The first time I had my full-blown conscious Astral Projection

Here is the story of my very first experience in the non-physical world which I categorized as Astral Projection. Very first in the sense of fully aware, walking and observing style, not the “first one”. These categories are meaningless after a while, trust me.

At that time I still didn’t know the differences or similarities between one non-physical experience and another one and what is what. I guess my guidance initiated this experience to just show me the “wow” part of all of this. Here, I need to note that all my experiences are happening via sleep, this is not the strict Astral Projection which people try to force and make it happen. I wouldn’t chase that practice so strictly.

So why I titled it as Astral Projection? Well, because it was very real, it was like you are physically awake. I won’t keep these stories long, at least I will try it lol. How I achieved is simply by falling asleep with my intent but at that time, years back, I played it a little bit differently. You don’t need anything, plant an intent and wait for it to happen later. Just fall asleep normally. This is what I share.

The realness of your experiences is up to you. If your awareness is high, close to your daily life or above, you will see the difference. And yes, it can be much higher because you are no longer defined by physical laws. Actually, Focus 3 places are more real. I can’t prove it to anybody, they need to do the homework. We are not physical beings but I can’t convince others if they don’t take the effort.

Astral Projection in an exact copy of my family house

Okay, I know many people are very interested in my experiences, so this one will help to see, I’m not kidding with my site and knowledge. I can call this full-blown Lucid Dream, an Out-of-Body Experience, I don’t follow those, all my experiences are phasings. I will later talk about what is phasing and it is strongly related to the whole Focus Model and our multidimensional nature. You simply switch “there”.

You don’t need any of these practices to be there. But there is too much nonsense on the Internet, in books and vids, and what people are sharing you need to do.

astral projection

So what happened is, I just gained full awareness (maybe much bigger than the physical one) in the copy of my family house. At that time in the physical, it was night time, no rising sun. I knew that I was sleeping in my bed originally. Now I will debunk the whole body in bed, OBE and mirror image nonsense in one sitting. It could be the Real Time Zone or a simulation, it doesn’t matter. At this time I was way ahead of just knowing about the non-physical or LDs.

I was at the door of my room, it was daytime, nobody is in my bed, the blanket is partly away and I was just walking a little bit around. Everything was the same according to the physical world setup. There is the bathroom nearby, so I visited it too and I didn’t have a mirror image nearby. I’m not kidding and it didn’t surprise me. It was funny.

I need to note that I’m not always seeing myself in the mirror or not always seeing my current physical body and face with the current age. The fun comes when in a different place you see yourself as a parallel self but that is another story. This is when people don’t get the main idea that the person who looks back is another version of them living its own life “elsewhere”. NOT a past life or whatever BS people call it.

It was amazing and interesting, no guides there in physical form

So after I checked what I could, my mind wasn’t wandering anywhere and I was fully “awake”. I checked something else. I need to note that you are fully awake and aware with the proper degree of self-control, everything is real, even if it is a simulation made for you at that time. We are simply existing everywhere and this is why we are multidimensional. The physical body in this one Universe or reality is just a tool to navigate in physical life but we have the opportunity to look behind the scenes.

If you have a body to walk with and try things, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in a body (again) or you have a body. It is an automatic expectation, a tool for consciousness. Sure it is real, it is there, you act with it but because you expect to have one.

My eyesight was clear (it is tired many times from sitting too much in front of a screen lol). So I asked for guides, that was my next thought, to talk to somebody. Nothing came, full stable environment, I doubted this that somebody comes. I need to note that later in the next years I was walking in the copy of my house countless times. Sometimes somebody comes, most of the times, nobody for a reason.

Then I noticed something, lamp switches don’t work many times! That is a good reality check. It doesn’t do a thing. I noticed that I switched on one and one thing happened, a little light spark appeared where the light source should appear in a light bulb. I talked to it and it followed me a little bit. Yes, a guide. At that time I didn’t know that guides are not thinking via physical terms.

My guides are not always using a physical body at all. This is because most of them are simply don’t need it for communication. And I need to admit that a very few things are surprising me, this one neither, just a good thing to see.

Then a test came

As I was gazing the place and standing on the floor, an embroidered pillow was levitating in front of me suddenly in the air and I was reading it. This style is popular in the Hungarian distant culture of our past, I’m not into it.

Reading something in the non-physical wasn’t so easy and at that time it was clear that it will fluctuate and you can’t read that directly. Language and writing are physical constructs in physical civilizations and it was just flowing away. You concentrate on it, it becomes less clear what is it there. You try to read out the alphabets and the sentence from them, it doesn’t work always. I mean it can sometimes. The more you look away and look back, the more it starts to be nonsense. Same for clocks and screens.

Do you know why? Because we only use these constructs in our physical life. The non-physical and guides can’t replicate the exact same mechanics all the time. It is because somebody needs to be physical to know it or understand it.


So here you go, a little story again. It is as real as you are there reading this but in the non-physical, your non-existent senses are clearer and it is more real. The realness defined by your average awareness level. I didn’t need to learn so much about these, I was a Lucid Dreamer in my whole life.

Most people who are still new to this are limited down by what they’ve learned in life. They can’t even define what is real or what is not. I guess most people, mostly Millenials are too distracted by Antisocial Media and what is out there. Too much misinformation is out there.

Call it Astral Projection, it is the same. You don’t have a real body but a created one for each experience. You don’t have a brain to interpret things, you are the mind. Senses are non-existent because you have them in physical Universes to interpret the outer world but you still have the expectation to do the same way there. In short, you are still thinking like human beings in a thought responsive world.

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