The UFO phenomenon – explaining from the non-physical perspective

Many people may see UFO’s on the sky at daytime or at night but have no idea that what papers, researches, videos, scientific explanations and more are stating about them with belief distortions about the whole phenomenon is not what people think it is. Surely there are some visitation from distant systems, I can agree on that.

But just look at the facts. They appear from nowhere and disappear suddenly. I won’t dig into secret US government and military projects to avoid confusion about technology debates. Guessing is not real information.

What I’m saying is based on my knowledge and general understanding of how multidimensional life works. Many non-physical dedicated explorers may say the same thing.

I won’t touch the endless theory row of what is experienced on NASA materials in the Solar System to avoid confusion. Believers can spot anything anywhere.

From WHERE are they coming here?

Here is the issue. A UFO mostly comes from a different plane of existance. Their world is like ours, they may be or may not be humanoids, maybe they are androids with remote controlling on board. The thing is they come from another reality plane, which exists here right now. We just don’t know it. We can use the channel analogy here with an endless scale.

This is where normal people are confused and it is much easier to cling on the idea of coming from “somewhere”, from a “distant” galaxy or star cluster. Still, there could be surely intelligent spieces out there and they may visit here.


They just figured out how to make machines to change “frequency” of any realities and come and go as they wish to observe stuffs. They disappear suddenly because they change back to their “home” frequency. This alone makes people be in great fear. The unknown. We just seeing great velocity with a tremendous speed and… it is gone. What we observe physically is one thing.

Humanity just denies everything from fear or if something is not in their belief systems. And there are countless sources of brainwashing about this also where we can just look after the topic. But who cares, right? It is just a normal thing today, those UFO topics and mentally problematic people will follow them or rather reinforce them.

Crop circles, any signs

The best explanation is that those are multidimensional messages with shapes and forms. Subjective messages for humanity to realize that we are not alone in any way. Then what humans are doing? It isn’t fit into their beliefs, to their “god’s” perspective. No they are manmade or we need to fear it again. Then people tend to fake it even with today’s CGI tech.

We tend to objectify things around us, this is normal. Crop circles too, trying to categorize it, those symbols.

Those shapes and geometric stuffs are multidimensional language but we are not on the level of understanding (so deeply) it so clearly. After this there are countless theories and useless debates about what they are also. Message about we are not alone. That’s all.

We are all coming from the same source. It is just a form, seeing an ET. And btw believers have greater chanse to see an UFO. Beliefs are very powerful in many cases.

Fearing ET’s

What do people fear? The unknown. Surely life plays out the same basic way for other humanoid or non-humanoid races, but after there are so many frightening sources, movies, fake facts, no wonder. We are lost in these, what is what.

This article will explain the fake abduction belief here. I don’t say surely that maybe, just maybe rarely some similar may happen… not all ET’s are friendly. Comeon, are all humans are friendly and kind hearted? Surely not.

For a visitor race we are the ET’s. Different races are not thinking and acting like a human from here. They won’t try to get your butt or destroy Earth, like in movies. We are coming from the same source non-physically as I’m repeating it. It is just a form, their appearance, their look, body type etc. It is like comparing a dog or a cat to a human. Consciousness occupies any forms.

I think that is all what we need to know. Other debates, theories, lectures are meaningless.

How Chakras may be real to a certain degree

It is a fashion these years to force “open” chakras and follow western type beliefs about this issue. People certainly miss common sense when they follow these rules and beliefs about which chakra center relates to what abilities. The most common is the Third Eye chakra on which I already wrote my opinion here.

The main problem is that this is just a fraud thing. Ok, mostly. If somebody tries to sell you a book, digital product or a class, chances are you have been fooled already. But what about people who truly initiate something with overstimulating these energy points? Here sceptics are tend to be more curious about, now what is real then?

It is real and it is not lol. It depends on perception.

Our physical body and the energetic link from the non-physical world

We have a physical body but the vast majority think they are IN a body. Well it feels like it, we got used to it, see it from inside but not really. Even a mirror image is misleading, people tend to think they are that person.

It turns out to be more real when people are fooling themselves with Out-of-body experiences and they get the evidence that they were in a body. Meanwhile they fooled themselves with a belief construct. Other methods are showing people how unreal to think that we are in a body. We only use the body as a perception here and anywhere else.

Still there is an energetic link which is running through any parts of our body, supplying life force to keep that body alive as we are still in the physical world until a certain age. If we are done, the energetic link is cut off and we change back our primary focus to a wider spectrum of awareness into the non-physical world. If I get the Focus Model here, the returning place is Focus 3.

The Afterlife is tricky because the most are victims of their own beliefs. Post-humans tend to stay the same as before, until they realize that they are not human.

So what about those chakra centers?

Still, people will question now is it real or not when we are talking about chakras. It is real to a certain degree. Look at this way, it is a fraud thing but meanwhile it is real. For example you can ignite on or overstimulate certain ones with meditation.

Simply put, you are closing out the physical world to a certain degree and concentrate your thoughts onto that body point. Some will cause buzzing, vibrations, warmth, floating, expanding sensations etc. Your attention will do the job with intent behind it. Same on healing.

People tend to think from mystical distortions that they have closed chakras and they need to force open it like a third eye. Just don’t. It will cause trouble. Not always physically but non-physically. If we try to put it another way, chakras are metaphors of different “abilities” (not ESP ones) of our personality or body. Whatever we call it, for example Astral Projection rarely happens with chakra stimulating. If it does, it was from other reasons or from the person’s beliefs maybe.

There are hundred ways of working with them but it has no purpose on anything. If somebody wants a special ability, it takes time to be open for it, not through overstimulating an energy center. If it happens, then your intent did that. We need balance in energy as in physical health.

Energy flow and blockages

We have this energetic connection which keeps the physical body alive. It still does it’s job with the brain on autopilot when we are sleeping and our consciousness is in other realms. Even if billions are not even aware of this fact. And I can support this with personal non-physical experiences.

If somebody has energy blockages, he/she did it to him/herself directly or unconsciously by his/her mind, thinking. Then all sorts of physical body damages, blockages and illnesses forming over time. The physical body is a buffer after our thoughts towards the external reality. Most of the people don’t know it and don’t care about it. This is human nature, arrogance and fear.

To make the energy flow freely again, mindset changing is needed and healthy lifestyle. You need to decide to be healthy again or suffer furthermore. Well eventually the consequences are always there sooner or later.


So to sum this up, the chakra nonsense is real to a certain degree but they are symbols, metaphors only. If you can find them and stimulate them, then it still doesn’t mean they were real in that fashion of sense.

Some people can even see them, spinning like seeing auras with colors. These are personal interpretations. It is still not 100% sure for me, do we get them by strong intent or by non-physical assistance but everybody is free to experiment with them.

One thing is sure, people who suddenly get these abilities are always scared out from lack of knowledge. I mean extrasensory abilities. Some may get them by uncontrolled intent, running in the background like “how cool would it be if I had…”. Be careful with your thoughts.

Why there is almost no Empathy and Compassion in most people?

People who are more self-aware than average, may experienced in their life that humans are lacking in empathy, compassion and many other important values. It is true for emotions, showing and receiving love and other values which make us non-physically developed. Not human but our deep self.

Human evolution doesn’t matter in this sense and it is just part of the physical game, how the physical vehicle looks like. Our true evolution and development is mirrored in these subjective values. If you choose love and kindness rather than negativity and selfishness, than you are on the right path. You become more resonant with your own non-physical source and we all have it.

Seeing regular people in our daily life

Whenever we are walking on a street, struggling with family members, being at work, we will see regular people. They are unable to express these values. Empathy in this civilization is less and less recommended value for individuals as the world itself is more complex and brainwashing.

People are rushing to work or rushing home, have no time for healthy eating, no emotions to express for others. We are bombarded with negativity and people are shouting at each other, punching each other, violence is everywhere. We are under high pressure.

No wonder how most people are losing themselves. It mostly starts with childhood and most of us are closing out any emotions and staying positive. It happens, this is human life. It can be tough.

People are arrogant and they will let you die on the street if it happens. Nobody tries to stand out not even for him/herself. Only a few rare will do it actually and the masses will point their fingers at them. This is today’s world.


Why people are like that?

I guess I don’t say anything new here. The most are just not ready for this. There are more important things for them like money and material wellness. Also being selfish and trying to get by on other’s losses.

Simply put, the value for this society is to try to get by no matter what. You need to close out your heart towards anybody and anything. It won’t cause anything good in the long run and people are denying themselves. Where will this lead them? Cancer and diseases.

You hurt somebody else? It is a mirror image and it is like you hurt yourself. This is not some kind of BS karmic thing but we are coming from the same kind of source originally.

The vast majority suffers from all kinds of mental illnesses because they don’t want to be themselves. Also they do the opposite of being open and kind. Suppressing emotions and anything which may open them up for others to harm them. It is your own choice.

Why empathy and compassion is so important?

Why using muscles are important? Because if you don’t use it, you lose it. The capability is there but you need to learn using them. Same for extrasensory abilities.

Feeling compassion towards an injured or suffering animal? You are on the right track in your evolution. It is important to have these abilities. I guess we can say that empathy and compassion is very similar if not the same.

I have empathy and any other positive values. I guarantee you, it is rare, people being able to use them and express them. If you can feel other’s emotions and struggle or maybe a melody from the radio, an actor from the screen, you have them. Same for other life forms. Some people are very sensitive to tune in with these abilities.

It is ridiculous but some people can’t even express laughter. But the most truly can’t open up their heart. This world is anything but openness in real values.

What to do?

First, don’t ever deny if you have any kinds of abilities like these. Listen to your feelings, open your heart. Ok people are assholes, so? Don’t get it so seriously. Then turn towards animals and practice with them. Tune into your feelings and see where it goes. ESP abilities can open up this way also.

Don’t be afraid of expressing your deep self. You need to show these abilities to others to help them grow up. These values are the most important things in human life with love, not objective things and power.

If you are afraid of expressing them, you can still keep them to yourself or to somebody whom you love.

Somebody needs to teach these to the most. Be yourself and stay happy.

How the physical brain understands linear time

Linear time or timeframe is a well experienced fact here in our world. We are experiencing an illusion which has three components: past, present, future. But I will tell you why this is all a big illusion for the purpose of experience physical life.

You may find another post useful about time here.

How do we experience linear time?

To keep it short, we are living in the now all the “time” but unfortunately we were raised to think that there is future and past. We are dividing the experience of our perception as our physical brain tries it’s best to translate the objective reality. This is normal, we can’t escape it so well.

To compare it with the non-physical world (everything else other than here), there is no time there, not even space in a real manner.

We are living in an objective reality where our brain translates it’s kept signals into “reality” around us. It structures our experiences scene by scene. It uses the nervous system, muscles, the whole physical vehicle to do it. The physical body is a buffer towards the external illusion. You are the mind, the consciousness, the observer.

We are living in the now and all of us do experience events surely being our past. We just structure those in this way. Future is probable and it is more uncertain towards a greater timespan. So that’s it, I guess it is not so hard to understand.

What about the future? It is probable and it is all about probable scenarios for everybody. In a consensus reality like in this world, there are more probable outcomes on a big crowd scale of course. In the end, it doesn’t matter. Attaching to the past of future only causes trouble and illnesses because you can’t modify them!

How it plays out

Our mind uses our brain (non-physical vs physical device) to structure what we experience here. It is the same for the metaphore of a book with papers of pages. You filled a page, you just read another one. It goes one direction, until you finished your task here in this world and we all arrive back to the non-physical world to choose another task or purpose.

Of course you can review all your past experiences after being post-human. Memories are stored on an individual restricted non-physical storage level of yourself.

So why we are here in a linear timeframe? It is about restrictions and tests. What tests? You have decisions and likes/dislikes in your life and as time moves further, you have decisions to choose wisely. Eventually you may make a decision in something which you were the worst. This is a slow environment and in the non-physical on the other hand you don’t have timespan.

The purpose of this is above. You deal with your decisions and consequences. But it seems like billions don’t and don’t want to.

Of course we measure time by our calendar and lesser-bigger timescales but it doesn’t matter, even if the human lifespan is around 100 years of maximum. We can’t and won’t stay here or in any physical systems. What is important is how you dealt with your life and what did you learn.

Why Money is the God for the most?

Money is the most wanted thing in this world and it drives almost everything unfortunatelly. Our lives are mixed with the fact that we need to earn money to get by and don’t starve. Well there are alternative methods to earn instead of a slavery job.

Why money is the god for most people and why they don’t want to get lost of this tool. Because money is a tool, not an achievable thing to accumulate. It needs to be used up for a plan or purpose.

What is Money?

It is a tool, a measurable human-made tool to buy something. We invented it and it is for one purpose, to exchange goods for a certain kind of changer material. It had many faces in the history, lately mostly gold standard was the basic. Well this system transformed itself dramatically over the centuries and today’s system is just horrible.

But money by itself in every forms only just exists here in this physical world. So rich people won’t bring their fortune to the Afterlife, instead only their illusions. There are so much bad things being done only for money and wealth.

Money in itself is not a good thing but a bad necessity for live our life here and now. The most will work in jobs like a slave and others will find ways to sustain themselves independently which I always like. But we don’t need to think that money is bad, it will only block us from our goals!

If the vast majority would stop giving energy and trust towards any valuable materials like banknotes, the whole system would collapse surely and there would be a big chaos. But I don’t expand on this. It is enough trouble that billions are working for nothing for the big hands. We are controlled to a certain degree.


Why money is still the god?

I guess it always was in other cultures hundreds or thousands of years ago. It gives power to the big hands and it represents many things. But the problem is that in this world, people will stab each other for it, hurt each other. No matter what, morality and empathy is non-existent for many. People will grab any chance to grab other’s money for some shit products or just steal it.

The whole system of brainwashment built on the money and banking system. Simply put, if people won’t do anything to grab their share, it is a problem morally. We need it to a certain degree to pay our bills, buy food.

But I think one thing is that billions should change their mindset towards paying for anything and the other issue comes from the fact that we could grow own foods (which is now popular) and sustain ourselves. But still what people do? They see business opportunities in anything, which could be sold to people. I guess this will go on for hundreds of years until a Star Trek like world comes of non-existent money system.

In the end, the vast majority has low level of consciousness to realize what they are doing. Or not really.

But simply put, people in huge fear. They need money, no matter what. Easy or hard method, doesn’t matter. It is true for big hands also who are accumulating billions of dollars. It is not a bad thing but the method of earning it is.

Why people are stealing money from each other?

Again, one thing is to grab your share. Many people have NO own ideas and creativity thus they will copy other’s methods and grab their share. Morality is a luxery.

New Ager people are one example from the many. They will think out a product which surely people will buy. Also they will transform themselves to a degree that they will think and act like what they are selling. They sell something which resonates with masses. It doesn’t matter that it is built on lies. It gives false hopes until a certain degrees.

I don’t want to discuss the money, banknote and banking system because it is pain in the butt and I also have years of financial trading experiences. I know this world too surely but still we can grab opportunities.

In the end people lack of long term thinking of making their amounts safely and slowly. The most will grab their chances and will extract what they can from others without thinking about the consequences. That is planet Earth unfortunatelly. This world is still running on money. And no, Bitcoin is only another facade, people never learn.

All big financial crises are caused by the banking system and will happen all over again in every few decades at the maximum. I guess people are too weak to do anything, they are too brainwashed and bombarded constantly with useless informations.

But we can find our place in this chaos in the end. Grab what you are interested in as a business and do it slowly. One by one, build it up and sell useful products for people. They will appreciate it. That’s my take on money. If it is not a product, make researches to see what is interesting for you and there are many opportunities. Be creative!


Status report at the end of march of 2018.

I was relatively absent of writing newer posts and there are many now in stock. I was curious about trying myself out on Reddit. I was also thinking about making changes for the readers to not get lost around the posts, also I will edit many older posts because they are a little bit too long or too condensed in format and sometimes messy as I’m developing further in this.

Let’s begin a newer status report here.

Lurking on Reddit subforums for more than a month

Over maybe more than a month, I tried myself out on various subreddits like firstly in LucidDreaming. I’ve got soon the first ban about mentioning real informations for people who needed help and deeper understanding of their dreams. Also my site (ok ok no self-promoting). The admin group tried to avoid mentioning anything other than dreams, totally misleading people and not even knowing that dreams are misleading as a label.

So I’ve asked (it is ridiculous, I just wanted to help where it is needed) the admins through a reply to unlock me posting there and accepted the ridiculous rules. It happened then later maybe 1 or 2 weeks passed by with helping on a daily basis. Then I tried to avoid mentioning anything about my blog site and anything which doesn’t fits there.

So no astral projection, no “esoteric BS”, no nonsense “paranormal” (not my words!), no non-physical. So people are asking for help and they won’t get real one! That’s the situation on Reddit. Guessing, generalizations, religious belief to resonate with… But I know that the most like to fool themselves.

As I was helping my “last” poster there in LD sub and dared mentioned again that I can’t write down any of above, I was banned instantly in less than half an hour. Ok I said that’s it. That guy was surprised lol.

I was chatting and replying many many people through PM’s or direct messages and the mods didn’t tolerate it. Many people were thankful and I banned an asshole of being rude to me and agressive which attitude I never deserved. But I don’t take it personally.

Later I tried myself in more reliable subs as Dreams, Psychic, SoulNexus. Actually a pretty nice somebody invited me to SN to see what can I do there. I also touched LawOfAttraction to try un-doctrinate people thinking as a mindless zombie as the LOA followers but gave up, I can’t beat a bad religious system, fooling people themselves endlessly. So the first 3 was there. Weeks passed by and I was flushed with questions under posts and via PM. The traffic towards me was so huge of answering people’s concerns and fears that I couldn’t even follow who was who. I apologized many people about that lol.

Don’t take my words wrong, in LOA sub, I respected other’s beliefs and only talked with those who were doubting the whole, also who were lost in life as on other subs and found solution for them. Well for most of them.

Around 75-100 people surely was keeping contact with me but most of them already gave up after they got their answers and all are free to believe what they would like to. I’m educating and helping, not indoctrinating. Actually, in life just a few people will be really open for more.

My experiences from Reddit at the finish

I’m still amazed in a vastly NEGATIVE way how people are not interested in long term solutions. Many people who were interested in my knowledge found me, we talked a lot, many were redirected to my blog site here and I’m seeing daily how many people are actually reading my content. That is a good thing.

I’m talking about people full of life problems, stress, nightmares, serious questions. They don’t need real answers. They give up. Well done.

Also a bunch of people already started the mentorship program and we were/are chatting in emails so don’t be afraid contacting me if you thought about it.

But the main characteristics of these subs and I guess, that the most are young people, very young, around elementary and high school. I’ve met many above around their 30’s and above which I liked. But I think I had anough of constant replying, people are only choosing the answers which will resonate with their beliefs. Maybe I have a straight mindset when I help and say real infos but you can’t judge anybody after some rows of serious sentences.

People are flushing up their nightmares in those subs. Dreams and PSI phenomenons mostly. Nobody can help somebody who never grew up and don’t want to, my job is done there, it was a good experiment. Who looked up my site, will find me here.

My Reddit account is now deleted and maybe I sometimes regret this decision but I would rather make my blog site more interesting later and my services if I will add more.

One thing turned out to be obvious: people need my help and it seems like my best subs were around dreams and psychic stuffs. But for one man like me, it is too much, replying everyday and people not even being interested about a reply. I RESPECT those who thanked my help and they made me happy. Really. I’ve met many nice people and I wish them reading what I share here and make contact with me anytime.

My post reply count was around 180-200 in the end (not sure, maybe much more), meaning that maybe half of them were the post numbers. Private messages were flushing me, I didn’t know sometimes what did I accept as a challenge there lol. 97% of people were nice and rely on my help. Thank You all.

I’m still open to private contact anywhere.

How Spirituality differs pretty much from Non-physicality

It is very clear nowadays that the majority will everytime steer or mix up the notion of non-physical knowledge with spirituality. Spirituality has meanings for many people, mostly for religious people. Meditating all day, pushing our head into the sand for some. For many, focusing on the good and thinking you are above the average.

But the real journey begins when somebody will deny all indoctrination in him/herself. Strong will and intent is needed to learn much more. What is hidden from the mainstream and society? Tt was there the whole time in the facade of “dreams”.

I was – on a daily basis – constantly replying under posts in some Reddit subforums for weeks to try myself out and see people’s reactions. Many will see this article and nod with their head because I helped many of them. Basically, I can’t beat the “missing knowledge” people and don’t want to. I agree in 100% when people say, this is not for everybody.

The differences simply put:

Spirituality = still believing in what you think is true, being religious
Non-physical knowledge = it is what it is, partly personal but that’s it

People would like to live a simple mundane life, there is nothing wrong with it. But when a tiny majority will encounter with their dreams searching for deeper understanding, seeing and knowing about real “psychic” phenomenons (or ESP abilities), it opens up the gate.

What am I talking about here? Questions are constantly just flushing over the subreddits endlessly. There is no real superhuman on planet Earth, who can help everybody. We can’t. That is free will and human life, all are learning. I would be crazy if I continue, everyday – even if I don’t have so much freetime doing it.


How the most starts this learning curve

Simply, people will be information hungry like I was at the beginning and they will dive into the vast ocean of misinformations and lies over the Internet. Confusion overload… People try to sell you something (product, service, lie, personal truths). They try to make you believe in nonsense things, STATE you theories which they truly believe are right and there is no other way around etc.

Some will argue with you that you are wrong. Even if they are vastly wrong. It is a hopeless dead-end street eventually and only a few will find their way out with their answers. After a while even non-physical related forums will wear of for a few after their experiences.

Those communities are really nice things but when everybody shouts his/her truth and theories, you are lost. You will get your head from post to post or being in confusion, now what?

So when I tried my best there, I could describe these to many people there and what I noticed didn’t even surprise me. Those same questions are just flushing up endlessly, like I didn’t do anything. This is not about Reddit alone, I saw too much already in my life elsewhere about humanity.

It is about that there are too few people who know anything from experiences without belief distortions. People are full of questions also. Here I think I’m just wasting my time typing these rows but I guess some readers will see my point and appreciate it.

Spirituality is NOT directly equals with non-physical knowledge

And it is true, I know it. I knew spiritual people, they are way on the other end of “knowledge” many times. They will believe and accept what is just enough to believe or rather what is comfortable enough. And that’s all, the path ends here, nice meditations and feel good life. It is not for everybody.

That is not knowledge, that is box-minded thinking and is limiting. But I would guess intelligent people (who CAN use intelligence) will see through. If somebody prefers spiritual practices, it is ok.

My knowledge is mine only and personal of course but I can share a tiny portion of it also. I’m doing it and maybe it will wear off and close this blog later. I have no plans on this yet. But my perception is:

1. Who don’t want to know more, will stay at their share of spirituality. Copying the same BS what others and new-agers are also copying from others like a parrot.
2. If somebody wants to know more, they will make the EFFORT to learn more from any given sources. Like my blog site. It takes dedication as like in Astral Projection, Phasing, OBE and mind control.

And this is a little bit sad. The human world is what it is like that today because human consciousness is not so good. Governments, countries, communities are formed the same way, giving power to any or they are representing a certain mass group behavior. The most are so dumbed down with control, the biggest problems are boiling down to work and human dramas.

The non-pyhsical knowledge

In the other hand non-physical knowledge is based on solid and serious self-tests, experimentations what many of them are doing alone or with assistance. It is always starting with dreams because they are happening in the non-physical.

Maybe in Focus 2 (your private mind area) or in Focus 3 (group and consensus reality “places”), maybe both as an overlay of realities, and on other channels. I recommend You run through the Focus model posts first. If you rather do the real research, it will be real knowledge and you will learn anything you always wanted to find out gradually.

Simply put and the end of the story: spirituality is full of nice misconceptions and comfortable theories, partly religious man-made truth, meanwhile non-physical knowledge is just a completely different world.

As I see it with my own understanding and perception, it couldn’t be the same ever. It is like science and religion. Both groups are blindly trying to find their gods. But both have only a tiny little fraction of truthness in their pockets and don’t want to open up. The joke here is that many non-physical travelers are also religious and they take the same category as being a spiritualist somebody. In my opinion spiritualism will make people more mindless and insane then before often.

Making people comfortable with flawed beliefs and misconceptions won’t give them real answers in life and I don’t promote here that anybody should dive into the NP. No, only it is for those who can manage their fears (the biggest part) and want to know more about anything. But be aware that on this route there will be always more questions than answers.

And btw I’m still acting on Reddit until I will have enough once and for all but until then I will help people out from misconceptions and lack of knowledge if I can.

Starseed Origins – An interesting but misleading topic

This post will be relatively quick and easy to understand. The Starseed topic is very popular these days and everybody has the right to believe what is resonating with anybody.

But there is a misleading effect behind this topic alone which makes people think, they are so special that they are above anybody as feeling this “starseed connection” to a bigger group. Being connected to extraterrestrials some way. Love and light, huh? I have news, if you can imagine, you were a non-human already.

What is this Starseed nonsense all about?

I’ve already released a post about this topic and here I won’t say anything new, just from another perspective.

The whole issue here is that the starseed subject is widely spreaded through the net, in books, from public speakers and from other types of sources/people. It is not showing anything new because people in the past did believe in this issue also. Simply put, many people feel that they don’t belong to this world and try to escape, wait for the rescue team to catch them up and “save Earth” etc…

Waiting for those big motherships to SAVE us… uhm from us? Nothing new in my opinion. We don’t belong to anywhere, this is just a game in a physical world, called “life”. Now you are human. If we play with the extraterrestrial label, for them, we are it. It is objectifying anything other than human.

Sources found in the world are causing only confusion and “fake” beliefs

These sources are only causing one thing. People will believe in this as a religion and act like special people, not lowering their vibrations to “normal” or mundane people. Whenever somebody resonates with a theory or an idea, he/she will subscribe to that idea. And if more people are following it, it will be now a religion. No excuses.

Those tests on the web are nothing more other than just generalized nonsense quiz crap. These webpages are copying each other on the same schema. No matter what you do or vote, you will be somebody special who originates from the Pleiadians or Arcturians, Sirians, whatever.

You are so special that you are bursting out in tears that you found your origins. Why not? You see for your own eyes according to a manmade script that those “traits” and behaviors are explaining your life well. Not really. Common sense at this stage will be dispensed. In these circles it is non-existent.

Ok, now what?

I have news, everybody are special individually and we are not originating from a physical place. Rather from the non-physical as eternal energy beings. Ok, it could be that some spirits do have a “first” place but it is not like that in a timeless world.

There are no two similar spirits surely and we all have our own lonely routes to get to this life and we will surely move further in the endless Multiverse.

There are physical and non-physical places just like human and non-human worlds too. The facade is otherwordly like an ET’s physical appearance but the origins are the same from your own NP source. It is just a form.


So what is the problem with this, feeling that you are much more? Nothing, really, it is a good thing – I saw these too and felt well. The problem comes from people’s misconceptions what others are spreading that you are so special and a member of an ET race, that you are just BEING here and don’t give a damn on people. Or you are so special that you NEED to do this and that. These nonsense beliefs are causing trouble, keeping people in the darkness.

It has nothing to do with knowledge what people are swallowing down and being said.

Other misleading starseed “facts”:

The other issue comes on your “duties” about heal people or being a member of an Earth liberating group etc. Lightworker… light what? We are all doing it on some ways like healing people, radiating energy, being nice, being unselfish if we can etc. People spreading these nonsense crap trying to make people being afraid of NOT doing these.

Some people have more connection to the source than others. I think it all depends on your inner being and your access to some data streams, nothing special. Many times it is from your intent to want it. Some people will use their abilities for good and help, and many won’t.

It also messes up the misled reincarnational model (which is inaccurate) with these people’s minds pretty well. Thinking they were at a given star system, a given race “before”. There’s no before or after, all lives are played out at the same time. Only here we experience linear timeframe as our pyhsical brain mechanism decodes and structures life events in a chronological order and in “time”.

Sure we know and experience linear time but it is part of this illusional training ground here and in every reality.


Simply put again, the whole starseed concept is a nice thing basically. I kept researching it and I understand it pretty well, also the original intent behind it. But it won’t do any good for people. We are here to live our lives, not waiting for some kind of new age belief system to fulfill itself.

It alone will and already causing fear about “aliens” and doesn’t do any good. Furthermore, the followers will get caught up on the false assumptions.

Why is Earth so fucked up? Because of the low levels of consciousness of the most, the inhabitants. Each individual need to work on their own issues, development and life problems. Fear, greed and money are simply the leaders here. But people always blame forces outside them like conspiracies.

I’ve seen so many bloggers and youtubers spreading their nice ideas and acting like a saint with big smiles and wonderful feelings. Well I just freaked out how mentally ill these people are. It is not my duty to judge anybody but seeing some faces, I think the problem is there in the heads. The main problem is that people are misled

 But if somebody feels that it helps getting through tough life situations sometimes, then it is a good thing for a limited time. Personal issues are always needed to be worked out from the inside. Following the Starseed religion is maybe a good idea, maybe not.

But are you sure about what is told you? Find out by yourself. Learn to use your intent to reach big awareness in dreams or learn to project on any way. That is the only way in my opinion and keep a passive observational attitude in your life in both worlds. Be curious and passive.

Edited on 5th of april in 2018.

Status report from february of 2018.

I felt an urge to share my thoughts about the progression of my blog site because I see the feedbacks in many forms since content has been created. I didn’t plan to be a big name or brand or anything around, just felt the need to write down what others in the same route to chase some kind of personal truth in this chaotic world full of lies, could find useful.

When I see those nice comments and posts around, it makes me think that my thoughts are not just released into nothingness.

It seems like people found useful and furthermore a huge thing what I share. My philosophy is that I try to be as honest and straight in my findings and knowledge as possible and if something is changed or not up to date anymore, I will make modifications and correct them.

We all are going through our lives with lesser-bigger personal changes and experiences and nothing stays constant. So informations here on the site are not static and knowledge as personal experience is always changing.

I won’t promise anything for the future but as I see it daily many many people throughout the globe are reading my posts here and spending time. I’m aware of the tag spammers too so that is not an issue. Spammers will be not approved on any links and tries.

This blog site can’t be so great without the readers who are finding the knowledge here useful, therefore I’m happy to see those activities. I can only say that please enjoy reading and don’t take my words so literally always. We are living a human oriented life here and now, and we all can fail or develop further. Maybe I will – from time to time – share my thoughts here in a post later too.

People can find me for private chat on the AstralPulse too on the same nickname if it is needed and via email:

What are Animal Guides and Totems in Dreams?

Animal guides and spirit totems are misunderstood occurences when people are encountering other parts of their wider self while they are sleeping or rather consciously exploring the non-physical world. From where did you hear them? Yeah right, mystics again.

Nothing new under the sun. Whole webpages, books (ebooks or paper), workshops are there for you to learn about them. Most of them are useless and nonsense. It is not enough to just attach a meaning to an animal, it is objectified like hell.

Animal guides are just one form of help and guidance.

They are parts of You in some ways

When you are encountering with animals – any kinds of – in dreamworld, you will experience positive or negative attitudes from them. And some relationships towards you from them (both perceptions may be active). It is quite a complicated issue because it is true that only the “dreamer” can solve the meaning of his/her adventures while slept. It is confusing sometimes but have the same roots in basics.

If an animal can speak to you or showing you something, acting strangely, you could be sure in one thing. It was somebody who knows you, wants to show you something important.

Non-physical communication mostly telepathic and symbolic. Entities there are using these symbols according to how we know these animals in waking physical life according to what we learnt about them.

It is only just one channel for communication and you can’t expect a helper to show up as a human, it is too limited. You can see animal guides, totems. Also some people there maybe not even aware of the fact that they are using animal form. It can happen.

Many times when you encounter animals, the whole scenery is already planned. You are directing the “movie” according to your choices which leads you to the end result, like in physical waking life. It is not some kind of predestined something, it is built up for you externally to learn while you are experiencing it.

animal guides

They can be only symbols

While many times you could encounter with yourself in different form and manner, on the other hand meeting with animals could be a metaphore for something. Internet sites like dream meaning translators can help understand the nature of an experience initially. But it could be too generalized and “dreams” could be understood by only by the dreamer.

Don’t make false assumptions please that one or all sites are pointing out some issue you DO NOT have in life, while the metaphore meant a completely different thing in the actual context.

What happened to you in the recent days or weeks? Did you have a problem to solve or still occuring? Do you have life issues, bad mood? The list goes on. You can try various dream meaning sites for this purpose to see what a car or a black cat means but don’t jump into conclusions of that exact meaning because I can tell you surely that it is not as accurate.

What you experienced could be completely otherworldly according to a mundane symbol guide. And to be straight, they are manmade, whatever we read and mystical oriented, meaning maybe false or misleading.

General view on this

Many times you are in a simulation and you can’t stop it naturally… ok you can by waking up, ruining the whole message. Go with the flow and see how it plays out. These are for educate humans, us.

First if that character had any meaningful things for you, it was not just a mind noise. An animal form can talk to you, hug you, bite you, look at you curiously, tell you something telepathically or verbally, chase you… Just anything. It may be a strong message to translate.

If you dream about animals and strange animalistic or non-animal characters chasing you, eating you alive, killing you – you have serious problems in your mind and in negative state in your waking awareness. You are causing it to yourself with falling asleep and releasing all your thoughts and emotions. The vast majority do this always.

And be aware that what you “see” is not really what is really there. It could be a completely nice kind person, maybe watching you. But you are scared and manifest fear all over the place or have distorted image.

Animal Guides are helping you?

If those characters are helping you, being kind or you are the one doing that, vica-versa, it is ok. It could be a good sign in your life. These forms could be direct messages too from a higher non-physical perspective to tell you something.

The non-physical is not always talking to you like a human, because our communication skills are so limited, it just primitive for NP entities and don’t use it always. The communication is mostly telepathic, imagery type, feelings and emotions, anything which is subjective and not objectified.

For those who are more advanced in NP life than average like me, these symbols could be maybe tools for you to help raise your awareness when you need it. You just see a symbol here and there.

The final conclusion is that don’t hang up on what other sites and mystical people are saying. They objectify anything and try to grab their share. You are the only one to translate what you experienced. Make a dream diary and write up what you saw.

Maybe I can help you if you are lost and have a nice email chat. Dream diary helps you to improve your shadow memory recall from the NP. It will make you understand your multidimensional life more.