Why do we cry? This is the role of crying!

I will share a quick post about an interesting and rather mundane topic about why do we cry. Crying in itself is just a regular human thing, also, you can notice this with animals because they are coming from the same place just like we do. Animals are not so different from us.

We are using a physical vehicle which is a vehicle for consciousness. Consciousness uses a form for physical life, otherwise, we can’t experience these limits. The physical body acts as a filter but it filters up our thoughts, emotions, and anything around. No wonder we have cancer and all the nasty stuff over time. We are causing it to our body unless we had exposure to deadly stuff.

Why do we cry?

Crying is an expression of your emotions which you are holding. You can hold it while you are debating with somebody, you can have some while watching a movie. Or you can hold emotions for years while cancer and/or energy blockages will formulate at certain concentrated parts of your body.

So the role of crying is to release your emotions. It is not that far from always having the urge to pee at night or daytime. You are expressing a physical body action naturally as an end result of your thinking and emotions. The body is a filter. At this point, your tear ducts are opening up and giving out some liquids. Just a natural thing.

Why do we cry

It is not that different when you are in love, feeling that interesting sensation in your chest or stomach. Your energy centers are being stimulated and this caused by your naturally generated emotions. The body, the outside layer is an expression of yourself in this lifetime. The body is a filter mechanism which will sort out and hold all of your thoughts, emotions (reinforced, repeated thoughts), and other mind-related stuff that you are doing each day.

It is not evident, thinking about all the bad diseases because you have TIME to stop them. It “kills” (you, your mind) over years and decades.

While you are in the physical reality, this body mechanism is keeping you safe until you act more on this or you don’t stop it. When we are naturally in the non-physical (because we are not physical at all) and when we are not living a physical life, you don’t have a body to filter yourself out.

This means that while you had time here to stop doing what you did, this same mindset with all the emotions which you tend to carry and express will instantly cause reality fluctuations and you will create your own personal nightmare (or fairytale) in full 3D. In short, nightmares and basically “dreams”. Non-physical experiences of your inner workings.

So this is why do we cry! It is just one expression of a certain emotion that has its own characteristic, to teach you how it can manifest a certain way. You have time to deal with it. We tend to just wash it off and never think about its mechanism.

Crying or any other emotions while you are asleep

Here, it is not evident but at night, everybody does this and has all the nasty and mindblowing stuff. Be careful what you are thinking, believing, feeling because it is only real if you think it is. Of course, everything is real but we HAVE these for a reason and the physical vehicle to learn from this whole mechanism.

Happiness is also causing some tears under your eyes! These emotions are there to test them and learn from them. And mostly control them. All the negative and positive emotions are there to express them, learn from them, and see the end results. Chances are, most people will never pay any attention to their roles because our civilization is based on emotional manipulation.

Why do we cry

Remember, the body is not you, it is an expression after your expectations about your physical life. Quite always the opposite of what is told. We are not in the body or brain at all. We are focusing our primary, automatic attention while the body has a lifetime. Because we chose to use it and experience a physical reality THROUGH it. It just feels like you are in your body.

So, the physical body is the vehicle for consciousness, for us without a form. Without it, you can’t experience physical realities like this one and without a body, you can’t learn about yourself, that you are causing your troubles! Mostly, we are reacting to outside circumstances and this is just one emotion, one life lesson of what your thoughts are causing to you.

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Is there any 4th dimension, 5D, 9D, 10D, 12D…? I don’t think so!

In our physical civilization, science tells us that time is the 4th dimension. Other sources (highly speculative mystical ones) are talking about this 4th dimension as some “place” from where other entities are telling stuff to certain people. Or just the 4th dimension is where we are heading to. It can be related to channeling or talking with others from the non-physical, it doesn’t matter. I would leave science alone because the time topic is also misunderstood.

In short, there are no plus dimensions, we are the ones who have limited thinking for physical life, which is necessary. We tend to think in dimensions because this is how our non-physical mind (no, our mind is not the brain) tend to categorize things out of our worldview.

There are many people these days who are rushing into these nonsense sources, forums, and books where others are telling them that there are other numerous dimensions that others will believe. Because these “facts” are founded well with mystical concepts and something which can be selled like big fairy tales. Many public speakers are clearly believing in these, that from a certain dimension, certain entities or races are speaking to them, to us.

In short, many people believe nonsense stuff because it is magical and bombs them out from the cruel daily life.

I will tell you how it can be a false mystical nonsense and that it can be real to some degree but it is only real to a believer. At least as a belief itself and not for real. A belief can be strong but it will not create so much.

The 4th Dimension is just our concept!

Trust me I was there way before I started to learn and understand anything non-physical related and I could prove or discard most of the stuff for myself. I was there when I needed to believe all this nonsense about Pleiadians and Arcturians and all that stuff and then, I needed to forget it all because these are fairytales. I mean I wanted to understand all of these but it doesn’t worth it. People are selling false hope and nonsense.

4th dimension

Simply put, people want to feel special enough to have a virtual conversation with other races. It is a sort of escapism. And some have it but they have it with their own “subconscious”. Yes, our mind is that powerful. In the non-physical world, you can meet with your beliefs in person! Not kidding.

I need to admit that indeed some entities may have a personal agenda, maybe groups but who cares? All of these pieces of information are misleading people totally and chasing them into false hopes and promises.  We are not heading towards a 4th or 5th dimension at all. These are false promises and metaphors. We are simply starting to be more aware. That perhaps the outside world is not that real or the only thing. The outside world is a projection of us, not an “only” thing. We are trying to conceptualize an end result of consciousness, which we have been creating for eternity.

Okay, it can be a good thing to feel safe, secure and special but everybody is special. Most people who want to play the role of a messenger, a hero or just to feel special are all the kids who grew up with a bad family background or tough childhood. They are maybe too unstable mentally. Also, people are in this group who didn’t get proper parental care. This is their life lesson.

There are no other dimensions, just the non-physical and physical systems!

This is a fact, I can assure you if you can use intelligence, critical thinking without accepting everything the first time you can dig deep into this. Start with this site and start with your dreams. You already had a whole multidimensional life in your whole life. Most people never pay attention to this aspect of their whole life. You can investigate all of your answers over years and decades! The tools are here and everywhere. Don’t accept what others are saying… this is business for these people or to lead a cult.

For me, I was always a “lucid dreamer” which means that I needed just a little effort to realise that I was in the non-physical the whole time each night. Furthermore, we never left the non-physical world from where we are focusing our narrow-banded primary attention to live physical lives. We are everywhere, we just didn’t notice it yet. I mean most people because they are just incapable of doing it. Most people don’t want to. And some of us can and want to. That’s okay.

The 4th dimension with all the other concepts are just a way to grasp the idea of our multidimensionality. Unfortunately, this whole cult is not going in this direction that much, rather into the alien topic. Like somebody would save us from our stupidity.

Actually, if you read the Focus Model articles, it will help in this. We created these physical Universes or realities, like this one where we are right now to experience limited stuff. This dimension “belief” is a good idea to understand this but from a very age-old and misleading, distorted mystical side from our human history. We are trying to understand time also in the same manner. But in the end, there are infinite number of physical realities which are stemming from the non-physical. We know this surely because many people like me experienced it first-hand. Me? While I’m sleeping.

Most people are unable to do it because they can’t even accept the fact that dreams are not real. And most people can’t let go of their daily life, believing it is the only one and only “real”.

4th dimension

The physical reality, this one or other ones are stemming from the non-physical world. It can’t be any other way! They are composing the Wider Reality. The physical worlds are end results of consciousness. We are consciousness using a strong physical focus. At least mystical sources somehow trying to guess this notion of our basic nature but not too well. All the stuff which we learn in life is the opposite, thinking we are our body, brain, we are in it and everything stems out from this physical reality. Quite the opposite.

Entities, other races in different densities like the 4th dimension or 5th, 6th, 9th, 12th, etc.

In the end, these beliefs about dimensions are coming from most people’s limited thinking, that there are places in the distance or in other worlds where other races are trying to communicate with us. Yes, they ARE doing it sometimes. But the main thing here is that there are no such dimensions. Just that some races are much more advanced than us. Every other argument is meaningless. I mean all of these people have no clue, just parroting each other.

Linear timeframe only exists in physical realities, like ours because it is interpreted by us and we are calling it time. Time is all about the fact that one event follows another one. Without it, we can’t experience limits, we can’t collect experiences that much. You have time to learn things while you feel you are running out of time!

On the other hand, if we are talking about other races, some can travel with crafts that can be controlled by their minds and they can manipulate physical matter. But never trust anybody until you visited these entities in the non-physical. Chances are, you won’t get access to these races or places until you didn’t learn your lessons. And this one is the first one, don’t believe what others told you. Most of humanity never learns this.

The tools are also on the site if you are not lazy.


Most of these sources about alien races are quite nonsense and were for decades, some were topics even for thousands of years. The main thing is that we can find out who we are, our places as a race, how our planet and humanity began, etc. Who cares who made this civilization hundreds of thousands of years ago? Go into the NP and find it out!

But beyond these, there are just people who are telling stories and truths (which are subjective and personal only) and they are misleading naive people. They deserve it in my opinion, including myself if I wouldn’t debunk the whole thing fast. 4th dimension? It is a concept, a metaphor about something which most people don’t comprehend. And we can.

The biggest preys in this are believers, religious people who tend to believe all the nonsense which fits their worldview. Because they are always feeling powerless. Instead of this, we should take personal researches and step onto the knowing side of things. Not in a materialistic way which scientists are doing and denying anything which can’t be measurable. Take your time and learn the art of focusing your attention towards the non-physical and over some years, you can find out a lot.

The tools are there, don’t believe all the nonsense about 4th dimension and other dimensions, magical creatures and other races who want to save humanity from itself. Yes, there are all the creatures and stuff which you can imagine in the non-physical! But go there and find it out by yourself!

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Out-of-Body Experience – The explanation behind a natural phenomenon

An Out-of-Body Experience is a popular thing these days which many people are hearing from somebody, some already had it at least once. Or you are just interested in it. It depends on each people how they encounter with it and it is a natural, normal phenomenon. Dreaming is the same. Physical daily life is also an “out” of body thing.

Nobody ever were or will be in a body or out of it because it is a physical matter construct and most of us don’t understand who we are basically. We are focusing ourselves through a brain and body to experience a physical reality basically. The brain is in the skull, it is just interpreting the external subjective reality and we are making it solid.

The mind is not physical, look at it as a concept of diving your face into the surface of water. You are interpreting the physical reality through the brain and have all the energetic connections through the body.

An Out-of-Body Experience is a real thing but also a belief construct, unfortunately. I will tell you why below, so keep on reading. When you have an OBE, you are actually having an Astral Projection or a Lucid Dream or it can be anything as a label. Different approaches. You simply switch your primary attention, your mind into the non-physical where it normally resides.

Out-of-Body Experience and humanity’s problem

Actually, the OBE phenomenon is totally out of ordinary for most people. Even for those, who try to get out of a body or practicing it. I will tell you why, it challenges all the beliefs and worldview you have which is not allowing anything outside the physical reality to take place. We are not physical at all but the body and physical reality are tools to experience limits and personalized life.

Well, you don’t need to practice a thing at all just forget all the nonsense out there. We need to focus our attention elsewhere. Many people are capitalizing on books, seminars, videos with a direct intent of having cash from others’ stupidity (or naivety). Or they are just so dumb, they don’t even know what they are sharing. The result is, most people believe that they are in a body and they need to get out.

Most people have fear from the Out-of-Body Experience phenomenon because they don’t know so much about anything outside the physical life and reality. Most people are so darn used to this life that they create an artificial bubble of “Earth life and that’s all” that they are unable to break free from their beliefs. You die and that was the end, right?

Out-of-Body Experience

This is why when somebody has this experience or tries to replicate it, will have great fear. Actually, the main problem comes from one thing. We think we are our body and in that body. That we are our brain, furthermore, the mind is the brain. I can’t prove to anybody that this is a pure nonsense but if you learn about these here, you can prove it to yourself.

For me, I was always a Lucid Dreamer and then I just needed to realize that it is the non-physical world. Then all the next steps came and fall into place what to do for more.

The mind is not the brain or it is not in a body

The mind is a non-physical “entity”, you are the mind who is focusing your primary attention here, into this reality each day. While you are physically awake. Sure, in a car, you don’t think at all that the engine is the driver. Still, it is unfortunate in my opinion that there are all the sources from which others can find this out on their own, and not so many people have the capability to filter out reliable, real pieces of information at all. Not even finding this site to learn. Most people are unable to even think critically and analytically on their own.

Because most people think they are their brain and body, their very first conscious experience in the non-physical world will be an Out-of-Body Experience. It feels like and looks like they use a body, a copy of their physical vehicle.

Why? Because most people cannot think otherwise. Because their main belief is all about being body-centered, the mind, your bigger non-physical part will generate an automatic copy of your body. It is your basic expectation about who you are. And because most people fear death and that they believe if all of our memories, anything around (as science says) is in the brain, once the brain and body die, it is over. You are literally erased. It is actually the opposite. You keep on existing and “living” each night. We live in countless other worlds simultaneously. Most people are just unaware of this and they never had the intention to do so.

An Out-of-Body Experience is actually all about opening up yourself

I tried to express all the details already in my OBE ebook which you can ask for or purchase but it seems like most people just don’t care. Like a fancy fairy tale. We buy crap, which resonates with our beliefs. Confirmation bias.

The very first thing is about always encountering your own fears. Because you need to, for your personal development. Your current life is also about it. Then you will have a sort of ego-death with all the long-held belief constructs. Because most people are building up their worldview from what they’ve learnt from childhood, from their parents, from their external world. Like we all do mostly. Most people are so deep in their own worldview and ego, that they will live their life like that, closing out the fact that they are not their physical body and life at all.

Then when this phenomenon kicks in even like a Lucid Dream if you like this category better, you will experience it first-hand, that you are existing elsewhere. I won’t discuss the same issues here the 100th time but it is pretty obvious that most people are unable to release this brain and body belief and they WILL experience an Out-of-Body Experience for this same reason. You expect it mostly from fear and beliefs and you will use a similar body even in the Real Time Zone while projecting. So, you are projecting right now into the physical reality too. You are focusing your mind, yourself into a physical world through a body and brain. Without them, you can’t bound yourself into physical systems at all for a short while.

Check out the Focus Model material and you may understand what is the problem here. Thank you for reading and please, support, share the site.