Why do we cry? This is the role of crying!

I will share a quick post about an interesting and rather mundane topic about why do we cry. Crying in itself is just a regular human thing, also, you can notice this with animals because they are coming from the same place just like we do. Animals are not so different from us.

We are using a physical vehicle which is a vehicle for consciousness. Consciousness uses a form for physical life, otherwise, we can’t experience these limits. The physical body acts as a filter but it filters up our thoughts, emotions, and anything around. No wonder we have cancer and all the nasty stuff over time. We are causing it to our body unless we had exposure to deadly stuff.

Why do we cry?

Crying is an expression of your emotions which you are holding. You can hold it while you are debating with somebody, you can have some while watching a movie. Or you can hold emotions for years while cancer and/or energy blockages will formulate at certain concentrated parts of your body.

So the role of crying is to release your emotions. It is not that far from always having the urge to pee at night or daytime. You are expressing a physical body action naturally as an end result of your thinking and emotions. The body is a filter. At this point, your tear ducts are opening up and giving out some liquids. Just a natural thing.

Why do we cry

It is not that different when you are in love, feeling that interesting sensation in your chest or stomach. Your energy centers are being stimulated and this caused by your naturally generated emotions. The body, the outside layer is an expression of yourself in this lifetime. The body is a filter mechanism which will sort out and hold all of your thoughts, emotions (reinforced, repeated thoughts), and other mind-related stuff that you are doing each day.

It is not evident, thinking about all the bad diseases because you have TIME to stop them. It “kills” (you, your mind) over years and decades.

While you are in the physical reality, this body mechanism is keeping you safe until you act more on this or you don’t stop it. When we are naturally in the non-physical (because we are not physical at all) and when we are not living a physical life, you don’t have a body to filter yourself out.

This means that while you had time here to stop doing what you did, this same mindset with all the emotions which you tend to carry and express will instantly cause reality fluctuations and you will create your own personal nightmare (or fairytale) in full 3D. In short, nightmares and basically “dreams”. Non-physical experiences of your inner workings.

So this is why do we cry! It is just one expression of a certain emotion that has its own characteristic, to teach you how it can manifest a certain way. You have time to deal with it. We tend to just wash it off and never think about its mechanism.

Crying or any other emotions while you are asleep

Here, it is not evident but at night, everybody does this and has all the nasty and mindblowing stuff. Be careful what you are thinking, believing, feeling because it is only real if you think it is. Of course, everything is real but we HAVE these for a reason and the physical vehicle to learn from this whole mechanism.

Happiness is also causing some tears under your eyes! These emotions are there to test them and learn from them. And mostly control them. All the negative and positive emotions are there to express them, learn from them, and see the end results. Chances are, most people will never pay any attention to their roles because our civilization is based on emotional manipulation.

Why do we cry

Remember, the body is not you, it is an expression after your expectations about your physical life. Quite always the opposite of what is told. We are not in the body or brain at all. We are focusing our primary, automatic attention while the body has a lifetime. Because we chose to use it and experience a physical reality THROUGH it. It just feels like you are in your body.

So, the physical body is the vehicle for consciousness, for us without a form. Without it, you can’t experience physical realities like this one and without a body, you can’t learn about yourself, that you are causing your troubles! Mostly, we are reacting to outside circumstances and this is just one emotion, one life lesson of what your thoughts are causing to you.

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