming from. But are you really aware of what is going on? Reality checks are fancy and also practical tools trying to get by or navigating there. It is an endless place without space and time. Our concepts of being a human are still with us, with you. This is why you can still experience it the way you did in your daily life. But enough about it, you can read about these and how thought responsive it is. Not always.

Reality checks are a good way of becoming aware that you are in another reality. Not so many are aware of the non-physical. But what’s next? This is where the most are not getting anywhere. This is a hard fact, most practitioners don’t even know where they are, I mean all the basics are missing. Knowing this for sure after roaming for months and helping hundreds of people not the first time on public forums. The most can’t comprehend or understand what I was saying or even get the basic idea that dreams are not just dreams.  We have things to do and to learn all the time.

If you are good at reality checks, it is just an entry to this endless world. Name it and you can experience it. Maybe guides or parallel selves will help or meet with you. No limits are there but of course, we can’t do just anything. Yes, these are all real.

Reality checks and Focus 3 (“Afterlife”) consensus places, cities, etc.

Seriously, this is where most people are shocked and will turn back from doing this. We are not just human beings, we are using a form, a primary focus. The Afterlife regions are there, this is just a religious or rather mystical term. The most are just doing the same after “death”.

reality checks

I’ve talked about it already, you drop the physical focus and you still hold your body image and personality until you finally forget it. It was for the game.

When you have the chance to be at existing places, Focus 3 cities and at many other places, you can walk around with maximum awareness, like you are doing daytime in this reality. You can be much more conscious and aware. But I can’t prove it to anybody because this is a personal realization and experience thing. Try it and see it for yourself.

It is there, everything is there already, you just don’t focus your attention there. Many people will deny the whole thing and their beliefs will block out the real non-physical world. It is their problem.


By reality checks, you can mess up the local rules, scare locals there (other entities) and you can be kicked our booted out. That is normal. So many kids are playing with this these days because they found these tricks on the internet and because others are doing it too. Then they are confused about why they can’t do it again or they are “stopped”. This is why.

Jumping into the air, flying before residents, messing up structures, punching entities, telekinesis. The list goes on.

When you are doing your reality checks and you can’t still do a thing, there is a reason for it.

Are you really controlled? Find it out, maybe you can’t command your mind that easily. You can find it out alone, don’t follow others! Everything is driven by your intent and what you want.

So, do you think that dreams are just dreams? That they are not real? Think twice after you started to have your own conscious experiences! You can read about anything around and on the site. Enjoy, share it and support my work.

Why does False Awakening happen? What is it?

After I didn’t write for a month, here is a new post about one question, why does False Awakening happen? Many young people and of course those, who are new to Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection or Out-of-Body Experiences can experience it many times. Let’s be straight, most people are scared of it and can’t put it anywhere. But it is very simple what is it and you should enjoy them.

One thing is sure, if somebody is just interested in these topics but doesn’t want to learn about them or practice them, the game is over. I know how people tend to think, some may start to be interested in all of these and will give up so fast that it is funny.

So, there is nothing new about experiencing our multidimensional nature or at least about saying this same sentence countless times here. Or anywhere on the Internet, where people are sharing their non-physical experiences. At least their “lucid dreams”. Most people are so lazy that they never take deep researches which an intelligent person could do, validating what others are sharing as beliefs. I’m not sharing any beliefs.

About my activity, no comment on it, returning readers will figure out on their own, what is the problem. I’m not leading a show but an informative, self-help knowledge-base site.

Why does False Awakening happen? What is it for?

I used to write about this one a long time ago and tried to express why it is a very good thing and can be enjoyable. But why it happens and why is it so scary to many? Let’s be clear, the most are not even there to comprehend what they are, who they are and where they are dreaming. Most people just don’t have this intellectual ability and understanding.  Our general society lacks the faculties to understand these and school is not teaching us to useful things in life. We can’t even comprehend this for years or decades, the most. It is for a reason.

People like me, who can understand this easily have this path in our main core. I can’t help it, I was always aware of myself to a certain degree and my type is mostly alone with this. But this also means that all of us are on the path of awareness elevation and self-realization. Now, as usual, this site and my articles are not mostly about me but about us and who we are. I wrote these articles to let others learn a lot without nonsense talk.

When you get a False Awakening, you will get it from your guidance because sometimes you need to experience it too. Maybe you caused it somehow but it doesn’t matter because others are helping you. You simply just believe that you are physically awake, or that you are making it up all. This is a fashion these days, younger people believe they are doing all the stuff, even when they can’t control a thing. You have certain memories about where you are, your daily life and you are going on, until it just falls off, wait a minute, you are still sleeping! Then you wake up for real.

Why does False Awakening happen

Actually these terms are useless because you are already wide awake in the non-physical world. Because as I stated many times, we are multidimensional. We are living countless lives right now, we are just focusing our primary attention “there”.

What is it for? In short, I already told you so. Somebody wants you to realize how real everything else, every other “world” is. You are making it more real by focusing your attention and intent on this. This is why billions who are dreaming will never feel it real. I mean their dreams or non-physical experiences, as usual. They don’t want to and can’t break out from that habit, from being unconscious. We are brainwashed and misled and we don’t know what dreams are. Other than stupid symbolism, that’s all to it, “subconscious” noise. And with all the thousands of years old mystical nonsense.

What is it so scary to many people?

Mostly because it will suddenly challenge many people’s beliefs about what is real, that we are not our body and we keep functioning as consciousness. Or that the physical world is just one of the many. Here, a stupid story comes in. Some people clearly believe that they are acting still in the physical world because it feels… physical. Like our human world. I dealt with this nonsense issue before with many people but you can’t make youngsters understand that their own human-like thinking makes their experiences like that.

In short and it is repeated not just here. You will experience your own mindset and expectations instantly. If not instantly, then over time. Same for nightmares and shadow people and you can find those articles too.

The non-physical or NP is thought responsive when you are a starter and as you think and believe, it will become like that. It is physical and human-like because you are doing it, expecting to be that way.

For example, in the NP, you still act and walk with a body because you have that expectation to have one. So that will become real. You can drop it down and become a point of consciousness, what we are basically.

So it becomes scary because you are copying the world (your home, friends, family, places which you know) there according to your memories and expectations. And it is scary because people are so addicted to human life and their school life or job life, that they fear that it will break apart. I mean that they are doing the same, going to work in their False Awakenings too and they are scared because something is wrong or out of ordinary. Or they can’t comprehend the whole thing after they woke up and can’t enjoy this.

Seriously. Our physical life is a game too, a virtual one but our primary attention is here. If somebody has this experience, their fear is about not being able to wake up to their slavery life. To their routines which they did for years or decades. They are in fear because they can’t think outside of the box of indoctrination. Most people don’t know that there is endlessly more to our multidimensional life.

Why does False Awakening happen

So, what’s up with this non-physical experience which we call False Awakening?

Others will call these, like dreams or Lucid Dreams. Despite the labels, it is the same. You are aware that you are in another reality. Actually, there are the non-physical and countless physical Universes.

It is not new if you had even one. But it can be either fun or scary if you have it for the first time. As I stated, most of humanity is so underdeveloped in understanding even a thing in the physical world too (not to mention the non-physical), they will be surely scared.

Religious beliefs are also making it worse. You don’t find useful information not even in most books on the market. All people are telling the same BS, starting with Out-of-Body Experiences and talking about religious beliefs and angels, gods. Because it is a thought responsive world, what you believe will become real. Yes, you can experience your beliefs first-hand.

Actually most of the time – if not all the time – guides will initiate these to let you learn about yourself and who you are for real. I mean without playing a character which you are doing right now, thinking you are a human. We are so addicted to human life that not all of us can understand or digest the whole thing. If you want to, it is your choice.


So, why does False Awakening happen? Because it is the default from the many potential experiences. It is default by our nature. Normally, we are constantly focusing our primary attention on our daily life. When we are sleeping, we are experiencing furthermore because life is also just a huge chain of experiences. Billions are in great fear of death, their physical body’s.

You can ask anybody around you in normal cases. Everybody is guessing. But you can experience these.

False Awakening is a label for a non-physical experience, for a certain type. You simply have a certain memory about doing something or a task in hand and once you realized that you are still asleep physically, being wide awake in the non-physical, the game can be over soon and you will phase back and wake up. You can get multiple ones at the same time, maybe 4-5 in a row. What freaks people out is that they can’t “wake up” physically lol. Just enjoy them and try to understand them. Don’t be a chicken if you want to learn about these.

I think most people are in fear after even one of them because they don’t know a thing and they don’t want to. Look around on the site and educate yourself. You can support my work too which is rare.

Why digital devices, screens and phones don’t work properly in dreams?

To just finish September with an interesting phenomenon and because I rarely write these weeks, I wanted to share the issue about digital stuff and why screens and other human-made stuff aren’t working many times properly in Lucid Dreams. As usual, I mention public forums and why people don’t get the main idea about these and that they are in the non-physical world. It doesn’t matter, anybody can encounter these.

Actually, the phenomenon itself is very frustrating for the most or confusing and in the end. It is just how our expectations are causing so-called reality fluctuations. There is a big main problem with all of these. People who are experiencing these and gaining more awareness or lucidity are noticing it but without even knowing in what type of reality they are in. Most people have no idea about the non-physical world and how it works. Seriously. People like me have a hard time telling this to others. They just can’t comprehend it or believe it. Not even after their OWN experiences in their face.

To keep this problem short, there are physical realities like this one AND the non-physical from where physical realities are stemming out as a vast system. It seems to be perfectly physical because we are doing it that way. Expectations. But soon, it starts to be confusing or rather funny (for me) when you encounter these issues.

Our own daily life is a Lucid Dream too if we play with these terms. Of course, I can’t make people believe what I say is the way it works unless they experience it again and again. I tend to rather say that, go there, work for it, experience it. Most people have this hard time to even comprehend how real everything is. And many are so lazy. I know that most teenagers are trying to do these from escapism but actually they are entering their own multidimensional life. Funny, isn’t it?

Lucid Dreams

Why screens and devices are not working properly in the non-physical or on other words in Lucid Dreams?

What do you know about the basic rules in “dreams”? Check my site and all of the articles are giving you the answers. Work for it! Not here, in your sleep life. But why is this a big issue?

It is a big issue because many people sooner or later will face this phenomenon and they stay confused. Like their little world just crashed because they don’t know what to do with this. It is not what they “know” or “learned”. They thought that it can’t happen. Or that “dream characters” are unreal. Okay, I won’t hug my face, we need to start somewhere. Let’s talk about the main issue.

There is this so-called reality fluctuation issue. We use this term in Astral Projection and in short, projection places/sites where we talk these out. I’ve learned it too from there and grew myself out on my own. When you have uncontrolled thoughts and emotions, they will do that. On anything. You can be in a stable Focus 3 environment and you will still cause fluctuations to a minimum degree. Some people use these glitches as reality checks.

Well, it is a good idea. You will instantly elevate your awareness towards a bigger goal. I think the big problem with this practice for the 99% of people is that they just don’t know a thing where they are “lucid dreaming”. Because the general population is clearly don’t.

Maybe it doesn’t fall off until the 1000th time. I’m serious, for most people, they can’t let go of their physical life perception. And if you don’t, you don’t experience more or you will block out more from your perception. Like there is a car roaming towards you but you deny that it is there.

These reality fluctuations or glitches are there because the non-physical doesn’t understand these concepts so fully, as we are!

But why? Because we are the ones who are dealing with physical life, physical objects and constructs in a limited reality. Despite the stupid fact that most of humanity thinks everything comes out from us and the world revolves around us. And we just appeared out of an anomaly from the womb. Geez.

While we live here or in any other physical Universe, we will surely learn to interact with objects and use them. Modern world means modern tools. Like watches, clocks, mechanical stuff, digital stuff, screens, etc. These tools have no real use there.

When you try to think the same way there, in a thought responsive world, it doesn’t work all the time that way, how you learned it. Like reading, the alphabets are flowing away or changing. It becomes nonsense. You can use these to elevate your awareness and it is an automatic thing. Or speaking, many are freaked out when they start to “speak” telepathically without their mouth.

Sometimes you are automatically rushing into places which will resemble your room, home or circumstances in your physical life. It is many times instant or you are just gaining your awareness back there in these places. They are most of the time (if not parallel lives) are copies of your daily life. Why? To test your awareness, capabilities, reactions, etc. We can have fun and also learn many things while we have fun. At least some people will realize how our physical world is not the only one. But most people are so immature and hopeless for even understanding a word from this, that they are cannot be helped.

Your expectations are the key in Lucid Dreaming or just when you are consciously exploring the non-physical world

So you look at your phone’s screen for the time (the phone is a copy of the physical one) or you look at your PC’s screen and it seems to be normal. And these can still work 100% perfectly, experiencing false awakening right there. But when you look away and look back multiple times, it may have less and less sense. Remember that there is no time there, not even the concept is existing there. You will know this after many experiences.

Lucid Dreams

In the end, you are shocked, confused or with practice, burst into laughter. Or just get big awareness and walk out from that place. It is up to you. If you worked for your awareness, go to other places or test out other stuff.

This is partly how Lucid Dreaming works. The mechanics about these in a nutshell. If you are good at this, elevating your awareness, test these out. My mentor friend told me about these and I found these very funny back then when I tested these many times.

You can still do this after years or decades later, this is just one small hint from your life-long journey. You can do just anything IF you have the proper degree of awareness. I repeat it and this is what the most don’t want to understand, you need to work for it. It is not in your head at all, just an organ which is not you.


Okay, what to do with this? At least you now know about it. You can test them many times and use them as a kickstart if you didn’t have proper awareness level. Remember that your thinking will cause many things. And still, this can happen. If you didn’t cause it, then maybe a guide of yours is testing your reactions. We are never alone, we just don’t really sense them without practice.

With these experiences, you are growing constantly and you will have a very deep understanding about how it feels like experiencing the non-physical, our homeland from a physical perspective. You don’t have a body (an automatically copied one basically) and you don’t have senses. It seems to be that you have but it is automatic.

But you still tend to behave the same way as a human being and experience through that filter. I think it is awesome. And I think I share too much because people are lazy and scared to find these out on their own lol.

For me, these reality fluctuations can give me high awareness and then I’m free to roam onto other NP places. It worths all of your efforts.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this one too and I hope you can share the site, the articles and support my work if you are able to.

360 degree vision – How it works in the non-physical world?

Here is an interesting issue about what you can experience in the non-physical world via various methods and this one is the 360 degree vision. Now, I need to state that I still didn’t experience it but after individual cases (which I know), I can share the whole phenomenon and how it works.

It doesn’t matter how you reach out to this experience. You can do it with Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience, there are many tools. You end up in the same, non-physical world. Maybe many will be new to this, even who are proficient with these approaches. You simply train yourself (or I help if needed), know the basics, become passive and keep yourself there as best as you can. It is NOT an easy job. Maybe after decades of doing this.

The 360 degree vision is just from the many which will clearly confuse and blow away people, who realized that they are not their body, they won’t ever die (just the body itself) and they are multidimensional. I will give a quick insight into this. Actually, the whole site is built to help people realize this. My traffic is stagnating but let’s hope if people will share it after I packed so much effort into this over 2 years.

360 degree vision

Why 360 degree vision and how it works?

Actually, it is initiated by your intent, when you try to dissolve all the physicality from your mindset. Intent is the key for everything, even for physical life. I will try this with many others later but I have still other priorities in my life in the NP. Others may only tried out dissolving their body slowly, like your hands are just dissolving into nothingness. It is fun to do.

The thing is that for first, you need to experience the NP consciously, maybe hundreds or a thousand of times to even comprehend how it works. If you’ve learned from my articles, you have a much faster development in this. The whole site is made for this primary goal to help avoid all the BS and religious stuff which is haunting the internet and other sources.

So basically, let’s say you past the big barrier, still thinking you are physical. Because we are not. We are coming from there, focusing our primary attention into this narrow band of awareness and taking part in this limited game which we call life. When you had many experiences, you can go further in this and test out how limited and animal-like our vision is!

The 360 degree vision is not just a fun tool to try out. Or confusing one lol. You can be sure that you were never a human being at all. We are just stupidly trying to believe that we are the game character.

It is mindblowing and confusing how the 360 degree vision works in the non-physical!

Because to tell the truth, people who tried it out were amazed and confused at the same time. Even William Buhlman talks about it, being passionate about the OBE belief system. I’m not promoting anybody but sometime sI drop in some useful names. You simply become blown away how it works. You see everything around you at once! I can’t really pour this into words but you need to get to that stage of self-development.

As I only can relate to people who tried it out, well I’ve learned a lot from others too about everything when I started out this journey. We learn from each other. This vision thing is also confusing and here is why. In general, our vision is defined by the physical body. If not being human, then trying out another life form.

360 degree vision

You try to navigate in a room. The left is right, the up is down. Good luck LOL! I remember I saw some representations of how it looks like. Like a drawing on a paper or a picture. You are an energy being without a form, a speck of light. There are many terms but I would avoid religious BS for this too. You simply have a hard time to even move to the direction which is ahead of you. I guess guides can sense sight the same way, I don’t know that one for sure yet. But you can play with it if you reached that stage.


The 360 degree vision is just one play tool to try out there. Or to test your multidimensional nature. For every people who ask me, I say, try it out, don’t believe me. Test it, learn it, I’m there for help too and the site is built for this. I will do it too later on my part.

This is the real you, your real nature if you get to this stage. And there are countless other options, like seeing the energy grid or matrix, sensing others there and many more.

Do you see how limited we are? Not just in this but how our civilization even approaches dreams and washes them off as unreal nonsense stuff. If you liked this one share it with others and I’m happy if you can support me.

Rope technique and Astral Projection – Why it isn’t working?

This is not a really extensive topic to discuss the rope technique and why people try to force it to happen for Astral Projection. Despite the fact that Astral Projection is a mystical term with many misunderstood concepts, I tend to use it for a reason to let more people find my articles with good SEO. But this is just one main problem, which people try to replicate without any success. And we don’t need it.

Actually, beginners can’t understand why it doesn’t work. It only works for a few people who are a perfect fit for this objectified method. I mean their thinking and mind. So it CAN work but for a few. Maybe for those who are promoting it.

Robert Bruce was a source problem when he was on the AstralPulse and moderators didn’t like how he spread fear in the subforums. I’m not kidding this happened and this method is well-known from his work. There, I just rushed into this issue when his name sometimes came back. I don’t want to hurt anybody but I’m sharing facts. Some may have a big help from him, I don’t know. I’m okay with him.

astral projection

The first problem comes from the misunderstanding that people need a technique for this practice. Later many people realized, that they don’t. Robert A. Monroe and others walked this path before.

Astral Projection and the rope technique

The rope technique is a method which some people started to advertise because it worked for them, it will for everybody else. Wrong! This is the main fallacy in this and many people talked this out on the AstralPulse too. The whole “you need a technique” is a big BS. It CAN work for some people but many will become discouraged and move onto other methods. Techniques are focusing your attention.

From where the main problem is coming? From this misleading stuff which people will find on the internet and in books. People are copying and parroting each other, many times not with even a slight first-hand experience. Seriously.

The newbies are trying to grab a non-existent rope to project. The promoters are swearing they need to do this and that and it is already there. Just grab it with your “etheric hands”. I’m not kidding, I knew these too and needed to forget a long time ago. Not the technique itself but how many BS stuff I’ve read for nothing. Because somebody TOLD them that they will see it, it is there… Just grab it when they have the vibrations which is also not needed. Most people won’t even have vibrations. Do you see the nonsense here?

The whole rope technique has one purpose only but nobody tells this to beginners. You “project” your conscious awareness to this movement thing. You are using your imagination which is the bridge to the non-physical. Which people never knew in our society. The non-physical is there, you never learned to tune into it. We suppress imagination to live in this slavery system.

This “may” cause the so-called projection reflex. The rope itself and the climbing is making your mind to switch its channel to the non-physical. It can happen to some people but the most are doing it for nothing. People don’t get even the basic idea of what they are doing. Same for Lucid Dreaming techniques which people mix with Astral Projection or OBEs. They don’t know what they are doing and will be freaked out or confused.

astral projection

The rope technique is just a way to “Astral Project”

So the thing is, that you could use a ladder to climb up and down. Or anything else to do the same. What it does is, you are actively engaging in imagination which may cause projection reflex. Then you are “out”. Of course, you are never out of anything. This is the basis of the Out-of-Body belief for body fixated people. Or for people being in fear and religious beliefs. But it can still happen because people strongly believe that they are in a body. Not so easy to wrap your mind around.

So, climbing or just imagining an elevator’s movement are all the same. You try to tell your mind to go somewhere. Forget the brain and body nonsense, you are non-physical, using a body focus right now. As soon as the projection is successful, you are in another reality, the non-physical world. You simply switched there. You are simply doing this via falling asleep too but have no awareness. No techniques are really needed, people just can’t let go of the physical reality and their body. From fear or from limiting themselves, it goes for personal issues.

So, you know, people are just trying and trying and nothing happens and they are confused, sad and give up. I don’t think that these people are intelligent if they can’t figure out that they try to follow what others said. Sorry but this is the case here. I tried these and I know what I’m talking about. Well, actually the whole site is made with this issue. Don’t get my words as a personal attack but if somebody tries to replicate other’s technique, it won’t work for the most.

astral projection

Too many people try to still replicate Monroe’s rolling out stuff, which was working for him and for some few only. Tom Campbell laughs at this nonsense, I’m sure. I was there, I tried this too as a beginner. But I never believed that I’m in a body.


I know this should be the first lesson to teach in schools but don’t follow others. There are enough religions in our world already but I won’t expand on it, not my job. Test it and move on, it is not clearly for you, right? Or if you are new to all of this, try to just be creative and don’t focus on your body. Rule No. 1.

Astral Projection is a mystical term for the same thing and place, the non-physical world. Techniques are for focusing your intent and for nothing more. I wonder who mentions this?

In the end, the last problem is that people are literally trying to grab a rope or something else to pull themselves out. I repeat it, for some it can happen, otherwise, people are fooling themselves with something which won’t clearly ever happen.

The biggest boundary is that people try to force it or overdoing it. Just a slight imagination is needed to phase into the non-physical world. With a certain mindset and body tiredness. Long story and I can teach some approaches. Years or a decade can pass by until some enthusiasts are finding this out on their own.

If you liked this article, look around the site and you can learn a lot. Please, support and share the site with your friends, serious people will want to learn more and real things. Enjoy reading here.

Why can’t you see anything in your Dreams or Lucid Dreams?

I think the next thing on my list with Lucid Dreams which people can surely encounter and have no idea what they are experiencing is that they lose their sight. We don’t have eyes there but the expectations to have them. What you can experience is blackness or greyness and it is also related to something which people don’t understand. I already share the fact about this one here.

I’m still watching over some public forums and seeing these issues but I already knew about these. But not in the sense how many people still don’t get the basic idea about how the non-physical world works. And it is not based on physical rules which we have for physical life. What we can experience are the effects of our physical thinking. Our expectations are playing a big role there. This is why some people having their first AP, OBE, NDE or just having one from hallucinogens or DMT will live up their self-fulfilling prophecies. We are tricking ourselves literally.

I will share what can happen with this sight issue and what to do with them in Lucid Dreams. If it is not about what to do but rather it is about what are you experiencing. And if you roamed around my site, you already know that Dreams or Lucid Dreams are not what people think they are. They are parts of our multidimensional path and development. I know that regular people can’t digest this and will never able to.

To just understand the basics about Dreams and Lucid Dreams, again…

To just note, I have no idea how many times I repeated these lol. I can’t help it, I’m not a bookselling guy or being a famous speaker. I made a site for this purpose, maybe one of the few ones without BS talk and religious stuff.

We live in a society today where people are so misled and bombarded with misinformation from websites, books, and videos (Youtube), that they are totally lost about the non-physical side of our multidimensional life. Nobody mentions it in a pure, trustable form. People start to play with Lucid Dreams and they don’t understand the whole thing. Some clearly believe they do! Many are teenagers in this current world and they escape into it.

lucid dreams

I don’t know if enough people will ever reach out to my site and learn about these because you can learn a lot here without any BS talk. Just my thoughts. I don’t need to prove anything. You can do it.

I can’t help with what some people, defending scientific views. We are not our brains, we are not in a body at all, limited thinkers just can’t detach from this. Our physical life’s illusion is an intense facade and it JUST seems to be that we are in a body. The more people believe it, the higher the chance that their first, conscious non-physical experiences will be about an Out-of-Body Experience. We live in a system where most of us won’t ever grow up or at least very slowly. Not physically.

And nobody can escape from their own thinking. This whole multiversal game with endless physical realities is designed for this structured, educational purpose. To learn from these from a limited perspective. The most are unfortunately incapable to do that. You are maybe open to the whole of this. We are not equal, we are unique. Consciousness.

You need to learn for first that you don’t have physical senses there, you are expecting a body and your physical senses to work there. Your expectations are doing it. You surely have a body but an automatically generated one. With practice, you can use other forms too. I will expand on this soon.

Blackness and its “meaning” in Lucid Dreams

People are always rushing onto websites and nonsense dream interpretation pages to understand this better. Sure, some metaphors can help sometimes but they won’t reveal the whole story. I already expanded the real thing about this here. This is like you play with Lego and you don’t get the idea why one piece needs to fit here or there.

There are many missing pieces for beginners and for those who had conscious sleep life in their whole life (the rare cases, like me) but they are not ready to see through the whole thing. One of the missing steps is knowing that we are in the non-physical world at that time. Okay, I’m sure if you are not lazy, you will roam on this site to know it better. Most visitors are reading a few articles and move on. Ridiculous.

The blackness itself many times means “lack of information”. Same for dropping you into an endless pond as a fish and not knowing where to navigate. So it is not really about meaning, it is an automatic interpretation. Like in our world: light and dark – daily life and switching out our body with sleep.

lucid dreams

But many times the blackness itself can be two main things. One is that you lost your awareness level in the physical world or in the non-physical in Lucid Dreams (if you favor this label). The process is not so easy to understand for first. You can lose your “sight” when your guidance transports you to another non-physical location with a new memory set. Then you will do other tasks. People have no idea about this or that they are not in control. We have our multidimensional life to do.

And there can be the second big case when you simply end up in the 3D blackness or void. It is the raw non-physical, your mind’s area so to speak. No, not the materialistic or scientific way. Not even close. It is an endless, non-physical layer of you and we all have one to physical life to work with. Some will believe it is their “subconscious”. So you can use this as a launchpad to go elsewhere and many Astral Projection or OBE practitioners try to do that. You can even access it via practicing deep meditation.

You lose your sight, it is about losing your primary focus of attention

As I already expanded the basics on this, you simply lose that “sight” which you have because you lost your focus of attention. The non-physical world reacts almost instantly to that as a subjective, thought responsive world. This is one aspect from many which we need to learn because we are coming from there. Physical life gives a chance to be better at how we think and react. Billions are not knowing a thing about this and they just live a daily life.

Actually, there, you are the mind, the observer so you are seeing with it. We don’t have and don’t need a body (nor a brain) anymore there, it is needed only for physical reality lives. So the next question comes, but Phil, I have a body there all the time. Alright, me too : )

This only means that we have a human expectation to operate with one, so you will have one. That is that simple, expectations are instant there. You can be a Third Person character too watching a movie or become formless too, it takes effort and awareness to work that out. Some can gain 360-degree vision too.

But there is a basic rule there, NEVER think about your body! The instant you do that, the “time” is ticking and you will wake up in the physical world soon. Just don’t do that stupidity, I can’t count how many times I fell into this trap. It happens because our primary attention goes back to our body. Call it like a Lucid Dream or Projection or OBE, they are all the same things. People can’t let go of these labels because they are differentiating their awareness level and approach. And others told them to use them. In our world, people believe what others told them to do so.

Blacking out or seeing grey overlay in your non-physical visual field

I guess I tend to share all the details as usual so I’m not finished yet lol. Well, I’m not sparing with my energy. The greyish visual thing which you may see (if it is not black or dark) is almost the same phenomenon. You are transported elsewhere according to where you were. Yes, guides are doing it. It is a real thing but you may already know it from my sight. People don’t believe in guides, they think they are doing everything on their own. Many have a big-time to learn from this.

lucid dreams

The greyness is an interesting thing, I experience it a lot. It is a personal translation of speed. That’s all to it, check the article about it here. You are traveling with non-existent “vast speed”.

Other times, when you lose control like in this case across the whole article, you will also notice blur or greyness. It is because you have so poor self-control or awareness level that you keep fluctuating here and there and you won’t stop. Until you stop thinking and stay passive. It doesn’t fall off maybe ever that you are in a thought reactive world. You try to understand it with your physical thinking.

You can’t help it until you start to concentrate on only one thing. I can’t count how many times I saw this with beginners, having this issue and nobody tells them what is this. All the guesses are there but you won’t learn a thing. People are not smart taking deep researches to get their answers. Public forums are the easiest, lazy way with all the guesses and BS talk from beliefs.

What to do with losing your sight?

And finally, what to do with this whole thing. The only option is learning to concentrate on one thing. No other way. In our current society, this is very hard for many and will be labeled as ADHD people, which is pure nonsense because we all have it. Even if there is a missing brain part in your skull, it is up to your willpower. We are consciousness, the brain can rewire itself with enough intent. We just don’t know that we can do it. The preconceived beliefs about what is real or possible are kicking it out.

So what you need to do or make yourself aware each time you fall asleep that you will concentrate on the surroundings which you have. Call it a reality check if you favor that. This way you will prevent yourself from falling out as I already shared this issue about Lucid Dreams. If you are good at this, you will have more aware experiences in existing places. But if you have poor self-control, you are rarely allowed to roam in real places. You will mostly live up scenarios (simulations) made for you to train you. I mean your guides. For years or decades, maybe in your whole life. We are in no hurry.

This is a real thing and people deny it or don’t even notice that they are NOT creating these alone. Not even the characters in Lucid Dreams. Some idiots are spreading these that you are meeting with characters or you can summon some. I think most people think they are controlling everything despite the fact that they can’t even control their daily life and where it goes. Pretty strange, isn’t it? Seeing the obvious and denying it.

If you found this useful, I wish you great experiences!
Please share the site to let more people know about it and support me if you can. Thank you and enjoy reading and learning here.

Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Out-of-Body Experience – Are you in your head?

Many people experience at least one Lucid Dream, Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience (OBE) in their life. Maybe some experience some sort of reality overlays with our physical dimension thinking that something is there and still don’t know that whenever they enter the non-physical world, we are not in our heads. Yes, this article is about this being in our head misunderstanding.

I already noted this issue with the whole body construct but I wrote so much about everything already over the years that I lost the tail lol. OBE practitioners are meeting with their expectations about inhabiting a body, first-hand because their belief will become a construct and become real. This is why some will experience leaving a body. Maybe most people.

The problem with our world – are Astral Projection or “dreams” really played out in your head?

We live in a civilization where we clearly believe that we are in a body. It is part of the illusion. Think about what would happen if all people on our globe realize that they are using a body focus to try out physical lives?

But it is almost the same belief that you are in your head. Why should it be in another way? You were in your head in your whole life because it seems to be. Your expectations are much real when you are in that thought responsive world.

It is our home and training ground to stop doing this. Nobody forces you about that, it is all about your self-realization. People can’t let the physical body go because they are in fear, addicted to beliefs and physical life, etc. Or just their religion (yes, science too) told them with all the “evidence” that it is like that and don’t question it. Like those theories about X numbers of dimensions.

astral projection

And I’m using the Astral Projection main category here because we are talking about dreams and conscious non-physical experiences. They are all the same. You are projecting right now too, if you get the meaning of this label.

The non-physical is endless with all the non-physical places you can or can’t even imagine.

Astral Projection, when you will believe that you leave a body, same for OBEs!

Our daily life is full of guesses, theories, personal truths but mostly indoctrination. We need this indoctrination part to function in this society. We chose this world, timeline, and race to do our job. BUT! You need to hear all the usual sayings and gossips about how others are “in their head” or “it is just in your head”.

It happens from our childhood and we carry on these as hard facts. Because others told that. Not so smart. We will also pull up beliefs which are supporting this “truth”. Most people are not open to drop these. No wonder how conspiracy theories are happening but I don’t talk about them. This site is made for educational purposes without guesses.

We come to physical life to experience our main goals. Maybe we came to just experience our limited perspective to understand our non-physical nature. Well, we are all doing it but a few of us, consciously. The physical body’s role is simple. It allows us (consciousness) to focus our primary attention into a chosen physical system. Otherwise, we can’t function in it. We can’t manipulate energy or grab a physical object without it. Here, we are manipulating our thoughts through a body and the brain is the device to allow us to do it through the nervous system. We as a race tend to overthink the whole thing and over-objectify the whole body construct.

But what about the head issue? Your primary focus is on or behind the eyes, you feel your head, body, you look downwards and also you look back from a mirror and pictures. It is evident for most people in our world that they are their body and they are in a head or brain. I will tell you something later, maybe you can try it out too.

astral projection

I can’t count how many times (over the years of seeing the actual situation worldwide) saw, mostly teenagers are completely believing that they are in their head and their brain does those tricks in Lucid Dreams or Astral Projections. Furthermore, they believe that the brain and mind are the same and that everything is outside of them. No, not just them, almost everybody else but they are holding onto this scientific stuff.

I can’t help with it, for many, if they want to learn about even the basics of our multidimensional existence, they will sweat blood until they understand that their beliefs or indoctrination is the block. They can’t let it go. They will never grow up in this, poor thing to see. If you check the Flatland movie, you will understand their thinking. This is how it goes for billions or more in the Afterlife regions.

And it comes to a bigger block when they experience their non-physical life first-hand. You see guides interacting with you, you try out all the tricks, try reality checks because others told that. And it just doesn’t fall off. No matter what happens, people will completely believe it is in their head or brain and they are just hallucinating. It is weird stuff, subconscious, etc, all the nonsense.

And all the confusion dives up on public forums where people never learn a useful thing because everybody goes there with the same lack of understanding. People are sharing all the stories, nightmares and confusion without learning anything.

Your perception will tell you what you can experience! Astral Projection, OBE, Lucid Dreams or others are tools for the same endless world

Whenever you go somewhere, sit in a car, a train, riding a bike, do you really go anywhere? Your perception – if you can change it to passive mode – can show you that space comes to you under your body. How this relates to the head issue? Well, your daily, primary focus for human life is there. It can’t be in your legs or hands or neck, right? The eyes are receiving the electromagnetic signals, which the brain interprets. This body is made for physical exploration and energy manipulation.

astral projection

The linear timeframe with space is needed for our structured experiences. You are simply focusing your primary attention like a magnet each day on your body in first-person perspective. But you can do the same in the non-physical too. You can experience third-person sight too. Maybe later I will write about it too.

When you fall asleep and try to still hold onto a body construct

Okay. But whenever you fall asleep, you defocus your eyes, letting them fall asleep. It is an automatic process. You are already defocusing yourself. In your conscious sleep life then, you will be free FROM a body construct. You are still experiencing one from your expectations! But you can still blink with non-existent eyelids, same for vocal cords despite the fact that the communication is telepathic.

You don’t need a body there, we don’t need it in the non-physical world. I guess you start to get it. What this strong physical illusion in our world does is making people believe that they are in a body or they are their body. It is needed for this “life game”.

Actually, if you had hundreds of conscious experiences, you can still believe the whole thing. Nobody will tell you in the face directly that hey, wait a minute, do you still believe that you are in a body? Nobody will. Not even guides do this for a reason. We need to learn that we are not inhabiting a body, we are inhabiting a body focus. A huge difference. Just check the Focus Model articles on the site to understand this.

People who are proficient in this like me already proved to ourselves that it is the case. I didn’t have any belief to support the body and brain nonsense too. And I’m saying this growing out from knowing science.

The main problem with our perception is that there can be common grounds or agreements in our world. But in the non-physical, each individual will distort and experience the uniqueness of their experiences according to their limited perception. If you don’t allow to open up to yourself and let go of everything you’ve learnt in your life, the results will stay the same mundane and human-like. Even if you had hundreds of LDs, Astral Projections, OBEs, and others. It won’t change because you still didn’t change in your thinking. The underlying principles, rules and the NP didn’t reveal itself yet and can’t. Even guides can’t do so much.

When you still believe that everything plays out in your head

It is very typical and at least a few people will find it out on their own that wait a minute, it is not in my head. The main problem comes from science again. These stupid misunderstandings when people try to scientifically prove that we are in a body and people who also believe these will accept it and defend this worldview. It can’t be otherwise for them. There are the materialistic pieces of evidence, right? So if somebody tells another thing, he/she is wrong and lying. Not so different from wars from religions. And it is childish.

The problem is that the approach of how our world tries to measure things is failing at the beginning of trying to understand consciousness. It can’t be measured. Those double-slit experiments and catching the behavior of elemental particles are just the after-effects of us, consciousness, noticing the changes. We try to over-objectify the whole nature of this reality too.

astral projection

I’m saying that nobody can prove this that the body and brain are end-results of the whole thing if people don’t become open to the fact that we just believed what others said. The evidence is in your face whenever you are in a full-blown non-physical experience. But still, there are many young people who are just reinforcing their beliefs. I don’t get this. You are freely acting in another reality and you still think you are in a body. Ah, of course! It seems to be that way, but why? And that everything is “physical”. Yes, it seems to be rock solid and physical because you make it that way. I know this from thousands of times experiencing it (if I want to).

The main problem in our world and with people’s capability to think outside of the box

I will tell you that. Your own expectations are creating that body image instantly. It can be your copy (current one) or a very different one too. You can use animal forms or other forms too (no wonder the nonsense animal totem belief).

The lesson in this is that because you grew up in a world where you need to use a biological vehicle, you will think and act like the same there. Why should you suddenly believe that you don’t have a body?

If you are well-practiced, you can break free from a held body image! Yes, you will dissolve the whole body construct and you can have even 360-degree vision too. We don’t have a form. You can experience third-person perspective too. The problem with our materialistic world is that people, mostly younger generations are so caught up on all the logical stuff, theories and social media that they can’t even understand what is real or critical thinking starts to disappear with common sense. They are so lost (which is easy to do unfortunately in this world) that they need to defend their ego. Normal people are doing the same but without science.

If people don’t let science go, they can’t understand even the basics of this. It has its own place in our world and helps us in physical world-related understanding but not in the whole picture. The physical world and what we perceive is a tiny surface, the end result of consciousness. It is the place for the game. Not science is the problem with this before some people will misunderstand the whole point. The usage of science on non-physical things.

Where most of humanity messes up their perception with the body image and with science

As I already expanded on this and won’t expand furthermore, we grow up in a system where we have scientific measurements. Science is a great thing and I like many subcategories of it. But I don’t like the way they measure things and make up theories as proofs.

For example, they can’t measure Lucid Dreaming or Astral Projection, will deny the whole thing being “real” then that’s all to it. “Nobody can prove it” – if you say it enough times, you will believe it. Maybe some measurements with brain scans and electric stuff will make it, trying to catch consciousness in the body.

They will prove that because there are those fire-ups and visual changes, there it is. No wonder why people believe they are in their body and all the soul and spirit beliefs about it. Sure, sure, something hurts our body we will feel it. Or maybe manifest diseases for ourselves, have a broken body part or any other cases, we will feel it with our five senses. But we are experiencing the vehicle which we are focusing into each day. When we are asleep we don’t.

astral projection

Well, most of humanity doesn’t even have conscious sleep life or won’t notice a slight dream at all, so they can clearly believe this body construct thing. And most people are simple. They fall asleep, sometimes wake up at night but just sleeping. That’s all to their conscious awareness. Nobody forces us to do it, it is a habit and the most have a low consciousness level. All the answers are out there, people just can’t think critically with common sense and take in the effort to debunk these beliefs for themselves. And you?


You can try this out. Lay down on your back and practice any of these approaches. Try to focus your attention on an image in your mind, a built-up scenario, anything creative. The feeling of having a body will dissolve and disappear later. It will become senseless if you focus your attention elsewhere. This is how conscious projection works. And it takes for years because we try to get break free from bad habits.

People who are stuck in a damaged body (so to speak), being in coma, unable to move the arms and/or legs in a wheelchair are all telling people that they are in a head or body but it is part of the inability to use the physical body the proper way. It is not as easy to understand this whole thing over one day and many people need to have hundreds of thousands conscious experiences before they change their thinking finally. We are not even humans at all, it is part of our “human” experience having a body in this civilization.

I don’t want to change anybody, that is not my job. Nobody should change if they don’t want to. I just share real things and people can test it out. No religions, no BS talk, no mystical stuff.

Look around and roam on this site because there are all the pieces to our multidimensional nature. I can’t help materialistic people who are blind from their own faith and beliefs but you can maybe get break free. Maybe you are a free thinker with the nature of questioning things. It is the best to start with.

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