How emotions are creating your dream, when you are dreaming?

Here is another example from my deep pocket about how your own emotions are creating ALL the dream sceneries around you when you are dreaming. I would bet that most people have no idea about how emotions are one of the main creators of how we have dreams.

We live in an age where still most people don’t know what dreams are and why are they happening. For first, I would advise every beginner to read my articles on the site because this is the main purpose why I made them.

You just thought that you know what a dream is but you were wrong the whole time. Dreams are objectified emotional interplays in the first stage. If you stopped doing an emotional release, you can move on to real things. This is what hundreds of people couldn’t digest when I shared it with 5 accounts and months of work on Reddit in the past. They don’t want to know it or couldn’t put it anywhere what I was talking about it.

This post is dedicated to my supporter, called Reece. Enjoy!

Some basics about how your emotions are primary creators when you are dreaming

I would say, they are rather primary modifiers. Yes, whenever you are in a scenery, you already made them automatically and at that time, you are in Focus 2. You started out in a raw non-physical place, your own personal place. To know about this, check the Focus Model guide. Each time you fall asleep, you release emotions. While they don’t do so much other than creating dramas, shouting, crying, love, and others in the physical reality frame, you are in trouble there. They are instant.

You fall asleep each time, each night or whenever you are sleeping regularly and you release all of your emotional baggage. You can already read a lot about this, especially in my post about what happens after death. So what happens is, you will automatically create a circumstance in which you will live up your mindset in a dream. Other times guides are doing it for you. To train you.

The end result or the process is very different for everybody and there are rarely two similar cases even for one person. But commonalities can happen. Like nightmares and figures.

When you are dreaming, you will modify each moment by releasing your emotions. It can be a slight reaction, it was emotion. You can release fear or love or anything around, no wonder all the nightmares. You did it by yourself or you just reacted to a test with your human thinking. Emotions are instantly modifying circumstances if you are already in them.

when you are dreaming

But I need to add the fact that it won’t happen for other cases. You can be transported to a stable Focus 3 place, to an existing “Afterlife” or non-physical place and you can s**t into your non-existent pants, nothing will change. That is the beauty of this. I can’t even count how many times I tested out these. The physical reality, ours, is just a tiny little nothing compared to what is there. Because we are from there and going back later.

The lesson in these or the trick is that if you learned this and you learned to manage your emotional release, learning emotional passivity, you have a much higher chance to NOTICE that Focus 3 is right there. You can just walk out through a door, walk away, or do it your own way. Post-humans who left their post-physical life can be in this same trap! You have a body to escape back to here.

My short story to show you how emotions are modifying stuff when you are dreaming!

It can be called Astral Projecting, having an Out-of-Body Experience (OBE), a Lucid Dream, a conscious dreaming, whatever. The same subjective world and the same mindset. A different approach and varying degree of awareness. The control is yours if you worked for it.

Intent, the aim of what you want does it. You learned emotional passivity, you’ve learned one of the hardest lessons of human or rather physical life! I’m not kidding, it took me 3 decades without knowing it and after I found this fact, I became it, practiced it.

So here you go. After I had maybe a thousand of conscious experiences over maybe 3 years, I’m not sure, it just kicked in. I needed that many experiences to validate what the pros are telling others. That emotions are creating scenes. I had an experience where I guess my guidance elevated my awareness step by step, as usual. As it was my intent (as usual), I was in an unknown city, acted out myself in some meaningless conversations. I was in an open building with a first floor, with some action. The story doesn’t matter.

What happened is, I reached the peak where my awareness level was that high. I just walked out to the nearby city road where a tram line was also there in the middle, parallel to the road. Some people were obviously waiting for the next tram to arrive, in front of me, maybe 15 meters ahead.

Then I realized what’s going on, wait a minute! I released a slight emotional charge of excitement, it equals one moment. Then instantly, some people fluctuated here and there and the physical setup around me changed a little bit. Now that is HOW the non-physical works. You don’t notice it perhaps in your entire lifetime and this is how billions don’t notice a thing. I’m telling it, who worked for it for years.

Okay, I need to admit that I had more of these before but this one was a highly obvious one. You think you know what dreams are when you are dreaming, right?

Reality fluctuations are normal there. If you can’t hold conscious control, a reality overlay takes place and you dive back into your own emotional interplay with your expectations.

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