Welcome to Daily-Spirit.com!

I’m using the nickname, Phil Danvers and I’m from Hungary. This blog site is dedicated to share what I know and what I’ve learned about the non-physical world, various ESP phenomenon and revealing what is beyond life and death. This whole topic is slowly catching up with our civilization, in today’s century and people are finding this site very slowly.

The main purpose of this site and my work is to give knowledge and self-education to people about life in our world and beyond.

Do you want to face your fears, nightmares and learn about what is “not” physical world related? Do you find your personal development very important? The style I’m writing is not because I’m a hypocrite or have a huge ego, but I try to make it clear what I’m writing about. And you can never judge somebody about his/her writing.

Endless questions about our origins and life

So why we are here? What is life? Are Dreams and Lucid dreams real? What about our multidimensional nature? What is beyond the physical world? How it all began and where we are going? Why do You fear everything? What happens to you in life? Society is limiting us but why? Why are you so different than others? Why is this world like that, being brainwashed? Many questions…

The answers are there on the site already and you can ask me personally too. I can’t really tell everything because I believe that one person is just not enough for this. I’m also learning on my own.

Why Should You read what I share?

There is no uniqueness in most sites on the web. They tend to copy each other, share and tell the same lies and scams, same religious stuff, same mystical nonsense. I think people at one point will have enough of lies. They can’t get further because they will rush into the same thing. Human thinking is limited and personal.

I’m sharing real information without belief distortions. And if somebody is serious finding out his/her own truth, will do anything to get through the illusion. I can help with it if somebody is serious. This world is mostly about money, greed, and fear. But also there are many forums where people are gathering and sharing their own experiences about non-physical and spiritual phenomena and events. It can be really distorted.

I began the same way. It was a mistake. Too much information, too much guessing, belief systems everywhere. You will need to deny everything you learned in life and find your own way with help. Following what other people are guessing is a dead-end route, self-fooling and everybody spreads his/her own beliefs. I try to avoid it. A normal person grabs the internet, read books, anything which is available and believes what is enough comfortable. I don’t fool myself and others with this. You are your biggest enemy if you accept what you read, see or hear. And you are the same in the “afterlife” also for a while. This is a sad fact, I was there, I see it all the time.

Why may the non-physical or spiritual development be your path?

Now, for non-physical development, it is the most important thing that You should learn to control your thoughts and emotions. Passive observer’s attitude is the best to get used to in your life. People are just starting to figure out that “dreams” are not just… “dreams” at all but rather a doorway into something much bigger. The non-physical world is an inch in front of us, inside us. You want to know more, you need to put the effort in. This is where the most will fail! They are lazy to do it.

Warning: if you don’t want to change in anything or learn, shred religious perceptions and beliefs, still you can learn a lot and open up slowly. Not everybody is so information hunger than people like me. You can’t learn all in one day but in small steps.

My primary knowledge is personally gathered in deeper understanding. How? By learning and investigating, making the bigger picture. I try to avoid any misleading religious disinformations which are just everywhere. Even if I try to generalize what I share, I can’t represent all that I could and won’t for a personal reason. It would be too much and others won’t get the same experiences.

The non-physical world, Out-of-Body Experience, Lucid Dreams, Phasing, Astral Projection, metaphysical stuff, Wider Reality, illusions, ESP phenomena, nightmares, guides and guidance, abilities, paranormal etc. They are all part of the same source, like us, multidimensionally. They are NOT outside of us and the physical world is an end-result.

Have a nice read on the site, consume what you have and share my help with others to help this site grow! If You would like to support me personally, you can use the Donation option on the right side up in the header menu and I will be happy really if I see that people are grateful, changing their lives for their good!

Edited on 4th of December in 2018.