How Spirituality differs pretty much from Non-physicality

It is very clear nowadays that the majority will everytime steer or mix up the notion of non-physical knowledge with spirituality. Spirituality has meanings for many people, mostly religious people. Meditating all day, pushing our head into the sand of only focusing on the good and thinking we are above the average.

But the real journey begins when somebody will deny all indoctrination in him/herself and will have the intent to learn much more, what is hidden from the mainstream and it was there all the time in the facade of “dreams”.

I was – on a daily basis – constantly replying under posts in some Reddit subforums for weeks to try myself and see people’s reactions. Many will see this article and nod with their head because I helped many of them. Basically, I can’t beat the “missing knowledge” people and don’t want to. I agree in 100% when I say that this is not for everybody.

People would like to live a simple mundane life, there is nothing wrong with it. But when a tiny majority will encounter with their dreams searching for deeper understanding, seeing and knowing about real “psychic” phenomenons (or ESP abilities), it opens up the gate.

What am I talking about here? Questions are constantly just flushing over the subreddits and there is no real human on planet Earth, who can help everybody. We can’t. That is free will, human life, all are learning. I would be crazy if I continue, everyday, even if I don’t have so much freetime doing it.

Simply, people will be information hungry like I was at the beginning and they will dive into the vast ocean of misinformations and lies over the Internet. Confusion overload… People try to sell you something (product, service, lie, personal truths), try to make you believe in nonsense things, STATE you theories which they truly believe are right and there is no other way around etc. Some will argue with you that you are wrong even if they are vastly wrong. It is a hopeless dead end street eventually and only a few will find their way out with their answers. After a while even non-physical related forums will wear of for a few.

Those communities are really nice things but when everybody shouts his/her truth, theories, you are lost. You will get your head from post to post or being in confusion, now what?

So when I tried my best there, I could describe these to many people there and what I noticed didn’t even surprise me. Those same questions are just flushing up endlessly, like I didn’t do anything. This is not about Reddit alone, I saw too much already in life elsewhere about humanity. It is about that there are too few people who know anything from experiences without belief distortions. People are full of questions also. Here I think I’m just wasting my time typing these rows but I guess some readers will see my point and appreciate it.

Spirituality is NOT directly equals with non-physical knowledge

And it is true, I know it. I knew spiritual people, they are way on the other end of “knowledge” many times. They will believe and accept what is just enough to believe or rather what is comfortable enough. And that’s all, the path ends here, nice meditations and feel good life.

That is not knowledge, that is box-minded thinking and is limiting. But I would guess intelligent people (who CAN use intelligence) will see through.

My knowledge is mine only and personal of course but I can share a tiny portion of it also. I’m doing it and maybe it will wear off and close this blog later. I have no plans on this yet. But my perception is:

1. Who don’t want to know more, will stay at their share of spirituality, copying the same BS what others and new agers are also copying from others like a parrot.
2. If somebody wants to know more, they will make EFFORT to learn more from any given sources like my blog site. It takes dedication as like in Astral Projection and mind control.

And this is a little bit sad. The human world is what it is like that today because people are like that. Governments, countries, communities are formed the same way, giving power to any or they are representing a certain mass group behavior. The most are so dumbed down with control, the biggest problems are boiling down to work and human dramas.

In the other hand non-physical knowledge is based on solid and serious self-tests, experimentations what many of them are doing alone or with assistance. It is always starting with dreams because they are happening in the non-physical. Maybe in Focus 2 (your private mind area), maybe in Focus 3 (group and consensus reality “places”), maybe both as an overlay of realities, maybe on other channels. I recommend You run through the Focus model posts first. If you rather do the latest as real research, it will be real knowledge and you will learn anything you always wanted to or find out.

Simply put and the end of the story: spirituality is full of nice misconceptions and comfortable theories, partly religious man-made truth, meanwhile non-physical knowledge is just a completely different world. As I see it with my own understanding and perception, it couldn’t be the same ever. It is like science and religion. Both groups are blindly trying to find their gods but both have only a tiny little fraction of truthness in their pockets and don’t want to open up. The joke here is that many non-physical travelers are also religious and they take the same category as being a spiritualist somebody. In my opinion spiritualism will make people more mindless and insane then before.

Making people comfortable with flawed beliefs and misconceptions won’t give them real answers in life and I don’t promote here that anybody should dive into the NP. No, only it is for those who can manage their fears (the biggest part) and want to know more about anything. But be aware that on this route there will be always more questions than answers.

And btw I’m still acting on Reddit until I will have enough once and for all but until then I will help people out from misconceptions and lack of knowledge if I can.

Starseed Origins – An interesting but misleading topic

This post will be relatively quick and easy to understand. The Starseed topic is very popular these days and everybody has the right to believe what is resonating with anybody. But there is a misleading effect behind this topic alone which makes people think, they are so special that they are above anybody as feeling this “starseed connection” to a bigger group, connected to extraterrestrials some way. Love and light, huh?

What is this Starseed nonsense about?

I’ve already released a post about this topic and here I won’t say anything new, just from another perspective.

The whole issue here is that the starseed subject is widely spreaded through the net, in books, from public speakers and from other types of sources/people. It is not showing anything new because people in the past did believe in this issue also. Simply put, many people feel that they don’t belong to this world and try to escape, wait for the rescue team to catch them up and “save Earth” etc… Nothing new in my opinion. We don’t belong to anywhere, this is just a game in a physical world, called “life”.

But these sources are only causing one thing: people will believe in this as a religion and act like special people, not lowering their vibrations to “normal” or mundane people. Whenever somebody resonates with a theory or an idea, he/she will subscribe to that idea and if more people are following it, it will be now a religion.

Those tests on the web are nothing more other than just generalized nonsense quiz crap. These webpages are copying each other on the same schema where no matter what you do or vote, you will be somebody who originates from the Pleiadians or Arcturians, Sirians, whatever. You are so special that you are bursting out in tears that you found your origins. Why not? You see for your own eyes according to a manmade script that those “traits” and behavours are explaining your life well. Not really. Common sense at this stage will be dispensed.

I have news, everybody is special individually and we are not originating from a physical place but from the non-physical as eternal beings. Ok, it could be that some spirits do have a “first” place but it is not like that in a timeless world. There are no two similar spirits surely and we all have our own lonely routes to get to this life and we will surely move further in the endless Multiverse. There are physical and there are non-physical places just like human and non-human worlds too. The facade is otherwordly like an ET’s physical appearance but the origins are the same from your own NP source.

So what is the problem with this, feeling that you are much more? Nothing, really, it is a good thing – I saw these too and felt good. The problem comes from people’s misconceptions what others are spreading that you are so special and a member of an ET race, that you are just BEING here and don’t give a damn on people. Or you are so special that you NEED to do this and that.

The other issue comes on your “duties” about heal people or being a member of an Earth liberating group etc. Lightworker… light what? We are all doing it on some ways like healing people, radiating energy, being nice, being unselfish if we can etc. Some people have more connection to the source than others. I think it all depends on your inner being and your access to some data streams, nothing special. Some people will use their abilities for good and help, and some won’t. These people are called psychics, mediums, talented people – but they are not really so special, they just think they are and many (not all) will use this for personal gain, fooling people.

It also messes up the misled reincarnational model (which is inaccurate) with these people’s minds pretty well, thinking they were at a given star system, a given race “before”. There’s no before or after, all lives are played out at the same time, only here we experience linear timeframe as our pyhsical brain mechanism decodes and structures life events in a chronological order and in “time”. Sure we know and experience time but it is part of this illusional training ground here and in every reality.

So to simply put again, the whole starseed concept is a nice thing, I kept researching it and I understand it pretty well, also the original intent behind it. But it won’t do any good for people. We are here to live our lives, not waiting for some kind of new age belief system – like ET’s saving Earth – to fulfill itself in time. It alone will and already causing fear about “aliens” and doesn’t do any good. Furthermore, the followers will get caught up on the false assumptions. Humanity can’t be saved from itself. Why Earth is so fucked up? Because of the low level of consciousness of the most. Each individual need to work on their own issues, development and life problems. Fear and greed are simply the leaders here. But people always blame forces outside them like conspiracies.

I’ve seen so many bloggers and youtubers spreading their nice ideas and acting like a saint with big smiles and wonderful feelings – well I just freaked out how mentally ill these people are. It is not my duty to judge anybody but seeing some faces, I think the problem is there in the heads. The main problem is that people are misled. But if somebody feels that it helps getting through tough life situations sometimes, then it is a good thing for a limited time. Personal issues are always needed to be worked out from the inside.

One thing is to believe in something like a concept and a way more real thing is to know from your own nightly travels, extracting your answers with various non-physical traveling tools that maybe, just maybe this is all just a theory. Find out by yourself. Learn to use your intent to reach big awareness in dreams before falling asleep or learn to project on any way. That is the only way in my opinion and keep a passive observational attitude in your life in both worlds. Be curious.

Starting a Mentorship in non-physical related issues for people

I was just lurking on different sites through the web, mostly on Reddit’s pyschic section and I’m on AstralPulse too since a while but there it is pure NP world with too much confusion for people. I was seeing many many people with questions in which I can help personally and would like to.

To tell the truth the articles that I wrote and will can’t always answer, especially personal related ones and as we dive in the non-physical world or start “the” development, there are always more questions then answers which I already learnt in my life. So as I’m good at my insights and helping people understand what I already know and they are just newbies or lost in the information overload from the web and books – most of them are distortions and making confusion – I made up my mind to try personal mentorship for those who are full of questions.

Anybody who feels an urge to talk out what they don’t understand or need a hand to keep you on track in non-physical development, I can help with general understanding and personal development with:

Dreams, Vivid and Lucid Dreams, Astral Projection, Phasing, OBE, bodily sensations, meditation, improving awareness, energies, psychic phenomenons, understanding of different realities, multidimensional nature, anything around etc. which seem to be “otherworldly”.

Please feel free to contact me via the Contact Me form or write an email to with Your name or nickname and with a detailed “first” story and let’s begin. I don’t bite  🙂

I offer giving deeper understanding in the chaos which people are already encountered on the web and in books. I already went through the loads of misinformation confusion a while ago so I know what is what. If you have just started to understand your dreams and non-physical stuff it is the best place for you here. I will try my best of explaining what I can and help.

What motivates me? I like to help those who are interested and want to learn. I’m doing this in a friendly manner. What my knowledge worths if I can’t share it with people just starting out this route?

I hope I can help further with my insights and helpful nature.

Enjoy reading on the site and feel free to ask anything anytime.

Status report from february of 2018.

I felt an urge to share my thoughts about the progression of my blog site because I see the feedbacks in many forms since content has been created. I didn’t plan to be a big name or brand or anything around, just felt the need to write down what others in the same route to chase some kind of personal truth in this chaotic world full of lies, could find useful. When I see those nice comments and posts around, it makes me think that my thoughts are not just released into nothingness.

It seems like people found useful and furthermore a huge thing what I share. My philosophy is that I try to be as honest and straight in my findings and knowledge as possible and if something is changed or not up to date anymore, I will make modifications and correct them. We all are going through our lives with lesser-bigger personal changes and experiences and nothing stays constant. So informations here on the site are not static and knowledge as personal experience is always changing.

I won’t promise anything for the future but as I see it daily many many people throughout the globe are reading my posts here and spending time. I’m aware of the tag spammers too so that is not an issue. Spammers will be not approved on any links and tries.

This blog site can’t be so great without the readers who are finding the knowledge here useful, therefore I’m happy to see those activities. I can only say that please enjoy reading and don’t take my words so literally always. We are living a human oriented life here and now, and we all can fail or develop further. Maybe I will – from time to time – share my thoughts here in a post later too.

People can find me for private chat on the AstralPulse too on the same nickname if it is needed and via email:

What are Animal Guides and Totems in Dreams?

Animal guides and spirit totems are misunderstood occurences when people are encountering other parts of their wider self while they are sleeping or rather consciously exploring the non-physical world. From where did you hear them? Yeah right, mystics again. Nothing new under the sun. Whole webpages, books (ebooks or paper), workshops are there for you to learn about them and what messages they are giving you or what the hack is guarding you as an angel but let’s get enough of this. It is not enough to just attach a meaning to an animal, it is objectified like hell.

They are parts of You in some ways

When you are encountering with animals – any kinds of – in dreamworld, you will experience positive or negative attitudes from them and some relationships towards you from them (both perceptions may be active). It is quite a complicated issue because it is true that only the “dreamer” can solve the meaning of his/her adventures while slept. It is confusing sometimes but have the same roots in basics.

If an animal can speak to you or showing you something, acting strangely, you could be sure that it was somebody who knows you or wants to show you something important. Non-physical communication mostly telepathic and symbolic and entities there are using these symbols according to how we know these animals in waking physical life according to what we learnt about them. It is only just one channel for communication and you can’t expect a helper to show up as a human, it is too limited. Also some people there maybe not even aware of the fact that they are using animal form. It can happen.

Many times when you encounter animals, the whole scenery is already planned and you are directing the “movie” according to your choices which leads you to the end result, like in physical waking life. It is not some kind of predestined something, it is built up for you externally to learn while you are experiencing it.

They can be only symbols

While many times you could encounter with yourself in different form and manner, on the other hand meeting with animals could be a metaphore for something. Internet sites like dream meaning translators can help understand the nature of an experience but could be too generalized and “dreams” could be understood by only by the dreamer. Don’t make false assumptions please that one or all sites are pointing out some issue you DO NOT have in life, while the metaphore meant a completely different thing in the actual context.

What happened to you in the recent days or weeks? Did you have a problem to solve or still occuring? Do you have life issues, bad mood? The list goes on. You can try various dream meaning sites for this purpose to see what a car or a black cat means but don’t jump into conclusions of that exact meaning because I can tell you surely that it is not as accurate. What you experienced could be completely otherworldly according to a mundane symbol guide. And to be straight, they are manmade, whatever we read and mystical oriented, meaning maybe false or misleading.

General view on this

To make sure that you’ve just met a part of you, maybe a non-physical helper in an image of an animal guide, or maybe just a symbol only, you need to take some options into consideration.

Many times you are in a simulation and you can’t stop it naturally… ok you can by waking up, ruining the whole message. Go with the flow and see how it plays out. These are for educate humans, us.

First if that character had any meaningful things for you, it was not just a mind noise. An animal form can talk to you, hug you, bite you, look at you curiously, tell you something telepathically or verbally, chase you… anything. It may be a strong message to translate.

If you dream about animals and strange animalistic or non-animal characters chasing you, eating you alive, killing you – you have serious problems in your mind and in negative state in your waking awareness. You are causing it to yourself with falling asleep and releasing all your thoughts and emotions. The vast majority do this always.

And be aware that what you “see” is not really what is really there. It could be a completely nice kind person maybe watching you but you are scared and manifest fear all over the place or have distorted image.

If those characters are helping you, being kind or you are the one doing that, vica-versa, it is ok. It could be a good sign in your life. These forms could be direct messages too from a higher non-physical perspective to tell you something. The non-physical is not always talking to you like a human, because our communication skills are so limited, it just primitive for NP entities and don’t use it always. The communication is mostly telepathic, imagery type, feelings and emotions, anything which is subjective and not objectified.

For those who are more advanced in NP life than average like me, these symbols could be maybe tools for you to help raise your awareness when you need it. You just see a symbol here and there where it is pretty strange and not fitted into the place for example.

The final conclusion is that don’t hang up on what other sites and mystical people are saying. They objectify anything and try to grab their share. You are the only one to translate what you experienced. Make a dream diary and write up what you saw. Maybe I can help you if you are lost and have a nice email chat. Dream diary helps you to improve your shadow memory recall from the NP and understand your multidimensional life more, don’t just wash off at waking up, be more aware of who you are.

What makes difference between physical life and dreams

Do dreams are really so unreal? Many people think those are nonsense “subconscious” noises and you shouldn’t make so much attention towards them. Well it depends… on your average or peak awareness, that how conscious you are in your non-physical life. When you are dreaming, you are living your other life in the NP – the most are not noticing it, not even being conscious.

Waking physical life is one thing for which You are here on planet Earth but while you are sleeping through the night or whenever, you are developing further in your subjective side and being tested many times by your higher parts and from the local system. We are developing constantly.

Don’t wash just off what you are experiencing over your sleeps because they are equally important with physical life. I know many people are from first reaction wash this off and deny it because it doesn’t fits into their limited thinking. They can’t accept the whole idea meanwhile they can’t lie themselves because they are experiencing their own “reality” too.

So what is the difference between the two “worlds”?

You would be surprised because I will say, not so much. Yes, there is no real significant differences, only that this world here is solid and seems too persistent to just ignore because we are in a consensus reality where you are a small part only. In the NP you can destroy and build from your mind and live up your thought, fears and all emotions in full 3D.

The real difference comes down to a few things after this: you are more free in the non-physical while your physical body is on autopilot and sleeps but the vast majority’s awareness is so low from habits and from birth that they are rarely aware and also rarely can dig up shadow memories about what they lived up after they reintegrate here as waking up. Shadow memories are those which are downloaded from the NP after you woke up and recalled recent experiences.

Why I tried to make this article?

So my personal experiences and many people’s are about that if you gained much more awareness than an average unconscious self in dreamworld, you can experience that the non-physical world could be as “solid” as the physical. Furthermore, it can be MUCH more real! The non-physical is the “physical” on steroids. Our physical like perception is only coming from our mind.

Much more real? Yes! If you became enough proficient understanding deeply the Wider Reality, you can now see for yourself that the physical world is a dumb version of something which you can experience beyond physical limits. But don’t make false assumptions here and dive into dreamland, denying physical life. We are living here and our primary focus is here and now. BOTH worlds are important for our personal development and understanding our multidimensional nature, which billions forgot long “time” ago. I was always interested in it, rather was my basic spiritual part. I guess people should read up the simplified Focus Model.

My purpose here is to tell You that if you reached a certain understanding and average awareness through the sleep cycles, you will see that time really isn’t there. Your time experience is measured by your human oriented mind and can really live up to even days there while here you slept maybe 20-30 minutes or an hour. It is a FACT, I know it for sure and still amazed after years of personal development in this. The other one is solidness.

The Wider Reality or helpers can – unseen  and unnoticed – test you with how real it is. You can fly and go through walls or you can trapped in a building and can’t escape because it feels solid. Both can be experienced. But it is not just for game and fun but helping people out from their non-physical misery because “helpers” are relatively not enough in numbers according to the trapped endless post-humans there. We are automatically tested and transported to help if we are capable of.

So you punch into a glass window and you have the impact and hurt but the glass is still in one piece. You can even use the toilet and feel all the sensations about uhm… using a toilet lol. Anything. There are no limits. Your physical memories are partly closed out to not let you interfere with these simulations and tasks.

Really… all reality frames are almost all the same on a bigger scale but here we have linear timeframe as an illusion and physical limits (until we learn to break the natural laws on some ways personally) but we are not so disconnected from our true source. The “realness” only makes difference when you test it for yourself and redefine this word in your mind. What is REAL is not told by governments, books, media and craploads from people and various sources, you need to investigate it and I encourage you to do it.

By the way what are tests? Without most of humanity even noticed, we are constantly tested in both reality frames, how ready or mature we are for bigger tasks and development stages. Maybe I will explain this in other posts.

Third Eye – do I really need to open it or not?

The Third Eye or “3rd eye” chakra – whatever we call it – is one of the biggest widely spreaded myth of today’s society. In the distant past, it was only a mystical belief but today it is a newly packed belief system too. Mystical people, books, forums and various sources trying to spread that you need to “open” it and you have it, it has various ablities etc. It is partly true but vastly false and misleading. It is again all about the money and opening businesses, having the foundation on naive people who don’t know what is it. Look a little bit deeper inside what is it and what is it “used” for.

The Third Eye is a metaphore only

People try to open it, making pressure on it, do various cleansing methods, blame the government about their Pineal Gland of calcification, listening to binaurals, doing various methods to force it open, without knowing what they are doing really. Why? Because everybody else is doing it as a new fashion. Why should you avoid this big game, huh? If you would have a problem of a calcified pineal gland you couldn’t even sleep or exist alive lol. Common sense?

We DO have some kind of third eye but it is a symbol, a metaphore for our mind’s capabilites only and an antenna to the Wider Reality. We DO feel pressure between our eyebrows a little bit upper in the front cortex so to speak but it is only a place where we concentrate our thoughts. Some people are successful of activating something which many don’t like after they realized what they did to themselves. That area around the Pineal Gland will be now more active and you are activating or reactivating an ability which is a connection or antenna between the physical and non-physical world.

Simply put, you are concentrating your mind power over that area, maybe a little bit inside and now you can maybe Astral Project or see other dimensions, maybe see negative entities etc. It is not even pleasant for the most because you forced a process of which you were NOT EVEN READY to experience. So what people do after this? They will try to stop the whole process or try to close their mind out from a reality which they don’t know a thing.

Think for a second: if the most are not even closely ready to experience the Wider Reality and vastly underdeveloped in understanding their multidimensional self and nature, how should they understand this process if they force something which was not meant to be activated? It is pain in the ass how stupid cults are taking place and people are benefiting from people who are buying books, crystals, musics, services which are doing only harm in the long term.

Chakra points and abilities – just don’t get caught up on BS

These chakra points or spinning energy centers are real but not in the way as it is sold and represented. Some people can see them, see colors but they are only energy centers of your physical body which are interconnected with your higher part of your consciousness – and people are interpreting colors on their own understanding. We do have an energy link to the physical body to keep it alive from the non-physical but we don’t need to force any points in our body to burst. This is like the silver cord – people have no imagination of how this belief constructs could look like so it is already manifested as a downloadable gourp construct and you can see it BUT people only see it in the RTZ when they THINK their “body” may have problems… you see? Beliefs again. Do you understand how our reality works?

Activating your Pineal Gland? Oh crap, it is already “active” from your birth lol… Just don’t do any harm to your body according to spreaded idiotism.

These centers are only serving the purpose to give the energy flow throughout the body to keep the organs and anything connected to them function properly. If you have manifested problematic energy centers because of your thoughts built up energy blocks in the body, you are in trouble partly. You can concentrate on these primary energy centers to change the flow into normal or seek medical or any help from a third party to make physical adjustions which you may don’t know how can you achieve alone. But I would rather just lay down to relax my body (meditate) and concentrate my attention on the energy centers to move the energies through them thus keeping all centers properly functional. Actually I’m doing it everyday. Healing goes the same way.

Now, it is now widespreaded how those centers are responsible of various abilities, mostly psychic ones, non-physical related ones, defense system etc. Don’t get caught up on this belief system. Stop overstimulating them for NO reason and don’t hang on web tests and quizes, they are useless and have no real purpose other than entertainment (without realizing it and having a new belief). People will tend to jump in fear and really think that they have body problems. I have a guess that more and more people will follow this nonsense and lay down to visualize and breath and feel well meanwhile life goes away. Those New Ager people try to shape people like who are sitting all day home and visualize anything without doing now the minimal effort to do their life’s job.

Extrasensory (ESP) ablities are coming from the Source only

It is up to each individual which abilities they can accumulate or open up. It takes effort, intent, dedication and time to gain any ability. Whatever NP ability did you hear, they are real but takes the effort to use them. It is mostly up to your beliefs and thought energy that you believe for first they are real and probable and for second, they are achievable. For me, telekinesis is the best which I will maybe later gain as ability, not because it is fun but because I can show it maybe later for others that it IS REAL. Those who gain abilities pretty fast are all tests for them to see how adults are they for the Wider Reality.

Maybe some people will have sudden results and some are doing it the hard way. The Wider Reality is watching you and you may be scared or impatient, all lessons are for your growth. Your other fragments of total self will help you if it is really needed. Some people are instantly successful and stopping the whole thing, maybe having fear, others are investing a huge amounts of time, patience and effort. It varies on each individual.

Just STOP forcing opening a metaphore!

Do you want to achieve Astral Projection or OBE with this? Do you want just Remote Viewing or having fun, seeing colors? Just STOP it! You won’t achieve even a thing and if you are, it was for anothe reason. Projection is a natural process which we all need to let happen, like falling asleep. Don’t force it, leave it alone. Just stop forcing anything opening or overstimulating. You could cause a real physical problem because your energy flow and matrix may become unbalanced, damaged and you run to a doctor in the worst case who doesn’t even have a clue what is your problem, only symptoms are presented.

You don’t need to activate anything. Some people have better antenna than others. Some are more feeling related persons like empathy, some are more mentally visual types like clairvoyants. You can’t force a slow process to just kick in and you are in Fairyland suddenly. IT is called third eye because it is a metaphore according to it’s place on the forehead and the form of the gland. All chakras are at different places but only representing energy flow stations for the energy supply which we are using from the non-phyical world through and energy link which terminates after physical death.

If you want to achieve special abilities, take time and effort (dedication) for a long tine to make researches, join NP forums and learn on your own. It pays out and you can prove them to yourself. All are real but takes training to learn them.

HERE you can read about Crytals and Gemstones and why they are related to this problem as people selling You unnecessary things.

Human Consciousness and Weather – they MAY be interrelated!

This topic is about how human mind MAY be interconnected with the changing weather. Most of my thoughts are coming down from Jane Robert’s material, talking with her parallel self, the Seth entity, so don’t take it 100% granted. Chanelled informations are pretty confusing because they are mostly filtered with the actual person’s mind and beliefs as aka. human consciousness. The human mind is capable of many things and weather is not so otherworldly as people may think of. But I should repeat myself, it is just a theory that Seth entity may was actually right.

How humans are releasing uncontrolled thoughts

For the vast majority, people’s minds are full of uncontrolled thoughts and emotions which are just going into the “ether” but did you ever think about to WHERE do thoughts are going? Did you felt that when it is night time, everything is mindly quiet and not noisy? Some people who are aware of the “Astral” noise do hear voices and chats. This whole phenomenon goes back to Monroe’s M-band noise or H-band noise (I guess people are messed up this phenomenon in their theories, I was researching for a while on this but the sources are limited as Monroe didn’t talk so much about it), which is the thought noise which is released as the most are not capable of controlling their thoughts and don’t even try.

So it is said that we release X amounts of thoughts daily and it takes practice to monitor them and take control. I can do it, no problem but people just don’t want to. Why should they? Everybody is busy, being a job slave or diving in the objective life. No problem. But it have consequences. Like cancer in the body – caused by thoughts and repressed emotions.

Sooner or later everybody release their own thoughts while they fall asleep. Thoughts become emotions and they are scaring themselves the hell out in the non-physical. They are scaring themselves: angels or demons, scary creatures, previous day’s bad stuffs, habits etc… some are pleasant, some are not even close. The Wider Reality tries to teach the most to grow up.

Some scientific experiments which are valid

Did you ever heard about the double-slit experiment? Or the random number generator all over the globe? Maybe Winning the lottery?

All are interconnected with human consciousness alone on this planet. For example the random number generator gets thoughts globally and shows it in numbers which are way outside the normal average spectrum of single digits. It can show events way before they will happen like big global disasters. Uncontrolled human thoughts are all over the place and they are parts of our local system “around” Earth. It is proven that human thoughts are causing probable events or affecting physical matter which is an illusion. Consciousness is the responsible one behind the thoughts and it is much bigger outside the physical world or dimension.

Weather changes MAY be caused by uncontrolled human thoughts

Well Seth told it many times in his material (her… as Roberts did the work) that the weather is like that at certain places where a certain type of mass consciousness lives in fear or anything which will cause these changes. Now I’m not pretty sure that it caused cunami over Japan years back or causing disasters on far-east, maybe those events at the USA coasts but it seems like wherever a bigger community repeats the same behavour, chances are that those are very real. Just look at those places around the globe which are constantly under pressure and natural disasters – I doubt they are only coming from Earth’s weak points.

I’m not agreeing on this “fact” that people are unconsciously selecting their country/destination to experience these scenarios meanwhile millions are suffering and leaving their homes but it may be that people are really not accepting the consequences after their thoughts. It is not happing in one day but rather building up over time. So this is only a theory and have very strong signs of validness. Strong and repeated thoughts are causing emotions which are shaping the reality around us.

Look at thunderbolts. Some people investigated this phenomenon for a long time but it may be that perhaps those electrons in the bolt phenomenon are also conscious of their life on a lower level of awareness and they only strike in where it is needed, responding to human thoughts. Not always at those electromagnetic antennas but can strike into buildings, cars, people. It is not paranormal, it is abnormal thinking lol. The biggest chances are on the side of the “I don’t want this” thinking. People tend to fear what they DO NOT want to experience (car accidents…).

Look at these phenomenons on another way. Earth is a whole unit, a living organism. These occurences are still (any) are manifestations of consciousness. If those disasters like floods, cunamis, vulcanic bursts are happening, they are all caused by the huge built-up pressure what humans – as more than 7 and a half billions of humans now – giving into the whole local buffer on an ongoing basis. And we are all living in lesser-bigger stress of human life with brainwashing and full of negativity.

Just think about it. And meanwhile we can change the weather by ourselves too. It is very dangerous to do it but you can try to ask for a little sunshine after a week of darkness or anything which have a bigger chance to happen other than a big snow storm lol (imagine it but don’t overdo it). Use it with caution, remember you are responsible of your thoughts.

Forget conspiracy theories and global warming nonsense

The thing is, people are not even willing to realize what their thoughts are causing and not accepting responsibilities. It is a worldwide phenomenon and fashion these decades that WE BLAME ANYTHING OTHER THAN OURSELVES. Global warming yes… and people believe scientists who are PAID by the big hands (money…) to tell you what they want you to know. The whole human civilization is kept in those hands because we let it. Look at it this way: what industries, businesses, powers or people are gaining money from spreading fear in the majority? Use your common sense.

I don’t deny that those HAARP machines may be causing trouble but as the population, stress, pressure and changing world is there and building up, no surprise that our minds are causing big trouble and chaos. Media like news and anything which is TOLD you, won’t give you any real answers, nor truth. I wander many times those who are telling you the news, how do they still have stomach to do it and lie. They sold their soul for money already or they are too naive to realize what are they doing or worst, denying themselves.

The first big realization comes in humanity’s life when they will one they (or never) stop blaming an outside force, governments, any theories and “truths” which are told and take responsibility.

Non-physical – why is it called like that?

The non-physical world – everybody talks about it who have lesser or bigger connection to “it” or have experiences in them, but the truth is that everybody is living in it and in the physical world at the same time. Even the vast majority who have zero knowledge about, have personal experiences from that world by the night which we are calling “dreams”. What is this world and why we call it like that? I noticed this basic thing was missing from the beginning on this site, so I apologize for it.

An objective label from a limited perspective

We attach labels to anything which is part of our world or society. We are thinking objectively, naming things, categorizing things, trying to make sense about the unknown to feel ourselves safe from fear. Yes, fear – the most are in great fear of the unknown. Instead of gaining first hand knowledge, the most are giving their power away to any belief systems and have zero knowledge (like believing what scientists are saying about ridiculous 12 dimensions or mystics about their crap). Believing is not knowing surely and people still don’t know how to know more.

The laws of the non-physical is much otherworldly. You can go through matter (which only seem to be matter to your perception), you can travel to any place, only your imagination is the barrier. Communication is telepathic in thought packages and subjective.

From an objective physical perception, the Sun revolves around us so to speak (yes, a joke) and if we think like a human, everything is happening according to our world. The truth is, it is exactly the opposite. The physical world is an end-result of the non-physical world and every countless physical Universes are coming from there. We are coming from there as being a limited character experiencing separation and loneliness and also every structure, concept which humanity ever dreamt up is went through a process from energy to matter which is now existing here and we are accepting these “matter” stuffs so easily, like it is granted any time.

The non-physical world is approached from many many sources, cultures and people’s perception since thousands of years and it is funny but ancient civilizations have known a little more than us – from a different perspective and with different labels – today in a pretty dark world full of fear, control, money and brainwashment. There are vast amounts of non-physical phenomenons and we have categories for them but pretty tiny real knowledge in general media and wherever we can find anything. Only non-physical forums and books, maybe some experienced people can lead those who are seeking the “truth” unfortunatelly. If the masses start to seek some kind of truth, they are mislead always by fake beliefs, selling products, hearing lies, the most are in trap and the other side of this group don’t care, they will pull your money out of your mouth. People want to hear lies! That is the real truth!

To describe it shortly, the non-physical is everything else other than this world and it is endless truely, without space and time. We are in a limited reality which many people realized up until now fortunatelly so maybe there is hope. Both worlds are strongly intertwined.

It has many labels, meaning all the same thing with various limited box thinking

The Astral Plane, Afterlife, Void, 3D darkness, Hell or Heaven, Transition Area, God’s place – all are the same thing but different categories to a much bigger construct for us to live and learn further before and after this lifetime. There is no beginning nor end, so this whole existance here is only a part of a bigger game of Consciousness to develop in whatever it wants to. We are all consciousness using a physical focus. People are consciously or without self-awareness traveling there all night long and those who are experienced projectors can travel there with high degree of controlled awareness too like me over night. The difference is social conditioning for most and that they don’t know anything about “dream” life and washing it off fast as some kind of nonsense thing. It IS real, many times much real than this life or dimension. Our primary focus is here and now, read about the Focus Model here.

The most have the fear of the unknown, the NP. It is coming from the vast varieties of misconceptions, what is it, how negs will scare the shit out of you etc. No my friend, YOU ARE scaring yourself. It IS a thought responsive world or environment and here the most are still learning to control their thoughts thus emotions too. Until people don’t learn to control themselves and realize their multidimensional nature, the world around us will be like that today but in another form of the same thing. But don’t take it seriously, it is an eternal game on different levels of existence.

What are thought forms non-physically?

Maybe you heard about thought forms in some kind of topics, maybe mostly about non-physical occurences or in the mystical world. What are “thought” forms and how do they work, unseen beyond the physical world?

I should add this: we ARE not existing in this dimension (illusion you know…), we are only using a temporary focus to operate in this world. We are all non-physical consciousness originally and it can be proved through many many tools of non-physical traveling by yourself. Read the Focus Model on the site, it gives you a simple impression of how these Focus states are showing that consciousness is using channels or rather focuses of attention for it’s experiencing purposes.

The physical world looks sooo real, we just can’t debunk the illusion after we were indoctrinated with so much crap from childhood.

Thought equals primary energy, the main creator

We use our thoughts to operate our physical vehicle called “physical body”, we use thoughts to eat, drive a car, dream up a plan about something, think about somebody at somewhere, we use them to experience life as we are pure Consciousness experiencing a temporary limited world and thoughts are our main energy giver. Thoughts are building up physical objects and creating anything by some kind of timelapse. Forget that idiot scientific nonsense that we are our brain and it does everything, it is a translating mechanism between the two worlds and have many functions according to it.

Thoughts equal instant action in the non-physical world, meaning that you will instantly experience your thoughts around you. On the other hand in our limited world we have time and good or bad choices to delay the consequences of our thoughts and actions. NO surprise that the vast majority not just can’t control their thoughts and also check theirs but almost nobody accepts responsibility after their actions. People just stagnating in real development of their own consciousness.

The thought and action mechanism as We humans do

We have thoughts, ok sure thing, who doesn’t? Emotions are coming from thoughts, strong repeated thoughts! Not the other way! That is what people can’t understand because they never check what they are thinking of. They just burst out in anger, hatred and shouting. Thought forms are forming over time in the non-physical and EVERYTHING comes into this world from there, not the other way. Sorry, the Earth and the physical world – EVERY of them – are end results. Everything which the human mind every dreamt up and thought of are already existing in another parellel world.
So what happens is the thought form is like grey smoke over there and it slowly but surely – if the actual transmitter doesn’t stops thinking about certain things – will become reality. Personal reality, group construct, a building, cancer in the body, a traffic accident, all are caused by thought froms which each individual’s consciousness notices and selects a certain probable outcome in physical life and with seemingly “time” delay to create that end result. You see, the non-physical world is our true home and origin, we are coming HERE to learn to control our thoughts, thus emotions and accept the consequences sooner or later. The most are pretty bad in this game. If you test it in the non-physical – maybe while you are asleep by night and pretty aware – you can observe your thoughts as smokey cloulds taking shape.

Let me ask something, and many out-of-body people already know it: with whom would you like to be next to you (you as a highly developed eternal being in the non-physical) if your stranger is underdeveloped in controlling his/her thoughts and thus emotions in a thought responsive world? I guess nobody would be so happy if somebody gets there and just instantly releases his/her own fears and uncontrolled thoughts first.

One of the main reasons why the most are playing physical game!

Not the only one reason but one of the many. Consciousness needs to do something, expand in deeper understanding about itself, experiencing highly restricted life viewpoint as a physical life, dualism, anything which it can’t experience and learn from it in a timeless, endless, vast Multiverse. The problem is, those who can’t get by with their thoughts or create their life according to their likes, won’t allowed to be on a higher level of existence, not because some kind of punishment but rather because there is a teacher-student like hierarchical system to teach each of us to learn and grow and become more, more complex, creative and more from love. And if people are fooling others for money, they won’t develop anywhere, it is like you would fool yourself, because we are interconnected in all levels.

Let’s be straight, look around you, look on this civilization. The most are not even ready to anything, some of us need to help these people only if they ask for it. In the non-physical world it is the same taks, non-physical helpers or guides are doing it from their own decision but with vastly bigger numbers of lost souls. It takes practice there too and you can grow from it too here and there also. Many people who are capable of retrievals or soul rescuing are doing it automatically over night without knowing this, we are needed.
Here on Earth we are like students. This is only one planet and one physical vast Universe from the endless ones, not mentioning the probable worlds at the same time with parallel focuses. A pretty huge game for consciousness.

To sum this up, though forms are real, you are generating them all day long, the most repeated ones will create probable future end results and be careful of “what you wished for”. If you fire them up with emotions, they may create themselves more rapidly.