The End of This Site

This post was something which I tried to express since a long while and what scared people away from the site or got angry at me. Yes, supporting the site. I still let Readers know that the site is free to roam and that my intentions were not what some people tend to interpret on their own, I deleted this post and refurbished it.

Some newcomers have no idea why this post is the last one but I’m sure it can be investigated fast. I deleted the original harsh article about this to prevent people from scaring away.

I needed to update this post recently. Well, I could leave it alone but I got some responses from Readers already over the months, time to do something. The site is still online, anybody can benefit from learning through the articles. Because my expectations about supporting the site never met, then I don’t write articles anymore. Maybe one day I will change my mind. Maybe. I lost inspiration towards it but I still inspire others.

I’ve helped out hundreds of people since the site goes, on public forums and privately and I’m still doing it. There were some negative visitors and some on forums who tried to steer me up symbolically but eventually, they were the last drop in this to stop writing about anything. I just killed in too much effort.

So I wish Readers nice reads and enjoy yourself here. Just don’t judge everything, even me because the style I write is point on. If you need personal help, Contact Me anytime. I’m doing ALL of this from my free time, not from some kind of business. It is interesting to see that as soon the money is mentioned or income, people will be defensive and aggressive. Well, this site is NOT for them.

I promise if the site starts to be more popular, people start to share it with their friends and gets some financial support, I can write more.

Edited on 17th of February in 2019.

Walking through walls in the non-physical, but how?

We are always in the non-physical world, even right now, reading this. Our physical Universe is just a subset or tiny part of this vast system. I thought it would be a nice idea to share my experiences and the truth about passing through solid objects.

Well, objects are not even so solid in our physical system too because everything is made up from empty space mostly, but our rulesets won’t allow us to pass through anything until we use technology. If people know physics and quantum physics, there are those forces which are keeping elemental particles there. So the non-physical world is here, right now.

When we fall asleep, we are already there but most of humanity is unconscious about it. It is just a conditioning thing. You want to be aware, you will. If it happens without your intent, then your non-physical guidance tries to wake you up for more.

Many people found my Lucid Dreaming handbook pretty useful and learned it by themselves. Here is the newest Payhip site link.

What are the rules in the non-physical about this?

Well, I won’t shoot all of my bullets, this is just about walking through walls and seemingly solid objects. In the NP, the rules are NOT physical, so you are only limited by your own perception and expectations in this case. Once you may travel through a wall or did a flight through layers of stories, now you can’t. Why? Is something wrong with you? So-so.

This seems to be contradictory and many LD practitioners are playing with it. Once you figure it out maybe in some years or a decade, you will see it for yourself. You can pass through sometimes easily because you know it surely. Many times you won’t because you are not allowed to do it. If you still try to, you need to convince yourself to do it.


I’m sharing a nice secret from my practices with you. When I encounter this “limit” problem. I will push my fists into a wall, then my forehead. Or I try to push myself through or punch into the wall until it starts to be like a big mass of resistance. I can’t explain it in other terms. Like a resistant mass. Then I’m free to go through. People need to practice this.

Many times you simply won’t have enough awareness to realize this problem. You need hundreds of similar experiences to understand my point here.

But why is it that I can’t pass through other times?

It is happening in my opinion because you are trained always and it seems to be that the Wider Reality or NP always giving you opportunities to learn and grow. I think normal human beings are not even ready for anything. And it takes many big awareness experiences to notice these rules. You can suddenly realize them but it won’t last for long. In numbers, I don’t think that more than some 10.000’s (maybe a few 100.000’s) people in our world are even ready to pass the initial NP tests.

Most people will end up with their current value of misunderstanding about the nature of our multidimensionality and won’t realize or notice these. This is a sad fact. No wonder why post-humans are living similar Earth-like life there. Those countless Focus 3 regions…

You will have many experiences where you will be challenged to notice if you are physically awake. Hm, you see that wait a minute, am I awake? Series of “false awakenings” can also come. I don’t get it why people hate it and being freaked out. Ah I see, they fear their “death”. Maybe. Or it is new and they are reacting as they tend to.

Of course, you are, in another reality frame. You have certain memory sets there to prevent you from quitting the task. Don’t try to grasp human logic in multidimensional training at all. Believe me, just don’t. Many times what you get happens for a reason. Deal with it as best as you can. You CAN’T control everything. This is what I try to make people realize.

What about Locals in existing places without knowing it?

It can surely happen. People or entities, locals will be freaked out if you do these. Many times this is why you can’t do it. Get lost of them, go to a closed room or to an empty place and do it there. If you play with these in front of real locals in Focus 3 places, you may be kicked out from there. You can imagine the locals’ face when I jumped into the air to see the city skyline. You may phase out into another place or wake up physically sucking your teeth lol.

There are local rulesets for these. People still think the NP or “Dreamland” which is part of the non-physical is just a play zone for kids. It is not. But it can be fun. If you act like a kid, you won’t pass any development stage at all.

Keep it in mind, once, you are in the non-physical, you are trained in multiple forms. Even if you don’t have an awareness about it. And also, you need to know, that the Afterlife regions are vast and post-humans are still living the life the got used to. You can see it for yourself. They will have no idea that you CAN do it in front of them. They will be freaked out or attack you.

Out-of-Body Experience: Explaining the Phenomenon – Book Review

Another interesting ebook which I wrote about the Out-of-Body Experience topic this time and made many downloads in free promotion with the others. Please leave a nice review on Amazon here for the book and share your thoughts. Let others know about the ebooks and the site, thank you! Browse the Bookstore menu.

Well, it could make more downloads initially but it was the first version months back. I see people really want to know more about this issue. I tried to purposely avoid teaching techniques and telling exactly how to do it. Maybe in another ebook? It was for the reason to avoid confusion with the basics. Especially if beginners are totally new to this, they can’t digest it at once.

My main goal was touching people who are freaked out this OBE thing even without knowing what is happening and for those, who are just starting practicing it. Just for newbies, giving the basics without nonsense BS talk. This is an art and it needs serious dedication. Even for a decade of daily practice.

Out-of-Body Experience: Explaining the Phenomenon

About the Out-of-Body Experience in the ebook

The book contains a step-by-step structure about what is our true nature, where this OBE phenomenon fits into the multidimensional picture. Why people get one at least and why others try to achieve one? Why people don’t realize that not even in dreams they are already “out” but in physical life, we are also out of a body. It just seems to be inside a body. Btw I tried to really help others to dissolve the fear issue because people are playing with this like a child. Then they encounter their own fears and freaked out without knowing a thing.

As I tried to debunk misconceptions, confusion and represent the basics about the what, how and whys, there is a list of sensations and stages of practicing. Furthermore, there is the issue about Sleep Paralysis (SP), Alien Abduction nonsense, shadow people, guides and some others like demons and any religious and fear-based concepts which are only existing in people’s mind. They appear in front of you because you expect to see them.

All of these issues are real but not the way people think they are. They don’t realize what is a thought responsive environment as soon as they leave the physical dimension into Dreamland or they are stuck in an in-between altered state. All sorts of frightening situations can come. This is all about our real development and the physical life is just a facade which we live. People will wash off dreams basically so there’s no hope for everybody. Science and religion are not helping in this.


And at the end of the ebook, I’m explaining how important it is to deal with all of these, where it leads you and how can this be a new doorway into your inner self, your origins as a non-physical being.  I think I try to expand these main issues all the time to let people learn about them, I mean themselves. Also, I try to deal with religious, mediumistic and psychic nonsense all the time and dissolving them for people to lead them out of confusion, lies and fear-based nonsense. We can believe in anything but it will just block out our path.

In the end, everybody can test these facts and experiences out, starting with their dream life or just learning to meditate and practicing Out-of-Body Experience, Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Phasing, Lucid Dreaming, there are many tools to learn about it.

You Are Not a Physical Being: Understanding Our Multidimensional Nature – Book Review

Here is a short review of my second book, titled “You Are Not a Physical Being – Understanding Our Multidimensional Nature. It can be purchased on Amazon Kindle here. Check out my other books there or under the Bookstore menu.

I wrote this book because hundreds of people found my original article about it here. Well, not actually the post itself made me think to share our true nature and help people understand “us” and the non-physical world about our multidimensional nature but I thought it would be a great idea to expand this in a bigger form. Actually, people on Amazon are finding my slowly so it would be nice if Readers here are sharing these. But let’s talk about the book. Not a huge one with useless hundreds of pages but contains the core.

What the book is telling you?

It took me a while to gather my thoughts and just recently I tried to repolish all of the books to make them better and correct some mistakes if I find some. The truth is, I can’t really tell it all in one ebook but I tried my best. This is something which people who are alike in this world and subject can talk out for days and weeks. These topics are good “chat” subjects if you manage to talk out these with somebody.

You Are Not a Physical Being: Understanding Our Multidimensional Nature

The main core is built in it and I tried to gather my thoughts to paint an overall picture about who we are, what is the physical life about. Then what is our physical body which most are identifying themselves, the false body image etc. It is mostly about from where we are coming from, the illusions of birth and death, the life game, what the most are experiencing from it and where we are going “back”?

I strongly recommend to read the Focus Model  (start here) to get a nice picture of our local multidimensional system and it can help much more understanding the whole picture. Nobody needs to believe me, we can all test it out for ourselves. Many adventurers like me already saw the parts of the big picture and some of us went much further as a human being. Nothing extraordinary, you can start it out in your dream life.

The question, do you have the will or intent to do it? Because I’m doing it but no matter what my picture is, you can find out your own. The basics are there. It is not about telling you what to believe.


My hope is that it will help many people over time in realizing their own life as a facade, that nobody needs to suffer, that there is life after death and we were never really human beings. This world is just one from the endless scale of our multidimensional journey. We live lives because we want to.

Our human life, no matter how long it is, maybe 20 years, maybe 90, but it is a tiny moment in our whole game. Time is just doesn’t exist and we are all coming here into physical systems to learn and grow on our own.

Please enjoy the book and leave a nice review on Amazon and on my site too.

I want You to Smile! Be happy each day!

I know, I know, this post seems to be out of ordinary but what is not like that, reading my articles and thoughts? I thought this post will cheer up people on a bad day, sharing my thoughts.

You know dear Reader, life is short. You look back on your decades which were maybe some moments, thinking back. Some people will last for 80-90 years in pain and some will pass back to the non-physical world half the way. But do people really like their life? Do they really like themselves?

Life is short, make it happy!

Think about it each day and this is an inspirational message. Smile and make your days better. Use imagination, live your life as an infant or child each day. It is a hard, very hard challenge, even for me but I can still inspire others in this. Why not?

Smile each day my friend and live your life as you would like to and not like others want you to live it. Don’t be a people pleaser and don’t accept the system which dictates how you need to break down in working through your life without any use.


Stay yourself and live this reality like a child who just started it out. Let go of childhood abusements, bad events, and memories, things which were sad and cruel. Let go of adulthood for some time and enjoy yourself. Smile into the mirror, smile to yourself, smile at others and be kind. Use your heart! Use your imagination to create a better world around you. Don’t give attention to negative people, acknowledge it, let it go.

Life is short, we should enjoy our physical existence much better. This world sucks, let’s admit it. Cruel, full of misery, pain, fear, egoism and money chasing. Turn away from them even for 10 minutes a day and practice it.

Remember, your life is yours. The only thing which you will bring back to the non-physical world or “afterlife” is your lessons, your mental state, your beliefs, memories and what person you became. Think about it.

I hope this post will help some people whenever they will read it and I will inspire them. My site is all about helping people finding the order in the chaos and helping them find “the” answers about life. In my personal life, I like to cheer people up, even if my jokes are bad. So enjoy your life a little bit more each day, it doesn’t need to be bad or sad  : )

Looking for Supporters and Sharers on!

Dear Readers!

I’m aware that many people are reading my blog each day since it began and I tried to keep up with many articles. Some are about general life and physical issues, mental issues and the site is mostly about non-physical experiences and phenomenon. I’m writing this post because I need to make certain issues clear about my aim and the site itself. The original one.

Originally, I started this blog to share my personal and gathered knowledge and make some income from it. I won’t cover this intention, who would like to kill in long long months of work for nothing? In the beginning, I tried to keep up, flushing up big quantities (and qualities) of great posts. Later I tried to organize them as best as I can, making new and new groups. You know, Reader-friendly and not messy. Mistakes and edits later.

For monetization, I’m NOT a fan of social media (I know what it does to people) and I tried some other tools, finally I stopped the whole thing, set up the Donation menu which nobody touched besides some own friends. I was thinking as my mood went down to only a few posts per month for now about what to do, why should I continue?

How the most don’t want to learn on their own about themselves

I know these topics what I share are just starting to be popular these decades and people are just starting to learn about them. Groups are people in their teens, 20-30’s and even people in old age too. I know many, I talked with hundreds of them, using Reddit. Not the best place to do this (and I deleted myself avoiding that useless pressure about seeing how most don’t need solution), people are flushing up their cries and misery there without the intent to help even themselves. Not doing an inch of research on their own. I helped out over 500+ people passively or actively over the months and I tried to redirect many of them here. Well, I guess this is the number 1 case, why my traffic is doubled over the months.

I like it and I was happy but one thing never changed and which made me upset many times about my work. Btw, I saw the daily traffic, readers, that many people are consuming my site and that’s all. I was expecting a much better outcome if you know, what I mean here. I was thinking and tried out, helping with personal training about meditation, Astral Projection or OBE and others but people tend to just give up. Mental health? People won’t try to solve them (starting with nightmares).

Don’t f***ing give up, come on! Be one who wants to achieve more to life! Sorry bad language, baaad : ) People who are practicing all sorts of altered states are not achieving their goals overnight (rarely) but under years and decades. In this civilization, people will give up fast and try to grab their share also fast to fool others. I’m not doing this kind of thing. THIS IS ALL about our true nature and our role, why we came to physical life, what we are doing in a physical world, what is beyond. I think people can’t think outside their physical boundaries and are in fear. I answer almost all the most fundamental questions.

From time to time, people found me via comments and private messages via emails. And on Reddit under the posts with replies and personally with Direct Messages. I’ve met so many nice people virtually and helped them out, they were so grateful and some were making friendships for a little while with me (or me with them). Some assholes too, they were banned lol. But this work from friendliness and just helping others out is very tiring over time and maybe some people can understand my point.

Update: after my third account on Reddit, I finished there (again?), closed my account. What I found is that people enjoy having nightmares deep inside or having unanswered “psychic” problems, mental instability. They cry out for help, I gave it, they don’t give a damn. Yes, I know that Reddit is mostly for teens to vent.

My books on the Amazon market

I’ve written books also, four of them, the Bookstore is there to check it out. People were jumping on the free deals on Amazon Kindle KDP deals and downloaded 50-100 of each of them in those periods but that was all with some real sales. I could ask, then what do people want in their life? I guess the most tend to think in religious terms and tend to gravitate towards mystical, mediumistic, angelic nonsense because that IS THE POPULAR, not real knowledge what I and my fellow non-physical travelers are finding out by themselves.

With the respect that everybody is free to do and believe whatever they would like to, I didn’t feel that my work is valued so much. Like a stagnation. My role here and with this site is to lead people OUT from misinformation. And to help them realize how much more is out there which they don’t know. Many times I answer your deepest questions about life.

What do you think?

Btw Thanks for many Readers with their helping words and acts from the months and this post is not about anything negative, I needed to just write this out to help you understand my feelings towards my efforts. I’m aware that many people would like to learn what they can.

I hope this site will grow much bigger over time but in these weeks, I just don’t have any intention and mood to write more and what I mentioned above made me act on locking down most of the posts to make people realize their value.

You are free to contact me anytime or comment. I wish people would appreciate real help more in life. Confute me that my knowledge and the site aren’t worth the effort. If this post made people think a little bit and it improves, the site will become totally free. Well, I left it for free.

The site passed over 25000+ visitors, 96000+ pageviews and many personal contacts were received since the beginning (since the one year period). This won’t be shown in score sites and neither in Google.

The option to support me is there. It was there the whole time. Did I make a mistake to think people appreciate the shared knowledge here?

These are not my final words, don’t look at it as something world’s end.

Edited on 2nd of october in 2018.

What is the White Light when death occurs?

About the famous White Light topic, I found many accounts where people don’t know what it is and many will build up scary theories about it. While people, in general, can only build their belief foundation on the “walking through the white light” phenomenon, others are really scared. There are too many self-fooling beliefs these days about some kind of dumb matrix control system where others will get your soul. Sort of like that.

I still wonder what are the origins of these stupid fear-based concepts or theories. And I know them, which is funny. I also saw many people already talking about this years back and it was enough to see those emotionless faces.

I admit that the most will fear death and it can be a correlation. They never learned anything about it. We have plenty of resources today but many false theories, guesses, and beliefs.

The White Light which people, in general, see at the transition:

What the most will experience is a white light phenomenon or gateway to another unknown world. What people will see in general near their deathbed, in a hospital or anywhere in an accident is a hallway, a door or something in the sky as you are walking of flying towards this thing.

The most will do this automatically, well we need to. The simple explanation is this. You need to go through because this is your own interpretation of a multidimensional overlay, which leads you back to Afterlife. There is no after or before of course, we just tend to structure time and events in this way as linear time too.

So you are maybe seeing others, non-physical guides in forms and shapes which you are resonating with (angels, other forms) and you will be led towards it. Ending up in the non-physical world, in our original home. What are the heck people afraid of? Ah, of course, from that they don’t know a thing about anything beyond our limited world. The most tend to think and act as there is nothing more just our physical world, right?  Nobody taught people to think outside this box. You need to go through because your physical life period is over, you can break free. It IS a natural thing and part of the physical life game.

white light

That idiot Matrix control system theory with great fear:

I would like to talk or chat with the original founders of this fear-based nonsense. Maybe it is coming from the ET and UFO fear theories also. Many people tend to even deny obvious non-physical or “spiritual” facts and will deny this phenomenon from great fear. They, somehow think stupidly that “the system” will grab their soul, use them up as slaves and punish them back to another life to be a slave again. Really? Because the most are just abusing themselves in our world? It is free will, working normally.

I guess people are deriving these dumb theories from movies and whatever their selective intelligence and consciousness gather from the internet. There are too much mentally ill people around the world these days. And people will believe these with enough theory “evidence”. This is how human thinking works for the most. We are making a barrier around us from theories to validate our fears. We are doing this to ourselves to keep up our ego-thinking. That’s all.

One aspect from this group is that this white light will capture you like the light will a fly or insect and you are in a prison after that or in the trap. It is some kind of distorted and confusing theory about grabbing your “soul” and recycling it.

In some people’s head, you need to be controlled, because there is no other logical explanation for just having a bad life. Not even your thinking and decisions, right?

The White Light is your returning back home:

So… I mean, really? Forget these nonsense guessings from people who are so deeply in their selective thinking that they will fear even to accept the truth about our purpose being a physical being right now. But we are not physical beings, not even humans. It just seems to be like that.

We are using a vehicle to help us operate in physical systems, manipulate the energy. At death or transition, we are shredding down the body but for the most, the outer self-image stays with them for a while. Because the most think they are a physical character. They will get their surprise after returning back to the non-physical world.

Guides will help you go through and arrange your tasks, nobody wants to capture you haha. This is a system where we are helping each other.

It is just a phenomenon which the most will agree on and interpret like that. So, it can be a door, a hallway without an end, flying up into the sky, a black portal etc. It is constructed by us as the whole system is made by us on a subjective and much wider level of existence. It is needed to help us find our way back to our home.

I may sound critical but sometimes, I just can’t stand when other are fooling normal people with these fear-based stuffs.

You may find useful my other post useful here.

How to Have a Lucid Dream in 5 Easy Steps – Book Review

As my first ebook is already out on the market, I thought it would be a fair thing to write a quick review of what I create. It is for the purpose to let my readers understand that they will get a value for a fair price if they decide to purchase any of my books. Amazon has strict rules for Kindle Publishing and I will try my best to give a quick insight into what to expect.

I have many posts on my site about the Lucid Dream topic and many people try to chase this path to have awesome or controlled experiences. This book gives a full insight into what dreams are, where they are played out, who we are, what our nature is basically etc.

You may also find another article very useful in the Lucid Dream topic here.

How to Have a Lucid Dream in 5 Easy Steps – Understanding Dreams:

And be aware that unlike other books, I won’t share guessing, religious belief systems or not even copied content from countless sources, from people or theories. Just the actual truth behind the scenes.

Understanding the non-physical world

I try to make this clear for people, whenever I talk to others, teaching them or trying to make it clear where dreams are played out. It is not an easy job, especially for beginners, who were always only into physical perspective. But we need to start somewhere. The non-physical world is our true home and that is what I try to explain now in several books and on my site for a while. It is the solid foundation, which you understand, then you have an easy job “there”. People need to first acknowledge the fact that the physical world is just one from countless ones and we are not even going “elsewhere” while dreaming.

We can be conscious, we can be unaware but the fact is that we are consciousness, experiencing an endless spectrum of experiences in the Multiverse, where we are already existing on all levels where we have tasks to do or interest. So dreams, lucid dreams, and other phenomenon are, all the same, we are just detaching from our intense daily physical world focus state and move on to continue experiencing. The most are untrained and have no intent for this.

Dreams are your non-physical life and nature, you just didn’t know about this if I could guess.

Starting out somewhere to be aware

This is a complicated thing because our civilization is very brainwashing in nature, we are living in a control system, which will shape unconscious people. There are the basic tools, which I described step by step in the book and if you follow those steps, you can help yourself in elevating your awareness level. That is all, what you need but how you reach this point is up to your mind.

You need to first calm down, condition yourself on purpose to reach a certain state. After you are done and made it into practice, you have an easier job.

As you may understand the nature of dreams and where they are taking place as simulations or real places, you have the foundation. You need to then prime your mind to the task. Each time, you need to do it because this is how our reality works. You need to plant the intent.

Learning controlling your dreams is one thing, but what you can experience is way otherworldly with the correct mindset. You will learn all of these and you are free to choose your path towards your non-physical adventures. I make clear statements about what to do, what to expect, what is this all about. You don’t need to read more than a hundred pages about almost nothing but religious guessings and theories.

Diary, the tool for recalling more

Then you need to write a diary in any forms to help yourself be more aware and the mindset itself will do the trick. It is all intent, again. You need to decide that you want this and new doors are opening up for you.

After certain chains of events, guidance will see from the other side that you are serious and you will get more tasks or nice experiences, new doors are opening up again, fear tests are coming etc. Until you will find this very important because dream life is our “waking up to more” experience behind the scenes. It is all about your personal journey and evolution, learning about yourself and the system. If it is not your intent, you can still write down nice experiences and enjoy more.

If you don’t enjoy your dream life, you can improve it the same way what is in the book and you can stop bad experiences also. All tools are included for a full picture.

No religious beliefs in my work

Not in any and I won’t share any of those. I don’t share religious, mystical and mediumistic nonsense, only what I know, what I experienced and what I know about which others also experienced. I won’t fool people and I would like to just help others realize that they don’t need to be afraid and they can have nice experiences, even after decades of no real dream recall. Our civilization and rushing nature do this. We just don’t have mind space for this.

You will realize what endlessly more is out there beyond our limited world, that if you stop denying the obvious that you were already in countless other realities and start to believe in yourself, you can make your daily life much fuller with this lifestyle. It is not about escaping from the physical world, quite the opposite. You will know who you are later with hundreds of experiences and realize that you were much more and never been a physical being in core.

I hope people will enjoy the book and only judge it by the valuable content.

You can purchase the book on Amazon Kindle here. Lastly, I don’t like KDP anymore and I try to avoid people driving there.

Update: I made an exact copy of this great book and you can purchase it on Payhip too. Just with slight differences but the text is the same.

Updated on 16th of november in 2018.

What is that high-pitched sound in your ear?

Many people can experience a high-pitched sound, beeping in one or both ears at the same time. It just appears maybe for a few seconds or it lasts for days until somebody thinks it is a hearing problem. And it is NOT a physical thing. I mean it is not if it is not caused by external circumstances, like loud noise, shouting or anything which caused it. I’m talking about this phenomenon without an external source. So let’s just make it clear.

So what the heck is this and what to do with it? Maybe you realized after my blog is about non-physical phenomenon, that this is not just a physical thing.

High-pitched sound as a frequency adjustment

I think and I saw many sources that people already know some pieces of information already, mostly from religious or mystical sources. In this subhead, it is about adjusting your frequency. As far as I know, from the non-physical world, it can happen, while you are physically asleep and while you are still aware of your physical daily life.

It just comes suddenly, beeps for a few seconds and gone. Some sources shares this nonsense thing that it is a warning or something important in this or that ear. Ok, who believes this? In some cases it is just this, your vibrational frequency is changed.

high-pitched sound

It indicates an information download

This is not something like what we know from the IT field in our world or nothing like that. The communication is purely subjective from the non-physical world and we are distorting it with our objective thinking until it loses its original meaning or it will be distorted by our beliefs and selective thinking.

Other times, it is something, like a delayed information package. The communication on “the other side” is telepathic, but of course, there’s no others side. The physical world (any) is just a subset of the Wider Reality. So it can be a package which you will later use up in “time”. Events will come and you may just use it up without knowing about it.

Information about some knowledge or tool you will need in your daily life. It just activates itself as consciousness uses any tools for its tasks. Some people will see mental imagery or scenes, others will feel a vibration. It depends on the person.

It is normal, we just don’t know about this issue. This is how suddenly you know an answer for something, maybe you playout a certain probable future scenario in your mind etc.

It is NP communication but you can’t interpret it

It still could happen, somebody tries to talk to you but both sides are a little bit confused. I don’t want to confuse anybody with religious beliefs like angels are speaking to you because angels are made by us as a concept.

The NP side may not be so confident to know you can hear that information and you also can’t interpret it. Some people can and have a natural ability, you still don’t have. It takes practice, stilling your mind and listen to it. Maybe it is just coming and going, don’t panic.

So which one? You may never know or maybe later in your life. Paying attention and elevating your awareness in your dream life may reveal more to your being if you pay attention.

The UFO phenomenon – explaining from the non-physical perspective

Many people may see UFO’s on the sky at daytime or at night but have no idea that what papers, researches, videos, scientific explanations and more are stating about them with belief distortions about the whole phenomenon is not what people think it is. Surely there is some visitation from distant systems, I can agree on that.

But just look at the facts. They appear from nowhere and disappear suddenly. I won’t dig into secret US government and military projects to avoid confusion about technology debates. Guessing is not real information.

What I’m saying is based on my knowledge and general understanding of how multidimensional life works. Many non-physical dedicated explorers may say the same thing.

I won’t touch the endless theory row of what is experienced on NASA materials in the Solar System to avoid confusion. Believers can spot anything anywhere.

From WHERE are they coming here?

Here is the issue. A UFO mostly comes from a different plane of existence. Their world is like ours, they may be or may not be humanoids, maybe they are androids with remote controlling on board. The thing is they come from another reality plane, which exists here right now. We just don’t know it. We can use the channel analogy here with an endless scale.

This is where normal people are confused and it is much easier to cling to the idea of coming from “somewhere”, from a “distant” galaxy or star cluster. Still, there could be surely intelligent species out there and they may visit here.


They just figured out how to make machines to change “frequency” of any realities and come and go as they wish to observe stuff. They disappear suddenly because they change back to their “home” frequency. This alone makes people be in great fear. The unknown. We just seeing great velocity with a tremendous speed and… it is gone. What we observe physically is one thing.

Humanity just denies everything from fear or if something is not in their belief systems. And there are countless sources of brainwashing about this also where we can just look at the topic. But who cares, right? It is just a normal thing today, those UFO topics and mentally problematic people will follow them or rather reinforce them.

Crop circles, any signs

The best explanation is that those are multidimensional messages with shapes and forms. Subjective messages for humanity to realize that we are not alone in any way. Then what humans are doing? It isn’t fit into their beliefs, to their “god’s” perspective. No, they are manmade or we need to fear it again. Then people tend to fake it even with today’s CGI tech.

We tend to objectify things around us, this is normal. Crop circles too, trying to categorize it, those symbols.

Those shapes and geometric stuff are multidimensional languages but we are not on the level of understanding (so deeply) it so clearly. After this, there are countless theories and useless debates about what they are also. The message is about we are not alone. That’s all.

We are all coming from the same source. It is just a form, seeing an ET. And btw believers have greater chance to see an UFO. Beliefs are very powerful in many cases.

Fearing ET’s

What do people fear? The unknown. Surely life plays out the same basic way for other humanoid or non-humanoid races, but after there are so many frightening sources, movies, fake facts, no wonder. We are lost in these, what is what.

This article will explain the fake abduction belief here. I don’t say surely that maybe, just maybe rarely some similar may happen… not all ET’s are friendly. Comeon, are all humans are friendly and kind hearted? Surely not.

For a visitor race, we are the ET’s. Different races are not thinking and acting like a human from here. They won’t try to get your butt or destroy Earth, like in movies. We are coming from the same source non-physically as I’m repeating it. It is just a form, their appearance, their look, body type etc. It is like comparing a dog or a cat to a human. Consciousness occupies any forms.

I think that is all what we need to know. Other debates, theories, lectures are meaningless.