Why Reality Checks don’t work for you for Lucid Dreaming?

It is time to talk about reality checks and why most people who are new to Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection or OBEs are trying to test out some tricks in their dreams. The main issue is that most people who are finding the topic about reality checks are messing up their non-physical experiences, explorations and basic understanding with something else. Which is childish. But we need to start somewhere.

It won’t sound so nice, most people who try out reality checks are children who think that Lucid Dreams are just their imagination and that they can do whatever they want to in their experiences. They think that those are just dreams and they are the only ones there. There is endlessly more to this because most people will find all the nonsense “beginner’s guide” to all of these.

I don’t want to scare away anybody here on my site and for the same reason, I won’t really share what people are trying to do when they try to do reality checks. Okay, maybe some will be on the sample list. And before anybody would take this personally, I’m talking about everybody and trying to give the full insight into what is really happening there.

Most people are immature to all of this. They have no capacity to understand it or they didn’t work with their fears for first. You can’t miss the steps.

reality checks

We are not alone and we are learning. Sure thing. But most people will read all the BS on the internet and from books and believing what others are saying. They deserve to fail with their reality checks all the time. Seriously, most people deserve their nightmares because they didn’t learn what they are doing or what they are experiencing. They didn’t do their researches. Look at my site, there are all the answers and you can test it out personally.

Reality checks are one thing, Lucid Dreaming is another thing

Yes, most people don’t get the basic idea about what is going on in their “dreams”. Okay, non-physical experiences in other words. Some will call them Astral Projections or Out-of-Body Experience because they are all the same thing. Most people don’t get it, not even after hundreds or thousands of nice or bad experiences. Maybe not in a whole physical life as the most.

We, human beings (I mean our physical outlook and our thinking) tend to think that we can control everything. We can’t even control our own life, right?! Why should we think that we can control our experiences in the non-physical? Ah, gotcha. So much BS on the internet and people are parroting each other’s nonsense. We are living a new age of egotism to the max and self-centered self-showing something.

So, most people don’t even understand what a dream is. It is a subjective, non-physical experience in our multidimensional life. It starts to be real, solid and conscious if you walk this path. You simply focus your attention more on this life and the more you will become advanced and conscious of your real nature. If you don’t pay attention like billions, you won’t get so much in return. Guides will still try to open up your mind so some interesting events can take place without your intent.

With reality checks, you can become more aware and play with your tricks but it won’t last forever. Sooner or later, somebody will train you and show you things which you need to face or experience. You see, we can’t really control everything and you are watched. We are doing this for the purpose of the physical life because we are learning something all the time.

Reality checks are just one tool for a conscious sleeping life

Indeed, this site is all about our multidimensional nature, knowing about the non-physical world from where we are coming from. But are you really aware of what is going on? Reality checks are fancy and also practical tools trying to get by or navigating there. It is an endless place without space and time. Our concepts of being a human are still with us, with you. This is why you can still experience it the way you did in your daily life. But enough about it, you can read about these and how thought responsive it is. Not always.

Reality checks are a good way of becoming aware that you are in another reality. Not so many are aware of the non-physical. But what’s next? This is where the most are not getting anywhere. This is a hard fact, most practitioners don’t even know where they are, I mean all the basics are missing. Knowing this for sure after roaming for months and helping hundreds of people not the first time on public forums. The most can’t comprehend or understand what I was saying or even get the basic idea that dreams are not just dreams.  We have things to do and to learn all the time.

If you are good at reality checks, it is just an entry to this endless world. Name it and you can experience it. Maybe guides or parallel selves will help or meet with you. No limits are there but of course, we can’t do just anything. Yes, these are all real.

Reality checks and Focus 3 (“Afterlife”) consensus places, cities, etc.

Seriously, this is where most people are shocked and will turn back from doing this. We are not just human beings, we are using a form, a primary focus. The Afterlife regions are there, this is just a religious or rather mystical term. The most are just doing the same after “death”.

reality checks

I’ve talked about it already, you drop the physical focus and you still hold your body image and personality until you finally forget it. It was for the game.

When you have the chance to be at existing places, Focus 3 cities and at many other places, you can walk around with maximum awareness, like you are doing daytime in this reality. You can be much more conscious and aware. But I can’t prove it to anybody because this is a personal realization and experience thing. Try it and see it for yourself.

It is there, everything is there already, you just don’t focus your attention there. Many people will deny the whole thing and their beliefs will block out the real non-physical world. It is their problem.


By reality checks, you can mess up the local rules, scare locals there (other entities) and you can be kicked our booted out. That is normal. So many kids are playing with this these days because they found these tricks on the internet and because others are doing it too. Then they are confused about why they can’t do it again or they are “stopped”. This is why.

Jumping into the air, flying before residents, messing up structures, punching entities, telekinesis. The list goes on.

When you are doing your reality checks and you can’t still do a thing, there is a reason for it.

Are you really controlled? Find it out, maybe you can’t command your mind that easily. You can find it out alone, don’t follow others! Everything is driven by your intent and what you want.

So, do you think that dreams are just dreams? That they are not real? Think twice after you started to have your own conscious experiences! You can read about anything around and on the site. Enjoy, share it and support my work.