Understanding the objective vs subjective from a non-physical perspective

One of my Reader mentioned this issue about understanding the objective vs subjective perception or issue and how it works and I admit that I didn’t write a complete article about this issue yet. Well, it was in a draft, being unwritten but it will help many people to understand how our real nature works.

I can tell a hundred times how we are not our body, the world is subjective and we interpret it in an objective way (objective vs subjective) and that we are multidimensional but many people will lack the proper understanding of this. About our multidimensional perception. It is not working the same way what others are guessing about this whole issue if you take Google researches and will find the first hits.

To tell the truth, most people lack the basic understanding or critical faculty about all of these. Maybe this is the case that many people read some articles and move on. They don’t even work for it.

The objective world is automatically interpreted by us (no matter in what form we are existing) and the subjective is the real source which contains the information. In short, even our physical reality is subjective. Let’s see which one is which and how do they work. The main problem is that we try to understand an endless source with our limits. Like I tend to describe it, pushing down an unlimited source through a sinkhole. This mostly happens in the non-physical. You get an information package and you can’t digest it.

As usual, an open mind is needed with curiosity to learn and you need to read through a few times to digest it.

Objective vs subjective, the main explanation

We are using a biological vehicle as our primary focus and our 5 senses are limiting down what we can perceive in this reality. Our body is configured to this certain range of “frequency”. Like light, colors, sounds, smells, etc. Other lifeforms will see more or less according to us, experience sounds on other frequencies or interpret other stuff on other means. Interpretation is the key, not beliefs. We can widen our broadband a little bit or open up for more (psychic, ESP abilities).

objective vs subjective

Objective means that we try to numerate things, describe things in simple terms. Like objects and structures around us. We give them colors because that is how the consensus reality works. We give attributes to things around us, give value, attach beliefs to certain things. So we are limiting ourselves down for the sake of this consensus reality game.

We try to objectify everything around us because this is how we build up or pull up a defensive barrier around us and our ego. To know things or measure things. Everything around us exists as an observable, 3D form but because we are constantly interpreting them with the body. We try to understand everything in a 3D way and the space-time illusion helps in this. Without it, we can’t structure so much and we can’t have experience in a limited world. So in a nutshell, this is objectivity. Something can be this or that.

If you get the main idea, normally, we don’t have all of these rules and body stuff. Meanwhile, our humanity starts their assumption FROM the body and our world. Like we are just some sort of anomaly from a biological thing.

Subjective is everything else, like a limitless world which is the non-physical. Everything is coming from there. Subjective means that “it depends on your perception” in my dictionary. You narrow down something into objective terms to let yourself understand it, walk it around and know it better.

Of course, there are many nonsenses and good explanations about these but our world and science lack the main element. Knowing about the non-physical world and that we are coming from there. They deny the whole thing (not all of them) because it doesn’t fit into their model. So we are looking into the wrong direction, towards an objectified Universe with telescopes and microscopes. We try to understand an interpreted form all the time. We try to search for the tiniest particles.

Sorry if I leave out some issues but I can’t gather all that I know under one article lol. And it is long.

Objective vs subjective in the physical reality

In this actual reality or physical Universe how we call it, we experience everything objectively. We categorize everything and this is why we have so many categories about everything. If something deviates from a basic norm, it will be labeled in other ways. How many times did you hear the sentence, “in reality…” and people don’t even know that this is just one. We are always comparing everything according to this game place.

It is very similar to projection practices. Some may call their experiences Lucid Dreams, most of our civilization will call them just dreams because they are untrained and unconscious. And others will call them Remote Viewing, Near Death Experience, Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience, etc. There are many terms but the same multiverse. No, not the scientific way.

In our physical reality, we need to objectify things to let us navigate through physical life while we try to find our way in this mess. It is like when you go out from your basement, explore a few stuff and go back to process it. We are limiting down the input which we receive. It doesn’t matter if for example a color labeled as “red” because some may interpret it as “orange” or “purple” from their infant ages. Even our sight can be 360-degree in the non-physical, so we have an animal vision.

There are many examples. Like living up our self-fulfilling truths and we are masters of that. The “truth” is a civilizational construct which builds up from the belief cores and constructs onto which we tend to subscribe. Frank K. summed this up pretty well on the AstralPulse. Then this will filter out each individual’s perception. A religious person will clearly believe in many stuff and prone to also believe what isn’t there in this reality. And still, each individual’s perception is unique. I could label this article as “perception” btw.

So in short, our objective reality is not really objective but our ground rules as a civilization are turning our place into a consensus reality. We subscribe up to the main rules, we store these beliefs about what is what and what is true in our mind’s surface in the non-physical world. We are not in the brain nor our memories. Then we are living our lives according to these objective terms which we believe are the only things to experience. Well, we came here to experience through these limits.

One of the flawed objective thinking is that science tries to search for consciousness – a formless entity experiencing physical life – in the brain and body. We try to measure and quantify things. We try to see atoms and quarks which are also on the edge of the real subjectivity. The physical rules are not so solid if you look at them that closely. Like the double-slit experiment.

And who knows what we can do if we liberate our minds. I could mention Telekinesis in this case and that it is completely real and possible. We just hear so much negative influence that we are blocked from believing that it can be done. I will learn it later in my life and it is completely real, others are just fooling people with fake stuff and denying the whole thing because it never fits into their limited worldview.

objective vs subjective

Objective vs subjective in the non-physical world, in our homeland

Okay, let’s look at the real deal. We are coming from the non-physical world, like creating these virtual characters to play a game. Very similar to the Sims simulation game. But while we are here with our primary focus, we have a huge advantage and we can explore the non-physical objectively. Yes, from here. We have the chance to explore this endless world with limits because normally we don’t have limits there.

We are a formless energy being with experiences and we tend to play these characters to learn and grow and know ourselves better. So with a physical body which filters out the information from the subjective world, we will limit down everything. It is solid and real. When we are asleep, we tend to think and act the same way just like a human being. It is because we are still in the character! Not because we are our body and reflection with the characteristics. Your dreams are your non-physical life.

No matter what approach do you use, dreaming, projection, phasing, etc. You can do it in many ways. We just have these categories right now because how we enter the non-physical world is different and also our awareness level about being there too. People just don’t believe a thing about this and labeling it paranormal. Not everybody is ready to become aware of who they are and what they are. Preconceived beliefs and what is told is real, they can’t allow this to happen. Fear is the other source of this with doubt. I think in human terms, some millions are only able to do this.

Look at some examples of objectifying ourselves. We tend to call animals like that cat or that dog, not even knowing that an actual entity uses the body. We are all doing it. Or in the non-physical, we want to give names to guides. But it is totally unnecessary, they don’t need it. We need it to objectify others. What we are doing in our physical life is not so beneficial there. Like language and talking with vocal cords, behaving like a human being. And the most are doing the same after their death. Nothing changed because you didn’t change.

How we filter out an endless, timeless, subjective non-physical world is up to our perception, our limits. If we think that everybody should have a form or human form, it will be like that many times. So, if we believe that those who help us are angels, then you will experience it through a belief filter. If you believe that you don’t see anything, it will be like that. Or that you can fly, you will.

The non-physical and our perception

We try to force our human, limited perception to understand a thought responsive world. Most of the physically playing entities are not so good at thought control and emotional control. These are the critical ones. For them, their life game is mostly about this which they slowly learn, if they ever will. Why? Because nobody wants to be next to you in the non-physical when you manifest all your fears and emotional stuff instantly around you.

But also, we can surely experience things as they are. We have just these stupid limits for some stuff. But human experience is valuable for the same reason. It is honorable to try out physical life and our options are endless.

objective vs subjective

Let’s see the main examples of subjective tools: mental imagery, imagination itself, feelings and emotions, telepathy, impressions, intuition, love, and there are many more. Simply put, what is not physical and we can’t measure them. I repeat it, the non-physical is endless and we are limited. It is right there where you are, on a different channel of reality.

We try to understand it like an ant wants to understand a million-year advanced civilization, observing it. Most people have no concepts in their mind about most of these or even understanding what is thought responsive or endless. Some of us are fortunate to understand these fast but most of us are unable to do it. Most of us are simply not there as a human race.

Why everything is rather subjective?

It is something which I tried to prove to myself that even our physical reality is also subjective, we are just limiting ourselves down. Not an easy thing to investigate and for the correct answers, you can only prove this to yourself, maybe over decades. I will have my long path too in finding out things but you can’t really find real answers in this reality, trying to always looking to the outside. Or trying to take researches where people are always guessing on ideas and theories. They lack the necessary non-physical side of all of these.

Almost everybody looks into the worst direction.

So you have your conscious non-physical life or you can project, let’s find out for yourself. In my opinion, our outside world is not so solid and strict. There are some basic rules which we can’t defy but it is not how it is. We are living in an interdimensional overlay which we call the physical world. If you have thousands of conscious non-physical experiences even in your sleep life, you can put the pieces together slowly.

For example, existing Focus 3 or Afterlife places are more real and more stable than this physical world. Check the Focus Model articles. I first learned about these and then validated it. There are no disasters, no need for a body to fuel it, no need for sleep, etc. But still, post-humans are doing the same human stuff there. We can’t let go of the whole illusional game thing.

These are all making it more real. Well, we are coming from there. What the big difference is that we need to learn to control our thought and emotional release and it will become as solid as nothing else. Then roam around or go to higher realms. This in itself is the biggest key to even Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming or to even life itself in these limited worlds like ours.

Do you really know the world around you? I hope at least some people understood the real deal here. Share the site, support my work if you can and enjoy learning here.

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