How to use your intuition the proper way?

This article is about how to use your intuition the proper way and I will expand on the idea why our civilization doesn’t get the whole idea about it. I mean, there are all the guesses that what it is and people will transform these theories into rock-solid truths about what intuition is and how it works. There are all the books and videos, websites, where people are always telling the same idea because they heard it from others too. A few will speak from personal experiences only.

I don’t think so that guesses and beliefs are helping those, who want real answers. Sure, most people will just search up about how to use your intuition and accept the first ideas because they want to improve their daily life. I would do the same in their case. But people are lazy and they don’t see further than our daily life. Our society labels everything like mystical, paranormal, weird or anything around if it doesn’t fit into scientific “explanations”. We can’t measure most of the things beyond our limited world. The physical Universe or reality is a tiny fraction of this.

But let’s see, why our civilization doesn’t get the main idea about that our intuition is our non-physical self or guidance talking to us all the time and why we need it in life if we don’t want to take unnecessary problems. Sure, everything is experience, no doubt about it. And what I’m talking about is real and everybody can test them. But if you take the worst route all the time, using logic, you will feel like life is hurting you all the time and you can’t live a normal or happy life. This is why we have free will and we are allowed to ruin ourselves. We simply don’t allow better things to happen to us.


If you stay with me, I will explain how our life is just the illusional surface and how to listen to your intuition and how to play with it. You can also ask for inner help in your life but you will get the main idea if you read through. If you are in a bad situation in life, it is very similar to this issue and you can navigate through your good or bad feelings. No logic, just feelings.

My logic actually says that most people will deny the whole thing and it wears me off or this is a pointless job to do but intuition or my feelings are saying, that I need to share this to help others navigate through their life. Maybe you see the difference.

How to use your intuition (or gut feeling) and it has nothing to do with the physical world or your logical thinking

Okay, maybe partly because your intuition will scream at you if you have a certain life situation. If not screaming but will somehow let you know through your body and feelings, that you should stop doing something. Maybe you will go into trouble or danger.

It can happen when you are driving and you shouldn’t drive down on a certain road. You are walking on the street and you feel, you need to go in a certain direction. You are at a job interview and you have all the bad feelings which you ignore because you shouldn’t even apply for that role. Or you may get the feeling that this person is the right for you. We mess this all up with logic and human experience all the time. I have difficulty too with listening to it many times. I’m talking about building from what we experienced and accepted so far, and we think it will lead us through life like that.

Look at this as somebody tries to tell you through your body or stomach, heart or anything around, that you should stop something. You will only have gut feelings or emotions. Maybe your body is shaking, you feel discomfort, dizziness, anything “bad”. This happens because you should stop doing something. You can’t explain why because your mundane human experience and memories are saying the opposite. You think and others told you, it is you, your fears. Our civilization is just can’t look further than our ears.

The intensity of the feeling or anything around is higher if you still don’t listen or it is very important to stop doing something or do something. Logical thinking is for survival in our world and also for learning purposes. We are just overusing it, I guess. So if somebody can’t turn your head around, will repeat something or make it stronger. Like reoccurring dreams where you don’t listen to your guidance in the non-physical world.

People who need real answers are being misled all the time

There are all the scientific nonsense and people’s guesses which they suddenly turn into self-fulfilling truths about intuition and how it is related to your collected memories and experiences from patterns through life. Or it is related to your fears, ego, emotions, anything around.

This is totally messing up people who are trying to even understand the surface of this. Others will have the advantage and sell books about this or make videos, misleading people, pointing out scientific or psychological stuff. If it helps, it is okay but you can’t replicate the same thing to help yourself.


Mystical, esoteric stuff is also there, people are misled and are gullible. Most of them are emotionally vulnerable. There are all these things out there to build from if somebody makes a business from it. And to tell the truth, science and our current world deny the non-physical because they can’t measure it. Funny how we deny ourselves, our real nature of being a formless entity who tries to measure itself in a body where it wasn’t ever. No wonder how people believing in having a body will have an Out-of-Body Experience.

Your intuition is like somebody tries to tell you to choose another path or giving you a positive/negative sign about a decision

Sure, the decision is ours, nobody can interfere with it. Like applying for a job. You thought this role will be the best for you, then you suddenly feel all the discomfort. It is in your stomach (gut feeling), your head maybe hurts, your body shakes, you are nervous, etc. You will be sure about these when you ruined your life with a bad decision. Somebody told you so, right? And now you stuck in a horrible situation. It can be even a relationship.

For example, it comes with two common examples.

Driving on the road. The place is unimportant, you suddenly feel that you need to stop or go into another direction. If you did, you may know why. Maybe you avoided an accident, maybe the car went bad or anything could happen. Some may hear a telepathic voice or see a plate sign, hear out a perfect conversation from the radio and they avoided a terrible accident. No thinking, do it as an insight.

The other common one is applying for a job and people are so scared… I hate this too in life if I need it. So you may feel the initial bad feelings, way before even applying for one and sending in the CV. I’m talking about people in general, there are countless examples. You may get to the interview, you try to do your best, people are nice but your gut feeling or intuition screams like hell, you are nervous.

Somebody tries to speak to you but our mindset doesn’t understand the subjective non-physical messages. Mental imagery, feelings, body issues, voices in the mind, etc.

Then when you are in, weeks or months later you hate the whole thing, you are tortured, colleagues are assholes, the job is horrible. It told you so! It can also speak to you with anything it has when you didn’t have a problem but tries to let you know that you need to leave that job and do other things. I had this too twice and I didn’t listen.


These are very common and there are many other examples. I hope at least some people will help themselves with these examples. And please, don’t mess your life up with preconceived beliefs, following scientific thinking and others. It won’t help. Most people don’t see further than their head and we are wired like this from our birth.

Btw I didn’t imagine that this article will be that long. When I’m writing, most of the time it flows without planning lol.

Don’t mess your intuition up with your logical thinking! But then, how to use your intuition?

I could mention many aspects of it and I’m sure many websites already messed up people with parroted stuff and misinterpreted “truths”. When somebody parrots the “truth” word, it is about their beliefs. So, I know what I’m talking about, I don’t think they do. Some of them from personal, first-hand experiences. That is okay in this case. I just don’t like to see how others are unintentionally lying to others and people just want to live a better life. I can’t interfere with it but give a real solution. People want to believe the closest idea to their mindset!

Whenever it speaks to you, you will need to stop thinking and listen to it. Indeed, meditation will help to silence yourself. There is nothing new with this, maybe just in my explanation. Stop thinking, listen to your feelings, how you are feeling about that decision right now.

How did you feel in that situation? It can speak through your gut feeling, or your body feels bad and disoriented, maybe you hear telepathic voices to stop something. If you don’t think just listen, you will know it with practice. Of course, we have decisions and they are all just experiences, both good or bad.

Logical thinking will guess your real gut feeling, you will second guess it and the total opposite result will come. We are masters of this self-sabotaging practice. We are doing this all the time because we got used to this stupid thing, I hate it too. You can play with this gut feeling thing too. Imagine a choice which you may do and ask for the feeling which you would feel at that point. Ask yourself, how would you feel in a certain life situation if you made that decision. Think about the consequences!

If you are not sure, stop thinking about it, walk away, go outside into nature or do something engaging which will get you off from the subject. Then try it again without overthinking. Practice will do it. You may just try to imagine things into a single decision.

Remember one thing. Intuition is NOT physical. We are NOT physical, only our body and this Universe. We are objectifying everything and we are interpreting an outside world through five senses, we accumulated behaviors and thinking from birth in this civilization. There is much more behind the scenes but we are interpreting everything with limits, with a biological body and brain. So you can’t explain feelings and others with human logic. It is not in the brain or even in your body, it is just an after-effect of consciousness.

This is a “muscle” which” we ignore to use. Step away and return to that issue later. Listen to what you feel. Bad means don’t do it, look for other things. Good means, hm I’m okay, let’s try it. Not just a job or a relationship but anything else. These are just the main, regular, daily examples. And it can come in other, subjective ways.

Play with your intuition!

You don’t need to live a life where you suffer all the time. Most people are doing it because they FORCE everything, they try to do what others are doing, they are suffering from people-pleasing, etc. We have our own decisions. But we are not alone and the separation between the non-physical world from where we are coming from is not actually real. We simply just need to go through life tests and live in this illusional world. It is rock solid and real but it is another story. We chose to come here.

Somebody tries to always help you and you will not even notice it. We actually think all of our thoughts are ours. Okay, I don’t want to expand on this but if you are familiar with angels or guides (they are the same), somebody is always there. Ask for clarification for example. Ask for a strong sign if you are not sure. Then you can get synchronicities in numbers, car plates, billboards, a conversation with a perfect sense and many more. Give yourself time, it needs time on our side to unfold. Maybe you get a real non-physical one which you need to translate which our civilization call dreams.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help, another opportunity, anything around. It is up to us but the joke is that we don’t know in general, if we have help or we are not alone. This is the cancer of our civilization, we think we are our body, brain, we are in it, we are our character and the whole physical Universe revolves around us and there is nothing more out there beyond this. And of course we are our circumstances, our beliefs if we have and some sort of god punishes us. I don’t want to expand on this because this is why our civilization is still like that. Sort of. People who are in it making it like that.


But here you go, your tools. Listen to it, ask for validation and remember that the communication is subjective. The signs will be objective for you IF you listen. But most of the time it is like feelings, mental images, a voice in your mind (not in the head, you are not in a head), maybe there are many other ways. It depends on your willingness to listen.

What also kills the whole thing and you will ruin all is: rushing. Trying to do everything by yourself, rushing all the time, trying to do it fast or use human logic. Be patient. Maybe you have these life lessons for a reason. I’m rushing type too and I can’t help it sometimes.

Update: maybe it can happen and we tend to misinterpret our gut feeling with nervousness about something. If it is a role or relationship, anything around, it can be your own fear. Practice tells it which one. Do you have beliefs about something which is maybe not like that?


What we do is, we will simply wash off our non-physical guidance or NP self all the time. We don’t know that it is there or real. We stupidly think as egocentric beings in a limited world, that we are doing everything alone and we suddenly just appeared in a womb out of nothing and we disappear. If you check my articles, your world may turn upside down fast. Be open for it.

Don’t think, rather listen to your intuition. It is you in a wider sense, your multidimensional “other” part, tries to help you through life. It helps you even if you don’t care. If you don’t listen, you can hurt yourself for a while. The most are doing it from habit. Somebody wants a good life for you. Maybe this is one of the primary causes why we suffer, we don’t listen. And we don’t know that we should.

The inner voice is a metaphorical stuff, it is not mostly a “voice”. But your inner communication via subjective tools. Some may hear guides in urgent cases. You just think it is still you and you are making it up. You would be surprised.

Non-physical guidance is there all the time, we don’t notice it and don’t know about it. You don’t need to believe a word, just test it and see if it works. I know that humanity is not ready for our multidimensional side but we can still learn from this on the surface. A normal human being is unable to even detect a slight thing when somebody tries to help from the non-physical. We are having our dreaming there too. Check the site and educate yourself if you like anything around. I try my best in explaining things, as usual.

If you like this article and found it useful, share it with your friends and I’m glad if I receive financial support too. Enjoy reading here.

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