Why does False Awakening happen? What is it?

After I didn’t write for a month, here is a new post about one question, why does False Awakening happen? Many young people and of course those, who are new to Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection or Out-of-Body Experiences can experience it many times. Let’s be straight, most people are scared of it and can’t put it anywhere. But it is very simple what is it and you should enjoy them.

One thing is sure, if somebody is just interested in these topics but doesn’t want to learn about them or practice them, the game is over. I know how people tend to think, some may start to be interested in all of these and will give up so fast that it is funny.

So, there is nothing new about experiencing our multidimensional nature or at least about saying this same sentence countless times here. Or anywhere on the Internet, where people are sharing their non-physical experiences. At least their “lucid dreams”. Most people are so lazy that they never take deep researches which an intelligent person could do, validating what others are sharing as beliefs. I’m not sharing any beliefs.

About my activity, no comment on it, returning readers will figure out on their own, what is the problem. I’m not leading a show but an informative, self-help knowledge-base site.

Why does False Awakening happen? What is it for?

I used to write about this one a long time ago and tried to express why it is a very good thing and can be enjoyable. But why it happens and why is it so scary to many? Let’s be clear, the most are not even there to comprehend what they are, who they are and where they are dreaming. Most people just don’t have this intellectual ability and understanding.  Our general society lacks the faculties to understand these and school is not teaching us to useful things in life. We can’t even comprehend this for years or decades, the most. It is for a reason.

People like me, who can understand this easily have this path in our main core. I can’t help it, I was always aware of myself to a certain degree and my type is mostly alone with this. But this also means that all of us are on the path of awareness elevation and self-realization. Now, as usual, this site and my articles are not mostly about me but about us and who we are. I wrote these articles to let others learn a lot without nonsense talk.

When you get a False Awakening, you will get it from your guidance because sometimes you need to experience it too. Maybe you caused it somehow but it doesn’t matter because others are helping you. You simply just believe that you are physically awake, or that you are making it up all. This is a fashion these days, younger people believe they are doing all the stuff, even when they can’t control a thing. You have certain memories about where you are, your daily life and you are going on, until it just falls off, wait a minute, you are still sleeping! Then you wake up for real.

Why does False Awakening happen

Actually these terms are useless because you are already wide awake in the non-physical world. Because as I stated many times, we are multidimensional. We are living countless lives right now, we are just focusing our primary attention “there”.

What is it for? In short, I already told you so. Somebody wants you to realize how real everything else, every other “world” is. You are making it more real by focusing your attention and intent on this. This is why billions who are dreaming will never feel it real. I mean their dreams or non-physical experiences, as usual. They don’t want to and can’t break out from that habit, from being unconscious. We are brainwashed and misled and we don’t know what dreams are. Other than stupid symbolism, that’s all to it, “subconscious” noise. And with all the thousands of years old mystical nonsense.

What is it so scary to many people?

Mostly because it will suddenly challenge many people’s beliefs about what is real, that we are not our body and we keep functioning as consciousness. Or that the physical world is just one of the many. Here, a stupid story comes in. Some people clearly believe that they are acting still in the physical world because it feels… physical. Like our human world. I dealt with this nonsense issue before with many people but you can’t make youngsters understand that their own human-like thinking makes their experiences like that.

In short and it is repeated not just here. You will experience your own mindset and expectations instantly. If not instantly, then over time. Same for nightmares and shadow people and you can find those articles too.

The non-physical or NP is thought responsive when you are a starter and as you think and believe, it will become like that. It is physical and human-like because you are doing it, expecting to be that way.

For example, in the NP, you still act and walk with a body because you have that expectation to have one. So that will become real. You can drop it down and become a point of consciousness, what we are basically.

So it becomes scary because you are copying the world (your home, friends, family, places which you know) there according to your memories and expectations. And it is scary because people are so addicted to human life and their school life or job life, that they fear that it will break apart. I mean that they are doing the same, going to work in their False Awakenings too and they are scared because something is wrong or out of ordinary. Or they can’t comprehend the whole thing after they woke up and can’t enjoy this.

Seriously. Our physical life is a game too, a virtual one but our primary attention is here. If somebody has this experience, their fear is about not being able to wake up to their slavery life. To their routines which they did for years or decades. They are in fear because they can’t think outside of the box of indoctrination. Most people don’t know that there is endlessly more to our multidimensional life.

Why does False Awakening happen

So, what’s up with this non-physical experience which we call False Awakening?

Others will call these, like dreams or Lucid Dreams. Despite the labels, it is the same. You are aware that you are in another reality. Actually, there are the non-physical and countless physical Universes.

It is not new if you had even one. But it can be either fun or scary if you have it for the first time. As I stated, most of humanity is so underdeveloped in understanding even a thing in the physical world too (not to mention the non-physical), they will be surely scared.

Religious beliefs are also making it worse. You don’t find useful information not even in most books on the market. All people are telling the same BS, starting with Out-of-Body Experiences and talking about religious beliefs and angels, gods. Because it is a thought responsive world, what you believe will become real. Yes, you can experience your beliefs first-hand.

Actually most of the time – if not all the time – guides will initiate these to let you learn about yourself and who you are for real. I mean without playing a character which you are doing right now, thinking you are a human. We are so addicted to human life that not all of us can understand or digest the whole thing. If you want to, it is your choice.


So, why does False Awakening happen? Because it is the default from the many potential experiences. It is default by our nature. Normally, we are constantly focusing our primary attention on our daily life. When we are sleeping, we are experiencing furthermore because life is also just a huge chain of experiences. Billions are in great fear of death, their physical body’s.

You can ask anybody around you in normal cases. Everybody is guessing. But you can experience these.

False Awakening is a label for a non-physical experience, for a certain type. You simply have a certain memory about doing something or a task in hand and once you realized that you are still asleep physically, being wide awake in the non-physical, the game can be over soon and you will phase back and wake up. You can get multiple ones at the same time, maybe 4-5 in a row. What freaks people out is that they can’t “wake up” physically lol. Just enjoy them and try to understand them. Don’t be a chicken if you want to learn about these.

I think most people are in fear after even one of them because they don’t know a thing and they don’t want to. Look around on the site and educate yourself. You can support my work too which is rare.

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