What happens to people after death who commit suicide?

People who commit self-violence or suicide will have their own consequences after death or transition. There are no nice things in this and I will explain how it goes from what I know so far about this topic. As usual, there is no place for guessing but still, I can’t tell you for 100% sure that this is the way for everybody (I mean how they end up in the NP). At least this site built for the sake to explain these too to everybody without BS talk, beliefs and others.

I knew also somebody from my family who died in cancer and talked to me about how hard it was to get lost from that emotional loop. Even if this person wouldn’t talk about it, I already knew how it goes from my personal experiences, being a conscious sleeper.

Suicide is not a good thing and it is very easy to fall into this emotional trap in our world situation. It is just enough when somebody can’t let go of problems in daily life. Maybe it is about an emotional pain which we can’t stop from a relationship. Maybe it is caused by financial problems, that we can’t get by no matter what we try to do. It is very easy to start it and fuel it furthermore. In the non-physical world where we are dreaming, it is instant. Here, we have “time” to stop it. It is one of the biggest lessons from living a physical life.

Let’s see how it goes, at least what happens potentially to these people on the other side. Actually, the Afterlife places are real but we are coming from there and returning back so it is not accurate to talk about before or after because there is no time in the non-physical world.


Before you try to grab some words out of the context (because I’m sure, self-defensive people can find this article too), you need to understand that this is not blaming about anybody or anything, we are doing this to ourselves. I could actually explain this phenomenon in some sentences but I do care about people who want to learn from this.

Suicide or self-violation is a very common thing in our world because we take life too seriously

If our life wouldn’t be serious we wouldn’t take it seriously also and we wouldn’t learn a thing. We come to physical lives to learn and grow in our basic nature. And of course, we try out things in our best interest.

Let’s talk about emotions and how we are ruining our own life. I will write a whole article about the emotional loop problem later about the physical world life and how it works in the non-physical world. Especially when we realize in our dreams that we are still alive and wide awake in a thought responsive world. At least most readers will find a lot about these on the site already being discussed. Billions don’t know so much about all of these because they don’t care, they don’t find reliable sources and they are unable to digest it or comprehend it.

Suicide is something which directly comes from an emotional loop and we are doing this to ourselves as I mentioned. But how it works? This article is not about discussing the emotional loop issue but maybe in another article.

Basically, the life situation in which people end up and which will cause them the thought train to commit suicide or self-violence is already a very strong emotional situation. We run on emotions and most of humanity doesn’t even realize it. We will run into things which will reinforce our worldview about how cruel and bad the world is, finding all the excuses to end this for ourselves. I guess most of us were already in some kind of depression already at once. It is very easy to concentrate on the negativity. I was there too many times but not this deeply.

It is just enough to lose somebody in our life to whom we were emotionally attached to. Many people are experiencing it. Even losing an ex and clinging to him/her like an emotionally infant child. Because we are, I mean most people are. We can’t let go the other one because we never grew up to enjoy our own company alone. If we learn to love and enjoy ourselves, we can spread the same to others. It is a big difference when we compare this with being introverted or “antisocial”. Maybe antisocial people know this better, they don’t want to being drained.

It is not just about the other person or relationships but about our own life and perception. Actually, the primary source is you. The outside world is a big test ground about how you deal with it. What most people notice from it is the game itself. The game is not good or bad from a multidimensional perspective but the main cause we try it out.


It is enough to start the emotional loop and the downward spiral starts

When you are in an emotional situation, it is the same when you are doing it in your Lucid Dreams in the non-physical world. In short, while we have time to stop this in the physical reality, we don’t have in the NP. Simply put, you will create a never-ending loop of emotional pain and chaos until you can’t handle it anymore. We have this great opportunity to explore the non-physical world and learn about ourselves with these tools right now.

We live in a world where the internet and other mediums are giving us these resources from people who experienced these. And we are truly in a global awakening period where more and more people realize about these and start to search for their answers. But most of them are doing it the stupid way. They will find the closest, resonating beliefs and stay there. Same for finding the first Google search results, calling this as “research”.

So, this is a very good reason why we live a physical life. These people who commit suicide or self-violence are not losers or weak people, they just never learned about these. Their personality has these weak spots. Or this was their biggest life lesson. The decision is always ours to keep torturing ourselves or asking for help. Well, help won’t really come as a useful thing when we talk about medications and hospitals.

When the emotional loop kicks in, it builds up automatically. The actual person can’t find ways to good things, they will reinforce their negative feelings because they can’t simply concentrate on the good. We can call this like confirmation bias and we all tend to do it to a lesser-bigger degree. We will find excuses to do it and make it worse. Many of these people want this from an unknown reason, it is easier to continue with it. Or maybe many are doing it to let others know about their situation. Most people always try to look towards the outside world, forgetting that it is not them.

Younger generations are just attaching themselves to these bad situations until they make it worse. Older people are doing it from a bad habit and from very long-lasting events, like a marriage or anything around. The most may think and believe that they live once and who cares, after death, it will be over finally. Not really. But we are doing this to ourselves. This is the life lesson, the most can’t handle emotions and they think the outside world is doing it to them, playing a victim mode. It is quite the opposite and this is not about blaming. We don’t accept the consequences, childishly.

Why this is a huge life lesson and why transitioned people will have a very hard time to stop their emotional bubble?

So these people who will actually end up in death, doing it by themselves somehow still can have one or more Near Death Experience (NDE) before transitioning. Maybe their guides will meet them in the non-physical in a form which resonates with the person’s beliefs, religion (angels) and then it will be told that you must come back to do your job. We came here for a reason.

It is not about forcing you or anything, we wanted a life experience. They only do their job on the original side. If we would suddenly know our life purpose and look through the whole game, what purpose would have this physical reality, right?


Some will learn from this, become scared of torturing themselves and change. Others will repeat the same, they don’t care, they THINK they can escape this cruel world. Wait a minute! We came into this cruel world because we can learn and grow from these challenges.

Who would learn from a civilization where everything is nice and good and there is no conflict? Of course, we don’t know about this, right? What we learn from birth is not enough for anything when we try to understand ourselves.

And here you go, the biggest misunderstanding what people believe. And you can test it in your dreams, Lucid Dreams, via Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience, etc. But people want to escape. This is one more reason why we live this life, we need to grow up.

You keep existing and you are in trouble!

The game just continues after committing suicide or self-violence. Really. We are all torturing ourselves because we don’t understand the base rules of that given reality and we have free will to do it.

These people believe that if they do it, the pain and emotional turmoil are finally over, they are free. No. Not at all. I’m not spreading fear, I’m explaining how it goes and giving the insight. These people will drop their physical body focus (thinking we are in a body or brain mistakingly) and we won’t have a body at all now. With a great chance, nothing changed with death, you are maybe in the same room or building, still using a body which is there because you expect to have one. Many of these people are still in their own emotional interplay at a familiar place.

In the non-physical at Afterlife regions, we can shred down our pre-existence and drop the body image and character. It was NEEDED for that life, like a character in a Sims simulation game. If we wouldn’t have a physical body to control, we couldn’t even touch physical objects in a physical Universe. What we do automatically is identifying ourselves with that body, look and character with the attributes. Well, it is needed to avoid ruining your own life and the main goal about which you came with others.

Here, you are in a thought responsive world which you can try out via your sleep with the approaches above and what I’m always talking about on the site of how it works. We are multidimensional basically. We focus our primary attention into a body, starting from a womb and we can experience physical life WITH it. But we are not that body. It is a tool.


Afterlife places are real and we are coming from there

Despite the fact that some religions are believing in it, it is real. Of course, it is more complex than a man-made religion. When you die like this, you will end up in a familiar place which you knew in your pre-existence. This means that if you are able to meet a friend of yours, being dead from the suicidal act and you are practiced projector or Lucid Dreamer, you can visit them. These places are there with countless other places in Focus 3 if you read the article series on the site. It is like a supply and demand thing, like a physical life detox.

Guides will take care of them (theirs, we all have ours) and they will try to make them clear with the circumstances alone that they finished their life but in a way which still hurts them. We don’t have a body there, still we are looking like the same. I can’t say for sure that we are all ending up like that if we die from self-violence but it goes like this with a great chance, knowing how this multiversal educational system works. Some may go to healing centers where they will be helped to get lost that life. Just like people dying from an emotional loop again, having cancer. It is not always caused by outside stuff, medicines, nuclear stuff.

Everybody is in their own emotional bubble (literally) in this case. They don’t react to outside influence or notice you if you are next to your friend or family member. They are simply in a never-ending emotional and thought loop, like a bubble where they can’t see further than their nose. Actually, most of humanity does that here too. We are not so different there, our basic nature stays the same. What will we carry back? Our mindset and emotional baggage.

What people are doing after dying from suicide or self-violence is, they are escaping from their own emotional loop and mindset and they think they can end this in one sitting. Even if somebody denied the whole Afterlife thing, they will be very “alive” there. We deny it because most people still don’t know that it is there and we are not our body or humanity as a race. We experience separation and being alone but actually the opposite is true.


Nobody punishes these people for anything, we are doing it to ourselves. If we realize what we did, we will maybe plan out a different physical life and try it for the same reason. Not in a reincarnational order because it doesn’t exist, we live our lives right now, all of them. We have time here to stop doing it and learn from it. It has consequences. No, nobody ends up in hell or places like that. It is their own “hell” if we play with the words.

Guides will help these people to stop doing this by giving hints, trying to influence these entities’ thinking (because we are not humans at all, just our body) and they will try to bomb them out from this bubble. But we need to work for it and realize this. In Earthly time, it may take up to thousands or millions of years but this is just a representation of the situation.

Maybe guides will transport others there who are able to help and they can bomb them out. Then the person is ready to move on. It seems to be cruel and sad but it is just experience. Nobody punishes anybody.

In the end, the main fallacy and misunderstanding come down from one thing, we think we can escape our own mindset and emotional situation. We need to learn emotional passivity. And we need to learn that life is hard for the reason to learn from something and gain a better understanding of ourselves, our blocks and to become better towards love and kindness. This world is bad, cruel and hard but we should rather concentrate on the good things, helping each other and remember that we stay the same. We should improve ourselves rather concentrating on killing each other and ruining others’ lives.

I hope this article will help many people and they will share it. Many of our life problems are coming from the same fact, we don’t know from reliable sources what happens to us after death and we don’t know even about dreams and that we are immortal, using a body for the game. This site was built from this main reason. We can know about most of the things. Living in denial and religious beliefs won’t save anybody at all but it is up to each individual.

Now you know what to do with a great chance. Emotions are doing it all with our mindset.

You can actually meet with these people if you knew somebody from your life and learned from their mistake. It takes effort and willingness to learn more to life and about yourself. Start with Lucid Dreaming or Astral Projection.

Share the site with your friends and support me if you can. Thank you and enjoy reading on the site. Educate yourself here.

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