Why Black Friday shopping is soulless and dangerous?

This quick post about the Black Friday subject is not about what I tend to share and talk about in general. Actually, I need to admit that I need to sometimes grab tools that are very useful to get some traffic to the site. I can’t help it, sorry about that. If you are up to spiritual stuff and dreaming, you will enjoy reading here. You can get your answers about your whole life by just starting reading this site.

And of course, I welcome back all my existing Readers and new people. I won’t write so much these days but sometimes, I will.

I wanted to talk a little bit about this Black Friday issue and I’m sure that there are many clickbait titles all over Google on this topic. It is coming, prices are dropping and many people are going crazy from this nonsense. I will just share my thoughts about why it is a stupid thing.

Black Friday and the materialistic nonsense

Okay, let’s see. I will just share my view. I’m working in the retail market in an IT and electronic shop chain right now and I don’t view this whole phenomenon with good eyes. Actually, I will be drained and my body will hurt but I will get over it. It is coming, it is already here, many shop chains are promoting seemingly lower prices already since a week.

If we look at Christmas, people could debate pointlessly but it is always about gifts and buying stuff for others without knowing the other person. If we do, then it is not about loving each other and being kind. And I’m not up to religious debates.

Black Friday

The Black Friday itself is all about shopping for lower prices, with crazy deals. Not to mention that many shops are just not giving that lower price and it seems like that but most people are so dumb and gullible that they will surely spend more. On the other hand, there are crazy deals sometimes. But what about the soulless part? It is indeed just a mystical BS term but it is like that in my opinion.

Most people are so deeply in materialism that they don’t care about things which they clearly need to learn in life. Giving and receiving kindness, love, empathy, enjoying themselves and many others. But I’m not in the position to judge others on this level. We have our own challenges.

What people do is this. They rush into places like a big load of sheep, buying products which they surely don’t need at all but they think they do. There is an exceptional type who is buying on that day or around Black Friday because of just sparing some money for other things. That is okay. Some can’t spend more on certain stuff like a normal-sized Television or a vacuum cleaner. The most are doing this in such a big fashion that they will spend a lot. Spending even more which they don’t have but with interest.

Black Friday in electronic shops and warehouses

The thing is that I can surely tell you a little bit, for example about TVs, like UHD, OLED, QLED, and other stuff. These places are building up storage, way before that date. I’m not doing this work for too long yet but my mind is blown away by only seeing how many TVs will be sold (statistically proven) and that people actually CAN spend that amount of cash. Or for mortgage geez. This is crazy.

The soulless part – to get back to the main dilemma – is that these people don’t need all of these. Most of them. Not all of them. Or I could say expensive iPhones, Notebooks, any other IT or Telecommunication stuff.

Let’s take another example of this. Like having a few days when shops are closed. What people are doing from FEAR? Buying up many mineral water and food for a few days.

Black Friday

Why is it dangerous? Because many people can actually take harm to each other and it is like most people (actually it is the real case) can’t wait for their row, they are impatient, they want discounts, they want it now. Who cares about the sellers or workers there who are trying to give a good service? Like little children, wanting their lollipop. If you know how the mob-mentality works, you may know that this is very dangerous, especially at places where it is overcrowded.


The whole idea about Black Friday is not just about dropping prices, being manipulated for stupid people but about fear. Fear of not getting something for a cheaper discount or having enough.

The mentality itself makes it very dangerous. People can literally step on each other for a stupid electronic device for which they worked a lot but it doesn’t worth a penny because people won’t be happier. They should spend this time together, solving their emotional problems. Just my thoughts.

Working as a slave for months and years for nothing, buying stuff for nothing, not understanding that life shouldn’t be about this. But this is our choice and our mindset.

In the end, this is just something about which we should think a little bit. Does it worth it? Most people are so deeply materialistic that they won’t really understand a thing about life and who we are, what we are and why we are living a physical life. I can assure you that we are not doing it for buying stuff which we don’t need.

Take care of others, be patient and remember that workers there are also good people who just need a good word sometimes for their hard work.

Enjoy reading my site, thank you!

3 thoughts on “Why Black Friday shopping is soulless and dangerous?”

  1. I completely understand this article, as we are now in the midst of a pandemic. I certainly did not stock up on sanitizer or toilet paper but know when I need it I’ll be available. It is not surprising how people hoard such things!

  2. I apologize for the upcoming statement, if you judge it as too harsh. I am not normally a grammar or punctuation Nazi, but the syntax and some of the word usage in many of this writer’s articles, makes it difficult for me to read the articles. Maybe the author doesn’t have time to edit the articles and unfortunately in the present day, there is no Editor responsible for reviewing a writer’s columns. As I said at the beginning, I am sorry, but I have honestly tried to read and think about the author’s take on the subject of the article. I am a writer who has met unreasonable deadlines and opined on subjects that I had no interest in, but I have always taken the time to make sure that my article resonated with and made sense to my core audience. Before everyone pounces on me for not being nice, reread a few of the articles by this writer and then tell me honestly that you didn’t get tripped up by the grammer usage and lack of fleshing out an idea with clear intent. To the author, you are perceived as a professional writer, you should have a higher standard to achieve. Also, I won’t be reading the replies because I meant this comment as a helpful hint to the author and don’t care about the subjective opinion of the typical commenter.

    1. There is nothing wrong with the article or its grammar 🙂 All of the articles on the site are ready to read easily. They are made by a grammar helper also, so I always made sure about the correctness of them. If somebody gets caught on the words and sentences, then it is clear that he/she didn’t come here to learn. This is a knowledge sharing and educational site.

      Even native English speakers noted me many times that I’m writing better than they speak their own language. And I have 25 years of experience in the English language, at least. Think it over again 🙂

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