Explaning what happens to people being in coma

This is actually a new idea about coming out of coma and I thought, watching this Youtube video below that hey, maybe I can explain this to some people, who will share the real deal.

This idea was in my pocket for a long while. I’m talking about coma and what people are experiencing in this altered state. There are many problems from which people should learn in this case. The main problems are with understanding who we are and where are we.

Are we really that person with that body? Read this article about explaining the mechanics of coma and how people are stuck in the non-physical world where we are dreaming.

Stay open and you can learn a lot. I know many people are so ego-driven, materialistic, defending scientific “facts” and they can’t let go of old, civilizational ideas. Science is a great thing and we wouldn’t be this civilization without it but put it aside.

Coma and your conscious awareness, thinking you are your body

Altered states of your conscious awareness are fluctuating many times even daytime. You can instantly lose awareness too when an injury happens. Our you may faint from lack of blood pressure, drugs, anything. Same for us, falling asleep. We blackout because we got used to it from our childhood. You need to override it with effort.

Of course, there are many cases with similar experiences from people who came back to their physical body focus. What the outside observer only notices is that the person finally wakes up. Maybe with loss of control, inability to speak or anything.


Well, if you don’t lose your capabilities, they will fade away, unfortunately. We learn to use our senses and communication skills from our baby years.

And also scientist are clueless with parents or loved ones themselves. Why? Because we usually see a body. And science searches for the person inside the body. On what foundations our civilization is based right now is still highly misunderstood.

We don’t understand the whole process of physical life and we always look into the outside world. We try to catch consciousness in physical vehicles for measurements. Or religion is the other way. Seriously?

One example of coma for an extended period of “time”

Check the video below, to see what I’m talking about and I only share it as the reference for the article, I guess his name is Martin Pistorius (I only discuss his case and about coma in general and I just found it):

I would advise you to stay open to new ideas because there are no paranormal or weird. Living in denial won’t give answers and we are masters of this behavior of ego-defense. We just deny anything out of our illusional life and we are scared in general.

People just don’t learn so much about these or about anything in life while it lasts. Especially about how we should love each other more. This site is built for the purpose to explain even these issues too. I hope it reaches out to many people around the world.

Explaining the coma issue and how people are trapped in the non-physical world

From some unknown reason, he started to lose proper control over his physical body. I don’t want to discuss this issue in vast details because the coma issue is one phenomenon from the many and the exact same misunderstanding plays out. Even from the sufferer’s side. We should just you know, learn about these but we don’t know from where. Most people will build from the outside world and what others told them.

And… there is NO supernatural at all anywhere. Our world simply just denies that it is actually as real as the physical world because we are physical world and body-fixated. Especially after I understood how our Wider Reality works in a multidimensional way. But others need time to digest this. I started out somewhere too, right?

So we are consciousness, using a physical vehicle as our primary focus. We need to agree on the physical reality rulesets before we enter here or into other Universes. Then you have a body to start with, to know about and learn to control as a child.

Bad things can happen, this guy lost control gradually over his physical body at a young age. He is not in it, nor you, we are simply being attached to a body focus for the sake to play physical life. You need to read my articles to better understand this.

When people have coma from diseases, brain injury or from any others, they lose the proper control. Control over the brain device which interprets the outside world and also it uses the nervous system to control the body. Look at the body as a robotic suit (biomechanical which we need to fuel) otherwise, we can’t interact with the physical reality. Now, this happens to all of these people.

Our current scientific worldview doesn’t want to change from the practice that we try to catch consciousness through devices. Measuring brain activity and seeing biochemical changes. I was there when I was also building my worldview from science, it is not beneficial when you want to really understand how it works.


People in a coma can’t focus back their primary attention while their body is in shock or in any other bad condition

We could say, their body is shocked or there is some kind of unknown thing going on while they are stuck in the non-physical world. Our dreams are taking place there and we are coming from there and returning back after the death construct takes place. Some may report back dream-like life while they are there for the same reason. But we can still focus our primary attention there. People like him maybe suddenly stuck there and he lost his proper awareness level.

This is how it goes. If you lose the control over your physical body, you will be either stuck “in” it (relatively from your point of view) or you will roam in the non-physical in your own emotional interplay. You can still meet real entities too, guides and learn some stuff. It can be felt like hundreds of years being there because we are structuring time according to our human thinking. But there is no time to structure there. Just a thought responsive world.

If not, then you are fully aware and you will be stuck at the Real Time Zone. The RTZ is the extension of this or any other physical Universe, the first non-physical layer. Look at this as a copy of our world where you are no longer limited by physical rules. You can fly, step next to a body, go through people. But still, you can’t interact with others because… this is WHY we use a body as a vehicle for consciousness. We are a formless entity, an energy being.

The physical body is there for this same reason, we can’t interact with physical realities without it. Until it is being repaired, you will stay there. You can influence the brain to heal itself and it can happen.

People who already had one or more Out-of-Body Experience actually experienced the RTZ and validated this. They still believe they have a body but that is another story. That layer is partly thought responsive but you can’t really affect the physical reality or do things with solid objects. Okay, some earth-bound entities can sometimes but they are weak. Actually many people will still clearly believe that they are experiencing the physical Universe. Well, partly.

While you are out in the non-physical world, you can still hold the connection to your physical vehicle

Actually, how this works is, you are separated in this vast system until you can come back if you still have a body to “enter”. The connection with the brain is still maintained and your heart and lungs can still function even for decades. Seriously.

Scientist and the medical industry can’t wrap their mind around this. They try to catch you, consciousness (without a form) in a body. If we make a joke from this, consciousness doesn’t understand why it can’t find another copy of itself in a biological tool.

So why is that the body still functions? You still hold the connection in an unseen energetical way. This is how this multidimensional life works. We make sure as higher beings (so to speak) that the game isn’t compromised and we live countless lives. So some may never wake up and some will. But what decides it?

I have a theory because I was never in a coma but I know how our multidimensional nature works from my own experiences and from observing others also. If we suddenly gathered ourselves and want to return back, we will.

The physical body is a thought magnet. If you regained enough awareness that your critical thinking (which you’ve also learned in human life) kicks in, you can come back here. This happens instantly because this is how the Training Ground works. If not instantly but as soon as the brain notices the command. You are the observer behind the scenes.

The time is non-existent, not even in the Real Time Zone. You can still look at your body but you would never know if it is a simulation or a copy or whatever. And you can walk through people because you are there partly btw. You can still validate things there which are also existing here and you can be also wrong lol. It is magical and for the untrained, it is frightening.

I can imagine how these simple-minded people (even family members) don’t know what to do, other than help the physical body to keep alive.


Learning about how our multidimensional life works

Because let’s be straight, people believe we are our body. So he is laying there in the bed and not moving. He is “unconscious”. But the thing is he is very alive but being detached from the physical focus of attention which he had daytime. We never die, our body dies because it is the vehicle to allow us being here with limits.

The time which elapses doesn’t matter really. Some may skip the Real Time Zone and exist in the 3D void or on other words in the 3D blackness. If you roam around my site and learn about these, you will know what I’m talking about.

What happened at the end when he was phased out from the physical focus? I guess he gradually lost his focusing ability somehow. Alzheimer people are doing this same thing, closing out the external world very slowly. I was thinking of writing about this issue too since a long while.

Interesting how we are doing this in many cases. Most of humanity doesn’t know about it. That we are keeping a very intense focus daytime. When we fall asleep, we are already in the non-physical but most of us are unconscious about this fact. From habit.

The body and your control over your vehicle

The degree of how we get back our control over our body is up to us after coming back. Somebody who loses half of his/her brain can still move the other hand or do the same as full-brained people because our intent drives everything. It takes time for the brain to build back the connection.

The physical body then synchronizes itself to this task over time. Of course, starting from the brain which you, consciousness controls.

What did he saw in the non-physical? Well, I would bet that his guides taught him many things or rather he experienced the most important things to life which he shares in his book. I don’t own the book btw but the mechanics of all of these is the same for everybody. Don’t believe me, try it out, the tools are here.

Injuries in the brain

They can be caused by accidents where a car hits us, something physically shocking happens. And then, we just lose the connection to our body vehicle for a short period of time or for years, like in these cases of comas. Same for memory loss, the connection is damaged but only on THIS end. Scientist are only seeing brain parts being damaged.

Other times, all sorts of nasty stuff can build up there, starting from worms chewing there or having tumors from conscious activities which we are doing all the time from emotional reasons.

Or just from chemicals and radiation. Maybe from drugs and pills which we stupidly swallow. You can still heal the brain but you don’t know about this ability. Like self-healing or healing others. It is told, you can’t do it, it is unreal. Really? We are limiting ourselves on a vast scale.

No matter which one is the case, we can simply lose the necessary connection which is needed to reintegrate with the brain and start to use the body.


Coma, reintegration with the physical vehicle and Sleep Paralysis

The same scary thing can happen to people who can’t control their emotional release in their dreams or in the non-physical world and I talked about this a lot already. You simply scare yourself and the first defensive barrier is the body where you can escape back to.

Then you are in trouble because you end up in sleep paralysis. People are scared about it and are lazy to take some deep researches and finding out that we all have it because it is needed for sleeping. What medical people say, it is a CONDITION. Seriously?

If you stuck in it and can’t move, this means that you integrated with the brain too fast and it didn’t have time to wake the body up. We can know about all of these but still, the real information out there is hidden, like my site.

A small portion of your consciousness (as we are multidimensional which most people still should experience) stays with it and keeping it alive. This same issue happens with coma people, their body is kept on autopilot. Sometimes hospital machines are needed to keep it alive because the brain is damaged to some extent. But it is NOT difficult to understand.

Btw I would also bet that these people being trapped at the “other side” are living up scenarios made by guides and by their own emotional stuff. Because this is how it works in general.

It is the training zone and we see a small portion of this vast game here at daytime. Maybe others will just levitate in the 3D blackness being lost seemingly forever. It depends on what kind of person you are and what you need to learn about yourself. Or what you believe. Because this is why we are in a human world right now, full of competition and bad things.

Can we help people in a coma, being stuck in the non-physical world?

It is a well-documented fact, that family members, friends, and loved ones tend to speak to the actual person and it helps. Even if you talk to the physical body without knowing that we are not our bodies, the help is there. Somehow maybe the sufferer hears all the conversations in the RTZ, maybe they are not fully conscious of this fact.

There are many movies based on real experiences where people still stuck at their body focus (so they seem to be stuck “inside” the body, just like daytime). So indeed, you can still hear, see or sense others and their help but you need to decide if you want to come back. Many will decide to just stop this and they want to “die” but guides (which people translate into objective terms like angels) will point out that we have work to do here.

Very true for people who have the so-called Near Death Experience (NDE). Don’t escape from life, you came for a reason. It is an honor to enter a physical life.

In the end, yes when we even speak to the other person or guard his/her body to keep it intact, the message will get through. Many will report back that they heard or sensed the conversations and events while they were on the “other side”. Of course, they were just in the non-physical reality the whole time which we don’t sense normally but it is there.

The Afterlife is there (even the religious one), we are coming from there, we are simply just focusing our attention here. If somebody starts to learn about these, time is needed to digest these. This site is a great aid in this in my opinion and I tend to avoid beliefs and guesses.


If you know somebody in this coma condition, you can even visit that person. How? Start with Lucid Dreaming, learn Astral Projection, etc. You are simply switching your attention there and it takes time. People thinking in scientific terms or being full of religious ideas about demons and other stuff can’t really get break free of this barrier. But this is another story. We all have our barriers to face.

In the end, I hope some people will find this article and realize that we are looking towards the opposite direction in general, looking for ourselves inside a tool which is there to let us experience physical lives. This site is built for the sake to explain things and you can prove it only for yourself.

Without a body, we can’t interact with the physical world and do our tasks for which we entered a certain physical reality, timeline, and race and have experiences. Bad things can happen. The lessons are always there to learn more about ourselves. Unfortunately, because the non-physical world works with beliefs, expectations and emotional energy, most people who come back will have the worst conclusion and will live up their self-fulfilling prophecy. But we can learn from everything, right?

If you liked this article and found useful, I’m sure you will learn a lot from my site. Be open and drop beliefs if you can. The answers are there. Help me, share the site with your friends and support me if you can. Thank you and enjoy reading here.

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