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I’m nicknamed Phildan1 from Hungary and this blog site is dedicated to share various knowledges and insights about what I surely know about non-physical stuffs, how things are working out which are seemingly outside of our usual limited 3 Dimensional world.

I found it a very bad thing over the years of my personal development, that what You can find on the web is mostly full of misleading informations about this whole topic, limited thinking because of religions and denying anything else which is not fitted into any of these box-minded limited beliefs of what is what and everything else is wildfire fear based misinformations. The worst is the other side when people are sharing that everything is ok, You are always surrounded by angels and being in a nice omm self-illusional world, where nothing bad can happen to you. But this is real life from the 3D side and everybody came here for a reason. On forums people are asking for help and many usual members on forums are just ego-fighting and saying the same philosophy all the time and I think doesn’t help anybody if they need a strict answer.

As my best method is to personally engage in various topics if I’m interested in, I try to collect what I gathered and attaching the whole picture piece by piece as like a puzzle game to see what is what. For non-physical development it is the most important thing that You should learn to control your thoughts and this way your emotions at the minimum in this lifetime and gain a passive observer’s attitude to develop in your spirit. Remember, we are here on Earth because we wanted to and this is a game – for some it is happy, for many it is horrible. People are just starting to figure out that “dreams” are not just dreams at all but rather a doorway into something much bigger.

Objective viewpoint is avaliable only for this limited world and we tend to think with our human restricted mind’s objectively always, attaching labels and society categories on anybody and anything but I will try my best to share the subjective non-physical side of things because this physical world is just one of the endless ones, which people deny of false indoctrinations from birth and school. The whole process should start with parents if there are kids but NOT everybody is ready for this. Many people have hard time adjusting to this new reality which was at the background the whole time.

Warning: if you are not fitted into this category of demolishing beliefs in you and stop being a follower, you can still learn many things here. Also the most important thing is that you need will and dedication to know more.

My primary knowledge is personally gathered in deeper understanding and learning both and I try to avoid any misleading religious informations which are just everywhere. There is nothing wrong with it, almost everybody needs it for a reason. But in my opinion when people are constantly copying each other and spreading the same false beliefs is a little bit bad for the most in the long run. That is why there are many regions of belief systems in the so called “Afterlife” – because people are believing in self-created illusions and  believing in them until death, defending them no matter what. The Wider Reality is endless and the most are stopping at the entrance after departing from Earth. It is a fact, many saw it already.

The upcoming posts will be in good use for those around the World who are interested in what I write. Non-physical world, OBE, Lucid Dreams, Phasing, Astral Projection, non-physical development, metaphysical stuffs, Wider Reality, illusions etc.
Further categories may be added in the future.

What I offer here? Only what I could find out and happened to be relatively true but the “truth” is only personal, so I may be only a personal signpost for your further development. Don’t try to cling on my words and question them, find it out for yourself! Learn OBE, learn controlling your Lucid Dreams etc. I do consider and accept other people’s opinions of course and You can write me personally for help, if you didn’t understand what I wrote in full details.

I only share what I learnt, what I gathered and what in my opinion is clear enough from any belief distortions. I may be wrong in some but You are doing the job for Yourself furthermore. I may help You with what I share and everybody can benefit from it.

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Thank You and enjoy reading here!

Updated on 23th of february in 2018. – mistypes and corrections.