Out-of-Body Experience – the misleading belief of an OBE

As now I have more free time these weeks, I decided to write a little bit, now about the misleading topic of having an Out-of-Body Experience or OBE for short. An Out-of-Body Experience is a popular term and many people try to do it from fashion or from sheer curiosity. I can’t really write all about it because it would take many pages and many hours from my life which clearly doesn’t worth it. I mean nobody pays for this. So I will explain what is the main problem with the Out-of-Body Experience phenomenon in general.

As usual, I can mention communities and forums where people are trying to share and understand each others’ experience which clearly won’t help at all. Just an advice, never try to replicate the other person’s experiences. It won’t work most of the time. But most people are new to this concept and couldn’t even have one. And they may never have one at all.

You can read more about OBE here under my ebooks and you can get it for free. It is just an overall introduction with explanations for many. It is not a big hit like popular books from known people, I can’t help it. But many known authors are right about it with their own understanding.

The OBE concept is real, scientific thinkers are failing to understand it and many are just following it from fashion or sheer curiosity. And those who are spreading these “truths” about who we are and what is it are not giving a damn that most of these are religious and mystical conditioning. People need these beliefs in general and that is their route in this. I’m not judging but I don’t like that most of these are not explaining a useful thing. You know, just stupidly lay on your back, relax and freak out from everything.

Even those who are writing or speaking about these have little to no experience. Not everybody. If somebody has, they never realized that they lived up their own belief constructs in a thought-responsive world the whole time. Understanding the non-physical is NOT that easy and I’m speaking from thousands of conscious experiences, putting the pieces together – for myself.

Out-of-Body Experience

What is an Out-of-Body Experience or OBE?

From where is it coming from? Many people know Robert A. Monroe and his 3 books of work with The Monroe Institute. This term and the whole practice is thousands of years old and had other terms. We can call it Astral Projection, Dreaming and anything around. The same world for the destination, different approaches, and conscious awareness. You have your own, human-oriented thinking in this.

Monroe started with the good old Out-of-Body Experience practice because he just had the signposts like vibrations. He had many experiences like this and then after he figured out that he is not even in a body and he doesn’t need to roll out or whatever he did, he found out that we are using a focus of primary attention. So phasing came. It is a big hit on the AstralPulse.com and I teach it to some people who are ready to drop this belief.

Basically, an OBE is about relaxing so deeply that the separation starts on its own and you are aware of it with all the signposts above. We just can’t let it unfold. For many, these are also fear barriers. It says, will you continue? And then, he was exploring the Real Time Zone which is the extended physical reality. Of course, everything physical and objective comes from the non-physical. The RTZ is a boring place most of the time. Some may never start there, like me but I was and will there many times without my own intent.

This is why what Monroe’s “unconscious” followers are doing is replicating it and doing energy work. But nobody needs it. For some, the projection experience somehow doesn’t work in other ways. People try to roll out of a body. This is why the energy is automatically creating a body-double. Thomas Campbell likes to joke on this practice too. For me? I’m not that OBE type, rather Lucid Dreamer. I can gather my pieces of information via that approach. It is the natural way for me from my whole life. I just didn’t know about where I was until later.

The Out-of-Body Experience is a mental construct that can be learned over time or you already believed it in your entire life? How is it possible that you can have an OBE? You always thought that you are in a body or you are your body. And in this case, you can experience movement, traveling, because you tend to think via physical reality terms. This is why many who don’t even know a thing and have it will have it like that. Their worldview does that. Expectations are playing a main role in the non-physical.

Why most people can’t get out of their body when practicing the Out-of-Body Experience?

These days or in general, most people are very young, in their teens. Most of them are just finding these practices, like Astral Projection and they try to play with it, practice it because others told them that it is cool, fun and can do anything. Meanwhile, they will encounter their fears which IS necessary to learn and develop multidimensionally. We are here for that purpose too but at a much slower pace.

Most people have no capabilities understanding these above or on my site. They try it without a basic understanding. No wonder about all the fear. And they are bringing the same understanding and personality into their dreams too. Remember, these are just labels…

People are relatively trying to get out of a body. But why? In our world it is natural that in school, we are learning about how we are our brain, consciousness is somehow in it and we are our own body image, our outlook. The actual truth is quite the opposite but you can find out that from the site. Most of these people are materialists, big science believers and many are religious. There is nothing wrong with it but if people don’t let it go, they can’t experience so much. The sad thing that they don’t know that there is that relation in everything.

Even if somebody doesn’t believe it, he/she can still (and many can) experience an Out-of-Body Experience because deep down, they believe in that concept that they are inhabiting a body. OR they fear the death of their body. If somebody doesn’t believe it, he/she still can replicate the belief concept because it is a matter of time and intent. Look at it as you are downloading a method from a vast system for yourself without knowing about it. And one day it comes. Frightening vibrations, sounds, visuals in your “head” (mind), and movements. Fear tests.

Vibration chasing is a very popular thing among these beginners. It is just a signpost and some may never get it. I don’t get it either at all, just warmness. Just don’t… this is a natural process. Even if you get an OBE, chances are, you will need to just let it happen.

Out-of-Body Experience and beginners without knowing a thing

And many people had at least one or few Out-of-Body Experiences or Astral Projections when they were very young. But they now know what it was. At least they believe what it was. But on closed and open forums? These issues are there, I mean hundreds of these daily. Nobody takes research and these people like me are investing energy to explain these for nothing. I’m not kidding, I have enough, many times about dealing with the same topics all over again. I mean when I have these periods to go there and help out some. And it goes on and on like everybody is talking to a virtual wall.

And many of these people are teens. I think I expanded on this enough already on the site. They just think they’ve learned what they can about it. Meanwhile, I’m not kidding, most of it is BS, useless and mystical conditioning. Like there is all the useful stuff on the web and in books (because there are some) but common sense is missing with logic. And there are some who will switch into ego-defending debates childishly. That is not my part in this, I’m just sharing what is real and can be known. Because I can and it helps.

To keep it short, the Out-of-Body Experience or OBE, Astral Projection, Dreaming, Lucid Dreaming, and many others are leading you into the same subjective world where human logic fails and objectivity slaps back with all the beliefs, expectations and emotional charge. If somebody successfully has an OBE, they will fuel this furthermore with their beliefs because this is what the non-physical reflects back to them. But there is much more to this! This is a big school and we have things to learn. Now, this part is totally missing from most people’s understanding.

I hope you found this article very useful, stay on the site, educate yourself, and support me. Enjoy!

Edited on the 2nd of May in 2020.

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