360 degree vision – How it works in the non-physical world?

Here is an interesting issue about what you can experience in the non-physical world via various methods and this one is the 360 degree vision. Now, I need to state that I still didn’t experience it but after individual cases (which I know), I can share the whole phenomenon and how it works.

It doesn’t matter how you reach out to this experience. You can do it with Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience, there are many tools. You end up in the same, non-physical world. Maybe many will be new to this, even who are proficient with these approaches. You simply train yourself (or I help if needed), know the basics, become passive and keep yourself there as best as you can. It is NOT an easy job. Maybe after decades of doing this.

The 360 degree vision is just from the many which will clearly confuse and blow away people, who realized that they are not their body, they won’t ever die (just the body itself) and they are multidimensional. I will give a quick insight into this. Actually, the whole site is built to help people realize this. My traffic is stagnating but let’s hope if people will share it after I packed so much effort into this over 2 years.

360 degree vision

Why 360 degree vision and how it works?

Actually, it is initiated by your intent, when you try to dissolve all the physicality from your mindset. Intent is the key for everything, even for physical life. I will try this with many others later but I have still other priorities in my life in the NP. Others may only tried out dissolving their body slowly, like your hands are just dissolving into nothingness. It is fun to do.

The thing is that for first, you need to experience the NP consciously, maybe hundreds or a thousand of times to even comprehend how it works. If you’ve learned from my articles, you have a much faster development in this. The whole site is made for this primary goal to help avoid all the BS and religious stuff which is haunting the internet and other sources.

So basically, let’s say you past the big barrier, still thinking you are physical. Because we are not. We are coming from there, focusing our primary attention into this narrow band of awareness and taking part in this limited game which we call life. When you had many experiences, you can go further in this and test out how limited and animal-like our vision is!

The 360 degree vision is not just a fun tool to try out. Or confusing one lol. You can be sure that you were never a human being at all. We are just stupidly trying to believe that we are the game character.

It is mindblowing and confusing how the 360 degree vision works in the non-physical!

Because to tell the truth, people who tried it out were amazed and confused at the same time. Even William Buhlman talks about it, being passionate about the OBE belief system. I’m not promoting anybody but sometime sI drop in some useful names. You simply become blown away how it works. You see everything around you at once! I can’t really pour this into words but you need to get to that stage of self-development.

As I only can relate to people who tried it out, well I’ve learned a lot from others too about everything when I started out this journey. We learn from each other. This vision thing is also confusing and here is why. In general, our vision is defined by the physical body. If not being human, then trying out another life form.

360 degree vision

You try to navigate in a room. The left is right, the up is down. Good luck LOL! I remember I saw some representations of how it looks like. Like a drawing on a paper or a picture. You are an energy being without a form, a speck of light. There are many terms but I would avoid religious BS for this too. You simply have a hard time to even move to the direction which is ahead of you. I guess guides can sense sight the same way, I don’t know that one for sure yet. But you can play with it if you reached that stage.


The 360 degree vision is just one play tool to try out there. Or to test your multidimensional nature. For every people who ask me, I say, try it out, don’t believe me. Test it, learn it, I’m there for help too and the site is built for this. I will do it too later on my part.

This is the real you, your real nature if you get to this stage. And there are countless other options, like seeing the energy grid or matrix, sensing others there and many more.

Do you see how limited we are? Not just in this but how our civilization even approaches dreams and washes them off as unreal nonsense stuff. If you liked this one share it with others and I’m happy if you can support me.

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