Why digital devices, screens and phones don’t work properly in dreams?

To just finish September with an interesting phenomenon and because I rarely write these weeks, I wanted to share the issue about digital stuff and why screens and other human-made stuff aren’t working many times properly in Lucid Dreams. As usual, I mention public forums and why people don’t get the main idea about these and that they are in the non-physical world. It doesn’t matter, anybody can encounter these.

Actually, the phenomenon itself is very frustrating for the most or confusing and in the end. It is just how our expectations are causing so-called reality fluctuations. There is a big main problem with all of these. People who are experiencing these and gaining more awareness or lucidity are noticing it but without even knowing in what type of reality they are in. Most people have no idea about the non-physical world and how it works. Seriously. People like me have a hard time telling this to others. They just can’t comprehend it or believe it. Not even after their OWN experiences in their face.

To keep this problem short, there are physical realities like this one AND the non-physical from where physical realities are stemming out as a vast system. It seems to be perfectly physical because we are doing it that way. Expectations. But soon, it starts to be confusing or rather funny (for me) when you encounter these issues.

Our own daily life is a Lucid Dream too if we play with these terms. Of course, I can’t make people believe what I say is the way it works unless they experience it again and again. I tend to rather say that, go there, work for it, experience it. Most people have this hard time to even comprehend how real everything is. And many are so lazy. I know that most teenagers are trying to do these from escapism but actually they are entering their own multidimensional life. Funny, isn’t it?

Lucid Dreams

Why screens and devices are not working properly in the non-physical or on other words in Lucid Dreams?

What do you know about the basic rules in “dreams”? Check my site and all of the articles are giving you the answers. Work for it! Not here, in your sleep life. But why is this a big issue?

It is a big issue because many people sooner or later will face this phenomenon and they stay confused. Like their little world just crashed because they don’t know what to do with this. It is not what they “know” or “learned”. They thought that it can’t happen. Or that “dream characters” are unreal. Okay, I won’t hug my face, we need to start somewhere. Let’s talk about the main issue.

There is this so-called reality fluctuation issue. We use this term in Astral Projection and in short, projection places/sites where we talk these out. I’ve learned it too from there and grew myself out on my own. When you have uncontrolled thoughts and emotions, they will do that. On anything. You can be in a stable Focus 3 environment and you will still cause fluctuations to a minimum degree. Some people use these glitches as reality checks.

Well, it is a good idea. You will instantly elevate your awareness towards a bigger goal. I think the big problem with this practice for the 99% of people is that they just don’t know a thing where they are “lucid dreaming”. Because the general population is clearly don’t.

Maybe it doesn’t fall off until the 1000th time. I’m serious, for most people, they can’t let go of their physical life perception. And if you don’t, you don’t experience more or you will block out more from your perception. Like there is a car roaming towards you but you deny that it is there.

These reality fluctuations or glitches are there because the non-physical doesn’t understand these concepts so fully, as we are!

But why? Because we are the ones who are dealing with physical life, physical objects and constructs in a limited reality. Despite the stupid fact that most of humanity thinks everything comes out from us and the world revolves around us. And we just appeared out of an anomaly from the womb. Geez.

While we live here or in any other physical Universe, we will surely learn to interact with objects and use them. Modern world means modern tools. Like watches, clocks, mechanical stuff, digital stuff, screens, etc. These tools have no real use there.

When you try to think the same way there, in a thought responsive world, it doesn’t work all the time that way, how you learned it. Like reading, the alphabets are flowing away or changing. It becomes nonsense. You can use these to elevate your awareness and it is an automatic thing. Or speaking, many are freaked out when they start to “speak” telepathically without their mouth.

Sometimes you are automatically rushing into places which will resemble your room, home or circumstances in your physical life. It is many times instant or you are just gaining your awareness back there in these places. They are most of the time (if not parallel lives) are copies of your daily life. Why? To test your awareness, capabilities, reactions, etc. We can have fun and also learn many things while we have fun. At least some people will realize how our physical world is not the only one. But most people are so immature and hopeless for even understanding a word from this, that they are cannot be helped.

Your expectations are the key in Lucid Dreaming or just when you are consciously exploring the non-physical world

So you look at your phone’s screen for the time (the phone is a copy of the physical one) or you look at your PC’s screen and it seems to be normal. And these can still work 100% perfectly, experiencing false awakening right there. But when you look away and look back multiple times, it may have less and less sense. Remember that there is no time there, not even the concept is existing there. You will know this after many experiences.

Lucid Dreams

In the end, you are shocked, confused or with practice, burst into laughter. Or just get big awareness and walk out from that place. It is up to you. If you worked for your awareness, go to other places or test out other stuff.

This is partly how Lucid Dreaming works. The mechanics about these in a nutshell. If you are good at this, elevating your awareness, test these out. My mentor friend told me about these and I found these very funny back then when I tested these many times.

You can still do this after years or decades later, this is just one small hint from your life-long journey. You can do just anything IF you have the proper degree of awareness. I repeat it and this is what the most don’t want to understand, you need to work for it. It is not in your head at all, just an organ which is not you.


Okay, what to do with this? At least you now know about it. You can test them many times and use them as a kickstart if you didn’t have proper awareness level. Remember that your thinking will cause many things. And still, this can happen. If you didn’t cause it, then maybe a guide of yours is testing your reactions. We are never alone, we just don’t really sense them without practice.

With these experiences, you are growing constantly and you will have a very deep understanding about how it feels like experiencing the non-physical, our homeland from a physical perspective. You don’t have a body (an automatically copied one basically) and you don’t have senses. It seems to be that you have but it is automatic.

But you still tend to behave the same way as a human being and experience through that filter. I think it is awesome. And I think I share too much because people are lazy and scared to find these out on their own lol.

For me, these reality fluctuations can give me high awareness and then I’m free to roam onto other NP places. It worths all of your efforts.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this one too and I hope you can share the site, the articles and support my work if you are able to.

Status report at the end of September of 2019.

I have much less free time these days but I’m not in the mood even to write about anything. Some people may noticed it. Despite the fact that there is a lot to finish in my unfinished draft section. These weeks, I was on Reddit again. From time to time I decide to go back there into  (mostly) the LucidDreaming sub and check if I can help out some serious-minded people. I’m doing it and not so many are giving a damn about it.

There is much more to this story and I just share the basic problem. It is not just about Reddit, a stupid forum where people can create groups (subs) where they drop up their cry. We live in a world where this goes on and on endlessly. Like you listen to an old lady who cries out her problems and then goes away and you are energy-drained lol.

I can guess how many times I’ve read for example problems and cries about “HELP” from Sleep Paralysis events, nightmares and others. And the solution? People like me rarely go to these places to give a complete explanation. I repeat it, I mention Reddit but it is just one place.

As some of you (beginners) know already what I’m talking about, many of you came to my site after we had some discussions there. It is because I try to avoid offering this site (to learn from) if I see that some people are so full of themselves or not even open to anything that I risk the site’s reputation. So to speak. Of course, anybody can find the site.

I will share some thoughts and that’s all to it. Don’t try to grab out some words from the context.

People who give it up soon and disappear

I worked with many people already, with beginners and people who knew about the non-physical world already maybe from practicing Astral Projection or Out-of-Body Experience. The most are just interested in all of this, mostly very young people, teens. Some are keeping up the work and most won’t. They don’t even comprehend anything about what dreams are. Not because of the use of my words and terms, it is plain simple. Most-people-don’t-get-the-whole-thing. Nothing new for me.

Do you know what makes me mad sometimes? All those stupid techniques which people are totally mixing up with Lucid Dreaming and they don’t even know that they are phasing into the non-physical or they are trying to project with all the signposts. They didn’t read a thing about these and not on the right place. I think they deserve it. I see this daily and grabbing my face. No, I’m not a hypocrite at all, not because of that. I blame all the stupid people with fame-making videos on Youtube and parroting sites with the same mystical BS and most people have no brain to even understand the whole thing. Poor people get there, they are not so intelligent to look after these and they end up in these frightening conditions. But of course, it is not my job to save everybody lol.

I remember, sometimes I rush into some people who don’t get the idea why I want to help or if I try to manipulate anybody. Geez, if somebody even thinks about it, they are already being manipulated in their life. I will stay away from these people fast.

In the past, if I speak about just any age groups, the most are doing the whole thing for some weeks and disappear. I don’t get this. Okay, I need to work too but come-on… They don’t give a damn about that I helped for free. Most people don’t really value this whole multidimensional thing. This is our real life. Maybe there will be decades passing by until these people realize how big this thing is and very important? I don’t know, maybe some of us can comprehend this fully and fast. If I speak about the AstralPulse from where I grew out, people are still blinding themselves with religious beliefs and speaking crap always. That is not knowledge or help but self-fooling and walking in a circle.

This is a relationship so to speak. I can imagine all of those famous workshop people all over the world where they are asking for a certain price and people are just giving up after a while. I tried it, people don’t value this at all. Or they don’t work for it while they are paying for the service. Do you know what WE as humanity are valuing? All the materialistic stuff which others are buying too. Car, house, gold, unnecessary stuff in our daily life. We won’t even carry these back to the non-physical world.

So in general, most people are so unserious and unreliable that people like me can’t do a thing. I don’t want to, really. I’m not a mainstream teacher or sort of like that. I don’t call myself anything despite the fact that others are looking at me as a mentor. But I don’t need to explain myself to my returning Readers and Friends who got the energy to know me better.

Reddit is the s**thole of the Internet

Yes, Reddit. You would ask yourself, Phil, why are you going there if it is the same end-result all the time? I tend to ask myself too. There is an urge in me that sometimes when I have more free time, I try to go there and solve these non-physical, LD and other related problems. To help people realize how much they don’t know and they can! That they can explore that world on their own and that we are coming from there. People are endlessly flushing up their problems which I avoid but if some can learn from me, I offer my help and eventually this site is built for that.

Maybe I’m a stupid somebody that I’m doing this for free despite the fact that the Donation option is barely touched.

I struggled with this site since the beginning and I don’t have other options. Having some mood, writing, then stopping for a while. Social media is the doom of our society. No way again. Public forums are full of renting kids (sorry, not you!) who don’t even read back the responses. And older people are ending up… I don’t know where, maybe on Youtube, watching crap. It is a show where people want to be famous.

Do you have nightmares all the time? You are unable to progress furthermore or something is blocking you out from staying aware in the non-physical? Anything around and you don’t even accept the basics about where you are? Good luck, I wish a good suffer for you. Okay, not you who are reading this but to them. I feel stupid that I try to help and these people are not even listening. They are the ones asking for help. In the end, we can’t help others. I knew this already, I’m just telling this to learn from.

The main problem is this. The general population doesn’t know a thing. About anything beyond our daily life. Dreams. And that’s all to it. Others stuff are weird, paranormal, brain-related, “subconscious”, etc. I don’t need to rant about it, the site contains it already. Btw I’ve met virtually so many LAZY people who don’t even read through the articles to extract the information. How lazy our society is? Why people like me made these sites? And I knew that this is the case already. And I waste my energy there, maybe here too.

I’m doing this for the second reason that the traffic is still not that high, no matter what I tried and too much effort is already in this site. I wish others would do the same effort and work than me. I CAN’T beat all the nonsense and BS spreading sites on the Internet but at least, I can save some people from the darkness. Not my job but if somebody is ready, my help is giving them the kickstart. In the end, most people can’t comprehend the whole multidimensional nature thing. Seriously, most people’s mental capacity doesn’t allow a thing to be digested.

“We” as humans just don’t believe it. It is in the LD practitioners’ face all the time, how real it is, how it is our non-physical life, that we are encountering our fears and that feels and looks physical because we are doing it, but no, it is unreal and not “reality”. I can’t bet this dumbness. I shouldn’t care because at least I’m doing my own life there too.

There was a stupid debate on somebody’s part about bad eyesight and Lucid Dreaming. I tried to tell that you can see better with vision training and that I know what I’m talking about and then I got a debate and that stupid devoting system was there. I don’t get this nonsense what is going on there. Just one example about stupidity. You deny it, it doesn’t exist, right?

About the site these days and in general

So I always gather some mood, write more and then my mood is over, I hate this whole thing. Why? People’s behavior. That they s**t on the whole thing. Some may believe this is a show… it is not. Because I can’t change others and I never wanted to, I need to just pull in the breaks and rest for a while from these. And this also doesn’t pay my bills. This issue stayed with the site from the start. Some good people supported me with some metaphoric amounts and still doing in the background, so thanks to them.

Maybe this will go with this site for years until I close it but it is free for all. I already saved decades of knowledge for many and sharing them. Who cares, huh? Sorry, this is not ranting at all, this is a “status report”. Ah, and doing all of these normally with tired eyes, no mood and still being very kind to everybody because that is my basic nature. I’m stupid that I gave in so much energy even when I was tired many times. For articles, for people.

Nothing personal. Really. Enjoy reading on the site, I’m there but it just f**ks me up what behavior and attitude people have in general. This is not new to me. Sorry for the language, this site is youngster friendly basically. But in my opinion, those thousands of people deserve suffering even if we talk about the Lucid Dreaming category or that most people only have intelligence (which is not that at all) to find some videos on Youtube, believe the first things, avoid deep research and critical thinking and join to groups who are never even understanding with what they are playing with. That is not my job. This is a very stupid position if we sum it up. But most of our world is made up from sheeple, they want to join to others. Seriously, we are all alone in this and our experiences are personal.

But because people don’t get this basic thing, they share all their non-physical stuff with others, thinking that somebody else will just instantly solve their problems. Even if some write up their stuff each day.

What people, especially young people want? Everything and fast. That is a big nono, not even in this practice or knowledge or whatever. It works in the non-physical but not in our world.

So… enjoy reading. I can’t ask for anything because almost nobody does a thing. Respect for a few people. But I mean, “at least” sharing the site. Why should anybody share a great site with a big, reliable knowledge base poured into articles? Let’s be selfish and don’t give a damn about the other one’s work, right? Okay, I’m chuckling lol. I guess this issue will stay with the site and with my work for years. It doesn’t change because people are like that.

I guess I should rather watch some cat petting vids on Youtube instead of writing this one here lol.

360 degree vision – How it works in the non-physical world?

Here is an interesting issue about what you can experience in the non-physical world via various methods and this one is the 360 degree vision. Now, I need to state that I still didn’t experience it but after individual cases (which I know), I can share the whole phenomenon and how it works.

It doesn’t matter how you reach out to this experience. You can do it with Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience, there are many tools. You end up in the same, non-physical world. Maybe many will be new to this, even who are proficient with these approaches. You simply train yourself (or I help if needed), know the basics, become passive and keep yourself there as best as you can. It is NOT an easy job. Maybe after decades of doing this.

The 360 degree vision is just from the many which will clearly confuse and blow away people, who realized that they are not their body, they won’t ever die (just the body itself) and they are multidimensional. I will give a quick insight into this. Actually, the whole site is built to help people realize this. My traffic is stagnating but let’s hope if people will share it after I packed so much effort into this over 2 years.

360 degree vision

Why 360 degree vision and how it works?

Actually, it is initiated by your intent, when you try to dissolve all the physicality from your mindset. Intent is the key for everything, even for physical life. I will try this with many others later but I have still other priorities in my life in the NP. Others may only tried out dissolving their body slowly, like your hands are just dissolving into nothingness. It is fun to do.

The thing is that for first, you need to experience the NP consciously, maybe hundreds or a thousand of times to even comprehend how it works. If you’ve learned from my articles, you have a much faster development in this. The whole site is made for this primary goal to help avoid all the BS and religious stuff which is haunting the internet and other sources.

So basically, let’s say you past the big barrier, still thinking you are physical. Because we are not. We are coming from there, focusing our primary attention into this narrow band of awareness and taking part in this limited game which we call life. When you had many experiences, you can go further in this and test out how limited and animal-like our vision is!

The 360 degree vision is not just a fun tool to try out. Or confusing one lol. You can be sure that you were never a human being at all. We are just stupidly trying to believe that we are the game character.

It is mindblowing and confusing how the 360 degree vision works in the non-physical!

Because to tell the truth, people who tried it out were amazed and confused at the same time. Even William Buhlman talks about it, being passionate about the OBE belief system. I’m not promoting anybody but sometime sI drop in some useful names. You simply become blown away how it works. You see everything around you at once! I can’t really pour this into words but you need to get to that stage of self-development.

As I only can relate to people who tried it out, well I’ve learned a lot from others too about everything when I started out this journey. We learn from each other. This vision thing is also confusing and here is why. In general, our vision is defined by the physical body. If not being human, then trying out another life form.

360 degree vision

You try to navigate in a room. The left is right, the up is down. Good luck LOL! I remember I saw some representations of how it looks like. Like a drawing on a paper or a picture. You are an energy being without a form, a speck of light. There are many terms but I would avoid religious BS for this too. You simply have a hard time to even move to the direction which is ahead of you. I guess guides can sense sight the same way, I don’t know that one for sure yet. But you can play with it if you reached that stage.


The 360 degree vision is just one play tool to try out there. Or to test your multidimensional nature. For every people who ask me, I say, try it out, don’t believe me. Test it, learn it, I’m there for help too and the site is built for this. I will do it too later on my part.

This is the real you, your real nature if you get to this stage. And there are countless other options, like seeing the energy grid or matrix, sensing others there and many more.

Do you see how limited we are? Not just in this but how our civilization even approaches dreams and washes them off as unreal nonsense stuff. If you liked this one share it with others and I’m happy if you can support me.

Understanding the objective vs subjective from a non-physical perspective

One of my Reader mentioned this issue about understanding the objective vs subjective perception or issue and how it works and I admit that I didn’t write a complete article about this issue yet. Well, it was in a draft, being unwritten but it will help many people to understand how our real nature works.

I can tell a hundred times how we are not our body, the world is subjective and we interpret it in an objective way (objective vs subjective) and that we are multidimensional but many people will lack the proper understanding of this. About our multidimensional perception. It is not working the same way what others are guessing about this whole issue if you take Google researches and will find the first hits.

To tell the truth, most people lack the basic understanding or critical faculty about all of these. Maybe this is the case that many people read some articles and move on. They don’t even work for it.

The objective world is automatically interpreted by us (no matter in what form we are existing) and the subjective is the real source which contains the information. In short, even our physical reality is subjective. Let’s see which one is which and how do they work. The main problem is that we try to understand an endless source with our limits. Like I tend to describe it, pushing down an unlimited source through a sinkhole. This mostly happens in the non-physical. You get an information package and you can’t digest it.

As usual, an open mind is needed with curiosity to learn and you need to read through a few times to digest it.

Objective vs subjective, the main explanation

We are using a biological vehicle as our primary focus and our 5 senses are limiting down what we can perceive in this reality. Our body is configured to this certain range of “frequency”. Like light, colors, sounds, smells, etc. Other lifeforms will see more or less according to us, experience sounds on other frequencies or interpret other stuff on other means. Interpretation is the key, not beliefs. We can widen our broadband a little bit or open up for more (psychic, ESP abilities).

objective vs subjective

Objective means that we try to numerate things, describe things in simple terms. Like objects and structures around us. We give them colors because that is how the consensus reality works. We give attributes to things around us, give value, attach beliefs to certain things. So we are limiting ourselves down for the sake of this consensus reality game.

We try to objectify everything around us because this is how we build up or pull up a defensive barrier around us and our ego. To know things or measure things. Everything around us exists as an observable, 3D form but because we are constantly interpreting them with the body. We try to understand everything in a 3D way and the space-time illusion helps in this. Without it, we can’t structure so much and we can’t have experience in a limited world. So in a nutshell, this is objectivity. Something can be this or that.

If you get the main idea, normally, we don’t have all of these rules and body stuff. Meanwhile, our humanity starts their assumption FROM the body and our world. Like we are just some sort of anomaly from a biological thing.

Subjective is everything else, like a limitless world which is the non-physical. Everything is coming from there. Subjective means that “it depends on your perception” in my dictionary. You narrow down something into objective terms to let yourself understand it, walk it around and know it better.

Of course, there are many nonsenses and good explanations about these but our world and science lack the main element. Knowing about the non-physical world and that we are coming from there. They deny the whole thing (not all of them) because it doesn’t fit into their model. So we are looking into the wrong direction, towards an objectified Universe with telescopes and microscopes. We try to understand an interpreted form all the time. We try to search for the tiniest particles.

Sorry if I leave out some issues but I can’t gather all that I know under one article lol. And it is long.

Objective vs subjective in the physical reality

In this actual reality or physical Universe how we call it, we experience everything objectively. We categorize everything and this is why we have so many categories about everything. If something deviates from a basic norm, it will be labeled in other ways. How many times did you hear the sentence, “in reality…” and people don’t even know that this is just one. We are always comparing everything according to this game place.

It is very similar to projection practices. Some may call their experiences Lucid Dreams, most of our civilization will call them just dreams because they are untrained and unconscious. And others will call them Remote Viewing, Near Death Experience, Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience, etc. There are many terms but the same multiverse. No, not the scientific way.

In our physical reality, we need to objectify things to let us navigate through physical life while we try to find our way in this mess. It is like when you go out from your basement, explore a few stuff and go back to process it. We are limiting down the input which we receive. It doesn’t matter if for example a color labeled as “red” because some may interpret it as “orange” or “purple” from their infant ages. Even our sight can be 360-degree in the non-physical, so we have an animal vision.

There are many examples. Like living up our self-fulfilling truths and we are masters of that. The “truth” is a civilizational construct which builds up from the belief cores and constructs onto which we tend to subscribe. Frank K. summed this up pretty well on the AstralPulse. Then this will filter out each individual’s perception. A religious person will clearly believe in many stuff and prone to also believe what isn’t there in this reality. And still, each individual’s perception is unique. I could label this article as “perception” btw.

So in short, our objective reality is not really objective but our ground rules as a civilization are turning our place into a consensus reality. We subscribe up to the main rules, we store these beliefs about what is what and what is true in our mind’s surface in the non-physical world. We are not in the brain nor our memories. Then we are living our lives according to these objective terms which we believe are the only things to experience. Well, we came here to experience through these limits.

One of the flawed objective thinking is that science tries to search for consciousness – a formless entity experiencing physical life – in the brain and body. We try to measure and quantify things. We try to see atoms and quarks which are also on the edge of the real subjectivity. The physical rules are not so solid if you look at them that closely. Like the double-slit experiment.

And who knows what we can do if we liberate our minds. I could mention Telekinesis in this case and that it is completely real and possible. We just hear so much negative influence that we are blocked from believing that it can be done. I will learn it later in my life and it is completely real, others are just fooling people with fake stuff and denying the whole thing because it never fits into their limited worldview.

objective vs subjective

Objective vs subjective in the non-physical world, in our homeland

Okay, let’s look at the real deal. We are coming from the non-physical world, like creating these virtual characters to play a game. Very similar to the Sims simulation game. But while we are here with our primary focus, we have a huge advantage and we can explore the non-physical objectively. Yes, from here. We have the chance to explore this endless world with limits because normally we don’t have limits there.

We are a formless energy being with experiences and we tend to play these characters to learn and grow and know ourselves better. So with a physical body which filters out the information from the subjective world, we will limit down everything. It is solid and real. When we are asleep, we tend to think and act the same way just like a human being. It is because we are still in the character! Not because we are our body and reflection with the characteristics. Your dreams are your non-physical life.

No matter what approach do you use, dreaming, projection, phasing, etc. You can do it in many ways. We just have these categories right now because how we enter the non-physical world is different and also our awareness level about being there too. People just don’t believe a thing about this and labeling it paranormal. Not everybody is ready to become aware of who they are and what they are. Preconceived beliefs and what is told is real, they can’t allow this to happen. Fear is the other source of this with doubt. I think in human terms, some millions are only able to do this.

Look at some examples of objectifying ourselves. We tend to call animals like that cat or that dog, not even knowing that an actual entity uses the body. We are all doing it. Or in the non-physical, we want to give names to guides. But it is totally unnecessary, they don’t need it. We need it to objectify others. What we are doing in our physical life is not so beneficial there. Like language and talking with vocal cords, behaving like a human being. And the most are doing the same after their death. Nothing changed because you didn’t change.

How we filter out an endless, timeless, subjective non-physical world is up to our perception, our limits. If we think that everybody should have a form or human form, it will be like that many times. So, if we believe that those who help us are angels, then you will experience it through a belief filter. If you believe that you don’t see anything, it will be like that. Or that you can fly, you will.

The non-physical and our perception

We try to force our human, limited perception to understand a thought responsive world. Most of the physically playing entities are not so good at thought control and emotional control. These are the critical ones. For them, their life game is mostly about this which they slowly learn, if they ever will. Why? Because nobody wants to be next to you in the non-physical when you manifest all your fears and emotional stuff instantly around you.

But also, we can surely experience things as they are. We have just these stupid limits for some stuff. But human experience is valuable for the same reason. It is honorable to try out physical life and our options are endless.

objective vs subjective

Let’s see the main examples of subjective tools: mental imagery, imagination itself, feelings and emotions, telepathy, impressions, intuition, love, and there are many more. Simply put, what is not physical and we can’t measure them. I repeat it, the non-physical is endless and we are limited. It is right there where you are, on a different channel of reality.

We try to understand it like an ant wants to understand a million-year advanced civilization, observing it. Most people have no concepts in their mind about most of these or even understanding what is thought responsive or endless. Some of us are fortunate to understand these fast but most of us are unable to do it. Most of us are simply not there as a human race.

Why everything is rather subjective?

It is something which I tried to prove to myself that even our physical reality is also subjective, we are just limiting ourselves down. Not an easy thing to investigate and for the correct answers, you can only prove this to yourself, maybe over decades. I will have my long path too in finding out things but you can’t really find real answers in this reality, trying to always looking to the outside. Or trying to take researches where people are always guessing on ideas and theories. They lack the necessary non-physical side of all of these.

Almost everybody looks into the worst direction.

So you have your conscious non-physical life or you can project, let’s find out for yourself. In my opinion, our outside world is not so solid and strict. There are some basic rules which we can’t defy but it is not how it is. We are living in an interdimensional overlay which we call the physical world. If you have thousands of conscious non-physical experiences even in your sleep life, you can put the pieces together slowly.

For example, existing Focus 3 or Afterlife places are more real and more stable than this physical world. Check the Focus Model articles. I first learned about these and then validated it. There are no disasters, no need for a body to fuel it, no need for sleep, etc. But still, post-humans are doing the same human stuff there. We can’t let go of the whole illusional game thing.

These are all making it more real. Well, we are coming from there. What the big difference is that we need to learn to control our thought and emotional release and it will become as solid as nothing else. Then roam around or go to higher realms. This in itself is the biggest key to even Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming or to even life itself in these limited worlds like ours.

Do you really know the world around you? I hope at least some people understood the real deal here. Share the site, support my work if you can and enjoy learning here.

Explaning what happens to people being in coma

This is actually a new idea about coming out of coma and I thought, watching this Youtube video below that hey, maybe I can explain this to some people, who will share the real deal.

This idea was in my pocket for a long while. I’m talking about coma and what people are experiencing in this altered state. There are many problems from which people should learn in this case. The main problems are with understanding who we are and where are we.

Are we really that person with that body? Read this article about explaining the mechanics of coma and how people are stuck in the non-physical world where we are dreaming.

Stay open and you can learn a lot. I know many people are so ego-driven, materialistic, defending scientific “facts” and they can’t let go of old, civilizational ideas. Science is a great thing and we wouldn’t be this civilization without it but put it aside.

Coma and your conscious awareness, thinking you are your body

Altered states of your conscious awareness are fluctuating many times even daytime. You can instantly lose awareness too when an injury happens. Our you may faint from lack of blood pressure, drugs, anything. Same for us, falling asleep. We blackout because we got used to it from our childhood. You need to override it with effort.

Of course, there are many cases with similar experiences from people who came back to their physical body focus. What the outside observer only notices is that the person finally wakes up. Maybe with loss of control, inability to speak or anything.


Well, if you don’t lose your capabilities, they will fade away, unfortunately. We learn to use our senses and communication skills from our baby years.

And also scientist are clueless with parents or loved ones themselves. Why? Because we usually see a body. And science searches for the person inside the body. On what foundations our civilization is based right now is still highly misunderstood.

We don’t understand the whole process of physical life and we always look into the outside world. We try to catch consciousness in physical vehicles for measurements. Or religion is the other way. Seriously?

One example of coma for an extended period of “time”

Check the video below, to see what I’m talking about and I only share it as the reference for the article, I guess his name is Martin Pistorius (I only discuss his case and about coma in general and I just found it):

I would advise you to stay open to new ideas because there are no paranormal or weird. Living in denial won’t give answers and we are masters of this behavior of ego-defense. We just deny anything out of our illusional life and we are scared in general.

People just don’t learn so much about these or about anything in life while it lasts. Especially about how we should love each other more. This site is built for the purpose to explain even these issues too. I hope it reaches out to many people around the world.

Explaining the coma issue and how people are trapped in the non-physical world

From some unknown reason, he started to lose proper control over his physical body. I don’t want to discuss this issue in vast details because the coma issue is one phenomenon from the many and the exact same misunderstanding plays out. Even from the sufferer’s side. We should just you know, learn about these but we don’t know from where. Most people will build from the outside world and what others told them.

And… there is NO supernatural at all anywhere. Our world simply just denies that it is actually as real as the physical world because we are physical world and body-fixated. Especially after I understood how our Wider Reality works in a multidimensional way. But others need time to digest this. I started out somewhere too, right?

So we are consciousness, using a physical vehicle as our primary focus. We need to agree on the physical reality rulesets before we enter here or into other Universes. Then you have a body to start with, to know about and learn to control as a child.

Bad things can happen, this guy lost control gradually over his physical body at a young age. He is not in it, nor you, we are simply being attached to a body focus for the sake to play physical life. You need to read my articles to better understand this.

When people have coma from diseases, brain injury or from any others, they lose the proper control. Control over the brain device which interprets the outside world and also it uses the nervous system to control the body. Look at the body as a robotic suit (biomechanical which we need to fuel) otherwise, we can’t interact with the physical reality. Now, this happens to all of these people.

Our current scientific worldview doesn’t want to change from the practice that we try to catch consciousness through devices. Measuring brain activity and seeing biochemical changes. I was there when I was also building my worldview from science, it is not beneficial when you want to really understand how it works.


People in a coma can’t focus back their primary attention while their body is in shock or in any other bad condition

We could say, their body is shocked or there is some kind of unknown thing going on while they are stuck in the non-physical world. Our dreams are taking place there and we are coming from there and returning back after the death construct takes place. Some may report back dream-like life while they are there for the same reason. But we can still focus our primary attention there. People like him maybe suddenly stuck there and he lost his proper awareness level.

This is how it goes. If you lose the control over your physical body, you will be either stuck “in” it (relatively from your point of view) or you will roam in the non-physical in your own emotional interplay. You can still meet real entities too, guides and learn some stuff. It can be felt like hundreds of years being there because we are structuring time according to our human thinking. But there is no time to structure there. Just a thought responsive world.

If not, then you are fully aware and you will be stuck at the Real Time Zone. The RTZ is the extension of this or any other physical Universe, the first non-physical layer. Look at this as a copy of our world where you are no longer limited by physical rules. You can fly, step next to a body, go through people. But still, you can’t interact with others because… this is WHY we use a body as a vehicle for consciousness. We are a formless entity, an energy being.

The physical body is there for this same reason, we can’t interact with physical realities without it. Until it is being repaired, you will stay there. You can influence the brain to heal itself and it can happen.

People who already had one or more Out-of-Body Experience actually experienced the RTZ and validated this. They still believe they have a body but that is another story. That layer is partly thought responsive but you can’t really affect the physical reality or do things with solid objects. Okay, some earth-bound entities can sometimes but they are weak. Actually many people will still clearly believe that they are experiencing the physical Universe. Well, partly.

While you are out in the non-physical world, you can still hold the connection to your physical vehicle

Actually, how this works is, you are separated in this vast system until you can come back if you still have a body to “enter”. The connection with the brain is still maintained and your heart and lungs can still function even for decades. Seriously.

Scientist and the medical industry can’t wrap their mind around this. They try to catch you, consciousness (without a form) in a body. If we make a joke from this, consciousness doesn’t understand why it can’t find another copy of itself in a biological tool.

So why is that the body still functions? You still hold the connection in an unseen energetical way. This is how this multidimensional life works. We make sure as higher beings (so to speak) that the game isn’t compromised and we live countless lives. So some may never wake up and some will. But what decides it?

I have a theory because I was never in a coma but I know how our multidimensional nature works from my own experiences and from observing others also. If we suddenly gathered ourselves and want to return back, we will.

The physical body is a thought magnet. If you regained enough awareness that your critical thinking (which you’ve also learned in human life) kicks in, you can come back here. This happens instantly because this is how the Training Ground works. If not instantly but as soon as the brain notices the command. You are the observer behind the scenes.

The time is non-existent, not even in the Real Time Zone. You can still look at your body but you would never know if it is a simulation or a copy or whatever. And you can walk through people because you are there partly btw. You can still validate things there which are also existing here and you can be also wrong lol. It is magical and for the untrained, it is frightening.

I can imagine how these simple-minded people (even family members) don’t know what to do, other than help the physical body to keep alive.


Learning about how our multidimensional life works

Because let’s be straight, people believe we are our body. So he is laying there in the bed and not moving. He is “unconscious”. But the thing is he is very alive but being detached from the physical focus of attention which he had daytime. We never die, our body dies because it is the vehicle to allow us being here with limits.

The time which elapses doesn’t matter really. Some may skip the Real Time Zone and exist in the 3D void or on other words in the 3D blackness. If you roam around my site and learn about these, you will know what I’m talking about.

What happened at the end when he was phased out from the physical focus? I guess he gradually lost his focusing ability somehow. Alzheimer people are doing this same thing, closing out the external world very slowly. I was thinking of writing about this issue too since a long while.

Interesting how we are doing this in many cases. Most of humanity doesn’t know about it. That we are keeping a very intense focus daytime. When we fall asleep, we are already in the non-physical but most of us are unconscious about this fact. From habit.

The body and your control over your vehicle

The degree of how we get back our control over our body is up to us after coming back. Somebody who loses half of his/her brain can still move the other hand or do the same as full-brained people because our intent drives everything. It takes time for the brain to build back the connection.

The physical body then synchronizes itself to this task over time. Of course, starting from the brain which you, consciousness controls.

What did he saw in the non-physical? Well, I would bet that his guides taught him many things or rather he experienced the most important things to life which he shares in his book. I don’t own the book btw but the mechanics of all of these is the same for everybody. Don’t believe me, try it out, the tools are here.

Injuries in the brain

They can be caused by accidents where a car hits us, something physically shocking happens. And then, we just lose the connection to our body vehicle for a short period of time or for years, like in these cases of comas. Same for memory loss, the connection is damaged but only on THIS end. Scientist are only seeing brain parts being damaged.

Other times, all sorts of nasty stuff can build up there, starting from worms chewing there or having tumors from conscious activities which we are doing all the time from emotional reasons.

Or just from chemicals and radiation. Maybe from drugs and pills which we stupidly swallow. You can still heal the brain but you don’t know about this ability. Like self-healing or healing others. It is told, you can’t do it, it is unreal. Really? We are limiting ourselves on a vast scale.

No matter which one is the case, we can simply lose the necessary connection which is needed to reintegrate with the brain and start to use the body.


Coma, reintegration with the physical vehicle and Sleep Paralysis

The same scary thing can happen to people who can’t control their emotional release in their dreams or in the non-physical world and I talked about this a lot already. You simply scare yourself and the first defensive barrier is the body where you can escape back to.

Then you are in trouble because you end up in sleep paralysis. People are scared about it and are lazy to take some deep researches and finding out that we all have it because it is needed for sleeping. What medical people say, it is a CONDITION. Seriously?

If you stuck in it and can’t move, this means that you integrated with the brain too fast and it didn’t have time to wake the body up. We can know about all of these but still, the real information out there is hidden, like my site.

A small portion of your consciousness (as we are multidimensional which most people still should experience) stays with it and keeping it alive. This same issue happens with coma people, their body is kept on autopilot. Sometimes hospital machines are needed to keep it alive because the brain is damaged to some extent. But it is NOT difficult to understand.

Btw I would also bet that these people being trapped at the “other side” are living up scenarios made by guides and by their own emotional stuff. Because this is how it works in general.

It is the training zone and we see a small portion of this vast game here at daytime. Maybe others will just levitate in the 3D blackness being lost seemingly forever. It depends on what kind of person you are and what you need to learn about yourself. Or what you believe. Because this is why we are in a human world right now, full of competition and bad things.

Can we help people in a coma, being stuck in the non-physical world?

It is a well-documented fact, that family members, friends, and loved ones tend to speak to the actual person and it helps. Even if you talk to the physical body without knowing that we are not our bodies, the help is there. Somehow maybe the sufferer hears all the conversations in the RTZ, maybe they are not fully conscious of this fact.

There are many movies based on real experiences where people still stuck at their body focus (so they seem to be stuck “inside” the body, just like daytime). So indeed, you can still hear, see or sense others and their help but you need to decide if you want to come back. Many will decide to just stop this and they want to “die” but guides (which people translate into objective terms like angels) will point out that we have work to do here.

Very true for people who have the so-called Near Death Experience (NDE). Don’t escape from life, you came for a reason. It is an honor to enter a physical life.

In the end, yes when we even speak to the other person or guard his/her body to keep it intact, the message will get through. Many will report back that they heard or sensed the conversations and events while they were on the “other side”. Of course, they were just in the non-physical reality the whole time which we don’t sense normally but it is there.

The Afterlife is there (even the religious one), we are coming from there, we are simply just focusing our attention here. If somebody starts to learn about these, time is needed to digest these. This site is a great aid in this in my opinion and I tend to avoid beliefs and guesses.


If you know somebody in this coma condition, you can even visit that person. How? Start with Lucid Dreaming, learn Astral Projection, etc. You are simply switching your attention there and it takes time. People thinking in scientific terms or being full of religious ideas about demons and other stuff can’t really get break free of this barrier. But this is another story. We all have our barriers to face.

In the end, I hope some people will find this article and realize that we are looking towards the opposite direction in general, looking for ourselves inside a tool which is there to let us experience physical lives. This site is built for the sake to explain things and you can prove it only for yourself.

Without a body, we can’t interact with the physical world and do our tasks for which we entered a certain physical reality, timeline, and race and have experiences. Bad things can happen. The lessons are always there to learn more about ourselves. Unfortunately, because the non-physical world works with beliefs, expectations and emotional energy, most people who come back will have the worst conclusion and will live up their self-fulfilling prophecy. But we can learn from everything, right?

If you liked this article and found useful, I’m sure you will learn a lot from my site. Be open and drop beliefs if you can. The answers are there. Help me, share the site with your friends and support me if you can. Thank you and enjoy reading here.

What happens to people after death who commit suicide?

People who commit self-violence or suicide will have their own consequences after death or transition. There are no nice things in this and I will explain how it goes from what I know so far about this topic. As usual, there is no place for guessing but still, I can’t tell you for 100% sure that this is the way for everybody (I mean how they end up in the NP). At least this site built for the sake to explain these too to everybody without BS talk, beliefs and others.

I knew also somebody from my family who died in cancer and talked to me about how hard it was to get lost from that emotional loop. Even if this person wouldn’t talk about it, I already knew how it goes from my personal experiences, being a conscious sleeper.

Suicide is not a good thing and it is very easy to fall into this emotional trap in our world situation. It is just enough when somebody can’t let go of problems in daily life. Maybe it is about an emotional pain which we can’t stop from a relationship. Maybe it is caused by financial problems, that we can’t get by no matter what we try to do. It is very easy to start it and fuel it furthermore. In the non-physical world where we are dreaming, it is instant. Here, we have “time” to stop it. It is one of the biggest lessons from living a physical life.

Let’s see how it goes, at least what happens potentially to these people on the other side. Actually, the Afterlife places are real but we are coming from there and returning back so it is not accurate to talk about before or after because there is no time in the non-physical world.


Before you try to grab some words out of the context (because I’m sure, self-defensive people can find this article too), you need to understand that this is not blaming about anybody or anything, we are doing this to ourselves. I could actually explain this phenomenon in some sentences but I do care about people who want to learn from this.

Suicide or self-violation is a very common thing in our world because we take life too seriously

If our life wouldn’t be serious we wouldn’t take it seriously also and we wouldn’t learn a thing. We come to physical lives to learn and grow in our basic nature. And of course, we try out things in our best interest.

Let’s talk about emotions and how we are ruining our own life. I will write a whole article about the emotional loop problem later about the physical world life and how it works in the non-physical world. Especially when we realize in our dreams that we are still alive and wide awake in a thought responsive world. At least most readers will find a lot about these on the site already being discussed. Billions don’t know so much about all of these because they don’t care, they don’t find reliable sources and they are unable to digest it or comprehend it.

Suicide is something which directly comes from an emotional loop and we are doing this to ourselves as I mentioned. But how it works? This article is not about discussing the emotional loop issue but maybe in another article.

Basically, the life situation in which people end up and which will cause them the thought train to commit suicide or self-violence is already a very strong emotional situation. We run on emotions and most of humanity doesn’t even realize it. We will run into things which will reinforce our worldview about how cruel and bad the world is, finding all the excuses to end this for ourselves. I guess most of us were already in some kind of depression already at once. It is very easy to concentrate on the negativity. I was there too many times but not this deeply.

It is just enough to lose somebody in our life to whom we were emotionally attached to. Many people are experiencing it. Even losing an ex and clinging to him/her like an emotionally infant child. Because we are, I mean most people are. We can’t let go the other one because we never grew up to enjoy our own company alone. If we learn to love and enjoy ourselves, we can spread the same to others. It is a big difference when we compare this with being introverted or “antisocial”. Maybe antisocial people know this better, they don’t want to being drained.

It is not just about the other person or relationships but about our own life and perception. Actually, the primary source is you. The outside world is a big test ground about how you deal with it. What most people notice from it is the game itself. The game is not good or bad from a multidimensional perspective but the main cause we try it out.


It is enough to start the emotional loop and the downward spiral starts

When you are in an emotional situation, it is the same when you are doing it in your Lucid Dreams in the non-physical world. In short, while we have time to stop this in the physical reality, we don’t have in the NP. Simply put, you will create a never-ending loop of emotional pain and chaos until you can’t handle it anymore. We have this great opportunity to explore the non-physical world and learn about ourselves with these tools right now.

We live in a world where the internet and other mediums are giving us these resources from people who experienced these. And we are truly in a global awakening period where more and more people realize about these and start to search for their answers. But most of them are doing it the stupid way. They will find the closest, resonating beliefs and stay there. Same for finding the first Google search results, calling this as “research”.

So, this is a very good reason why we live a physical life. These people who commit suicide or self-violence are not losers or weak people, they just never learned about these. Their personality has these weak spots. Or this was their biggest life lesson. The decision is always ours to keep torturing ourselves or asking for help. Well, help won’t really come as a useful thing when we talk about medications and hospitals.

When the emotional loop kicks in, it builds up automatically. The actual person can’t find ways to good things, they will reinforce their negative feelings because they can’t simply concentrate on the good. We can call this like confirmation bias and we all tend to do it to a lesser-bigger degree. We will find excuses to do it and make it worse. Many of these people want this from an unknown reason, it is easier to continue with it. Or maybe many are doing it to let others know about their situation. Most people always try to look towards the outside world, forgetting that it is not them.

Younger generations are just attaching themselves to these bad situations until they make it worse. Older people are doing it from a bad habit and from very long-lasting events, like a marriage or anything around. The most may think and believe that they live once and who cares, after death, it will be over finally. Not really. But we are doing this to ourselves. This is the life lesson, the most can’t handle emotions and they think the outside world is doing it to them, playing a victim mode. It is quite the opposite and this is not about blaming. We don’t accept the consequences, childishly.

Why this is a huge life lesson and why transitioned people will have a very hard time to stop their emotional bubble?

So these people who will actually end up in death, doing it by themselves somehow still can have one or more Near Death Experience (NDE) before transitioning. Maybe their guides will meet them in the non-physical in a form which resonates with the person’s beliefs, religion (angels) and then it will be told that you must come back to do your job. We came here for a reason.

It is not about forcing you or anything, we wanted a life experience. They only do their job on the original side. If we would suddenly know our life purpose and look through the whole game, what purpose would have this physical reality, right?


Some will learn from this, become scared of torturing themselves and change. Others will repeat the same, they don’t care, they THINK they can escape this cruel world. Wait a minute! We came into this cruel world because we can learn and grow from these challenges.

Who would learn from a civilization where everything is nice and good and there is no conflict? Of course, we don’t know about this, right? What we learn from birth is not enough for anything when we try to understand ourselves.

And here you go, the biggest misunderstanding what people believe. And you can test it in your dreams, Lucid Dreams, via Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience, etc. But people want to escape. This is one more reason why we live this life, we need to grow up.

You keep existing and you are in trouble!

The game just continues after committing suicide or self-violence. Really. We are all torturing ourselves because we don’t understand the base rules of that given reality and we have free will to do it.

These people believe that if they do it, the pain and emotional turmoil are finally over, they are free. No. Not at all. I’m not spreading fear, I’m explaining how it goes and giving the insight. These people will drop their physical body focus (thinking we are in a body or brain mistakingly) and we won’t have a body at all now. With a great chance, nothing changed with death, you are maybe in the same room or building, still using a body which is there because you expect to have one. Many of these people are still in their own emotional interplay at a familiar place.

In the non-physical at Afterlife regions, we can shred down our pre-existence and drop the body image and character. It was NEEDED for that life, like a character in a Sims simulation game. If we wouldn’t have a physical body to control, we couldn’t even touch physical objects in a physical Universe. What we do automatically is identifying ourselves with that body, look and character with the attributes. Well, it is needed to avoid ruining your own life and the main goal about which you came with others.

Here, you are in a thought responsive world which you can try out via your sleep with the approaches above and what I’m always talking about on the site of how it works. We are multidimensional basically. We focus our primary attention into a body, starting from a womb and we can experience physical life WITH it. But we are not that body. It is a tool.


Afterlife places are real and we are coming from there

Despite the fact that some religions are believing in it, it is real. Of course, it is more complex than a man-made religion. When you die like this, you will end up in a familiar place which you knew in your pre-existence. This means that if you are able to meet a friend of yours, being dead from the suicidal act and you are practiced projector or Lucid Dreamer, you can visit them. These places are there with countless other places in Focus 3 if you read the article series on the site. It is like a supply and demand thing, like a physical life detox.

Guides will take care of them (theirs, we all have ours) and they will try to make them clear with the circumstances alone that they finished their life but in a way which still hurts them. We don’t have a body there, still we are looking like the same. I can’t say for sure that we are all ending up like that if we die from self-violence but it goes like this with a great chance, knowing how this multiversal educational system works. Some may go to healing centers where they will be helped to get lost that life. Just like people dying from an emotional loop again, having cancer. It is not always caused by outside stuff, medicines, nuclear stuff.

Everybody is in their own emotional bubble (literally) in this case. They don’t react to outside influence or notice you if you are next to your friend or family member. They are simply in a never-ending emotional and thought loop, like a bubble where they can’t see further than their nose. Actually, most of humanity does that here too. We are not so different there, our basic nature stays the same. What will we carry back? Our mindset and emotional baggage.

What people are doing after dying from suicide or self-violence is, they are escaping from their own emotional loop and mindset and they think they can end this in one sitting. Even if somebody denied the whole Afterlife thing, they will be very “alive” there. We deny it because most people still don’t know that it is there and we are not our body or humanity as a race. We experience separation and being alone but actually the opposite is true.


Nobody punishes these people for anything, we are doing it to ourselves. If we realize what we did, we will maybe plan out a different physical life and try it for the same reason. Not in a reincarnational order because it doesn’t exist, we live our lives right now, all of them. We have time here to stop doing it and learn from it. It has consequences. No, nobody ends up in hell or places like that. It is their own “hell” if we play with the words.

Guides will help these people to stop doing this by giving hints, trying to influence these entities’ thinking (because we are not humans at all, just our body) and they will try to bomb them out from this bubble. But we need to work for it and realize this. In Earthly time, it may take up to thousands or millions of years but this is just a representation of the situation.

Maybe guides will transport others there who are able to help and they can bomb them out. Then the person is ready to move on. It seems to be cruel and sad but it is just experience. Nobody punishes anybody.

In the end, the main fallacy and misunderstanding come down from one thing, we think we can escape our own mindset and emotional situation. We need to learn emotional passivity. And we need to learn that life is hard for the reason to learn from something and gain a better understanding of ourselves, our blocks and to become better towards love and kindness. This world is bad, cruel and hard but we should rather concentrate on the good things, helping each other and remember that we stay the same. We should improve ourselves rather concentrating on killing each other and ruining others’ lives.

I hope this article will help many people and they will share it. Many of our life problems are coming from the same fact, we don’t know from reliable sources what happens to us after death and we don’t know even about dreams and that we are immortal, using a body for the game. This site was built from this main reason. We can know about most of the things. Living in denial and religious beliefs won’t save anybody at all but it is up to each individual.

Now you know what to do with a great chance. Emotions are doing it all with our mindset.

You can actually meet with these people if you knew somebody from your life and learned from their mistake. It takes effort and willingness to learn more to life and about yourself. Start with Lucid Dreaming or Astral Projection.

Share the site with your friends and support me if you can. Thank you and enjoy reading on the site. Educate yourself here.

Can you push your hands into the wall in Lucid Dreams?

Here is another example of how Lucid Dreams or being fully aware in the non-physical world goes when you try to do not so physical stuff. This experience happened with me a few years ago and it was a test to notice one of my blocks. It is not really about beliefs, maybe a little bit.

Why I share this one too is to let people realize that our physical reality or Universe is a limited system and we are existing in other “dimensions” too. We are just unaware of this and we are multidimensional basically.

The more you try to become aware in your “lucid dreams”, the more you will experience these. And of course, my Readers will see personal examples to give more confidence to them.

The rules in Lucid Dreams and where you are

We are simply just trying out a limited perspective. And the most are getting caught up in this illusion, taking the worst assumptions about what or who we are.

The issue here was simple, I wanted to test out if I can push my hands through a wall of a 10 story high condo building’s entrance. Is it possible? How does it work? Well, I’m sure that many people try to convince themselves through my experiences that everything is real what I share.

This is another example of how many people will give labels to these non-physical experiences. Just like Dreams, Lucid Dreams, Astral Projection, Out-of-Body Experience and many more. The story is below and it is short. You can do it too but you need to work for it.

lucid dreams

How to push your hand into a solid structure in the non-physical world or in Lucid Dreams?

Actually, if the “My Stories” menu wouldn’t exist on the site, this one would directly go under the Astral Projection category. You can use any labels for the same experience, it is just about your awareness level and approach.

You can be fully conscious there in Lucid Dreams. More aware than being in the physical world because our reality is heavily filtered by 5 senses and some rules. There, your own sense of interpretation, the way you tend to think will cause the blocks.

The memory sets are given to you from guides to stop thinking about the physical body and life. Because the instant you did, with a great chance you are waking up. You have tasks to do and lessons to learn about yourself.

You don’t have a body or senses there, your expectation is doing it. But still, you are walking and taking action with a body as you got used to it. It is a thought responsive world which won’t interfere with your beliefs or expectations, just makes them more solid.

This is why many believe that they have an “astral body”. Or they have senses.

Just forget the scenery and walk out to try out real things!

So I’ve got a scenery from where I walked out. This is needed if you want to experience existing places. You must walk out from the actual place where you are. Maybe I was still in a simulation, maybe in a Focus 3 city. For me, it is unimportant in this case but it was a real city with a great chance. The thing is that I had the chance to gain full awareness and test something.

There was nothing new in this for me. It could be flying or jumping hundreds of meters. I just wanted to try it and I realized, I need more force to have results than before.

There was this tall, building there on the main road. I was walking there to try to push my hand through the glassy entrance structure with a row of steel mailboxes. Normal city road, grassy area, and pathways, trees, etc. It didn’t work. What is my method for solving this? I pushed my hand harder and harder until the structure itself let me go through. Concentrate!

This reinforced the thing in me that I need more intent. It is not necessarily about beliefs but we can take it into consideration too. Actually, it is about how bad you want it sometimes.

Two other examples of the push test and how you will fail in the non-physical

I remember right now two interesting cases of my experiences where I just couldn’t do the same. One was in an NP school where I failed to push it into the wall on a hallway.

For first, I realized, I’m in a school’s room and the lecture was just starting. Then I walked out to a big hallway where I was alone. You need to make sure nobody will see you. Then I just punched into the wall to test it. In our physical reality in normal cases, your hand would hurt for days, being damaged. You still feel the effect without visual changes there.

lucid dreams

You can still punch and punch like a Terminator until you demolish the whole wall structure if it would be physical and still you feel the impact, it hurts maybe and your hand is intact.

Another one was in a simulated version of my hometown, where I was trapped in a hallway again and I couldn’t break out a window to go outside. The story is long, I was lost in a maze of local festival tents which is not happening in the physical world normally.

Sometimes you will get these tests for a reason. I guess guides tend to test us to see if we can overcome these obstacles. I had it countless times for a reason and it depends on each person what they get.

In the end, it didn’t work. It can become as physical as our physical reality but still, you can defy the rules. It is not the physical Universe, your body is on autopilot there and sleeps. You are in another reality where physical rules are no longer needed anymore. You keep existing. But you still carry your stuff there, same true for dead people.

Sometimes you will fail… then try it next time. I’m a professional in going through walls in Focus 3 places. Sometimes I can fail and it won’t work. We give this realness or physical attribute to the non-physical automatically because we expect to be that way. We didn’t learn so much to this in our physical life. This is the training ground to get break free of these limits and understand ourselves better.

What was this all about?

So the main lesson here is simple. You need to convince yourself sometimes that you can do it in a Lucid Dream or Astral Projection. You are already away from the physical Universe and you are free to roam while your body is sleeping. I guess billions would have a hard time to convince themselves that dreams are not just dreams. They can’t even comprehend our basic nature. But their awareness level is so low that they can’t get break free.

Some may clearly believe that they are roaming in the physical world all the time. Because they are so limited in their thinking that they will just reinforce their expectations. Very true for people seeing shadowy figures.

So, I pushed my hand through with force because I wanted to see if the rules at this place are closing out this ability or not. It seems like we just need to take more intent to do what we want to.

I need to warn you that if locals are seeing what you are doing, you can be booted or kicked out. This is the first rule in existing Afterlife places, don’t do anything which will make locals frightened. Because the terrible or fun fact is, that they DON’T know that they can do it. They still live their life, thinking that they are physical and they have the same limits.


Many, many beginners (mostly young people) play with this, punching people and messing up environments because some stupid, irresponsible people are sharing these “character summoning” BS on the web and many more. I still can’t believe that these are out there. Beginners are not really learning so much useful to this and they want fun. We can have fun, sure.

Do you think that death is real? We just drop the physical body and physical world focus and we will still act like the same. Most of us. Nobody showed most people that there is endlessly more to our multidimensional nature. Or that we have it, we are it.

So these entities who are no longer humans, will build cities and live the same, mundane life. If you do something out of ordinary there, you will be kicked out or some will chase you.

I hope my stories will help people realize the value of what I share. The way I represent things is many times happening for a reason, to shock people that they don’t know so much and they can look behind the scenes.

How to use your intuition the proper way?

This article is about how to use your intuition the proper way and I will expand on the idea why our civilization doesn’t get the whole idea about it. I mean, there are all the guesses that what it is and people will transform these theories into rock-solid truths about what intuition is and how it works. There are all the books and videos, websites, where people are always telling the same idea because they heard it from others too. A few will speak from personal experiences only.

I don’t think so that guesses and beliefs are helping those, who want real answers. Sure, most people will just search up about how to use your intuition and accept the first ideas because they want to improve their daily life. I would do the same in their case. But people are lazy and they don’t see further than our daily life. Our society labels everything like mystical, paranormal, weird or anything around if it doesn’t fit into scientific “explanations”. We can’t measure most of the things beyond our limited world. The physical Universe or reality is a tiny fraction of this.

But let’s see, why our civilization doesn’t get the main idea about that our intuition is our non-physical self or guidance talking to us all the time and why we need it in life if we don’t want to take unnecessary problems. Sure, everything is experience, no doubt about it. And what I’m talking about is real and everybody can test them. But if you take the worst route all the time, using logic, you will feel like life is hurting you all the time and you can’t live a normal or happy life. This is why we have free will and we are allowed to ruin ourselves. We simply don’t allow better things to happen to us.


If you stay with me, I will explain how our life is just the illusional surface and how to listen to your intuition and how to play with it. You can also ask for inner help in your life but you will get the main idea if you read through. If you are in a bad situation in life, it is very similar to this issue and you can navigate through your good or bad feelings. No logic, just feelings.

My logic actually says that most people will deny the whole thing and it wears me off or this is a pointless job to do but intuition or my feelings are saying, that I need to share this to help others navigate through their life. Maybe you see the difference.

How to use your intuition (or gut feeling) and it has nothing to do with the physical world or your logical thinking

Okay, maybe partly because your intuition will scream at you if you have a certain life situation. If not screaming but will somehow let you know through your body and feelings, that you should stop doing something. Maybe you will go into trouble or danger.

It can happen when you are driving and you shouldn’t drive down on a certain road. You are walking on the street and you feel, you need to go in a certain direction. You are at a job interview and you have all the bad feelings which you ignore because you shouldn’t even apply for that role. Or you may get the feeling that this person is the right for you. We mess this all up with logic and human experience all the time. I have difficulty too with listening to it many times. I’m talking about building from what we experienced and accepted so far, and we think it will lead us through life like that.

Look at this as somebody tries to tell you through your body or stomach, heart or anything around, that you should stop something. You will only have gut feelings or emotions. Maybe your body is shaking, you feel discomfort, dizziness, anything “bad”. This happens because you should stop doing something. You can’t explain why because your mundane human experience and memories are saying the opposite. You think and others told you, it is you, your fears. Our civilization is just can’t look further than our ears.

The intensity of the feeling or anything around is higher if you still don’t listen or it is very important to stop doing something or do something. Logical thinking is for survival in our world and also for learning purposes. We are just overusing it, I guess. So if somebody can’t turn your head around, will repeat something or make it stronger. Like reoccurring dreams where you don’t listen to your guidance in the non-physical world.

People who need real answers are being misled all the time

There are all the scientific nonsense and people’s guesses which they suddenly turn into self-fulfilling truths about intuition and how it is related to your collected memories and experiences from patterns through life. Or it is related to your fears, ego, emotions, anything around.

This is totally messing up people who are trying to even understand the surface of this. Others will have the advantage and sell books about this or make videos, misleading people, pointing out scientific or psychological stuff. If it helps, it is okay but you can’t replicate the same thing to help yourself.


Mystical, esoteric stuff is also there, people are misled and are gullible. Most of them are emotionally vulnerable. There are all these things out there to build from if somebody makes a business from it. And to tell the truth, science and our current world deny the non-physical because they can’t measure it. Funny how we deny ourselves, our real nature of being a formless entity who tries to measure itself in a body where it wasn’t ever. No wonder how people believing in having a body will have an Out-of-Body Experience.

Your intuition is like somebody tries to tell you to choose another path or giving you a positive/negative sign about a decision

Sure, the decision is ours, nobody can interfere with it. Like applying for a job. You thought this role will be the best for you, then you suddenly feel all the discomfort. It is in your stomach (gut feeling), your head maybe hurts, your body shakes, you are nervous, etc. You will be sure about these when you ruined your life with a bad decision. Somebody told you so, right? And now you stuck in a horrible situation. It can be even a relationship.

For example, it comes with two common examples.

Driving on the road. The place is unimportant, you suddenly feel that you need to stop or go into another direction. If you did, you may know why. Maybe you avoided an accident, maybe the car went bad or anything could happen. Some may hear a telepathic voice or see a plate sign, hear out a perfect conversation from the radio and they avoided a terrible accident. No thinking, do it as an insight.

The other common one is applying for a job and people are so scared… I hate this too in life if I need it. So you may feel the initial bad feelings, way before even applying for one and sending in the CV. I’m talking about people in general, there are countless examples. You may get to the interview, you try to do your best, people are nice but your gut feeling or intuition screams like hell, you are nervous.

Somebody tries to speak to you but our mindset doesn’t understand the subjective non-physical messages. Mental imagery, feelings, body issues, voices in the mind, etc.

Then when you are in, weeks or months later you hate the whole thing, you are tortured, colleagues are assholes, the job is horrible. It told you so! It can also speak to you with anything it has when you didn’t have a problem but tries to let you know that you need to leave that job and do other things. I had this too twice and I didn’t listen.


These are very common and there are many other examples. I hope at least some people will help themselves with these examples. And please, don’t mess your life up with preconceived beliefs, following scientific thinking and others. It won’t help. Most people don’t see further than their head and we are wired like this from our birth.

Btw I didn’t imagine that this article will be that long. When I’m writing, most of the time it flows without planning lol.

Don’t mess your intuition up with your logical thinking! But then, how to use your intuition?

I could mention many aspects of it and I’m sure many websites already messed up people with parroted stuff and misinterpreted “truths”. When somebody parrots the “truth” word, it is about their beliefs. So, I know what I’m talking about, I don’t think they do. Some of them from personal, first-hand experiences. That is okay in this case. I just don’t like to see how others are unintentionally lying to others and people just want to live a better life. I can’t interfere with it but give a real solution. People want to believe the closest idea to their mindset!

Whenever it speaks to you, you will need to stop thinking and listen to it. Indeed, meditation will help to silence yourself. There is nothing new with this, maybe just in my explanation. Stop thinking, listen to your feelings, how you are feeling about that decision right now.

How did you feel in that situation? It can speak through your gut feeling, or your body feels bad and disoriented, maybe you hear telepathic voices to stop something. If you don’t think just listen, you will know it with practice. Of course, we have decisions and they are all just experiences, both good or bad.

Logical thinking will guess your real gut feeling, you will second guess it and the total opposite result will come. We are masters of this self-sabotaging practice. We are doing this all the time because we got used to this stupid thing, I hate it too. You can play with this gut feeling thing too. Imagine a choice which you may do and ask for the feeling which you would feel at that point. Ask yourself, how would you feel in a certain life situation if you made that decision. Think about the consequences!

If you are not sure, stop thinking about it, walk away, go outside into nature or do something engaging which will get you off from the subject. Then try it again without overthinking. Practice will do it. You may just try to imagine things into a single decision.

Remember one thing. Intuition is NOT physical. We are NOT physical, only our body and this Universe. We are objectifying everything and we are interpreting an outside world through five senses, we accumulated behaviors and thinking from birth in this civilization. There is much more behind the scenes but we are interpreting everything with limits, with a biological body and brain. So you can’t explain feelings and others with human logic. It is not in the brain or even in your body, it is just an after-effect of consciousness.

This is a “muscle” which” we ignore to use. Step away and return to that issue later. Listen to what you feel. Bad means don’t do it, look for other things. Good means, hm I’m okay, let’s try it. Not just a job or a relationship but anything else. These are just the main, regular, daily examples. And it can come in other, subjective ways.

Play with your intuition!

You don’t need to live a life where you suffer all the time. Most people are doing it because they FORCE everything, they try to do what others are doing, they are suffering from people-pleasing, etc. We have our own decisions. But we are not alone and the separation between the non-physical world from where we are coming from is not actually real. We simply just need to go through life tests and live in this illusional world. It is rock solid and real but it is another story. We chose to come here.

Somebody tries to always help you and you will not even notice it. We actually think all of our thoughts are ours. Okay, I don’t want to expand on this but if you are familiar with angels or guides (they are the same), somebody is always there. Ask for clarification for example. Ask for a strong sign if you are not sure. Then you can get synchronicities in numbers, car plates, billboards, a conversation with a perfect sense and many more. Give yourself time, it needs time on our side to unfold. Maybe you get a real non-physical one which you need to translate which our civilization call dreams.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help, another opportunity, anything around. It is up to us but the joke is that we don’t know in general, if we have help or we are not alone. This is the cancer of our civilization, we think we are our body, brain, we are in it, we are our character and the whole physical Universe revolves around us and there is nothing more out there beyond this. And of course we are our circumstances, our beliefs if we have and some sort of god punishes us. I don’t want to expand on this because this is why our civilization is still like that. Sort of. People who are in it making it like that.


But here you go, your tools. Listen to it, ask for validation and remember that the communication is subjective. The signs will be objective for you IF you listen. But most of the time it is like feelings, mental images, a voice in your mind (not in the head, you are not in a head), maybe there are many other ways. It depends on your willingness to listen.

What also kills the whole thing and you will ruin all is: rushing. Trying to do everything by yourself, rushing all the time, trying to do it fast or use human logic. Be patient. Maybe you have these life lessons for a reason. I’m rushing type too and I can’t help it sometimes.

Update: maybe it can happen and we tend to misinterpret our gut feeling with nervousness about something. If it is a role or relationship, anything around, it can be your own fear. Practice tells it which one. Do you have beliefs about something which is maybe not like that?


What we do is, we will simply wash off our non-physical guidance or NP self all the time. We don’t know that it is there or real. We stupidly think as egocentric beings in a limited world, that we are doing everything alone and we suddenly just appeared in a womb out of nothing and we disappear. If you check my articles, your world may turn upside down fast. Be open for it.

Don’t think, rather listen to your intuition. It is you in a wider sense, your multidimensional “other” part, tries to help you through life. It helps you even if you don’t care. If you don’t listen, you can hurt yourself for a while. The most are doing it from habit. Somebody wants a good life for you. Maybe this is one of the primary causes why we suffer, we don’t listen. And we don’t know that we should.

The inner voice is a metaphorical stuff, it is not mostly a “voice”. But your inner communication via subjective tools. Some may hear guides in urgent cases. You just think it is still you and you are making it up. You would be surprised.

Non-physical guidance is there all the time, we don’t notice it and don’t know about it. You don’t need to believe a word, just test it and see if it works. I know that humanity is not ready for our multidimensional side but we can still learn from this on the surface. A normal human being is unable to even detect a slight thing when somebody tries to help from the non-physical. We are having our dreaming there too. Check the site and educate yourself if you like anything around. I try my best in explaining things, as usual.

If you like this article and found it useful, share it with your friends and I’m glad if I receive financial support too. Enjoy reading here.