A good reality check example in a Lucid Dream

I need to admit that many times when I give these labels for the articles, I need to make them SEO friendly and this is true for the Lucid Dream category too. I can’t reach out to more people if I don’t do it because people are searching on these terms. Most of them, especially beginners who just try to grasp the idea and rush into false stuff.

Well, my efforts are slowly paying out with more visitors, this is why I ask for shares and support. Despite the fact that how much effort I took into this site and wrote a lot.

I have a quick example of my automatic reality checks. I don’t need them ever. I’m not doing them, my guides are helping. A significant difference. People believe that they need reality checks to experience a Lucid Dream and follow what others told them to do. Not even knowing where are they at that time.

There are lots of articles on my site about this issue already. Take your time. You are in a real world, we are coming from there to experience limits. The physical reality is a dumb, limited system and the most are lost in it with indoctrination.

At the beginning as a newbie, you will try them and slowly, you will just leave them out from your NP life. The whole game is not going the way, how our limited human mind thinks.

Reality checks in a Lucid Dream, it is not working like that! You are tested for a reason

So I had a situation out from countless ones even in this category of experiences that I noticed something strange, which elevated my awareness instantly. It is a reaction test by category which people in Astral Projection communities are talking about. I mean advanced people, not guessers. Of course, this happened because I fell asleep with one of my main intents to be aware. They will help if they can.

lucid dream

The part that you are being tested, doesn’t fall off and won’t become obvious until you get them thousands of times. Not for me, I’m a quick learner, I mean for the most. So this is what happened after a big chain of events where I was still running with the story. I was in my family house, standing at the door of my room. The bathroom is nearby and a family member was there. Wide awake with full awareness in the non-physical.

Some words about meeting with people whom we know. We don’t meet real, physically alive people most of the time, if not ever, just with aspects of ourselves. These are simulations for you, to learn about yourself.

Aspects are created instantly in our memory (Focus 2) as we live a certain physical life. So one family member was used up, being a little bit younger. I noticed this person, smiling at me. Guides can do it btw, using any desired form to help you. No wonder about the animal totem nonsense.

Then another version appeared and walked down slowly on the stairs in front of me. Then another one was in the bathroom, washing hands. I’m the type who just laughs at this, how “they” are thinking and helping me. So 3 person, the same one. This was just funny. It is quite a big journey most of the time, if not always btw.

What happened?

So I was laughing so hard, I entered an emotional loop. You are doing it very easily because it is a thought responsive world. But I like to laugh like hell, even if my body double hurts at that time there lol. How you experience it can be much harder and real. Everything is real, you just lack the experience.

The reality check or reaction test was that I saw the same person 3 times at the same place. You see something strange, you elevate your awareness almost instantly. It doesn’t all the time.

So here you go, this is a real reality check, you just need to notice it. Full awareness, the fun is there. I phased out and woke up because I stopped moving and concentrating my awareness there but I didn’t care. Maybe next time, I will go for my main goal, right?

The main purpose from your guides is that you may have a good day. You won’t find straight logic in their thinking ever. Maybe you understand the purpose of ONE scenery after days, weeks or a year. Things and events are not happening in a chronological order if you need to translate something.

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