What is our physical body? What is its main purpose?

Do you know what is your physical body or what is the purpose of the physical body? This topic has been debated for thousands of years and there are many worldviews about it. Most of them are objective and self-centered. Meaning, that we still tend to believe that we are our body and outlook. No matter if we try to catch its deepest purpose from religions, mystical sources, or from science, most of these theories and “truths” are guessings. But we are thinking funnily that we are a physical vehicle for consciousness. We are consciousness, a formless entity.

This is a fact, not another religious or mystical nonsense. You can experience these facts too.

You may see at least from this article that we are simply denying our thoughts and the inner world we have. It is constantly being projected and reflected back from our body and outlook, physical condition, etc. What we eat and drink or ingest are the byproducts of our thinking patterns and nothing else. Nothing is an illness or disease, just an inner mental condition which you are not changing. Most people will keep abusing themselves and denying the fact that they are doing it. They will blame the outside world, food, government, and others.

Some conditions are hard to change and some are easy. The question is, do you want to be well or change? It needs the effort to take into your life! Let’s see what is the main purpose of the physical body or physical vehicle. And you can bet that it is not about evolution or being inside a body. Evolution in physical realities are just making these bodies more advanced for physical, civilized life. To let us do more advanced stuff other than what our animal kingdom friends are doing.

The physical body is a tool for consciousness

We have a physical body because we need to interact with physical objects. This is that simple. We are formless and we don’t need a body normally as we are non-physical entities or whatever you call it. We are normally not living in physical realities because these systems are made by us to let us experience with limits. Limits are needed to let ourselves being challenged. The body needs energy and nutrition to carry us anywhere after our commands. It is working in the space-time construct. You need energy and effort to move in this reality. In the non-physical, we don’t need it.

But without a physical vehicle, a suit, or whatever we should call it objectively, we can’t interact with the physical reality. Our reality or Universe has a certain ruleset like gravity, lightspeed, and others. And other systems are way different. To let us experience a certain reality, we need to born into that system, like an entrance that allows consciousness to explore it. You integrate or rather focus your primary attention from the point where the womb is there. When we are sleeping, we are focusing away from this reality and body. We are not in any body. This is automatic.

physical body

We were never in a body or inside a brain, we are using a body, being fully integrated to focus our primary attention through 5 physical senses normally and we can interact by this way. If you don’t know how the physical world feels like, looks like, you don’t know how it works and you can’t tell others in the non-physical about it. That’s that simple. We don’t notice this fact because we got caught up in our civilization’s drama, materialism, and pain.

While you, consciousness select a race, a society, a timeline to try it out, it doesn’t matter what form you are using, you need a physical body to explore that life. Look at it as a vehicle into which you focus your primary attention or for simple-minded people, you enter and exit upon falling asleep and at death. When you are asleep or in any other altered states of conscious awareness, you are focusing your primary attention elsewhere and maybe into a different body focus. Like parallel lives. Because all of your lives are already happening, so forget reincarnation. This is a fact which you can prove to yourself with dedication. You can’t even imagine what it means infinity when I mention an infinite number of physical realities.

The physical body is the vehicle for you

As you may found this site and started reading it, it turns out pretty fast that most of your beliefs about who you are and about the physical vehicle are mostly false or flawed. We just need to accept the fact that we live in a system where nobody learns a useful thing other than what is needed to fit into our slavery system. But we don’t need to follow others.

In this case, you don’t need to follow ideas and theories about guesses that you are your body or brain. Figure it out by yourself! This issue is a repeated thought on this site. To let people know how blinded we are when the topic is about “who we are”.

To summarize up this issue, the physical body is needed for physical life. No matter how you look like, some may have difficulties or challenges which we set up for sure but we don’t accept it. Somebody in a wheelchair may experience it as a curse and obese people either. But these are challenges and it is much harder to do something to change the body. But we can. We have challenges because we can change and experience from them.

The physical body is thought responsive and emotion responsive!

And here is the gem from this article. Don’t look at this as something which works in some days or a week. We need to give in tremendous effort most of the time to change our outlook (sports), to stop having bad eating habits (obesity), and to do something about it. We can change our body, just look at all of those workout people and fitness models. I’m lean and tall but I know that with much more protein and exercise I can be very muscular over some months or years. With effort and dedication.

Look at all the people with cancer. They did tremendous effort to abuse themselves. Some may release all the stress and emotional baggage in some weeks and they will be healed. The difficulty is in our mindset and feelings.

I already wrote about this issue in an older article about cancer and how we are doing it to ourselves. I would bet surely that most people won’t believe it because most people are living in denial. We just don’t accept our daily thoughts and that we are emotionally abusing our body. What is inside your mind and inner being is being projected always into your body first. Outside.

If it is accumulating (and it IS) over weeks, months and years, you can manifest all the nasty stuff like all the diseases and cancers. The body is a filter towards the outside world. You can influence your body much faster than the outside world. Because you can!

physical body

Diseases and cancers with all the other health conditions are NON-existent in the sense that if you stop abusing yourself with your thoughts and emotions, it can be reversed and you can be healed by yourself. Instead of whining and complaining, try it out. Remember, it requires effort and dedication.

Our body is an inner representation of our expectations about life in short. It is a SPONGE of beliefs and emotions. The more you send out your thoughts and you abuse yourself, the more it will react and change. It is a sponge or rather a filter of your inner activity. No, not from a brain, it is just a tool for you. The body will do whatever you are doing with it. We would diminish all the diseases and illnesses if we would accept this. But we are living in a big chaos of emotional turmoil because most people have low level of self-awareness.


So the takeover is to remember always that you are not your body but you are controlling it. And yes, you are making those changes over a long time before something nasty happens with it. Also, we are creating these diseases according to the local accumulation of our thoughts and suppressed emotions where it appears. Don’t blame the outside world. Unless a chemical disease or an accident happens we are doing it. All the bad eating habits and other stuff, we always have at least a slight choice. If somebody abuses you mentally and it causes this physically, don’t let yourself to be dragged down! Life is too short for this.

We should rather love our body and give the necessary love and nutrition to it because we need it for physical life. Surely we are abusing it at the first place because we live in a world with full of cruelty and pain but we can do something about it. We see this self-abusing behavior from TV, from others and everything is about materialism. You are the only person who can solve your mental issues because you can change for your own good.

I hope this helps, share the site, and if you can, please, support it!