What causes Cancer? – We are creating it alone!

For a long while I didn’t write a word on the site but I found an old subject about what causes cancer recently. Of course, there are too many unwritten stuff in my pocket but it is time to add some more thoughts. Just to note Readers here, I already wrote about cancer and its cause on the site under this article.

This article should be called Cancer rebooted or I don’t know but I just try to share the real deal here and that we try to be irresponsible about thoughts, actions, and life all the time. Because we don’t understand that our body is a filter for our consciousness and we can hurt it a lot. Also, I need to note that we can’t help others so much because we need to work on ourselves alone. You can’t force another person to stop behaving a certain way or to stop suppress emotions, fear, and many more.

Leave suffering people alone if you can’t help or they don’t accept help. Seriously. Because you will hurt yourself. Never forget that the external world is just subjective and as real as you think it is. You have your own life and you deserve a better one. People who died from cancer have their own issues in the non-physical world or in that so-called Afterlife. We are using a body, a form only. Don’t worry about them.

So, how do we create cancer and all other diseases for ourselves? Because outside sources and the outside world alone, our food, circumstances are what we choose to be there or to consume. How? Let’s see below.

I need to note that in rare cases we may have life circumstances we can’t escape or anything around but most of the time we tend to choose them. And we are choosing not to stop or leave these issues. Because suffering and staying in a bad life situation don’t need any effort to make some changes. So, in short, we are abusing ourselves. We have poor life choices and this will cause trouble. Don’t believe me, you can validate it by yourself.

What causes Cancer? Cancer is a choice!

Cancer is indeed a choice. Like you don’t watch a TV show, the news or don’t listen to everybody else’s complaints all day long. Even non-physical guides are saying the same. What causes cancer? YOU, I mean we do! I mean we all do it for ourselves alone because we are consciousness. Consciousness doesn’t use a physical form outside of physical realities, we are non-physical basically with a multidimensional nature. You can prove this when you are asleep because you keep existing and keep having other lives. While your body sleeps you switch onto another focus of attention or “life” and continue existing. You don’t pay attention and wash it off, they will be just “dreams”.

what causes cancer

So in short, we have a physical body that is needed for physical interactions. Without it, we can’t interact with physical objects and can’t experience time, change, and experience many things. The brain is just a device that allows us to connect onto it (we are not a brain or inside in it) and the brain is changeable until a certain degree if we have physical problems. But the thing is that we are the ones who are controlling our own body and giving out all the instructions towards all of our body parts each day.

The body is a sponge-like mechanism which acts as a primary barrier towards the subjective external world which we still believe is physical and objective. Because we are making it objective. Otherwise, we can’t function in this world, so this is normal. The physical body will sponge up all of our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and commands each day. So watch out for all of your abusing thoughts. The outside world needs much more effort to change it but it is another story. This is why it is much easier to make changes inside our body than on other people with speaking or anything around.

But still, what causes cancer? Your repeated thoughts, emotions, beliefs, your secondary actions towards your body. Let’s take a very general example. You have emotional problems, you don’t like your job, your loved one. Then you will eat a lot of crap, carbs each evening after you rushed home and you “deserve” it to become happy from secondary brain chemical activity. Here you go, obesity, depression, and others. We hate ourselves? Same process over many years.

Please bear in mind that outside events are caused by you alone and not by others. It just appears to be always outside of you. Meanwhile, it is a big habit in our civilization to always blame others for everything. Just notice the process. You keep thinking about something, then one day it happens and you blame the outside world for it and you are irresponsible. This is a big life lesson.

These changes sometimes need a lot of effort and time to become a real thing. Even a broken leg. You somehow weakened the energetic field around a body part, then one day you were led to an accident inevitably where the end result took place. This is how it works. Sooner or later we are doing it. It is VERY rare that outside sources without our previous thoughts or without control, will do it. Don’t believe me, take your own resources, and notice how it works. We just think that everything is outside of us and we are preys in a big game without control. You have the power to change your life. But not others’.

About cancer and diseases in our current world

Somebody, suffering from cancer or from any other disease will have a certain mindset. Especially that he/she maybe wants to be healed or be okay but on the other hand, he/she continues to suffer, wants to punish thyself. I mean abuse him/herself alone. Yes, it just sucks, we all can fall into this pitfall. Most of the time we look for outside help because our outside world works on a supply-demand principle in this case. Because we DON’T know we can help ourselves, undo the damage or that our body is just acting upon our thoughts, we will look for external help or causes. This is why we are all together in this simulation, we help each other if we can.

what causes cancer

Why do more and more people have cancer and many other kinds of “diseases”? Because we are living in a fast-paced world, where technology makes more and more people addicted and work is more difficult. We need to learn a lot, change a lot, keep up with many stuff and we need to get rid of our daily life alone. It is too much for the most, they only have the capabilities to survive each day. But because we have plenty of food in developed countries, we will just eat until we fall off the chair and we are allowing brainwashing from TV. These are just tools for our consciousness.

What others are saying is what will become billions’ reality. They don’t ask, they just accept. Like that we are in a body or we are our reflection. Nobody can help this in my opinion. Some people will share what they have, like me and that’s all to it. Some may listen.

Cancer is an energetic manifestation of your inner being!

There are many metaphors (because they are), like chakras, energy, aura, block but they are the same for the same issue. You create these energetic blockages, I mean not you (maybe) but people and they will cause the cancer stuff and any other diseases. Of course, there is no disease, just in general, in the medical industry. The end result is which others will notice.

There is only the mindset, the cause. Once the energetic accumulation of thoughts, beliefs, expectations and many more being suppressed for a long while takes place as a critical mass, it will cause all the trouble. Most of the time in the brain itself. Yes, we can alter its chemistry and many more (without drugs). An MRI scan will only see the causes and after-effects of consciousness, doing its job, using the body. Medical treatments are only trying to give a final slap to a bad end result and not a solution. This is a business in our world. Nobody wants you to become healthy.

Do you need proof that I’m right? Look around you or in your own life. I observed, not just people from my own family tree with cancer, dying in it, or maybe in the neighborhood or in the outside world, everybody can see the cases. It takes some time and research to see that science and pharmacy don’t know a damn and that they want you to destroy your body. If somebody is healed, maybe from strong chemical treatment, cancer itself comes back. This is our materialistic world. We could know much more but science and other mediums are looking in the wrong direction.

Because you didn’t change your mindset, thinking and the body is just a filter for your consciousness. We can prove anything around in our conscious sleep life too. Read other posts on the site and educate yourself because it will help. Our life is not what we think it is.

And what about external accidents and circumstances?

The problem with this is that we tend to blame the outside world all the time. And we are perfect in blaming others too.

This alone means that we may have a very accidental and unlikely event in our life when something will cause cancer or any other body defect, like being at a nuclear reactor. BUT! We chose to be there, right? We somehow led ourselves to this place or event. Look at it as people who travel to a country where there are many earthquakes and floods each year.

We chose to be there, right? Or try to understand this that a bigger part of your hidden consciousness will lead you where your intent goes. Some may mistakingly call it “subconscious” mind. But most people are unconscious. The responsibility is ours.

So the takeaway is that indeed we do create our own problems and circumstances too but not in a sudden way. Gradually most of the time. Our own thinking, behavior, and many other factors are doing it in the long run. A sudden emotional charge can also cause problems but the key here is that you need to learn emotional passivity and learn to stop reacting to non-existent problems. Stop reacting to external events in an emotional way.

Change your mindset, solve your non-existent emotional problems and the world will also change. Some say it is in your head but it is not a physical place thing, you are using a biological machine for physical life. You are projecting out your non-physical self to the external world through a body that acts as a barrier. Take better care of that one. Because the same mindset stays with you after death.

I hope this will help many people, finding this site, and helping my work in return or just supporting the site. Read the articles on the site to know life better!