Is there Life after Death? You are not a physical being!

I touched the life after death topic a few times and I think I can still do it a few more times in different forms. Maybe some will read it, maybe not. My site looks like that eventually. But I will give it a try again. I’m aware these days that this site won’t last for too long despite my efforts.

So death, as humanity knows, is mostly false and misunderstood. I know for sure how regular people tend to think, adding science and religious beliefs which are forced on people. If not forced then we chose it to believe. The most won’t question these belief systems and it is okay. These are the blocks to learn from for the most so this is why the most have these difficulties. No wonder why our civilization is like that. I’m not kidding, certain people are like that for a higher reason.

This is a quick insight into what is happening to you after leaving this world. Because you existed before, you just can’t remember or you would ruin the whole “life” game. This is an artificial block to stop you interfering with the physical life process. We wanted this.

How to understand this “life after death” issue?

To make it short and clear, the most are in big fear and denying the whole thing because it interferes with their indoctrination and challenges their beliefs. And if somebody is challenged, two options are given. You can deny it and live in your own box-minded thinking or you can open up and change your mindset. It is up to you and this is just my insight. This physical Universe (or any other system) is a tiny little fraction, stemming from the non-physical world. We are not the center of anything, except our consciousness.

life after death

We are already existing in other, multidimensional constructs and forms. Meaning that you are a group construct (a group of individuals which you use daily, personalities). You are also already a god on the highest level and also an individual right now. And of course, we all have countless parallel lives running right now in different physical and non-physical realities. This means that you are a tiny fraction of your whole being and you are experiencing separation which is needed for the life game.

To give you a simple perspective in this, you are everything at the same time but you are focusing your primary attention to here. If you can meet another version of yourself, you are already that person in the non-physical. I think this is where people lose the tail.

We were never alive or dead at all, we are focusing into a created physical vehicle and that’s all. What we stupidly do is, we see our body image and reflection, we think we are in a body because it feels like that, then we are the center of everything and we are our body. This is where all the flaws are.

We upload ourselves and draw out upon transition. The body is created for this purpose. What we carry are our thinking, emotional charge and value of being. This alone is a sad thing for the most.

We just tend to deny the whole thing

This is why the most are lost and hardly finding their way back to their non-physical core. These people are around us, and regular people. Almost the most. This is a fact, physical life is addictive and we can totally lose ourselves, thinking, we are physical bodies or vehicles and we are denying death because we seemingly don’t know what comes next. Sure, we do.

Let’s get straight. The most are so simple, they can’t even digest what is being multidimensional. There is a certain personality and you should have many lives to realize this. I think that is the recipe, at least for me. I don’t have special ESP abilities, I work from my own cookbook. We all do according to what we have naturally.

So, it is much easier for almost everybody to push their head into the sand. Eventually, we all return back but some of us can be free faster and do whatever we want to in the non-physical world. We have this century to know more. But as I see, people are barely ready. Maybe for the surface of lies and mystical crap which don’t answer a thing. What value people are materialistic stuff and lies. Unnecessary products to make our beliefs and ego okay or bigger. Stuff which we never had and we think those are necessary. This is one point where I always think about closing my site but I won’t discuss this in details.


So, denying this whole thing will cause an effect. That people are still in fear, not knowing a thing and life after death for them is like dissolving into nothingness, ceasing to exist. But eventually, we all return back, it was just a game, a minute of joy or sadness.

We can only learn on our own and this is why these illusions which we have here and now are needed to learn as an individual. When we return, we gain back our true self and we will see that it was just a second. This is the truth and we have time to find this out.

Even if my site fades away later, we can still find our answers. Start with Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projecting or with just meditation. Those are the first steps towards more awareness.

Do animals have dreams? Of course, they have!

Many people around the world still think and believe that animals are somehow unintelligent and are inferior according to humanity or maybe they have no dreams. We have a huge ego, thinking that we are the only intelligent, thinking species and animals are not like that.

Really? Did you notice even once that animals are acting like the same as we do via sleeping? If you did, then you are open to the fact that we are not the only ones to have dreams. Each of us have btw but the most can’t remember because they are the same in the non-physical world like in their daily life. Unconscious.

In my opinion, humanity is still at the infant age (the most are) in their personal development and we just started to pay attention to our animal friends and notice how similar they are according to us. They can’t speak or react as a human being but it doesn’t matter because they use other means. They also have dreams and you can see it from their physical body’s movements or how they are doing it.

We all need to sleep to recharge our physical vehicle with life energy. When they are dreaming, they are also on tasks of living up their own daily concepts and memories. You can notice it from their movements. We are all coming from the same non-physical world to experience life from a limited perspective! Yes, even primitive lifeforms too. We need to start somewhere.

Dreams are necessary to keep contact with our non-physical self

If you didn’t know, now you know it. We are all doing it. From plants to rocks or any other lifeform. We are constantly learning and developing on a multiversal scale. Animals are NOT so different when dreams are the topic.


They have dreams and you can see it from their reactions. They sometimes move, fall into sleep mode, you pull their tongue and they don’t wake up etc. We are noticing these mostly with normal household pets, like dogs, cats and anything around. Because they can’t speak to us and act like a human being, they are still coming from the same place to learn. But if you notice their body and emotional language, you can see it first-hand.

They are not so different than us. Sure, many lifeforms even on our planet are much simpler than we are. They can’t walk or think like us. It is just depending on the capability of our biological vehicle. But we are not our body. We chose that form, the body to experience in that limited perspective. It fits our tasks.

What to take away from this

If you noticed, I merged the animal dreaming topic with their life purpose for a reason. Just for the sake to understand them even better.

They don’t have the same life experiences as we do because we are much more complex in our thinking and physical vehicle. They have the same diseases by living with us and I could continue. They are not so different from us.

But the thing is in this article, we are coming from the same non-physical world and returning back. They can also return in your dreams and talk to you in human terms if they passed by.

We choose a FORM, we are not our biological vehicle. This is the biggest facade to physical life. This may help you understand other lifeforms and their purpose. Maybe you already tried out an animal form in another lifetime. I hope people who are cruel with animals may get their share about how it feels to an animal if an underdeveloped personality hurts “him/her”. If we hurt an animal, it is not so different from hurting ourselves.

Imaginary friends in childhood – are they real? You will be shocked!

It is a very common thing in our world when we or our child have an imaginary friend at a very young age. Even if we didn’t have one in our infant years, many people have/had. I need to assure anybody who is worrying about it, that it is normal and here is why.

Just be open to the fact that you didn’t know the real thing about how our life works. And it is just the facade what we see or experience.

Those unseen imaginary friends are as real as another person to you. When we are that young, we can detect, see or sense other non-physical entities, mostly our own guidance, who are real personalities. Some may see auras or have other abilities. Some may keep these ESP abilities in secret.

We see them because the non-physical world from where we are coming from to live physical life are there nearby you. You are tuning into a physical reality and trying to keep your primary attention there for X amount of decades. You are still capable to see them after your birth but the fun is soon over once our parents are finding it insane. If you are a parent and you notice this, just stop interfering with your child, please! Read below why.

Why we lose our imaginary friends? Do we?

Well, we don’t lose them, we block them out. Why? It seems to be not normal and parents are freaked out from the whole thing. I find it really sad because the actual child’s parents never experienced this in their younger years. Or they didn’t know what is that they experience and their simple-minded parents also did the same. Or maybe the guidance decided to stay away. The latter has a higher chance.

Our world’s indoctrination and rules are kicking in because it is not normal at all and called mental problem or paranormal. These people who are attaching these labels have no idea what is this all about! Starting with science, medical industry, regular people etc.

imaginary friends

We come with the unseen assistance, called guidance. Some may call them angels and in all sorts of nonsense, religious labels. They are always there and trying to make sure that you live your life according to your lessons. So in this part, what mystics and mediums are telling you is true. But only this part. They won’t tell you what to do normally or interfere with your choices if you are hard-headed.

The most, who suffer, don’t pay attention to the good word and they try to pray for a “god” for their problems. It is a little bit contradictory, right?

Does our guidance disappear?

So, we never lose them, we will block them out mentally. This is like not paying attention to something which is there, denying it, then it will slowly disappear from our sight. The other reason could be, that they make the decision to stay away because if they keep doing this close guiding thing, the actual person can’t grow up as a normal person who fits into this world. Because we need to fit in and do our job.

You can still learn to listen to them and make stronger contact at adult age if you learn to do it.

So the thing is that they are still there but you lose the capability to even notice them. Then they will have a hard time trying to give you signs like synchronicities to let you know that you are guided, guarded and everything is okay. Most of us need to cut off this connection as we block this out.

The truth about imaginary friends and their role

If somebody didn’t have imaginary friends, then they already knew that it is unnecessary and the person can deal with this world alone. I’m that type. Later now in my life, I hate it that I need to tap into this with effort.

But the thing is that we all have our very natural tools to tap into our guidance. You just need to notice what are your usual tools. Talking in your mind and hearing an instant response? Seeing perfect numbers? Having visions? Lucid Dreams? Any other. They are there to help us, we just wash it off sadly.

We try to live our lives thinking we are alone or are lost. This is why there are religions because the most try to explain their life with a made-up “god”. We are our own god and this is what may scare many. We are our own guidance too. Look at this as what it is, a multidimensional game. Our guidance and its members are our other versions of non-physical self. You can prove it to yourself too.

You are a group of community with your non-physical friends and you are trying to make sure that the life which you chose will be successful. Only if you pay attention to help and not forcing everything from fear. But the most are doing the latter.

Can you breathe in your dreams under the water?

This is just a fun stuff to see what can you do in the non-physical world (in your dreams), like how to breathe under the water. And yes, you can. When you become a conscious Astral Projector or just non-physical traveler over your sleep life or from practice, you can try this out.

I need to repeat it again, that your sleep life is your non-physical life where you are still learning, doing tasks and can enjoy yourself without physical limits. It is our true home and we are coming from there to try out physical lives. This article shows you that your own physical limits or beliefs are causing you to not be able to do this task.

Our limits as human beings but we are not humans originally

For us, who are living a human roled life in this physical Universe, we need to keep our breath up in water because we need to inhale air into our lungs. Okay, fish can do it but we are not sea creatures. So the issue is, your own concepts and protective awareness are coming with you. You still act the same way as you tend to in your daily life. This is the limit which stays with you before you finish this life.

You are not a human being at all, you are using a physical vehicle which tells you that you are a human being. Well, you are partially but it doesn’t mean that you are your body or race or gender etc. This is why the most are stuck after transitioning back to the Afterlife regions. They still act and think with a human-like mindset, like an addiction to a physical role.


Dream events, when you realize that you are under the water

There can be many events when you start to realize that you are dreaming or you are in the non-physical world. Maybe you are totally new to this so to you, this means you start to become aware of the actual events and scenarios around you. You can be even under water. I’m not speaking about nightmares where you are tested against your fears and you need to deal with this issue of drowning. But for some first trials, it can be confusing or frightening.

You can explore civilizations under the water in different realities, physical Universes or non-physical places. Before you question this furthermore as a beginner, our physical Universe is one from countless ones and we are non-physical, multidimensional beings and you can prove this to yourself.

This means that your guidance takes you to a certain location and your protective sense kicks in with fear. You still think that you have a physical body which you need to use according to physical rulesets. While what you’ve learned in your daily life perhaps useful only there. Meanwhile, it is totally useless beyond physical realities. So you are stuck to a body-image concept.

Can you breathe in the NP? Of course, you can!

But the thing is, you can breathe normally in water. Like you breather air in and out. I can’t count how many times I did it and it was always natural to me because I was always a semi- or fully conscious non-physical explorer. People will call it Lucid Dreamer. Sort of but once you learn the basics from my site, you notice how these labels are meaningless.

So, the fun fact is, you can still breathe there. It is weird maybe but you can try it. Just remember that if you tend to have experiences underwater in your sleep life, you can do anything. Same for flying, going through walls and many more. Some real locals or residents may be surprised at you.

Remember that what I share and talk about are all real and you can prove it to yourself. Enjoy.

Are You a Starseed? Do you really believe the fairytales?

This is the third time I write about the starseed “nonsense” topic and trying to save some people from new age lies. The fact why people believe this topic is that they can prove themselves through tests, books, and nice fairytales that they are an alien originally and they are so special that they burst out in tears. And many people are reading my original starseed article daily which amazes me.

This belief system alone causes many self-illusional, egotist people to follow these groups, love and light nonsense and become a higher being instantly. These belief systems are designed to collect people with alike beliefs and characteristics. They don’t fit anywhere or are too naive to notice what is this about. I wonder if there is any person who is not categorized as a starseed alien after these tests. It is a schema about people in their 20-30s, their characteristics.

They don’t deal with real life in which they take part in as a human being. Because we all chose to play a human role right now and we are not coming from other star systems. This is so stupid and doesn’t work like that. You don’t come “originally” from other star systems here… this whole belief is a physical body fixated thing in our physical reality. There are countless physical realities.

The same BS true for 4D, 5D and 12D nonsense. There is the non-physical and there are 3D systems. That’s all. You can explore this fact by yourself.

Just be careful and skeptical

I would ask you to be cautious if you are intelligent and skeptical because there are too many traps which will toss people into illusions about who they are and they will suck gemstones. Not even different from mainstream religions.

The logic behind this topic is that you can’t find your way in your life or know your life purpose. Then you are starting to find these tests and groups, read some books and it falls into place. You can now fit your perception into a belief system which elevates you thus you are a huge higher being. Everybody else is just nothing. Do you feel out my sense of humor?

If you are interested in diving into this topic, you will find your answers on my site and you will soon realize how unreal these new age beliefs are. Because what I share is REAL. They are leading weak people into a self-fulfilling trap without even understanding that they are not their body or a race and we are non-physical beings originally. But NOT the way it is described in these nonsense stories and tests. Not even close. I wonder who started this nonsense back then.

Are dreams important? They are your non-physical life!

There is a big question among people who are new to understanding dreams, that are dreams important? This thought is one of the most popular throughout the web and I saw it many times on forums.

Well, people almost never understand what dreams are, they never opened up for more to this. I hope you are open-minded. I try to teach people as a service to open up for this because they can explore themselves, their non-physical origins and their life purpose.

As I expanded before many times, I shared what dreams are. But I will now expand furthermore on why your dreams are important to you. Not for others but this is your personal, non-physical life. What you get there and what you write down to your diary is only yours.

There are some interesting articles already about dreams like Where dreams are taking place, or Is a Lucid dream even real? Keep it in mind, that you need time and effort to elevate your awareness level and be familiar with your NP life.

What dreams are in a nutshell?

You will find many of my articles about explaining this but I will give a quick explanation and you only need an open mind. Being open about that you were fooled with all the civilizational flaws, scientific stuff, and books in psychology.

What you find in the literature about dreams, in general, is just ridiculously lacking any real information. Same for saying that dreams are “subconscious” baggage which is not really about it.

The sad thing is that people never get to the stage to validate their experiences because they don’t start to elevate their awareness. Because the most are totally unconscious of their dreams. Even if some people get there and see that their NP experiences can be much more real than their physical daily life, they will still deny them. I can’t help with that attitude.

So people who wrote these books and materials or speak about it as experts have no real idea about the whole thing. They scratch the surface. Same for hypnotists, they don’t really dig deeply into anything and they parrot the same BS which they learned in the University.

So the thing is and what people like me need to repeat hundreds of times if I encounter these questions on the web or if somebody asks me is this.

Dreams are your non-physical life. Dreams are non-physical experiences in subjective, endless thought responsive world. It is the non-physical (NP for short as I use it), others call it on mystical terms like astral or naming planes etc. Well, you need to forget the latter.


You step from normal dreams into the Lucid Dreaming stage

You can learn by yourself from my Lucid Dreaming ebook from the Bookstore menu or directly from any publishing places, like Payhip. I made it for those, who want to learn.

This means that you are creating your environments instantly once you are there. The NP reacts to your thoughts, beliefs, expectations, emotions almost instantly and it takes years of practice to be advanced in stopping it. The next step is to open yourself up to your multidimensional nature and you can meet real entities, loved ones, go to Afterlife places, trace back your being’s root and experience endlessly more.

Dreams are the very first step to your multidimensional, non-physical life and the most never get past this stage. They don’t know a thing about it and they are unable to leave their own mind-movie. If they are not doing it, then guidance testing them.

We are always in tests and tasks because we have a job to do all the time. We are just not alone, doing whatever we want to always. You don’t notice it until the 1000th time.

We call dreams like that because they are a mess. It is like a barrier for those few who want to investigate it and you will be open for more. Just the infant stage.

Are dreams important?

So are dreams important? Sure, you just need to let your beliefs go and pay close attention to what you live up when you are asleep physically. Once, you implement a dream journal or diary and start to pay attention to these events, you will notice how real they are. You need to just focus on them, want to remember them and want more. Your intent drives the whole thing.

They are important to you but you shouldn’t talk them out with others because you will be in trouble. I mean becoming a subject of ridicule or insanity. If you are advanced in this, people around you aren’t.

For example, if you have constant nightmares, I can train you to stop them but you can’t share it with others. Why? Because they have no idea about anything. Other than what their parents and our civilizational conditioning pushed down through their throats. What a parent does to the infant having constant nightmares at a young age? Just sleep with the child or run in for screamings. Nothing more.

This is just one type of experience, a life test. You don’t pay attention at any age or deny it, it repeats itself. Because you keep missing the opportunity to learn about yourself and solve your fears. Just another article about this test issue here.

If dreams are important, what to do with them?

So the importance is that you have the initial stages. You have dreams but no help to translate them. This is another issue which deserves another article and I may write about it. But dreams are what I said about them, they are subjective. Your interpretation. They are like an energy imprint, nobody can really translate them to your own terms. They are you, your own being’s interplay in the NP.

Forget dream interpretation sites, they are full of misleading stuff with mystical distortions and these people are parroting each other with symbolism. Symbolism is a tiny part of the whole thing, they are not the subject to understand.

Then here you are, the first stage is a training stage. Guidance is also real with help but they can’t teach you if you don’t pay attention. All the mind noise you have can be lived up for days (physically felt there). You can get information about your life problems which you can translate or get precognitive events, maybe you can ask to travel somewhere. It depends on the person and their openness or personality.

These are coming in stages because we are living in a big, multileveled educational system and Earth with our civilization is just a tiny part of it. Imagine only just in our physical reality, how many billions of intelligent, non-human civilizations could be, learning the same lessons. Science can’t even prove this.

You have a life-long opportunity to learn much more about yourself, about the Wider Reality from which all the physical Universes are stemming “out” and realize that you are waking up instead “dreaming” each time, you fall asleep. You just lack the intent to be aware.


Your mental health

You can even cure yourself, manage your emotions, solve problems from your daily life. You can do many things, energy healing, speak to existing entities, meet parallel lives, learn about yourself. It is mostly about you, because, in your life, you are the most important. You are reading this for a reason. And you may got to the stage of this level of self-development via guidance. You don’t notice it but you are led here.

If you are familiar with dream interpretation or you are a great fan of dreams, you will dive in for much more. And you will soon realize that your physical life is also a dream. This is a stupid label from our world, differentiating what is “real” and acceptable according to our control system.

Dreams are the same as Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience, Lucid Dreaming, Near Death Experience, Phasing, any other altered states of consciousness. Same place, different approach and awareness level.

Your mental health is only up to you. People are in bad mental conditions because they are unstable emotionally, they had a bad childhood or they are fed on useless toxic drugs to force them into our society. They simply rely on medical waste and on doctors who never solve their problems. It is about money and numbers to sell.

So what is your job to begin with?

If you pay close attention to your dreamlife, you can solve these too. So if you pay close attention and gain experience about what is a message and what is a test or task, you will see the difference. But you need to learn stability first which I also teach.

You are consciousness who is figuring out its existence through many tools. We are not IN a body and never were. You use a limited perception and focus of attention in a physical system and filtering out anything else through the same faculties. We have a good opportunity to experience multidimensional life through our limited perception and admire the whole system and who we are.

If you want to begin and learn much more, if you have a strong will and you think you won’t give up after some weeks, check the Workshop menu for personal help and I will be there via email. I hope you will take it seriously.

I keep dreaming of my deceased family member, what does it mean? Is it real?

Many people are going to forums and sites with the question that they keep dreaming with a deceased family member (husband or wife mostly). They have the idea that it happened but they don’t know if it was real. And of course, I tried to explain it many times.

I’m not a huge influencer or idol but I know a lot and tend to answer. I do it because I like to share what I have. It surely helps if people get the idea of how real “dreams” are. Especially, after they understood that their loved ones are an inch from them. Or where deceased people are going after the transition. We live a multidimensional life and this is just one glimpse about it.

This article is inspired by many many outer forum questions which I answered on Reddit and Quora. I will try to highlight the main issues here. What these “dreams” or non-physical experiences, encounters are and how real are they, what are the “meanings”.

But you will see that what those nonsense dream interpretation sites are trying to push down through normal people’s throats are useless in the long run. Just don’t rely on them but you need hundreds of conscious experiences to know what is what. I can help with it many times.

deceased family member

Dreams about somebody who is actually “dead”

We all lose somebody over time. This topic is mostly about our family members. Your wife, your husband (depending on your part), a child, a mother or a father, grandparents, anybody whom you knew in physical life can be the issue. The most popular is dreaming about a wife or husband. I’m sure they will get here to read this. This is about normal cases.

So to start somewhere, nobody dies (only their physical vehicle). Okay, how should I understand this? If you know my articles, you should already understand that the death or transition stage of our physical (or right now “human”) life is part of the game. We tend to mourn over a dead body or physical vehicle, right? Right. I don’t like to judge religions but people can’t put this anywhere in general and they pray over corpses and going into cemeteries. Just to see the actual civilizational habits.

Those who die, are returning back to the so-called Afterlife regions or the non-physical world. Dreams are also taking place there. This is an endless “place” without the space-time illusions and you stay yourself. Read more about the Afterlife or Focus 3 here.

So as I say, dreaming takes place in the non-physical world. All the literature, scientific denials are rarely pointing this out. They can’t measure it outside of the physical body and Universe. Here I am, giving you the answer. You are dreaming about a real somebody only IF he/she is physically dead. Yes, it is real, yes you had a conversation or a scenery. If he/she is not dead yet, it is a completely another topic.

We talked or had a few minutes of a meeting, some gestures, smiling, hugs, love – was that real?

Yes, if this is the case, it was real. Realness is only your experience if you have good awareness level. Otherwise, you keep questioning it. They can influence one of your unconscious dream scenery to get your head up on them and become alert. This is the beginner’s stage of non-physical exploration but you can know it from my other posts. A deceased family member is meeting you, trying his/her best to comfort or convince you and you keep questioning it, right? It is rare if you get it the first time, especially, if you never knew anything about dreams.

I gave answers like that many times. Sometimes I do a facehug lol, repeating the same again and again. But it is normal, we tend to question it until the 10-20th time maybe. They don’t have the limits which we have, so they need to tune into our thinking, disturb us for a little while.

Many times they don’t speak, just watch. Maybe they smile or tell some words that they are alright and live your life without worry. Even if you misinterpret the words, the whole message gets to you. If they are in an emotional loop, that is another thing.

What is the “meaning” of a “dream” like that?

Do you notice the quotes? So, dreams are real. With a bigger awareness from training, you can be more aware than in the physical world. Yes, it is a huge thing but the non-physical is much real than here.

Because we are coming from there and returning back. The physical life and its events are the game and we have an intense focus here. If you have maybe hundreds of conscious “dreams” or non-physical experiences over your sleep life, you can prove to yourself how much real everything is. The limits are in you. It is up to you to test it and learn about it.

I tend to be mad at dream interpretation sites because if they don’t lie about dreams in general on purpose, they don’t really get the idea of the non-physical. This comes from mystical and mediumistic distortions on beliefs since centuries and from parroting each other. There are many sites, parroting the same BS. Even if I have difficulties translating guide messages in my NP life, I need to really take the effort look behind the message because you can be sure, that interpretation is personal and NOT working by translating objective forms.

And not all non-physical experiences are messages, keep it in mind. It is more complex than that.

But back to the main issue. Yes, you met your loved one for real. As I stated above, you will be sure if you pay attention and stay passive. Practice passiveness in your daily life because you are the same there. An older article about meeting “dead” relatives can also clear out the mess here.

So, instead of always asking for meanings, look into yourself and ask one question. Did you meet XY and was he/she seemingly real, intelligent and know only what you both know? Something like that.

Why do deceased family members approach us like that?

Simply put, you are listening to them once you don’t interfere with your daytime ego. Or you are face-to-face “there”. They have a hard time to convince regular people. Same for guides or other entities trying to help. And they have easy access to you once you are physically asleep, I mean your body.

They try to avoid scaring you, telling you a strict sentence or hug you, smile at you (meaning that they are okay) etc. If they keep chasing you with their presence, it is another story and points out their struggling there, addiction etc. I may expand on this later in another article. Many times they don’t really know that they are physically dead. It is just not obvious many times.

So don’t worry, especially if it is a positive message or feeling. They try to let you know, that they are ok. For little children, it is a hard thing and they didn’t live enough physically to even know anything about life, so this topic is very extensive if I would like to expand on this. Btw don’t worry about post-humans, it is a game, we just switch back there. We were never humans in our core. You experience the facade for the game, we need a body to move around in physical Universes.

If you need the training to meet anybody or elevate your awareness, I can train you and look into the Workshop menu first. Don’t hesitate to drop me an email and clear out your mind and beliefs to let me help.

Status report from March of 2019.

I know, it was a long a while since I wrote a thing and I had my reason. Still, I’m hardly inspired to continue but why not? The last report was exactly one year ago as I checked back.

There are some thoughts to let the Readers know, to let You know. I hope the site (or me) will keep inspiring people furthermore in the future too and help out many newcomers. Well, this site is mainly an article based knowledge place. At least this is how I designed it.

Some thoughts

I keep receiving emails about asking for help or letting me know how I inspired people, how my articles, ebooks or direct help was very useful and helped them in life and sometimes there are some really heart-touching conversations. I’m glad that my effort wasn’t for nothing.

I hope the site or what I share will attract more and more people around the world and they will share this site or support my work if they would like to. I would be happy about it. Before some debate-people try to make conclusions, I have no intention indoctrinating anybody and don’t overlook my words.

I need to inspire myself to do this and I tend to share even my own experiences or insights which are pretty personal sometimes. I tend to think this is a lonely path once others learn the same vast knowledge and it is just the beginning. But well, why should I keep it to myself if it can help out thousands or even much more around the world? This is one of the main reason the site was established.

I know it is not perfect, has some mistakes and some glitches but well, it works and has the menus to navigate. The Post Archive menu is the easiest to reach out for if you can’t find your favorite article. Maybe one day the site will be a little bit more organized. But I made all by myself, everything from zero.

And You?

If I inspired you and you want to chat with me privately, or you have something to share, you need help, you want to write for me (somebody already asked for it wow!) you want to support me anonymously or anything around, please feel free to drop me an email message.

I’m friendly (despite if some articles have a harsh language to point out some issues) and like to have fun. I don’t judge you either if you have problems in life and you ask for real help. At least, I can try my best to solve it. Even if it doesn’t resonate with your beliefs. You need to be open!

Look at the site and what I share. The first step is to dissolve your beliefs. Beliefs are okay but they are blocking out your site.

I can’t help those who ask for help, I give the solution and I never hear back again even a word. Happens many times.

Keep it in mind that this site and my work takes effort and a good mood many times and try to imagine my situation. I tend to still act on Quora but I see how people are not really thankful or interested in answers which are not religious beliefs. These forums (Reddit) are full of crying people, venting and debating. I can’t help it but I hope that You will find your answers.

It’s Your turn! Ugh, mine too lol.

The End of This Site

This post was something which I tried to express since a long while and what scared people away from the site or got angry at me. Yes, supporting the site. I still let Readers know that the site is free to roam and that my intentions were not what some people tend to interpret on their own, I deleted this post and refurbished it.

Some newcomers have no idea why this post is the last one but I’m sure it can be investigated fast. I deleted the original harsh article about this to prevent people from scaring away.

I needed to update this post recently. Well, I could leave it alone but I got some responses from Readers already over the months, time to do something. The site is still online, anybody can benefit from learning through the articles. Because my expectations about supporting the site never met, then I don’t write articles anymore. Maybe one day I will change my mind. Maybe. I lost inspiration towards it but I still inspire others.

I’ve helped out hundreds of people since the site goes, on public forums and privately and I’m still doing it. There were some negative visitors and some on forums who tried to steer me up symbolically but eventually, they were the last drop in this to stop writing about anything. I just killed in too much effort.

So I wish Readers nice reads and enjoy yourself here. Just don’t judge everything, even me because the style I write is point on. If you need personal help, Contact Me anytime. I’m doing ALL of this from my free time, not from some kind of business. It is interesting to see that as soon the money is mentioned or income, people will be defensive and aggressive. Well, this site is NOT for them.

I promise if the site starts to be more popular, people start to share it with their friends and gets some financial support, I can write more.

Edited on 17th of February in 2019.

Walking through walls in the non-physical, but how?

We are always in the non-physical world, even right now, reading this. Our physical Universe is just a subset or tiny part of this vast system. I thought it would be a nice idea to share my experiences and the truth about passing through solid objects.

Well, objects are not even so solid in our physical system too because everything is made up from empty space mostly, but our rulesets won’t allow us to pass through anything until we use technology. If people know physics and quantum physics, there are those forces which are keeping elemental particles there. So the non-physical world is here, right now.

When we fall asleep, we are already there but most of humanity is unconscious about it. It is just a conditioning thing. You want to be aware, you will. If it happens without your intent, then your non-physical guidance tries to wake you up for more.

Many people found my Lucid Dreaming handbook pretty useful and learned it by themselves. Here is the newest Payhip site link.

What are the rules in the non-physical about this?

Well, I won’t shoot all of my bullets, this is just about walking through walls and seemingly solid objects. In the NP, the rules are NOT physical, so you are only limited by your own perception and expectations in this case. Once you may travel through a wall or did a flight through layers of stories, now you can’t. Why? Is something wrong with you? So-so.

This seems to be contradictory and many LD practitioners are playing with it. Once you figure it out maybe in some years or a decade, you will see it for yourself. You can pass through sometimes easily because you know it surely. Many times you won’t because you are not allowed to do it. If you still try to, you need to convince yourself to do it.


I’m sharing a nice secret from my practices with you. When I encounter this “limit” problem. I will push my fists into a wall, then my forehead. Or I try to push myself through or punch into the wall until it starts to be like a big mass of resistance. I can’t explain it in other terms. Like a resistant mass. Then I’m free to go through. People need to practice this.

Many times you simply won’t have enough awareness to realize this problem. You need hundreds of similar experiences to understand my point here.

But why is it that I can’t pass through other times?

It is happening in my opinion because you are trained always and it seems to be that the Wider Reality or NP always giving you opportunities to learn and grow. I think normal human beings are not even ready for anything. And it takes many big awareness experiences to notice these rules. You can suddenly realize them but it won’t last for long. In numbers, I don’t think that more than some 10.000’s (maybe a few 100.000’s) people in our world are even ready to pass the initial NP tests.

Most people will end up with their current value of misunderstanding about the nature of our multidimensionality and won’t realize or notice these. This is a sad fact. No wonder why post-humans are living similar Earth-like life there. Those countless Focus 3 regions…

You will have many experiences where you will be challenged to notice if you are physically awake. Hm, you see that wait a minute, am I awake? Series of “false awakenings” can also come. I don’t get it why people hate it and being freaked out. Ah I see, they fear their “death”. Maybe. Or it is new and they are reacting as they tend to.

Of course, you are, in another reality frame. You have certain memory sets there to prevent you from quitting the task. Don’t try to grasp human logic in multidimensional training at all. Believe me, just don’t. Many times what you get happens for a reason. Deal with it as best as you can. You CAN’T control everything. This is what I try to make people realize.

What about Locals in existing places without knowing it?

It can surely happen. People or entities, locals will be freaked out if you do these. Many times this is why you can’t do it. Get lost of them, go to a closed room or to an empty place and do it there. If you play with these in front of real locals in Focus 3 places, you may be kicked out from there. You can imagine the locals’ face when I jumped into the air to see the city skyline. You may phase out into another place or wake up physically sucking your teeth lol.

There are local rulesets for these. People still think the NP or “Dreamland” which is part of the non-physical is just a play zone for kids. It is not. But it can be fun. If you act like a kid, you won’t pass any development stage at all.

Keep it in mind, once, you are in the non-physical, you are trained in multiple forms. Even if you don’t have an awareness about it. And also, you need to know, that the Afterlife regions are vast and post-humans are still living the life the got used to. You can see it for yourself. They will have no idea that you CAN do it in front of them. They will be freaked out or attack you.