Out-of-Body Experience – The explanation behind a natural phenomenon

An Out-of-Body Experience is a popular thing these days which many people are hearing from somebody, some already had it at least once. Or you are just interested in it. It depends on each people how they encounter with it and it is a natural, normal phenomenon. Dreaming is the same. Physical daily life is also an “out” of body thing.

Nobody ever were or will be in a body or out of it because it is a physical matter construct and most of us don’t understand who we are basically. We are focusing ourselves through a brain and body to experience a physical reality basically. The brain is in the skull, it is just interpreting the external subjective reality and we are making it solid.

The mind is not physical, look at it as a concept of diving your face into the surface of water. You are interpreting the physical reality through the brain and have all the energetic connections through the body.

An Out-of-Body Experience is a real thing but also a belief construct, unfortunately. I will tell you why below, so keep on reading. When you have an OBE, you are actually having an Astral Projection or a Lucid Dream or it can be anything as a label. Different approaches. You simply switch your primary attention, your mind into the non-physical where it normally resides.

Out-of-Body Experience and humanity’s problem

Actually, the OBE phenomenon is totally out of ordinary for most people. Even for those, who try to get out of a body or practicing it. I will tell you why, it challenges all the beliefs and worldview you have which is not allowing anything outside the physical reality to take place. We are not physical at all but the body and physical reality are tools to experience limits and personalized life.

Well, you don’t need to practice a thing at all just forget all the nonsense out there. We need to focus our attention elsewhere. Many people are capitalizing on books, seminars, videos with a direct intent of having cash from others’ stupidity (or naivety). Or they are just so dumb, they don’t even know what they are sharing. The result is, most people believe that they are in a body and they need to get out.

Most people have fear from the Out-of-Body Experience phenomenon because they don’t know so much about anything outside the physical life and reality. Most people are so darn used to this life that they create an artificial bubble of “Earth life and that’s all” that they are unable to break free from their beliefs. You die and that was the end, right?

Out-of-Body Experience

This is why when somebody has this experience or tries to replicate it, will have great fear. Actually, the main problem comes from one thing. We think we are our body and in that body. That we are our brain, furthermore, the mind is the brain. I can’t prove to anybody that this is a pure nonsense but if you learn about these here, you can prove it to yourself.

For me, I was always a Lucid Dreamer and then I just needed to realize that it is the non-physical world. Then all the next steps came and fall into place what to do for more.

The mind is not the brain or it is not in a body

The mind is a non-physical “entity”, you are the mind who is focusing your primary attention here, into this reality each day. While you are physically awake. Sure, in a car, you don’t think at all that the engine is the driver. Still, it is unfortunate in my opinion that there are all the sources from which others can find this out on their own, and not so many people have the capability to filter out reliable, real pieces of information at all. Not even finding this site to learn. Most people are unable to even think critically and analytically on their own.

Because most people think they are their brain and body, their very first conscious experience in the non-physical world will be an Out-of-Body Experience. It feels like and looks like they use a body, a copy of their physical vehicle.

Why? Because most people cannot think otherwise. Because their main belief is all about being body-centered, the mind, your bigger non-physical part will generate an automatic copy of your body. It is your basic expectation about who you are. And because most people fear death and that they believe if all of our memories, anything around (as science says) is in the brain, once the brain and body die, it is over. You are literally erased. It is actually the opposite. You keep on existing and “living” each night. We live in countless other worlds simultaneously. Most people are just unaware of this and they never had the intention to do so.

An Out-of-Body Experience is actually all about opening up yourself

I tried to express all the details already in my OBE ebook which you can ask for or purchase but it seems like most people just don’t care. Like a fancy fairy tale. We buy crap, which resonates with our beliefs. Confirmation bias.

The very first thing is about always encountering your own fears. Because you need to, for your personal development. Your current life is also about it. Then you will have a sort of ego-death with all the long-held belief constructs. Because most people are building up their worldview from what they’ve learnt from childhood, from their parents, from their external world. Like we all do mostly. Most people are so deep in their own worldview and ego, that they will live their life like that, closing out the fact that they are not their physical body and life at all.

Then when this phenomenon kicks in even like a Lucid Dream if you like this category better, you will experience it first-hand, that you are existing elsewhere. I won’t discuss the same issues here the 100th time but it is pretty obvious that most people are unable to release this brain and body belief and they WILL experience an Out-of-Body Experience for this same reason. You expect it mostly from fear and beliefs and you will use a similar body even in the Real Time Zone while projecting. So, you are projecting right now into the physical reality too. You are focusing your mind, yourself into a physical world through a body and brain. Without them, you can’t bound yourself into physical systems at all for a short while.

Check out the Focus Model material and you may understand what is the problem here. Thank you for reading and please, support, share the site.

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