Status report at the end of September of 2019.

I have much less free time these days but I’m not in the mood even to write about anything. Some people may noticed it. Despite the fact that there is a lot to finish in my unfinished draft section. These weeks, I was on Reddit again. From time to time I decide to go back there into  (mostly) the LucidDreaming sub and check if I can help out some serious-minded people. I’m doing it and not so many are giving a damn about it.

There is much more to this story and I just share the basic problem. It is not just about Reddit, a stupid forum where people can create groups (subs) where they drop up their cry. We live in a world where this goes on and on endlessly. Like you listen to an old lady who cries out her problems and then goes away and you are energy-drained lol.

I can guess how many times I’ve read for example problems and cries about “HELP” from Sleep Paralysis events, nightmares and others. And the solution? People like me rarely go to these places to give a complete explanation. I repeat it, I mention Reddit but it is just one place.

As some of you (beginners) know already what I’m talking about, many of you came to my site after we had some discussions there. It is because I try to avoid offering this site (to learn from) if I see that some people are so full of themselves or not even open to anything that I risk the site’s reputation. So to speak. Of course, anybody can find the site.

I will share some thoughts and that’s all to it. Don’t try to grab out some words from the context.

People who give it up soon and disappear

I worked with many people already, with beginners and people who knew about the non-physical world already maybe from practicing Astral Projection or Out-of-Body Experience. The most are just interested in all of this, mostly very young people, teens. Some are keeping up the work and most won’t. They don’t even comprehend anything about what dreams are. Not because of the use of my words and terms, it is plain simple. Most-people-don’t-get-the-whole-thing. Nothing new for me.

Do you know what makes me mad sometimes? All those stupid techniques which people are totally mixing up with Lucid Dreaming and they don’t even know that they are phasing into the non-physical or they are trying to project with all the signposts. They didn’t read a thing about these and not on the right place. I think they deserve it. I see this daily and grabbing my face. No, I’m not a hypocrite at all, not because of that. I blame all the stupid people with fame-making videos on Youtube and parroting sites with the same mystical BS and most people have no brain to even understand the whole thing. Poor people get there, they are not so intelligent to look after these and they end up in these frightening conditions. But of course, it is not my job to save everybody lol.

I remember, sometimes I rush into some people who don’t get the idea why I want to help or if I try to manipulate anybody. Geez, if somebody even thinks about it, they are already being manipulated in their life. I will stay away from these people fast.

In the past, if I speak about just any age groups, the most are doing the whole thing for some weeks and disappear. I don’t get this. Okay, I need to work too but come-on… They don’t give a damn about that I helped for free. Most people don’t really value this whole multidimensional thing. This is our real life. Maybe there will be decades passing by until these people realize how big this thing is and very important? I don’t know, maybe some of us can comprehend this fully and fast. If I speak about the AstralPulse from where I grew out, people are still blinding themselves with religious beliefs and speaking crap always. That is not knowledge or help but self-fooling and walking in a circle.

This is a relationship so to speak. I can imagine all of those famous workshop people all over the world where they are asking for a certain price and people are just giving up after a while. I tried it, people don’t value this at all. Or they don’t work for it while they are paying for the service. Do you know what WE as humanity are valuing? All the materialistic stuff which others are buying too. Car, house, gold, unnecessary stuff in our daily life. We won’t even carry these back to the non-physical world.

So in general, most people are so unserious and unreliable that people like me can’t do a thing. I don’t want to, really. I’m not a mainstream teacher or sort of like that. I don’t call myself anything despite the fact that others are looking at me as a mentor. But I don’t need to explain myself to my returning Readers and Friends who got the energy to know me better.

Reddit is the s**thole of the Internet

Yes, Reddit. You would ask yourself, Phil, why are you going there if it is the same end-result all the time? I tend to ask myself too. There is an urge in me that sometimes when I have more free time, I try to go there and solve these non-physical, LD and other related problems. To help people realize how much they don’t know and they can! That they can explore that world on their own and that we are coming from there. People are endlessly flushing up their problems which I avoid but if some can learn from me, I offer my help and eventually this site is built for that.

Maybe I’m a stupid somebody that I’m doing this for free despite the fact that the Donation option is barely touched.

I struggled with this site since the beginning and I don’t have other options. Having some mood, writing, then stopping for a while. Social media is the doom of our society. No way again. Public forums are full of renting kids (sorry, not you!) who don’t even read back the responses. And older people are ending up… I don’t know where, maybe on Youtube, watching crap. It is a show where people want to be famous.

Do you have nightmares all the time? You are unable to progress furthermore or something is blocking you out from staying aware in the non-physical? Anything around and you don’t even accept the basics about where you are? Good luck, I wish a good suffer for you. Okay, not you who are reading this but to them. I feel stupid that I try to help and these people are not even listening. They are the ones asking for help. In the end, we can’t help others. I knew this already, I’m just telling this to learn from.

The main problem is this. The general population doesn’t know a thing. About anything beyond our daily life. Dreams. And that’s all to it. Others stuff are weird, paranormal, brain-related, “subconscious”, etc. I don’t need to rant about it, the site contains it already. Btw I’ve met virtually so many LAZY people who don’t even read through the articles to extract the information. How lazy our society is? Why people like me made these sites? And I knew that this is the case already. And I waste my energy there, maybe here too.

I’m doing this for the second reason that the traffic is still not that high, no matter what I tried and too much effort is already in this site. I wish others would do the same effort and work than me. I CAN’T beat all the nonsense and BS spreading sites on the Internet but at least, I can save some people from the darkness. Not my job but if somebody is ready, my help is giving them the kickstart. In the end, most people can’t comprehend the whole multidimensional nature thing. Seriously, most people’s mental capacity doesn’t allow a thing to be digested.

“We” as humans just don’t believe it. It is in the LD practitioners’ face all the time, how real it is, how it is our non-physical life, that we are encountering our fears and that feels and looks physical because we are doing it, but no, it is unreal and not “reality”. I can’t bet this dumbness. I shouldn’t care because at least I’m doing my own life there too.

There was a stupid debate on somebody’s part about bad eyesight and Lucid Dreaming. I tried to tell that you can see better with vision training and that I know what I’m talking about and then I got a debate and that stupid devoting system was there. I don’t get this nonsense what is going on there. Just one example about stupidity. You deny it, it doesn’t exist, right?

About the site these days and in general

So I always gather some mood, write more and then my mood is over, I hate this whole thing. Why? People’s behavior. That they s**t on the whole thing. Some may believe this is a show… it is not. Because I can’t change others and I never wanted to, I need to just pull in the breaks and rest for a while from these. And this also doesn’t pay my bills. This issue stayed with the site from the start. Some good people supported me with some metaphoric amounts and still doing in the background, so thanks to them.

Maybe this will go with this site for years until I close it but it is free for all. I already saved decades of knowledge for many and sharing them. Who cares, huh? Sorry, this is not ranting at all, this is a “status report”. Ah, and doing all of these normally with tired eyes, no mood and still being very kind to everybody because that is my basic nature. I’m stupid that I gave in so much energy even when I was tired many times. For articles, for people.

Nothing personal. Really. Enjoy reading on the site, I’m there but it just f**ks me up what behavior and attitude people have in general. This is not new to me. Sorry for the language, this site is youngster friendly basically. But in my opinion, those thousands of people deserve suffering even if we talk about the Lucid Dreaming category or that most people only have intelligence (which is not that at all) to find some videos on Youtube, believe the first things, avoid deep research and critical thinking and join to groups who are never even understanding with what they are playing with. That is not my job. This is a very stupid position if we sum it up. But most of our world is made up from sheeple, they want to join to others. Seriously, we are all alone in this and our experiences are personal.

But because people don’t get this basic thing, they share all their non-physical stuff with others, thinking that somebody else will just instantly solve their problems. Even if some write up their stuff each day.

What people, especially young people want? Everything and fast. That is a big nono, not even in this practice or knowledge or whatever. It works in the non-physical but not in our world.

So… enjoy reading. I can’t ask for anything because almost nobody does a thing. Respect for a few people. But I mean, “at least” sharing the site. Why should anybody share a great site with a big, reliable knowledge base poured into articles? Let’s be selfish and don’t give a damn about the other one’s work, right? Okay, I’m chuckling lol. I guess this issue will stay with the site and with my work for years. It doesn’t change because people are like that.

I guess I should rather watch some cat petting vids on Youtube instead of writing this one here lol.

2 thoughts on “Status report at the end of September of 2019.”

  1. I just randomly came across your website while searching information on multidimensionality and I wanted to sincerely thank you for all the information you are sharing. I know it can be extremely frustrating to try to help people when you see zero effort from them. All they want is to just dump their problems on you and wait while you solve them for them. That’s just the nature of this world I guess…. But I personally plan to dig deep into all the information you’ve shared so far. I sense your genuine energy of someone who really wants to wake people up to the reality. Once again thank you!

    1. Thank you, you pointed the main issue out well. I hope you stay here and maybe you send an email to continue. I’m there for people and sometimes interesting people are asking me about many stuff. Maybe if more people would help my work and share the site, it would do much more in the long run.

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