Why digital devices, screens and phones don’t work properly in dreams?

To just finish September with an interesting phenomenon and because I rarely write these weeks, I wanted to share the issue about digital stuff and why screens and other human-made stuff aren’t working many times properly in Lucid Dreams. As usual, I mention public forums and why people don’t get the main idea about these and that they are in the non-physical world. It doesn’t matter, anybody can encounter these.

Actually, the phenomenon itself is very frustrating for the most or confusing and in the end. It is just how our expectations are causing so-called reality fluctuations. There is a big main problem with all of these. People who are experiencing these and gaining more awareness or lucidity are noticing it but without even knowing in what type of reality they are in. Most people have no idea about the non-physical world and how it works. Seriously. People like me have a hard time telling this to others. They just can’t comprehend it or believe it. Not even after their OWN experiences in their face.

To keep this problem short, there are physical realities like this one AND the non-physical from where physical realities are stemming out as a vast system. It seems to be perfectly physical because we are doing it that way. Expectations. But soon, it starts to be confusing or rather funny (for me) when you encounter these issues.

Our own daily life is a Lucid Dream too if we play with these terms. Of course, I can’t make people believe what I say is the way it works unless they experience it again and again. I tend to rather say that, go there, work for it, experience it. Most people have this hard time to even comprehend how real everything is. And many are so lazy. I know that most teenagers are trying to do these from escapism but actually they are entering their own multidimensional life. Funny, isn’t it?

Lucid Dreams

Why screens and devices are not working properly in the non-physical or on other words in Lucid Dreams?

What do you know about the basic rules in “dreams”? Check my site and all of the articles are giving you the answers. Work for it! Not here, in your sleep life. But why is this a big issue?

It is a big issue because many people sooner or later will face this phenomenon and they stay confused. Like their little world just crashed because they don’t know what to do with this. It is not what they “know” or “learned”. They thought that it can’t happen. Or that “dream characters” are unreal. Okay, I won’t hug my face, we need to start somewhere. Let’s talk about the main issue.

There is this so-called reality fluctuation issue. We use this term in Astral Projection and in short, projection places/sites where we talk these out. I’ve learned it too from there and grew myself out on my own. When you have uncontrolled thoughts and emotions, they will do that. On anything. You can be in a stable Focus 3 environment and you will still cause fluctuations to a minimum degree. Some people use these glitches as reality checks.

Well, it is a good idea. You will instantly elevate your awareness towards a bigger goal. I think the big problem with this practice for the 99% of people is that they just don’t know a thing where they are “lucid dreaming”. Because the general population is clearly don’t.

Maybe it doesn’t fall off until the 1000th time. I’m serious, for most people, they can’t let go of their physical life perception. And if you don’t, you don’t experience more or you will block out more from your perception. Like there is a car roaming towards you but you deny that it is there.

These reality fluctuations or glitches are there because the non-physical doesn’t understand these concepts so fully, as we are!

But why? Because we are the ones who are dealing with physical life, physical objects and constructs in a limited reality. Despite the stupid fact that most of humanity thinks everything comes out from us and the world revolves around us. And we just appeared out of an anomaly from the womb. Geez.

While we live here or in any other physical Universe, we will surely learn to interact with objects and use them. Modern world means modern tools. Like watches, clocks, mechanical stuff, digital stuff, screens, etc. These tools have no real use there.

When you try to think the same way there, in a thought responsive world, it doesn’t work all the time that way, how you learned it. Like reading, the alphabets are flowing away or changing. It becomes nonsense. You can use these to elevate your awareness and it is an automatic thing. Or speaking, many are freaked out when they start to “speak” telepathically without their mouth.

Sometimes you are automatically rushing into places which will resemble your room, home or circumstances in your physical life. It is many times instant or you are just gaining your awareness back there in these places. They are most of the time (if not parallel lives) are copies of your daily life. Why? To test your awareness, capabilities, reactions, etc. We can have fun and also learn many things while we have fun. At least some people will realize how our physical world is not the only one. But most people are so immature and hopeless for even understanding a word from this, that they are cannot be helped.

Your expectations are the key in Lucid Dreaming or just when you are consciously exploring the non-physical world

So you look at your phone’s screen for the time (the phone is a copy of the physical one) or you look at your PC’s screen and it seems to be normal. And these can still work 100% perfectly, experiencing false awakening right there. But when you look away and look back multiple times, it may have less and less sense. Remember that there is no time there, not even the concept is existing there. You will know this after many experiences.

Lucid Dreams

In the end, you are shocked, confused or with practice, burst into laughter. Or just get big awareness and walk out from that place. It is up to you. If you worked for your awareness, go to other places or test out other stuff.

This is partly how Lucid Dreaming works. The mechanics about these in a nutshell. If you are good at this, elevating your awareness, test these out. My mentor friend told me about these and I found these very funny back then when I tested these many times.

You can still do this after years or decades later, this is just one small hint from your life-long journey. You can do just anything IF you have the proper degree of awareness. I repeat it and this is what the most don’t want to understand, you need to work for it. It is not in your head at all, just an organ which is not you.


Okay, what to do with this? At least you now know about it. You can test them many times and use them as a kickstart if you didn’t have proper awareness level. Remember that your thinking will cause many things. And still, this can happen. If you didn’t cause it, then maybe a guide of yours is testing your reactions. We are never alone, we just don’t really sense them without practice.

With these experiences, you are growing constantly and you will have a very deep understanding about how it feels like experiencing the non-physical, our homeland from a physical perspective. You don’t have a body (an automatically copied one basically) and you don’t have senses. It seems to be that you have but it is automatic.

But you still tend to behave the same way as a human being and experience through that filter. I think it is awesome. And I think I share too much because people are lazy and scared to find these out on their own lol.

For me, these reality fluctuations can give me high awareness and then I’m free to roam onto other NP places. It worths all of your efforts.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this one too and I hope you can share the site, the articles and support my work if you are able to.

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