Can you push your hands into the wall in Lucid Dreams?

Here is another example of how Lucid Dreams or being fully aware in the non-physical world goes when you try to do not so physical stuff. This experience happened with me a few years ago and it was a test to notice one of my blocks. It is not really about beliefs, maybe a little bit.

Why I share this one too is to let people realize that our physical reality or Universe is a limited system and we are existing in other “dimensions” too. We are just unaware of this and we are multidimensional basically.

The more you try to become aware in your “lucid dreams”, the more you will experience these. And of course, my Readers will see personal examples to give more confidence to them.

The rules in Lucid Dreams and where you are

We are simply just trying out a limited perspective. And the most are getting caught up in this illusion, taking the worst assumptions about what or who we are.

The issue here was simple, I wanted to test out if I can push my hands through a wall of a 10 story high condo building’s entrance. Is it possible? How does it work? Well, I’m sure that many people try to convince themselves through my experiences that everything is real what I share.

This is another example of how many people will give labels to these non-physical experiences. Just like Dreams, Lucid Dreams, Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience and many more. The story is below and it is short. You can do it too but you need to work for it.

lucid dreams

How to push your hand into a solid structure in the non-physical world or in Lucid Dreams?

Actually, if the “My Stories” menu wouldn’t exist on the site, this one would directly go under the Astral Projection category. You can use any labels for the same experience, it is just about your awareness level and approach.

You can be fully conscious there in Lucid Dreams. More aware than being in the physical world because our reality is heavily filtered by 5 senses and some rules. There, your own sense of interpretation, the way you tend to think will cause the blocks.

The memory sets are given to you from guides to stop thinking about the physical body and life. Because the instant you did, with a great chance you are waking up. You have tasks to do and lessons to learn about yourself.

You don’t have a body or senses there, your expectation is doing it. But still, you are walking and taking action with a body as you got used to it. It is a thought responsive world which won’t interfere with your beliefs or expectations, just makes them more solid.

This is why many believe that they have an “astral body”. Or they have senses.

Just forget the scenery and walk out to try out real things!

So I’ve got a scenery from where I walked out. This is needed if you want to experience existing places. You must walk out from the actual place where you are. Maybe I was still in a simulation, maybe in a Focus 3 city. For me, it is unimportant in this case but it was a real city with a great chance. The thing is that I had the chance to gain full awareness and test something.

There was nothing new in this for me. It could be flying or jumping hundreds of meters. I just wanted to try it and I realized, I need more force to have results than before.

There was this tall, building there on the main road. I was walking there to try to push my hand through the glassy entrance structure with a row of steel mailboxes. Normal city road, grassy area, and pathways, trees, etc. It didn’t work. What is my method for solving this? I pushed my hand harder and harder until the structure itself let me go through. Concentrate!

This reinforced the thing in me that I need more intent. It is not necessarily about beliefs but we can take it into consideration too. Actually, it is about how bad you want it sometimes.

Two other examples of the push test and how you will fail in the non-physical

I remember right now two interesting cases of my experiences where I just couldn’t do the same. One was in an NP school where I failed to push it into the wall on a hallway.

For first, I realized, I’m in a school’s room and the lecture was just starting. Then I walked out to a big hallway where I was alone. You need to make sure nobody will see you. Then I just punched into the wall to test it. In our physical reality in normal cases, your hand would hurt for days, being damaged. You still feel the effect without visual changes there.

lucid dreams

You can still punch and punch like a Terminator until you demolish the whole wall structure if it would be physical and still you feel the impact, it hurts maybe and your hand is intact.

Another one was in a simulated version of my hometown, where I was trapped in a hallway again and I couldn’t break out a window to go outside. The story is long, I was lost in a maze of local festival tents which is not happening in the physical world normally.

Sometimes you will get these tests for a reason. I guess guides tend to test us to see if we can overcome these obstacles. I had it countless times for a reason and it depends on each person what they get.

In the end, it didn’t work. It can become as physical as our physical reality but still, you can defy the rules. It is not the physical Universe, your body is on autopilot there and sleeps. You are in another reality where physical rules are no longer needed anymore. You keep existing. But you still carry your stuff there, same true for dead people.

Sometimes you will fail… then try it next time. I’m a professional in going through walls in Focus 3 places. Sometimes I can fail and it won’t work. We give this realness or physical attribute to the non-physical automatically because we expect to be that way. We didn’t learn so much to this in our physical life. This is the training ground to get break free of these limits and understand ourselves better.

What was this all about?

So the main lesson here is simple. You need to convince yourself sometimes that you can do it in a Lucid Dream or Astral Projection. You are already away from the physical Universe and you are free to roam while your body is sleeping. I guess billions would have a hard time to convince themselves that dreams are not just dreams. They can’t even comprehend our basic nature. But their awareness level is so low that they can’t get break free.

Some may clearly believe that they are roaming in the physical world all the time. Because they are so limited in their thinking that they will just reinforce their expectations. Very true for people seeing shadowy figures.

So, I pushed my hand through with force because I wanted to see if the rules at this place are closing out this ability or not. It seems like we just need to take more intent to do what we want to.

I need to warn you that if locals are seeing what you are doing, you can be booted or kicked out. This is the first rule in existing Afterlife places, don’t do anything which will make locals frightened. Because the terrible or fun fact is, that they DON’T know that they can do it. They still live their life, thinking that they are physical and they have the same limits.


Many, many beginners (mostly young people) play with this, punching people and messing up environments because some stupid, irresponsible people are sharing these “character summoning” BS on the web and many more. I still can’t believe that these are out there. Beginners are not really learning so much useful to this and they want fun. We can have fun, sure.

Do you think that death is real? We just drop the physical body and physical world focus and we will still act like the same. Most of us. Nobody showed most people that there is endlessly more to our multidimensional nature. Or that we have it, we are it.

So these entities who are no longer humans, will build cities and live the same, mundane life. If you do something out of ordinary there, you will be kicked out or some will chase you.

I hope my stories will help people realize the value of what I share. The way I represent things is many times happening for a reason, to shock people that they don’t know so much and they can look behind the scenes.

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