Under Articles there are the basic posts about what I know and would like to share with those, who are ready to debunk the illusions what social media, religions and belief systems, religious people and many many websites are spreading like wildfire and very detrimental for those, who try to get by in this world and develop inside in spirit. The New Age factory is working very effectively in a negative way and those who are enough naive to jump in always something which resonates with his/her own beliefs, will be only a self created illusion – on another perspective a “guru” or an “author”, a “public speaker” created belief system. Do people really need belief systems like those? They are only existing and new ones are coming out from those, who try to grab their share because people still need false beliefs about how and what is working out in our lives and it is too hard to just make own research deeply, visit spiritual forums where people are sharing real experiences how they “left their body” (OBE, phasing, Lucid Dreams etc.).

The next problem comes from that mess what a beginner is experiencing not only form various “spiritual sites” but hitting keywords in search engines and just flushing their brains with unnecessary belief systems and craploads of bad info. Try me, I have many kinds of stuff to share and spent years of learning and finding out on my own with some help, what is what. I won’t lie to anybody, what I say is clear and straight and I will try my best to make clear insights.

When I reached a certain point of personal development, I realized that just everything which I’ve read on searches and spiritual sights was wrong, misleading, only the sharer’s own interpretation. People are lying to you or they don’t know that they are. We are really living in an own self-bubble of own Universe, right?

My intention under this category is to share various subjects with people, who would like to get insights from one of those, who made researches and personal development of better understanding the deeper mechanics of what lies beyond our 3D physical world and that showing how tiny little facade it is according to the non-physical world, from where we came from originally. I don’t have decades of OBE travels but know what I know from my own experiences and knowledge. Way more experienced people are not endless in knowledge, this journey is endless really. As you gather answers in the non-physical, you will surely get more and more questions endlessly. You NEED to question your existence to gain a better understanding of why are you “here”.

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